Eric for Eric

Despite Eric Stults’ great game yesterday, more pitching is needed right now so he was optioned back to Triple-A and Eric Hull was recalled. He’s with the team in Houston right now. Takashi Saito should be arriving in Houston tonight and I still don’t have any sort of update yet medically, but once we do, I’ll pass it along or it will surely be in Ken Gurnick’s notebook.

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B (has reached base in 33 straight games, the longest streak in MLB in 2007)

Gonzo, LF

Nomar, 3B (birthday boy, along with Kuo, Stan Johnston and the late Pee Wee Reese and Don Drysdale)

Loney, 1B

Ethier, RF

Billingsley, P



    Hope Saito is ok and ready to pitch tonight. I don’t know if Big John Stud can close again tonight. Too bad for Stults, but we need a fresh arm in Hull up for relief.

    When’s Wolf scheduled to return? This is a big road trip coming up, Id like to hit 5-2 on the Hou-Col end.


    Maybe if Kemp got a chance to play everyday, he’d be more comfortable in the OF…How about Pierre’s 4 fly outs yesterday???

    The only thing wrong with Kemp’s bobble is we all know that guy on 3rd would have been dust at home and if it was a fly to CF, he would have scored no matter what, but that’s ok, right JP fans?


    i don’t know if anyone has brought this up yet, but about marlon anderson. remember when the report came out when marlon first came over that he told penny he was tipping his pitches? well after the mets series there was a quote about how marlon was instructing the mets batters on houlton. not only that, i wonder if its just a coincidence that lowe was knocked from pillar to post by the mets the other night. another reason why we should not have let marlon go!!!


    If you need help up to bat when Houlton’s pitching then you are pressing lol

    JP is OUR EVERYDAY CF, Kemp just lost that ball yesterday. HE WILL NOT START IN CF!


    There were plenty of reasons why we lost yesterday, Hernandez still on the team, another is Kemp’s error, he gets cut some slack because he’s young, but the fact is everyone here knows the ball should of been caught and he knows it better than anybody. He had a chance to redeem himself and struck out, just like Martin who had an awful series, Nomar’s bat may have woken up, we’ll see if it carries over on the road trip. With all the clutch hits Nomar came through with last year to win games (Grand Slam in Houston, S.D walk off, Arizona Walk-Off Grand Slam) he’s due to come up short and he did on a nasty pitch by Wagner…new day, new game, hopefully a much better conclusion.


    I appreciate JP’s effort generally, but he honestly is not the best option. I hate it when salary and ego are the driving force and not talent.

    How many teams sit a player that has been above .350 all year to play someone who hits .280 with no walks and no power and no defense?

    Justify that.


    I would love to but I’ve been having the same conversation for 5 months..I’m burned out and bored by it.



    And I would then argue against what alex would argue against you. But I am bored of it as well. JP is our CF for 2007 (at least) so let’s just move along.


    Yep 4 flyouts is definatly a tough way to end a 14 game hitting streak.Its a shame Kemp struckout instead of hitting a long flyball to score JP… and martin going 0-5 with 3K’s was pretty bad too.but of course its all JP’s fault that we lost…..


    Andy LaRoche homered in both games of a doubleheader for Triple-A Las Vegas on Sunday.
    LaRoche took Jake Woods and Tomo Ohka deep in the games against Tacoma. He has seven homers and 19 RBI in his last eight games.


    Nice update max, I’m happy to see LaRoche thriving after his early season struggles.


    I wonder what the Cubs record is since trading Barrett and wonder what the Padres record is since getting him.


    LaRoche is actaully healthy now. A couple of days after his demotion to the minors he was on the DL there. I have no doubt in my mind that if LaRoche was healthy when he was on the big club he’d be our starting third baseman right now.


    geez….this is how it goes when KEMP makes an error? people try to deflect blame towards JP and play the “what ifs” game to strengthen their arguments that JP is a scrub?

    fact of the matter is that KEMP made that error and the run scored….would JP have caught it if it was hit to CF? Probably… and if he did, would the runner from 3rd score? undoubtedly ya, in fact, the runner from 3rd probably would have walked in…But the FACT is that that didn’t happen, its merely a hypothetical that doesn’t have an bearing on yesterday’s play…

    I don’t see anyone calling for KEMP’s head after HE made that error… Kemp’s error hurt us, but i don’t have any ill-will towards the guy for missing that ball…like every player out on the field, as long as they give 110%, i can live with that….

