Tonight's game

Please forgive the short posts…been busy of late. Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Nomar, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, RF

Lowe, P



    I can feel us getting to Glavine early and often tonight. Lowe will pitch great! GO BLUE!


    That is great news, momoracci! Here’s to hoping he does well immediately there. I’m sure Colletti has the same high hopes for him. Finding some help from within would sure serve us well.


    I guess professional couresty is the only reason Nomar is batting 6th — ahead of 2 of the Dodgers’ 3 hottest hitters?


    I predict August 15th Meloan call-up, good for him he deserves it. Some interesting stats for Glavine, lefties are batting .321 against him this season. While righties are only batting .240. Glavine’s ERA on the road is 5.23 in 63 2/3 innings. He’s 9-9 career with a 4.09 ERA at Dodger Stadium. Last season he went 5 1/3 inning with 6 earned runs at the Ravine. The Mets have only won 9 times this season in 47 games when they give up 4 runs or more. Only Delgado and Green have given Lowe problems. This should be a good one!



    The best closer in the minor leagues could be former University of Arizona starter John Meloan.

    Meloan, who seems to going by “Jonathan” these days, was converted to a reliever after being selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the fifth round in 2005. He was selected by Rotoworld as the 60th-best minor league prospect at midseason, one spot below ex-Cat outfielder Trevor Crowe, a first-round pick in 2005.

    Rotoworld called Meloan the “game’s best pure relief prospect.”

    Meloan is ripping through Double-A hitters. Pitching for Jacksonville, he had a 2.11 ERA with a 5-2 record and 17 saves through Thursday.

    “He has the arsenal to start, but because of his maximum-effort delivery, the Dodgers figured that putting him in the pen was the best way to keep him healthy. It looks like they were right,” Rotoworld wrote.

    “With a 92-94 mph fastball and a pair of strikeout breaking balls, he could prove to be a long-term closer.”

    Meloan has the swing-and-miss stuff that teams like to see from their closers. He has 63 strikeouts and just 16 walks in 42 1/2 innings with Jacksonville. Batters are hitting just .158 against him.

    “His fastball command keeps improving, and he continues to utilize his above-average breaking ball,” Dodgers director of player development De Jon Watson told

    Prediction: Meloan gets called up and has an impact on the NL West race this season.


    we should just call up meloan instead of trading for a reliever that probably won’t do as well has him. The Kid will dominate and the sooner he gets his feet wet the better he’ll be.


    also weird splits on glavine. lefties also do better against zito for some reason. glavine’s been awful recently lets not let him off the hook.


    hey, kind of off topic..but does anyone know why ZITO isnt as good this year? I havent seen him play much this year, but his record is not that good. Is it the run support that he’s lacking? His ERA is pretty high though? any thoughts? He was one of my favorite pitchers when he was with the A’s..


    Great news about Meloan! I predicted this one (and posted it here) several weeks ago.

    I think that he will need 6 to 8 weeks in Triple-A to get his feet wet against MLB quality hitters. After that… the sky is the limit!

    What a bullpen we will have when he gets here!

    Seanez – 94

    Beimel – 94

    Meloan – 92-94

    Broxton – 97+

    Saito – 93


    The San Diego who???

    GO D-LOWE!



    it could be the fact that he throws as hard as lurch these days… and he walks a ton of people, and he’s not using his patented “zito curveball” as much as he used to.


    thanks for the take on ZITO guys..i havent watched him much, so i wasn’t filled in…glad we didnt give him 8 years 🙂

    fansince….i agree…hopefully our offense stays consistent and we can run over the padres and the NL and then the AL in october 🙂

    anyone suprised that seanez hits mid 90’s?? everytime i see him pitch it amazes me how hard he can still throw


    kevin..thanks for the article..i must have missed it on espn…will check it out now..thanks again


    Have you guys heard about Mike Marshall’s pitching school that he runs?? People all over MLB ridicule the guy and call him a kook. The article I read on him was interesting and he certainly sounds a bit odd but he just may be onto something. Regarding Seanez, he trained with Marshall, took his advice and credits his work out routines for getting him back to health.


    You’re probably right about Beimel, although he did hit 94 a couple of times in SF. Of course J-Brox hit 100 up there, too. I’m still good with 90-91.

    GO D-LOWE!



