A tough day for the Dodger family

Yesterday was a very tough day all around, with the worst news coming from Las Vegas, where minor league hitting instructor Bill Robinson passed away while visiting our Triple-A team. I only met Bill a handful of times, but he was extremely friendly and every person I’ve spoken to that knew him well is really saddened by this stunning loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and the family of Brett Butler, who suffered a minor stroke over the weekend, too.

Under these circumstances, losing yesterday’s game seemed rather insignificant, and with Jeff Kent hurting himself in the final inning, it was a day that we’d all just as soon forget (while honoring Bill’s memory, of course).

Today, in the spirit of giving, Manny Mota is hosting his annual golf tournament that benefits the kids in the Dominican Republic and Derek Lowe is hosting his first (the Dodgers Dream Foundation’s third) annual bowling event in Hollywood to benefit the DDF and UCLA’s Mattel Children’s hospital. He’ll have about 10 teammates there and just about everyone involved in the Dodger organization will be doing something today to make a difference in someone’s life who is less fortunate they we are. Hopefully each of you can do the same…


  1. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    looks like another good one died young. RIP Bill Robinson. get well soon to brett butler as well. wow, could that man get on base…

  2. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    33 players in baseball have scored more runs than Juan Pierre.

    You guys all say…

    but…We didnt get him for power

    but…We didnt get him for defense

    but….We didnt get him to get on base

    but…We didnt get him to slug

    We got him to score runs and make thing happen….

    What has he made happen?

    a. the most outs made by any player in baseball

    b. no power to go along with all those outs.

    c. terrible in the clutch, with RISP he kills the inning everytime.

    d. even if he gets on base, which hardly happens, he needs others to make his contributions effective

    Add this to all the injured and crappy arms ned has brought in and here were are in August with no better chance to win the west than team with payrolls that are less than half of ours. To be clear payroll is meaningless to me other than judging how my GM is doing vs other GMs.

    Rank Team 2007

    Dodgers $108,704,524

    Padres $58,235,567

    Rockies $54,424,000

    D’backs $52,067,546

  3. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    jungar is regarded highly in my book for his relentlessness regarding juan pierre. he really threw a wrench in our engine didnt he. and for five years. and in a significant lineup spot. sigh.

  4. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    if defense has anythng to do with winning championships the 97 florida marlins got lucky with JP manning CF. my little niece could go first to third on juan.

  5. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    excuse my french that should be 2003 marlins not 97 marlins oops. sheff and kevin brown and al leiter didnt play with juan pierre.

  6. casinod383@yahoo.com

    wait a minute….today’s a day off for our DODGER BLUE and the post on the blog is entitled “A tough day for the Dodger family” to pay a sort of homage and respect to Bill Robinson and Brett Butler..

    and ALL you guys want to talk about is JP? It took 3 posts to get this JP talk started again, as if the last 3-4 months on this blog, comment after comment was not enough, so you pick a day like today when clearly there are more important things in life, like health and well-beging, but yet you decide to talk about JP (AGAIN AND AGAIN)??? geez, get a life….

    RIP Bill Robinson and a get well soon to BRETT BUTLER

  7. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Yep Casino. I want to talk about the fact that on July 30th we are in a virtual tie with teams that have payrolls less than helf of hours and that we have a trade deadling coming up in 48 hours.

    My issues with JP is more about issues with Coletti and the choices he makes and how I really feel he is over his head. I think with the deadline here, and given his track record it scares the **** out me, with no disrespect intended to Bill Robinson or Brett Butler

  8. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    In a nut shell…and i’ll leave it at that. I don’t mean to be the anti dodger champion. I love the dodgers and above all want us to win.

    He acquired Nomar, Pierre and Gonzo to address our offensive needs and yet we are still in desperate need of a bat. He acquired Schmidt, Wolf, Hendrickson and Tomko and we are now in desperate need of another starter.

  9. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    My condolence to the Bill Robinson family. I remember him as a player and mainly as a coach for the New York Mets. I’m glad to hear that Brett butler is feeling better after his slight stroke. He was the best bunter I ever watched playing this game. He was called a magician with the bat. He also was another light hitting Dodger CF. Yes yesterday’s game was another one we like to forget. I hope everything’s O.K. with Jeff KENT, he’s one guy we can’t afford to lose. He’s sure been showing his worth lately. Well Barry Bonds is coming to town. I don’t mind if he ties and breaks the record at Dodger Stadium just as long as the Dodgers win. The most important guys are going to be, PENNY,HENDRICKSON,TOMKO,BILLINGSLEY, LOWE or STULTS OR maybe COLLETTI has something else in mind. The rest of us can do nothing but just sit back and WAIT. ***GOOD LUCK***

  10. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    Acording to the Daily News (N.Y.) Butler is recovering from the stroke. That’s where I got my information.

  11. frankjhalstead@hotmail.com

    so sorry to hear about bill robinson, my thoughts are also with his family. get well soon to brett butler, who was just voted as the best centerfielder in L.A. dodger history,

    then thank you ned for not traading 3 very good prospects to texas as trxiera goes to the braves for 3 or four top prospects.

    we might suffer a bit in the short haul, but long term we will be better off than if we had made that trade.

  12. alex41592@aol.com

    This blog is disguisting, I think I now hate this blog more than love it now. My condolences to the entire Dodger family and Robinson family on this very difficult day. Jungar, show some tact…if a family member of yours died, would you sit around the memorial and talk about Juan Pierre? Goodness people! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again this blog has gone straight to ****. STOP talking about Pierre! You can twist any numbers you want to, Gonzo is blocking Ethier and Kemp NOT JP. It’s July 30th and some of you are still talking about this and beating the same drum over and over and over. It takes more than one person, the fact we’ve lost 7 of 10 has almost nothing to do with Pierre, only a tiny percentage. The entire team is at fault when we lose and the same applies for when we win. If we don’t drive in runs, we lose. If we don’t get guys on, we can’t drive them in so we lose. If our pitchers can’t go 6-7 innings, it taxes the bullpen which leads to ineffectiveness and we lose. Stop focusing on one player when there are more important pressing issues that are actually harming this team (injuries to Lowe, Wolf, Kent, our bullpen and finding another starter). I do apologize for my rant on this difficult day, I’m just fed up with having the same conversation for so long. But I’m not going anywhere, there’s still hope of turning this blog around.

    Texiera to Atlanta is a good fit, assuming the physicals are clean and the trade goes through.

  13. casinod383@yahoo.com

    alex….your post above is spot on.it’s suprising how some people behave and act on this BLOG…

    i guess JP is the talk of the town, and the cry-babies and whiners on this blog can’t get enough….they find a way to talk about the “bad” all the time, brining up stats, payroll counts, histories, GPA’s in high school, SAT scores, and every other stat they can find to get their “point” across…

    even though its totally random..i guess when you’re so passionate about something, you cant help yourself…

    some self-restraint would be nice, but i guess some posters on this BLOG is not known to possess those skills..

    anyways, let’s talk about JP again!!! nevermind that the post of the blog was about remembering bill robinson, and wishing BRETT BUTLER well…..why talk about life and death news situations that are happening right now when you can talk about on-base percentages over and over again, month after month and further your efforts to continually bash the front office, management, and the players?

    some people disgust me…i cant believe the 3rd post of this blog after being informed about bill robinson and brett butler are about JP backed with stats?

    it’s like some of you just wait for a “new posting” to come up on a particular day, so you guys can automatically copy and paste off prepared statements ridiculing and crying about certain players with stats that you’ve researched beforehand……

    i’m beginning to really believe that some of you won’t stop your ranting and won’t shut up until the McCourts call on you to run the front office firsthand through this blog….until then, it appears that everything else is irrelevant…

    My best buddies grandfather just passed away…if any of you want to join me at his funeral this week to talk about Juan Pierre and our payroll, give me a call, i’m sure it will be quite a sight to see..

  14. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Give me a break Alex. This is a public forum. Last I checked your not the moderator. I can talk about whatever I want.

    You and I get along but stop being so critical of what we have to say. Even if you dont want to hear it. Get over yourself. You fan the flames as well as anyone.

    I never once have attacked a commentator personally or bait a commentator or argue for the sake of arguing AND you do that everyday.

  15. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    yeah i can care less about Bill Robinson or Brett Butler because neiter of them care about me. Do you think they would stop talking baseball if I let them know my sister had a blood cloth in her leg and almost dies and she is 33? No.

  16. livnlegend1@yahoo.com

    So how many days must we wait to constructively criticize our favorite team because one of their minor league coaches died? I guess I don’t really know the etiquette for this situation.

    You know, everyone grieves differently and everyone has their own way of dealing with things. Just because someone’s death hits you hard doesn’t mean you need to tell everyone around you to stop their day.

    RIP Bill.

    I remember getting his baseball card from 1979 when he was pictured with the Pirates. I can still picture him in that bright yellow pullover!

    Speedy recovery wishes to Brett!

    And yes, Juan Pierre is the biggest joke Dodger FA signing since…well, I almost said since Dave Goltz but that signing actually looks pretty darn good compared to this one.

  17. casinod383@yahoo.com

    so you could care less about someone because they dont care about you? wow..nice thinking there..so do you guy throw trash at the homeless people on the street? OR go make fun of the people at the homeless shelter too? your selfish thinking and reasoning is unbelieving…and no wonder you ramble on abuot JP and other “bad” things associated with the dodgers all the time…cryining and whining will never cease on this blog with people like you. Thanks for being consistent at least: )

  18. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    you can yes. Cause she dosen’t give a **** about you. But then you wouldnt be invited. Look if I was in Bill Robinsons/Butlers house or blog for that matter I would not talk about this stuff, but this is a dodger blog during one of the most important times of the season that can shape this year and the next few years not a Bill Robinson memorial site.

  19. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    so you could care less about someone because they dont care about you? wow..nice thinking there..

    No. It’s just that I am not nieve to think anyone cares about what is said on a blog. Any blog. About anyone.

  20. livnlegend1@yahoo.com

    Thank goodness this Teixeira trade looks official. We can end this silly speculation about Loney, Etheir, and Kershaw heading to Texas.

  21. casinod383@yahoo.com

    these negative nancy’s are getting out of hand on this BLOG…go and cry and whine all you want…..

    I cant believe so called dodger fans cry and whine so much..it’s one thing to want your team to win and play well, and to have changes made, but quite the other to be harping on the same fact day in and day out acting as if you’re the GM, manager, or the Owner and you can change something…

    this isn’t XBOX or playstation and you can’t go into dynasty mode and over-ride a trade to get your favorite players and players better than what we currently have on our roster….

    The current Dodgers is what we have, and if changes are made before the deadline, so be it. If bad signings were made in the offseason, such as pierre, then so be it..You cant change the past and you cant change the future posting on this BLOG, so love them or hate them, the DODGERS are what they are. Instead of complaining/crying/whining about the same things, how bout enjoy the game? That’s too hard to ask i guess….

    o wells, i’m going to go crash a funeral a couple blocks away and see if anyone wants to compare major league CF’s and on-base percentages. Afterall, since i don’t know these people, I don’t care about them and I can talk about whatever I want. yipee!

  22. alex41592@aol.com

    Exactly, I don’t want to be a moderator and I will talk about what I want as well. If you say something I disagree with, I’m going to let you know it. Like you said it’s a public forum, you can talk about whatever you like, even if it’s been talked about everyday for what seems like forever. You want to talk about Juan Pierre again? Fine, can you at least have some tact? A man just died and the first thing you do is talk about Pierre…do you not see how disrespectful that is? That’s my point. The J.P stuff is redundant and I’m used to it.

  23. casinod383@yahoo.com

    ^^^apparently, this is an online forum and he not nieve enough to care what other people think on this blog, and what is said..

    i can just imagine something happening to pierre off the field, heavan forbid, and people on this BLOG would be cheering..

    sad sad truth, but hey, at least some of the posters are consistent, and when I want my fix of riduculous ideas and whining posts, I can come here! πŸ™‚

  24. alex41592@aol.com

    “yeah i can care less about Bill Robinson or Brett Butler because neiter of them care about me.”

