Tonight's game

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Betemit, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, RF

Lowe, P

Also, Saito threw off a mound today, about 40 pitches and everything went well. I can’t imagine he’ll be in the game tonight after that many pitches earlier in the afternoon, but hopefully he’ll be available tomorrow.

Also, Hong-Chih Kuo had arthroscopic surgery today to remove loose bodies from his elbow and as soon as more info is available, we’ll pass it along.



    no way… martin shouldnt be in the lineup tonight. he needs a break and a good one.
    as for betemit and kemp, glad to see them on the lineup.


    Martin will get a break on Saturday or Sunday, along with Monday’s offday, he’ll get his rest.


    yea alex… martin will get his 15 days of rest when he goes on the DL right? C’mon Grady.


    (sighs) Always so overlydramatic…He’s going to get 2 days off out of three. That’s plenty for Martin, he’s incredible.


    i mean, he’s been slumping, has looked pretty tired, and had to be pulled from the game last night… how many more signs does Grady need?


    Padres have given up on Linebrink…

    Brewers acquired righthanded pitcher Scott Linebrink from the San Diego Padres in exchange for minor league pitchers Joe Thatcher, Will Inman and Steve Garrison.


    wow to Linebrink. That was there man last year. Good to see him go. Anyways on the Martin front I must be honest I would like to see him get a day off but hopefully that hard line drive for a double last night will help his confidence some. On the other hand im happy that he is in the lineup because that means the injury last night was nothing serious. Also, Im kind of suprised to see Nomar get the day off. He has been swinging the bat very nice as of late. So when he slumps Grady wont sit him but when he starts hitting lets rest that hot bat…hmmmmm


    Will Inman is a good young pitcher. They got alot in return. Inman himself will be more valuabe to the Madres in a couple of years then Linebrick ever will be.


    No way Russ should play tonight. It’s clear he needs rest RIGHT NOW, not Sunday, Monday or whenever Alex divines he’ll get rest.

    Its simply not worth the risk.


    yea i agree DD. Russ should be out tonight. Hopefully we get ahead of them early so he can get out by the 5th.


    Grady is great at resting hot players and using cold pitchers (READ: Seanez).

    Would it kill them to rest Pierre just once? Do they really think he’s catching Cal Ripkin or something?

    Martin is a stud. Let’s hope he really doesn’t need a day off this time.

    Gotta give it up for Kent who most of us left for dead early on…


    I can’t even fathom why San Diego would ship off Linebrink for 3 minor leaguers. Do they even realize they’re in a pennant race? Granted he’s been touched up lately but c’mon 3 minor leaguers? If they’re so good why didn’t Milwakee use them themselves. I am so glad that Towers and Depo aren’t running our team.


    I agree Martin needs to be rested periodically. There are only so many games in those legs,and I think he should get more rest than he does. That is not a shot at Grady. He’s there and I’m not. I’ll be at the Saturday game, and I’d rather see Martin catch, but sit his butt down if he needs it. We’re gonna need that Kid come Sept.


    inman has a chance to be a good mlb pitcher, as for the rest i don’t know. maybe the pods are planning on acquiring another reliever. and the brewers bullpen is fairly stacked, so this deal makes even less sense for them. linebrink…oh how the mighty have fallen.


    I’m reading into this trade as well and the Padres got three good young pitchers from the Brewers. This may also mean the end of Turnbow in Milwaukee? DD17, I get your concern, it’s well understood, we don’t want Martin to get hurt. I almost freaked out when I read that false report he had a stress fracture. But, he’s playing because he can, he’s never going to be 100% he made that clear yesterday. He’s going to have some rough tiimes, he’s going to slump, he’s going to have bad games, but the man is going to play almost everyday. If he were not in a slump, this wouldn’t even be an issue. Even with his ‘injury’ last night. His butt cramp isn’t even considered an injury. And he’s got some days off coming, it’s just not tonight. If it were a problem he wouldn’t be in there.


    its not about his slump it’s about the wear and tear he takes everyday. He can’t continue to play at a pace like this if he does he’ll retire in 10-15 years. Look at what happened to Jason Kendell


    A lineup of 4 consecutive batters with 10 or more home runs, will keep us full of hope all night. The expectation is unlimited. And this is followed by more power at the end of the batting order. If LOWE can have one of his better days, keeping it down and getting the ground balls, than I predict a victory. COM’ON DODGERS BRING US BACK TO 2 GAMES UP.


    Baseball America ranks Inman the best prospect the Brewers have that is not on the MLB roster. Not bad for a middle reliver and two other prospects.

    Here is our ranking. This is heading into the year. So far all you who think that Laroche isnt that great. Stop. He is going to join these other guys soon enough and win you guys over, just like Bills, Broxton, Martin, Kemp and Loney have.



    1. Andy LaRoche, 3b

    2. Clayton Kershaw, lhp

    3. Scott Elbert, lhp

    4. James Loney, 1b/of

    5. Etanislao Abreu, 2b

    6. Ivan DeJesus Jr., ss

    7. Jonathan Meloan, rhp

    8. Blake DeWitt, 2b/3b

    9. Josh Bell, 3b

    10. Preston Mattingly, ss


    Best Hitter for Average James Loney

    Best Power Hitter Andy LaRoche

    Best Strike-Zone Discipline Cory Dunlap

    Fastest Baserunner Trayvon Robinson

    Best Athlete Preston Mattingly

    Best Fastball Clayton Kershaw

    Best Curveball Scott Elbert

    Best Slider Jonathan Meloan

    Best Changeup Carlos Alvarez

    Best Control Clayton Kershaw

    Best Defensive Catcher Gabriel Gutierrez

    Best Defensive Infielder Ivan DeJesus Jr.

    Best Infield Arm Andy LaRoche

    Best Defensive Outfielder Jamie Hoffman

    Best Outfield Arm Xavier Paul


    Russell should be getting a day off at least every 8-10 games. If he does that he’d still catch more games then anyone else.


    I’ll be happy when we walk out of Houston with a series victory and a two game lead tonight! Lets get it done!


