Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Hillenbrand, 3B

Stults, P



    Today’s Oldtimer: Ken Williams

    Talk about a guy who has been completely lost to baseball!! Has anybody on this board ever heard of Ken Williams?

    Only Babe Ruth had hit more than 24 homers in a season before Williams led the American League with 39 in 1922 (Rogers Hornsby hit 42 in the NL). For some reason, Williams did not become a regular major league starter until he was 29 years old. Then he went berserk averaging 27 HRs and a .340 BA over the next five years (1921-25).

    Why has such an amazing player been so completely forgotten? He played for the St. Louis Browns.


    Just turned the game on Fox, and enjoyed Beimel’s rendition of the lineup. Stults as Woody Harrelsons stunt double?! I got a kick out of that one!


    Okay gentleman, this is the final stretch drive and it is time to re-focus and re-energize.You guys have got to want it even more!The only guy I can’t say that about is Superman,Jeff Kent!After all, He is Superman!Ain’t no mountain high enough!


    ****! i forgot the game was on Fox! I had my tv on KCAL and it was some infomercial. I almost threw my guitar through my TV!


    Gonzo 5th and Loney 7th? Come on Grady if you’re gonna put Gonzo in there put him in the bottom of the lineup. I know Loney has been struggling as of late but he is still a middle of the order capable guy.


    Gosh guys I feel like we can’t buy a run right now… I know he is trying to be aggressive and get us a cheap run but what Grady is doing isn’t really working… I don’t know what to think of it.


    how and the **** did Pierre get thrown out with El Dookie on the mound and another 50 year old behind the plate?


    I dunno exit must have been a bad jump. Stults looked shaky in the first but hopefully he has settled down and will continue with the success he had in the second inning. If he hits his spots he will be effective.


    Stults has gotta start getting ahead of the hitters. If he keeps falling behind good hitters sooner or later he’s gonna get hit hard.


    wow Lath, youre already counting us out of this game with a 1-0 lead?!? All it takes is one bad pitch to Kent Ethier or Martin and its a tie game at the least… Have some faith.


    Yeah. McCarver mentioned it earlier about Martin. Might as well get something out of Liberthal. I hope his bat hasn’t accumulated any rust! lol


    Fezz, that was more tongue-in-cheek than anything but I really wouldn’t be surprised if they got shut out. I watch the Dodgers but I have very little faith in them.


    Do you think that this team we’re fielding now could be worse than the one we had in 2005? We had a great first half comparatively speaking, but this second half has been strictly downhill.


    Messagebear the 05 team was worse then this one because this team had a better first half. Although we haven’t been a very good second half team for the past few years.


    You know what this team needs? It needs a guy like Marlon Anderson. A guy who can come off the bench and hit a home run and give it a lift. Every deal Neddy has made , has made this team worse. The best deal he could make would be to trade himself and Grittle for a real GM and manager, but he’d probably get ripped off on that also.


    Playing a good team like the Mets really exposes our flaws. Right now I don’t think we are a team thats going to or that deserves to make the playoffs. The Mets have really showed us up so far this series because they are such a complete team.


    Stults battled well, but threw too many pitches. Of course, if we could get on the board, giving up three runs would not be a problem.

    I don’t like Loney coming out in the double switch. I get it, but I don’t like it. I admit that Loney is struggling a little, but with the way he approaches his at bats, it’s just a matter of time for him to come through. Stick with him.



    We should have kept Marlon, Wilson, and many others I could mention…instead, Ned always gets rid of the wrong ones…And as much as I didn’t like Tomko, I would rather have him for 2 innings in the bullpen(the only place he was ever effective) than Hernandez or now..that ineffective give up runs Proctor…Why do you think the Yankees were gunning for Wilson for so long and would give up on Proctor??..Because Proctor was finished…and they knew it..!…

    And it looks like we’re finished now…Behind 3 runs and no one hitting again…it’s sad…Could Jeff Kent look any worse against El Duque???…When you think of it, the only runs the Dodgers got in Phillie were off their terrible relievers as I remember…Please find a big bat or 2 for us next year Ned if you ever want to succeed…and DON’T GET RID OF THE GOOD PLAYERS….You wouldn’t have had to go out and get Mark Sweeney if you had kept Marlon…It’s all just frustrating…


    That’s just it. No matter what, you have to score runs. Seems the funk is returning at the wrong time here.


    This team has to be rebuilt in the off season. Keep the kids and get rid of everybody else. I just don’t think Ned is capable of building a winner. The Mets have Beltran and Wright. We have Pierre and Hillebrand and Nomore. What a joke.


    alex–it’s because the pitcher’s spot was second, Loney made the last out, and with Stults coming out early, Grady is rightfully afraid of burning up the bullpen, espescially with Wells a big question mark tomorrow.

    I don’t like it, but I understand it.


    and fliegel

    Omar Minaya knows how to build a winner…Ned hasn’t shown he can build anything.

    and our pinch hitter “extraordinaire” has done nothing as a Dodger.

    Thanks Sweeney…Go back to the Giants.


    I also don’t think anyone thought Furcal would be as lousy as he’s been this year…whether it’s the ankle or something else, they haven’t gotten what they need out of him…one of the many problems on this team.


    Furcal you have to give a pass. Again it’s bad management not putting him on the DL and letting him get healthy. Reyes is what Pierre should be but never will. Another great signing by Ned.


    Coletti has managed to do what even Evans, Claire and Depo couldn’t do: Make watching the dodgers completely unbearable.


    Management either makes or breaks a team , and this team was broken in the off season and only made worse during the year. And yes Minaya is a good GM. Whatever the Mets needed he went out and got,and kept all his best players while doing so.



    I told Bob Harvey from Dodger talk several weeks ago that this season was lost in the off season..We’ve had no help from the GM…only hurt..and an iffy manager…doesn’t make for a great team filled with “has been” vets and kids just getting their feet wet…I get mad every time I think about Betemit too…I would much rather have him than Proctor…oh, but I forgot we needed a 7th inning guy!..right Ned…but NOT him.


    Watching the Mets play, I’m jealous. Not because they’re better ( well, that too ) but because their players so obviously *enjoy* playing the game. There’s energy on the field, they play with spirit.