    Wow, Jungar…just wow

    When the immortal Vin Scully 120 years from now decides to leave the earth. You’re saying you’ll be on here talking about Juan Pierre, because Vin Scully didn’t care about Jungar. Wow…

  25. casinod383@yahoo.com

    alex….of course he doesnt care, cuz vin scully didn’t care about him, so why should he care if he dies? first post on the sad day 100+ years from now that the announcement will be made, someone’s gonna post about juan pierre’s on base percentage, then compare it with half the league, then factor in his SAT scores in relation to other center fielders in the national league

  26. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    A man just died and the first thing you do is talk about Pierre…do you not see how disrespectful that is? That’s my point. The J.P stuff is redundant and I’m used to it.

    I know people reading must think, **** jungar must look like Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons. I am not..so

    1. No, I do not agree that it is disrespectful. So we will agree to disagree. Like I said, this is a dodger blog and i’ll leave it at that. I am sure that dodger fans everywhere are talking about things in various blogs around the world and I doubt most of them aren’t talkin dodger stuff today because Bill Robinson passed. Maybe I am wrong.

    2. If I would have known it would upset people to post my Coletti complaints on a dodger blog the day after Bill Robinson passed (u read it as pierre bashing, i wrote it as Ned bashing) I would have never wrote it. I didn’t mean to upset anyone in that way. (Alex ,Casino)

    3. If you don’t like it then don’t respond, skip my post or whatever you have to do to feel better about yourself. Again it’s a public forum. But when I (or others) are attacked our first thought it to defend ourselves and then things go round and round…

    4. Don’t bash me personally. You don’t know me and I have never bashed you guys.

  27. alex41592@aol.com

    Ask Pirate fans what it was like to lose Roberto Clemente, ask Yankee fans what it was like to lose Thurman Munson etc…and you tell me if they cared that Clemente or Munson didn’t personally care about them. Or if Rockies fans didn’t share a moment of silence for their AA coach who was killed by a line drive.

  28. livnlegend1@yahoo.com

    casinod383 said: “these negative nancy’s are getting out of hand on this BLOG…go and cry and whine all you want…..”

    Man, if anyone is bringing this whole blog down today it is you. You never answered my earlier question on how long we are supposed to wait before we resume any real Dodger talk and instead went on several rants about how we all need to show more respect to a former player who is ill and a minor league coach who passed away.

    jungar’s point, while maybe coming across a bit harsh, is valid in that we don’t all have to stop our normal routines because an employee of our favorite team died.

  29. livnlegend1@yahoo.com

    We are comparing the [apparently natural] death of a 64 year old coach that most Dodgers fans wouldn’t know from Wilbert Robinson with that of Roberto Clemente’s tragic passing? Wow. We’re stretching here.

  30. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Thats not true at all. Vin does care about me. He says so everynight. Alot of my best memories are with Vin on in the background.

    Now you guys are comparing Vin to Bill Robinson?

    Make me the devil if I am not already….

  31. casinod383@yahoo.com

    i’m not attacking you personally…let’s be clear. I do not know you, nor do i wish to know you on a personal level. We all are dodger fans here, and that’s what we have in common.

    When news breaks of a Dodger losing his life, the first thing i wouldnt want to see coming on here to read the “comments” is another one of those infamous JP stats/our front office ***** type postings backed up with 10 years worth of stats, especially since it’s nothing NEW and its the same argument being made day in and day out.

    your postings speak for themselves, and I have a right to respond just like anyone else if i feel your postings are out of line.

  32. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Bill Robinson is an icon like Vinny? The voice of the franchise for over 50 years? He was killed tragically at an early age like Munson and Clemente?

    I don’t know man your reaching a little. I get your point and i truly didnt think I was being offensive to anyone but will admit that maybe I am in-sensative, I don’t know. I dont mean to be harsh and honestly think I know alot about dodger history etc and Bill Robinson wasn’t at the top of my list of who I should grieve over (and i feel bad for his family, of course its a given I am not the anti christ)

  33. casinod383@yahoo.com

    Man, if anyone is bringing this whole blog down today it is you. You never answered my earlier question on how long we are supposed to wait before we resume any real Dodger talk and instead went on several rants about how we all need to show more respect to a former player who is ill and a minor league coach who passed away.

    jungar’s point, while maybe coming across a bit harsh, is valid in that we don’t all have to stop our normal routines because an employee of our favorite team died.

    actually its a free world, and you can post about whatever you want..i can post about whatever I want as well, so why are you asking me? The postings crying and whining about the front office day in and day out bring this BLOG down already, so what difference does it make?

    Do whatever you want and whatever you feel comfortable wtih, I dont even read your posts, so carry on.

  34. livnlegend1@yahoo.com

    Well, now that I got permission from casinod383 to post whatever I want, I feel pretty good!

    Seriously dude, whatever you are dealing with in real life is no reason to take it out on others here. Maybe it’s time to back away from the keyboard.

  35. casinod383@yahoo.com

    i’ve never been around so many dodger fans that they complain day in and day out so much in my life. Thankfully this only occurs here on this BLOG and in general on the Internet.

    As I said earlier, it would be a shame if I was at a real game and the people in the rows in front of me, in back of me, and to my left and right were all booing as our boys went on the field to play defense, or a particular player that is not one of your personal favorites went up to bad..That’s the type of atmosphere that’s been fostered here on this BLOG, one of booing/whining/crying and thankfully I dont have to experience that in real life with FANS that are obviously not cut from the same cloth as those seen here.

  36. casinod383@yahoo.com

    livn..you should feel good, i don’t know why you were asking me for permission in the first place. But if your own self-confidence problems were holding you back from posting, then I’m glad my post stating the obvious made you feel better. IT’s a free world afterall, you go boy!

  37. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    My last comment. If I had written a nice post on how well Andre Ethier played over the weekend and how proud I am that Ned has given Roberto Hernandez one last shot at a ring and (make up someting positive here) how hopeful I am that Ned will make a great choice at the deadline based on all his other great choices..

    Would you guys have bashed me and said, Bill Robinson just died and all you want to talk about is how Ethier almost hit a game tying hit yesterday etc?

    your selfish thinking and reasoning is unbelieving

    thats attacking me personally.

    I do not know you, nor do i wish to know you on a personal level.

    thats attacking me personally.

    should i go on? I can.

  38. alex41592@aol.com

    Livin legend, it is a huge stretch, I’m not asking you to stop your normal routines, I’m not. My point is jungar didn’t even acknowledge his death. Basically he’s saying Robinson isn’t well known to him so his death isn’t important. Maybe not to you personally, but I guarantee you Loney, Kemp, Martin and several members of the team/family do.

    I’m not comparing Vin to Robinson, it’s a for instance because you said you didn’t care about somebody if they don’t care about you. Fill in anybody you watch on T.V you don’t know and they don’t know you. My point is it’s very easy to just be respectful of someone who died and then move forward, but you were so careless and tactless. That’s what got me upset. How hard is it to say, my thoughts and prayers (or whatever) go out to…etc…The J.P rant I don’t really care about, because it’s been said a lot.

  39. casinod383@yahoo.com

    whatever i’m dealing with in real life? maybe its time to step away from the keyboard?

    hey thanks for the personal attack..i appreciate the comments made about me when you don’t even know me. Now why don’t you go to mlb.com or baseball reference and find some more stats so you can drive the point home that certain players on our team are worthless and should be DFA’d? I’m sure there are some new posters/readers of this blog who don’t know the theme of this BLOG yet, and you havent scared them off yet, so have fun πŸ™‚

  40. livnlegend1@yahoo.com

    If you don’t recognize obvious sarcasm, I can’t be of much help to you.

    Funny sequence of events….

    jungar makes a valid point about a JP’s and the Dodgers shortcomings..

    casinsod complains that jungar is not taking the death of Robinson and the illness of Butler seriously enough

    jungar points out why he doesn’t feel the same way as casinod

    casinod complains that jungar does not feel the same way as he does

    casinod then complains that too many Dodgers fans are complaining

    casinod states that no one complains like the people on this blog when in reality, he’s really the only one complaining.

  41. casinod383@yahoo.com

    I do not know you, nor do i wish to know you on a personal level.

    if you take that as a personal attack, then so be it. That’s the truth, I would never want to know a person as pessimistic about life as you. Plain and simple. That’s my opinion, not a personal attack on you. If you think differently, then so be it. Let’s compare on-base percentages now?

  42. casinod383@yahoo.com

    anyways, i’m done responding to certain posts on this BLOG..

    I come here to read what the original posts on this BLOG say about our boys in blue, with new lineups, updates, etc.. and will occassionaly read the comments that have substance to them.

    I’m already immune to the usual stats about the shortcomings of our dodgers players, the people complaining about the lineup day in and day out, some posts about how worried people are about trading kemp/loney/meloan as if the world would end if they got traded, and then the micro-managing that goes on at the END OF THE GAME, and the “what ifs, should haves, could haves, i would have..” scenarios…

  43. livnlegend1@yahoo.com

    casinod383 – “time to step away from the keyboard” is not an “attack” – it was merely a well-intended suggestion. You calling users of this blog “cry-babies and whiners” while telling me I have “self-confidence problems” is more of an attack. I’d think any rational thinking person could see the difference. (oops, that might have been an “attack”!). No worries though, I have thick skin.

  44. alex41592@aol.com

    And Jungar you’re right, we normally don’t have issues. This is just one I felt strong enough to comment on, I’d just like to move on. I apologize for being a little rough and hope we can move forward. These next 24 hours should be interesting …

  45. livnlegend1@yahoo.com

    We really should focus our negative thoughts in the same direction…mainly toward Barry Bonds & the Giants in hopes Bonds strikes out during every at bat this week at Dodger Stadium!!

  46. alex41592@aol.com

    From Ken Rosenthal: Braves take lead in Dotel signing and may be close to a deal with Kanses City.

    “The Braves, Indians and Dodgers are the three finalists for Dotel, sources say. Royals general manager Dayton Moore, previously an executive with Atlanta, is intimately acquainted with the Braves’ farm system.”

  47. bluebleeder88@yahoo.com

    I’ll be watching from home are you gotta clap if Barry breaks the record at Dodger Stadium alx41592? I personally wouldn’t clap or anything i would just sit there.

  48. casinod383@yahoo.com

    anyone find it interesting that the Braves gave up their top 2 prospects for texeira? Seems like they’re going for it all this year, and putting their eggs into one basket to win this year or next?

  49. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Totally Alex, I really didnt know this would lead to such a **** storm. And for that I am sorry.

    I really didn’t mean to be disrespectful, I just didnt think it would matter to anyone if i said, I am sorry to hear about Bill and my condolences go out to his family.

    My coldness if you will is not towards the family or whatever, I just didnt take this blog that seriously you know?

    And Casino you cant just let it go. You keep bashing me

    First you say you dont know me but then say you would never want to know me based on things I write.

    (I think most here will say that I am stat heavy in what I write and that I have consistenlty questioned Ned’s product. I have also said I do not question managers choices and try not to post during the game because what I am thinking while even Pierre is hitting isnt anything but GET A HIT!)

    But then you call me pessimistice about life, again with the disclaimer that you don’t really know me and then a quick stab at me (Let’s compare on-base) because what I find important isn’t meaningful to you.

  50. casinod383@yahoo.com

    btw..i find myself glued to espnnews and internet sites hoping that some trade deadline action goes down…So far only the texeria deal has been announced…

    anyone think we’re going to make a big move?

  51. alex41592@aol.com

    It’s a touch and feel situation, I’ve seen several Bonds HR’s live. You’re kind of caught up in the moment, I kind of don’t know how I’ll react if he hits it. I do know I’ll be booing him when he comes to bat and cheering when he puts out. But, if he hits 755 or 756 and I’m there to see it, I’d have a hard time just sitting there. I just won’t know until it happens, if at all.

  52. casinod383@yahoo.com

    jungar..actually i have let it go..

    i didnt even bother reading the paragraph below the line where you wrote “And Casino you cant just let it go. You keep bashing me”

    so trust me, i have πŸ™‚

  53. casinod383@yahoo.com

    personally, i think barry’s gonna try to hit doubles and singles rather than try to hit one out..i doubt he’ll want to embarassment of being in LA when it happens…

  54. livnlegend1@yahoo.com

    I think a lot more fans that we expect will cheer if he breaks the record at Dodger Stadium.

  55. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    I am with bleeder, I wouldnt’ clap, but wouldnt boo either. If hitting 73 bombs was all cause of roids, then others would hit 73 bombs too. That said my disdain for Bonds was well entrenched before the roids.

