Dodgers Re-Acquire Scott Proctor

Former Dodger farmhand Scott Proctor is coming back to the team. Four years after he was dealt to the Yankees with Bubba Crosby for Robin Ventura, Scott was re-acquired today in exchange for Wilson Betemit.

As most of you probably know, Scott seems to have an ability to pitch almost every other day in the big leagues, which is pretty tough to find.



    This is terrible. Trade a switch-hitting power hitter who can play multiple positions and is only 25 for a mediocre middle reliever who has been pitched into the ground in New York. At a time when the Yankees are looking for relief help, isn’t it suspicious that they got rid of none of them? Another case of Colletti trading surplus for pennies on the dollar just for the sake of making a deal. Terrible.


    terrible. that’s all the dodger did. that bites. i can’t believe ned going to rely on bomko and henderison for the rest of the year.


    Betemiss was expendable. I would have traded him to the Red Sox for some Fenway Franks instead though.

    Proctor’s problem was that he did pitch every other day in New York. The Dodgers have a better and deeper pen then the Yankees so they can really cut back on his innings and save his arm which has been his problem. Plus moving to Dodgers stadium and into a league with weaker offenses then the AL easy will help alot.


    BTW, it’s a common misconception, the deadline is at 1 p.m, but deals can be announced after the deadline, so long as they have the deal in place by 1 p.m, so in the next hour several deals will be announced.


    I agree with Max on this one. I never liked Betemiss and he was the one kid that I was hoping would get traded. Having an extra arm in the pen will help out a lot. I think the next step will be to send down ramon martinez and to bring LaRoche back up. Nomar is going to need those days off and im not certain as to how well Ramon can play 3rd.


    Yankees acquired third baseman Wilson Betemit from the Dodgers for RHP Scott Proctor.

    The Dodgers could look awfully bad here if Betemit is the Yankees’ third baseman next year and Proctor has undergone elbow surgery. The latter scenario is probably more likely. Betemit is one of the game’s 30-best third baseman and is fine insurance for the possibility of Alex Rodriguez leaving, but A-Rod is unlikely to go anywhere and even if he does, the Yankees are rarely a team to settle. The switch-hitting Betemit could figure into the Yankees’ picture at first base for the rest of the season. He’d outhit Andy Phillips as a first baseman against right-handers, but Phillips should keep playing versus lefties. He is also far better protection than Miguel Cairo in the event of an injury to Rodriguez or Derek Jeter.

    I will put the Over-Under at August 15 as the date that Proctor goes on the DL for good!

    I will take the under!

    Make sure Roberto Hernandez keeps throwing in his backyard with his kid so that he is ready to return on short notice!


    Jon Meloan can do whatever Proctor could and more without giving up a potential 25-30 HR guy who can play 3rd, SS and 2B. Close minded fans will obsess about his strikeouts, but ignore his ability to get on base and hit for power. A package of Betemit, Navarro, Guzman and all the others Ned discarded could have filled a lot more needs than the return of Proctor, Hendrickson and Lugo.


    LaRoche is the long term solution at third base and he always has been. I don’t have a problem with this deal at all. LaRoche is gold, we needed an arm and we got one. We kept the kids, when we could have easlily given them away for Texiera and Dotel like Atlanta did. Ned kept the core together and paved a way for LaRoche while getting an arm. What’s so terrible about that?


    Agreed with Alex(**** just froze over btw). I said a couple days ago that I’d consider this a successful deadline if we kept LaRoche, Loney, Kemp and Billingsley.


    Spanner with the game on the line in a pinch hit situation you wouldn’t rather have Olmedo Sanenz pinch hitting or Ramon Martinez? Both are almost hitting .200 vs righties. They do have 1 HR between them.

    Sang. Save it man. A guy who can play all INF spots with an OPS/Slug the same as Russel Martin and better than Ethier is totally worth a middle reliver.


