Day game at Chicago

Here’s today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF (40th birthday)

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

LaRoche, 3B

Loaiza, P



    Big Z will be throwing heat, which is a nice change from that slow junk from yesterday. Hopefully, LaRoche will get an extra base hit.


    I see the stat about Z’s record Vs. righties. I think you gotta throw that out there and go with your gut once in a while. It boils down to this…who whould you rather see up there rite now, Gonzo or Kemp? I dont think you need a stat to help you make that choice.


    I think those numbers against righties is great, but Gonzos average has to come into play. His overall game? Weak arm, slow in the outfield, not going to steal bases or score from second. Kemps speed, arm and bat are why he should be in this lineup.







    Wow I don’t care what Zambrano holds righties to NO WAY should gonzo be playing over Kemp. Not only that if you are going to play gonzo why would you bat him in front of Loney or Martin. Gonzo batting fifth and playing are HORRIBLE decisions!!!!!


    happy birthday gonzo, maybe get a hit or two to celebrate. you can’t expect a young kemp to play every game, but yes he has been very effetive. if we need him in the later innings that will be good and if grady is smart he’ll start the other 3 games of the series. good to see someone besides shea at third. hopefully laroche can help us. and i hope loizia looks very impressive in the his first dodger start. go blue


    you can’t expect a young kemp to play every game,

    Are you serious? He needs Thursday, Saturday, and Monday off? No way you bench a guy that got three hits yesterday and has been the best hitter on the team!!!!!! I’m sorry but I’m really upset!


    It is a bit odd that Grady tends to honor the rotation in spite of who has the hot hand. It must be very difficult for Kemp to find any sort of consistent rhythm?


    I’m not going to get into an argument this early on a holiday. Same as when we faced Peavy, you don’t like it? Oh well. I’m more concerned about the other 7 hitters, not to mention Gonzo doing their job today and Loaiza. You know this TEAM, not just one person. Better things in life than to continuously bicker over Kemp vs. Gonzo. They’re all our team. Watch the game and afterwards we can talk about it.


    Hey, it could be worse. Hillenbland could be in the lineup!! lol Maybe when Young comes up, Pierre can take a sit for a bit.


    I sure hope Loiza does well, and keeps the ball in the yard today. We all know how the ball carries at the friendly confines. A warning track fly ball in most places is a dinger there. The mound is different there, the grass is thicker & longer slowing the grounders way down also. Oh yeah, if the wind is blowing out alot of balls will be landing out on Waveland, and Sheffield avenues. Should be fun!!!


    What a difference a year makes for the Cubs getting rid of Pierre, and picking up Soriano. Sure wish we had a leadoff man with power like that.


    I guess Grady kinda has to play Gonzo cuz its his 40th b-day… To bad it isn’t Kemp and Ethier’s b-day too. LOL. I am still shaky about Loaiza.


    I will tell all of you the difference between us 4 games out and SD and AZ tied for first.

    Number one: Neither SD or AZ have old fat a**es who can’t play any postions in the field and who couldn’t get a hit if their life depended on it coming off their bench(a.k.a. ‘that fat tomato Seanz’).

    Number two: Neither SD nor AZ have relievers coming out of the ‘pen that can’t be trusted and who everytime they come into pitch you get the feeling something bad is gonna happen(a.k.a. ‘Blowberto’).


    Andy LaRoche! WooHoo! I’ve been out of town and just now have gotten a chance to rejoice over LaRoche’s call-up. 2 more walks yesterday. I like the walks a lot, but lets see if he can do something else with the bat. Where’s Kemp today? Oh well, LaRoche is in there.


    Byrnes believes in statistical analysis as much as any GM, but his explanations for why his team defies its run differential sound very old school. Byrnes listed five reasons why Arizona has exceeded expectations: 1) in-game decisions by manager Bob Melvin; 2) a reliable bullpen; 3) a lineup with production spread throughout, rather than one that waits for one or two spots to come up;


    we have a reliable bullpen with Brox and Saito no one better. We have a line up that could be spread throughout. We’re just missing one piece…


    i thought the run differential thing in AZ is that they good parts of their BP are very good, but they’re mop-up guys are horrendous, so when they lose big they lose realllllly big.


    Yup, no in-their-prime guys (except for furcal) to carry this team and thats what you get. For all the talk about the “good mix” of vets in kids I bet you anything the vets wish that some of them had been shipped for a big bat or pitching. Lowe pointed out himself that he felt this way. What do the vets care about the future of this team? When they see a bunch of kids playing they must figure that Grady has given up.