    Casino. lets bury the hatchet. I won’t respond to your last word if you want to get one in. But I too am pretty shocked the Braves made that deal. 2 really good prospects. I guess one being a catcher when they have McCann helps. But yeah they are 4 1/2 out, they may not even make the playoffs…

  56. casinod383@yahoo.com

    jungar…i agree…like i said, i have nothing against you..

    Now with that said, i’m a little shocked too about the Braves pulling off that deal. Makes me wonder what the Braves were asking of NED..Now im sure it was Loney and Kemp/Ethier and maybe someone down in AAA…interesting indeed.

  57. alex41592@aol.com

    From Rotoworld:

    Ivan DeJesus Jr. went 4-for-4 with a homer, four RBI and a walk Sunday for Single-A Inland Empire.

    While it seems like potential trade partners have focused on Tony Abreu and Chin-Lung Hu, the Dodgers have another very interesting middle-infield prospect on the way up in the 20-year-old DeJesus. He’s batting .297/.378/.385 in the California League, and he’s a quality defender at short. He’s a year behind Hu, but he could prove to be the better regular.

  58. nkirby4@cox.net

    Get over yourselves. This is truly sad. All the ******** and moaning is making me sick. This is a baseball blog. Not a feel good lovey dovey “you’re okay, I’m okay” message board. People come here to talk about baseball, Juan Pierre and his despicable OBP included. If you want to mourn Billy or send Brett your regards do so and move on with your life. I come here to read intellectual baseball discussion, not ******** and moaning.

  59. jspelk2@uic.edu

    of course people will be cheering if bond*s hits one out as DS… plenty of giants fans will be there im sure.

  60. alex41592@aol.com

    Penny is incredible! You could compare his numbers to a lot of players and they’d be better. Offensively and defensively, he’s been nothing short of amazing this season.

  61. alex41592@aol.com

    Didn’t Don Newcombe also outhit most of his teammates? At least in 1955 he definitely did .395 OBP/.632 SLG/7 HR’s. It’s rare, but Penny is really doing something special this season. 13-1, his ERA is lower than his BAA. Not that I’m comparing the two of course, just pointing it out.

  62. wrink18@msn.com

    dotel going to the braves. nice going dodger gm. How you expect to make the playoffs staying pat.

  63. alex41592@aol.com

    24 hours to go, don’t judge so soon…we didn’t know about Maddux until right after the deadline. Long way to go…

  64. wrink18@msn.com

    dude,thier to scared that every minor leaguer going to be an all star instead of improving the current team. really sad that i have to sit through a beat up bull pen and bomko and hendersion another year.

  65. marvincig@yahoo.com

    Cheer Bonds if he breaks the record at Dodger Stadium? Are you guys crazy? The guy cheated by taking steroids. There’s no way a reasonable person would think otherwise. It wasn’t banned by baseball? It’s against the law in the US. That’s like saying baseball doesn’t ban homicide so it’s OK. And if steroids didn’t help him play the game- why take them? Other guys took them as well? Well they’re cheaters as well but they’re not the ones about to break one of the most revered records in sports. I love the game of baseball and is exactly why I won’t cheer for someone who obviously has no respect for the game itself.

  66. jspelk2@uic.edu

    you have no idea what you’re talking about. we dealt a ton of minor leaguers last year. its just that none of them have panned out, probably because we knew what we were doing. the trick is to not deal the good ones.

  67. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Typically I never think a pitcher should be MVP but where would be without Penny? You put an avg MLB arm in his place and we might be with the Giants right now at 11 back. For real.

    Penny for MVP. Let alone Cy Young.

  68. wrink18@msn.com

    Penny the only pitcher we have left. Lowe,Wolf injuried and Bomko and Henderison are nothing but batting pratice pitchers.

  69. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Don Drysdale was sometimes used as a pinch hitter in the early 60’s. He was one of the few guys on the team with any pop.

    As far as Bonds goes, I think silence would be the response I would use, although Alex is right: you really don’t know how you will react until the moment arrives. I do know that as far as I am concerned, Maris still holds the single season record, and Aaron will continue to hold the all-time record.

  70. ceorsmithrc@yahoo.com

    OUOTE: “It’s a touch and feel situation, I’ve seen several Bonds HR’s live. You’re kind of caught up in the moment, I kind of don’t know how I’ll react if he hits it. I do know I’ll be booing him when he comes to bat and cheering when he puts out. But, if he hits 755 or 756 and I’m there to see it, I’d have a hard time just sitting there. I just won’t know until it happens, if at all.”

    — Here’s what I think, I have been a Dodger fan since ’69 and vividly remember Downings’ pitch and Buckner’s climb after Hammerin Hanks’No. 715.

    I also remember in so many games hearing Vinnie say, “It can ONLY happen to the Dodgers.”

    How ironic would it be to have the tying and tie-breaking HR against the Dodgers this week.

    “It can ONLY happen to the Dodgers.”

    We’ll I live 150 miles away, and Sunday evening I got online to buy a pavillion seat from the Dodger ticket exchange (albeit, it’s in LF nothing anywhere is available in RF) just so I could say (maybe) I was there for that historic moment.

    I will be there Wednesday, with my boys, and maybe I’ll have a chance to grab that mis-hit HR, because he would have to get around late on Hendrickson, but I will be able to say in the future “I was there”. Just like I wish I could have said during Gibson’s HR. Instead … I saw it on TV with millions of others.

    Only 56,000 will be able to say that if it happens.

    I’m hoping were up 7-10 runs and it’s a two-out, solo HR for the record, that way I won’t feel soooo bad when it happens.

    This will be history, no matter how many asterisks it has on it, but my 13 and 15 yr old boys will always remember it!!!

    If he doesn’t hit it in LA GREAT!

    I just couldn’t pass up the chance to be there … for this event!

  71. momoracci@yahoo.com

    Promoting James McDonald is a better option than any starter currently available for trade.

  72. alex41592@aol.com

    According to the Kansas City Star, the Royals will acquire Kyle Davies from the Braves for Octavio Dotel.

  73. drpdedblnd@aol.com

    I heard that the Braves are going to get Dotel…and we are looking at trading for Scott Proctor for Wilson Betemit…What are we thinking?..I know we need pitching, but because of our injuries we aren’t going anywhere this year, and Betemit is our only good bench player…Ned has been making some awful moves this year…I can’t believe he would have ever chosen Schmidt…hasn’t been good for so long even before his injury…and Wolf…shoulder problems…and now we want a so so middle reliever…how could we win with Tomko and Mark H at the back end of our rotation anyway???? Very unhappy here. The year will be doomed because of the off season moves made by Coletti…Hopefully he can do better next year.I know we are in first place, but I doubt for long.

  74. ceorsmithrc@yahoo.com

    drpded —
    I agree with you that NC’s job performance hasn’t been quite there … but we have been in first place for 67 days this year for one reason … because he was smart enough to keep the YOUNGLINGS in the fold all this time.

    NC has tried to get by with vets and YOUNGLINGS and keep a good clubhouse enviornment … so far so good.

    A wild card and a decent chance for a playoff spot this season, are okay in my books.

    I would hate to see another Pedro Martinez fiasco belittle the Dodgers AGAIN!

    Give the Kids and NC some time. We’ll be better for it!

  75. drpdedblnd@aol.com


    I just don’t like making a move like the Scott Proctor for Wilson Betemit move..I agree, I’m so glad he hasn’t traded the kids…but he has to make better decisions in the off season..I wasn’t happy with any of his signings this off season..Gonzo has been better than expected but the others…NO….His ties to the Giants have hurt us in my opinion..Tomko should never have been a Dodger either..He hasn’t been good for several years as has Schmidt…I like Pierre’s speed, but he doesn’t get on base enough for me..and his arm is a liability. Why sign pitchers with arm problems anyway?..It can happen to anyone, but it happens more to pitchers with history of arm problems.

  76. drpdedblnd@aol.com


    Next off season I would like to acquire some power…When we played the Rockies..can you believe the power they have in their line up?..I think they will be right there at the end if they can play well on the road..Their lineup is unreal…Don’t you think so?…..I was so positive about the Dodgers until our best pitchers went down…I know Penny is supposed to pitch Tues, but who knows what will happen..and if Lowe is out for any time, it won’t be pretty….I would prefer they bring up Stolz….

  77. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    1) It’s unfortunate, to say the least, to hear about Bill Robinson and Brett Butler, but good for the organization to acknowledge them. The difficulty is whether to post only on that topic, or continue on all things related to the Dodgers. In a way it is a fitting tribute to show our own dedication and love for the game by discussing what is going on in the league and with the team. Robinson, the recipient of a 1979 World Series ring, loved the game enough to still be coaching at age 64.

    2) You know, the cynic in me could get mad at Ned Colletti regardless of what he does here. He could be sacrificing the future for short term gain, or fail to get a player necessary to win. A rotation of Penny, Lowe, Billingsley, Stults, and Hendrickson is something I could stomach, and enjoy even. Pierre has been much more effective this month, and if Betemit and Kemp get more playing time, that may solve our power woes. I’m going to say that I’m actually fine with nothing risked at the deadline, because I think the best time to deal will be the offseason, and that may consist of dealing off some veteran players as the Dodger farm system proves ready to take over.

    3) From what I can tell, Ethier seems reasonably competent in right field (106 Rate2, 6 assists so far) – can he play center?

    4) Juan Pierre robbed Bonds of home run #714 last June. Now Bonds of course hit #714, but it took him a little while longer afterward. That’s all I ask – why should the Dodgers crown the all-time home run king twice in a span of less than 35 years? That, and I think that Pierre’s grab from last year should be replayed when he’s introduced. I can’t find a good version of that on YouTube, but I did find this classic ( http://tinyurl.com/2g4hzd )

    5) Barry Bonds hit .083 for his career against Rick Honeycutt, and since Honeycutt became the pitching coach, Bonds has hit something around .150 with 2 homers against LA. I’m uncomfortable with Rudy Seanez, but otherwise I think LA should be ok, especially with Beimel’s success against him.

  78. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    Betemit for Proctor makes ok sense… I like Meat’s upside a lot, and would ideally want him around to hopefully realize that talent here, but the truth is that we need more pitching now! We can call up LaRoche to fill Meat’s spot on the bench. LaRoche has been mashing in AAA and that shoulder looks to have healed some. Ultimately we’d make room for LaRoche and add a an arm… At least I hope that’s what Ned is thinking.

  79. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    i don’t understand why people hates JP… do u really expect alot from him? he’s just like Kenny Lofton, getting on base and stealing it…
    and jungar! if u are in Ned’s

    situation… what would u do?

    he tried to get a power bat but it’s just hard…

    would u pay Alfonso Soriano with that kind of money that the cubs did?

    ned tried to sign carlos lee but again the price is so high… carlos hits for power but he doesn’t really have that much of a defense…

    Ned is hesitant to sign players who’s price are so high becoz of a person like you JUNGAR…

    coz for sure if he sign alfonso soriano and alfonso’s production is like the way it was from the cubs the first 2 months u will still voice out like ur doing in JP…

    u need to trust the organization… i still think that signing jason schmidt is the right decision… it’s just bad luck that he injured he’s arm…

    and for us dodgers fun… we should wait…

    out time will come…

    at least now we know that we have future…

    we have:





    our farm system is just awfully amazing…


    Chin Lung hu







    Dodgers have something other teams don’t have…

    Proven Future players…

    what i mean is… there are the Major leaguers who are proven… and there are future, the rookies who are proven…

    and our farm system are proven…

    Go Dodgers…

  80. boosurfer67@hotmail.com

    Guys on the DODGER home page they have this thing call standings and if you look you can see were we where this day last year (50-55, 5 GB to SD) now we are in first 57-48. That’s with JP the so called worst CF in baseball. I’m so tired of the JP bashing the only stat that counts is who wins the most games.