    The Dodgers on the other hand, appear dour and slumpy and slouchy – win or lose. As if they’re doing people a favour by going out there and playing the game. It is getting tiresome to watch. When you earn millions a year, you are living the dream of everybody who is not you. Play like you mean it, dangit, or at least appreciate being able to do what you do and earn what you earn.


    Great job by Gonzo and Martin getting us some life and that’s why Kemp didn’t start. That’s the first time he’s ever faced Hernandez and had no clue what was coming. We need to keep it a one run deficit.


    One of the problems with this team is they have a lifeless manager ,and that’s rubbing off on the team.


    Should have left Kemp in to play right, move Ethier to left. It’s a 3-2 game and we’d be coming up.

    Admittedly, it’s much easier to say now.


    Everytime Roberto comes into the game the opposing hitters are gonna have good swings against him, which is what happened today and they got a run out of it. If we are gonna be a world series caliber team we can’t have $hitty relief pitchers like Roberto.


    Speaking of bad defense, wow that was a horrible play by Milledge. We’ve got our shot right here right now, we need to take advantage.


    Anybody know if Wagner is available to pitch today? He’s made a lot of pitches in two straight days.


    Gosh that GIDP by Pierre killed any momentum we had. I hate the Mets! Come on offense Wagner has been hitable lately. a one run defecit is more then overcomable with the middle of our order coming up.


    Well, it’s basically up to the “vets”…Kent and Gonzo coming up in the 9th with Ethier first….Pull it out Dodgers or……


    Man Heilman is pretty tough too though. He has a good sinker. Although if he leaves just one up it could be a tie game just like that.


    Pierre makes alot of outs but atleast he’s decent. Roberto just flat out stinks. There is no way he should be on a major league roster. RETIRE ROBERTO!


    Why wasn’t Kemp put in as a defensive replacement? I think Ethier would have caught that ball.

    This game had a couple of bad moves by Grady. The hit and run was just dumb, Brining in Hernandez and not putting ih Kemp.


    Exit Ethier has hurt us badly this series. Yesterday he came up with RISP every plate appearance and was 0 for with a GIDP. Just move him down for a couple days till he gets hot again. Exit do you know anything about baseball?


    God ****** Gonzo. I am so tired of this **** this is a game we should have won. God I am so mad right now.


    It’s getting LATE in the season and we are treading water as usual…Time is a wasting guys…They just don’t have enough offense when it counts…The Mets at least have 3-4 guys that can get it done on a regular basis…IT’S FRUSTRATING.



    That was just dump. Delgado was due



    Because the Mets have better players and a better manager…and they’re doing this with 2 so so catchers..amazing…and a bullpen that hasn’t been great.


    That is exactly right drpdedblnd the Mets can hurt you with any spot in the order when we have Pierre and Shea in our order. We are not going to be a world series contender year in and year out unless we make some changes in philosophy. I’m not just talking about the game today I am talking about the season as a whole.


    Gonzo disappoints again. He sure seems to ground into more rally killing/ending DP’s than anyone else on the club. Well this series is lost regardless if Wells does any good or not tomorrow. Hot & Cold! Win 6 of 8, and 2 series, then come into the rotten apple and lose 2 straight. Frustrating!


    Seriously stop blaming Grady, that was the right move by far to walk the lefty to get to 0 for 18 Delgado. Stults left it over the plate and got burned.


    well drpd, thats the difference between a 3rd place team and a Divsion leader. Lightly seasoned rookies, and aged veterans. It is going to be at least a year for this team to win the Division, most likely wont happen until 2009. But a lot can happen in the off season and who knows what can happen if we get new management next year.


    Exit Delgado was hitless in his last like 15 AB’s and looked horrible in all of them. Right now its easy to say that was a bad move cuz it didn’t work out but I had no problem with it. Conine has hit the ball hard lately and Delgado was miserable at the plate. How can you say someone is due? Can you explain to me how that works?


    Let’s see:
    The Yankees got Betemit;

    the Mets picked up Anderson.

    We in turn picked up:

    Proctor, Hernandez, Hillenbrand, and the judgment is, of course, still open on Wells. Hopefully Colletti can at least win on one out of four.

    Otherwise, does this tell you something about our GM and his consenting manager? And that’s on top of all the great off-season moves that they consulted on and made.



    I agree completely…This year is a goner…even if we somehow..(and I doubt it) manage to make the playoffs..

    I love it…Kevin Kennedy just questioned the managerial decision to have Kemp pinch hit…really questioned it because he didn’t start…because of El Duque…He said that was a bad decision…He shouldn’t have pinch hit until the 8th or 9th…LOVE IT….We love our mananger, don’t we???lol


    NO it wasn’t. That was a dumb move. Completely dumb. Do you really think Carlos Delgado is going to go 0-19? He was due. It was just a dumb move. It ended up costing us the game.


    it was grady playing the lefty-lefty matchups as usual instead of looking at who’s the better hitter. by the way, where was grady’s hero ramon to pinch run for kent?


    Exit, you cant bring the game down to one play. There are a lot of things that have gone wrong in this series. It may have been a game winning play, but it certainly should not have cost us the game. Busted hit and runs, Pierre getting caught stealing. 7 Strike outs!?! There is a lot that went wrong here.


    Whatever believe what you want and live by the motto players win, managers lose, umpires ruin. I’ll live in reality and the reality is pitching to Delgado was the right move. Alas, you also forget the count was already 2 and 0 to Conine when the decision was made to walk him.


    I think Grady’s decision to walk Conine was the right one but the decision to PH Kemp against El Duque was without question the wrong one. First of all if you have enough confidence in Kemp to hit El Duque why not start him in the first place? Second of all we used our best PH with nobody on base. Third of all El Duque is really tough on righties why didn’t Grady PH a leftie besides the fact that Kemp hadn’t seen that big breaking ball of El Duque’s before. Although if Kemp had hit a PH HR I would be calling Grady a genius right now… but he struck out so I have to question the move.



    Everything the management of the Dodgers has done this year is terrible…the only thing they didn’t do is trade the kids..EVERYTHING ELSE IS AWFUL.I’m sick of mediocre team after mediocre team..every year…no great teams since 1988…pathetic.