    If you go to the Dodgers home page and click on the rosters tab and then Minor League Affiliates you can find Meloan’s stats (ane every other minor leaguer). 🙂


    Why does everybody get a day off except for the guy who should be in the lineup the least? Sure Pierre hasn’t been his usual terrible self of late but is it that much to ask for Kemp, Ethier, and Gonzo to start a game? Apparently it is.


    DieHardBlue: Check the splits, Loney hasn’t been that great recently. Only hitting .283 with 2 doubles in his last 60 AB’s. He should be in the lineup every night but he isn’t producing like he did when recalled.


    Pierre is on fire I can’t believe you would want him to sit. He’s heating up just like Furcal last year.


    i saw Meloan pitch briefly in SP & the dude is flat out filthy hopefully it translates over to Vegas & eventually the big club.


    kevin..just checked out the zito article…..seems like he’s turning into barry bonds off the field??? lol


    Loney and Kemp hitting behind Nomar is kind of a cruel Joke. Kent needs to sit more so he doesn’t get 550 PA. I don’t want that option to get picked up.


    Yeah it does! I was pretty shocked reading about him. Maybe there’s something to being named Barry and being a Giant?! haha


    Past Month
    Nomar .256 1 HR 7 RBI

    Looney .368 2 HR 13 RBI

    what splits are you talking about?


    Ethier in July:
    .469 .528 .625 1.153

    Pierre in July

    .339 .359 .419 .779

    Pierre vs Lefties

    .248 .267 .277 .544

    Ethier vs Lefties

    .318 .366 .455 .821


    I dont mind Nomar hitting before those guys, bc they would just pitch around him without the protection of Loney… At least this gives Nomar some pitches to hit hard…


    The splits since the All-star break is what he is referring to.. Really all of July… he is down to .290… really bad a i know… Loney is amazing


    Hey kevinpoush – Man, I was the biggest Mike Marshall (the pitcher) fan during his Dodger days. I even had one of those cheap Dodger batting helmets and painted his number (28) on the back of it.

    He had a degree in Kinesiology which, at that time, very few people had ever heard of before.

    He never wore an undershirt (or anything else) under his uniform jersey because he said that it restricted his movement. It must have worked, as he was the 1974 Cy Young award winner as a Dodger.

    I always thought that he was a bit “different”, but I loved whenever he entered the game.

    By the way, it’s DOCTOR Mike Marshall – check this out:



    I agree with ewk. I think Little is thinking the same. I’m bummed on Nomar’s production this year too but hopefully this can get him going. The guy is still clutch and we have to believe he’ll come out of it. Regarding Nomar, I recommend the new article at It’s a response to Bill Plaschke article that basically ripped Nomar to shreds.


    Bill Plaschke’s articles remind me of cheesy disney movies. He’s horrible. Although his article telling NEdorino to stay the course was good but THATS about it.


    Nomar has 325 AB’s that is plenty of at bats to snap out of it. Why not make Nomar hit his way back by platooning him and Betemit. You have to earn your paycheck I’ll take Nomar pinch hitting with the game on the line.


    Perhaps the team doesn’t have much confidence in Kemp playing center field.. He’s always been primarily a corner outfielder.


    first of all, who in the world expected loney to keep up what he was doing when he first came up? im just glad he was so hot that they had to do something about it then. he’s a good hitter, i doubt thats going to change. also, i was at the ATL game when hudson was picthing, and the ball absolutely JUMPED off of everyone’s bat, in every AB, except nomars. writing on the wall.


    fansince- Have you seen the new motion/wind up that he’s come up with? He claims it will protect a pitcher from injury and eliminate Tommy John surgery. Apparently the motion looks really funny. One of his students said that each year a few of them go to walk-on tryouts with major league teams and they get laughed at because they basically throw like a girl. He then says the other pitchers start asking them questions about it once they see how hard they can throw. And apparently every pitcher that goes through his camp comes out of it healthier, with higher velocity, and extremely loyal to his teachings. I haven’t been able to find any video of the windup but I’m dying to see what it looks like! I’m going to check out that site you posted. 🙂


    Id love to take at least 3 out of 4 from the Mets and be 6-1 against them heading into Shea later this season.


    They should play Ethier in CF to give Pierre a break now and then. Don’t jump on me, I said now and then. As I have said before all 4 OF should play equally as all have deserved it.


    who me? I clearly just said I am not down on Pierre.

