Tonight's game

David Wells will begin serving his seven-game suspension today.

Jon Meloan, Chin-lung Hu, Chad Moeller and D.J. Houlton were recalled, with more possibly coming once the minor league season ends.

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Hillenbrand, 3B

Lowe, P


The next winning streak needs to start here and now.

Let’s go Dodgers and win the next 2.


Interesting, I wonder who will start Wednesday in Chicago with Wells unavailable until the 8th. McDonald? Houlton? Stults? I’d put good money on the lefty Stults.

We need to dig down deep and pull this one out tonight.

Hmm…how soon can Stults be recalled? Isn’t there a waiting period of 10 days, or does it not matter this late in the season?

oh i just remembered minor league season ends soon so it wouldn’t matter. guess it it will be stults then.

I believe once the season ends on Monday you can be recalled immediately. Why would they keep you ineligible if there are no games?

Can someone explain why Andy LaRoche was not immediately recalled?

When Shea Hillenbrand is your starting 3B there is a problem…

Shea Hillebrand starting a third over Andy LaRoche. Sheesh. And Matt Kemp on the bench.

Why do I even bother rooting for an organization that continues to gleefully shoot itself in the foot?

I echo your frustration enders, hopefully D-Lowe can give us a well pitched game today.

can someone tell me what or why david wells got suspended for??? im confused.

He yelled at an umpire back in July.

Wells was suspended before he was DFA’d last time for yelling at an umpire I think or something like that.

I guess its more Lefty v. Righty for why Gonzo over Kemp. Forget hitting, in huge Petco I’d still play Kemp over Gonzo for his arm. No use conceding runs or extra bases on anything hit to LF.

Because you don’t bother to check the numbers and you root too much with your heart instead of using your head. We all do that, but we become clouded to what is the right thing. Tonight’s lineup is very solid going against Jake Peavy tonight. Anybody who would start a righty who has never faced Jake Peavy over a lefty who has tremendous success against Peavy is a mistake. Hillenbrand also has done very well against Peavy. I talked about this in yesterday’s comments. Whatever takes place during the game we can talk about afterwards. But right now before the game I support this lineup.

Watching this management team – Ned & Grady – is really depressing….

They simply refuse to utilize the best players available in the organization…

It just blows my mind – aren’t we in a playoff race ????

Why isn’t our best hitter KEMP in the lineup tonite….. Please don’t give me that **** about Gonzo doing well in the past against Peavy… Gonzo ***** right now & we all know it.. If you want to play Gozo then take out Pierre… He only has 3 hits against Peavy in his entire career…..

KEMP IS OUR BEST HITTER and I’m sure he wouldn’t look nearly as stupid as Pierre did last nite in centerfield…

What really upsets me, they didn’t bring up LaRoche so that he could play at 3rd… Does anybody really think that Hillenbrand is our best option ??? Didn’t he just strike out 3 times on 9 pitches last nite ??? If not LaRoche, then why not Marinez ??? He has been hot lately & probably the better fielder… We also have Abreau who could play 3rd as well… I already know the excuse about leaving them at Vegas so they could finish the season…. But that’s all it is – it’s an EXCUSE…

With these two CLOWNS running the team, we are going to get just what we deserve… NO PLAYOFFS…

I’m surprised Laroche, Young, and Abreu weren’t called up yet. I was sure hoping for Laroche to fill in the HUGE void that Hillenbrand has made for the team. You never know which Hilly will show up on the field from day to day. ‘Stone Hands’ on defense, or the rally killer with the bat in his hands.

Stults “expected to return Tuesday”- Ken Gurnick

Boston rookie in 2nd ML appearance has no hitter thru 8.

We have 45 on our 40 man list. Now players on the 60 man DL don’t count. Currently we have 2 but I see 5 more possible. Thus we could bring up 2 more players not on the 40 man such as Hu was until today.

Stults “expected to return Tuesday”- Ken Gurnick

Boston rookie in 2nd ML appearance has no hitter thru 8.

We have 45 on our 40 man list. Now players on the 60 man DL don’t count. Currently we have 2 but I see 5 more possible. Thus we could bring up 2 more players not on the 40 man such as Hu was until today.

Stults “expected to return Tuesday”- Ken Gurnick

Boston rookie in 2nd ML appearance has no hitter thru 8.

We have 45 on our 40 man list. Now players on the 60 man DL don’t count. Currently we have 2 but I see 5 more possible. Thus we could bring up 2 more players not on the 40 man such as Hu was until today.