    Those guys in san diego that you bash Charris have put together a team that has won the west the last two years over us. They are doing it with a payroll that is 40 million less than ours and doing it with a farm system that is ranked one of the lowest in the sport. In the last 10 years they have us 8-1 on playoff wins. They have kicked our ***** every year And at least they have made the WS since the 1980’s unlike us. Many of you who post here might not even have been born when the dodgers were truly good.



    in his report about the Futures Game Keith Law said that Clayton Kershaw is probably the best left handed pitcher in the minors and he beleives that in 2 or 3 years Kershaw will be on his way to establishing himself as one of the best pitchers in baseball.


    Hey! I was THREE when the Dodgers won in 88 lol…actually I’m a little interested to know why they traded Pedro Guerrero in August of 1988 for John Tudor. Anybody have an idea?


    i was 11 months old when Gibson hit his home run. I think i’ve told this story before…

    My Mom was holding me because i was crying and has he hit the home run she jumped and starting screaming FORGETTING that she was holding me. I feel, hit the ground and busted my head open. I still have the scare and I think thats the reason why i blink way more then a normal human. Thanks Kirk.


    I was eight and I still get chills everything time I see that play.
    Time for Lowe to step up. I would rest Martin but that’s another Little decision, at least Betemit is plaing.


    I was in ninth grade. I’ll never, ever forget that momment. When I watched Gibby hit that homerun me and 3 of my friends were jumping up and down on my moms bed. It was crazy! I thought every year would be like that.

    Tudor had the best era in the NL when he was traded to the dodgers and Pedro (one of the best hitters I have ever seen, 81/83/85…If I recall he was hurt alot that year. But then went off in 1989.


    jungar, I was definitely alive and celebrating the last time the Dodgers took home the WS. OK San Diego has us in playoff wins over the past 10 years…and exactly how many World Series have they won? Playoff wins mean nothing without going all the way. You can’t honestly look at the Padres track record with trades (other than the Eaton for Young/Gonzalez) and think that it is favorable. Ollie Perez and Jason Bay for Brian Giles ring a bell? Derek Lee for a year of Kevin Brown? All those moves were made while Towers was making decisions. They have won the West because of phenomenal pitching but they always refuse to go spend $ on a stud hitter or 2, the Padres will never win it all with their front office’s mentality, they’ll be stuck in mediocrity.


    mediocrity has beat us the last couple of years. They know what they are doing down there, trust me.


    “In the year of the improbable, the impossible has happened.”

    I get chills just writing it.

    And what was even as crazy that year was Scioscia facing Doc Gooden in the NLCS. Gooden then was pretty much what Johan Santana is now but right handed.

    And Scioscia hit 3 bombs all year!

    Gooden walked John Shelby to lead off the 9th, after having a 2-strike count. Scioscia then drilled a shocking 2-run home run into the Mets bullpen in right field to tie the game.

    And then of course we have Orel who won game 7 and saved game 4 of that NLCS and won 2 games out of 5 playes in the WS. Magic.

    And the lakers had magic and the kings had gretzky. awww, the good old days


    Nice to see Kemp and Betemit in the lineup. The games are much more interesting with those two bats in the lineup.

    And some comments on the Linebrink trade….

    FINALLY! This guy has probably been in more trade rumors than any middle reliever in history, and he’s now finally traded after at least four years of rumors. One of the guys the Pads picked up, Joe Thatcher, is reporting right to the big league club. He’s a lefthander who had a 1.42 era this year in 38 games combined between AA and AAA.


    haha derek lee for a year of Kevin Brown looks good compared to 105 mil for 7 years. Brown was without a doubt a roider.


    You gotta admit Charris you can’t win the WS unless you get there. All I am saying is they have gotten there 1 more time than we have in the last 20 years..Yes some of their trades look bad bus so do ours. How many hall of famers have they traded away in those 20 years? I count at least two for us: Pedro and Piazza.


    DD, max, They beat us in 05 because we absolutely stunk and they were what 2 games over .500, last year they had 2 of the best pitchers in the NL and it was just enough to tie us. I think that most of us would agree that we’re better this year than the past few years, and in the past we have been just that mediocre. This year is different though and in NO WAY do I think that SD’s management is good. Trust me I lived in San Diego County from 1989 to 2006 and all the die hard Padre fans hate Towers, almost as much as the Dodgers.


    jungar, I see your point but those moves were made under different management, while all those SD moves were made with Towers calling the shots, you wanna talk all time bad? How bout Ozzie Smith, Dave Winfield, John Kruk, Fred McGriff, Sandy and Roberto Alomar, Gary Sheffield and the list goes on and on. Sorry I just really hate the Pads.


    Russell should rest. He’s tired, and even though it’s just a tight buttocks, it just makes sense to be more cautious. Of course, he probably talked his way back into the lineup, and you can’t stop the Cap’n.

    As to the prospects–one note, Kemp had something like 152 ABs, just over the limit for being considered a rookie, which meant he was not on Baseball America’s list of top prospects. In a chat, they said he would have rated best in the organization.

    As for Pedro for Tudor–Guerrerro tore up the league in 1985, and then got hurt in the last exhibition game of 1986, and was hurt a lot after that. Gibby was in left, and Guerrerro was supposed to paly thrid, but he was never good at 3B, and he had become a “problem” in the locker room, with Gibson as the new big man. And we needed a pitcher.


    I think we have much more talent than the Pods. For whatever reason it doesn’t show up in the standings. But, we SHOULD have more talent because we’re playing with a heck of alot more money.


    With the trade deadline a few days away, this is the first year when i think that the Dodgers are just fine as they are. Everyone on ESPN keeps saying that the weakness for the Dodgers is their offense. Little do they know that they have the number 1 offense in the national league. If there is one acquisition that i would like, that would be Octavio Dotel. Right now our middle relievers are Beimel and Saenez and we are already seeing signs of fatigue out of them. Dotel would be really good for this bullpen.


    we should be able to beat the daylights out of this guy tonight. he has pitched only 45 innings both starting and releiving and given up 9 homeruns and has an aweful era. 2 games up with the win!!!


    so…um… i keep hearing (well according to rotoworld) that were *still* looking into the Tex deal. Can someone please explain why we would do this?!? I mean I know its been discussed countless times already, but seriously?