  81. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    i don’t understand why people hates JP… do u really expect alot from him? he’s just like Kenny Lofton, getting on base and stealing it…
    and jungar! if u are in Ned’s

    situation… what would u do?

    he tried to get a power bat but it’s just hard…

    would u pay Alfonso Soriano with that kind of money that the cubs did?

    ned tried to sign carlos lee but again the price is so high… carlos hits for power but he doesn’t really have that much of a defense…

    Ned is hesitant to sign players who’s price are so high becoz of a person like you JUNGAR…

    coz for sure if he sign alfonso soriano and alfonso’s production is like the way it was from the cubs the first 2 months u will still voice out like ur doing in JP…

    u need to trust the organization… i still think that signing jason schmidt is the right decision… it’s just bad luck that he injured he’s arm…

    and for us dodgers fun… we should wait…

    our time will come…

    at least now we know that we have future…

    we have:





    our farm system is just awfully amazing…


    Chin Lung hu







    Dodgers have something other teams don’t have…

    Proven Future players…

    what i mean is… there are the Major leaguers who are proven… and there are future, the rookies who are proven…

    and our farm system are proven…

    Go Dodgers…

  82. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    van 19… the thing with Pierre is that he doesn’t get on base enough. Lofton gets on at much higher rates. He’d steal more bases and score more runs if he just got on base more.

  83. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    what do u mean he doesn’t?

    try to look at the stat sheet…

    who leads the dodgers on hits?

    it means he is the one who often gets on base…

    the problem with the dodgers is they are spotty…

    when one person gets hot the others cant hit…

    when the pitching is good the offense is bad.. vice versa!

    but it isn’t JP’s fault alone…

    look at Rafael…

    he’s the leadoff man… he’s the one who suppose to be on base a lot more… but he’s injured… still he’s hitting lead off despite of that…

    i think Grady has just have problem on his rotation…

    why not try:









    and the real problem for me that grady did is letting marlon anderson go… i know it’s his decision…

    Saenz can’t even hit a single or get a walk…

    pitcher’s don’t fear him anymore… last year even the dodgers don’t have power Saenz is the guy who the pitchers fear most…

    but rayt now… he’s nothing…

    grady has alot of trust for saenz… i don’t know why… giving him the chance to be a DH in the inter-league even if he has low average…

    wake up grady!!! saenz can’t hit anymore…!

  84. diehardblu@yahoo.com

    This Blog officially stinks! I will only check this for the early line up cards.
    Go Dodgers! I believe in Colletti we’ll be OK. I guess I’m in the minority because I love a guy that plays hard every play.

  85. Roberto

    You guys are funny. If this blog stinks or it’s disgusting as some of you have called it, then don’t read. Or just come and read the blog and forget about the comments!

  86. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    diehard im with you…
    i trust ned too…

    i mean this is just his second year… and he already has this team competing for a place in october…

    all i can say is letting marlon anderson go is a very big mistake…

    i can’t even stand seeing saenz try to hit on the plate… coz i know he can’t do it anymore…

  87. momoracci@yahoo.com

    Something MAJOR might be up. Clayton Kershaw, our #1 pitching prospect, has been pulled after just one inning tonight.

  88. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    oh… i almost forgot why im really here in this blog rayt now…
    i blame this to jungar… he keeps voicing out his stinking thoughts!

    my condolences to the robinson’s family…

    and to mr. robinson who should be in heaven rayt now… i want to thank you for sharing us the love u have for this game…

  89. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    momoracci.. do u mean to say that he might be an august call-up? or is he hurt? or far more worst… is he traded or might be traded?

  90. leekfink@yahoo.com

    Condolences should really go out to a lot of people today–Bill Robinson, and prayers for Brett Butler. And condolences to the families of Bill Walsh and Tom Snyder (outside the Dodgers). Let’s just let those early posts fill with things like that–I know that Bill Robinson did not affect me personally, but he did help a lot of the players I like, and the organization that I have loved for 26 years.

    As for that organization–I think that they are going to stand pat. The current team that is assembled is capable of winning a world championship. Penny is having a Cy Young (maybe even MVP) season. Lowe has been great, if he could only get a run or two. Billingsley has shown signs of pure brilliance. With a little luck, Wolf will return soon, and Hendrickson is at times quite good, and even Tomko has been decent his last 3 starts (I won’t begrudge a 5-run, 6-inning effort at Coors Field). The hitting is also top notch (or, at least potentially). Jeff Kent is on fire. James Loney consistently gets on. Russell Martin, with a little rest, is showing his all-star form. Ethier and Nomar are hitting the ball with more and more authority. And Matt Kemp could be a monster.

    The cost of obtaining players is simply too high, and taking on a big contract for a marginal upgrade is no good when you can use the framework that’s in place to get one more piece next year.

    By the same token, they could fall apart. Another injury to the starting rotation, or some struggling by the kids who are so crucial to the team, or if that hammy of Kent’s slows him down. And for every great outing, Billingsley still seems to follow it with a downer outing where he throws too many pitches. And with the Rockies climbing, it’s a four-team race.

    But I will take the chance. There is no question that the Dodgers have the talent–but it’s consistency, through and through. Right out of the break, they were hitting on all cylinders, and when that happens, they’re the best team in baseball. If they start playing well consistently (rather than sporadically great), that’s it.

    So, in my view, the best deadline deal is none at all. It’s been more than a decade since the Dodgers were in first place at the season’s end, and in first place at the trade deadline the next year (1996–before Piazza was traded). So hope is here.

  91. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    i hope his not going to be traded…
    but in that situation.. if he’s just pulled out of the game maybe he’s going to have a call-up…

    coz if he’s traded there’s nothing wrong on pitching one more day…

    so it’s either he’s going to have a call-up or he is hurt…

  92. momoracci@yahoo.com

    Apparently, the announcers have not mentioned anything about an injury.

    People, this is BAD. Kershaw would be the best prospect the Dodgers have traded since Pedro.

  93. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    do u need to pull the player out of the game if he is traded?
    well i hope he’s not traded… coz i think… we all think that Kershaw is a future Cy Young…

  94. wrink18@msn.com

    no offense,but if he traded and it for a very good player i wont be sad at all. not every minor leaguer becomes a super star. remeber edwin jackson…

  95. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Oh this is too funny..Ned won’t sign certain players because of me (or people like me)?

    That’s the most delusinal thing I have read yet.

    Van there is so much wrong with your post that I am not sure where to start. So I won’t. I will not directly talk to you if you don’t know the difference between getting hits and on base percentage.

    I have been here reading all this stuff and haven’t posted a thing in over 4 hours and yet I am to blame for posting my stinkin thoughts.

  96. alex41592@aol.com

    To answer your question, once a player is traded they are immediately taken out of the game. But, we have no idea why Kershaw was taken out, so we’ll find soon. Don’t freak…yet.

  97. momoracci@yahoo.com

    Kershaw is NOTHING like Edwin Jackson. AT ALL. Body type, stuff, you name it. How many 19-year-old lefties can throw 97+ consistently to go along with a plus curveball?

  98. jspelk2@uic.edu

    i find it *reallY* hard to believe that he would be traded. If it not a superstar coming back AND we like win the world series colletti will be ripped to shreads by dodger fans. Im far more paranoid about us trading people already on the team.

  99. wrink18@msn.com

    the point is momo if it a player that can be the difference between making the playoofs or not. i wont shed a tear. i want to win now. not 5 years from now.

  100. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    well jungar…
    talk to ur ***…

    no one appriciates ur thoughts…

    u voice ur thoughts too much…

    u can’t even read what this blog is really all about…

    it’s not about JP…

    it’s about a man who loves this game and he just died…

  101. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    tnx alex for answering my question…

    jungar if u want to know what the asterisk meant…

    look at ur behind and talk to it…

  102. jungar@wsgcorp.com


    If the blog is about a man who loves the game and died then why the **** did you post a lineup and comments on our farm system and how you hate me.

    Or what you wrote, was that my fault too?

  103. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    im not saying it’s ur fault…

    but u pissed me off that’s why i tried to voice mine…

    ned is the right person for the JOB even if u don’t want him…

  104. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    he may be ready by now…
    look at willis of the marlins and francis of the rockies… both started young…

    both have some good years in that span…

    coz for me…

    how can u get the guys stuff if u don’t play him in the majors…

  105. alex41592@aol.com

    Kershaw is 19 years old, he won’t be up till he’s 22, MAYBE at the absolute earliest 21, but that’s unlikely.

  106. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    i think he can get that consistent 97 fastball to 100 fastball when he is 21 or something… that’s good stuff for a left hander…

  107. miketink@gmail.com

    momo:I have been looking at lots of Dodger farm team box-scores lately which doesn’t say much for my life. It is quite common at A or below for pitchers to be changed after very little work even 1 inning. I have no idea why this is done.
    van 19: The Dodgers really had no choice with Anderson.I don’t have the time or patience to review it again-it was a shame not a mistake. Also, it’s just silly to think it was Grady’s decision. What we call the front office sits down talks and Colletti makes the final decision. Saenz had a terrible year in 2001 and is having an even more terrible year this year. He may be done but I don’t trust a poster to tell me that unless he has discovered at least one player who made it to AA ball.

    jungar: I, for one, found you posts interesting and the response overblown in spite of the fact that I was sad to learn of the Robinson news last night.

    momo(again) The Phillies brought up a not yet 23yo pitcher from AA in June. He was not considered one of their top prospects. He was drafted in 2003 so he had 5 years (counting 2007) minor league experience. He was 4-7 in 12 AA starts but had only given up 3HRs,K/BB ratio almost 3 and WHIP 1.23. In 9 ML starts he is 5-1. Now, they give alot of run support but my question is in addition to McDonald and, of course, Meloan; what about Cyr,Pinango and others at AAA and Troncoso,Norrito, Hammes and others at AA?

  108. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    i know it is ned’s final decision…
    but as u may know or just have a feeling rayt now…

    that if grady wants the player to stay ned also wants the player… coz he trust grady…

    just like what happened to saenz…

    we all know that grady trust him so much… and that’s the only reason why saenz is still here in L.A…

  109. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    I hope the organization are smart enough to give LaRoche a chance for an august call-up…
    he’s on fire… i hope they don’t waste it and wash it…

    he deserves to have a spot on the team…

    trade wilson and martinez for proctor so Abreu still gets a spot… and became at least as a utility player…coz i just have a feeling that we would need abreu too…

  110. miketink@gmail.com

    I don’t know anything of the sort of your claims. Saenz is here because he has one the job with the Dodgers for 3 years before this year and for 3 of the 4 years with Oakland before that if not all 4 years. For all you know Grady asks Colletti to get rid of Saenz every day and Colletti says he’s just in a slump how about giving him more work. I will not respond to your non-evidence backed claims from now on.

  111. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    well that sounds good to me…

    i have just base what im saying from some articles i read from the daily prophet(L.A times)

    they always say that grady trust saenz so much…

  112. miketink@gmail.com

    Your getting boring. Abreu hasn’t been in a game since he was a Dodger. He must be hurt. Martinez has no little or no value why would ant team take him in a trade. They would let us DFA him and then try to sign him. We have 2 3rd basemen and you want us to have 3? Silly.
    I responded to you because your post with a line-up was cogent;everything else is uninformed plus your annoying writing style is bringing the quality of this board down.

    Plus Proctor is 2-5 with 4 blown saves 29BBs and only 37Ks in 54 innings. Do some work before you post.

  113. jspelk2@uic.edu

    grady trusts him because grady lives in the past. we already have 2 (3 if you include kent) people capable of playing 1st, which is the only position seanz can be trusted to field and he isn’t hitting anything. he’s a waste of a roster spot.

  114. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    and it’s not surprising to me that the organization is protecting their players…
    when do u hear grady and ned to say that nomar is a mess

    when nomar is struggling?

    ofcourse they would say that to saenz too…

  115. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    van… don’t measure how often a player gets on base by the number of hits he gets… measure it by OBP. Pierre has had very very low OBP the last three years. .312 OBP as of today. That’s like bottom 5% of the league. His main job is to get on base no?

  116. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    sometimes the change of place makes players more confident… and i think L.A is a good place for proctor…
    i said i want Betemit and martinez to be the players traded…

    i know martinez is nothing but if u can get rid of him we can get a spot for some other players…

    try to use ur common sense…

    coz im not going to place my whole thoughts in here that’s why it’s called comments…

    u just need to comment to it not to tell everything…

  117. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    i got the point dodgerdude…
    tnx… =)

    it’s a mistake for saying that…

    i just don’t want people talking about JP so much coz it’s non sense… coz we really should have not expected so much about him… he’s here to be like a kenny lofton or a dave roberts guy… hitting the ball and stealing bases…

    so he’s not worth talking for coz rayt now he is doing what the management ask him too…

  118. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    yea, you can’t fault JP for taking the money Coletti placed in front of him. JP isn’t gonna change the type of player he is… my main problem is that we’re paying so much for that kind of player, and for 5 years.

