Sunday in San Francisco

Unfortunately, Chin-hui Tsao had to go back on the DL with a shoulder issue, but D.J. Houlton is here today after arriving late last night from Las Vegas.

Hoping Tomko can get back on track and finish off the sweep and 11 in a row in SF.

Furcal, SS


Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Nomar, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, RF

Tomko, P



    The first two are as near obscenities as one can get on this blog, and they are repeating this kind of stuff all the time. If you want to stand by your threat to eliminate this kind of stuff, please DO IT and cut these guys off. We clearly don’t need this kind of display.


    I’m not surprised that Tsao has a lingering injury problem, especially in view of his diminished velocity. Let’s not rush him back this time – it’s not doing the team nor Tsao any good. I don’t want to see him back again until September, and then only after he has proven his durability at the AAA level.


    Report from Vegas:
    Our boys continue to crush the ball. D. Young, LaRoche, and Hu all went deep.

    Hu went 3/5 with 3RBIS, Young went 2/4, also with a double, and 2 RBIS, LaRoche went 3/3 with two doubles on top of his bomb, with 2 RBIS…

    That is the **** i am talking about. Keep it up boys. Is Hu our shortstop of the future??? Im starting to seriously reconsider saying we all but have to offer Raffy a big 4-5 year deal after next season…


    You know what’s great? Watch the video of Betemit’s HR yesterday, and a Dodger fan catches it. And then proceeds to jump up and down like a little boy while Giants fans glare at him. I love it.


    I’m not feeling this lineup today much… not just Bomko, but Ethier and Betimit out? They were our big hitters yesterday. Nice to see Kemp in there though. I would have sat Gonzo, kept Ethier in their, and left Nomar on the bench… but what do I know I’m not the manager right guys? (lame argument many of u use)


    We all must remember that this is an open forum and therefore many of our kids are also perusing.

    So we should be a tad bit respectful of each other and watch the cussing.

    I’m the first one to taunt a non-believer and praise my Dodgers, but I still feel we must all live with each other and it’s pretty easy to get along without being overly rude and/or obscene.

    With that said aren’t the boys duing a great job? Pierre is good, Ned is great and Grady is wonderful.

    We could use a tweak or too before the deadline, but please don’t trade our future away for the present. We have too many great young kids.

    And I do thing our two utility players, the tomato and Martinez are expendable.

    Go Dodger Blue!!! Go BSU on the blue!!!!


    Nice start by Raffy, Betemit is benched because it’s a lefty, easy decision. Sweet moves by Pierre, yeah he went out of the lane. Kiss off Frisco!


    i agree, name-calling and disrespectful posts should not be tolerated if they are directed towards other bloggers. However, if we blow a 4 run lead in the 9th inning then cussing might be appropriate… way to run us out of the inning Grady… should have the bases loaded. ehh… why run with out best hitter at the plate?


    Dodgerdude, it was an obvious blown run and hit sign by Martin, nice job trying to blame it on Grady, same ole stuff…


    1) A lot of our hitters are having good months, like Furcal, Pierre, Martin, Kemp, Ethier, Betemit. Nomar is doing just as well (which isn’t that well), Loney isn’t mashing as much this month – but is still outdoing Nomar, and Gonzalez is having a slow July. Maybe it’s time to rest Gonzo for a bit in favor of Ethier, so he and Kemp can both get some playing time.

    2) Has anyone noticed that Betemit isn’t hitting nearly as many ball hard right at people and is hitting

    .225/.353/.493 on the year now?

    3) Ethier has had the kind of month so far where he’s looking more like he did when he was healthy last year. What’s nice to know is that Ethier and Kemp are both ready now, so next year we will see both of them.

    4) I think Kent’s option will vest, but he’ll be reasonably productive. However, I think that Abreu will be better overall next year if you account for defense, so maybe Kent could be traded to someone who needs a DH or first baseman. Or maybe the Astros will want someone slightly younger than Craig Biggio next year (I think he’s going to retire after this year).

    5) Brett Tomko takes the hill, and has not started against San Francisco since 2002. He has also only given up one home run to Barry Bonds, and that was in 1997, his rookie year, and before Bonds used anything. The guy seems like he’s due to have a decent game, and all the better if he can do it for the sweep against SF.


    It is Grady’s fault… why not just let our best hitter hit? There’s no need to put try a play that risky. If Grady would have done nothing, then we’d be up at least 2-0 right now.


    And how is it obviously a blown hit and run play? Just cuz thats what Vinny said? You have no idea unless you know and saw the signs given by the 3rd base coach. You’re just assuming stuff.


    baseball is a sport of failures. deal with it. someone is always at fault. right there it was Grady.


    Ok, then it was either a blown run and hit, or Furcal went on his own and got burned by a mile. Better?