    “As I have said before all 4 OF should play equally as all have deserved it.”

    so for me in this case I go to this:

    Gonzo vs lefties

    .333 .403 .522 .924

    Pierre vs Lefties

    .248 .267 .277 .544

    Ethier vs Lefties

    .318 .366 .455 .821

    Kemp vs Lefties

    .375 .429 .531 .960


    Pierre should **** a majority of the time against lefties. Pierre againts lefties is like Olmedo going on a Diet. It’s just not going to work out.


    yeah its real simple 3 guys are better than the one guy. The one thing the one guy has is a real strong ability to change the game with his speed but he can’t do it without getting on the bases. The odds of him getting on the bases tonight, based on his performance (not my opinion) is 1/5 with no chance for anything more than a single (based on his slug)

    So obviously they dont think anyone else can play CF or they dont want to mess with him and his stupid streak.


    yeah that streak is pathetic. ITs at what? 350+ games? wow only 2,000 more to go! GO JUANITO.


    I believe .250 is 1/4 chance. Plus he’s hitting better has 11 game hit streak with a bunch of multi hit games in that streak. plus he plays hard and I love that!


    What! Furcal was our MVP last year specialy in the 2nd half besides Furcal has 11 hits in the past 7 games he’s heating up.


    I guess you take my meaning wrong. I am not capping on Pierre. All I am saying is that Ethier hits a 3 run bomb and wins the game for us yesterday, while being our hottest hitter in July aas well as being a better hitter from the left side this year and he sits.

    I am not a math wiz. All I know is 3 out of 10 is .300 so fine he has a chance at 1.5 hits tonight. I also know that you can have 700 steals but not get number 701 unless you get on base.


    Well the next 4 days everybody I know will suddenly remember I’m a Dodger Fan. Mostly because we’re playing one of their favorite teams. I already planned to watch Sunday’s game with my daughter who I once told to root for that team. Unlike my older daughter she really took it serious. Now we’ve been invited to my nephews graduation on Saturday and his mother is giving us permission to watch the game which starts at 3:55 PM ET at their house. With my luck everybody at the party will be Met Fans. Well I’m prepaing for tonight’s game. LET’S GO TEAM IN BLUE(with no orange) GET LOT’S OF RUNS FOR DEREK LOWE. GO DODGERS****EH MARTIN SHOW THEM WHAT YOU CAN DO THIS TIME.


    Pierre is more of a threat on the base paths right now then Furcal and that’s because RF is about 85 percent. Heck, Id never sit either one of them. Dangerous top 2 in the order!


    I’m just stating the obvious here:
    Since Pierre now has the longest consecutive games played streak in major league ball, Grady will not have him sit out any games unless required by an actual injury, and that injury seems very unlikely.

    Management will probably make sure that Kent gets his 550 AB’s rather than hold him back.

    Both situations are just facts that one has to accept regardless how you feel about the actual merits.


    id rather sit Nomar or Gonzo. Might as well play Pierre while he’s hot cuz it will be the only time he gets on base at an acceptable clip unless out of nowhere he learns how not to swing at everything


    Dude, I would sit Furcal before Pierre right now.

    I agree with you.

    Furcal should be Dl’ed to get right. With hu being hot and really strong on defense I don’t know if we would loose much for a few weeks. Furcal is so money when 100 percent but you can tell he isnt right now.


    Our top 2 are lethal I don’t think grittle will mess with that. You don’t always need a hit to get to first. BB, HP, Error, FC “spped doesn’t slump”


    diehard…Pierre only gets on base when he gets base hit or on a FC cuz he doesn’t walk. Haven’t you been watching games? he has 1 walk in his last 15 games.


    Hu isn’t ready. He just hit AAA. Plus he’s trade bait, no need for **** here for awhile. They will resign RF next year too when his contract expires.


    16 hits in the past 10 games do I watch the games do you? I see you bashing him all year yet he plays hard and is still we a great success rate(thanks to Wills) Pierre set a good example how the game is supposed to be played I apperciate that!


    Scurtis isnt Furcal’s contract over after next year?

    Pierre’s career vs Glavine

    52 abs, 2 steals, 2 walks,


    Ethier has never faced Glavine.