    Everyone we gave up was stupid..except Tomko, but as I said, I think I would rather have him in the bullpen for 1-2 innings when he knew that would be it, rather than the old man Hernandez and Proctor…As far as Wells goes, we probably have no other choices…if it’s not the right choice, we get swept and have no shot at anything.

    The funny thing now about the Padres (if you’ve noticed) is Milton Bradley now healthy is really hitting…and the rest of the lineup is following suit…He is a pretty good hitter when healthy…so the mediocre Dodgers just exist in all their mediocrity!!!!!!


    That was a horrible call. So was the **** hit and run. You don’t hit and run with Gonzo. Especially with a righty againts Hernandez. Like everyone has pointed out He kills rightys so the odds of Martin getting the bat on the ball was slim.

    Just a horribly managed game.


    Ah yes and of course if Conine gets a base hit you’d be on here complaining about how we didn’t pitch to a guy who’s 0 for 18 it was 2 and 0 why not just put him on. This is completely Monday Morning Quarterback BS.


    Maybe Grady should stat playing Nintendo. Maybe then he’ll realize Carlos Delgado is better then Jeff Conine.


    No i wouldn’t Alex. I’d rather take my chances with Jeff Conine then Carlos Delgado. If Conine gets on base so be it…thats on Stults. Stults had a better chance of getting out of the inning against Conine then Delgado period. That managers job is to give the team the best chance to win…he didn’t do that there.


    All Grady and Ned can do with a $108,454,524 payroll is have this team 3 games above .500, 6 games out of 1st place, and 4 games out of the wild card. Absolutely pathetic!!!

    Those two are quite possible the worst management team in all of baseball.


    I’m not giving up yet. You all are writing them off too soon. There’s more than 30 games left in the season. It gets tougher with 16 out of the next 19 on the road. I’m hoping they hit their stride, and show all around consistency down the stretch.
    Call me an optimist. Call me whatever. Just win baby! GO DODGERS!!


    Exit I’m sorry bro but it has to go back to my theory that you don’t completely understand baseball. Stults is a left handed pitcher and its better for him to face a left handed hitter. In particular one whos 0 for his last 18 with like half of those strikeouts.


    Can somebody please talk some sense into exit. He obviously isn’t seeing the light from what me and Alex are telling him.


    Carlos Delgado is far superior then Jeff Conine. I don’t care if he was 0-18. He was due. That was just a horrible decision.


    Dear Mr. McCourt:

    Next year if you will just give me a budget of $90 million for payroll, I will guarantee to put together a competitive and exciting team that will make the playoffs, unlike what you’re getting from Mr. Colletti. Or if you don’t want to trust me, pick Alex, or Exit Music, or Fliegel, or Jungar, and any of them would very likely be able to do the same thing. In fact, just throw a dart at this blog and pick any one of us by chance, and you will see a better return on your investment than you get from the Colletti/ Little team.

    Respectfully, and I hope you see the light,



    B.S it’s 2nd and 3rd 2 out 2 balls and 0 strikes a lefty vs. lefty matchup is sitting on the table for you. You walk the righty, to get to the lefty especially one who’s not the same Carlos Delgado from the past. One who just happened to be 0 for 18. Enough of this BS, we’re all frustated again by this team. Lets just leave it alone.


    If you knew baseball you would know that we are right. The Kemp PH decision was more then questionable. The Conine walk wasn’t. Another loss and I’m super bummed =(.


    Alex, answer me this. Regardless of the situation who would you rather pitch too. Jeff Conine or Carlos Delgado?


    The situation is EVERYTHING, that’s why you walk Conine. I don’t care what the names are the situation dictates that you walk the righty in that situation. Now, if nobody was on base and it was strictly a choice. I’d rather pitch to Conine, easily. But, baseball is never that easy. You know that, you’re not stupid.


    Also, Stults is a better pitcher against right handed batter. His BAA vs Righties is .250….lefties its .300.

    His Change up goes away to righty handed batters. His ideal match up was Jeff Conine. Thats all the manager can do is give his players the best chance to win. HE DIDN’T!


    It is getting tougher to defend Grady. Part of me wonders whether Ned is telling him what he wants out of the team (i.e. veterans being used in “clutch” situations, make sure the veterans get enough playing time, etc.). Dugout managers are middle management, so you have to wonder how much pressure is being put on Grady to follow Ned’s philosophy.

    Rest assured, Colletti will throw Little under the bus rather than go down with him.


    Alex, just for fun, what of Olmedo or Ramon Martinez were up there batting for the Mets. Would you walk them too?


    Conine or Delgado?
    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?

    Conine or Delgado?


    i just read the situation is everything and then didn’t bother reading the rest. sorry.


    When Conine walked to the plate it was 1st and 3rd 2 out. You pitch to Conine in that situation, when Beltran took 2nd and the count was 2 balls and 0 strikes the situation changes. In that situation, walk Conine and go lefty/lefty on Delgado. I’m not saying Conine is a better player than Delgado, by any stretch of the imagination. But against a lefty in the situation the team was put in, Conine is a career .300 hitter against lefties, Delgado is a career .261. This season Conine is .266, Delgado is .243. Numbers do not lie and Conine has made a living killing left handed pitching.


    .300 .371 .486 .858

    .261 .347 .457 .804

    It’s all about the situation, but even if you took the situation out of it look at those numbers. Tell me who you would pitch to? Now, I would obviously rather pitch to Conine over Delgado if you eliminated the situational aspect, which you can’t.


    couldn’t agree with you mor exit. swood is a kid who doesn’t understand baseball. This game was horribly managed. Why take out Loney for a double switch in the fifth inning? hit & run with gonzo? bringing in bloberto and leaving in gonzo to play Defense. A good manager makes the right moves to get this team a win.


    the worse decision in this game was bringing in blowberto. its likley that one of conine or delgado would have come through. its a moot point


    If you don’t want a lefty to face Conine. Have Seanez ready bring him in to face conine. He doesn’t get it done bring in Beimel to face Delgado not our tired starting pitcher who was at the 100 pitch mark in the fifth. That was the most critical point in the game!!


    Actually Hernandez wasn’t the mistake, leaving Gonzo in the game was the mistake. Ethier probably makes that catch, that’s something a lot of us would agree on. Hernandez struck out Beltran, which was crucial and Gonzo blew the liner.