Raisin Bran’s OBP is absolutely horrid.

not my fault please excuse whatever caused this triple. My first career triple.

Raisin Bran?

Gentleman,it has come down to this!We need super human efforts from all the Los Angeles Dodgers!We have to play every game like it’s the seventh game of the World Seres!I’ll say it again, We have to play every game like it’s the seventh game of the World Series`!Now altogether,
We have to play every game like it’s the seventh game of the World Series and Win It with a Super Victory for Superman Jeff Kent.Ain’t no stopping us now!

who’s raisin bran? lol I agree its ridiculous that they think that laroche couldn’t do as well as the black hole known as Shea. At *least* play Ramon for D with Lowe on the mound.


You just said that a right hand hitter is not the best option against Peavey… Then you go on to say that Hillenbrand is a good option because of past performance against him…. TOTALLY ABSURD… Didn’t you watch last nights game… Past perfformance or not…. Right now he is a JOKE as a hitter…. How many times has he been DFAd this season ??? He is a JOKE

With da Gonz in the lineup they bring in 63 hrs. The biggest memory of last night’s game, before I turn the page has to be Pierre looking up and then looking over his left sholder and running after what look like an aspiran bouncing in the outfield. Well let’s turn the page and get ready for Jake Peavy again. and another MUST GAME COM’ON DODGERS!!!!!

momoracci Are you going to fill us in on who ‘Raisin Bran is? I’m drawing a blank with that one.

That was a real LOWETYPE start.

Nice start for Lowe. Looks like there will be lots of worm killing at Pet Food with the sinker working.

Looks like that Bucholtz kid from Beantown got his no hitter.

Nice walk drawn by Martin.

They were good at bats in the 2nd making Peavy work, like that, may come in handy later.

Lowes been giving up a lot of HRS lately, not good.

Arizona is up 8-0

Dbacks feasted on Dessen’s pitching. Made an early exit.

2007 really has become a mess…for many reasons: injuries, suddenly-old vets, non-career years. But to turn the corner next year we’ll need LOTS of the kids and a power hitter. Power hitting 3rd basemen are harder to find than corner outfielders. Which means moving Kemp to center to open a spot for that power bat. Given the enormity of Pierre’s contract, I’d be mad as **** at Colletti if I were McCourt. But much like a coach who “inherits” players, Im sure Colletti will return to see what year three of “his guys” can do. Time will tell. Play the kids. They are the real producers on this year’s team.

Good. Now Duncan can get in Peavy’s head!

It’s a pleasure to watch and listen to Dodger great Maury Wills, in the Padre booth.

****! As usual Peavy gets better as the game goes on. Pierre seems to be the only one to have him dialed in so far.

Peavy is putting on a clinic. I hate to say it, but he’s an Ace pitcher, and we don’t really have one that can match up when it comes to the big game. It’s been too many years since we had one – one can only hope that there’s one on the horizon somewhere in our own system.

Listening to Tony Gwynn and Wills talking reminds us of the days when it was the Dodger pitchers throwing all the strikeouts.

Peavy’s is human too and he can make a few mistakes*****and I can dream*****Can’t I?

If the vote was right now, he’d (Peavy) win the NL Cy Young hands down. Earlier on I would have said Webb, but he’s started to falter lately.

He continues to go through the Dodgers lineup like s**t through a Goose!! I hope he makes a mistake, and hangs one. Unlikely at this point.

Stone hands strikes again!!!!

Dodgers being schooled by a team playing easy and confident. Man, I can’t wait to have the current veteran drivel on this team gone ( although the new veteran drivel that Ned no doubt can’t wait to import over the off season will drag the team back down ).

Peavy is a very good pitcher. He needs to get the NL Cy Young as reward for his work.

Thank you, Hillenbrand. I hadn’t missed Betemit for a couple of days until you now reminded me.

Um…………when can we start playing ALL the kids?

OUCH!!! What was that pitch?!!!!!!!!

Good Bye season. I only hope that we say good bye to Colletti and Little soon.

Is there a worse defensive team in baseball? Probably, huh?

Now is a good time to see if we can come from behind tonight********I’m still dreaming*****I think I got insomnia******I guess it’s just one of those games***ZZZZZZZZZZ

Many of those games……..

Stick a fork in Lowe. He’s done.

I Agree — Good Bye Season

If we don;t say Good Bye to Ned & Grady it will be more of the same next year…

These two idiots don’t seem to be able to learn from all of their many mistakes…

I’m tempted to turn this off, and watch the USC game………..