    On this team, that’s all he’d ever be, now he can platoon in N.Y at first base, I personally can’t wait to watch Betemit strike out in a key moment to cost the Yankees a game.


    Hooray for Ned! I got exactly what I wanted during this deadline … all the YOUNGLINGS intact and the future, which for the most part is here now with Bills, Kemp, Loney, Ethier, Martin, Abreu, et al ready to fill in at a moments notice!


    its not an issue of being closed minded, look at betemit with the dodgers last year, we saw his potential in the second half. He earned a starting position at 3rd base and was given more than enough time, he blew it. in subsequent starts he has been less than impressive. If this trade is anything, it is among mediocre players, but we have seen how betemit plays starting for us and it just hasnt worked out. New scenery and a pitcher friendly ball park could work out nicely for Proctor.


    Yeah, Alex. Because all that counts are “key moments” rather than what a player can contribute on a daily basis.
    The reason “that’s all he’d ever be” on this team is because you have a bunch of close-minded “baseball people” who would rather look at antiquated numbers like batting average and wax philosophical about staring into a man’s soul and knowing he’ll come through in “the clutch”.

    Go hang out with John Kruk or Joe Morgan or something.


    Madres just keep taking apart that Bullpen. They just traded Royce Ring to the Braves for Wilfredo Ledezma. Ledezma was once a top prospect for the Tigers but has had some arm issues. Hes coming into petco with a 7.00+ era.


    I’m a little surprised he hasn’t acquired a left handed bat for the bench yet. For tonight, with Kemp starting, Ethier can do that, but long term we’re going to need one.


    Max: Ring was back in AAA. They didn’t tear up anything.

    Oh for the Betemit haters:

    2007 Garciaparra: .330 OBP, .360 SLG

    Betemit: .359 OBP, .474 SLG

    But I’m sure you’re happy with Nomar because he swings at the first pitch and grounds out rather than working counts and striking out like Betemit. Also, Nomaaaah hit a couple “clutch” HRs and has “been there”. Oh yeah, he’s from LA, so that makes him better for the team.



    there is still a waiver deadline coming up in august. We could grab a cheap bat there and maybe even Matt Morris. THe Gnats want to dump his salary.


    Young makes sense, switch hitter, that just answered my question. So Proctor took Betemit’s spot, so Young for Hull?


    I respect Ned for not caving in and trading away our top prospects but it would have been nice to acquire a starting pitcher.

    Good to hear that Young has been called up, he deserves it.


    well maybe they are thinking that Young can get it done. All in all I will say I agree with Max and Alex. I am glad we didnt trade any of the main kids. Wilson was expendable, although in just my opinion I still think he will get better due to age. He reminds me alot of a young Ortiz when he was with Minnesota. But, he wasn’t gonna get his shot with us. I would rather have Abreu (still just 22) or Laroche so all is cool. I just wouldn’t have made the trade if that was the return, that’s all.


    Can anybody give me a scouting report on Delwyn Young please? Strengths, weaknesses, how’s his arm…?


    Are you serious about Matt Morris?

    And how can you guys laugh at Wil Ledezma moving to Petco, but insist Proctor will be better going to DS? DS doesn’t suppress HRs and it’s not the pitchers’ park everyone thinks it is.


    what about LaRoche?
    do they trust martinez to platoon nomar in 3rd this year?

    bring in LaRoche too!


    This Betemit trade was terrible. He should have been our everyday 3rd baseman until Laroche is ready. Nomar stinks and this just means more playing time for him. Ned should have traded Nomar for Proctor.How come Ned keeps the garbage and gets rid of players who might be able to contribute? If the Ds don’t make the playoffs Ned and Grady should go. I hope MCcourt is watching.