    Kemp should be playing center and Pierre sitting. Platoon Gonzo and Pierre in left and let Ethier and Kemp play. It is the only sensible thing to do. Sooner or later the Dodgers have to admit that Pierre is a huge mistake and try to salvage something. Pay half his salary and get rid of her.


    Happy bithday to da GONZ, he’s not so old, I’ve go almost 30 years on him. His 12 hrs brings the total to 62 in today’s lineup. Don’t fret, Mr. Kemp, will arrive shortly. That forgetable series in S.D.***We had a chance to win the opener, but that Jake Peavy? Fuggedaboudit. As far as yesterday goes I think Little did the right thing in bringing in Proctor & Hernandez Ya Gotta try to save the wear & tear of that precious bullpen. Turning the page we see Lou Piniella & the Cubs who haven’t been to the World Series since 1945. If they make it this year, let’s make sure it’s not on our account. They’re playing good ball. LOAIZA has the ball, it’s in his hands. COM’ON DODGERS GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT.


    The tomato should be playing first giving loney a rest ,with martinez at second and lieberthal catching it’s throwaway game time ,maybe Hu could start at short and furcal in center.


    For ALL concerned, Kemp had hit’s yesterday, BUT, he did not hit ANY on the nose…ALL Bloops…Lucked out. What’s fair is fair, Watch the game…….


    Phillies just lost 5-1 to the Braves we can pull into second place and three games back of the Wild Card leader with a win today.


    IT’s V I N N Y so far that’s the best thing that’s happened today. NO OPPONENT BROADCAST.


    Not where I’m at. I have to watch on WGN, and listen to that windbag Brenly. I put Musberger, and him in the same category. Can’t stand either of them…..


    I’d rather take Gonzo until his contract expire this year regardless of his stats. Heck let Kemp platoon with Gonzo.


    Can we cool the talk about Kemp being our best hitter???? I hope that one day he will be our best and i think he should start today, but right now you can’t say that. To many of his hits are choppy bouncers or ,like in san diego, bloops that should have been fielded. He got a double that should have been fielded by the second baseman and then a single the next day when the second basemen should have done the same. And kemp still doesn’t handle breaking balls consistently.


    Cubbies broadcast said Vin made the trip because it’s his favorite park in baseball, and considers in hallowed ground in so many words.


    WRIGLEY FIELD;;I saw LOWE pitch a one hitter here, as a Dodger(I won’t see anything like that today as LOAIZA took care of that). After seeing him pitch a NO-HITTER in Boston as a Redsox. It was the first time I was at either park.


    According to the Chicago announcers who spoke to Vin prior to the game, Vin’s favorite ballpark is Wrigley field, which is why he went.


    puppy i say in the Toyota Terrace section 216 row 8 seat 22.

    my cousin has season tickets. He’s in some founders club thing. The seats were nice though.


    Well that’s the worst call all season, I mean it’s not even close, the ball was fouled off on a check swing.


    It looks like Ethier was called out on a foul ball. The fact that the Dodgers have a bad record when they don’t score first is not very encouraging, they must change that, I think that’s important.


    Why Soriano do **** against Loaiza? He’s 3 for 27 and now 4 for 28. Those are the player you suppose to owned and not let them owned you.


    I know it’s early, but this Loaiza signing looks like a disaster so far.

    I would much rather have gambled on Wolf for next year.


    Why would you ever send Kent on a straight steal? Must have been a busted play, which is getting pretty common.


    Nice going Andy!! I like the fact they’re laying off the borderline pitches, and really working the count. Z won’t last long at this rate.


    You gotta love it with Loaiza helping himself out with the RBI single. We should be up 6 – 2 instead of 4-2. Now let’s see if they can hold the lead.


    That could’ve been a bigger inning, was Kent on a straight steal? Nooooo. Then why was Gonzo taking? I would LOVE to see Andy LA ROCHE become our David Wright, Nice hit by LOAIZA, I just hope his pitching improves.


    Wah, wah, wah! “My Dodgers are winning, but I can’t enjoy that because Kemp is sitting on the bench” Meh…


    what is Vin Scully doing in Chicago. I just notice i wasn’t being annoyed and realize vinny was doing the game and not Steve Lyons and Charlie Steiner.


    I’m really enjoying the game just wondering why our worst hitter is in the middle? and what took so long to call up LaRoche? I’m starting to like Loiza.


    Loaiza keeps missing his outside location and it’s tailing back over the plate. He needs to correct that soon.


