Somehow I feel like I’ve betrayed the masses by only posting lineups for a few days. I’m hoping to write more tonight during the game (though please don’t think that means there’s a big move coming because as far as I know, there isn’t). And let’s be honest, you’re coming here for the lineup, not my rambling.

If you want to hear straight from Ned, tune into AM 570 at 5 p.m., as he’ll be on with Petros and Money. And there’s info coming about a new program we’re starting with KFWB, so at the very least I’ll write about that tonight.

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Nomar, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, RF

Tomko, P



    Oliver Perez’s weakness is his wildness, he has 22 walks in his last 6 starts. He’s been extremely hard to hit from both sides of the plate this season (.205 BAA from lefties, .212 righties). HR’s are most likely to be hit by righties against him. The Dodgers last year destroyed Perez, in two starts he gave up 13 earned runs, 15 hits and 12 walks. Including a start at the Ravine where he walked 7! So, he’s his own worst enemy, be patient.



    agreed. we should hope perez walks the house and a clutch hit or two (or ten since tomko’s pitching) falls in.


    Agree! Patience will pay off. Another lefty, another hit parade. ****, last night, it wasn’t the offense that needed to step up.


    Despite Ollie’s low opponents BA, I’m predicting another 10+ hits tonight with our track record against southpaws. Will it be enough, who knows?

    It’s an uphill battle with Tomko going against their line-up.


    I wonder if the Yankees would pull the trigger on a Nomar for Proctor deal. I would fully support that move but does Nomar have a no trade clause? They need a 1B right now don’t they?


    There’s gotta be some moves coming, and I hope it’s in the pitching. Dodger offense will heat up when there’s a reason (look at last night, trying to play catch-up for the bad 1st inning). Dodger defense, well, everyone makes mistakes. If you get enough RBI’s, your team can handle an error. But great pitching will overcome great hitting anyday.


    Don’t get me wrong, I bleed Dodger blue, but if we take this current roster into the home stretch, I’m not convinced that we can go all the way, pitching is always 5x more important in the postseason.


    the yanks want betemit, not nomar. no one wants nomar. i would think they’d put betemit at 1b if they had to.


    I would expect that Nomar has at least a limited no-trade clause. Practically speaking, I think the only trade that he would accept would be to stay near home, like Anaheim. The Angels could also capitalize on his fan base value in the LA area. Is it realistic that he could be traded? I don’t think so – like, what does he have to offer to another club. The best solution that I could see would be to let him pinch hit and get rid of Saenz and Martinez. That would be paying a lot of money for a pinch hitter, but right now we don’t have an effective one in Saenz, and either LaRoche or even Abreu should be able to provide at least the same offense as Nomar in the regular lineup.


    He has no-trade protection, normally it reads limited trade protection like Penny has, if it’s a limited no-trade clause. So, he would have to waive it to leave his home. Would you do that?


    Here’s some evidence that Meloan might be up sooner than we think. According to Ken Rosenthal:
    The Royals could not even acquire a Tony Abreu from the Dodgers for Octavio Dotel. Previously it had been said that the Dayton Moore was asking for Matt Kemp or James Loney. And Duke Snider plus Sandy Koufax.

    I like Ned Coletti more and more, stick with the kids.


    Alex, I would do it at this point in the season with Betemit showing that he’s turned the page from his early season struggles. In my mind Nomar is bridging a gap between what could be 5 lethal hitters batting back to back (Martin, Kent, Lugo/Ethier, Loney, Kemp)


    the yanks want betemit, not nomar. no one wants nomar.

    We apparently do, nightly and batting in front of players who are hitting over .350.


    I’m saying from Nomar’s perspective, take baseball out of the equation. His wife and twins are here in Los Angeles. Would you accept a trade, move your family and babies to a new place? The no-trade clause is there for a reason! He’s not going anywhere, this to me is a dead topic, Colletti won’t persue a trade because Nomar has probably made it clear (and for good reason) he doesn’t want to leave Los Angeles. All we as fans can hope for is he pulls through and somehow gets back to what he used to be. Unrealistic? Maybe, but Nomar is going nowhere!