    Yeah I hate the padres too. So were on the same page…And you offer some pretty good players there that have gotten away from them as well as the fact they never made the splash to get anyone that was that great. I guess thats why it pains me thet we aren’t beating them more often.


    Here is tonight’s lineup, with each player’s stats since the AS break (thanks to dodgerthoughts):

    SS Furcal – 339/356/482

    CF Pierre – 306/358/347

    C Martin – 261/346/326

    2B Kent – 395/478/816

    LF Gonzo – 282/300/385

    3B Betemit – 474/545/737

    1B Loney – 327/370/469

    RF Kemp – 406/441/813

    Tonight’s eight starters have combined for a robust .335/.387/.512 in the 12 games since the AS break.


    those **** 20 foor high walls…. too bad Kents hit only about 8 feet up, dont think that would have been out at Chavez…. Bad move by Kent. Oh well, thats the breaks that Lowe gets.


    My Loney has a first name,
    It’s J-A-M-E-S

    My Loney has a second name,

    It’s L-O-N-E-Y

    I love to watch him every day

    And if you ask me why I’ll say

    ‘Cause James Loney has a way

    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!


    Well the #7 guy hits a triple, if your #8 fails to plate him, the pitcher will strike out and it leaves it up to Furcal with 2 out…this is actually common in the National League


    thats why Loney needs to be further up in the lineup… he produces, but no support behind him to get him in.


    youre all forgetting that with the bottom of the lineup in the NL this happens quite often. You have Kemp up there and the league knows that to get him out with two strikes you throw him a breaking ball. Then the pitcher, and well…. Lowe aint Penny. so thats and almost guarantee second out.


    I usually hate to fail to score when the bases are loaded with none out. Oh well we should be use to these things by now. And to dig it into us a HR to open up the next inning.


    well, being out of the lineup for so long will make anyone lose their rhythm… talking about kemp.


    MARTIN is hitting ok, I was getting worried. I only wish he could do better against the Mets.


    i hear the dodgers are offering Loney, Ethier, and a pitcher (not Kershaw) for Tex… I would actually like that. Frees up and OF spot for Kemp to play everyday and we get Tex… still don’t think it will happen though.


    I’d rather have 5 years of Ethier and Loney over 1 1/3 of Texiera…that trade ‘rumor’ is disgusting


    You’re right Alex, it’s a typical LOWE game. Whenever he pitches the opposing pitcher becomes Cy Young.


    The Dallas Morning News says the Rangers and Braves are “heavily involved” in talks that could result in a Mark Teixeira deal.
    Jarrod Saltalamacchia looks like a lock to go in a Teixeira deal. The Braves might also willing to part with shortstop prospect Elvis Andrus and a pitcher — probably either Kyle Davies or Matt Harrison — if it gets them Teixeira and some relief help. Jo-Jo Reyes reportedly isn’t on the table. The Dodgers are also very much in the mix, and the Angels are reportedly offering Casey Kotchman and either Terry Evans or Nathan Haynes for Teixeira. The Rangers would almost certainly want a better second player from the Angels. They’re dreaming about getting local product Clayton Kershaw from the Dodgers, but that’s a long shot. James Loney likely would go the other way in any deal with the Dodgers.

    god if Ned did that I think he’d have to be fired on spot.

    Josh please tell Ned not to trade Loney. ha


    I think Tex is going to be a brave. Seems as though they are agreed to Salty now its just the last prospect or two to be agreed on.


    yeah lets trade loney he totally ***** guys! better to keep people who cant even make contact with the ball.


    I didn’t think we’d get out of that inning. Some hitters look very positive in those situations. They look superior to the pitcher. I thought they found something on LOWE.


    I’d like to point out to everybody that since Saenz’s walk-off HR on June 8th in 17 PH at bats, Saenz has two hits…singles


    and marlon anderson had more hits than that in just the series against us playing for the mets…smart smart move that was.


    LOWE brougt back memories on that play. Put out 9-3. But at least he hit it where they ain’t.


    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, none of the guys we are all worried about are getting traded.

    You know, the jokers at the Dallas Morning News have been hawking this trade Tex for Loney (plus others) for weeks. It’s ridiculous. Frankly, it makes very little sense to trade for Tex at all, given his high contract, good (but not great) production, and jerk of an agent.

    Even trading Loney for Tex straight up makes little sense. You have two first basemen who are producing about equally and both have good gloves. I’ll give Tex the edge over Loney for now because he has the experience, but I really think that Loney will be the better player long-term (plus, most players stats go down when they come to the Dodgers–hitting NL pitching and playing in Dodger Stadium has that affect). But even giving the edge, you trade a $385K salary for a $9 Million salary. In other words, the Dodgers get the privilege of paying an extra $8 Million a year for a very slight uptick in production this year. Throwing in Ethier and Kershaw is pathological.

    I just read the story, and it says that “The Dodgers would likely have to part with first baseman James Loney, an outfielder such as Andre Ethier and a minor league pitcher to pull of such a deal.”

    If you look at the story, they tip off the source–Jon Daniels. They say that Daniles won’t talk, but what they mean is on the record. They then talk about an unnamed source. It’s clearly a Rangers source, because I doubt these clowns are calling up three or four different teams. I can only assume these guys are only talking to Jon Daniels, who is talking about the absurd deals that he wants, not anything that is realistic.

    Anyway, worry about winning this game, because the Texiera deal is not being made.

    These jokers also keep acting like Texiera is the key for any team to get into the World Series. That’s certainly been the key for the Rangers lo these many years.

    (BTW–I don’t think that the deals those jokers mention make much sense for the Braves either. The Braves are desperate to get Saltalamacchia into the line-up, and why give up TWO pitches, the hottest commodity in baseball right now.


    wow… who needs peter gammons or ken rosenthal when we got leekfink reading between the lines for us.