    I agree but the ball Hernandez gave up was ripped. it wasn’t a routine play. So I split the fault.


    point is what the heck was gonzo still doing out there? Who ended the game on a TAPPER to the pitcher. The guy is a joke a shouldn’t be playing over Ethier or Kemp!


    Alex, i based my opinion on Common Sense. Something Grady lacks. Come on now. Carlos Delgado or Jeff Conine.


    diehard what’s up buddy. Can you please talk some sense into my man exit about this Delgado Conine issue. Me and Alex have tried but it’s just not working. What do you think diehard?


    Stults is more effective against right handed batters anyways.

    I really doesn’t matter who’s pitching. The question is…who would you rather pitch to? Conine or Delgado


    Exit we have been over this before. It was 2-0 to a hot bat in Conine with the struggling 0 for last 18 Delgado who looked flat out terrible in his last few games. I would be willing to bet atleast half of those 18 outs were via the K. Anyway its Left v. Left. It was no question the right move. Conine .270 this year Delgado .240. The right move was made exit just face it.


    Anyway moving on… Diehard both Hernandez and Gonzo $uck and I would love to put both of their names on the unemployment list right next to Tomko’s. Especially Hernandez there is no way he should be on a major league roster.


    Also, stop using Stults’ stats he’s pitched only 45 innings in his major league career. He’s pitched to very few lefties in comparison to righties, so the stats are skewed. After another year or so, we’ll get a much better idea of what his splits are really like. Also, his Vegas numbers righties hit better than lefties.


    Conine or Delgado?

    41 year old bench player or a guy that could be in the hall of fame one day?


    Is Exit trying to make the case that Stults is better against righties then lefties? Exit please you are embarrassing your self here. Just give it up.


    Also, stop using Delgado’s 0-19. He’s carlos Delgado. Jeff Conine is on the other hand Jeff Bleepin’ Conine.


    OK exit this is getting rediculous. I don’t know what you were trying to say with the **** but I do know that you don’t know baseball very well so stop trying to argue with people who know the game.


    I actually agree with exit with all his points. If you don’t want Stults to pitch to Conine bring in a different pitcher. You don’t walk a guy in front of a great power hitter. You don’t think Delgado took that as a slap on the face.


    This is a guess exit but I think you are some teenage kid in your basement whos followed baseball for a year and think he knows it all. Right or wrong?


    vs. lefties career:

    A) .300 .371 .486 .858

    B) .261 .347 .457 .804

    vs. lefties this season:

    A) .266 .327 .477 .803 6 HR’s

    B) .253 .303 .367 .670 3 HR’s

    Player A or Player B?

    If it were a righty different situation, if first base weren’t open…different situation. It was a lefty, first base was open 2 and 0 count. You walk Jeff Conine.


    Diehard I can’t tell if you are joking or not? In the padre game a couple nights ago they walked Alou in front of Delgado and he struck out on a high fastball. Come on diehard I know exit doesn’t know baseball but I thought you did. Anyway Diehard how old are you really every time I talk to you I get a different answer. You can email me if you don’t fell comfterable saying it on the blog.

  99. *********

    That the same reason why Grady didn’t walk Chipper to face Andreu even when a base was open and he’s was hot.


    grady shows ZERO passion. We scored a run and he had ZERO emotion. I remember tommy use to hug players on the top step I miss that!


    No diehard one time you told me 28 another time 25. I can’t believe anyone would stand up for Exit on this hes SOOOOO wrong. Diehard you know that.


    Kemp can hit El duque, but pinch hitting he was trying to do too much. Why did he take out Loney in the fifth? You do not double switch one of your best bats in the fifth!


    Actually in that situation we didn’t have anymore lefties on the bench it was him or Martinez, Gonzo and Martin just went back to back. Grady went for lightning in a bottle. Kemp in that situation wasn’t a bad call despite him looking bad against Hernandez, not keeping him in for defense was the mistake.


    If he thought Kemp could hit Duque he should have started him in the first place. Its tough for a 22 year old righty to come off the bench cold and hit a 12 to 6 curve like no other hes seen before. A lefty would have been much smarter there considering Duque is much worse against lefties.

  105. *********

    He did it because Stults spot was coming up and Loney made the lats out. i think Alex said that already.


    True on one point Alex. If he was gonna PH him he should have left him in the field because of Gonzo’s weak arm. Alex How come he didn’t PH Saenz or Martinez, thats if they had seen Duque before.


    The Loney double switch I disagreed with but I got it. Because he wanted Seanez to pitch the end of the 5th and the 6th inning. Otherwise Seanez would have been wasted after one batter. But, Hernandez could’ve easily pitched the 6th, Beimel the 7th. He was trying to not overuse his bullpen. It worked except for the whole Hernandez/Gonzo line drive event.


    I just think we should sit back and watch Kemp grow into one of the best power hitters in the Bigs!


    were trying to win anyone could’ve of pitched the sixth. My point I don’t want Sweeney in ther over Loney.


    O my god diehard i am starting to lose some respect for you man. I mean first standing up for that kid exit then making that comment… Wait a second this isn’t omar im talking to I think its one of his friends. Omar knows baseball better then that.


    What Max changed his email to exit? I don’t think so. Max knew alot more about dodger baseball then exit. How do you know that diehard?


    he’s posted it a bunch of times ask him… you watch the games with grady blinders he could do no wrong in your eyes.


    Exit if you’re reading this are you Max? I have changed my opinion of Grady Omar. He makes stupid lineups and sometimes he makes stupid in game moves. I would love to have Dave Duncan cardinals pitching coach as our skipper. I dunno diehard if I was McCourt I wouldn’t put up with all the **** hes seen this year. I might just fire McCourt and Grady.


    wow welome to reality swood… I would prefer a former Dodger that played for Tommy.

    1.Gibson you don’t think he would show us some passion!

    2.Hatcher would be my second choice

    3.Brett Butler he was smart.


    Diehard can you copy and paste me a post where exit says hes Max because until I see it I don’t believe it. Max was a passionate dodger fan and sports fan. Exit is a punk who doesn’t seem to know much about baseball.