    What irks me is that fact that people play their favorites and an error by one player on the field is not as bad as a hypothetical error…Really, what does the error of KEMP have to do with JP? you guys know that if JP made that very same error, this board would go nuts and certain posters would go wild…..

    anyways, the error hurt, we failed to produce at the end of the game with runners on, it was a team loss, live with it…

    both KEMP and Nomar struck out….but i guess NOMAR failed us for striking out and should be DFA’s, but KEMP’s strike out is okay then?? geez, some of you surprise me…


    btw…let’s hope saito is alright, he’s been money this year, and we really need him if we want to go deep into october πŸ™‚



    Belated thank yous to you, Camille Johnston and Frank McCourt for, without solicitation, taking the time to meet with the Dodger Thoughts group prior to Saturday’s game. I think we all enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you all and discuss the product and organization that is near and dear to all of us.

    I left that day impressed with the Dodgers organization and with ownership (or as McCourt said, “stewardship”) and the general vision and long-range outlook that was presented.

    Good luck to you and the organization as we head down the home stretch and into the future seasons.

    And don’t trade Matt Kemp!

    El Lay Dave.


    JP had a great at bat against Wagner, snapped a 14 game hitting streak, has 40 steals but its his fault kemp dropped a routine pop up and struck out instead of making contact. Does anyone know why grittle pulled Tomko & stults so early yet leaves Lowe in there until there is no chance to comeback?


    Alex or Max or any of the other stats guys out there, how has Martin done since he became the everyday #3 hitter in the lineup? Is it my imagination or has he struggled a bit at that spot?


    Martin struggled this past series, Nomar struggles for three months and no one wants to move him. Who would you bat three can’t go wrong leaving our best hitter there that can steal more bases than our leadoff hitter. I don’t get it why not bat Pierre lead off and Furcal second?


    The three best OF on the dodgers right now and for the forseeable future are Kemp, Ethier and Gonzo (though Gonzo is admittedly a poor defensive OF).

    Kemp and Ethier can both play CF better than JP and are far better offensive players than JP. JP just makes 12X the $$ that Kemp and Ethier make combined.

    Can Nomar go on the DL for each road trip with a hangnail or something?


    .328/.399/.487/.886 in the #3 spot this season, but he ran into a buzzsaw against the Mets getting only 2 hits in 4 games, so his numbers before the series were far better. Even still they’re still very solid.


    Gonzo is not playing better than Pierre, especially in the past month. Pirre’s arm doesn’t look so bad when Ethier & Kemp are in the line up, they cut the balls in the gap off. But with Gonzo and Pierre out there that really weakens our D. Has anyone watched Kemp in right he is not as good as Pierre in center, he soesn’t get as good of jumps as Pierre. He has a better arm but that’s why he’s in right.


    Last 7 days martin is hitting .120 with a .185obp
    #3 hole .328 with a .398 obp

    .328/.419obp in July…


    This is what Tony Jackson just posted
    “Saito’s MRI showed nothing. He will rejoin the team during the game tonight, and there is some hope he will be ready to pitch by tomorrow. He had an injury similar to this in Japan”


    Too bad about Stults being optioned, but he’s got to know that he’s contributed.

    If there is something that I have learned about baseball in the last two years that I did not truly understand before is that a team wins (or loses) based on the 40-man roster, not just the 25-man. And we still have good depth. Stults will be back.

    Good news about Saito from Tony Jackson–nothing showed up and he may be ready tomorrow. Let’s blow ’em out tonight.


    and then again the MRI on schmidt showed nothing either… i know its not the same thing but MRIs are kinda useless sometimes. meanwhile we’re going at least another day with a short pitching staff…im still fairly concerned.