    I don’t know, how many of you, agree ,BUT I feel that Rudy Saenz DOES NOT get, his
    due Props. This guy goes about, quietly, doing one heck of a job. His last outing

    he threw 9 pitches, for 8 strikes. He does this without ANY fanfare. He may allow a dinger here or there, BUT over

    all, He’s the Man, Let’s not forget him…..


    Rudy has given up quite a few inherited runs for my liking, don’t get me wrong, he’s decent but I don’t think of him as a lights out reliever.


    OK jungar and max although i agree that i would rather see Ethier and Kemp in the line-up at the same time all the time, i would not want to sit Pierre at this point yet. Yes his numbers aren’t great against Lefties but this is exactly what i mean about stats, now of course the stats you provided have substance to them and are well worth looking at during a season, BUT the fact that Pierre is not great against lefties doesnt mean he cant have an above average game against them. This is a big part of baseball to have guys in their trying to produce for their teams, wether they are hitting great or horrible against a certain pitcher. The numbers are based on an AVG and if he was terrible with lefties and wasn’t producing at all against them (a line like this would stick out to me .145, .200, .200, .300) then i would have a problem but there have been games this year where he has had good games against lefties, believe or not. It a guessing game players will have good games and players will have bad games.


    When the subject is Pierre against LH pitching and what should be done about how poorly he’s done this year, it is unproductive to point out how many steals he has. Stealing 2nd off a LHer is so much more difficult. Pierre up until Monday’s game against Moyer had 4 attempts against LH pitching with 3 successful.(He stole 3rd and later 2nd against the slow pitches of Moyer to bring his attempts up to 6.)I don’t claim to know if any of the other Dodger outfielders can play CF adequately that I must leave to others but I do know that based on his 3 1/2 months with the Dodgers,Pierre if he shouldn’t be sitting against LHers should bat 8th. Btw the streak is not much of a problem, he can come in to PR.
    Also wanted to make sure everyone knows Hu’s BA came down to .500 last night after a 1 for 4. (15 for 30 in 7 games at AAA)

    Abreu has not been in a game for LV nor is he listed on the roster on their web site updated yesterday. Can anyone explain.


    Carpenter is the Cardinals’ ace. SI put Fred McGriff’s 2003 Dodger photo in that profile as Carpenter.


    ESPN said somehting about Willy Betimit going to the Yanks…anyone heard anything else on that.
    I sure hope it’s not for Procter.


    sorry momo, I caught your post too late, I thought some crime-dog looking other Chris Carpenter was coming our way, then I noticed the date and saw your post.


    Chris Carpenter with a tan maybe…

    more rumblings and grumblings…

    “The Dodgers have batted over .300 and slugged nearly .500 since Bill Mueller replaced Eddie Murray as hitting coach. So they’re mostly wheeling their cart down the aisles of the bullpen market. Names that are thought to be on their list: Chad Qualls, Dan Wheeler, Octavio Dotel, Al Reyes and Luis Vizcaino.”


    I’d take Wang for Betemit, maybe Phil Hughes but those are the only 2 Yankee arms I would even consider, plus with their recent hot streak (not including today’s loss) I doubt the Yankees can be looked at as sellers


    WAng for Betemit will never happen. THe Yankees Won’t even trade Hughes for SAntana. Quit smoking and posting.


    Thank you momoracci but you didn’t read my post carefully. Abreu is not on the LV roster as reported on their web site which says it was updated yesterday. I’m guessing the Dodgers gave him a few days to report. I know he is on the LV roster on the Dodgers web site but I’m guessing the LV web site is accurate. (again as of 7/18)


    max, you of all people shouldn’t criticize posts when yours are 99% recycled Pierre stats and whining, and if you read my entire post you would have seen that I said the Yankees AREN’T SELLERS, those 2 pitchers are the only 2 arms that are worth anything on their roster


    charris…you of all people shouldn’t be criticizing someone thats criticizing someone else’s post…


    I like the Jedi mind tricks max but you criticized my post and dems fightin words, but its all good, it’s kind of hard to convey sarcasm on a keyboard


    what’s everyones thoughts on zack greinke? i read on realgm that interest was heating up on him…he might be a hidden gem stuck on a bad team, or another hendrickson?


    max, courtesy of

    Perhaps Zack Greinke’s moody, restless talents have finally found their niche. Since moving to the bullpen about eight weeks ago as an utterly failed starter, the young right-hander who once admitted he hated baseball and left the team for emergency emotional counseling has ranged from unhittable to near-brilliant. Working two innings to help preserve a victory over Philadelphia, he struck out five of six batters. His ERA in his last nine appearances covering 19 innings for a revitalized Kansas City relief corps is a minuscule 0.95. He’s always wielded a baffling changeup. And now as a middle reliever, his fastball is regularly hitting 97 or 98 mph with great movement, while his breaking pitches bite sharply at the corners.