    Alex, its joe west, long time hater of the dodgers, he must have felt them picking up momentum and wanted to slow it down.


    Nice pitching thus far by Loaiza… Zambrano now due up in the cubs half of the fifth, probably wont see him bat. Has the cubs pen gotten better since the last time we saw them in LA?


    It looked like a little performance put on by Joe West & Lou piniella(the lights lol), But I got to say here, I loved to see PINIELLA manage the Dodgers.


    I think Marmol is the Dodgers biggest worry from the Cubs bullpen, He’s been tough all year. Not as tough as Big Bad Jon Brox, but still good. Dempster is nowhere near in the same category as Saito-san as far as closers go.


    The only reliever who is good is Carlos Marmol he has electric stuff. Dempster is their closer and he’s got good stuff but is hittable. Everybody else is decent.


    CZ is not pitching as well as I thought he would today. His record seems to indicate that he is always in on the decision. This is looking very good for us today.


    Even Kerry Wood has been doing better out of their pen lately. Pitched well yesterday. If Lou gives him enough time to warm up, he’s effective. Doesn’t have near the velocity he used to have, but still gets it done.


    What a tremendous job by this team to knock Zambrano out of the job after on 4 1/3 innings! Great job Dodgers!


    I’m glad KENT rolled one in, now MARTIN, That out that Z gave us was given back on the Kent /Gonzo play in the 4th.


    Cubs fans showing their frustration to Zambrano on his way out. Looked like he nodded in agreement that he stunk the place up. A shame having such a big slump, after signing that HUGE contract extension. I like the on the way to the bank statement. lol Vin tells it like it is!!


    I could’ve swore he went 3 for 4 with 3 steals yesterday, nah he’s no help at all forgot…8-2 lead…’must…find…something…to…complain……about…hmm….got it…FURCAL!’


    if we make it to the post season, first round will be against the Mets. Cubs arent going to make it past the first round.


    nice job getting out of it again by Loaiza, he’s gonna stay in there till his arm falls off with a 8-2 lead.


    meant to add a ‘lol’ after my statement it was a joke, great job by Loaiza and LaRoche to turn that 5-4-3 DP


    Sure would be nice to see a Rightie in the lineup right now to protect Pierre on a steal to third, but… he’s on the bench. Oh well. JK, just thought i would find something to complain about.


    Last few playoff appearances facing the Mets meant doom for the Dodgers. I hope they can do what they did in 88. Mets wore them out that year, till the playoffs. I see Pedro went 5 for them coming off rehab, and picked up a win against the Reds today.


    did anyone hear A Martinez this morning referring to the Dodgers as the biggest tease in baseball, “they’re hot, then cold” You think this is what he was talking about?


    Love when Martin goes the other way, perfect execution by Martin. Great job by Kent and Gonzo as well, not to mention Pierre who started it off with a leg double.


    No letup from these guys today, they’re absolutely destroying the Cubs and LaRoche JUST missed his first big league HR!


    absolutely no reason to take laroche out of the line up… what do you thik grady does th next few days.


    Im stoked about LaRoche, have been ever since he was up earlier in the year. He’s doing much better this time around now that he’s healthy. If this is going to be the lineup of the future (Minus Kent and Gonzo) then the league better take notice now.


    We can’t ask for a better start for this 4 game series. No HR’s for us yet. If one gets hit to the bleacher bums, they’ll probably throw it back on the field…….


    I was glad to see PIERRE, KENT & GONZO chipping in that inning. I was about to lobby Messagebearer for GM lol.


    He better not take LaRoche out. I wanted to picked him up next week in my fantasy league. All those runs and I got a bye in the 1st round.


    Manfromchina, Grady already has made it clear LaRoche will be getting most of the starts at third base. Nomar isn’t close to coming back to play full time, he may only be able to pinch hit.


    We should have the good lineup back in tomorrow, but then again, with the way Gonzo is playin you might not see Ethier in the lineup tomorrow


    Too bad Ned didn’t make the right call on pitchers to sign….Maddux going into the 7th inning with DBacks leading 7-1….He probably thought he was only a 5-6 inning pitcher…BUT ONE THAT DOESN’T GET HURT…He would have made our pitchers better too….Bad choice Ned


    With Big Brad going against Trachsel tomorrow, I like our chances. Looking at the scoreboard today, you would think they hit alot of HR’s, but the station to station stuff is working well today. Great all around team effort today.


    today isnt just station to station. There are multiple base hits mixed in there as well, as well as timely hitting. Small ball at its finest.