    Can’t blame LOWE for being upset. Looks like we’re having the same trouble the Yankees had at the start of the season. SAITO will not be ready tonight, I just heard. DJ is putting in a lot of work.


    Stan Conte… another of Ned’s buddies’ from SF. What does this guy get paid for? He couldn’t even keep a player he’s worked with for the last few years(Schmidt) healthy. We were supposed to have a surplus of pitching this year… man oh man.


    wow DA17 if you believe even 10% of what is written just because someone with a job of reporting wrote it without questioning the feasibilty or source then you are truly running on blind faith.


    Alright, nice job by Houlton, (comic relief moment) now we’ll be able to score because Lowe is out of the game. So bad…I apologize, seriously he NEEDS to be ok.


    They must remember(I’m sure they didn’t forget) this is still a one run game. We are not out of it yet.


    why do u call me DA17? …anyway… i did say it was a rumor. Are you suggesting that a newspaper is a bad source for news?


    To alex re: Saenz- To be fair he has 2 sac fly RBIs and a BB as well

    To jspelk: I highly praised one of your posts recently, but this one is unfair.Saenz is RH as you know, anderson is LH as you also know they don’t compete for a roster spot. Did you know on June 29 that Saenz should be let go when Tsao was coming off the DL? I doubt it. He’s having a bad year but with his track record June 29 was too early to DFA him. The Dodgers did not want to lose Anderson but someone had to come off the roster.


    Try using your head for once and concider the source and that people don’t get paid to say there is no news today…


    Funny the score is 1-0, yet it feels like 10-0, Like somebody’s grandmother could come in to pitch for the Astro’s and still do a good job.


    Let just say we lost and the rest of the game is gravy. Anything will be a suprise. Things can ONLY get better.


    I’ll go out on the limb and suggest that we should bat Loney 3rd in the lineup. Whatever happened to the idea that Pierre would lead off against right-handers. It might be worth a try.


    mike- i realize it wasn’t as simpley as seanz or marlon but seanz has cleary been in the decline for a while, and it of little value because he can’t field well and only really hits LHP. Such is not the case with marlon, who can field adequately. i realize it wasn’t that simply but its frustrating that we lost a valuable part and kept some deadweight.


    Nice Job DJ!

    I was very skeptical to say the least when he was called up but I must say he is definatly alot better then that 2005 year and might just be that #4-5 starter that we have been looking for.If wolf rebounds and lowe goes down maybe Meloan up to get Lowe back in time for the playoffs.


    Hits are tuff to come by. But it’s a brand new game. Just hope LOWE is ok. KENT is still “ole reliable”.


    Try using your head for once and concider the source and that people don’t get paid to say there is no news today…

    Posted by: | July 25, 2007 06:45 PM

    Fisher… Are you suggesting that people just make up news? The rumor seemed logical, but unlikely. I said this on my first post. Tex is probably gonna be traded, LADs have interest, why does the possibility of a tex trade not make even a little sense to you? I’m not saying you should like or agree with it, but it’s a logical non-made-up possibility.


    jspelk- I agree with everything you said but you are too hard on Saenz it’s just a long bad stretch.


    No I am not saying that they just make it up but I have seen firsthand how ‘reporters’ twist a story to make it more intresting regardless of what they are told firsthand.Editors won’t print what is not intresting and the more controversial the more it is read and the more hits/viewers/papers sold.Its economics and if you believe them just because they are ‘Professionals’ then you need to look at the bigger picture.


    I should chime in on the Fisher/DodgerDude debate. You have to read reporters to know what’s going on. DD is right there. But, Fisher is right that you have to take it with a grain of salt. Anonymous sources are always questionable, because the source usually has some agenda.

    Just based on my experience with journalists, and reading between the lines, I think Grant’s getting his news from one source, and that’s always bad. Moreover, I think he’s getting it from a biased source (Daniels) who thinks he can make a crazy deal for a good, but nowhere near great–player (Tex). So, that reduces his credibility. His harping on a Tex for Loney plus a bunch of other players makes his credibility suspect because the deal does not make sense. But everyone can make that evaluation for themselves.


    fisher… i said all along it was a “rumor” and “unlikely.” what more do i need to say that i’m not just gobbling up everything ppl are printing? Ppl on this blog should apply that logic to the decisions that “management” have made throughout the year. I’ve been critical of management plenty of times on this blog and have gotten ripped for it, and by you i’m sure.


    Abreu has yet to appear in a game for LV since being sent down and he’s not in the starting line-up tonight.what’s up?


    hear the dodgers are offering Loney, Ethier, and a pitcher (not Kershaw) for Tex… I would actually like that. Frees up and OF spot for Kemp to play everyday and we get Tex… still don’t think it will happen though.

    Posted by: | July 25, 2007 05:57 PM


    wow… who needs peter gammons or ken rosenthal when we got leekfink reading between the lines for us.

    Posted by: | July 25, 2007 06:29 PM

    That is what lead to this…..


    If the comment about leekfink wasn’t a sarcastic jab then I guess I am outta line but from you it seemed as such.


    It’s still a 1 run game but time is running out, but there is no clock in baseball. Com’on BERT see if you can help us not hurt us.


    i said “still don’t think it will happen though” … meaning exactly what i wrote. Also implying it’s a rumor. (I thought I specifically wrote “rumor,” but I definitely did imply it)

    the 2nd post was supposed to be a joke. I neither agreed or disagreed to what leekfink wrote.

    BTW, Tex is actually really really good.


    With all of the criticism of Pierre and others, it’s Furcal who is really disappointing. Other than the last two months of last season he has not been worth his contract, and I’m looking forward to Hu year after next.


    haha did they just say brad ausmus was voted as the man with the best tush? man, those dartmouth alums sure are good looking 🙂


    That was a very good inning for Hernandez, Kent is going to be up in the ninth, lets see if he can carry us again. No pressure of course!


    leek put forth some good points and broke it down pretty well. my comment was a bit sarcastic but not at all malicious or a stab at leek. it was a joke… get off my case.