It seems anything Lowe gets UP is Bombed.

time for the kids folks. release shea.

Only worse defensive team than Dodgers is playing USC right now…

This is the wrong time for this team to implode like this. If they can’t go head to head with the NL west teams, and win some series, they’re done!!

You want to read a real Dodger fan!You Never,Never,Never,Never,Never,Never,Never,Never,Never Give Up!This is The Number One Rule in life!Ain’t no mountain high enough!

devastated. thats just what lowe and the dodgers needed.
bring laroche up! shiznat!!

im tired of seeing hillenbrand f**k up at third!

well this was the first year i posted on this blog. i enjoyed it and i look forward to posting again next season. see you all next year. hopefully with a new manager and or GM.

it was fun…

No, the Dodgers are pretty lead-footed in the field. 97 errors tie them for third-worst in the National League.

You pay that price when you load ’em up with “veterans who know how to win but are too over the hill to actually help a team do it anymore”.

Season went slipping away in that traditional stumble out of the All-Star break. Without that, we would have been falsely thinking playing other teams’ castoffs is a great way to build a playoff team, and been swept out of the first round anyway.

Let’s build with kids, huh, and pay the big off season dollars to a single big-name free agent. The payroll is already huge for a few games over .500 and a third-place finish. No need to pad it more with below-average players at above-average salaries.

ndeshenes I’m a realist. The way Peavy in making mincemeat out of this lineup, the chances are very slim to none on making a comeback tonight. Maybe they can salvage one tomorrow.

Since Raisin Bran blew this one, maybe LaRoche will start sooner than later…

I have field level seats to tomorrow’s game…

Is it even worth the drive guys?

Maybe this long inning will effect Peavy.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

momoracci Oh! I see said the blind man. You’re refering to the dried shriveled up grape on defense at third!! LOL

The Marlins made MORE ERRORS than us. Com’on NowZZZZZZZ

Somewhere…in the far distant future…when the Dodgers have re-established themselves as a power…and the Padres sink to mediocrity…will the Padres still win the season series with the Boys in Blue? Remember, I said FAR DISTANT future…

If we win this game LOOK OUT.

riley22, They may not comeback all they way tonight, but let’s all not kick them when they are down!The sun will shine again tomorrow and they will bounce back!San Diego is a very good team!But never count your Dodgers out!

I sure miss the days when the Dodgers had such a dominant “Lights Out” starter like Peavy. It’s been too long.

In a sport with no salary cap, with a team drawing 3 million+ every year, it’s an absolute travisty that we’ve gone two decades groping in the dark. Murdoch and McCourt…thanks for nothing.

ndeschenes Of course I’ll still root for them. I’m not a fair weather fan. They are my team no matter how good, or bad they are. For tonight, I would be happy if they don’t get shut out. Peavy owns this team. He’s only had one career loss against this team, and it shows why. Maybe it’s their mental approach. Who knows? I think they need a team shrink at this point to help their psyche.

Hu should have been on the game today… just my opinion!

Furcal is struggling!

and if Hu is there we can bat JP leadoff and HU 2nd!

or maybe HU can replace shea at 3rd until LaRoche comes to the team!******** it! this team looks good if they win!

it sure do look good after they sweep the nationals! but let’s face it! if they are to sweep a team it is a kind of team like the nationals!…

They can’t even save their selves in crucial situations!

the lineup today should be:





Ethier(he is not good batting 3rd!)




i am so frustrated! The padres are making this team look like the worst team on the big leagues!

becoz of frustration I almost break our glass window! LOL

It’s a good thing Pierre got those 2 hits I wouldn’t want Peavy to also enjoy a NO-Hitter.

Martin might as well take a break. He’ll do better against most other pitchers. The way he’s pitching, The first run proberbly would have held up anyway.

Van 19 *****be cool

What’s up with Martin? Arguing balls, and strikes? I don’t have the luxury of viewing this game on the tube tonight. Gameday is it.

Well I guess we got a chance to give the kids some playing time.

i know ur an old man so i just want to know how do u feel when the dodgers lose games like this one…?

do u keep ur temper cool or ur kind of throw things or shout some words… LOL

coz in my situation, sometimes i got pretty emotional! LOL

I like the youth movement here. Maybe they can make a dent, and put up some numbers on the scoreboard.

van 19 I use to react pretty badly, but as the years go by, I wont say I got use to it, because I really didn’t. I think remembering this team going through such embarassing situations and then suddendly they immerge and start winning again and they make you forget the bad times. ITS UP & DOWN & UP & DOWN.