    (Updated 07/05/2007).


    momoracci:I have followed your suggestion, gone to the site, then I clicked on Roster which seemed like a good idea to me. Roster says as of 7/18 and no Abreu.So where is he?


    Just watched the NLDS Game 1 on SNY Wow what a game. Saw it in person. Now I’m getting ready to watch Alyssa Milano on SNL. GO DODGERS!!!!


    Maury Wills is impressive. I feel like i can steal 50 bases just after this interview.


    Alyssa was great with her TOUCH. She’ll be at Shea On the 28th. So will my daughter and I. Maybe we’ll see her.


    yeah those shrimp are good. I’ve never been the saito’s sushi but the sushi bar i go to here is pretty good. Next time im in LA im going to Saito’s sushi while wearing my Saito jersey.


    yep, nothing like watching the relay of green, to valentin, to loduca to nail two at the plate. classic game that was.


    please dont hit anymore to Gonzo. I don’t think my heart can handle another player like that.


    please dont hit anymore to Gonzo. I don’t think my heart can handle another player like that.

    Posted by: | July 19, 2007 07:14 PM

    Yeah Atleast he made the play …How bout that Matt Kemp!? 2 hit to him first one misplayed 2nd just flat missed….


    Looks like Lowe has been talking to Hendrickson and Bombko.

    Fisher…Kemp’s error was mental if Gonzo would have missed that it would have been physical. You can fix mental errors you can fix physical ones.


    fisher..lay off KEMP on that error..some guys are sensitive to that kind of stuff here 😉


    hate to play a doubles advocate of sorts here but, you know that max would be all over pierre if he had done the same thing. even it’s a “mental error”. anyways..i love kemp.

    great start for the dodgers offense….let’s keep it going!


    well…at least we got a couple of runs in…makes the deficit seem less…painful?

    plus we made glavine work. as long as lowe can pull it together, i think we’ll be ok. come from behind wins are kind of fun.


    just hold them there and get a couple here and there. if they score a few more its OVER!


    timyjoo….you’re 100% correct on that point…i didn’t want to bring it up myself, but i guess it’s so obvious that someone had to say it since we all know its true..mental errors are okay if you’re only making $300k and not 44 million over 4 years i guess 🙂

    good inning by gonzo by the way…nice defensive play and nice rbi hits with of course, our 2 top of the order guys setting the table 🙂


    it wasn’t good aggressiveness it was dumb base running. You are down by 4 with one out. YOu are old and slow you stay at second.


    Gary Cohen & Ron Darling badly critisized KEMP’s fielding. In the first inning.


    Cohen & Darling ADMIRED KEMP’S POWER. We’re back in it now let’s stay there. LOWE is very puzzling.


    awwwwww, poor shawn green…now he cant steal signs cuz he got called out on it…he looked like he was going to cry….

    that smirk on KENT’s face is priceless… 🙂


    yeah Lowe should have been out an inning ago. Just let Houlton take the pounding and call up Hull for a couple of days.


    I guess Lowe just can’t stand it when he gets run support. When you haven’t got it, you haven’t got it. For a while there I thought it would be a game.


    WILLIE is smarter than GRADY tonight so far. I mean 9 runs Isn’t that enough from LOWE??


    at least we’re still in it. let’s hope the reliever can…you know…not blow it wide open…again…


    both of them going to third when the third base coach should have told them to stop…hrmmm MAybe DOnnelly just doesn’t want us to beat the Mets


    I don’t know exactly what happened, but it looks like the veterans can’t run the bases worth a ****.


    I would have liked to see Andrea in that spot. Selle isn’t a fastball pitcher which is what the Tomato likes


    I have maintained that Saenz and Martinez both should have been DFA’d by the All Star Game. But barring that, to keep sending up Saenz with the bases loaded time and time again, and particularly against a right-hander is simply idiotic. There’s Ethier and Betemit on the bench. Grady’s just going to stick with his plan no matter how many games it costs.