    I just hope we don’t need PROCTOR as much as the Yankees did. They really wore him out.


    nomar stinks? wth ? betimit got the spot given to him and he did nothing, nomar’s playing third because there was a whole there, la roche ****** while he was up earier too.maybe if they didnt **** it up we wouldnt need nomar, but they did …and we do


    So here we go again.. The Dodgers still have all these “great” prospects and no vetrens to make a penneant run with… Its funny we’ve heard for the last 5-6 years about all of these prospects… but they don’t deliver Pujols, or Prince Fielder or Ryan Howard numbers… So we have a team that is going to fall flat on its face come October once again… but hey look at the bright side… we have all these prospects that can win at AA. Hmmmmm… getting on the bandwagon.. maybe next year… OR NOT!


    It’s not even close, the idea Betemit is an everyday player is ridiculous. Nomar may have turned his entire season around, he’s been looking good lately. Whether it continues remains to be seen. We still need a starter, that’s the one thing I’m upset about, but the kids are still here, so it eases the blow.


    I’d say that Young is a bit of a downgrade from Betemit as far as a lefty pinch hitter… but he does provide us more outfield depth also..

    I guess we have martinez and saenz as the backup infielders now.


    I think we just stay on the Blue bandwagon and root them home. This team will be alright, they will get help from within when Wolf returns and Lowe will be back and continue to pitch well. I am not giving up on our bullpen and i really believe that Grady will play the “kids” a bit more down the stretch. If we were in the East, i’d be worried, but we’re not..Go Dodgers!!!


    do u realize just how big ryan howard is? we would never have a guy like him…
    ryan howard’s body is like shaq’s! that’s why he has alot of power!

    u just have 2 wait for matt kemp to gain more experience!

    he’s a 20-30+ HR guy!


    giving nomar another chance at 3rd is a good decision though… look at jeff kent… when he struggled we wish that he’s not even a dodger… look what jeff is doing now… he’s crushing the ball…


    Betemit has more homeruns in a lot less ABs than Nomar. Betemit can also take a walk more often than Nomar. It’s not that I was in love with Betemit, I just think there was more of an upside with him over Nomar, and on a team that lacks power I’d rather they’d continue to play Betemit.


    i don’t get that morris trade. what were the pirates thinking. now they have to pay morris and he is how old. Are th epirates trying to make a playoff push???




    nomar don’t walk alot but he does not strike out alot also… nomar keeps the ball in play… but like some other players who struggles they hit it to a person…
    betemit is an inning killer…

    it’s either looking on a 3rd strike or swinging on it…


    Kudos to Colletti. He knows he has something special in his farm system and he didn’t bow to the pressure of short sighted fans. Isn’t it intersting that the Rangers wanted more from the Dodgers than they got from Atlanta? Isn’t it also interesting that the Royals wanted more from the Dodgers than they got from the Braves? Oakland wanted the “Farm’ from the Dodgers for Blanton. It seems obvious to me that what the Dodgers are putting together for the future is frightening for a lot of teams. While some of the Dodgers’ trades have not worked out, they did make sense when made. I predict that Delwyn Young will be a bigger contributor than Betemit, even though he is a liability defensively.


    good job by NED…i’m sure other teams were asking for the farm for their players in a trade, and Ned wasn’t going to let them go for what was offered.

    I’m okay with the proctor trade because as we’ve seen, our bullpen has been overworked lately, and proctor getting a change of scenary and not having to work day in and day out might help him. He has a pretty respectful ERA from a tough AL EAST, so he should help our club.

    Hate to see betemit go, but you aren’t going to make everyone happy, and as a GM, i don’t expect NED to make all of the posters here happy with his moves.


    i agree with u mfuller…
    i notice that too…

    i was wondering why is it that the rangers have got just one decent player with salty and the other are just wash up!


    Here’s a poll for ya all —

    Which Dodger prospect do you BELIEVE will be a bonifide SUPERSTAR? Pick more than one if you want.