  119. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    ESPN’s Buster Onley is reporting the Dodgers are trying to trade for the A’s Joe Blanton.

  120. alex41592@aol.com

    The Oakland Athletics are engaged in serious negotiations with the Los Angeles Dodgers about pitcher Joe Blanton, a 26-year-old right-hander who would help fill in the injury-ravaged L.A. rotation if the deal is completed. One person familiar with the talks doesn’t think a deal will be struck, but the teams are currently talking.

    The Dodgers are in a tie for the lead in the NL West, but have lost Jason Schmidt for the season, Randy Wolf has not pitched since July 3 and his return is iffy, Derek Lowe experienced hip irritation in his last start, and Brad Penny has a strained abdominal. Blanton would give the Dodgers exactly what they need now: He has an 8-7 record and a 3.69 ERA, and has developed a reputation as a workhorse — he already has 153 2/3 innings this year, after throwing 201 1/3 innings in 2005 and 194 1/3 innings in 206.

    L.A. is stocked with prospects, from third baseman Andy LaRoche and outfielders Andre Ethier (a former Oakland prospect who was traded for Milton Bradley) and Matt Kemp to left-handers Clayton Kershaw and Scott Elbert and right-hander Jonathan Meloan.

    The Dodgers and Athletics have been talking about a package of three frontline prospects for Blanton, and on Monday night, they were in the process of mixing and matching possible combinations. Blanton makes just $380,000 this year, and will be eligible for arbitration for the first time this winter. Teams rarely trade young and cheap and established starting pitchers in the current market, which explains why Oakland is asking for a high price in return for Blanton.

  121. messagebear@yahoo.com

    Blanton has been mentioned on these blogs before, and I think he would be a very good longer term addition to the staff – maybe like Penny was a few years back. The question is how much to give up for him. It would almost certainly take a couple of front line prospects. I would still want to hold onto Bills, Kemp, Broxton and probably LaRoche.

  122. scurtis1999@yahoo.com

    geez 3 frontline prospects for Blanton? That’s a joke, Id give them 1 good prospect and 1 average one.

  123. alex41592@aol.com

    The deal would be very reminiscent of the Penny deal by DePo, a deal that takes a lot of guts to make. You may get blasted by fans, media etc…but in the end you may get a Cy Young caliber arm. Penny was traded when he was 26 and it took Lo Duca, Mota and Encarnacion. How old is Blanton? 26

    This is going to get very interesting, things just picked up.

  124. wrink18@msn.com

    scurtis, you got to give up some thing to get some thing. were not going to get players for free.

  125. jspelk2@uic.edu

    no.. that would be a bad deal. we can’t deal people off of our 25 man roster unless we intend to replace them with other people. deal from the minors if you must.

  126. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    The Dodgers are making a run at Joe Blanton, with a package of three frontline prospects possibly going from Los Angeles to Oakland.

    Blanton makes a lot of sense if they tried and failed to get Jon Garland. The Mets were also interested in Blanton, with Oakland likely asking for Lastings Milledge in return. The A’s would surely love to get Matt Kemp from the Dodgers, but that seems unlikely. They could ask for Andy LaRoche, Jonathan Meloan and a starting pitching prospect. They don’t have third base open for LaRoche, but they could use him in left field next year.

  127. scurtis1999@yahoo.com

    laroche would be fine with me. but i wouldnt give cbill, loney, kemp or broxton for him. if you are go get haren then lol

  128. wrink18@msn.com

    max it will be minor leaguers my guess. ned said he wont touch the 25 man roster in the la times if i remeber correctly.

  129. jspelk2@uic.edu

    can’t we get them to take betemit instead of laroche? look i realize we need pitching but 3 (!!!) frontline prospects is very steep.

  130. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    LaRoche, Meloan and a starting pitching prospect.

    Elbert’s hurt and Kershaw should be untouchable so no idea who’d the starting pitching prospect would be. Maybe Withrow? Who knows maybe we can throw in Hu. The A’s have had SS questions for a couple of years.

    WE need to get blanton. I’ve been wanting Blanton for a month now.

  131. jspelk2@uic.edu

    what would the a’s even want? they don’t need 3b because of chavez’s contract, they don’t need 1b because of daric barton. they could use a new SS and 2b and an OF and some pitching probably. we don’t really have that many pitching prospects to deal.

  132. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    Blanton throws in the low 90’s. He has a 3.70 ERA right now. Even though he’s in the American League, he’s had a great defense behind him for years, he’s played in one of the best pitcher’s parks in baseball, and I believe that this is as good as he’ll be. He’s given up 42 hits in his last 4 outings(25.1 inn.)(0-3). With all that said, I’d say get him if it only if it costs less than 3 front-line prospects. Blanton is good, but he’s not Penny.

  133. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    Penny’s 3rd full season in the big leagues he was 8-7 wiht a 4.66 ERA. This is Blanton’s 3rd.

  134. alex41592@aol.com

    Joe Blanton against the National League in his career:

    78 1/3 innings, 26 earned runs

    Now I’m no math wizard but that’s a sub-three ERA. Including 15 scoreless innings against the Mets. Just numbers so take with it what you will.

  135. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    if the A’s want any of those guys then no deal but if we can do it with LaRoche and some pitchers then do it. LaRoche is going to waste in triple A next year anyway because of Nomas.

  136. underdog8@gmail.com

    Condolences to the Robinson family (and the Bill Walsh family for that matter), indeed. My heart goes out to them.

    As for baseball, I saw the Blanton rumors, too, and would love to have him. But given it’s such a sellers market right now I shudder to think what we’d have to give up for him. I’d give up Betemit, Hu, and a minor league pitcher not named Kershaw or Meloan. Or someone else on the current roster not named Kemp, Loney or Billingsley. But he’s definitely worth inquiring about.

  137. underdog8@gmail.com

    I don’t get the “Penny pushes [fill in ethnic group reference here] around” references but I’m sure it’s just something clever that’s going over my head.

    Sometimes it’s a wonder why Josh doesn’t just close the comments on this blog for awhile.

    Meanwhile, I’m glad the D’s aren’t going to give up anyone for Dotel. They need a starter – a reliever is easier to come by in their own organization.

  138. fisher928@yahoo.com

    it was just a reminder that before this year Penny had anger issues oh wait that was this year…Pitchers get upset at times it wasn’t anything racial…..

  139. messagebear@yahoo.com

    I would give up Ethier, Meloan and LaRoche, if that would make the deal for Blanton. Would prefer it to be Betemit rather than LaRoche, but I think either way that would be a reasonable package.

  140. scurtis1999@yahoo.com

    Just referencing the Blanton shoving Ichiro and grabbing himself towards the Mariners dugout in a game earlier this year.

  141. czrussell@yahoo.com

    Delwyn Young, Wilson Betemit, Jumbo Diaz. I wouldn’t give up Ethier or Laroche unless a reliever was added on Oakland’s side.

  142. mpdclarke@yahoo.com

    Remember you will have to overpay for Blanton in this trade market.

    So you cannot include Tomko.

    So must include at least two players you do not want to trade, plus a pitcher like Meloan.

    Think LaRoche, Ethier, Meloan at the very least.

    Perhaps LaRoche, Hu, and Ethier.

  143. jspelk2@uic.edu

    Why do people think the A’s want Ethier back? They obviously didn’t care about him the first time around and he hasn’t exceeded expectations of what he was expected to be. Met them yes, but not exceeded.

  144. wrink18@msn.com

    that’s in triple a. how quick we forget how he stunk it up the last time he was called up.

  145. momoracci@yahoo.com

    1) He was hurt when he was called-up

    2) His .400+ OBP doesn’t equate to “stunk it up”

  146. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    “However, a baseball source who spoke with both sides told ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark that the Dodgers thought Oakland’s asking price was too steep and moved on. Nevertheless, the teams are still talking, and there were indications Monday the deal wasn’t totally dead.”


  147. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    If we aren’t going to deal LaRoche or Meloan then Call them up. Give LaRoche the majority of AB’s at third and let Nomar take care of the twins.

  148. fisher928@yahoo.com

    but his .211 ba didn’t equate to tearing it up either. None the less I’d really Really like to see him given a shot while healthy at the mlb level and in LA not elsewhere.

  149. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    thanks momo… beat me to the punch… let me add that LaRoche only got 38 ABs in his brief time with the big club. How can you judge a player on 38 ABs? Juan Pierre gets 38 ABs in a week.

  150. underdog8@gmail.com

    Ah, thanks, sorry guys, I knew i was missing something there πŸ˜‰

    Glad the Blanton rumors are (mostly) dead. I wouldn’t mind adding him at all but the price – top prospects – would be too steep methinks.

    At least we know LaRoche will be up in little over a month.

  151. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    in Andy LaRoche’s 38 ABs he walked 15 times. In Juan Pierre’s 437 ABs this year he’s walked 19 times.

  152. alex41592@aol.com

    LaRoche wasn’t given much of an opportunity and Pierre doesn’t walk enough and was overpaid (whatever that means, considering they get paid millions of dollars to hit a ball with a stick)…that about covers both situations

  153. alex41592@aol.com

    What’s to learn? I’ve been sick of hearing it, that’s the issue, it’s not like a light went off in my head. I know our issues, CF is not an issue right now. When it is, I’ll be the first to say it. We have much more pressing issues to deal with than to talk about Juan Pierre.

  154. fisher928@yahoo.com

    You guys don’t actually think that we are blind to JP’s downfalls and shortcomings now do you? But before ab#1 we were already soo sick and tied of hearding it day in and day out before during and into march that we never had to say anything….it was said like 50 times a day everyday….he has not hit sub .200 he doesn’t make an error a week he is who he is and we all already know that…..You think we watch this team with blinders on when infact it is those who choose to say the same things everyday are the ones wearing blinders.

  155. casinod383@yahoo.com

    hey, but wearing those blinders lets these guys come up with new stats, and updated nifty and cool tidbits on a daily basis, so i consider us lucky…

    These people must really care if they take the time out of their day to point out the obvious to us, and I especially like how they relate everything Dodger related to JP…and sometimes, if we’re lucky, JP is tied into the conversation to topics/discussions that are not even Dodger related. How cool is that?

    i mean, who knew that andy laroche doing well in AAA was somehow related to juan pierre? I truly feel blessed and am so thankful for this wealth of JP knowledge day in, day out, everyday, and every week.

    Thanks for caring πŸ™‚

  156. manny3vee@yahoo.com

    Fisher, if you want to have a “state the obvious” contest, how about this…

    Casino, Fisher, Alex:


    Not telling you to shut up, just stating the obvious.

  157. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    OBP is hardly a tidbit… arguably the most important stat in baseball… for the record, i only brought up Juan Pierre because he gets lots of ABs… and that’s due in part to his high position in the batting order, he plays everyday, and doesn’t walk much.

  158. casinod383@yahoo.com

    hey so tommorow barry bonds goes to tie the home run record..does anyone have a stat that’s related to that and JP? im interesting in seeing what you guys come up with.

    note, this is a WHINING POST according to manny, who apparently doesnt WHINE either, he just stats “facts”..but anyways, give me your best shot, i love this JP talk..goes to show you how much he rules your mind day in and day out.

  159. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    and casino employs the old, but always handy, “i know you are, but what am i” defense… haha u guys crack me up.

  160. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    I have a JP-Bonds related stat. JP has 12 career HRs scattered over 8 MLB seasons in 1112 career games… I’m pretty sure Bonds has hit 12 HRs in a week at some point.

  161. alex41592@aol.com

    HAHA, BUT DD17, Pierre has taken away a Bonds HR, but can you say the same for Bonds…???? YOU CANNOT! Pierre > Bonds

  162. casinod383@yahoo.com

    let me try to fit in then..

    in the last 10 games, JP is batting a horrible .210….

    now what do i do? do i find another stat? or do i just find another horrible stat, write it down on a little notepad, so i can bring it up randomly? How do you guys do what you do? seems like an art to me, but i’m sure with practice i can pick it up..

    most importantly, how do you decide when to bring up certain stats? Like, i’m sure you want certain negative stats to have that “wow factor”, so i’m guessing you only bring those out on special occassions like when the topic is related to JP..but what do you do with the ordinary horrible stats? just randomly bring it up? say for example, if we’re talking about Jeff Kent’s line drive to left center field, then do you bring up an ordinary JP stats?

    also, the 10 day batting average of JP hitting .210, does that classify as an ordinary stats or a “wow factor” stat? sure i can read all the other comments on this blog from the past 4 months and try to figure it out, but my calculator doesnt calculate that high, it’s only a pocket keychain calculator, and digits only go to 10.

    oh yah, JP’s on-base percentage was only .303 for the entire month of APRIL..that’s horrible for a top of the order guy like pierre getting paid close to $10 million per year.