    I Have to second that mb if Hu is what he has been showing I’m all for dumping that 13 M a year.Raffy is good but not great and costs too much for good.


    With all of the criticism of Pierre and others, it’s Furcal who is really disappointing. Other than the last two months of last season he has not been worth his contract, and I’m looking forward to Hu year after next.

    Posted by: | July 25, 2007 07:28 PM

    He had a career year last year buddy. and this season is only 3 1/2 months old so 2 out of 3 1/2 is ok.


    my mistake… you wrote last 2 months of last season… i read this season… still, he was our best hitter last year.


    I can post whatever I want, and who are you to decide what are “stupid” trade rumors.


    Furcal was, arguably, our best player last year.

    This year, aside than I few hot streaks, I will agree that he has been somewhat of a disappointment. But to say he’s been “really disappointing” and only had 2 good months the past 2 years is a drastic overstatement.

    Trust me, when all is said and done, Furcal’s contract will look like a bargain in comparison to Pierre’s.


    Well, still in first, another hard luck night for LOWE, Hope he doesn’t miss the next start. Mainly I hope our hitters will snap out of it and BRING ON THE THE CAULIFLOWERS.


    Loney Ethier and a pitching prospect for a 1 1/3 year 9 million contract that is already covered in Loney is simply that. A stupid (Very Stupid) trade rumor. That you gave a thumbs up for…Go root for the rangers…


    and if you can post whatever you want then I can call you stupid anytime I feel you are(most of the time).


    DD—Weren’t you the guy who kept pushing for us to trade for Dunn earlier this year? I can’t remember for sure but I think it was you. I understand why you might be frustrated with our offense but I don’t think upgrading at 1st is going to help all that much. Other places—sure.


    Why is there still no word on Lowe??? Usually they always have a preliminary report before the end of the game, but not tonight.


    I took DD’s comments how I think they were intended, but I appreciate fisher getting my back. Like Fisher said, you need to consider the source, and he’s right that they have to fill column inches, and I think DD gets that now.

    There are going to be a lot of stupid trade rumors for the next week–both rumors of stupid trades, and stupid rumors of a trade (not to mention a few stupid rumors of stupid trades). I personally would appreciate if people could post the source of them–almost all of the Tex rumors seem to trace back to the goofballs at the Dallas Morning News, but they keep flogging it so hard that everyone is picking up on it. If someone posts “Rumor–Loney to Royals for Dotel,” I want to see the source of that to make my own assessment of the credibility or reality of that rumor. If it comes from people I respect (the Times, Tony Jackson, Gurnick mostly), OK. If it comes from someone I don’t know, we’ll see. If it’s from a proven joker, forget it.

    I should say this DD–Tex is not that great. He is about where you want a good first basemen to be. He hits a lot of home runs, but those would come down in the NL and at Dodger Stadium. Other than Home Runs, Loney’s numbers are better–counting last year, he has a .328 average compared to Tex hitting .300 this year, a .413 OBP compared to Tex’s .404, and is slugging .555 compared to Tex at .538 this year (and this year is better than Tex’s career numbers). In fact, Tex is four years older, and his first season was four years ago, where Loney’s numbers blow him away–in 2003, Tex hit .259 with a .331 OBP, while slugging .480, in 529 at-bats. Loney is only at about half of those at-bats, but Loney is a much better rookie. Does that mean he’ll be a much better player? Don’t know, but there is real potential.

    Well, tonight stinks too. Hoping D. Lowe is OK.

    But remember, momentum is in the form of tomorrow’s starting pitcher.


    Fisher, although I personally don’t agree with trading for Tex, I think its a bit presumptuous to call it a “stupid” trade rumor.

    People like Peter Gammons and Kenny Rosenthal have been discussing a Tex for Loney deal for weeks. If the trade didn’t make at least some sense it would not be discussed for so long.

    Also, who is anyone to predict how a trade will play out? Fact is, Tex is a proven star – probably the best young 1B in the game overall. Though Loney has been great thus far – and I’ve loved every minute of it – we simply don’t know what type of player he’s gonna be like the rest of his career; and the rest of the season for that matter. In making this type of deal the dodgers would be trading the “prospect” of cheap, young talent in exchange for the certainty of having an excellent known commodity.

    Like I said, I don’t agree with making such a trade. In fact, completely agree with you that 1 and 1/3 years of Tex is simply not worth what we would give up.

    I do realize, however, that known commodities carry a high price tag. And if some people believe its worth taking a risk to make such an acquisition, who am I to say its stupid.


    Fisher, there is no need to call people stupid. It is so childish and reveals a high level of insecurity. Whats wrong with you?


    actually most sportwriters like gammons, olney etc. would probably say it *is* a stupid trade, and it is. Its the Dallas FO that wants it to happen.


    Lowe update:
    Injured left groin — three letters I hate “MRI” tomorrow in Denver…

    Here’s Tony Jackson:

    “He was running as hard as he could run — on the left groin he had injured warming up for his relief appearance on Sunday against the Mets. Yet another example of the fallout of this team’s overworked bullpen. He’ll have an MRI tomorrow morning in Denver, after which more will be known about his condition. He says it only hurts when he lands while pitching. Meanwhile, the Dodgers have lost six of eight since winning their first four out of the break, and this would be a devastating loss if D-Lowe is out for a long period.”


    I did push for a trade for dunn earlier in the year. I like where our offense is. We dont need Tex, I’d like to have him cuz he’s very good, but we don’t need him. I am VERY HAPPY keeping our young guys here. But if Tex can be had for that price I would do it, that’s all i am saying. I would give Loney, Ethier, and a pitcher (NOT KERSHAW or anyone important on our big club). Tex is very good and I’m not sure you guys realize how good he is. That’s my stance on that.

    The center of our argument was the “source” of my information. here is the link “”.