    There isn’t anything Nomar can do about a DFA. If he continues to decline next year, there will be no choice.


    The loss of SCHMIDT & WOLF hurt us last night. With them we had Billingsley, Hendrickson &/or Tomko for long relief. It’s tough without Longmen espcially
    when you want to rest your setup & closer, but I don’t think LITTLE played it right. I don’t think LOWE should of come back after the first inning. Just because we score 2 runs doesn’t mean he stays in. Right there stop the bleeding and bring in DJ and put Derek away for his next start. Then let HOULTON take his lumps-if necessary-for 3 or 4 innings. (IF KOUFAX HAD A BAD START ALSTON WOULD REPLACE HIM AFTER 3 or 4 BATTERS). It was obvious Lowe was not LOWE. Other then that it was good to see the teams slam that ball around. Tonight’s game looks like a missmatch-Oliver Perez vs TOMKO. But let’s not give up before the games starts. Nerves will be hopping from the first pitch and they should have DJ up and ready AGAIN. For once we’re looking at our offense to bail us out. BEIMEL, BROXTON & SAITO Should be well rested. I HOPE THE PHILS CAN JUMP ON JUSTN GERMANO we can sure use the help. LET’S GO DODGERS WIN WIN WIN.


    Well if we can’t move him across the country, can we at least move him to the #8 spot? Their comes a time when loyalty becomes blind, I think that we have reached that point now that Loney and Kemp both have over 100 ABs and are hitting .374 and .383 respectively.


    Agree Alex, Nomar is not going anywhere. He would make an excllent utility guy at this point in his career.

    2 of our five starters heading into the year were injury concerns heading into the year (wolf and Schmidt) One of our starters is awful and our 6th starter is pretty bad to. So i hope Ned dosent trade for pitching even though we need it. His track record with arms not going to the hall of fame has been spotty at best.


    i think the dodgers still see nomar as a valuable and important part of this team, despite his offensive woes, and even if they could trade him they wouldn’t. if nomar really was relegated to utility duties, he would be one awesome utility guy. but as everyday starter at a corner position, i have a hard time getting behind him, especially when we are power starved and have betemit just lying around.


    Even without the power as Alex has pointed out, he is still productive at home.

    I mean if he could just generate a little power he would be awesome at home.

    .337/.398/.399/.797 currently at home.

    road: .217/.246/.271/.517

    I have never seen such crazy splits. Maybe he really misses his twins or something.


    Those splits are nuts, plus you gotta factor in that Betemit is still mainly pinch-hitting and spot starting as of now, how much is this hindering his ability to really get into a groove?


    Let me put my 5cents into this debate, I think they should just regulate NOMAR to the bench. He may ask for a trade if he wants more playing time. I don’t think we’ll get much for him, but who really knows. Meanwhile put the MEAT MAN back on 3rd on a regular basis. Then we just wait and see.


    Those are Herculian stats jungar, you gotta ride that pony while its hot. This is the time of year where egos need to be buried and teams need to create a little breathing room.


    Nomar in 329 Ab’s

    15 extra base hits

    Nomar on base: .323

    Nomar RISP: .402

    Nomar 24 walks 32ks

    Wilson in 147abs

    18 extra base hits

    Wilsonon base: .358

    Wilson RISP: .263

    wilson 28 walks 45ks


    Where’s my post about this topic? Plain and simple, Nomar starting tonight sure not one problem whatsoever. I have no doubt Betemit will be in there tomorrow against the righty in a day game. Betemit should start all road games against righties, Nomar at home is the same player as last season, just without the power. They do the same thing with Craig Biggio, they love him at home. But, regulate his time on the road. Nomar should play most games at home, but Betemit is absolutely fantastic this month and should start on the road. But, Betemit can’t hit lefties and never should start against them.