    (Superstar is defined as a player much like or better than …Pujols, J. Santana, Ryan Howard, or Manny Ramierez)

    1. Matt Kemp

    2. James Loney

    3. Tony Abreu

    4. Adam LaRoche

    5. Clayton Kershaw

    6. Joe Meloan

    7. Chad Billingsly

    8. Jonathan Broxton

    9. Delwyn Young

    10. Write-in Candidate _______


    I’ll go with Billingsly and Kershaw … they could be the next Glavine and Maddux, only for the Dodgers though.

    I’ve seen power flashes in Kemp and Loney, only time will tell with them.


    what are you trying to prove? the majority of kids we’ve brought to the majors have been successful. are they not worth keeping unless they’re bonafide superstars???


    matin hasn’t peaked out yet,he’ll have some .320 -.350 seasons and besides that i like j. loney


    Too soon to say really, especially for someone like Kershaw, who is still very young.

    But given your definition of superstar, it’s very possible none of those players become that. Those are the best players in the game.

    But I would say these have the best chance, in order:

    1) Kemp

    2) Billingsley

    3) Kershaw

    4) LaRoche


    Anyone remember when Nomar’s body couldn’t handle playing third base?

    Was that just a lie?


    there’s no reason to tell who’s going to be the superstar… all i know is all of them are going to have a successful years…


    jspelk –
    I’m not trying to prove anything … just have a little fun with the bloggers. But if you want to know why I did this … I was just wondering who others thought had “the right stuff” to be talked about in the same breath as the players I look forward to seeing play the game.

    You wrote: are they not worth keeping unless they’re bonafide superstars??? Answ: Everyone is worth keeping when they produce and bring wins to LA. But very few become SUPERSTARS!!


    Billingsly – 3

    Kershaw – 3

    Kemp – 2

    LaRoche – 2

    Martin – 1 (WI)

    Loney – 1


    well i guess bill and kershaw is the favorite…
    what about martin he’s our hero this year…

    and if you ask me he’s already a superstar…


    As you notice on my list, I did not write A-Rod, because his type of player only arrives on the scene once every 10 or 15 years. I thought the names I named were more reachable superstars to gauge our prospects to.


    Billingsly – 4

    Kershaw – 4

    Kemp – 2

    LaRoche – 2

    Martin – 2 (WI)

    Loney – 1

    Blog note: Martin a superstar: I value your opinion, and I hope he gets there someday. IMHO he’s not there yet.


    if we wanted a superstar we should have signed one instead of expecting one from the farm. we are the second biggest market in the country and have no stars on our team. its still a pretty good team though.


    Let me ask you yeasone…do you think that what you have seen from Kemp so far..if given a full season could he do this? (or more or less?)I am asking, not telling.




    here is his line now


    The top guys are A-rod and Puljos at Kemps age now.


    well, there’s always a hope we can have A-ROD in dodger blue along with the kids like bills, kershaw, kemp, laroche, martin and loney..

    AROD is a free agent after this summer afterall :)….one can only hope we can throw all the money in the world at him and the yankee’s dont beat it and then we can have a true dynasty for years to come 🙂


    kemps BABIP is very high i believe, jungar. although yes, he has done quite well. im not expecting him to turn into more than like a mike cameron or hopefully alex rios. but both of those are very good players.


    do u think prince filder can do it again by hitting 30 HR next year?
    i just have some doubts… i have a feeling that the pitchers underestimated him and he took advantange to it…


    Regarding Martin, I think he is a superstar among catchers. But it’s hard to classify catchers as superstars in general (they don’t get enough respect), because the position puts such a physical and mental strain on their bodies, that they usually can’t produce the numbers offensively that a “superstar” does. How many catchers over the last couple of decades could you call a superstar? Piazza maybe, but his defense was subpar.


    martin has been the hero this year… he can hit the ball the other way…
    just look at what he does last game in colorado…

    he hit the ball so hard if they were just playing in dodger stadium that time he might have hit all those 3 for HR’s instead he only hit one…


    red sox, along with NYY, will be after A-Rod this off-season too. Can we really out-bid those two teams?


    the dodger are losers in the trade deadline. anyone that going to rely on bomko and henderison for the rest of the year. are losers in my book.


    jspelk2: kemps BABIP is very high i believe, jungar. although yes, he has done quite well. im not expecting him to turn into more than like a mike cameron or hopefully alex rios. but both of those are very good players.