    Yes it’s a Dallas paper. They may or may not have an agenda, thinking either way is pure speculation. This was a printed rumor, and since it involved the dodgers i felt it would be interesting to post something about it. Although I shared my opinion on the rumor, I’m not trying to convince you one way or another, I’m just letting you know what is out there. I don’t see what basis you have to call this source “not credible.” Of course a Dallas paper would report about this, they cover the Rangers.


    What is wrong with me? Nothing except being sick and tired or hearing the same old bs from the same bs’ers day in and day out.People sarcastically dismissing very valid points from people who obviously take time and put great thought into the post that they make. If that is a problem then that is my problem.


    with that said…

    Jul 25 – ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney reports that it’s widely believed throughout baseball circles that the Braves are the front-runners to land first baseman Mark Teixeira.

    The Dodgers, thought to be one of the teams interested in Teixeira, say they intend to go forward with James Loney as their first baseman.

    The Red Sox, meanwhile, remain in the hunt for Teixeira, the Boston Globe reports. Boston is among five or six teams with a possibility of landing the 27-year-old switch-hitter.

    Teixeira was drafted by the Red Sox in the ninth round in 1998, but chose to attend Georgia Tech. He then was drafted by the Rangers in 2001 with the fifth overall pick. Currently making $9 million per year and arbitration-eligible next season, he can become a free agent after 2008.

    Don’t expect Teixeira to end up in the Bronx. Without giving up Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain, the Yankees have little chance of acquiring Teixeira from the Rangers, The New York Times reports.

    No Loney for Tex trade… all of u can rest easily tonight


    And calling ppl stupid is better than “dismissing” valid points? check yourself fisher


    Now if you had posted that instead of saying Loney and ethier and a pitching prospect for teix was a good idea, then no debate……


    we were debating where i get my info from. fisher you don’t even know what you’re saying anymore.

    NP on the link.


    the last article i posted was espn insider so u need a PW… sorry. It was Buster Onley though.


    I was just trying to spark some conversation on the blog… oh by the way Fisher, stop emailing me from bogus email addresses.


    Not to make myself too important, but I think that the bad blood here started between Fisher and DodgerDude when DodgerDue posted a semi-sarcastic post saying “wow… who needs peter gammons or ken rosenthal when we got leekfink reading between the lines for us.” I think Fisher took exception to that because it seemed to be blowing off a good (if I do say so myself) analysis of and debunking of what he and I (and a lot of people) consider a stupid trade rumor (i.e. a rumor about a stupid trade).

    I appreciate Fisher getting my back on that, and it’s flown from there. I personally took DD’s comments as sarcastic, but not meant with ill-will, as he said, but I think Fisher thought that they were more hostile than they were meant to be–hey, determining mood on a blog is hard. And he made a great point of pointing out what he did not think DD got–which is that you can’t take everything a reporter says at face value.

    There were good points, but I think it degenerated from there. I just want to stop the war here (except against Max_Power).

    That being said, I am relieved, but not surprised about the Olney article. Time will tell about Loney to be sure, but even if he’s never as good as Tex, this is the way to build a team. Martin picked off a runner at first on a play that he and Loney have worked on together since they were in A-Ball together. Free Agents and trades may help a club, but teams that know each other and work together do little things well that take a long time to learn. There used to be a book about how to play baseball the Dodger Way. I’ve only heard tale of it, but the cut-off men were always in the same place at every level, the infield always rotated the same way, the signs were the same. All these things worked up from Rookie Ball to the Big League Club, so when a player finally got called up, he would step right in. That’s the type of thing that stability builds. Garvey-Lopes-Russell-Cey, none of them are in the Hall of Fame. Neither is Steve Yeager who caught most of those years, or Dusty Baker, Reggie Smith, Rick Monday, Jimmy Wynn, or Pedro Guerrero who played outfield all that time. In fact, the only guy from that team who made it to the Hall of Fame was Don Sutton, who left before the 1981 championship season. Yet that team in the 8 years that the infield was together won 4 pennants, finished second 3 times (twice to the Big Red Machine, and once to the Astros in a 1-game play-off), and won the World Series. Plus, without Lopes, the same core group lost the NL West only on the last day of the season because of that b—— Joe Morgan.

    Also, fans connect to players who come up through the system and stay for long times. After Steve Garvey left the team, Mike Scioscia was one of my favorite players as a kid. He was never a superstar, and only made the All-Star team for the first time when Tommy selected him in 1989. But he was a huge fan favorite, and getting to know these players made it more fun. Same thing with Eric Karros, who never made an All-Star team.

    So, I would much rather have a team of Loney-Abreu-Furcal/Hu-LaRoche, Ethier-Pierre-Kemp, with Martin behind the plate, and for the next decade, then to have a team of Texiera-Soriano-Furcal-ARod, Dunn-Pierre-Kemp, that mostly disbands after a year or two. Oh, that team might hit better, and we might win a championship that we might not otherwise, but I don’t want to just win this year, I want us to be able to win it every year.

    (BTW–just kidding about max).


    Thank you for understanding my disgust and seeing what my’Problem’ is LF you made agreat post with alot of thought and I did not see a reason for DA to get sarcastic about it. Going back to the first post of the day…. then getting worse DA was here to cause a fight. First of all the biggest supporters of Martin moving to the 3 hole to get more ab and work was Max and DA. Then
    all of a sudden they (max not so bad) want more rest for Martin and are calling out Alex about when Martin will be rested and are all over him about knowing the when and where that will happen.Alex stated in his usualy calm form that DA was being overly dramatic as usual… Good point Alex and that beyond reproach comment was great.OOOH sorry Max Missed the whole dumped on your head by Gibson story i’ll type slower for you … sorry had to…but to start the whole trade rumor thing DA was totally onboard and continues to try stirring the pot.Loney is the New Garvey Get used to it!


    The truth is fisher has it out for me… he gets on my back every chance he gets (and if you read previous days on the blog u could see this). My remark about your analysis was semi-sarcastic, but not meant with any ill will against you. You brought up good points, but overall i do disagree. Regardless, I never took an issue with that. I only took issue with Fisher when he was criticizingly my supposed “lack of critical thinking” when looking at trade rumor sources. They are trade rumors, thats what they are. 95% of the time they will be wrong no matter where it comes from. I got the rumor from a newspaper… should be a good source no? Fisher was just nit-picking and taking a shot at me even with so little to work with. That’s really all there was to it, I only took issue with Fisher. The rest of you are cool.