    I agree Charris. It was that kind of hitting that got Loney the first base job and moved Nomar to 3b. So why not Wilson? At the same time, I will say that maybe his hot hitting is due to matchups Grady has created for him. I don’t know, just throwing it out there.


    If Nomar agreed to go the Yankees, they would want to dump Farnsworth on us instead of Proctor. I would take that!

    Farnsworth would be much better in the weaker NL.

    It is sort of a lose-lose trade for the Yanks and Dodgers.

    We are glad to lose Nomar.

    Yanks are happy to lose Farnsworth….


    Alex we have been over this. You keep saying this one thing that drives me nutty. (although I totallu agree with your take above in general; nomar is a fan fav, there are commercials about him, he is doing well enough at home etc and the reality is, he aint going anywhere.)

    But…. “Betemit can’t hit lefties and never should start against them”

    Nomar vs lefties:


    Wilson vs lefties:

    .250 .300 .429 .729

    So neither can hit lefties (this year). And one guy at least is showing power vs them.


    I read earlier that Betemit, along with Ethier and Pierre, has benefitted the most from Mueller’s coaching – in categories like patience at the plate (# of pitches in each AB), selection of better pitches to hit, and most importantly in the batting average comparison before and after Mueller took on the assignment. I really hope that we give Betemit the chance to start against right handers as soon as we go on the road. I think we could get a big payback, unless he’s traded for somebody really decent.


    The problem isn’t a lack of talent. The problem are guys like Nomar and Pierre getting too much playing time. Let Betemit play 3rd, Kemp in CF, Ethier in RF, get Wolf healthy, and things will be just fine. No need to sell off young talent for rent-a-vet pitching.

    Pierre lovers, just stop. A few good weeks doesn’t make up for 3 bad months. The team is better off with Kemp, Ethier, and Gonzo in the OF.


    Agreed jungar, and how will Betemit ever improve against lefties if he never gets the opportunity to bat RH?


    alex, I think we need to start thinking about who the better overall asset is and plug who ever isn’t into a utility role. If Nomar was on the bench, he could spell ever INF position other than SS and he may even be able to do that.


    cool stuff here:

    Marlon Anderson returned to the big leagues with the New York Mets on Thursday night in Los Angeles, where the locals should have two fond memories of the left-handed-hitting outfielder:

    1) He batted .375 with seven home runs and 15 RBI from Sept. 1 on last season, picking up for a lost Andre Ethier and helping the Dodgers into the playoffs.

    2) Upon his arrival from Washington, he informed new teammate Brad Penny that the pitcher had been tipping his breaking ball, and almost every hitter in the National League knew it.

    While Penny couldn’t tighten his mechanics in time to help the Dodgers last season, a few offseason adjustments have led to his Cy Young Award candidacy in this one. Anderson said he actually watched a couple of Penny’s bullpen sessions late in the season.

    “If I’m on a team with a guy, that’s something I’ll do for him,” Anderson said. “I’ve always been that way.”

    Amid 35 more hits at Dodger Stadium on Thursday night (20 off Tom Glavine and Derek Lowe in a combined five innings), two stood out for what they meant to the direction of the Dodgers, Ned Colletti’s trading deadline and Bill Mueller’s career as a hitting coach. It was the bottom of the second inning, the Dodgers already trailing the Mets, 6-2. Glavine, seeking his 299th career win, was in trouble. Under Eddie Murray, Dodgers hitters might have been slashing at everything. But, James Loney worked the count to 3-and-1, got a fastball up, and drove it to left field, his opposite field. Up next, Matt Kemp went to a full count against Glavine, also got a high fastball, and also drove it the other way, into the right-field bleachers. Colletti needs at least one pitcher – preferably a starter – and Loney and Kemp are very popular demands. But, they’re both crowding .400, and both future middle-of-the-order hitters, perhaps as soon as this summer.

    “They look like they’re pretty good players,” Glavine said later. “It’s a case of them getting more comfortable and getting better and realizing what they’re capable of doing.”