    Swood, Max is Exit, he has the uncanny ability to do both of those things you said, lol. But, Max isn’t Max, but that’s a different topic.


    Alex what do you mean Max isn’t Max??? I think I will send Max an email apoligizing to him. I really didn’t give him the respect he deserves. He is a passionate fan… shoot I was wrong about him.


    Alex I still can’t figure out what you mean Max isn’t Max? Diehard what do you think of Dave Duncan as our skipper. Whoever it is I don’t want a former pitcher.


    I’ll take a younger coach with something to prove. Duncan won’t leave his kush job with LaRussa and his kid playing.


    I think he means Max Power is the alias Homer Simpson used in a episode of The Simpson’s.I think he has a real name


    Are you saying his real name isn’t Max? Do you know what his real name really is diehard? I don’t want to have to develop a manager I want one whos ready to win now. Later I will post all the teams in the NL who have more talent then us.


    Teams in the NL with more talent on their roster(not necessarily active roster) then us:









    Sandy Alomar? Gotay? Delgado hitting .240? Alou? there pitchin staff? We do have 2 nd best pitching in the NL.


    No the mets have better pitching and hitting then us. Diehard its not even close. The only thing that we have thats better then the mets is our manager is better. Thats it diehard.


    Pitching Team Leaders:
    1. San Diego Padres

    NL 69 58 3.51 127 1 17 34 54 1159.0 1086 498 452 85 34 366 853

    2. Chicago Cubs

    NL 66 61 4.00 127 2 7 31 44 1139.1 1048 538 506 136 43 463 930

    3. Los Angeles Dodgers

    NL 66 63 4.01 129 4 5 38 49 1159.0 1125 557 516 102 22 403 961

    4. New York Mets


    LOL… how is their pitching better Gavine,Maine,El Dookie. I’ll take Penny,Lowe,Bills. Plus no one has a more lethal 8 & 9 inning combo Broxton and Saito.


    Top Hitting Teams in the NL (In terms of runs)

    1. Philadelphia Phillies

    NL 127 4455 683 1219 271 30 158 652 2024 483 928 103 15 .351 .454 .274

    2. Atlanta Braves

    NL 129 4538 649 1258 272 27 140 626 2004 419 903 59 24 .341 .442 .277

    3. Colorado Rockies

    NL 128 4441 647 1219 232 27 124 617 1877 485 886 88 25 .349 .423 .274

    4. Florida Marlins

    NL 129 4463 624 1193 261 31 161 595 1999 420 1035 87 28 .337 .448 .267

    5. New York Mets

    NL 127 4396 618 1206 231 21 136 585 1887 428 794 165 34 .341 .429 .274

    6. Cincinnati Reds

    NL 128 4443 617 1162 218 19 171 588 1931 428 903 80 29 .331 .435 .262

    7. Milwaukee Brewers

    NL 128 4405 612 1157 246 28 179 591 1996 385 860 66 27 .327 .453 .263

    8. Chicago Cubs

    NL 127 4440 591 1195 270 23 102 560 1817 389 836 73 26 .329 .409 .269

    9. Pittsburgh Pirates

    NL 127 4395 579 1145 256 19 120 552 1799 365 875 44 22 .322 .409 .261

    10. Houston Astros

    NL 129 4465 575 1143 231 23 131 559 1813 444 840 51 27 .327 .406 .256

    11. Los Angeles Dodgers

    NL 128 4423 573 1202 223 25 93 549 1754 425 655 104 36 .337 .397 .272


    NL Fielding Stats:

    1. Colorado Rockies

    NL 128 1150.2 4966 3452 1455 59 148 5 62 22 .7046 .988

    2. Pittsburgh Pirates

    NL 127 1147.0 4861 3441 1355 65 141 11 92 31 .6930 .987

    3. Philadelphia Phillies

    NL 127 1138.0 4843 3414 1361 68 127 5 63 29 .6984 .986

    4. New York Mets

    NL 128 1149.0 4730 3447 1210 73 100 3 80 24 .7248 .985

    5. San Diego Padres

    NL 127 1159.0 4943 3477 1390 76 118 8 138 17 .7160 .985

    6. San Francisco Giants

    NL 129 1162.1 4877 3487 1316 74 120 18 69 23 .7099 .985

    7. Chicago Cubs

    NL 127 1139.1 4702 3418 1208 76 109 13 87 16 .7242 .984

    8. Cincinnati Reds

    NL 128 1152.2 4752 3458 1218 76 128 10 68 25 .6876 .984

    9. Houston Astros

    NL 129 1173.2 4966 3521 1367 78 108 5 71 20 .6952 .984

    10. Washington Nationals

    NL 129 1148.1 4800 3445 1272 83 128 6 63 31 .7181 .983

    11. Atlanta Braves

    NL 129 1160.2 4878 3482 1306 90 116 9 81 27 .7072 .982

    12. Arizona Diamondbacks

    NL 129 1153.0 4851 3459 1300 92 120 13 71 35 .7102 .981

    13. Milwaukee Brewers

    NL 128 1144.0 4736 3432 1213 91 106 4 79 17 .6951 .981

    14. Los Angeles Dodgers

    NL 129 1159.0 4882 3477 1309 96 115 5 79 36 .7028 .980


    Diehard its not close the Mets have way more talent then us. Just for once in your life agree, don’t act like exit here.


    I think he means Max Power is the alias Homer Simpson used in a episode of The Simpson’s.I think he has a real name.



    I much rather have









    than any other team in the NL!!!!!!

    That will win games with the 2nd best pitching in the NL. Also improve our defense tremendously!!!


    Max Power,
    He’s the man

    Whose name you want to touch,

    But you mustn’t touch.

    His name sounds good in your ear,

    But when you hear it,

    You mustn’t fear,

    Because his name can be said by anyone.

    **** now i miss that email address 😦


    Diehard READ THE STATS we have the 3rd best pitching in the NL. God I posted them for a reason. Hey Max sorry I got mad at you earlier I didn’t know you were the same person. I was wrong about you you do know your baseball. By the way what is your real name?