    Again… I don’t take everything reporters say at face value… however I also don’t believe they just make stuff up. There has to be something behind them writing that no? Is that so unreasonable to think?


    Fisher. Just the way you argue rubs me the wrong way. You are really abrasive, and you resort to name calling. I was trying to make conversation, not start fights. It was a printed story that was out there that had something to do with our team, i thought it would be of interest to write about on the dodgers blog.


    You take shots at people all the time and when you get callled out you whine like a lil girl with a boo boo and expect sympathy….


    No alex made a educated prediction and you called him out you started it way before I came online today.


    I don’t take shots at ppl. When have I don’t that? I may comment about what ppl say, but I do so in a respectful manor… unless it’s you.


    Martin needs rest, i wasn’t the only one arguing that point. Why do you get so mad when ppl disagree with what you think? What is wrong with wanting to protect our best player from tiring out and potentially getting hurt? Catchers take a beating day in and day out. It’s the hardest position to play in basbeall.


    whats wrong with that comment?

    yea alex… martin will get his 15 days of rest when he goes on the DL right? C’mon Grady.

    Posted by: | July 25, 2007 03:08 PM

    Why are you so sensitive?


    It’s not a personal shot, i didn’t call him stupid. I’m just disagreeing with him…


    Actually Max that is probably one our your best posts ever!

    Look I have no problem with kids (if you are younger then mine then you are 20&22)posting and being a part of the Dodger blog community.But be a part of it and don’t try to impress or one up just to be a part of it and I think Max is learning this to a point. We all want to be a part of it and have our opinions but Trades of players have been a serious downfall to alot of possibly great teams thoughout baseball history and simply relaying what you read from sources who say they have crystal balls is not being a responsible contributor to the blog community.If you want to be treated as responciple adults then you must act like ones.If you act stupidly then guess what? Someone is gonna call you DA have respect for the team and for others and we all go to happy Dodger Championships together…


    Fisher… so you don’t want to hear about trade rumors involving the dodgers? How does relaying the rumors = acting stupidly? You’re being completely unreasonable, disrespectful, and unfair in the way you are talking to/dealing with me Fisher. What should we talk about then? Aren’t rumors part of the fun of baseball in July?


    Again… I haven’t recently had issues with anyone other than you Fish. Please don’t call me DA, I think it’s disrespectful and just don’t like it.


    On the next episode of “As Inside the Dodgers Turns”…

    Wow I missed a good one tonight. Seriously you both just need to bury the hatchet and move on. I respect both of your opinions and honestly appreciate what you two contribute here regularly. I love the fact that many of us have differing views on which direction the team should go, but lets remember we’re all Dodger fans. I’ve been in my fair share of bickering matches here and take them with a grain of salt (while trying to get my point across) but at the end of the day I don’t hold grudges against anybody. C’mon guys thats half the fun of blogging here isn’t it?


    I have no reason to respect anything you say nor any want to hear ‘stupid’trade rumors the fact that you entertain Loney alone not to mention ethier and a pitching prospect for a 12 mil or so 1 1/3 year pickup for what Loney is doing for less then loney is doing for about 500K in the same timeframe with years to go on that is like Alex said “beyond reproach”
    Give up 24X the money for similar if not less production and 2 more players 1 of which is contributing big on the mlb level?Have you ever played Monopoly?Thats like giving up 4th RR states and NY and $500 for Boardwalk.

    No Pujols would be Boardwalk Tiex is more like Marvin Gardens…

    I’m sorry if you just don’t get it go tell your parents you need help I’m done with this….


    Fisher, Its fine that you disagree with me, but don’t call me stupid and tell me not to post my opinions.

    If you ever want to settle this let me know. I can be at the stadium any time. I won’t waste the bloggers time arguing with you on here any longer.

    Go Dodgers!


    wow now you want something physical to happen? Alex was right…you are way beyond reproach.But if you want a fair fight I’ll send my sister…


    **** – I don’t think Josh will be inviting THIS blog group to a meeting with Frank McCourt any time soon! 😉

    In five days all this silly trade rumor talk will just be so much wind blowing across the internet plains. Ned is on the record that trading Loney for Teixeira is not on his agenda. Tex is very good, but if he is an upgrade over Loney in the short run, it isn’t that much of one. First base is not the problem.

    And tonight’s loss is just one of those days. They play 162 games. Even great teams lose 60 or so, and some of those would have been winnable.

    If Ned makes any moves, it will be to obtain pitching for middling prospects.


    I’m sorry stupid is not the word used for special people like you it was inappropiate to call you such as we all know how ‘special’ you are…..its` my bad for not recognising it and I am sorry.. ‘Special one’


    I don’t see what’s so great about that what’s-his-name Texas guy. KEEP THE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    wow now you want something physical to happen? Alex was right…you are way beyond reproach.But if you want a fair fight I’ll send my sister…

    Posted by: | July 26, 2007 12:10 AM

    …that was actually funny. My offer stands.


    25 and 25 the record, 50 the number of games.

    Rick Monday translation:

    The Dodgers are 25-25 over their last 50 games.


    In looking at this ITD today it just makes me sick. Josh and the Dodgers created a great meeting place where friends and civil individuals could come and SUPPORT their beloved Dodgers. Instead a few of you have just ruined it for everyone else. You don’t care about others and and I turely don’t think you care about the Dodgers. Your bent on being negative and abrasive and that’s all that matters to you. For those of you that are really interested and really care about this ITD, you should go back to last years archives and see for yourself what a great meeting place this was. Friendships were made and Dodgers fans were developed. We’re still together today, just not here with you !!

    Josh, how much longer are you going to accept this kind of behavior ??

    Go Dodgers !!