    We did have Maddux last year, but they let him get away to the Hatfields down the I-5 freeway. He may not be as dominant as he once was, but you almost always get a quality start out of him. 10 to 20 straight years with double digit victories is nothing to sneeze at.


    ANDY PALFKO I remember him as the Dodger left fielder, with SNIDER in CF and the Reading Rifle CARL FURILLO in right. We didn’t have too many outfields that rivaled that.



    Yes, we had Maddux and as I remember he helped the rest of the pitching staff too…when you take into consideration that he DOESN’T

    get hurt, he is valuable..and knows how to pitch.

    But, I would never have signed Schmidt..way before he was hurt…He hadn’t been a good pitcher for 2-3 years..I remember when he pitched against the Dodgers during that time and I thought he had lost alot…we used to hit him pretty good..


    Now who would bring in BROXTON in the bottom of the 8th, after all it is his inning, ain’t it? LOL. GOT TO REST THEM ARMS. We got a long way to go.


    Alex: I don’t see how you keep your sense of humor with people like drpdedbind (and he’s one of the more intelligent complainers). They drive me crazy. Zambrano’s WHIP against LH (before today)1.77, against RH 0.95. He’s walking LH at almost 6 per 9 innings (which went up today) and they start the thread by asking why is Gonzalez in the line-up. Then it’s on to why is he batting 5th as if this is a big change.(grady likes to alternate RL and loney always bats 7).Then it’s on to Furcal, claims by some ******* that the Dodger club house is lifeless, losing 1-0 the game is over, Loaiza is a disaster (that by momo not one of the everyday conplainers which made it worse) and on and on.


    drpdedblnd I think we’re on the same wave length. Maddux is as durable as they come, and Schmidt was a HUGE bust for a signing flushing million$ down the drain. Schmidts best years are way behind him. A crafty old vet like Maddux could have been a huge help for the young gun pitchers coming up through the farm system, along with going and giving a quality start every 5th day. Gone now, Water under the bridge.


    Dammit, why they **** is proctor pitching, he pitched yesterday, give him a day off!!! I think Torre is behind this move.

  81. Roberto

    Wow, what’s the deal with Proctor getting mad at the trainer Stan Conte ? “Im f******** fine!!!” lol that was funny.


    HU’s on first, no he’s at ss. Now PROCTOR must do his job. This is why he’s here. LOIAZA pitch a wonderful game against a pretty good hitting club. Great Job. We hope for more.


    Love that Proctor..>NOT..


    Yes, water under the bridge with Maddux…but a real shame..I always wonder if I know these things about Schmidt, why didn’t Ned?..Who is in the room with him making decisions?!..It just infuriates me the way he thinks..


    Let’s hope we see the GOOD Penny tomorrow…and not the BAD Penny….Please get back to your pre-break form Brad…We need you.


    Well, to an extent, I can understand where Ned is coming from, not that i’m excusing his decision making process. Ned is from the Giants, there is been a heavy influx of Giant’s personnel coming into LA. Conte, Schmidt, and Sweeney just off the top of my head. When you have the power to make decisions about jobs, youre going to surround yourself with people whom your most familiar. Doesnt mean that they are good decisions.


    lol pierre, I just think it was stupid to bring him in when there are other people who havent pitched and we may need proctor more tomorrow than we did today. I have missed the last couple games, due to work and saturday’s USC game, but has Meloan even been brought in yet?



    I know about the influx of Giant personnel, but with the exception of maybe Conte…we don’t need the rest of them..He’s got to get his head out of the idea that we want washed up old Giants…Let’s have some creative thinking…


    Tomato should be DFA already and have one of the young guy take his spot. Dodgers do need a guy who can bunt or run for them.


    The fat and rotten TOMATO does his thing. I can’t get angry at Grady, because that’s the only situation to pinch hit with Saenz – so RIGHT ON.



    I wish they would get rid of Saenz, but I doubt they would now…You know he’s meant so much to the team in year’s past…(that’s their thinking)

    Not mine..He should have been gone ages ago…instead of Anderson…but that makes too much sense


    Saenz looked pathetic there! Would have been cool to see Hu get a single. Everyone would have chimed in with HU’s on 1st! lol


    Well lo & behold, I guess SAITO does need some work, I’m Wrong again. He did get up and he might come in. Hey {exit music} you want Proctor’s arm to fall off. HU’s side are you on. Oh I know!! MELOAN. OH it’s D.J, he always reminded me of CARL ERSKINE.


