Saturday in the park

Hard to believe that a year ago today, we had the exact same record but were 1.5 games ahead in the NL West. Obviously things change from year to year but we finished out the season with 10 wins in the final 15 games to reach the playoffs. If the Dodgers play .667 baseball through season’s end, do you think they’ll get into the playoffs?

Nice to see Nomar have a big game last night…he’s back in there again today and as Grady said after the game, hopefully he’ll pick the right time to get hot.

Another thing someone brought up during last night’s game is that since the trade deadline, the Dodgers have added three pitchers from outside the organization – David Wells, Esteban Loaiza and Scott Proctor – and the trio has combined to go 7-1 with a 4.27 ERA (28 ER/59.0 IP). Though 4.27 doesn’t exactly make you jump for joy, the NL’s ERA right now is 4.41 so that gives you some context.

Also pointed out to me recently is that Chad Billingsley is now doing a blog. I talked to him about it yesterday and he said he’s going to update it a couple times a week, so keep throwing questions at him. He’s a really nice kid and I probably don’t have to tell any of you how talented he is on the field.

And while I’m sending links to enjoy, I got this one yesterday, too. Maybe we can get our guys to do something like this. Suffice to say, it makes you understand why Rick Monday and Jerry Reuss seem to have a good connection for the 40 or so games they do for KFWB.

Here’s the lineup for today

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Loney, 1B

Gonzo, LF

Nomar, 3B

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Abreu, 2B

Lowe, P



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    At least the Dodgers have a good fighting chance going head to head with other teams in the NL West for the remainder of the season. If they repeat what they did last year, and win 10 out of the last 15, it’s possible. The lowly Gnats always play us at the end of the season. Needless to say, no matter how pathetic they may seem at times, they always seem to have their ‘A’ game when playing the Dodgers. It’s in their DNA I guess lol They have NO pressure at all, since they’re already eliminated from playoff contention, and will enjoy playing the spoiler role like they have so many times before. Finishing up with a homestand is nice though. I like the chances.
    Here’s hoping Lowe and the boys have a great game, and they finish strong! I like what they showed last night for sure.

    GO DODGERS!!!!


    I was going to the game but seeing that gonzo is hitting clean up and Kemp is not playing I will go to my nephew’s football game instead. Good Luck


    Gonzo batting clean-up while the teams best power hitter rides pine.

    I cannot express how much this infuriates me!


    I realize it’s in the past, but Gonzo’s got good numbers against Hernandez. I do agree about Kemp, so maybe a swap with Ethier would be better.


    i guess its the whole righty pitching, gotta have more lefties in.

    kent is probably out for rest with the whole day-game-after-night-game.

    but betwen gonzo and kemp, i’d like to have kemp. but i know grady has wisdom we average fans don’t which makes kemp’s .317 avg versus righties (164 ABs) not as good as gonzo’s .271 avg (339 abs).

    ethier way, let’s go blue!


    Look, we all complained about Nomar and he has a great game. Before any of you jump off a bridge, watch the game and we’ll go from there. But, it’s late September, just sit back and we’ll see where we end up. If you thought about this at all you would know this would be the lineup except for Kent, who’s off today.


    Ethier hit the ball hard ALL night last night. IF grittle has noma batting eight like he should he would’ve drove in more runs. Plus the predictions about nomar’s big day, good job! But I could’ve swore I saw the SAME predictions the other Friday when he came back and killed us.

    Kemp should NEVER sit for a guy that’s not going to be around next year!!!why???? screw gonzo and grittle’s infatuation with him!!!


    I mean seriously. Gonzo will be long one within a month. Why placate to his feelings at this point in the season. If it’s not that then Grady really believes he’s a better option than Kemp at the clean-up spot. In which case, I would love Plaschke, Josh, Ned, or Grady himself to give me some explanation.

    Gonzo: .278; .358; .429

    Kemp – .337; .374; .528

    Its really a NO-BRAINER.

    But I guess its worse to have Grady’s brain than no brain at all.


    It’s not a matter of his stats against righties as it is against Hernandez. Gonzo has proven success against Hernandez, so Grady is going with him. It was really a question of Ethier or Kemp and he went with the guy whose 4 for 8 against Hernandez. That would be Ethier, just look up some numbers and they’ll normally give you a good idea who will be playing.