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    Anyhow I though this is something would interest you, GO DODGERS!!!

    God bless Baseball


    I just want the trade deadline to pass already, we all don’t want Ned to trade the kids. We’re a little scared he may, but at the same time know the main core ‘should’ be safe. I can’t believe the D’Backs are back within 1 1/2 games. They’re the only team to take advantage of the Dodger/Padre troubles.


    I usually don’t like to post at this time of the day, I usualy find it best to wait until the lineup is posted. It seems there are more fans around at that time._____But since the news on Derek Lowe is so grim, as he most likely will spend time on the DL. I can’t seem to wait._____Let me first note where I think the team is strongand I don’t seem to think any tampering is necessary._____The bullpen, may be tired which is expected after the laboring it has done all season to keep everything afloat, is still our strongest department and I would be shocked(and it wouldn’t be the first time) if anything happened there, I say HANDS OFF.Our hitting is finally coming around(except usually when LOWE pitches And I’d like to add that LOWE seems to lose his effectiveness when the team starts scoring runs). Why this is I just can’t figure out. I’ll say right here all a trade for Mark Teixeria will do right now is cause eveybody (includingmyself) to want NedColletti’shead on aplatterLately(the past week or so)theyhave been hitting out of synk, but lets just call it a slump. All in all this is proberly the best hitting team we’ve had in a long time and a trade herewould be another shocker. Again I say most of us would say right now is HANDS OFF. Right now and proberbly for a long time our weekest suit is our starting pitching, after Brad PENNY, the rest (not counting Lowe) is still unprovin’ and mediocre, Wolf maybe excludedhere but, he was just getting by. A trade for a starting pitcher is about the only thing that is absolutely needed. There isn’t much out there but the Dodgers have plenty of talent even if they have to use some one on the 40 man roster and preferably lower to make a deal. I don’t see anyone on the active 25 man roster that should be move right now. That my assessment as a long time fan(60years).


    garysmith is right, as is britneyasbourne.

    So, here’s a new topic–no one even commented on my radical idea that the Dodgers should try to acquire Clemens for cash considerations and/or low prospects (certainly none of the guys on the 40-man roster, and no Kershaw, Meloan, etc.–but someone in AA or A ball). The Yankees would be relieved of his huge salary, and Clemens could be a one-year rental, and he either retires or is back on the market next year. Plus, with him, there is a good chance at a championship.

    BTW–No one has mentioned this in any paper. It is all a creation of my twisted mind, and is no more likely than 1 in 1000. It also made more sense a couple of weeks ago when the Yankees were way behind the Red Sox and under .500. But they are climbing back, and are only 4.5 out of the Wild Card.

    But come on, that’s at least some out-of-the-box thinking.


    Josh, I agree with Gary Smith 100 percent. It is no longer fun to read this blog due to a certain hard core group of bloggers who could not carry on a civil or inteligent conversation with my 6 year old grandson let alone my 18 year old grandson…..


    cool to read:

    Andy LaRoche, 3B, LAD. LaRoche is the brother of Pirates first baseman Adam (whom we’ll be denigrating in a little bit). Andy is just like fellow Dodger Matt Kemp in that his bat is going to earn him a second chance in the big leagues, and keeper leaguers need to remember this guy’s name. LaRoche has been on a tear of late, improving to .299-.377-.569 with 15 doubles, a triple and 12 homers in 197 at-bats, and a super 25-26 K-BB rate for Triple-A Las Vegas in the Pacific Coast League. He has plenty of competition from the talented Wilson Betemit (currently posting a 1.475 OPS in July for the Dodgers), but LaRoche has 35-homer power residing body and the plate discipline to be similar to Scott Rolen. He’s going to be a very good one, he just needs to get the chance to show it.


    As someone who checks this blog on a couple times a day basis, is there anything you can do to stop fisher and dodgerdude17 and others from bickering and making personal jabs that take up time reading. how about setting up some sort of rules about no insulting or personal attacks on each other and staying on topic about the Dodgers?

    Thank you Josh for providing this but it is getting out of control.


    Rules I would like to see.

    No personally attacking other commenters

    No arguing for the sake of arguing or No making the same point over and over again

    No claiming that your opinion isn’t allowed when it’s just being disagreed with

    Don’t jinx no hitters!



    As someone who checks this blog on a couple times a day basis, is there anything you can do to stop fisher and dodgerdude17 and others from bickering and making personal jabs that take up time reading. how about setting up some sort of rules about no insulting or personal attacks on each other and staying on topic about the Dodgers?

    Thank you Josh for providing this but it is getting out of control.

    Posted by: | July 26, 2007 12:11 PM

    I am all for that cosmow. I’ve actually emailed Josh about Fisher previously but he said he could do nothing about it.


    I want to apologize for the fiasco last night. I’ve been barraged by an e-mailer using phony email address over the past few weeks that has just plain told me to shut up and stop writing “negative” stuff on the blog. I’m not sure who is doing this, but it’s very frustrating not being able to respond to this guy. Additionally, Fisher seems to have something against me. He nit-picks on most everything I post, and I think his first few responses to my comments last night were very unfair and unwarranted. On previous threads, on previous days, he has even wished for my death so that i could shut up (this is what i brought up to Josh). I haven’t name-called anyone, I’ve just defended myself as best i could, and in frustration might have written a few things that i wish i could take back. With that said, I’m gonna take a few days off from the blog, apologize to the bloggers, and most importantly not fall into fisher’s traps.


    One suggestion is just to stay game relevant, you can’t go wrong if you comment on the game. But, don’t disappear, sure things got out of hand last night. There’s a new game in 3 hours and we can all move forward. Fisher, DD17, you both bring very good things to the blog, but like us all we at times can take things too far. Just try to restrain yourself at times with what you say which is easier on this blog because all you have to do is hit ‘delete’. In the real world, we do not get that luxury. Think about what you say before you hit ‘post’. There are no excuses for what you say on here, because you have plenty of time to stop yourself before allowing the blog to see your words. Lets all take a big collective step forward and put last night in the rear view mirror.


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