    I hope you’re wrong about that (and I’m sure you do, too). I think that Kemp will be better than Cameron or Rios; I just think Kemp is a more well rounded player than both of those. In fact, I’ve always felt that Cameron is one of the most overrated players in baseball. Cameron always seems to be swinging for the fences, and his average and strikeouts show it.


    PCJ505 — I would put Pudge, Piazza, Johnny Bench in the same category. Benito Santiago was pretty good in his prime days also.


    I really feel we could have gotten a little more for Betemit now I have to be honest I saw Betemit play (ESPNDeportes) in the winter leagues & he didn’t impress much I wish we could have gotten more for Betemit but this trade really doesn’t disappoint me all that much.

    ps I wish things could have worked out for him here in L.A. but they just didn’t.


    Well, the Dodgers came away losers at the non-waiver trade deadline while the Yankees and Red Sox came away winners. It is possible to make some beneficial moves without dealing your elite prospects.

    Proctor is flotsam and jetsam. Betemit should have had more value. I don’t see how it makes sense to trade a 25-year-old infielder with a 100+ OPS+ the past three years for a 30 year old reliver with two seasons of sub-5.40 ERA production.

    Proctor has below-average control (29 walks)and has nothing more than a straigth as an arrow 95-mph arm that’s going to fall off his shoulder sometime in the next year, guaranteed.


    DD17 — We won’t even be in the running, because McCourt would never let the “Devil” Boras talk him into a $30-32 MPY contract.
    We’ll be used like pawns to up the price with no chance to get the player … can you say Valdimir Guerrero?

    I know, I know … your going to tell me the team sale was what held that deal up … but who was buying the team … RIGHT! McCourt!


    thank you ned for not trading our future, as far as the poll goes, I believe that all those listed, as a group will make the dodgers a super team for many years to come. It is the team as a whole, not one superstar that makes a team.
    I also believe that those that are saying the betemit trade was a bad one, were booing his every strikeout just a month or so ago.

    I believe that ned could have traded 15 to 20 our our top prospects in just a few hours,

    not just because some of us believe they are the future, but that most, if not all the other teams think they could be their future,

    I believe that other teams have always ask for more in a trade with the dodgers, because we usually have more to give, and other teams are jealous of the dodgers, past and our future.

    I believe d. young is getting called up because so many other teams would have taken him in a new york minute, so Ned needs to see what he can do

    to be part of our future.

    I belive that those of you who say a prospect is just a prospect until he proves himself in the majors, so they can be traded for vets, only need to look back a few years ago to 2002 to see the start of the dodgers now, and the future, Loney, broxton, martin only needed a few years to get here 2003 wedrafted bills,La roche, and kemp, the o4,05, 06, 07 drafts will allow the team to

    grow togeter, not old as other teams grow.

    I belive in the dodgers, and I am thankful for what we have.


    Bonds in the Lineup news services

    Barry Bonds’ quest to overtake Hank Aaron resumes in the home of the San Francisco Giants’ most bitter rival, adding another intriguing — and possibly historic — element to their long history with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Needing one homer to tie Aaron, Bonds and the Giants (45-58) meet the Dodgers (57-48) on Tuesday night (airing on ESPN2) in the start of a three-game series. Bonds was penciled in to the starting lineup, and commissioner Bud Selig will be in attendance.


    Wow… NC keeps the farm intact, he keeps the roster, that is in 1st place, together he doesn’t affect the payroll so that there is room for free agency during the off season (A-Rod) and messagebear wants him gone..Easy!!!