    I often wonder what my comment or posting would be after I check out the lineup. I had a few ideas. But then I told a friend of mine I wasn’t coming out tonight because it was an 8:05 game. He as usual told me he wondered why I watched the game since they’d proberbly would lose anyway. I usually mutter something like I like watching. But tonight I suddently got angry. I told him the Dodgers could have just as easy swept the Mets as to lose 3 out of 4. I felt for years the Mets had dominated us, but that feeling is GONE. If our starting pitching didn’t take a hit which effected our usually sound bullpen and tired them out we would of been the better team. Our hitting, whether its Bill Mueller or what, has definately improved. We made mistakes with our defense, which lacks experience. We gave them all 3 games. But we’re going to straighten our selves out and get back to October as sure as sure as Christ made apples. THINK BLUE******LET’S GO DODGERS


    Alex and Fisher, thanks for the Martin info. I am sure he will make the necessary adjustmements. It is easy to forget he is only in his second season because he plays like a seasoned veteran.


    Over the last 7 days:

    Nomar’s BABIP: .375

    Martin’s BABIP: .150

    Where the normative range is approximately .290, it’s pretty clear that neither of them are performing now at a “new” level — Martin will bounce back in a huge way, while Nomar will tail off again.


    I know its very doubtful but whats these rumors I here about Ethier,Loney,and a minor league pitcher for mark teixeira.


    CASINOD383:: Ckeck my post from this morning under AUTOGRAPHS. Your post W/regards to JP & KEMP agrees with me 100 PERCENT!!


    I always like Mark Teixeira but I wouldn’t trade ETHIER & LONEY for him now.


    Thanks for the Saito update diehard. That is definitely great news. What would we have done if the MRI’s showed serious injury? I don’t even want to think about it!

    I can’t believe some of you are still talking down on JP. Give the guy a break. He’s been playing very well for us for about 2 months.

    Let’s hope Bills can give us a strong outing and help rest that bullpen. Let’s also hope Grady (whom I rarely criticize) doesn’t think Hernandez is a good option…


    Wow, no Broxton tonight (rest) nor Saito, Beimel is our closer tonight, we really need Bills to step up tonight and our offense to pound the Astros tonight. It could get ugly if Bills isn’t sharp…


    We did not need Gagne until the past few days and who knows how he would have fared with the workload in L.A. as opposed to Texas.


    After cooking yesterday at the ravine I’m sooo happy to be back at my normal place and actually seeing the game….Althought the 10th inning almost rally was alot of fun WTG KENT!!!


    Kent has kinda quietly become a force in this line-up, I love it. You know how the saying goes…hitting is contagious.


    We need Gagne?

    Why in the world would we trade for Gagne who 4 months. Do you think Texas is goin to give him up for less than Loney, Kemp, Bills, or Russ Mart?

    Your nuts.


    Texas might be willing to just dump his contract seeing as how they are not in the running with him…Might get him just to take over the contract … ever think about it that way?Texas is a selling team and if we put the money back in there pockets as he is a 1 year signing.Not saying we need him but that is a point to ponder.


    and after Gagne let’s go after Eckersley, Lee Smith, and John Wetteland…after all you can never have enough pitching right?


    The best part about the game so far has to be Bills’ pitch efficiency. Keep it going and save the bullpen for a day.


    Bills looking good so far. That curve he threw to Berkman was just unfair especially for the first pitch of the AB.


    I hear SAITO may not be available again, It would be good if we could score some runs Tonight.


    we can easily get gagne for a B or C grade prospect. would pretty much be a salary dumb. THINK BEFORE YOU POST.


    for the right price… player to be named or someone we don’t need and player to be named even better and we eat the money.


    Bills is looking good. Looks like my investemnt in a Bills jersey is paying off. I hope it gets here before the 3rd. Im going to a game that night!


    If we trade Hu or Abreu for Dotel, we are getting ripped! Dotel has given up 21 hits in 21 inn. plus he has 10 walks. 26 K’s in 21 inn., but with that many hits and walks, do the K’s really matter? He’s been either ineffective or injured the last three years. To trade a guy that could potentially lock up a middle infield spot for us for the next 4+ years is not a good idea.


    Ya see that? Furcal waving JP in? why? Because Donnally is a horrible 3rd base coach!I don’t hate anyone but lastyear and this I have seen Horrible baserunning due to the 3rd base coaching…..