How did Hillenbrand get to stay in? He should have been the 1st to go. I’m thinking Grady’s got ‘part timers'(Prelim to Alzheimers). lol

MELOAN this is the guy a lot of you keep talking about. He looks good.

this is the worst ump ive ever seen. but yeah meloan!

u can call me Jan… van is my ex-girlfriends name! means vanessa…

is ur name really Pierre?

I thought it was just me on the ump being inconsistent with the calls. He’s calling balls clearly outside as strikes. Lowe wasn’t getting the borderline calls. Some umps don’t seem to give him a break.

I was just going to ask about him Jspelk2. Thank for telling me and I really hope he be our set up guy if Saito doesn’t resigned but than again I don’t mind him being on our update roster next year to be our 7th inning guy.

MELOAN is finding out you must throw the ball around the plate in MLB. **************SAN DIEGO 7___LAS VEGELES 0

half the team has been screwed by this ump tonight.

oops I mean thx pierre about Meloan looking good.

and put Saenz at 3rd. I can’t waited for LaRoche.

VAN 19 Yes, Joe Pierre is my name. Another thing this is just one ballgame, We didn’t lose the pennant yet. Did your ex leave an impression on you?

Tomorrow is another day. JAKE PEAVY is one of the best pitchers in baseball, it takes quite an offense to beat him when he’s on. WE ARE STILL ALIVE. GO DODGERS.

Is there not an ex that fails to leave an impression. I fondly refer to mine as ‘The Antichrist.’ lol

Face it, the Dodgers were outpitched, and outplayed tonight. An embarassing game all around for the boys in blue. I sure hope they can bounce back with a win tomorrow after this fiasco. Tick tock. The clock is ticking, and they’re running out of time.

Van 19, I should of asked you why you named your e-mail address after your ex-girlfriend? You don’t have to answer.

my ex GF actually made this email…

and i used it since..

Van 19, I hope it was a happy ending**** I had a lot of endings that got happier as time went by.

actually first love always have a bad ending!

but hey… it was the past… i got to deal with the present and future now…

just like the dodgers need to do right now!

I was at the game. It was depressing to say the least..

well, hopefully they’ll do much better tomorrow.

Following quote is from Simers in the LA Times. It kind of summarizes the season for me:

“Take a bow, Ned Colletti, this is now beyond embarrassing.”

Hopefully McCourt doesn’t have to read the paper in order to know that. Now, please, do something about it, and get that uninspiring jerk Little out of the organization as well.

Grittle is embarrasing playing gonzo 5th over Kemp. Don’t give me career numbers gonzo faced Peavy while he was in his prime and Peavy was young. I willing to bet his last 20 at bats are alot worse. The team is flat without emotion just like their LAME manager. Our season is done all we can hope is the kids get experience for next year.

“Go talk to the other guys; I don’t know what to tell you. I did my job.”
by. David Wells

Nice pick up Colletti way to pick up your new teammates!!

Here’s an idea:

Mr. McCourt, don’t let either Logan White or Kim Ng get away from our organization. They’re both apparently on the Houston short list for GM. Call Houston and offer them Colletti – after all, he’s got all of that accumulated experience. You could even make Little part of the management package. Then you can pick between White and Ng for the Dodger GM – either one’s got to be a major upgrade for us. Look at people like Gibson for possible management position.

KIRK GIBSON FOR MANAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring back Dan Evans. This team is an embarrassment. Management does not know what they’re doing. Playing Shes over LaRoche just proves my point. I’d rather watch Survivor man eat termites than watch this team play.

Let’s watch Bills’ development the rest of the season. We need to count on him as one of our top pitchers next season. After next year Lowe will be gone. Penny has let his weight balloon again, so I doubt that he’ll win more than 16 games this season. Next year can be ezpected the same as this – good first half, and getting himself out of shape by the second half. Hope that Loaiza brings some stuff to the staff next year, because Wolf and Schmidt will both be inconsequential. We’ll need another prospect or two for the starting rotation.


Wow, glad im in England and didnt get to catch the last few games. Well, hopefully Ned comes to the realization that it is not 1985 anymore and grabs us a bat. Preferably one that plays CF as well. We need to throw the bank at that one guy who manages in that place down the freeway. I cant wait to hear Ned’s PR spin on the season. Ned was as good as done in my opinion the minute he made that stupid comment about JP getting on base an awful lot.