    Trust me guys. Trust the kids. They are really gonna be something special. The idea right now that we have an all star catcher at 24. A pair of futre middle order bats at age 22 and 23. We have a future lights out closer who is 22 and a future ace who is 22, both are doing well in their roles now. And many other guys on the way (Abreu, Hu, Kershaw ,Laroche).

    Ethier and Wislon are the old men among the kids at 25.

    Prime years don’t even happen until 27-31 according to most experts.


    28 AB’s this season for Betemit against lefties (7 hits), small sample size. Nomar despite this season has always hit lefties well, in fact his career numbers are almost identical (righty vs. lefty) Betemit has never shown he could consistantly…


    Career vs. lefties: .233 .279 .360 .639 (5 HR’s)

    vs. righties: .274 .353 .470 .824 (27 HR’s)


    Let me get blasted for this post. Potential 2008 lineup:








    Dodgers need to attempt to dump Nomar and Pierre in off season and go with in-house products. Look at what the farm system has developed-Martin Bills, Brox, Loney, Kemp, with Laroche, Lu, Meloan, Dewitt, Paul all tearing up their leagues-stay in house


    he’s really saying nothing of note…still looking for SP/RP, worried about nomar, still believes in tomko (ugh), not worried about the offense as much b/c of loney and kemp. so nothing new.


    2008 Lineup needs to include Furcal, Pierre, and Kent. They are not going any place.

    Try that lineup for 2009










    Nomar will be a UTL player who gets 200 ABs


    I was curious, so I looked this up…














    Now these are Nomar’s homeruns year by year…equalling 213…i’m sorry, but that doesn’t scream power hitter to me, so what is this loos of power everynoe is talking about unless its just from last year to this year.


    jkeezell: dude, nobody is taking on Pierre’s contract. He will be here for 4 more years whether we like it or not. You saw last year what a healthy Furcal can do. Lu might not even be MLB ready next year let alone good enough to supplant Furcal. LaRoche over Betemit at 3rd with Nomar still on the team? Young won’t be in the OF because of Pierre. Outside of Martin and Ethier nobody on that team has proven they can play in the bigs for more than a few weeks. Don’t be crazy.


    Kent’s option will not be picked up. I can dream that Pierre and Nomar will be elsewhere


    Because every single one of those seasons where Nomar hit less than 20 HR’s he didn’t play in anymore than 81 games, because of injury.

    4 (24 games, rookie season)





    4 (21 games)



    9 (81 games Sox/Cubs)

    9 (62 games Cubs)

    20 (Only 122 games for Dodgers)

    2 (This season in 89 games)

    He was injured in 2004 and 2005, played in less games and had 7 more HR’s than he does now. He’s lost his power!


    Pierre’s contract may be difficult to move, but he will still interest a lot of temas. Furcal’s contract is intersting because he will have one year left-a lot of teams may go for Furcal for one year-such as the Bosox. I just think the dodgers need to focus in-house. They have brought up numerous players in the last year and a half, and for the most part, they have done well. Players such as Lu, Young and Laroche need to be given consideration. Laroche is obviously healthy now given his production in July. Young looks to be a great hitter,I recall Yeager commenting last year on Young’s bat speed. I just don’t think the Dodgers just turn their focus on the rent a vets-this has not worked well in the past and historically does not work well for any team.


    Also, Kent’s option for 08 is vested with 550 PA’s, so he’ll be back unless he retires.


    That’s not my point, he’s never been a power hitter per se, you still need power to drive the ball out of the park. For whatever reason he’s lost his swing to drive the ball out of the park. If you don’t see the difference between 20 HR’s and 2, then I’m the one who’s sorry.


    He isn’t the same hitter as he was last year in any facet, not just HRs, but at the same time, the team doesn’t need him to be,well maybe they do, but in the standings, you can’t argue that it’s killing them that he isn’t. He notoriously kills the ball in August, and he didn’t get to do anything in the playoffs last year, but personally, I wouldn’t want anyone else up there with the game on the line. I’d rather him be awful in the regular season, then light it up in the playoffs personally.