    Kemp only had 2 hits last night in 3 at bats any manager would bench him ,looks like another throwaway game ,with the games remaining ,Grady will probably bat Lowe with the bases loaded and 2 out ,because of a gut feeling


    Kemp could’ve easily played today it’s a tough choice either way because if you play Kemp, you bench Ethier, who has done well against Hernandez and if you play Ethier and Kemp you’re benching a guy who has hit Livan pretty well. This is a ridiculously hard job.


    NOT when gonzo is washed up and will never put on a Dodger uniform again. Plus your not putting defense into consideration.



    You often make good points. But I just can’t seem to understand where your constant defending of Grady’s line-ups comes from.

    Sure, we could have predicted this would be the line-up. All we have to do is stick to our assumption that Grady is a stubborn, petulant man. But regardless of whether we should expect this it does not make it right. Sitting Kemp in favor of Gonzo is CLEARLY a stupid move. Even if Gonzo hits 5 hr’s today it does not make any sense. Kemp is far and away a better hitter and fielder.

    Grady will never stop chasing inside straights.

    I think someone used this phrase on an earlier blog…”The Grittle Gut-Shot Special”

    I think thats what we should call his line-ups and in-game decisions.


    Gonzo really is turning into an annoyance. During one of his first interviews he said young guys only cared about themselves and their stats…He’s the one thats been complaining about playing time.



    Why is it a hard decision???

    Gonzo is washed up. His past performance is virtually meaningless. His bat, legs, and arm are all slower. Kemp is a 22 year-old stallion. I don’t get you man.

    Kemp is an everyday starter. I don’t know why you think Grady should ever be on the fence about starting him (barring injury). I’d be fine if he sat Ethier, although I still think Andre should play over Gonzo. But starting him over Kemp. That incompetence!


    Do you want pessimism, ok here it is. Grady took out our most athletic player for a 40 year old. A 40 year old whose batting .261 this month. However, this same 40 year old has good success against Hernandez, so it’s worth the gamble. Nomar is facing a guy he has one hit off of in 14 AB’s. Kent is taking a game off in the middle of a division race, which I understand but at this point we need to win every game we can. Even after all of that being said, I will be there in an hour rooting on every player wearing the Blue. Just because I understand the man doesn’t mean I agree with him. It’s easy to point out the obvious, the point I try to make is WHY Grady makes the decisions he does. And explain them to you (those who don’t want to hear it). Even if at times I don’t agree. I can at least understand them. It’s when I cannot understand them, that’s where a real problem lies. Today, there is no such problem.


    Our best 9 players should be out there everyday minus the occasional day off as is the case for Kent today.


    Is Kemp going to be “babied” his whole career? Give me a break.

    In a few years, are we going to bring in some 40-year-old to take away his ABs against certain pitcher because they’ve success in the past against said pitcher?

    Bottom line, Kemp is already at the point where he deserves to play EVERYDAY. He most likely will play everyday next year, so let’s get used to it.


    Momoracci, that I understand, we’re in the final stages of that transitional period. Before Kemp will become the every day right fielder and play 155 games a year (hopefully). Gonzo is still a Dodger and while he still is a Dodger, he deserves to play when the right moment comes along. This is more Ethier over Kemp than it is Gonzo over Kemp.


    I see what your saying. Although I would say there can be some debate as to whether your understanding is the same as Grady’s. I think baseball lends itself to providing some BS explanation for why certain guys are playing over others (Loney staying in the minors because Nomar is an injury risk at 3rd comes to mind).

    What we’re trying to get at is the real reason Grady is putting out these line-ups. You provide some rational explanations for Grady’s moves. But in the end, no matter how you spin it, its clear some of Grady’s decisions are nearly defenseless. I think thats my biggest problem


    Alex. How can you defend this guy who sits arguably or best hitter, and definitely our best power hitter. I don’t know how you make sense from him sitting out best hitter. How do you understand that?

    you wrote:

    “Grady took out our most athletic player for a 40 year old. A 40 year old whose batting .261 this month. However, this same 40 year old has good success against Hernandez, so it’s worth the gamble.”

    Gonzo put those numbers up when he was in the prime of his career. He is far from his prime now.

    We’re all gonna be rooting for our guys in blue, but I’m not gonna be rooting after Gonzo grounds into his customary inning ending, rally killing, daily double play.