    YEAH! Bills got outta trouble with a little assistance by the All-Star and Loney with the sweet tag.


    MARTIN may not be providing much offense but that defensive pick off at first base makes up for a lot.


    that 5th inning of Bills was really impressive. He got into trouble but you couldn’t tell by looking at Bills or the way he pitched. He’s got that ace type make up. We needed innings from him today and he did that. He needed to find a way to get out of that 5th inning and he did with Help from the other Kids.


    The “kids” just keep getting more impressive each game. I and alot of other dodger fans who follow the farm system alot have been dreaming of this for couple of years and its coming true now.

    Grunick still thinks the Dodgers are going after that first basemen from the Rangers(i know his name i just refuse to say it). That would be a diaster. It would be an old Dodgers move. DON’T DO IT


    Super”clark”KENT is reliable again da GONZ is hot and NOMAR gets 1 in, after a nice short double by MARTIN


    lord knows we will need the bullpen with Lurch going tomorrow even though he’s been better then expected this year for the most part.


    Manny3–I am afraid that you are wrong about Gagne. I love the guy, but the health of his arm is questionable and his salary big. We could overcome that if we needed a guy to end games. But Gagne is no good as a set-up man. He has the mentality of a closer. He is lights out to end games, but not to come in during the 7th and 8th.

    Perhaps, given that he has pithcing well, you might actually ask Gagne to close games. Lots of fun for Dodger fans, to be sure. But Gagne’s contract is incentive-laden based on Games Finished. So he would not waive the no-trade clause unless he was either going to close the games or have his contract guaranteed (Gagne might do it for love, but his agent, that jerk Boras, won’t). So why go with a $10 million closer when we have a $1 million closer who is just as good. It’s just not economical.

    Max–I can’t fathom that Texiera trade making any sense whatsover. He may be a fine ballplayer, but James Loney is our first basemen, and ranges anywhere betwee not-yet-as-good-as-Tex-but-with-potential and already-better-than-Tex. I don’t think Gurnick is reporting that there is interest, but since the team is in Texas, I think he is reporting the rumors that they are flogging in Texas–the fools in the Dallas Morning News can’t seem to stop–perhaps they don’t like Texiera??? I don’t know. But as Dodger Thoughts reports, Loney, with a HBP tonight, has now reached base 28 consecutive games–the third longest active streak in the league behind Jeff Kent with 34 (the longest streak this year) and Ryan Howard with 29. And, BTW, Texiera makes something around 25 times what Loney makes, and Loney is 3 years away from arbitration (I think). Agree or disagree with all of the management moves, but Ned has done a good job at protecting the top-shelf talent that has been helping us (trading Edwin Jackson, Joel Guzman, Willy Aybar, Navarro, but holding onto Kemp, Bills, Loney, Martin, and all sorts of guys who teams are desperate for).

    Also, when I was at the game on Sunday, they advertised that Loney and Kemp would be making personal appearances at two Southland area Staples stores on August 4 (Hopefully Josh can send those details?) That suggests that everyone expects those guys to be around after the trade deadline. Admittedly, they can change things around, and the PR department may not be tied into the moves that the baseball operations make, but Loney and Kemp were sent out on personal appearances just before the All-Star Break. That suggests the one thing that we all suspect–these guys are going to be very big parts of the team for years to come, and the Dodgers expect them to be the faces of the franchise (along with Martin and Penny–who will probably be on the right and left field walls at the Stadium next year–and a few others).


    My Loney has a first name,
    It’s J-A-M-E-S

    My Loney has a second name,

    It’s L-O-N-E-Y

    I love to watch him every day

    And if you ask me why I’ll say

    ‘Cause James Loney has a way

    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!


    Sorry Old Fogey–My brother liked your ending, but thought it was too cerebral for the casual fan.


    fisher–I’ll send it along. My brother was trying to pass out the lyrics at the game last Monday. But I say feel free to use your preferred ending.


    ****, so close Bills, so very close! GREAT JOB BILLS! You’re still the M.V.P of this game!


    Bills is great tonight, but I am worried about his pitch count–over 106 now. He needs to end it soon.