    Proctoscope for Betemit was a stupid trade. Why not unload Bimko and “Harry and the Hendersons?” With as deep a farm system the Dodgers have they could have been a little more active with hurting their future. With this deal the Dodgers are going to be lucky to finish third in the west.
    It’s to bad Drysdale or Koufax isn’t pitching for the Dodgers against the Giants. They could show Bonds what real “Chin Music” was all about. Bonds’ body armor wouldn’t last.


    At the end of the day, who gives a hoot about Barry Bonds if we beat the Giants and Pads and DBacks do each other in?? Right?? Anyone, anyone…


    Regardless of how betemit turns out with the Yankees, getting Proctor was a must because he was the only pitcher available without greatly impacting the farm system. One thing we knopw from experience is that the Atlanta GM has been a good evaluator of talent, and for some reason he let Betemit leave without getting much for him. Betemit had an opportunity to prove himself with the dodgers and he failed. I’d rather give our highly touted prospects an opportunity to prove themselves with the Dodgers rather than have three or four of them become stars with other teams because we lacked patience and panicked when misfortunes struck our pitching staff. We have to stick with the big plan even if it means not winning this year. I guarantee you that our fans would have become irate if we had given up on several prospects who become stars for other teams.


    I still think the Yankees got the better of the deal, but since we didn’t give up the farm for Blanton, which I think is what happen there, I think the non deal made up for the deal. Let’s just hope for best. Everyday there is only one important thing and that is TO WIN. The future may depend on today let’s hope it’s in OUR favor.


    I have no problem with this trade for a number of reasons:
    1. I believe the potential runs driven in by Betemit as a pinch-hitter this last half of the season would be less than the potential number of runs prevented with Proctor pitching (in place of the other middle relievers like Hernandez, Stults, Houlton).

    2. Besides the K/BB ratio, Proctor’s stats are pretty comparable to Dotel’s. Plus, his salary is less and we didn’t have to give up a prospect, which the Royals were asking for.

    3. Betemit has reached his potential and with Andy LaRoche on his heels, he became expendable. Sure, Betemit came up as **** and can play a number of positions, but with his conditioning, do you really want him to? The Yankees and Dodgers both know that he’s basically a corner infielder for life.

    4. I think Betemit earned this trade with how poorly he played in the beginning of the season. How many games could we have won if he wasn’t batting below the Mendoza line? He has pretty much become a poor-man’s Adam Dunn at the plate, and with the style of our offense, we need speed and/or AVG. Betemit has neither (from either side of the plate).

    5. Nomar isn’t putting up Nomar-esque numbers, but he’s not that bad. Plus, he puts fans in the seats.

    6. Despite all the Teixeira talk, the need was pitching, and when Matt Morris is the best starting pitcher available, you gotta go with relief, which Colletti did. The asking prices for Garland and Blanton were too high. We have good starting pitchers, when they are all healthy. Why should we give away MLB-ready prospects just for 1 run at the post-season. If we did do that, then we could become like the Yankees: buying/renting mercenary talent with a depleted farm system. Who want’s to be like the Yankees?

    Extra thoughts: I sure hope the Stans (Johnston and Conte) take care of this guy better than they have our other pitchers.

    How the heck did the Braves get Dotel for that Davies guy? Davies’ stats are Tomko-like. I’d give up Tomko for Dotel in a heartbeat! Of course, with our prospects, I’m sure the asking price would be different.


    I just started reading the blog here so i’m coming in a bit late. When Betemit wasn’t severely frustrating me, I liked him. I think he has untapped potential to be really good. However, I agree with Alex 100%:
    LaRoche is the long term solution at third base and he always has been. I don’t have a problem with this deal at all. LaRoche is gold, we needed an arm and we got one. We kept the kids, when we could have easlily given them away for Texiera and Dotel like Atlanta did. Ned kept the core together and paved a way for LaRoche while getting an arm. What’s so terrible about that?


    Is this an Angels blog? Some of you people are nuts. You cry that the Dodgers didn’t upgrade the starters. There was only one quality SP out there, Blanton. There would be riots if Colleti gave in to the A’s and gave up Kershaw, Hu, and LaRoche (or something along those lines). It’s either that or start giving up prospects for guys like Davies, Morris, or Lohse.