    That man may be old but he still leads this team in HR’s and his OBP is .442 for the month. But, yes I can live with his retirement if it means settling for a World Championship…


    Also if I may ask, is he still using that red bat, from the games i’ve seen in person, he uses that awful red bat, in BP he looks as dreadful with that bat as he does during games , but there’s this other bat he uses that he just murders the ball with, and I could never figure out why he never switches bats, he used a different bat last year, maybe that has something to do with it? probably not, but just a personal observation.


    Sometimes I get on some of you guys for making some childish remarks.

    But I have to say tonight you are mostly making some very valid points.

    Not all points that I would/could support, but valid points non-the-less, and many I could agree with easily.


    Tomko will win more games in the second half than D-Lowe. Dodgers win division by 5 games with a 95 win season.


    24 1st inning pitches. need to buckle down and pitch deep into this game. we sorely need 6 innings from BT.


    I think the baseball gods are just punishing Tomko for being so bad for so long. If he starts pitching well, they’ll eventually smile down on him.


    Kiper wait until after tonight’s game before making that call. Doing what Tomko did against the Giants is one thing, if he comes close to that tonight, that’s impressive. His name may be Brett Tomko, but it would take a lot to be as bad as Lowe was last night. That’s why they play the games…Derek Lowe and Tom Glavine combine to give up 15 runs one night and the next night Tomko may throw 7 scoreless innings or be gone in the 2nd. The same applies to Oliver Perez…That’s why I love the game, you can’t predict a **** thing.

    Posted by: | July 20, 2007 02:40 PM

    If baseball is truly unpredictable, then Nomore will hit a home run tonight.

    Posted by: | July 20, 2007 02:46 PM

    Love that so much, Nomar hits a HR tonight of all nights, after that statement…


    Does anyone know MARTIN’s BATTING AVERAGE against the METS. Maybe it’s better he doesn’t hit well because they’ll proberly think of him as Lo Duca’s replacement.


    My last posting was no typo, It seems to me when the pitching is good it always seems to offset hitting. GOOD PITCHING= BAD HITTING Good HITTING =BAD PITCHING


    So 10 for 42 =.238 avg for MARTIN vs the METS. A friend of mind wanted to know which one was MARTIN. UMM


    I just heard that PENNY has the highest ERA against the METS. They hit him better than any other pitcher. Valentine has a fractured leg.


    when some of us starting saying things like protect the prospects last year, some others said that prospects had proven nothing yet and could be used for trades.Look at us now, without our prospects we would be hurting, and this is not an average group, but a once in 20 year group. what the dodgers do with them decides the teams future for the next 10 or so years. I don’t believe Ned will make any big trades in the next two weeks that affect our prospects playing in L.A. now, nor will he trade Abreu, La Roche, Meloan, or Kershaw, to do so would haunt him for years.
    I look at the rumors daily, but what I have seen over the years that other teams get vets for single a nobodies, but the other teams always ask for the sky when talking to the dodgers, ned will say no to those trades, and we must understand, we have the rare chance to win now, and build for a very strong future. Be careful of what you wish for.


    Saenz – at least this time the bases weren’t loaded. What a waste of a place on the roster this guy is any more.


    Well what do the TOMKO bashes have to say after tonight? No BOMKO tonight. The guy really pitch a heck of a game.


    yeah…saenz has been absolutely useless i hope he turns things around. i like the tubby tomato


    He trusts an outsider reject to hold a 1-1 tie! Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on YOU! Should’ve double switched, kept Beimel in the game. We don’t need a 12th pitcher THIS bad. GAH!!!!!


    Well what do the TOMKO bashes have to say after tonight? No BOMKO tonight. The guy really pitch a heck of a game.

    Posted by: | July 20, 2007 09:48 PM

    You can’t really say the tomko bashing was unwarranted can you? He was carrying a 7 era, and its now DOWN to 5.42. Give him credit for last two games, sure, but he’d been bad most the year. Of course, we all still root for the guy, **** of a game tonight.