    It seems like I got so much to post I hope I don’t make up for the whole day. I was up in the Loge level in left field just in fair territory. I saw something you people who frequent Dodger Stadium are proberly familiar with, Pierre put on a show for us all by himself. Man, Running & sprinting and a great verity of execizes, I must have gotten there earlier today, I missed it yesterday. Oh yeah, he brought his bat with him. In the 7th inning after da Gonz’s blast, Martins’s shot looked like it was coming right at me, but it was too short and came down below me and landed in the field level seats, not far from where I was yesterday. Today’s was a better seat looking down on the field instead of across the seats,along the third base seat line. After the game I went straight to Bamontes. A known hangout of Mr Tommy Lasorda, but alas, Tommy wasn’t there and the place was closed for Vacation until Sept 6th. Tomorrow night I will be going back to Shea(I never learn), with my daughter, a dieheart Met fan, she don’t take after her daddy, she’s smart. I hope to by a Jackie Robinson Dodger tee shirt(I gotta watch out when I spell that word). This one has the authenic Dodger script in front exactly like on a Dodger jersey with his name in the back with the number 42. I now have 3 different Jackie Robinson Shirts. I don’t know why I honor this man, he’s the one who got me in this mess. Well,(Or should I say Wells) tomorrow is another day. I come to the conclusion that the most difficult task for our Dodgers is to score runs. I got to go check the Box score.


    The team plays exactly like it’s manager, flat, stupid, lacking fire, and without a sense of urgency.

    I realize Grady has a limited set of options, but the team looks like his personality. The man comes off lifeless and the team comes off lifeless, it’s not a coincidence.


    Pierre how old is your daughter? I can’t believe you raised her to be a Mets fan You have surely failed as a father =). Just kidding Pierre if she is anything like you she is a lovely young woman. Do you check this email because I would like to email you a message if you do.


    i just wish grady wont bench ethier, kemp and loney anymore…
    coz when this 3 guys hits well they got bench the other day…

    when they are bench their bats get cold…

    i think that’s the reason why ethier and Loney are struggling rayt now…

    also one more reason is they are trying to think what do they have to do to play everyday… and with that they intend to be more aggressive at the plate…


    {{SWOOD}}My daughter is a very young 32, I sort of pushed her into being a Met’s fan when she was younger, because I wouldn’t want my children to root for a team that is said to be 3,000 miles away. I don’t know ___swood___ but is that a typo: I’m not a lovely young woman lol. Yes I check my e-mail, if I didn’t, what would happen to all that stuff that has to be put into spam.


    Bummer Pierre your daughter is too old for me =(. Hey better luck for us tomorrow with Wells going… Hopefully the 44 year old won’t be too hung over and he will remember how to pitch lol. Anyway the problem right now and for the last couple of years is more our bats then our arms.


    seriously, give me a $85 million budget and I guarantee the Dodgers would make the playoffs. I would do it for free!!

    Why not let the kids HAVE jobs and back them up with veterans? Geezus I hate our management sometimes.

    And as for Grady Little….I think he’s the one better suited for Nintendo baseball. I vote our AA Jax manager to be our new manager in 08!!


    oh and RELEASE ROBERTO HERNANDEZ for the love of god and bring up Meloan…What the heck is wrong with these guys????


    It’s amazing the Dodgers wanted Wells for 14 years, right down the line Fred Clair, Kevin Malone & Dan Evans and he always choose the alternative. Now I guess he ran out of alternatives.


    Swood, my real name is Adrian. It’s cool. I shouldn’t have called you a ***** but I was in such a bad mood. Grady screwed up the game, we lost and i broke an 80 dollar switch on my guitar.

    And too top it all off School starts on Monday and i still have to read about 200 pages of “Leviathan” by Thomas Hoobbes.


    Man i totally forgot about sparknotes. That got me through through high school and my first two years of college.

    The books is a pretty easy read but i just waited way to long to read it. The paper isn’t due until mid September but eh. It ***** getting assigned someone before the class even starts.***** Email.


    On that play this afternoon when they decided to walk Conine I said “oh no he’d due”
    meaning aside from lefty,lefty

    the man was o for 20 or so, so anytime he was due for a hit and I had a gut feeling every time he came to the plate.


    ohhhhh…yeah i said the same thing when that happened.

    My exact words were “What the **** is grady doing? Delgado’s due!”


    IT’S CALL THE LAW OF AVERAGES we all feel it at times. Maybe we could have saved that game but to bad we couldn’t.


    Good News: LaRoche was back in action tonight for the 51s!

    Bad News: 0 for 4 so far, with a throwing error.

    (Also, Meloan–2 scoreless innings)

    I agree with Pierre/Max/Exit/Adrian about walking Conine–but it was a crapshoot either way. We lost it when we ran outselves out of two innings (the Pierre steal I understand–I am still confused about Gonzo) and leaving in Gonzo rather than putting in a better defender. The problem is that in April or June you could blow off this loss–a close game against a good team. But we’re too far behind with too little time for that now.

    Tomorrow is the biggest game of the year. If we win, we take one of three from the Mets and David Wells proves he has a little gas left in the tank, and maybe we have a shot.


    Great to hear LaRoche is back in action, I do appreciate other opinions on the Conine/Delgado situation. I still stand by my opinion, but we’ll never know what might of been. So I went over some numbers. To win the Wild Card, we need the Padres to play .500 ball at 17-17 from here on out, while we need to play .667 ball 22-11 from here on out. That means pretty much if we lose one more series, we’re probably done.


    Kershaw had a no hitter through 6 tonight. He’s totally dominating Double A now. He’ll be in the rotation by the end of next year. I can’t wait.


    Also, more from the Minor League Update: Clayton Kershaw went 7 innings for the AA Jacksonville Suns, giving up one run, earned, on 2 hits and 4 walks, while striking out 10. He left leading 3-1, though the Suns dropped the game on a blown save in the bottom of the 9th.

    The run he gave up was the first one in 14 innings.


    Beat me to it. I did not know about 6 no-hit innings.

    He and McDonald both seem very good. This suggests exercising Wolf’s option, giving us Penny, Lowe, Bills, Schmidt and Wolf as the starting 5 next year, with Kershaw, McDonald, Stults, and Houlton around if/when someone gets hurt.


    yeah i think We should pick up Wolf’s option for next year. Im really not sure what we can get out of Schmidt next year or the year after. I think we have to go into next season expecting nothing out of him. The only free agent i’d even look at next off season is Paul Bryd.