    But even with the HR, a great, great job. Just what the Doctor (Jobe) ordered for the bullpen.


    Exactly. Bills was HUGE. And the offense was great which gave us the comfort of not having to hit for him and the freedom that only Hull even got up.

    But Bills did this one!


    Ok, 113 pitches in 5 innings, Bad

    106 pitches, saving the bullpen, pitching a complete game and the best game of his big league career, very very good in many different ways.



    The “CROWN JEWEL” Chad BILLINGSLEY pitched a JEM. and don’t forget the 17 more hits tonight. KEEP IT GOING BOYS.


    Leekfink, assuming Saito is gonna be out for a while, going after Gagne makes good sense. He would close while Saito’s out and when Sammy comes back…well, I’m sure that a problem Grady would welcome at this point.

    It seems your concerns about getting Gagne boil down to 1) his reluctance/inability to come in the 7th and 8th and 2) his contract .

    The first is something I think he can deal with if he’s willing to do so, and the second matters to no one other then Mr. McCourt. I mean, if I’m not mistaken, his contract maxes out at about 10-11 mil. Assuming he reaches the max, we’d be responsible for about 5 mil. Its not like we’re taking on an albatross.


    our offense is looking lethal…way to go guys in blue! great all around effort, and it helps when you’re starter is out there throwing up zero’s πŸ™‚

    let’s keep it going!!!!!!!


    Save Hull for tomorrow he is good and will count to spell some really tired arms.I think Hernandez being signed for a minorleague contract should go help LV because we are really taxing them again this year.


    I don’t have the stats to back this up, but our offense has made a dramatic improvement the past 3-4 weeks.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!


    We get into alot more close games then blowouts if we could get Gagne back for a few months without giving up more then money it would not only boost attendance but allow each Gagne and Saito to alternate instead of pitching back to back games while trimming the unproductive…


    another way to look at it is if one closer blows a save you still have one waiting in the wings where grady has always been afraid to put a closer in same as pinch hitting the only backup catcher…it allows for error.


    Ok Manny, you ready to give up Loney, Ethier and Broxton to get Gagne back?

    Dumbest thing I have heard in awhile!


    Manny3–If Saito were going to be out for any extended period, then maybe going after Gagne makes sense. But the reports are good, and I’m optimistic. We should know long before a deal could even be put together.

    I don’t doubt that Gagne would try to pitch in non-close situations (if we guarantee his contract). I just don’t think he is mentally cut out for it. He had the same great stuff when he was tried as a starter, but never cut it. The only bad outings he had in his Cy Young year were the All-Star Game when he pitched in the 8th, and a couple of situations when he pitched in tie games. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just sense that Gagne’s mentality is about ending games. Usually that’s good, but I think he has to be used like that.

    As for his Contract, there are two things–first, who do we give up for him? Yeah, if it means moving Delwyn Young (who probably deserves a chance, but who faces a pretty full outfield), OK. But obviously, not any of the guys making a difference now (I’ve said it before, unless we can get Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig from 1927, it’s silly to lose a Loney or Kemp). But even while it’s easy to say that the amount of the contract only matters to Mr. McCourt, I am a realist. $5 Million on a closer means less money to spend on a front-line or middle-of-the-rotation starter, an extension for Penny, a long-term contract for Russell Martin, or a higher parking fee at the Stadium, or something. In other words, it’s going to affect something somewhere. If money were no object, then we should go out and acquire A-Rod to play third, Griffey to play right, Pujols at first, and get Clemens, Oswalt, and Santana to shore up our rotation. In fact, if money were no object, we could have just signed him in the off-season.

    It’s not that I don’t like the guy–I love him. But it just doesn’t make sense anymore.


    Curtis, I never said I would give up any of those guys for Gagne…I hope you’re kidding, otherwise you’re a complete idiot.


    SCurtis, I never said I would give up any of those guys for Gagne. In fact, what I did said was that we could probably get him for a B or C level prospect.

    I hope you’re kidding, otherwise you’re a complete idiot.


    oh good god, the Tex trade made the freakin dodger notes?!? somebody stop this before ned starts to think its a good idea!!!


    Leekfink, points well taken.