    I don’t understand why the numbers mean nothing. Gonzo’s not a scrub like Hillenbrand, he still can be useful. I mean he hits a crucial three run HR in S.F while nobody else could hit Zito. He was starting because of his past success against Zito. He starts against Maddux because of his past success and gets an RBI hit. I don’t get this blind hatred for playing Gonzo.


    If Grady plays Gonzo against lets say Matt Cain who he he’s never hit. That’s a mistake. But, when he has success against a certain pitcher, you have to take advantage of that. You can’t leave that on the bench. You want to question Ethier over Kemp? That’s fine, both have small sample sizes against Livan, Ethier is 4 for 8, Kemp is 0 for 1.


    While we’re looking at stats, check out these stats from 2007: At Dodger Stadium, Kemp has 9 HRS in 125 ABS. Gonzo? 4 HRs in 227 ABs. Now who should be hitting cleanup today?


    Josh, why did you make me watch that video of the former Dodgers?? ;)) They were awful. I remember watching that show live when it aired way back in the day. My Dad even went out and bought me the 45 rpm vinyl recording of the song. I still have it somewhere. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. Another time , another place for sure.


    Its not so much hatred for Gonzo than it is seeing one of our best hitters on the bench. How can he build a track record against some of these pitchers that he supposedly struggles against if he never gets to face them. The other day Grady said something like “Matt Kemp has no hits against Peavy, and my guess is after tonight he won’t have any either.” He didn’t start that night. I posted the exact quote on this blog a few days back. That’s a problem in my opinion, how’s Kemp ever gonna get a hit from the bench? Gonzo is fine, he’s not completely washed up. You just can’t sit Kemp. It’s gotta be Kemp, Pierre, and either Ethier or Gonzo the rest of the way IMO.


    the thing here is that wen gonzo or nomar have a good game, they are in the lineup the next game. the same cannot be said for kemp and ethier. and wen your fighting for a playoff spot you need to but your best players out there regardless of who your playing or who is pitching


    wait..what about nomar hitting 5th?

    No one’s complaining about him hitting 5th anymore like they did yesterday before the game?

    I love it when the player’s perform on the field and make some of you eat your words. Of course, if a player gose 0-4, the hate continues like always and it continues again and again until the player has a good game again. Just goes to show you, at the end of the day, it’s the players on the field that have to perform, and not these internet predictions on what lineup is the “best”, what lineup will “score the more runs”, and finally, which lineup gives us the “Best chance to win”.

    Lastly, i agree, Kemp probably should be in there. But then again, it’s not my decision to make. If Kemp isn’t in the lineup, it’s not the end of the world. If some of you want to go jump off a bridge because of it, go right ahead. But, the last time i checked, It’s the LOS ANGELES DODGERS that we all root for, and not the LOS ANGELES MATT KEMP’s.


    That’s not true, Bill, there’s a rotation. Gonzo has had very good games and sat the next day. If you follow splits vs. the starting pitcher, you can figure out who will play 95% of the time.


    the thing here is that wen gonzo or nomar have a good game, they are in the lineup the next game. the same cannot be said for kemp and ethier. and wen your fighting for a playoff spot you need to but your best players out there regardless of who your playing or who is pitching

    Posted by: | September 15, 2007 11:50 AM

    I agree with your point.


    Here’s classic Ned from the L.A. Daily News today:

    “I think Saito is one of the great stories in baseball since the day he showed up in Vero Beach and pitched his way onto the club.”

    Except Ned and Grady sent him to AAA Vegas first…just like Loney and Kemp.


    Nobody is nor should be given a spot in the major leagues lets make that crystal clear. You have to earn it. They’ve all paid their dues and are where they belong.



    im just saying that there shouldnt be a rotation in the lineup. stick with your best 8 guys and play them everyday. its not like kemp cant hit right handers and ethier catn hit lefthanders cuz they can. but as long as we win, ill be fine




    Evidence of absence does not imply an absence of evidence.

    Just because people aren’t talking about Nomar batting 5th does not mean people are OK with it all of a sudden. I still think he should bat lower in the order. One good game does not convince me he’s back to his old form. Martin and Ethier should both be hitting ahead of Nomar.

    I guess to some extent people are becoming numb to Grady’s idiocies.


    Also, its not an “internet prediction” as to what line-up is best.

    Its a logical process which involves putting your best player in at each position. Nomar, Pierre, and Gonzo have played ALL YEAR with there being better options either on the bench or in triple-A.