    So next year i think we should go with.







    Then in 2008 you obviously have to try and get Santana which i think would be very very smart for the Dodgers to do. Forget A-Rod go after Santana. Penny and Lowe are free agents. I think we have to extended Penny. SO i’ll just assume we do.








    I think McDonald and Kershaw will get looks next year. Also we can’t forget about Greg Miller. If he can get his control back he has some of the best stuff in the organization.


    I just bought a Stephen Colbert “WristStrong” Bracelet!!

    Im so excited! i don’t know why i posted that on here but i did!


    Right on all counts Exit/Max/Adrian.

    Take a look at Gurnick’s article on today’s game. The lead paragraph makes it sound like Grady just figured out we’re having bad at-bats. Then it says that Gonzo disagrees, and seems to be unhappy about playing time (that could be the source of Ken Rosenthal’s article). Everyone seems to say that Gonzo is the classiest guy in the game, but this seems just the opposite.


    I don’t know if anyone saw this but i found it kind of amusing:

    Wolf Gives Up Love Search

    Randy Wolf continues to play catch in preparation for a September comeback. One thing he has long given up on is a search for a woman who asked for directions in a New York subway station in 2003.

    Wolf never got a name, and his attempts to find the woman made headlines nationwide, but were unsuccessful.

    “Tombstone that one,” Wolf said.


    Yeah I thought Gonzo was a joke to begin with. He played well over his head this first part of the season and he’s come back down to earth. He’s a once or twice a week player at best. I hope he doesn’t become a thorn in the side this year. I thought it should have been Ethier/Pierre/Kemp all year but Grady has to go with Gonzo.


    Poor Randy. He’s a very nice guy. He was one of my first autographs when i was younger. He took a picture with me and my dad when he was with the phillies and they were down in San Diego.

    I really hope we resign him. He was very very good when he was healthy this year. He’s a good risk to take next year.


    That reminds me. I really don’t like how you can’t go down to the field level at Dodger Stadium during batting practice. I’ve tried but was denied. Angeles Stadium allows it. Thats the only way i got Dodger autographs. It’s impossible at Dodger Stadium unless you buy a ticket which a majority of the fans can’t afford.

  160. *********

    I remember last year the rumor suggest was Kemp for Boomer. I was so happy they didn’t do that deal last year and I can’t believe we got him this year.

  161. *********

    Wells got very good numbers against the Mets. I hope he’s on his game today even though he hasn’t pitch since the 6th.


    max… just tell them you’re trying to head down to the Museum, or that you want to make a bat at the shop on the field level. Also, you could try to tell them you want to go to the team stores on the field level. I’ve tried the Museum line twice and it worked both times.


    To Exit & most of you. None of you get it. Go get Santana
    Then what. He pitches GREAT &

    we still lose. You could pitch Jesus and we’ll lose.You

    HAVE to understand. “Scoring RUNS” is our problem. Wells will pitch, today and go 6/7 scoreless innings. IT DOES NOT MATTER. WE CAN”T SCORE RUNS. PERIOD.We need from 3 to 4 RBI men, in our line up.

    Ethier;Loney;Kemp;LaRoache are

    NOT the answer. The Padres have NOTHING, But ,if anyone gets on base, he scores. The same with

    Colorado & the Snakes. They’re not better than us, But they score RUNS…Period.


    Actually Pat 25 we have scored more runs this year then both the Pads and D’Backs… Max I am sooooo sorry about what happened yesterday. I was in a bad mood and if I had known it was you I never would have disrespected you that way. I know you probably think I’m an *** hole and you have a right to. I was wrong you do know your dodger baseball. I just didn’t know you had changed your email to exit. Tonight is a huge game for us. We MUST salvage a game tonight in the apple or else it will be really tough to get back in the division race. You can’t afford to be swept when you’re 6 back.


    There are 33 games left in the season. To win the division we are gonna have to win atleast 26 of those 33.


    The plain fact is that this is not a playoff team.
    The veterans that our management counted on, Nomar, Gonzo, and even Kent have had some spurts, but cannot any longer provide consistent offensive batting performance. Our youngsters like Martin, Ethier, Kemp and Loney all have had varying degrees of success and all belong here in the majors, but they have rarely been used all together in the same batting order so as to get adjusted to their roles, so their performance has been somewhat sporadic. This is very unlike the treatment of the young players by Arizona, which has pretty much relied entirely on their developing young player contingent – difference in management style?

    Furcal has not produced in a manner expected from him, presumably, and even admittedly, because his ankle has not been 100%. Why not – because management never found the fortitude to have him sit out a DL period in order to get the ankle properly healed. Therefore, he’s never been able to give his contract money’s worth to this team this season. Since his lead-off position has been greatly under-utilized, you have to wonder whether he’s worth keeping for next season, or whether he should be used for a trade to secure somebody else before his time with us runs out.

    Pierre is a different and under-performing story all together and likely to be with us for some time to come. He may need to be designated as the lead-off batter, which maybe should have been done all along.

    Whether Grady is to blame for all that’s gone wrong is a question of some debate. As far as I’m concerned, he’s proven to be a poor manager in adverse circumstances and should not be back next year. It may not be his blame alltogether, but this under-performance has happened on his watch, and he has not helped.

    The pitching has fallen apart largely due to Colletti’s selection of members for the staff. Wolf’s early season departure could have been predicted, because he’s not been able to pitch that many innings since his surgery. I don’t fault his signing, as it was a reasonable risk, and he probably gave us reasonable value with the number of wins he secured for us. I would not exercise his option for next year, but would re-negotiate the terms to assume that he won’t do any better next season. Schmidt in retrospect was a bad signing, because his loss of velocity over the previous season should have been the kind of red flag that someone as familiar with his situation as Colletti and Conte should have realized could bring a serious problem. It turns out he wasn’t as smart as his former boss with the Giants, who did not bid for Schmidt’s services. The selection and keeping of Tomko was another big minus.

    Overall I think that Colletti utterly failed to improve on the team that he seemed to put together so capably and on short notice for 2006. Is this just bad coincidence? Maybe, and the owner will probably ride with him for another year. I would NOT, because I disagree with his “veterans first” kind of a mindset, and I would like to see a fresh start going forward into next season.