    Nice play from Andy! So nice to see better defense at the hot corner…..

    …Or the Middle, but I’ll miss Kent bat though.


    I was glad to see Houlton come out of that mess. I’d have hated to think of him being banished back to Vegas for another year and a half.


    {Exit Music} to answer your question Meloan, pitched last night, it was the first time I ever saw him. (I missed spring training telecast, for the last time I hope) Meloan pitched 2 innings had trouble(or was it the ump) getting the last out in his second inning but he got it. No runs Nohits. I heard a lot about him, and hoping for the best.


    { Messagebearer } Saenz is trying his best to make sure most of the “old” guys will be gone next year.


    What a load of **** from drpdedbind every day.
    Maddux demanded 2 years at big money. Ned offerred 1 year. We will see what next year brings then discuss. Schmidt made the AllStar team in 04, and 06.He was great in 04 less so in tne last 2 years but SF was 5-6 against us in the last 2 years in his starts and he was 4-2. Last year he was 1-2 against us in 6 starts but never gave us more than 3 runs and never pitched less than 6 innings.He pitched 213 innings last year with a WHIP of 1.26. I saw the Oct.1, 2006 game he pitched against us and he was throwing the ball hard.We will see about him over the next 2 years.


    Good win today. With San Diego and Arizona beating each other up this week, we just need to win and we’ll gain ground. Our destiny is in our own hands.

    Just a comment about yesterday’s game–it was very appropriate that Exit Music/Max/Adrian was there. I believe that was the first time that the Jacksonville 5 all played in the same game at the big league level together. And, they all did exactly what they were supposed to–Billingsley pitched like a staff ace; Martin, while not an offensive machine called a great game, LaRoche was on twice with good defense; Loney with two doubles; and Broxton, while not a closer as long as we have Saito certainly had a clutch Hold (it sounds silly, but it’s true) and might as well get credit for a save. Plus contributions from Ethier and Kemp.

    You have to like our match-ups in the rest of the series against the Cubs. And if the hitting keeps up what we have had the last two days . . . .


    Leek, I guess it was rather appropriate that i was at yesterdays game. I have been one of the biggest voices for the so called “youth movement” and yesterday I got exactly what i was asking for and it went very well.


    I haven’t been at my friends house for awhile I just wanted to see how it felt to type on the computer that I learned on. It’s different but I like the difference. Today’s game was fun to watch It’s good to see your own team score a lot of runs once in a while.


    Exit/Max/Adrian–Just to be clear, that’s exactly my point. I’m with you and, but for the fact that I am slightly jealous that I was not there (but working all day instead), I’m glad you were there.

    But I think we’ll see more games like that in the future.


    don’t you think the dodgers are trying to play LaRoche at 3rd so there will be no more discussion about Arod for next season if LaRoche proves to be the future at 3rd?

    i mean… why so late in the season?

    when betemit is traded they should have called LaRoche up… but they didn’t and LaRoche got hurt!

    it’s kinda fishy!

    maybe ned and McCourt doesn’t want to spend that Kind of money for Arod! (that’s foolish!)

    well all i can say is im happy that LaRoche is finally back!

    he is a good player…

    i hope he has a great future ahead of him…!

    Go LaRoche! prove them u’ve got all the tools!

    Go DODGERS!!!


    this blog is quiet when the dodgers are winning… LOL

    can’t we talk about some more interesting things than bashing our beloved team?

    there are alot of things to talk about… for example LaRoche…


    Just another reason why Logan White should be our GM!

    but when the draft came around, some in the Dodgers draft room felt Buchholz would be better suited for the team’s next pick, No. 51. White was among those who realized Buchholz probably wasn’t going to get past the Red Sox at No. 42.

    The Dodgers ultimately used the 40th pick to get pitcher Luke Hochevar, who never signed with Los Angeles and became the first overall pick of the 2006 draft, going to Kansas City. After Atlanta selected pitcher Beau Jones at No. 41, the Red Sox swept in and took Buchholz.


    I would love to see the Dodgers go with Kemp, Ethier and LaRoche in the lineup the rest of the way. It would give the front office an opportunity to see what the future holds and if indeed these 3, along with Martin, are the cornerstones of great Dodger teams to come. It gives them 30 pressure packed games to prove their worth if not the Dodgers need to decide how big they go into the off season free agency market. Now, having said that, I doubt that with Nomar coming back and Gonzo complaining, we’ll see them in there everyday.