  163. casinod383@yahoo.com

    I have a JP-Bonds related stat. JP has 12 career HRs scattered over 8 MLB seasons in 1112 career games… I’m pretty sure Bonds has hit 12 HRs in a week at some point.

    nice, i knew JP was a crappy baseball player

  164. casinod383@yahoo.com

    mark texeira is getting traded to the braves..is that related to pierre? i sure would like a STAT showing so, im curious, afterall the braves trade is dodger related because JP is a dodger no?

  165. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    How about this… JP’s 9 million a year made it unreasonable for the Ds to try to trade for and then pay to keep Mark Teixeira. That was my best shot.

  166. casinod383@yahoo.com

    confusing? im sorry..let me try to clear it up for you and translate it for other people on this BLOG…

    okay, here it goes..

    in 277 AB’s, PAT Burrell 29 extra base hits, 75 walks, and a .471 on base percentage. Juan Pierre only has 19 extra base hits, 19 walks, and a mere .312 on base percentage in almost double the AB’s (437).

  167. casinod383@yahoo.com

    thats a nice shot dodgerdude..i give you props for that one because it was creative…

    let me get this straight then…JP’s salary made it impossible to get texeira in a trade because of payroll concerns since we could have used that extra money to pay texeira’s salary. If i’m reading your post corrently, then JP shows his lack of worth to the dodgers again, and, once again, he’s hurting the team.

    note, there was no stats involved, but i’m new at this GROUNDHOG day stuff, so i’ll get better in the future backed up with stats, and if i try hard enough, i can probably dig up high school stats as well to further my point. You guys are great, i’m learning so much πŸ™‚

  168. underdog8@gmail.com

    Just for the record, the word “blog” is not an acronym and isn’t written in all caps. Just we’re clear on that.

    I also wish people could be more civil to each other here, but I guess repeated calls for that fall on deaf ears. Too bad. Most of the people who post here are great and we all want the same thing, for the Dodgers to win. Please try to wait a minute before you hit “post” if you’re feeling angry about something.

    Well, anyway, in 24 hours the deadline will be passed and hopefully we can all breathe a sigh of relief. πŸ˜‰ Night.

  169. alex41592@aol.com

    Very interesting column by Rosenthal about the Dodgers/Blanton situation:

    The Dodgers made a strong, aggressive push to acquire right-hander Joe Blanton from the A’s on Monday, but “couldn’t quite get there,” according to a major-league source.

    The talks could revive, the source said, but only if the Dodgers initiate another effort prior to the non-waiver deadline at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

    The Mets and Phillies also were in contact with the A’s about Blanton on Monday, sources say, but the A’s prefer to deal with the Dodgers, whose farm system is one of the deepest in the game.

    The A’s apparently are willing to trade Blanton without acquiring any of the Dodgers’ young major leaguers β€” a group that includes outfielder Matt Kemp, first baseman James Loney and reliever Jonathon Broxton.

    But in return, the A’s want at least one young starting pitcher who is close to the majors, and because of that the teams have struggled to find a match.

    Class AA left-hander Scott Elbert, considered the Dodgers’ top pitching prospect, underwent surgery on his throwing shoulder in June and is expected to miss the rest of the season.

    Class A right-hander Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers’ first-round pick in 2006, is another coveted young pitcher, but he is only 19 and probably a minimum of two years away from the majors.

    Blanton, 26, would fit nicely in a Dodgers’ rotation that is beset by injury concerns. His value might be at its peak; he is 8-7 with a 3.69 ERA this season, and ranks second in the American League in innings pitched.

  170. casinod383@yahoo.com

    Just for the record, the word “blog” is not an acronym and isn’t written in all caps. Just we’re clear on that.

    Posted by: underdog8@gmail.com | July 30, 2007 11:45 PM

    no really? thanks for clearing that up..i wasn’t sure for a minute, but thanks for the confirmation, now i can go rest easy away knowing that that was cleared up and i can step away from this BLOG πŸ™‚

  171. casinod383@yahoo.com

    nice find on that article alex…

    i hope we can pull something before the trade deadline…seems like to get value, we have to give something of value in return. Let’s see if we can pull something off and be a force to be reckoned with in october… πŸ™‚

  172. casinod383@yahoo.com

    indeed it is fisher, it’s been like that for ages! unless its raining and cloudy of course

  173. jboydstun@bak.rr.com

    This talk of Blanton is intriguing. I wonder if Beane would consider Tony Abreu, Delwyn Young, and either Justin Orenduff or Zach Hammes for Blanton? I’d hate to part with any of those guys, but I really want to keep Billingsley, Kemp, Loney, Martin, LaRoche, Hu, MeLoan, Elbert, & Kershaw at all costs. The LA players which I would consider expendable right now would be Betemit (to open a spot for LaRoche), Martinez (to open a spot for Abreu), Tomko (to open a spot for another pitcher), and Saenz (to open a spot for another role player). I’m really concerned that Olmedo’s waist-line has gotten the best of him.

  174. casinod383@yahoo.com

    yah blanton is intriguing…hopefully we can pull off a deal tommorow, im excited for what tommorow holds πŸ™‚

  175. ewk216@nyu.edu

    How about we give them Wolf to satisfy the starting pitcher area…. Wolf, Elbert, Abreu, maybe Betemit if necessary??? Id really like to get this guy into DS….

  176. ebbetsfld@gmail.com

    ENOUGH!!!!! This is turning into a shooting gallery and many of you are ruining a great thing with your juvenile, self-centered, uninspired defensive rebuttals. If I were ever on the same road as you, I’d need to wear kevlar to protect myself from your guns.
    Please grow up, make your points once, don’t throw stones, read the responses, and don’t feel the need to defend your position. You are turning, make that “have turned”, this blog into a sophmoric stream of prattle where once a river of intelligent discourse flowed. Let’s get back to unrepititious, reasoned postings for the sake of all of our Dodger souls!!!

    Let’s take three from those Halloween-uniformed infidels from the north, find some pitching help, and not give up too much in doing so.

  177. messagebear@yahoo.com

    Thanks, Alex for bringing that Rosenthal article to us. It sounds promising that a deal could be done, and I would be willing to part with any of our minor league pitchers except Kershaw in order to get Blanton.

  178. mpdclarke@yahoo.com

    what is up with the Blanton love?

    He was blasted for an entire season in 2006?

    He has been destroyed the past month, worse than a Tomko or Hendrickson beating.

    Other than a great June. He has been a number five starting pitcher for the better part of two years.

    This is the guy you want to burn three top prospects for?

    I hope this is a joke!

  179. bigpapaduck@hotmail.com

    JOSH – Please tell me the dodgers aren’t planning to halt the game if Barry ties or breaks the home run record… The fans would not stand for it. I for one will be there tonight, and figure I’d rather take a **** in the beautiful restrooms then watch Barry and his teammates gloat at the Dodgers expense in Dodger Stadium.

  180. jkeezell@verizon.net

    for those of you who questioned kershaw pitching one inning last night-this is from the Midland newspaper:

    But the Loons’ fans didn’t have much to cheer about early on. The damage began in the first against Loons’ ace Clayton Kershaw. With two outs, three consecutive Clinton batters reached, capped by Chad Tracy’s RBI single.

    Kershaw struck out two batters in the first, raising his Midwest League-leading total to 129 in 92 1/3 innings. But because of a mandate from the Los Angeles Dodgers that the top prospect pitch only the first inning, Parrish pulled Kershaw after one.

    Parrish said Kershaw will make a full start in his next outing, likely scheduled for Saturday.

    “It’s just part of the big picture,” Parrish said.

  181. anjanajacob@yahoo.com

    I noticed that the game photos have not been updated since last Sunday – are we not getting photos of each game anymore? Any coverage of Derek Lowe’s Bowling event last night? Photos? Articles?

  182. fliegel@ptd.net

    I’m not trying to start any arguments or beat a dead horse, but last night I watched The Bronx is Burning on ESPN about the 77 Yankees. I remembered that Billy pulled Reggie in the middle of a game for not hustling on a hit to the outfield. This made me wonder how come our manager lets JP loaf after balls hit in front of him? Whether you like Pierre or not and personally I don’t, shouldn’t every player be required to give 100% all the time? And if they don’t they should be called out for it

  183. fansince53@yahoo.com

    bigpapaduck: “I for one will be there tonight, and figure I’d rather take a **** in the beautiful restrooms then watch Barry and his teammates gloat at the Dodgers expense in Dodger Stadium”.

    No need to worry about that bigpapaduck – It is being reported that Bonds is going to sit out tonight’s game because he doesn’t want to face Brad Penny. He will be in the line-up tomorrow, however, when “Homerun Hendrickson” is pitching.

    I’m thinking that he will probably only play on this short six-game road trip until he ties Aaron’s record and then he won’t play again until the team returns home to Phone Booth Park, where he can hit number 756 in front of the ONLY crowd in America that won’t boo him when he hits it; you watch.



    PS: I HATE the Giants!

    PPS: Did I mention that I HATE the Giants?

  184. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    if the deal for blanton will happen i wouldn’t want to give LaRoche or Hu…
    Hu has been mensioned on alot of trade rumors but ned wants to keep him…

    and why would u give LaRoche?

    He hits for power… He’s a good replacement for Nomar coz i think nomar is going to platoon LaRoche and loney in 3rd and 1st next year…

    give them YOUNG we already have ethier and kemp for both corner OF…

  185. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    come on… show some respect to the game…
    if you boo bonds you boo baseball…

    coz if bonds break the record he would represent this game for having the greatest HR record in baseball…

    he hits alot of HR but that doesn’t mean he really use steroids…

    coz in hitting HR’s u need eye and hand coordination…

    look at alex rios and cory hart… gonzo and green…

    those are skinny players… people!!!

    they hit alot of HR coz they concentrate… using eye and hand coordination…

    u people are sick…

    i don’t love the giants and bonds… but i respect the game…

    until they prove and arrest bonds for using steroids i will applaud him for breaking the most important record in baseball…

    Go Dodgers!

  186. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    well if the trade is real…
    sad to say betemit is gone…

    but in a good cause… we got proctor he’s a good replacement in chad’s long reliever job…

    call in LaRoche…

    he’s on fire right now…

    we need a platoon for nomar…

  187. fliegel@ptd.net

    Wow, Scott Proctor, if this is real we just became favorites to win the World Series. πŸ™‚ I don’t understand how you give up a young power hitter on a team lacking power for an overused relief pitcher.

  188. wrink18@msn.com

    i hope this is not the only move we make. i still say we one more reliever and a starting pitcher.

  189. messagebear@yahoo.com

    I could be wrong, but I think we could have handled the needed relief pitcher addition from within our own ranks, like Meloan. Proctor hopefully will turn out to be that proven entity and will serve us well. I personally hated to see us give up on Betemit – I think he will eventually become a steady power hitter for the Yankees or somebody else in the next couple of years, and I wish him well. With LaRoche in the offing, it’s reasonable that we don’t need anymore than two third basemen, so Betemit was the expendable choice.

  190. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    So “Buy high sell low” Colletti strikes again 😐

    Yes, more exhausted pitchers waiting to break down for our bullpen. Bring ’em on.

  191. livnlegend1@yahoo.com

    You realize the Dodgers had Proctor in their system once before? They traded him to the Yankees for Robin Ventura.

    I’m not sure why the Dodgers feel giving up a young power hitter for a so-so middle reliever who throws hard but straight as an arrow is a good trade.

    This is a really bad trade. Proctor’s WHIP is higher than anyone on the Dodgers’ staff, Bombko and Seanez included!