    I am happy for Nomar. His bat speed on that bomb looked great. To me he just needs to hit line drives in the gap. Some go out. Yeah he isnt a home run hitter, but has always hit the ball really hard. Happy for Tomko. It was a well played game that would be different if Saito was healthy. Oh well what can you do. Besides hit a 3 run bomb here Luiz, not k looking.


    A Roberto Hernandez signing is a San Francisco Giants signing if I’ve ever seen one. You don’t sign a 42 year old past his past his past his prime in the heat of a pennant race. Little for whatever reason thinks he was Roberto Hernandez 10 years ago and thought the same of Lieberthal the first time he started (remember he batted him clean up). Little learned from that mistake and he’ll learn from thinking the same thing tonight.


    Now, we don’t have a right handed bat off the bench to face Wagner in th 9th. I don’t count Martinez, he’s a glove.


    Loney has a HR against Wagner in one AB, Kemp is 1-1 and Betemit actually has a HR against Wagner. We could do something here, lets get it done!


    “You don’t sign a 42 year old past his past his past his prime in the heat of a pennant race.”

    Just like you don’t sign two free agents to bat in the middle of your order with an avg age of 37 to go along with your 39 year old clean up hitter.


    Roberto Hernandez??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    Or we could go quietly 1-2-3, sure why not. Here’s our last hope our designated glove Ramon Martinez.


    DFA Martinez, Hernandez, bring back Abreu or LaRoche and bring up Meloan. We gave this game away and I don’t like it at all.


    question: Did the match up’s warrant that Beimel come in the 7th. I mean why thro roberto vs the top of their order and throw beimel vs the bottom. If roberto ******** wishful thinking obviously) would have came in during the 7th and went 1-2-3 then beilmel would face reyes, marlon and beltran. Not old grey beard.


    we all agree tonight. I think for me when i see a kid screw up I feel they will learn from it but when I see old guys do it, partly cause they are old guys, when we have young guys, it just bugs.


    Answer: Beimel came in to face Shawn Green and Gotay a switch jitter who can’t hit LHers so it made sense.


    Exactly, if Broxton did that, or Beimel, I totally would’ve let it go. I would not have been mad, but disappointed of course. But, rarely do I get mad like I did tonight. We totally gift wrapped this loss and planted it firmly in their hands. From the first inning error to the failures at the plate to the DFA on arrival Roberto Hernandez. I don’t forgive old veterans who should be at home instead of screwing up games that could end up being the difference in a pennant race. And I don’t forgive GM’s or managers who give an opportunity to someone so past their prime when we’re tied for the division lead. Gonzo, Kent have produced, Hernandez hasn’t produced since I was in high school. It’s a S.F Giant move and look where it got them. We have talent and for God sake use them already!


    O.K. Phils beat the Pards but the Cubs won so they’re only 2 back of the wild card. It was a much better game then I expected I taught the Mets were going to kill TOMKO but he did a fine job. The Dodgers always seem to face good piching when their own pitcher does well. Roberto Hernandez is just another bad move made by this team. I don’t see the logic in this move at all. They came in here to sweep us. DODGERS DON’T LET IT HAPPEN.


    I think I have made it clear I have no problem with all the individual guys on the team. With Juan Pierre it’s more of a philosphical way I view baseball than JP himself. I like power and patience. Considering we had a leadoff hitter already, I may have gone in a different direction and signed a stop gap and looked towards A. Jones/Hunter/ this offseason..but thats me. I am turning around on Pierre(mainly cause I have to) but I see some good things lately I will confess.

    But when we have guys like Kent, Nomar, Gonzo as our middle order guys the probability of a few things are rare at their point in their careers..