    Then I read some comments asking why Ned didn’t unload Tomko and Lurch. Seriously? What could he get back for them? This isn’t fantasy baseball where you can dump off **** on a clueless GM. I’m not even going to go any farther on why this is ridiculous.

    The Betemit-Proctor trade had to happen. Betemit is nothing more than Ramon Martinez with power. The guy will never be an everyday starter (which is why Bobby Cox let him go in the first place). Dude isn’t worth much which is why the Dodgers didn’t get anything great in return. Proctor will be a nice 6/7th inning guy which the Dodgers desperately need. Not to mention the Dodgers already have Nomar and Kent (with 500 AB’s) for another year plus better prospect at 2B/SS/3B with Abreu, Hu, and LaRoche. If it wasn’t for a handful of pinch hit homeruns Betemit would have been worthless. Stop with all the talks about his high OBP and walk ratio. That had way more to do with the guy batting 8th most of the year than anything else (same thing with LaRoche when he came up).

    Just stop with all the nonsense. You make us sound like Angel or Padre fans.


    Frank you are dead on. The farm system was absolutely dead until Dan Evans made it a priority to restore it. Now it is one of the best. We don’t need a Pujols, A-Rod, Howard, etc. They are few and far between. We need a bunch of good players, with good work ethics, and are Dodgers. The fab 4 infield was amazing but none of those guys were superstars. They were good as a unit not dominant as individuals. How many highly priced vets we traded for or acquired as free agents have made us significantly better? Gibson and Butler are two. I can name many disappointments but too many successes with big buck veteran players.It would seem the road to success for most teams is to build from within and fill in any weak spots. We haven’t heard of these prospects for ages. They started in 2002 and several are on board now as very young players. Good job Ned! GO DODGERS!!


    I love that Ned kept the kids…but you have to admit, Ned gave us no chance this year in the off season..I think he had one of the worst off seasons of any general manager..We are stuck with Pierre for another 4 years, when we could have signed Kenny Lofton for one year and had a much better hitter and on base guy…and waited for a good center fielder in free agency or from within..I don’t think Kemp is ready yet…that would have really helped us…Then he signs 2 pictchers with arm problems..I didn’t even want Schmidt before the injury..Just like his other Giant signing, Tomko, these guys were on the downside before they got to the Dodgers…that kind of doomed us in my mind..We have no bench now since Ned gave up on our best bench player, Anderson…and kept the slow, sweet Saenz..who hasn’t been good all year..I cringed last night when I saw him come up in another pressure situation..oh surprise, a strike out..When will they see he is probably a great guy but one we don’t need anymore…And how many games will we win with Hernandez, Seanez etc in the bullpen..
    And…who thinks we get swept with Hendrickson and Tomko pitching the next 2 nights?..

    Could we have looked any worse last night?….To me a big difference this year is that Furcal and Pierre don’t get on base as much as Furcal and Lofton did…that’s why we were so successful last year…they were always on base…..

    Love my Dodgers, but don’t think they have any chance the way they are currently constructed….also bet Randy Wolf doesn’t return to rotation…

    Sorry for the doom and gloom but this is what Ned did to us


    Another note all:
    Just read the guy from about the trade deadline and each division..

    For NL WEST

    Dodgers got worse

    Padres got slightly better

    DBacks stayed even.

    Said Betemit was a best choice for 3rd as of now..

    Still don’t like the trade either….


    A lot of good points everyone.
    Time will tell on this trade. We did need an arm. Let’s hope Proctor can get the job done. If he does, its probably a good trade. I would like to have kept Betty as our utility infielder as I believe he is a much better choice than Saenz at this point. Martinez is OK and may just pick it up a bit with some more playing time.

    Let’s just hope Lowe is OK. If he goes down, we’re sunk.

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