    Messagebear I don’t think this is a team with playoff talent. Arizonas young players are better then ours. Although if we get hot these last 30 or so games we might make the playoffs.


    We will have to go on one of those runs like we did last year when we won 11 in a row and 17 out of 18. If we don’t have a run like that we’re dead. There is not that much time left in the season and we need to make up games quickly. I doubt it will happen though because we are not a second half team and we have been horrible in August.


    Swood, I disagree wholeheartedly with your assumption that AZ’s young players are better than ours. They have Webb, we have Penny. They have Owings, we have Billz. They have Upton, we have Kemp. They have Stephen Drew, we have Andy LaRoche, Tony Abreu, and Chin-lung Hu. They have Chris Snyder we have Russell Martin. They have Valverde, we have Broxton. They have Chris Young we have Ethier and Loney. Not to mention that we are stockpiling players such as Kershaw, Elbert, DeWitt (who is coming around), Xavier Paul, John McDonald, DJ Houlton, Eric Stultz, John Meloan, etc. We have just as much depth and the same or at least equal amount of young talent as them.


    Swood, Im sorry but you’re just wrong about AZ’s players being better. I wrote earlier that they are definitey better managed then ours, because they were given important roles early on, promoted agressively, and mostly importantly their manager stuck with them when they struggled. But they are not any better. And unlike ours they play in a bandbox stadium. The only one I would like to have is Upton and he is 19 and its much too soon decide he’s a hall of famer like everyone claims he is.


    I don’t know if anyone out there can answer this question put I keep forgetting to ask it:____LosVegas 51s_______What does 51s mean?____Or, Where does it come from?_______Or What is it’s meaning?


    Area 51 pierreseastmeetswest…also I agree wholeheartedly with lvproduction and jspelk2 about our players over Arizona. We have better players overall than Arizona, the difference is production and management. I have to run or I’d get more into detail. Also, we have a chance to pull back within 3 1/2 Phillies are up 8-1 over S.D. Back for the game tonight…


    Alex—–I need a better explanation. What’s Area?___Is that like a section?___Is Las Vegas divided into areas?


    No Pierre you don’t know what area 51 is? Im 16 years old and I know what that is… It is a place in New Mexico where the entire town claims to have seen an alien spaceship… why they named our Las Vegas team that I don’t know.


    Pierre… I am sorry to ask this but have you ever been out of Brooklyn? There is alot more to the world then the dodgers and brooklyn… I am shocked that you are 70 years old and you don’t know what area 51 means. I think the claimed alien sigting by like 50 people was back in the 1980’s but I could be mistaken. If anyone out there knows don’t be afraid to correct me.


    Area 51 is a government compound created after the Roswell sightings back in the 60’s or 70’s. It is supposedly located within 30 miles in some direction of Las Vegas….hence the names. Also, since I live in Las Vegas I can attest (without getting into specifics) to seeing some pretty weird objects in the sky out here some days.


    First of all, I don’t think its a very good sounding name but I can’t do anything about that. I just wanted to know before I mentioned the fact that as an old Dodger fan, I don’t like #51, It always reminds me of 1951, the year of the shot heard around the world, The Bobby Thomson HR. I can’t stop Broxton from wearing it but it would be great to see him get a BIG strikeout someday. Oh yes and by the way being 16 doesn’t mean you know less than me.


    {SWOOD} To answer your question, yes I’ve been out of Brooklyn and I have other interest other than the Dodgers, but I can’t understand how that’s got anything to do with this alien stuff.


    All I know is David Wells will add to the excitement of the game. Especially that it’s being played in New York, where he’s still popular. It might even get the Mets a bigger writeup than the Yankees. It will be good for me since I’m saving writeups of Dodger Met games.


    Area 51 is big chunk of ground in Nevada that is off limits to the public. Lot’s of stories about it to do with sitings of strange and even alien type aircraft. Experimental type aircraft. There is a compound and hangers in there.


    Was there a movie made about it? I spend a lot of time reading the sports pages (baseball only)and I only skim through everything else.


    It case anybody fell asleep out there The Phillies beat the Pods. If ur still interested.


    I’m waiting around for the lineup. I guess everybody’s doing the same thing. I’ll wait until 5;00 PM ET than, my daughter and I will go out and have dinner then leave for the game.


    Pierre I am joking with you of course =). Is there a story behind the name of the Las Vegas 51’s because Pierre is right it is an odd choice for the name. Tonight is the biggest game of the year. It is absolutely crucial that we don’t get swept by the Mets. There is a big difference between a 3-3 road trip against two good teams and a 2-4 road trip. There are 33 games left in the season and I think we need to win 25 or 26 of them to have any shot at the division. Grady needs to have our best lineup out there every day, he needs to not worry about players(Gonzo’s) feelings.


    Pierre I am joking with you of course =). Is there a story behind the name of the Las Vegas 51’s because Pierre is right it is an odd choice for the name. Tonight is the biggest game of the year. It is absolutely crucial that we don’t get swept by the Mets. There is a big difference between a 3-3 road trip against two good teams and a 2-4 road trip. There are 33 games left in the season and I think we need to win 25 or 26 of them to have any shot at the division. Grady needs to have our best lineup out there every day, he needs to not worry about players(Gonzo’s) feelings.


    Chris Young doesn’t get hits that often but when he does they’re HR’s 5-3 D’Backs Bottom 2


    Swood, Area 51 is not in New Mexico. It’s Nevada about 100 hundred miles northwest of Vegas.

    I think you’ve confused Area 51 with Roswell, NM.


    Here’s the lineup shown by Yahoo Sports for tonight’s game:











    Sorry for the repeat; I guess “manfromchina” and I had the same idea almost at the same time.


    If we’re going to do anything in the standings, the next four games will be it. We need to win this one and sweep the Nets back at home. SD and AZ will be playing a four game series, and I would expect them to split those games.


    Guys, Area 51 is a top secret military base in Vegas. Supposedly the Gov. tests it’s new and secret stuff there. You’re not allowed within a certain number of miles of Area 51. The thing in Roswell NM happened in 1947.


    This team can’t win more than 3 maybe 4 in a row. As far as the playoffs they’re done. Ned and Grady killed it.

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