    1. They out perform their career avgs. For example we are all happy (for the most part right?)with Gonzo. (I am happy with Kent as well)But right now Gonzo projects at what, 18hr and 80rbi? 5 hole hitter? What about Kent I wonder? (to lazy to look-but doubt its 100 rbi at clean up)

    2. A breakout. Beltre 04. Green with 49 bombs. etc.

    3. all clicking at once.

    4. Them really having the ability to carry us for 2 months-Kent 04

    Now things are changing and thats great..I am stoked, Loney, Martin, Kemp etc but I am saying that that’s what Coletti cooked up this offseason and it’s just not good enough to me considering the resources we have. His pitching choices? I’ll let others tell us what they think ….


    ok…. question on WHY blowberto was brought in before DJ. Now I know DJ is nothing great but still you have to think he might have pitched better, which he did, or be able to pitch two innings. So uncessary, please release this old bum. His velo and command are not there are to bring him in tie game was absurd.


    Here’s rotoworlds take on Roberto…

    After entering a tie game to begin the eighth, Roberto Hernandez gave up a double to Jose Reyes, made an error on a sac bunt attempt to score a run and gave up a two-run homer to Carlos Beltran, providing the Mets with a four-run lead.

    The homer was a 91-mph fastball grooved right down the middle of the plate. Hernandez was in the game because manager Grady Little felt Jonathan Broxton needed another day off after being worked too hard this month. He’s on the roster because the Dodgers were simply too afraid to go to Jonathan Meloan. Hernandez had thrown six pitches in a month before being called up Thursday. Between the stubborn refusal to bench Nomar Garciaparra or move Juan Pierre down in the lineup and the mystifying move to send Chad Billingsley to the pen to begin the season, the Dodgers have probably thrown away more games because of bad personnel decisions than any team in baseball this year.

    whats surprising to me is that he only threw 6 PITCHES ALL OF JULY and Grittle cakes brings him into a tied game.

    They are talking this veteran stuff too far. Who cares if Roberto was dominate 10 years ago. Baseball is a what have you done for me lately sport and Lately Roberto has been horrible.


    wait i read that wrong…he only has thrown 6 pitches in a month. so the last 30/31 days he’s only thrown 6 pitches. That makes this even worse.


    hopefully the fact that tomorrow is a day game means i get to wash this disgusting taste out of my mouth a few hours earlier…


    Well today we can onlly hope Penny pitches as well as Tomko did 0 ER but in the jam hits the ball like only penny does to make himself the winner. Its all about attitude and atribute…Gotta Knock em down before they knock you down. That Jp Gonzo play was pure LL at ML level. JP called it Gonzo jumped in then pulled his Glove…Was JP outta his range no.. was Gonzo in his range…yes…CF’er has the call and Gonzo was in front he should have caught the ball or backed off…But none the less its a JP error…

    On Hernandez we were al cool with his first performance…and Alex….You are DFA’ing him already? Who called the shot and did he not pitch the night before as an oldman? This taem cannot abuse the bullpen as much as it has done… Why didn’t Tomko come back for another inning? he pitched a great game that far and was at 80 sumthin pitches he was goin good.I agree that in the realm of saito having a tweak in his shoulder Beimel goes to 8 and Broxton to 9 if sammy is not availible with seanz doining 7th unless meloan is brought up.Hernandez is a mop up pitcher and thats on grady for that call DFA DONNALLY!


    We had no choice Stults and Seanez was getting lit up in the 1st game and Saito wasn’t available. Broxton was are closer tonight and Seanez was the 8th innings guy and I doubt Hernandez would been in if we had taken the lead. Grady really didn’t have a choice bring him in.


    Agreed jungar, and how will Betemit ever improve against lefties if he never gets the opportunity to bat RH?

    Posted by: | July 20, 2007 05:12 PDT

    Geez didn’t we gone through this last year. He can’t hit batting RH and needs to ban that switching hitter.


    Strange he’s hitting .250 against lefty and .235 against right. He only bat .189 against lefty last year.


