Public Appearances

The lineup is the same as last night.

As for the question about public appearances or a chance to meet the Dodger players, here are some upcoming opportunities:

8/3 James Loney at the Staples in Burbank

8/4 Matt Kemp at the Staples in Venice

8/4 Chad Billingsley at the AT&T store in Alhambra

8/8 Ramon Martinez at the Cacique Cheeses in Valencia

8/8 Joe Beimel at the AT&T Store in Sherman Oaks

8/13 Wilson Betemit at the Cacique Cheeses store in Los Angeles

In most of these cases, the signing is from 12-1 p.m. but please contact the store directly to confirm the time.




    I hope we can continue from yesterday and that Hendy can go at least 5.


    YES! im going to be in LA the 3rd and the 4th!!! looks like im meeting Loney, Kemp and Bills. MY 3 favorite Dodgers. MAybe i can get BIlls to signed my jersey and then I’ll frame it and sale it for millions of dollars when he’s a hall of famer 😉


    At least Burbank is a different day!

    Max, you won’t make Venice and Alhambra in an hour – better get your jersey signed and save Kemp for another time.


    Kent is hot and does well against Jennings – 14/38, 1 2B, 3 HR, 4 BB, 3 K, .368 / .429 / .632 / 1.060


    10 runs of O last night, lets see if we can duplicate it against a struggling pitcher tonight. Just gotta be patient and make him sweat a bit.


    And Hendrickson has hardly faced any of these guys, but watch out for Carlos Lee, 3-4, all three hits are doubles, a couple walks.


    Last night’s game was very meaningful. Not only was BILLS terrific, he enabled the bullpen to rest and the guys kept hitting like crazy. Now we have a 2 game cushion to rest on. We know whatever happens tonight we’ll still be in 1ST. A rather conforting thought. Something to rest our head on while we watch the game. We haven’t had too many nights like this. PLAY WELL TEAM____WE’RE HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION____GO DODGERS!!!


    Yay! Can’t wait to meet Ramon Martinez. It’s gonna be just me and the crickets


    It looks like they have MARTIN’s number, they know how to get him out, they found his weaknest, but I’m sure he’ll adjust.


    What’s with NOMAR he looks like he wants to throw it into the seats. LONEY’s getting a lot of practice.


    Dating Alyssa?…Why if I was 40 years younger I’d…..Proberbly would still be too old for her.


    Josh–Thanks for the information on when the Players will be around.

    A pretty good outing by Hendrickson–it was no 9 innings like Billingsley, but 5 runs and one run is pretty good. 5 innings and three runs is not as good, but still decent, and I only half blame him for the inherited runners.

    We need the offense to come through again.


    Well that’s a great moment courtesy of us, still a great moment. Seanez no longer can be trusted…


    I didn’t expect a GS, but I felt we wouldn’t get BIGGIO out. I felt he was going to hit.


    I am probably the most patient of Dodger boosters. But I don’t think Seanez or Hernandez are doing us much good right now.

    I would like to see Hull get his shot, call Stultz ? back up from the minors and maybe give that other hard thrower at Vegas (Meloan?) a chance.


    Whoops! Bullpen meltdowns happen to the best bullpens. It would still be nice if Hull or Stultz can come help out a bit. Though Stultz was sent down clearly to rest, he’ll be back.


    he was pitching over his head for most of the year. He may be coming down to earth again.


    Alex– did you read about it or are you watching? Elbow? Shoulder? That could be huge… Any more info would be appreciated…


    Not sure of the injury, hence the “could” be a huge story. I was watching and it may be a blister, but could be worse. If anybody hears anything, post it…


    Who was that Ryan Duran or ERIC HULL? Sandy Koufax pitch simular to that when he started for Brooklyn.


    as stated on the SD site…

    Padres’ Young exits with oblique strain

    Ace righty leaves contest in third inning and is day-to-day

    By Corey Brock /

    Padres Headlines

    • Padres’ Young exits early vs. Rockies

    • Padres bullpen can’t hold lead

    • Padres notes: Hampson returns

    • Padres suffer another frustrating loss

    • Padres notes: Blum gets nod at second

    • More Padres Headlines

    MLB Headlines

    • Sox roll to fifth straight behind Dice-K

    • Maine’s first career homer lifts Mets

    • Selig to attend games at AT&T Park

    • Biggio reveals ’07 will be last season

    • Ripken given emotional Hall sendoff

    • More MLB Headlines


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    DENVER — San Diego starting pitcher Chris Young left Tuesday’s game at Coors Field with a left oblique strain after warming up prior to the bottom of the third inning against the Rockies. He’s listed as day-to-day.