    I’m sick of this!


    no kemp?

    the only thing i can think of is that he is preserving him so that he could become a rookie of the year candidate next year.. cause he already ruined loneys shot at that fame

    by the way is he still elligible to be a rookie of the year next year?



    like i said, i don’t disagree about the KEMP situation and him sitting. It’s a tough division game today, and we need every game against the pads and the d-backs because it essentially counts as 2 wins.

    My observation was that if people are going to complain about Nomar batting 5th yesterday, along with the career assasination type posts saying he’s done as a big league ball player and all other negative comments about him, then why not complain about it today? The one good game last night certainly does not change one’s view about him and how “bad” of a ball player he is.

    That was my observation. I just found it kind of funny that the complaints stop after 1 good game, and it’s quiet on the Nomar front, and the debate moves to another player who ******”, or “is done”. That is all.

    But, like i said, i don’t disagree with the KEmp situation. But i will still watch the game, and support the team like i always have. I don’t feel the need to voice my displeasure at a certain player sitting my resorting to attacks on the player who is getting the start. Really, is all the attacks on Gonzo necessary relating to steroids, “complaining” etc etc? IF so, that is your decision. I, quite frankly, don’t feel like resorting to that level. Gonzo, like any other player, is out on the field giving his 100%. Anything less, and he shouldn’t be out there. And so far, i’ve gotten no indiciation of that.


    This team leads the majors in ROY’s by far, but it’s been a long time since the last one. Sure says alot about the farm system.


    I think y’all are alittle mislead about the ROY. First of all Fielder is not a rookie. Braun will win it since he IS a rookie and has the best numbers even though he is an atrocious fielder.

    Kemp had too many ABs last year to even be a rookie this year (kind of mistake, considering how badly he tailed at the end). Loney on the other hand DOES still have rookie eligibility since he did not have enough ABs last year, but we all know that he hasn’t been playing a full season so its hard to get consideration. Needless to say if these two both had eligibility and were playing from the start of this year they would be in contention


    Casino No more games on schedule with the Pads this year in regular season. All against the Rocks, Gnats, and Snakes.


    jjriley..sorry, i meant division games instead. I was thinking the pads included too, but that was last week. But needless to say, the Dodger’s are somewhat fortunate to be able to finish out the last month of the season against the 2 teams in front of them, and 1 trailing them. Destiny is in their hands, and all they have to do is win these games to control their own destiny.


    **** Straight. I agree their destiny is in their own hands. I just hope they stay hot, and keep rolling. If last nights game was an indication of what’s to come. I believe they can do it. Maybe they were playing more inspired ball for Tommy’s birthday. Who knows? Just keep it going.


    what a joke of a lineup! Gonzo cleaning up?! haha…The d-backs are laughing and so is Livan. Where is Kemp? I didnt know we can throw away games in September. Why is Grady a major league manager again? This guy loves his veteran’s WAY too much! Your a joke Forrest.


    Nomar last night
    Gonzo today

    Anybody for crow

    Little is closer to the team than anyone on here and he’s doing a good job with the hand he’s been dealt.

    Kent tomorrow


    Dodgerdude: To continue our discussion of Thursday(?)-My point was SD traded a starting 2nd baseman for Kouzmanoff who had great minor league stats and had played some for Cleveland. Any team that does that has to show a good deal of patience to the player they traded for. Kouzmanoff started hitting in early to mid-May so they showed him 5 weeks of patience. That doesn’t deserve praise-it’s just normal.


    I noticed Bombko gets the start for the Pads tonight against Cain from the Gnats. It should be intertesting to say the least….


    Dodgerdude (again): If we were in first place in the wild card I would root for the Mets against the Phillies but until then I enjoy seeing the Mets who came into the Phillies series 10-2 being brought down a little. I will root for any other team to beat the Phillies after tomorrow.


    Dodgerdude: To continue our discussion of Thursday(?)-My point was SD traded a starting 2nd baseman for Kouzmanoff who had great minor league stats and had played some for Cleveland. Any team that does that has to show a good deal of patience to the player they traded for. Kouzmanoff started hitting in early to mid-May so they showed him 5 weeks of patience. That doesn’t deserve praise-it’s just normal.

    Posted by: | September 15, 2007 01:47 PM

    You have a point there. But there’s something to be said about our management’s initial lack of confidence in our kids. Loney led the minors in BA in 2006, yet still started this year in AAA.