    I hate to say it because he’s such a pro but It looks as if it might be time to put Nomar on the bench and trade for a 3B with some pop. He just can’t seem to get it going and I don’t think that the Dodgers can continue to handle his lack of power. Maybe next year he plays 2B if Kent retires.


    I guess this game just was not meant to be. Too bad we’re wasting all of this good run support.


    If they put Nomar on the bench they don’t have to trade for someone with pop they already have the MEAT MAN.


    the Real LaRoche is playing right now. He finally got that inflammation down in his shoulder.


    HENDRICKSON looked like he was just raring back and tossing it in. A good spot for him.


    Wow what a tough night. I try not to post during the game. I just try to enjoy the game but this was rough. Right now that big first inning is the big difference.

    So even with that awful error I wish Kemp would play every day he is so fun to watch. I feel bad for Ethier because he is the odd man out. They need to unleash Kemp. I have been saying rotate the 4 but my mind is changing I think to Kemp and Pierre (it hurts to write it but I give up; I am a realist.) everyday.


    This is one of the best hitting Dodger teams in years let’s hope we can get our starting pitchers back on track


    I say this is the first game that LITTLE lost. HE waited too long to take out LOWE. DJ was ready and should have come in sooner. There would of been a different momentum. I’m sure that’s what lost the game. All in all though it was an exiting game. The hitters put up a great fight. We must be proud of them. WE’LL GET THEM TOMORROW.


    Well our pen gave up 5 runs after the fifth inning so I can see why Grady was hoping to get as much as he could out of Lowe.. We also left 13 runners on base. Made an error that led directly two two runs. Ran ourselves out of an inning. So we had our chances.

    Look at the bright side we have our stopper Tomko tommorrow and Juan Pierre’s consecutive games streak is still intact.


    With the exception of BETEMIT SAENZ & MARTINEZ everybody on this team is batting OVER the .260 Mark and BETEMET has 10 HRS. TOMKO STULTS & HERNANDEZ are the only pitchers with ERAs over 5.00 WE have 8 pitchers with ERAs UNDER 4.00 3 Starters & 5 Relievers.


    The only one of our regular relievers that pitched tonight was SEANEZ. I would say they had a good rest. unless you count HOULTON.


    easily the two best moments of the year so far have game against the Mets.

    Kuo’s sweet bat flip and Kent laughing at Shawn Green on second base.


    After the past few games, I have a tough time saying that pitching is the strength of our team.


    Time of year when balls fly outta this stadium…Time for fishing and unbiased Team loyality… Surf fishing is good right now and killing my share of bad dreams in the surfzone while we get threw it and this year so far isn’t as bad as last…and the fishing is better too…


    I fish the rivers and streams in Colorado. What do you usually catch in the surf? What size line and what type of bait do you use?


    Hu isn’t ready. He just hit AAA. Plus he’s trade bait, no need for **** here for awhile. They will resign RF next year too when his contract expires.

    Posted by: | July 19, 2007 04:55 PM


    From Base Prospectus:

    “He’s definitely an everyday shortstop in the big leagues for me right now. I think he’s going to hit .290 or so with around 15 home runs a year, and he does it all defensively. At very least he will be solid, but he might be an All-Star as well.”

    A second scout said of Hu:

    “He’s just really come on this year. He’s bigger and stronger and he’s always had good hitting instincts, but now he’s driving balls.”


    I heard Wolf isn’t coming back until tentatively Aug. 1st, do we officially have a #5 starter or are Penny, Lowe, Bills and Hendy just gonna grind through these next 11 days?


    Your fifth starter is starting tonight until July 31st. Amazing how one batter changes the whole game…If Lowe doesn’t walk Glavine in the 3rd inning and lets him sacrifice, Reyes’ grounder to first ends the inning and it’s still 6-4, instead he walks Glavine, Reyes’ grounder scores a run and Anderson knocks in two, making it 9-4. Walking the pitcher is a cardinal sin that only asks for trouble. I’m a little concerned with Saito’s shoulder, hopefully it’s nothing.