    Young, who has been San Diego’s most consistent pitcher this season, entered the game with a 9-3 record and a Major League-leading 1.85 ERA.

    The 6-foot-10 right-hander worked two seemingly easy innings before leaving the game, allowing no hits and no walks with one strikeout.

    He had been staked to an early lead Tuesday on a three-run home run by Mike Cameron in the first inning.

    Young hasn’t lost a game since May 12 and has lowered his ERA from 4.33 on April 26 to 1.85. He won a spot on the National League All-Star team earlier in July by winning Major League Baseball’s Final Vote online balloting.

    Young was replaced on the mound by left-hander Justin Hampson, who was recalled on Monday from Triple-A Portland.


    I hope Martin is ok… he needs some TLC by the cradlerobber… hmmm. Also look at this link about Barrett..

    let the implosion in SD begin… I love it Barrett, Milton Bradley, and Wells in the same clubhouse… All they need is Sheffield and the fireworks can begin…


    If I and my daughter bunk into Alyssa on Saturday at Shea I’ll ask her about MARTIN…….NAhhh.


    Well like I said we’ll go to bed still in 1st. Tomorrow’s another day. I hope we don’t get too many runs for LOWE and freighten him. LET’S GET THEM TOMORROW.


    not trying to start a firestorm but Hu out of the lineup tonight for LV…Abreus not in either but he hasn’t been for days, he must be hurt again.


    That stinks. If there is an upside, it is that Hendrickson gave 5 good innings, and we only used 2 relievers, including 2 good innings from Hull.

    Seanez fell apart.

    We have Lowe and Penny going the next two days. Optimism reigns.


    If you go into a road series thinking sweep, you’re going to be disappointed 9 times out of 10. It’s all about taking series’, hope Martin is alright.



    Hu being out of the lineup could mean there’s a trade coming.

    Abreu hasn’t played for Vegas since being demoted, which probably means he’s still injured.


    Or and more likely…..Hu had played 28 innings in 2 days…so it was probably a good idea to sit him down for a game.


    I’m warning everybody now…there may be crushing news coming our way, but I’m waiting for it to hit the wire…


    LaRoche played the same amount of innings and he was in there tonight. It’s not like Hu needs the rest; he’s as spry as they come.

    There’s more to this.


    alex, i heard that too. sometimes about martin’s finger being injured. never belived it for a second, considering i actually watched the game and saw why he came out. anyways, there could be nothing to the hu thing either.


    Gurnick reported that Martin has a tight buttocks area; nothing serious.

    And jspelk–the Hu thing has me curious because a source at Baseball Prospectus told Will Carroll that Ned Colletti was close to a mystery deal.


    Tightness in the buttocks area, there’s a third grade joke in there somewhere…I read Gurnick earlier but it was a brief report, thanks. Glad it’s nothing…


    OK nobody else will but I’m Game … so shoot me…

    That Martin has tight buttocks report had to come off of Alyssa’s blog…..


    Mark Teixeira update: The Yankees remain intrigued by Teixeira, but not at the current price. Ditto for the Dodgers, who like Teixeira even though first baseman James Loney has hit eight homers in his first 225 major-league at-bats.

    The Dodgers have yet to say “yes” to Royals closer Octavio Dotel because they’re considering a number of other deals for relievers. They’ve considered members of the Yankees’ bullpen, but are unwilling to part with third baseman Wilson Betemit. The Braves also have shown interest in the Yankees’ relievers.

    Ken Rosenthal


    The more this **** Teixeira thing gets drawn out the more fear i have that Ned will do something dumb BUT i think he’s focused on getting arm’s.