    As for the Phillies thing, I just want to get to the playoffs. Right now we’re tied with the Phils for the wild card.


    If we win this game we’ll be tied with the Phillies.
    I just read on Dodger notes that Martin is getting tomorrow, and of course Monday off. So it looks like on the double header day at Coors we’ll see Martin, and Libby.


    Did it make any sense to lift Lowe when he looked like he could do a CG? Unless Grady thinks he can cut a day of rest before Lowe’s next start. Otherwise, it seems like senseless messing around with what’s working.


    Like now Grady will have to use up some of the bullpen without any cause whatsoever. He is just a pitiful manager when it comes to his pitching staff.


    Good Proctor! Nice job. I hope they pull the brooms out of the closet for the sweep tomorrow!! Keep it rolling along.


    The amazing Super Los Angeles Dodgers defeat the Arizona Diamonbacks 6 to 2 to move to 3 1/2 games out!This Super Team is definitely on a mission!World Series Here We Come!


    Typical day on this blog. 75 early morning posts bitchin’ about Grady’s line up and calling this a throw away game. Then after the Gonzo blast in the first, only about 10 people have posted and not one has given Little any credit. wait for another loss and there will be 643 post here to FIRE GRADY LITTLE! There is a place for pesimistic non believers….it’s called ****.


    As for all those early morning posts, I don’t want to be a poor sport, but HAHA! Just messing around…

    I know all you just want us to win and you have our teams best interest at heart. Despite all our conflicts that’s something we all can agree on. Dodgers win and can make things really interesting by taking tomorrow by any means necessary. BTW, the reason why there are less posts is because the game was only seen in Southern California, Colorado and Arizona. We have plenty out of that area who contribute to this blog and got shut out due to the Yanks and the Sox.


    Guy’s & Gals, I hate to keep bringing up ,my 71 yrs. as a fan. But, I’ve been there and have seen this. For ALL of you, Furcal,Gonzo & Nomar bashers..This time of year is a different ballgame. The Tension & Pressures are magnified. This is the time when you NEED these players, I’ve mentioned. They know how to stay relaxed. Besides, did you hear Karros, on FOX, say that the young D’Backs were swinging @ Everything. Let us ALL have FAITH in our veteran
    players. Let’s ALL PULL together,on this final Drive.


    Chingon, You said a mouthful.You seem to know, what the heck you’re talking about. Keep it going. I need some help on this bloging. NOBODY is giving any Props to Grady and that, my fellow fans, is a total Disgrace….


    “Little, for his part, has called this his most challenging season. At times, he’s been the sounding board for a revolving door of disgruntled players who have stomped into his office with concerns about their status and playing time.”

    Ah well, maybe the so called seasoned vets wouldn’t need to complain about playing time if they actually you, played well consistently. There’s a thought. Gonzo can say whatever he wants, but he’s a below average outfielder offensively and defensively. That’s why he shouldn’t (and doesn’t) play everday.


    nice game…

    it’s a complete team effort!

    gonzo has proven everyone wrong!

    Furcal and Nomar proves me wrong!

    this guys are our veteran leaders! If all of them(Gonzo,Furcal,Nomar,Kent) contributes down the stretch i can say that we are going all the way to the playoffs!!

    Go Dodgers!!!

    Go Dodgers!!!

    Go Dodgers!!!


    All you guys bashing Grady Little – get over it. As much as I have been won over by the our young guys (especially Loney) – you can’t bank on those guys; not down the stretch. Now is the time to give Nomar and Gonzo their last shot to get it right. I’m sure he’s not going to bench Kemp/Loney/Ethier too many times and he’ll probably have them pinch hit when they’re not starting (Olmedo has been mediocre this year). Get off Grady’s back and let him do what he’s paid to do.


    Someone want to step up to the plate and take a piece of humble pie, with the name
    G-O-N-Z-O? The other night it was named N-O-M-A-R? No takers? What a surprise – NOT!

    GO BLUE!!!


    great win let’s keep it going. I am happy for everyone’s contributions. Keep it up Nomar and keep it going everyone else who plays that day. We just have to keep winning every game.


    I can’t complain about the line ups ,just the desisions when to pull the pitcher, when the bases are loaded and 2 out in the seventh or when 5 runs down in the second ,gut feelings compete with computer stats .

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