    You know with Wolf still ailing and his timetable set somewhere in early August, i prefer Tomko over Hendrickson…Anybody??


    it was a problem using lurch last night. we used lurch in SF as an emergency, then he started a few days later agains the phils and was awful. now he’ll be starting again after pitching relief a few days ago. our pitching staff has really been decimated lately.


    I think that Hu has certainly stepped into the limelight as a genuine high quality prospect and, along with LaRoche, could command some significant trade value for us, if we want to opt for that route. I’m not necessarily recommending that, because, short of an Arroyo or Blanton, I don’t see anybody on the horizon that could make a significant difference for us this year. As for Hu being blocked, I don’t agree with that either. Hopefully Colletti has learned something about not extending contracts unnecessarily from the Kent situation and will apply that lesson to dealing with Furcal. Furcal was great toward the end of last season, but he’s been at less than full strength and health for over half of his time with the Dodgers – look at the diminished power and base stealing prowess. Far be it from conclusive that Hu will pan out as even an adequate major league shortstop, but he should be given a chance to show what he’s got at the major league level before we try to lock in Furcal at a huge price for a long period of time.


    Kiper wait until after tonight’s game before making that call. Doing what Tomko did against the Giants is one thing, if he comes close to that tonight, that’s impressive. His name may be Brett Tomko, but it would take a lot to be as bad as Lowe was last night. That’s why they play the games…Derek Lowe and Tom Glavine combine to give up 15 runs one night and the next night Tomko may throw 7 scoreless innings or be gone in the 2nd. The same applies to Oliver Perez…That’s why I love the game, you can’t predict a **** thing.



    I agree with you Alex, and Perez is on who can give it up in a hurry, but Tomko will remain in the rotation regardless of what happens, my concern is Wolf coming back and staying the course the rest of the season, i rather have an Arroyo as a 4th option followed by Tomko than having to go to Hendrickson.


    I agree with Arroyo being a good candidate for a badly needed starter. Much as our hitting seems to be improved, I can’t see us going anywhere while having to depend on Tomko and Hendrickson as starters on our staff. Even when Wolf comes back, there is no telling whether it will be the Wolf of the early season or his later version. Our need at this point is definitely for a starter rather than the bullpen. The latter can have Meloan without a trade, and he would probably be as good as Dotel or anybody else who’s available.


    Hey, momo:
    I think baseball is more predicatble than that, but with Nomore you’ve really stretched the limit.


    but the kent extension was not the same thing. he extended kent when he was already 38(!!!) years old. raffy is still in his prime and his power/speed numbers are down because of his ankle. he had a career year last year, do you really think he’s already lost it? im not saying we should extend him, i wouldn’t write him off for an extension either.


    I agree that Raffy is a proven product and should be nowhere near going over the hill. It’s our own management’s fault that we’re keeping him in there playing instead of having DL’d him to get back at full 100%. But, if he doesn’t have the chance to get back to that 100%, I’d be leery of extending him just on the “promise and expectation” that he will fully recover and get back in the groove, including his power attribute.


    At some point Raffy should of sat down for a couple of weeks and let Abreu handle SS. The way he, Abreu, was hitting it would not have been a big letdown and Raffy would be playing at a higher level of comfort by now…


    Well it’s not until after next year but were talking about a slap hitter for 13 million who is getting older. Speed was never a factor in Kents game but it is with Furcal. If Furcal dosent steal 30-40 bags then the rest of him makes him just above average.

    Furcal was great last year and overpaid. This year he is really overpaid.


    i think if his ankle healed properly he could have a couple more seasons like he did last year. he is overpaid but who isn’t these days.


    Well he makes more than Puljos, Soriano, Derek Lee, Berkman and many others you know…so overpaid in the context of MLB.

    But thats ok it was a great 3 year contract. I am cool with it but I think Hu will be ready.

    I hope he is ready, not because I dislike Raffy, but because it would show me that Ned has had a true plan both short term and long term. We then have Pierre to leadoff making that signing a little more sensful (is that a word?)


    It’s a while before talking about Furcal leaving, but I could see us going after Orlando Cabrera who is also a Free Agent after next season like Furcal. But, it’s way too soon to be talking about this.


    And it would really be “sensible” for us to have Hu in the position to take over at short in 2009, so that we don’t feel compelled to overpay Furcal to stay on, unless he proves worthy of it with his performance in 2008.

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