    In the end though – as a fan – I wouldn’t mind seeing Gagne back in Dodger Blue for the stretch run (for the right price of course).


    The Dodgers after 100 games are 56-44, last year they were 47-53 during a long losing streak. But then recovered to win the Wild Card. This rumor of Loney & or La Roche being traded for Mark Texieira. I could of understood it a year ago. Loney eventually will be as good as Tex. What’s the matter they can’t wait? Do we need Tex now? I say we don’t need him anymore.


    Linebrink just blew the hold/save. Matt Holliday tied it up on a three run blast Colorado and S.D tied at 5 Bottom 8.

    No comment on any trade rumors…that’s all they are


    Brad Hawpe just killed a Cla Meredith pitch for a two run home run

    Colorado 7 San Diego 5 Headed to the ninth…


    just another day at Coors field… Hawpe adds a 2 run shot. πŸ™‚ alex, i realize its just ‘rumors’ but its so obviously stupid at this point i wonder why its even still a rumor.


    The Madres aren’t a good team. We finally have our best players playing now and once we get healthy we’ll be better. The Madres team BA is like .242 they are pathetic.


    Its so stupid too because Teixera is represented by Boras and, sincerely, why bring that guy into the fold unless its absolutely necessary– like when it comes to signing A-Rod. We have a great first baseman who is young, cheap, under contract for multiple years, and is not represented by a guy who will gladly screw you for a few more million…..


    Exactly, it’s actually not even worth our time to talk about them, I don’t mind talking about potential deals that we as fans would like to see, that’s fun, but everything ‘reported’ is exaggerated BS, don’t buy into it. The ONLY time this **** is real is when the trade is done and leaked before it’s announced and you read…

    REPORT: So and so dealt to Dodgers…

    …if it’s anything else by Rosenthal/Gammons/Olney etc…it’s pure speculation by them based off conversations they’ve had with people within the organization, to get you to watch Baseball Tonight or click their links etc…there are very few exceptions like everything in life, but that’s the norm.


    The rumor I just read said that the Red Sox, Angels, Braves and of course the Yankees, they want everbody are after Texieira. Nothing about the Dodgers and they want get rid of Gagne & Sosa.


    Manny–I agree that it would be great to see him back in the Blue. I think we were robbed of the moment we all wanted to see–Gagne jogging out of the bullpen in the bottom of the Ninth of a playoff game. I was at the Lima Game in 2004, and was expecting it. We were all excited that Lima was going the whole way, and we just assumed that there would be another chance. But it only makes sense at the low price you are talking about, and it seems unlikely.

    You gotta love Coors Field (unless we’re playing there)–no lead is safe.

    I hope it’s not too soon to do this:

    Dodgers Magic Number=62.


    Why can’t we bring up someone like Justin Orenduff to start. Lurch just doesn’t have major league talent, end of story.


    leave poor lurch alone he has done more to win ballgames then more then a few guys on our current 25 man roster but for that so have some that are in vegas.Someone has to answer the bell and Lurch had his games in the beginning of the season as well as of late.If we can get a healthy 5 man rotation back in order lurch can go back to long relief and our bullpen can get healthy again.


    I’m just flattered anyone remembered “The Loney Song (old_fogey alternate ending version)” !

    Chad Billingsley was a stud when it was needed the most. The veterans really came through today, with the kids chipping in. Offense still rolling – 17 hits!

    Don’t be surprised if Ned takes a cheap flier on Joel Pineiro who the Bosox just DFAed. He’s still young, 28, was decent-to-good a couple years ago, contract is not too horrible (what remains of $4 million this year – about $1.3 million – some unreachable incentives, and an ’08 option that I hope is the team’s and not the player’s) or he is signed for the minimum after passing through waivers. Never pitched in the NL before, maybe a change of scenary? Worst case – he stinks more than Roberto Hernandez fielding grounders and gets released again.


    I liked that ending OF it rhymed nice with the OM OG version.

    I sent a reply to your surf fishing detail request check your mail.

    Great game tonight live bats and Great Pitching By Bills 7-0!


    I checked my mailbox but couldn’t find your e-mail. It wasn’t in junk or deleted either; when did you send it? And from what e-mail address?


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