  192. kpy85@aol.com

    Jonathan Meloan is just as good as Proctor. We didn’t need to trade anybody to improve our bullpen. And why Proctor? He’s not a bad pitcher, but he’s very mediocre. He’s only put together one and a half good seasons at the major league level, and the decline in his strikeout numbers this year indicate he doesn’t have the 95-97 mph fastball he once had. He’s only walked 8 batters in 54 innings this year, that’s the reason his era is respectable.

  193. fliegel@ptd.net

    Is Proctor so much better than Meloan, that it was worth Betemit,?I highly doubt it. It’s one thing to trade Betemit , but to get back only a heavily used Proctor it is not a good deal.

  194. kiper04@yahoo.com

    The only positive here in this trade, is that the Dodgers now have a place for LaRoche. Proctor will be mediocre, like the rest of the bullpen, and provide little help. With LaRoche, Nomar now will be pushed a little bit harder to produce some runs….

  195. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Proctor has had one usefull season out of four and that was last year not this year. We’ve traded a great trading chip for a pitcher who is probably no better then Eric Hull. In fact he was Eric Hull just a few years ago, all the way down to the fact he was pitching for Vegas when he was 26.

  196. livnlegend1@yahoo.com

    He’s only walked 8 batters in 54 innings this year, that’s the reason his era is respectable.

    Posted by: kpy85@aol.com | July 31, 2007 09:41 AM

    Are we looking at the same Proctor? The one on the Yankees has 29 walks (and 53 hits) in 54 innings. He’s been horrible at keeping runners off the base paths.

  197. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    oops sorry living ledgend your post came in as I was posting.

    I realize that Wilson wasnt being utilized and I dont mind moving him, but not for a avg middle reliever.

  198. fliegel@ptd.net

    The Yankees just got a great deal. This does not improve this team , and Ive lost all faith in Ned after this one. Now we’re stuck with Nomar at 3rd. I doubt La Roche will be called up, they wouldn’t want to get rid of any of their other prizes like Hernandez Seanz etc.

  199. kiper04@yahoo.com

    Why don’t they move Martinez? He is of absolutely no help and his departure would open a spot for Abreu or LaRoche…

  200. jspelk2@uic.edu

    betemit had no place on this team. the dodgers didn’t like him and thats just the way it is. i would have preferred he be included in a deal for a starting pitcher but hey. hopefully this is the END of the blowberto show.

  201. messagebear@yahoo.com

    Now that Betemit is gone, I think we’re also devoid of a lefthanded pinch-hitter. I’m not aware of anybody in our minor league ranks who could fit that position. Makes the Anderson DFA look like another mistake. I don’t see Saenz doing any good against pitchers from either side of the rubber. This year he is just slow, fat, and batting under .200, but on the positive side he’s a favorite of Ned and Grady’s, of course. Martinez likewise is just taking up a roster spot, but I don’t know that Abreu is currently an option for us, since he for some reason has not played a game since he was sent down. Does anybody know a reason why not?

  202. pcj505@msn.com

    Why don’t they move Martinez?

    For what? A 6-pack of Coors Light?? Get serious. If he gets moved, it would be a DFA.

    I can’t believe all the people that think the Dodgers can trade players like Martinez, Tomko, etc. Get real – there is absolutely no market for these players.

  203. alc0705@hotmail.com

    Proctor is ok for the 7th inning. Not sure why people are ripping Ned for this one, Betemit was expendable.

  204. jspelk2@uic.edu

    anderson DFA was very stupid, and the ‘reasoning’ behind it in the mailbag was even more stupid.

  205. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    I just thought we would get more for a guy who has a slugging % the same as our hero Russell Martin.

    can’t believe all the people that think the Dodgers can trade players like Martinez, Tomko, etc. Get real – there is absolutely no market for these players.

    There was a market for these guys, because we signed them.

  206. pcj505@msn.com

    The Dodgers didn’t just trade Babe Ruth. We’re talking about Betemit here – a solid utility player at best. Sure, I would like to think they could have gotten a little more than Proctor in return, but they weren’t going to get much more.

    The Dodgers traded from an area of relative depth (with Laroche’s path being blocked by Betemit) to improve a weakness. I’m OK with this move. Betemit’s probably better suited in the AL anyway.

  207. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    i think roberto hernandez is not a good addition for the dodgers… i think they are just blocking a spot for LaRoche… sent down hernandez and call-up LaRoche…
    we have proctor now… he’s much better than hernandez…

  208. pcj505@msn.com

    Hey, pcj505… Make it a 6 of Bud Light and you have a deal for Martinez.

    It’s a deal. I mentioned Coors Light, because it was the worst beer I could think of. Bud Light’s a definite upgrade.

  209. kiper04@yahoo.com

    How much of an impact will Betemit have on the Yankees run at the Red Sox? Exactly.. better there than here.

  210. kiper04@yahoo.com

    The Yankees view Betemit as another first-base/DH/bench option for this year, and a potential third-base replacement for Alex Rodriguez next year.

    This is what ESPN.com gives as a reason for the Yankees acquiring Betemit… Can anyone really see him replacing A-Rod if he goes??

  211. jhall1218@yahoo.com

    Releasing Marlon Anderson was a huge mistake. It would have been nice to keep Betty as the utility infielder as he is a switch hitter with a lot more pop than Martinez. But what can you do? Martinez had no trade value and Betty did.

  212. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    I see the Yankees made another good trade. They got Wilson Betemit from us. Congradulations, to Betemit and I’ll get to see and mostly read about him in papers everyday. I never new the Dodgers were such nice guys taking PROCTOR off the Yankees hands. He and Farnworth were really terrible this year. Now with Betemit they will truly get back to the post season. As for Scott Proctor maybe the change of scenery will help him, otherwise this was a bad trade. It could realy weaken the bullpen.

  213. drpdedblnd@aol.com

    I cannot believe NC made another horrible trade…Betemit will be good and is our ONLY real pinch hitter…Saenz and Martinez have no business on this team…A journeyman middle reliever…the Yankees stole us blind..We don’t have the team to go anywhere right now, and this doesn’t make us better…Just do NOTHING if you can’t do something good.!!!!

  214. pcj505@msn.com

    From CBS Sportsline regarding Proctor burning equipment:

    “The excitable right-hander is 2-5 with a 3.81 ERA and four blown saves in 52 games this year. He finished off a rough June by burning some of his equipment on the field at Yankee Stadium after a loss to Oakland, and has a 2.84 ERA in July.”

  215. drpdedblnd@aol.com


    Lol…..Why did the Dodger’s insist on keeping Martinez and Saenz this year…?..I know they can’t trade them, but I always thought it would be better to keep Marlin Anderson…I don’t care if he’s left handed…much better…Saenz can’t hit this year and he looks old and slow…If I was in the GM’s office of the Dodgers, I could do a better job..not being cocky, but I have much better ideas….oh, and I would never have signed Tomko or Schmidt to begin with…Didn’t they know the records of those 2 pitchers the last few years before they signed them?????

  216. kiper04@yahoo.com

    For all the great moves that NC has made, no doubt he has made some that make you scratch your head….But, let’s see if he works some magic in the next 2 hours…eventhough there really isn’t anyone player out there who’s worth the risk..

  217. drpdedblnd@aol.com

    We just lost our only home run threat off the bench, or maybe anywhere…I wouldn’t have minded trading Betemit if they got someone good in return…but I think this isn’t the answer..

  218. jhall1218@yahoo.com

    I don’t think I would have done this deal. Proctor doesn’t sound like he is any better than Hull or Hernandez.

  219. pcj505@msn.com

    I hope they call up Laroche. The man is on fire, and I think he’s ready. I guess you would have to send Hull down, or release Hernandez.

  220. mpdclarke@yahoo.com

    I just read that if the Yankees had not traded Proctor, he was going on the DL!

    According to all reports, Proctor has been so overused and abused that he is cooked!

    Yankees biggest need was bullpen hope!

    So that tells you what they think of Proctor.

    Betemit is not the most important player in the organization, but the Dodgers certainly got the short end of the stick in this deal.

    Ned’s Trade Deadline Grade so far is Big Fat F!

  221. drpdedblnd@aol.com

    Our bullpen is a joke except for Broxton and Saito..and sometimes Beimel…the rest of them down there are awful..Our problem is our starters aren’t healthy and we don’t know if they will be
    Terrible deal in my opinion. No bench players now…

  222. pcj505@msn.com

    Proctor is an upgrade over Hernandez and probably Hull, too (but too soon to tell). And I believe Laroche is an upgrade over Betemit, with more upside as well.

  223. alex41592@aol.com

    Ok, so we have an arm, we’ve lost our left handed bat off the bench. But, this will allow them to bring up LaRoche, so they’ve obviously made their choice. Now, Ned needs a left handed bat off the bench. So, obviously we’re not done yet…but, yes Anderson being DFA’d now makes zero sense in the long term. But, it’s not 1 p.m yet, so I’ll wait to talk about the day.

  224. pcj505@msn.com

    I just read that if the Yankees had not traded Proctor, he was going on the DL!

    And where exactly did you read this. Do you have a link or just spreading rumors. I believe this trade is still pending a review of medical records, so if what you say is true (which I seriously doubt), the trade would probably not be completed.

  225. kiper04@yahoo.com

    Well i just surfed the net (ESPN, MSN, NY Post, NY Times, SI.com) nobody mentions Proctor going on the DL…as a matter of fact, SI.com actually says he may see action tomorrow against the Giants…

  226. drpdedblnd@aol.com

    Oh Great….We get Proctor and it looks like the Red Sox could get Gagne if he cancels his no trade clause…This is sad for the Dodgers…We haven’t improved and as usual look like we’re going nowhere…Last year I thought NC did a great job..since the off season I think he’s made one bad move after another..Think of who we got in the off season…Schmidt, Wolf and Pierre…Pierre is okay but I wished we would have waited until this off season to get a REALLY good center fielder with an arm, if Kemp doesn’t get it….Our team is weak to me…we have some pieces, but some really glaring holes.

  227. diaze@stanford.edu

    I can already see it happening, Betemit goes on a tear with the Yankees while Proctor blows more games than Roberto Hernandez. But at least there’s no mention of Ned giving up any of the “untouchable” guys so I’m not too disappointed.

  228. mpdclarke@yahoo.com

    The thinking is that Proctor’s arm may be vulnerable, considering how often he has pitched the last two seasons.

    A National League scout, who did not want to comment publicly on a potential deal not involving his club, said Betemit, a .263 career hitter, was nothing special. But the scout said the deal still made sense for the Yankees because Proctor seemed exhausted despite throwing hard.

    β€œProctor may come back in a year or two, but at this point, he’s Tanyon Sturtze Jr.,” the scout said, referring to the former Yankees reliever who needed shoulder surgery after extensive use. β€œUse him up, throw him out.”

    h ttp://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/31/sports/baseball/31yankees.html?ref=baseball

    At least Proctor might help us out in 2008 or 2009

  229. jspelk2@uic.edu

    great, lets throw him into the fire and let proctor give up 755 or 756, welcome to the team. blowberto should be DFAed upon his arrival.

  230. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    What sickens me about this deal is that at 26, Betemit is about to enter the most productive 2-3 years of his career. In contrast–only once in his 4-year MLB career, has Proctor allowed fewer hits than innings pitched and he has NEVER had a 3:1 ratio of strikeouts to walks. In fact, other than in 2006, Proctor’s peripherals are markedly below the MLB average for middle relievers.

    Melon and probably 2-3 others from Las Vegas or Jacksonville would have been more productive and less expensive.

    This is just a disgusting waste of talent and resources. A conclusion that I am reaching on far to many of Colletti’s transactions.

  231. alex41592@aol.com

    If the day passes and we still have our core of good young players, the day is a success in my opinion. Betemit was expendable with LaRoche absolutely destroying the ball in Vegas. We needed an extra arm in the sixth and seventh inning. I would trust Proctor over Seanez at this point, Roberto easily. So it’s an upgrade as we’ll be able to use Proctor and Beimel in the 6th and 7th innings. Also, because of our depth we won’t have to overuse Proctor like Torre had to in N.Y, the question remains how much did Torre wear out Proctor? I do know in 14 innings he only gave up 2 runs to National League teams. It’s not an awful trade, which in this market, we’re lucky.

  232. jspelk2@uic.edu

    well yeah trading guzman (even though his value was dropping) for lugo was a huge waste too. this isn’t something new. i dont think betemit is anything that great but he could have gotten more than proctor. or maybe he couldn’t. anyways we should DFA blowberto and send down hull and bring up meloan already.