    If we trade Loney for Teixeira but first work out a long term extension i would be sad, bc i love Loney and the fact that we drafted him, but not heartbroken. Just saying this, because that is the ONLY way a trade for Teixera makes any kind of sense…


    LONEY is not going anywhere but to 1st base in a Dodger uniform…..Loney has power and has unleashed it and he still has not hit full stride.He is cheap and good and will become better if not great. Look at NC’s past he is not gonna jump at this trade because Loney has done more then bust the Door down he made the Door frame smaller after wards there is no way shape or form anyway NC will let Loney slip away he is too good a hitter with wayyy too much upside.I don’t follow tradetalk on players like loney because paying millions for proven players vs paying a couple mil over the next few years is stupid when you have the better numbers already and the promise of outdoing those numbers in the future.NC may sign players but he doesn’t get rid of good soon to be great players for those players.


    Even though Tex is a tremendous player, I’d rather keep Loney and save some money so we can spend it on a quality pitcher.

    Being from New York I hope Ned does not acquire Proctor or Farnsworth from the Yanks unless it’s for a very low level prospect. Those guys are losers.

    It doesn’t seem like Ned wants to rush Meloan to the majors this season so I am nervous that Ned will sacrifice a good prospect for a middle relief pitcher.


    Hey, since Dodger Junkie is defunct, can we add Sons of Steve Garvey to the sidebar? It’s a great Dodger blog.


    proctor and farnsworth still better than some of the guys were have in our bullpen now. just sayin.


    Hendrickson did his job and he did it well. If anything comes out of last night it has to be that Hendrickson is a valued starter on this team and we need him !!!

    Go Dodgers !!


    Hendy is a valued PITCHER period (super utility pitcher) he’s done everything we’ve asked of him & then some.


    I typically never blame the manager but last night was just too much for me. It’s not that mistakes and things don’t happen, it’s just when I sit there knowing whats gonna happen before it happens you got to wonder if Grady is asleep at the wheel. Did we really need to try and squeeze another inning out of Hendu?

    You guys laugh at me sometimes for looking at #s but alot of the reason is because they are evidence as to why or why not to do something.

    1. Hendu’s era at the 75 pitch mark. 8.71 (he made 83 total pitches total)

    2. Saenz numbers

    with no one on: 3.42era 1.14whip .248 baa

    with Runners on:

    5.23 1.69 .304

    with RISP:

    7.30 1.86 .304


    Joe Nathan rumors swirling. Now there’s a guy who I wouldn’t mind dealing quality talent for.


    I heard the Red Sox were looking at our Vegas team the other day. I swear, LaRoche better not be traded for anything short of Papelbon.


    Hey wait a minute! Ramon and Joe Beimel on 8/8? They are supposed to be in Cincinnati!

    Love this site and all the info josh provides! Also reading all your comments. Thanks!


    momoracci, Papelbon has had ARM ISSUES in the past i wouldn’t deal La Roche for him


    Red Sox Scout Las Vegas 51s
    According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, the Red Sox sent Allard Baird to scout the Dodgers’ Triple A affiliate when they were in Tacoma earlier this week. The 51s are back in Vegas now.

    Cafardo says the Red Sox like third baseman Andy LaRoche, and that the Dodgers are looking for relief help. Hard to picture how the Red Sox would fill that need though. Some other interesting names on the 51s’ roster: Tony Abreu, Chin-Lung Hu, and Jonathan Meloan.

    How do these two teams match up? The Dodgers don’t have much need for Wily Mo Pena. And why would the Dodgers trade LaRoche to Boston for prospects? Maybe it’s a prospect-for-prospect scenario.


    if you guys think that our batters are too anxious and not patient enough, look at san diego. Aaron Cook of Colorado gave up 2 runs to them in the first inning and pitched a complete game with only 74 pitches!!


    74 Pitches 55 strikes for Aaron Cook

    I watched some of the game and it was the worst plate discipline I’ve seen in a while. By far worse than anything the Dodgers did earlier in the season under Murray. Dodgers were pretty bad last night, going back to old habits, 5 batters, 5 pitches. But, it looked like a fluke, they’ve been so patient lately and it’s paying off big time. Golden opportunity to jump back up to 2 games with Lowe on the mound.


    almost all of our top prospects are better then the bo sox top prospects. Mike Lowell maybe? LaRoche and Meloan for Mike Lowel maybe. I wouldn’t do that at all though.

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