    When this blog first started it was a great place to meet DODGER fans both past and present. Whether we won or lost, we enjoyed the game and the players we were given by management. We cheered for the team, of course we all had our favorite players but it was all about the team not each individual player.

    Now with all of you new “fans” it seems to me you have forgotten about the team and spend all your time arguing about this player or that player, and filling the blog with stats… Who cares about the stats and what each player did yesterday. Everyday is a new game. You guys would find something to complain about if we won 160 games.


    Perhaps the Hernandez outcome last night will be the necessary 2 X 4 to hit management between the eyes (AGAIN) about their constant insistence to rely on the veteran factor in shaping this year’s team. Instead of bringing up Meloan, or even Hull, they want game decisions to rest on somebody who hasn’t even thrown a dozen pitches in game situations for the last month. It’s typical. It took a 2 X 4 before this management would relent and bring up Loney and Kemp, and they still insist on keeping Ethier or Kemp out of the lineup, because Gonzo is the veteran. As much as Gonzo has contributed so far, I don’t see him continuing the same way the rest of the season.
    The only thing good that Colletti has contributed is that he has so far not traded any of the real prospects. I don’t trust him to get anything of value should he try to do that now before the July deadline. No trades for:

    Loney, Kemp, Broxton, LaRoche, Abreu, Hu, Kershaw.


    As an aside, it’s interesting to note the progres of the Rockies, whose all-together reliance is more or less on young players. Their veteran first baseman they’d love to be able to trade off, but there are no takers. You have to like where they’re headed with that approach, and it’s getting a little scary, because they may be right on top of us before the year is out if we’re not prepared to shed some of our veteran reliance in the remainder of the season.


    you say it like the only reason we lose games is because we have veterans starting… I’d say we havae a pretty **** good mix–


    You are right about the Rocks. Out here in Utah, we hear more about Denver than anywhere else, and honestly, the Rockies are getting hard to ignore. They have a good young team and do not seem to be going away any time soon. Another reason the NL West is becoming the toughest in the bigs.


    When this blog first started it was a great place to meet DODGER fans both past and present. Whether we won or lost, we enjoyed the game and the players we were given by management. We cheered for the team, of course we all had our favorite players but it was all about the team not each individual player.

    Now with all of you new “fans” it seems to me you have forgotten about the team and spend all your time arguing about this player or that player, and filling the blog with stats… Who cares about the stats and what each player did yesterday. Everyday is a new game. You guys would find something to complain about if we won 160 games.

    Posted by: | July 21, 2007 05:06 AM

    I totally agree with the above statement…it’s disappointing to see which way this BLOG is’s turning into a rant board, instead of a dodger appreciation board……everytime we lose a game, the blame is pinned on a select few, including upper management. Last time I checked, baseball is a team game, and the Dodger’s as a team failed to deliver, especially in clutch situations with men in scoring position when it was tied 1-1. But apparently, people only want to look at things that serve to strengthen their arguments and bolster their despise towards certain Dodgers…..


    by the way….TOMKO pitched great last night..he deserves credit for last night’s performance


    I’ve been reading the rumors and the recent deals involving – EVERYONE else but the Dodgers. Once again, the Dodger front office sits on its’ collective hands while any prime hitters and/or pitchers are scooped up by other teams. This has been a tradition with the Dodgers ever since I can remember. I thought all that was changing when the McCourts bought the team, at least those were the promises made by Frank when he purchased the team. It has been a long, long time since the Dodgers have made what amounts to a season-changing trade. They always want to hold onto “prospects”, which keeps them from acquiring any proven players that would help them down the stretch and perhaps allow them to not be eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. And, typically these prospects never pan out and they end up getting rid of them for much less later. It’s just frustrating. I’ve been waiting for almost 20 years for a championship team again and it doesn’t look even close to being here. Instead we’re fed items like the Dodgers attendance records and Nomar having carne asada night. Wow. Please bring us a REAL championship team like you promised.


    By the way, I’m not a new fan, I’m just not content with mediocrity, which has been the Dodger’s hallmark since 1989.

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