  233. drpdedblnd@aol.com

    Not another awful pitcher..Blanton..I hear that one will take lots of kids..



  234. drpdedblnd@aol.com

    You aren’t going to win with marginal pitching…It’s not like we’re getting Gagne or a great starting pitcher…this is unreal….

  235. alex41592@aol.com

    This may be the one thing Max and I will ever agree with, but I really like Blanton.

    The deal would be very reminiscent of the Penny deal by DePo, a deal that takes a lot of guts to make. You may get blasted by fans, media etc…but in the end you may get a Cy Young caliber arm. Penny was traded when he was 26 and it took Lo Duca, Mota and Encarnacion. How old is Blanton? 26

  236. kiper04@yahoo.com

    diaze.. i’m watching espn baseball tonight, and they just went to a special update with Jayson Stark and Steve Phillips..

  237. wrink18@msn.com

    your not going to win with bomko and henderison. a least with a young kid like blanton we have a chance.

  238. kiper04@yahoo.com

    All the ESPN guys, Phillips, Starks and Gammons agree it’s a good acquisition for the Dodgers. They have not mentioned who the D’s would give up…

  239. drpdedblnd@aol.com

    we aren’t going to win because of the mistakes NC made this off season…Schmidt and Wolf…pitchers with injury problems…there went our season right there…right now I know we share a portion of the lead, but without a miracle I don’t expect that to continue.

  240. mpdclarke@yahoo.com

    I do not put much stock in the ESPN guys…

    They still think Dontrelle Willis is a good pitcher.

    They also did not mention how putrid Blanton has been in July and how terrible he was in 2006.

    Blanton at best is a number four starting pitcher.

    If Lowe is healthy, I would prefer to just let Hendrickson keep the number five spot and skip is spot in the rotation with the many off days coming up…

  241. puppyhead01@hotmail.com

    I can’t say either way whether the Proctor deal is a good or bad thing…time will tell. We’ll have to see how good/bad Betemit does and how good/bad Proctor does.

    I’d guess that the A’s really want LaRoche out of a Blanton deal. But I think Ned’s hands will be tied since he just traded away Betemit…I don’t believe he really expects Nomar to be the everyday 3b for the next season and a half. Let’s see what happens.

  242. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Look at history and that will give you an idea on why trading a bunch of prospects is silly. Espically highly regarded ones that we have.

    The Dodgers of the 50’s, 60’s 70’s were built from within

    The Big Red Machine, built from within.

    The Braves of the 90’s, built from within

    The Yankees of the 70/90’s built from within and when the yankess went the trade/FA direction they havent won **** since 1996

    The Oakland A’s of the 70’s built from within, same with the early 00 versions

    I can go on and on. I want to won now too. I really do, its been 20 years but I would rather hold on (because we still have a chance in a weak NL without any moves) and be a winner for a decade then to shoot our wad now.

  243. jspelk2@uic.edu

    well we would be needing to part with all our top prospects if one of schmidt or wolf had decided to stay healthy. just sayin.

  244. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    why would the A’s want LaRoche anyway? they already have a gold glove caliber and a power hitter in Chavez…

    and I think ned is smart enough not to trade LaRoche coz there would be no other option to replace nomar in 3rd next season…

  245. drpdedblnd@aol.com


    Especially for what we’re getting in return…This looks like highway robbery…Not happy with Ned this year at all….I think he thinks because we’re in LA we have to win NOW…I agree, but not when you’re not making good deals….it’s not like he’s making the moves the Braves made…now there are GOOD moves….Ned just looks bad. Praying he doesn’t give up 3 great prospects..

  246. alc0705@hotmail.com

    The only high level prospect that I would give up for Blanton is Hu. The kid shortshop DeJesus in A-ball is supposed to be the real deal..

  247. spankycgr4christ@yahoo.com

    Blanton would be a great dela for the Dodgers, they could probably get him for D Young, Hu and one of the pitchers not named kershaw. His WHIP is better then any of our starters right now and the only two people with better whips then him on our team is Saito and Hernandez, Hernandez not
    “true” since he has only pitched in a few games. His ERA is a respectable 3.82 in the AL which will be higher due to the DH. Also he is only 26 years old he is only going to get better. This would be a good deal in my opinion because Hu is expendable becaus eof DeJesus, D young is expendable because of Kemp and Ethier, and a pitcher is expendable because we do have a lot of good young pitching. If Ned can get this deal for that then I would say do it.

  248. jspelk2@uic.edu

    gutting the minor leagues for blanton is a horrid idea. thats just my opinion. blanton is not going to be a brad penny like trade.

  249. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    From what I read, the A’s asked for LaRoche and Billingsley for Blanton.

    Thats a far, far cry from an aging cather on his way to free agency, a fifth OF and a roid infested set up man. (penny deal)

  250. alex41592@aol.com

    I’d love for you to show me a credible link that actually states LaRoche and Bills for Blanton, that’s not going to happen.

  251. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    LaRoche and bill for blanton…?
    the A’s might be dreaming…

    i won’t even take the trade if they only want bill…

    bill is much better than blanton…

  252. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    The Dodgers aren’t willing to deal Billingsley and the A’s have asked for a major league ready prospect. Apperently the Dodgers offerend LaRoche and Meloan and the A’s counter-offered with LaRoche and Billingsley and Ned said no. Which is a smart move by Ned. Now that 1-2-3 stikes your out has been traded i doubt the Dodgers move LaRoche.

  253. kpy85@aol.com

    He’s only walked 8 batters in 54 innings this year, that’s the reason his era is respectable.

    Posted by: kpy85@aol.com | July 31, 2007 09:41 AM

    Are we looking at the same Proctor? The one on the Yankees has 29 walks (and 53 hits) in 54 innings. He’s been horrible at keeping runners off the base paths.

    Oh wow it looks like I made a huge mistake. As I was glancing at his stats for some reason I thought he had a 29/8 K/BB ratio but the 8 I saw was actually home runs! The 37/29 K/BB that he actually has is terrible!!! And the face he’s also given up a hit per inning makes his 3.81 era look EXTREMELY LUCKY! Most pitchers with a WHIP that high have an era around 5.

  254. kiper04@yahoo.com

    Well, if Lowe isn’t ready to go for his next start, and he may not be, Penny is a man on island by himself!!! He may get some help from Bills, but that’s it. The good thing is that the Pads and D-Backs did NOTHING!!

  255. drpdedblnd@aol.com

    Thankfully…Let’s hope it’s true Max…..The way this team is constructed now I don’t see us with much of a chance…Bench: Saenz and Martinez….scary, eh?! and who knows which pitchers are healthy…..We have no power off the bench now which I don’t like…Actually we have no bench..LOL….I love the Dodgers but I’m so unhappy with the moves NC has made this year….We wouldn’t need any of these pitchers if he hadn’t made such bad decisions in the off season.
    Personally, I wish he would keep all our GOOD prospects and do a better job next off season..!!!

  256. van_19_cute@yahoo.com

    why trade LaRoche?
    that would be so stupid!

    we don’t have a 3rd basemen…

    is ned thinking about A-Rod next year that’s why he wants to trade LaRoche…

    A-Rod is a dream… it’s hard to get him…

    don’t trade LaRoche…

  257. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    Keith Law’s take on the Betemiss and Proctor trade. SOrry its kind of long but it’s an insider thing.

    “Scott Proctor was Joe Torre’s go-to guy in 2006, a dubious distinction because it carries with it a very high workload — 83 games and over 100 innings of work. He already showed signs of fatigue down the stretch last year; his fastball was still solid at 93-97 mph, but it went from having little movement to having no movement, and he couldn’t keep his front shoulder closed through his delivery.

    Those issues haven’t resolved themselves this year, and Proctor’s peripherals have all gotten worse, including a near-doubling of his walk rate and a big spike in his home run rate. The switch in leagues should help him, but Dodger Stadium is a good home run park, which might cancel the former out. This does open up a small hole in the Yankees’ bullpen, although Joba Chamberlain could come up to fill those missing innings if the Yankees don’t fill the hole via trade.

    Betemit was once one of the top prospects in the minors, but inconsistent playing time and a long swing have held him back. He may not hit for much average due to his trouble making contact, but he has good power for a third baseman, good hands, and a well above-average arm. His work ethic has also been a question mark, and his on-field effort level is inconsistent.

    For the Yanks, he slots in as a solid backup infielder in case there’s an injury, but his playing time will be very limited given who he’s behind. He’s not exactly a good insurance policy if Alex Rodriguez opts out of his contract, but he’s a capable reserve. For the Dodgers, this needs to be followed by the recall of Andy LaRoche, the best third base option in their organization. LaRoche is unathletic and just an average glove, but he can rake and gives them an on-base threat in a lineup that already has a number of them. If LaRoche gets the full-time job and plays to his potential, the Dodgers will have by far the best offense in their division.”

  258. kpy85@aol.com

    Proctor’s opponents batting avg with runners in scoring position is .148, that’s why his era is low even with the high WHIP.

  259. kiper04@yahoo.com

    Bring up Abreu and LaRoche, DFA Martinez, bring up Meloan and see what he’s got and forget about Blanton and let’s win the west with DODGERS!!!!

  260. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    I hope the Dodgers do call up LaRoche and Meloan in time for tuesdays game. DFA Olemdo and Hernandez call up LaRoche and Meloan. Give LaRoche 4 starts a week and let him see what he can do. I bet he’ll lead the team in home runs the rest of the season if given a chance.

  261. alex41592@aol.com

    L.A Times:

    Proctor, 2-5 with a 3.81 earned-run average in 52 appearances, represents something of a fallback acquisition for the Dodgers, who actually wanted Kansas City reliever Octavio Dotel. But the Royals’ asking price — said to include triple-A shortstop Chin-Lung Hu — was more than Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti was willing to pay.

  262. mpdclarke@yahoo.com

    The only problem with the Law idea of playing LaRoche every day is the fact that Grady Little and Ned Colletti are idiots…. Nomar will keep playing everyday!

  263. kiper04@yahoo.com

    At this point in the season, and maybe in his career, Nomar would be a great bat of the bench. You give him 1 start at 3rd and 1 at 1st a week to keep him in the game, but it’s time to go with the young studs.. I mean, do the Pads and DBacks have a better lineup than: Furcal, Pierre, Martin, Kent, Kemp, Loney, Eithier and LaRoche?? Oh and now you have Gonzo as a lefty of the bench…

  264. kpy85@aol.com

    CALL UP ANDY LAROCHE NOW!! He’s hitting .414 with 12 HR and a .943 SLG this MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Playing Nomar at third over LaRoche right now is not conducive to winning!

  265. drpdedblnd@aol.com

    I have to agree about Grady…I don’t like him as a manager at all…I don’t see how we can win EVERYTHING ever with him…I’m beginning to wonder about Ned too…So disappointed….Just don’t trade the kids for the **** that’s out there this trading deadline….The only 2 that made out are the Braves and Red Sox who get Gagne…Strong teams get stronger…Iffy teams get iffier…We just don’t seem to ever be REALLY strong…not since 1988…depressing…keep the kids and give us a chance in the future I say.

  266. wrink18@msn.com

    another reliever maybe?

    Dodgers Considering Troy Percival

    ESPN’s Jayson Stark says the Dodgers are “actively exploring” a trade for Cardinals reliever Troy Percival. It would apparently require a mid-level prospect. Percy would be a consolation prize after the Dodgers missed on Octavio Dotel; really, he’s not much worse.

  267. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    haha ERic Karabell cracked me up on ESPNEWS just now.

    “this does not signify the restart of the Andy LaRoche era in LA. THey still have Nomar Garciaparrra wasting space over there at third”

  268. drpdedblnd@aol.com

    Padres get Macoviak(spelling) from White Sox and Ensberg from Astros…..and we get??????????

  269. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Can’t you just see the visual of Logan White and Kim Ng. Saying, back away from the phone Ned. It is over. There is nothing more you can do.

    Like he is trying to give CPR or something. LOL

  270. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    Just flipping my screen here to see if anybody is more up to date than me. Nothing but Football, football, football here in New York.

  271. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    I think about the only good right now that I can get from the trade is that PROCTOR will get a lot more rest and that may bring him back. I don’t think he will be used as much as he was with the Yankees.

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