McCort seems to go to the home games so if he is a baseball man ,then he knows Ned & Grady are not whats right for this team

Coletti and Little are a big reason why this team *****. Next year won’t be any better as long as these two clowns are in charge. Schmidt will never be a good pitcher again and Wolf is also probably history. We need someone in charge who knows how to evaluate YOUNG talent and stays away from established over thie hill veterans.

Consider that Blair could have been signed except for the philosophical difference over a couple of hundred thousand dollars in signing bonus. I have to assume that everyone was in agreement on his pitching value and potential; otherwise, why draft him even in the fifth round. Consider that dollar difference over which we lost him and paying Wells, and Hillenbrand, and Loaiza, and Hernandez, etc in the millions. This is just one example where this management team is totally out of focus and penny smart, but pound foolish. I don’t think that they’re even “penny smart”.

The problem I see with the Ds , is assuming management is changed , and it probably won’t be, this is not an easy fix in 1 off season. They have to get rid of the albatross pinch runner in center and build a better pitching staff , plus find a way to get some much needed power in the line up . I doubt Ned and company are up to the task.

I see no reason beyond this point to start Gonzo, Hillenbrand, and even Furcal again the rest of this season. I think almost everybody would agree with the Gonzo and Hillenbrand issue. Assuming that Furcal continues to be bothered with his ankle, and he certainly is not having a good season, let’s see if a couple of weeks rest will get him back to 100%. If not, then whatever damage there is may be permanent, and we need to know that for next year and beyond. Let’s give Hu a chance to play the rest of the year and show what he can do on the major league stage.

Whenever the crunch is on and they need somebody to step up and get it done, the whole team seems to disappear. That got them into the 5-80 or whatever with runners in scoring position rut and the resulting losses, and that also seems to be what made this team play like incompetent bunnies against the Padres.

I don’t know why that is, why the Dodgers’ mental makeup is so pathetic, but that needs to change. I have a feeling this team can transform any stud to a dud. I don’t know if that is management’s fault, or the veterans’ lack of clubhouse leadership’s fault, or whatever else. But that is what needs to change. Despite all the Ned bashing on here, the Dodgers on paper is not as bad as the Dodgers on the field. I don’t say there is a huge difference, but it is not all Ned’s fault.

Coletti and Little are a big reason why this team ****. Next year won’t be any better as long as these two clowns are in charge. Schmidt will never be a good pitcher again and Wolf is also probably history. We need someone in charge who knows how to evaluate YOUNG talent and stays away from established over thie hill veterans.

You got it. Ned and Grady are *** clowns. This organization, and I am using that term loosely, will not win a championship with those two baffoons at the helm.

I would hope the Dodgers brain trust, and I use that term lightly, would not let Kent get enough PA’s to guarantee his contract.

Way to defend Martin Last night Grady you see he’s upset all night. Yet you don’t get kicked out, you let Martin argue for you! That’s why this team has no passion Little is a LAME DUCK!!!

Losing is one thing, but going in the tank is quite another. I’ve been supportive of management and players all year, and I can live with an unsuccessful season, but what we are seeing now is inexcusable. I saw a flat Dodger team in Denver, and everything I’ve seen and read points to a crappy effort as a team. You can set aside a player (Kent)or two in this conclusion, but for these guys to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, or much more, put on the Dodger uni and go out and perform in this fashion is ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I expect a real effort. Something needs to change.

I think that Kent has already qualified with the necessary AB’s for next year’s contract. The only possibility would be for him to retire. Even if he stays, he’s been by far the least of our problems, and he could be played sparingly enough to give Abreu or someone else a chance to break into the majors.

I don’t really believe the players aren’t putting out effort. You saw emotion last night, not just from Martin who seems to take every at bat personally. No, they are trying. But this is a poorly constructed team with a poor manager. Thats the real cause for alarm. One of the many, many bad decisions made was to leave LaRoche/Abreu in the minors until Tues. How can they keep throwing that clown Shea out there I don’t know. We are losing ball games due to his atrocious defense (and offense) while two very capabe replacements are in LV. These were crucial games and they didn’t even feel it necessary to have superior players that were readily avaialable playing for us. I know they said they needed more at bats in the minors but if they’re healthy enough to play in the minors they’re healthy enough to play up here. Its a disgrace. GM and manager have really made a mess of things.

They are trying too hard. When you start forcing it, you make errors and mistakes. The manager should be able to keep them in the mental space most conductive to playing their best. That’s one of the things you have a manager for, right?

Pierre is an embarrassment to the Dodger uniform. Ned Colletti is a baffoon and should be the first to be canned. He’s a Giant ****.

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