    I agree with your rationale, Kiper, but also doubt that Grady would do that – it’s not his style. That’s just part of my overall complaint about him as our manager. I don’t think he’s ever been particularly adept at dealing with and developing young players.


    I think people around here have overblown Gonzo’s statements from last week a bit…he never directly criticized management, if I remember right (feel free to correct me), but stated his displeasure at not being the everyday LF. For a guy at the end of his career, I think that’s a legit complaint – he wanted to go to a team where he’d be able to play everyday, not be a bench player. That said, I think he’s actually handling his new role quite well – only one comment to the press, as far as I can tell, and a fairly mild one at that. He’s not wreaking havoc on the clubhouse, or he’d be gone I’m sure. He will still get an occasional start (like yesterday, when he had a great game), and I doubt it is because he is complaining as much as it is because he is basically the 4th OF at this point.


    If Ned and McCourt wanted to sign A-Rod, both LaRoche and Furcal would be expendable to them. Both could be significant pieces in offseason trading if A-Rod were signed; I think it would be more likely that LaRoche/Nomar split time at 3b and Furcal would be traded to give A-Rod the SS position. Furcal has only one year left on his contract, and JP could supposedly be the leadoff man if Furcal needed to be moved. This team doesn’t need more speed, it needs a middle-of-the-order power bat, and that makes Furcal expendable if A-Rod is available to LA.


    BTW, in the last 10 games he’s played (6 starts) Gonzo is slugging .478 with an OBP of .385, if I calculated it correctly. He also has 7 runs scored, 2 RBI, a 2B and a HR. So although I know we’d rather see the young Kemp in the field daily, the raving screams about Gonzo may have some reason to subside, if I’m not mistaken, as he’s starting to produce again. I personally would love to keep him in his part-time role for the next month, since he seems to have taken well to it, but another part of me would love to see Kemp every day…it’s a difficult decision.


    i would agree to trade furcal next year with/without arod!

    1) becoz he is not contributing(maybe coz of injury, doesn’t look like it, though)

    2) we have HU!? LOL, good defender(that’s what everyone says!) he can hit too… HU? LOL

    3) to get a decent starter for next year!

    LaRoche should be at 3rd(period)

    if Arod is signed next year Laroche should be at 2nd!!! if Kent can do it why can’t he?


    How quick we forget a healthy Furcal carrying us last year. He’s in his walk year. You can’t count on Hu to come in next year. If he does EARN a position in spring training he can fill a utility role and then trade Furcal. You can’t trade a player who has no value right now, wait for him to get healthy then trade him.
    Gonzo plays a lot I wouldn’t consider him a 4th outfielder we have a three man rotation in there. If gonzo only played once a week I don’t think any one would complain but you play him three times a week and batting in the middle. That’s what everyone complains about.


    He’s .304 with a .385 OBP and .478 SLG over 10 games…isn’t that enough to get some playing time? I’d agree to him starting twice a week for those numbers, anyway.

    BTW, Ethier is batting .220 with 0 HR over the past 10 games…is he “one of our two hottest hitters” that shouldn’t be benched for a resurgent Gonzo? I’d rather see Gonzo spelling Ethier than Kemp at this point…


    Id rather see *someone* spelling pierre, if you know what i mean. Now that Young will be up maybe he can get a start against a tough lefty. People can disagree about who our best outfielders are but there is no doubt that every game now is important and the players with the best chance to win that day should be put out there, loyalty be darned.


    also someone’s Least Valuable Players list included these two:

    David Wells, Padres/Dodgers: Hmm, Vernon Wells isn’t so hot this year, either. It’s hard to explain in rational terms how bad Wells’ 5.54 ERA was for San Diego, since the Padres play their home games in the Grand Canyon. OK, how about this: Wells had a 7.99 ERA on the road with the Padres. The Dodgers, being the smart organization they are (see below), figured Wells could help them out. What a world we live in.

    Nomar Garciaparra, Dodgers: When Nomar went on the DL a couple weeks ago, I read something funny: “The Dodgers’ postseason hopes took another hit…” No, they did not. Nomar pulled off the Triple Crown of crappiness this year: Overpaid ($8.5 million), underproductive (.689 OPS, 21 extra-base hits) and blocking cheaper, younger, better players.


    I think that Gonzo’s best asset right now is his bat. If Grady can utilize in key situations as a pinch hitter and an occasional start, fine. But, Gonzo is a huge liability in the outfield with his arm, and with Pierre out there every day you can’t afford runners taking the extra base on every hit to center and left…

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