    I will not blame Tomko for anything that happens this inning, squibber and a Kent error. Bonds may hit this in the cove, it’s all on Kent.


    lol ALEX…..dont you mean that “furcal went on his own, and go burned by a mile because of Grady”…. πŸ™‚


    all this hyper-sensitivity about criticizing/complaining is getting really annoying. just let people post what they want to post and get over it.


    fine, then let me post what I want to post then, and if its annoying, then don’t read it.

    I don’t like reading the constant bashing/crying/whining either, but that doesnt stop me from posting as I wish…:)


    Personally, i like the agressive play call by Grady in the first. Tomko is pitching, we need runs, Grady was agressively trying to get them. Of course you can sit back after the fact and say we would have at least 2 runs had Furcal not gone, but id rather be active than passive anyday. Im pretty sure that a blown play. No way Furcal goes by himself there with such a nothing lead…. If you look at the replay it seems liek he was running on the pitch, clearly indicating a run and hit.


    he makes multi millions a year to play a game that he isn’t good at… how can u feel bad for the guy?


    The bottom line is this: Grady Little needs to go and we all need to start the talking. The Dodgers have all the tools and just like his days in Boston Little has noo ‘feel’ for the game and to be honest, he isn’t the brightest manager either. It seems that he constantly stis out a guy who is just getting hot or continues to get hot! That is ridiculous. And jsut like Tracy did when he coached the Dodgers (who is also proving to be less then efficient as a manager) Littel continues to marchout a tired pitcher that should have given way to a younger prospoect a long time ago. I forget who it was when Tracy managed yet I remember I called him the ‘Gas Can’ cause each time he was brought in a pressure cooker (or anytime) he just blew up: in a bad way. Anyhow, again, the bottom line is that we have to be the voice that is heard and need to start shaking upper management to have Little replaced. He is a nice guy with no feel for the game, is not very intelligent and simply put, has no fire! And that is exactly what a team with so many young faces is in need of! Fire Grady! Spread the word!


    man, the giants can probably field a team for the old timer’s league….it must **** being a giants fan


    Pierre just missed getting it over Vizquel, I hate that old guy! And Shill I respect your opinion but I will not be participating in that at all.


    you realize the problem with your argument is that he turned us around by 17 wins last season, and we are now in first place in a very tough division and no one in the NL has more runs than us.


    Yeah, fire the manage with the best record in the N.L. Good times thanks for the laughs…


    lol shrill… u tried hard on that post. grady is doing fine. not great, not bad, just fine.


    ur giving grady all the credit for turning us around ewk? how about brad penny? russ martin? derek lowe? and other DePo acquisitions like kent.


    Eww, Depo comment, he was going to spin Penny off for Randy Johnson and then as we all forget, he was going to trade Penny and Brazoban to the D’Backs for Navarro, in that big three way deal that Depo pulled out of at the last minute because it was awful. DO NOT EVER GIVE CREDIT TO DEPO FOR PENNY. If Depo had it his way Penny would be kicking our butts in Arizona!


    yep, if i remember Penny was just a pawn to get the big unit…lucky that didn’t go through πŸ™‚


    alex, you are dead wrong about that my friend. Edwin Jackson, Navarro, and that pitching prospect from FLA is what they wanted. Penny was never part of that.


    this is what i found by searching….

    n a megadeal involving three clubs, parameters of a trade are in place in which Johnson will be dealt to the Yankees, pitcher Javier Vazquez and two minor-leaguers (catcher Dioner Navarro and third baseman Eric Duncan) will move from the Yankees to the Los Angeles Dodgers and outfielder Shawn Green and pitchers Brad Penny and Yhency Brazoban will be traded from Los Angeles to Arizona.


    Ryan Howard? when? you’re just making this stuff up as you go aren’t you? Beltran at 18 million? seriously? You’re blaming DePo for not getting Beltran? Why not blame Coletti for not trading for A-rod or failing to get Soriano or Carlos Lee?


    whats up with the Depo hating?

    I can’t think of one Terrible move he made. Coletti, on the other hand, has a few on his plate.

    I’d say that overall, Depo left the organization in better shape than when he came in (04 season notwithstanding). I’m not sure i’ll be able to say the same thing about Coletti.


    All depo did is throw money at Lowe, right? We didnt trade for him or anything, am i correct?


    Ewk, lowe has been our most consistent pitcher the past few years. What are you talking about?


    Casino got to it before i could

    Yep, Vazques, Navarro for Green, Penny and Brazoban. Yankees get Johnson.

    The deal was practically signed sealed and delivered and Depo pulled out because almost all of L.A wanted to kill him! He lost most respect because he caused. the deal to fall through.

    The Howard deal is well documented, Depo didn’t want to give up Sanchez. And Beltran was dangled in June of 04, Depo could of had him as well and chose not to persue, those two are extremes and I don’t really blame him for that.


    He signed Lowe for Juan Pierre type money. Tell who’s more valuable Pierre or Lowe?


    If that was simply a question, the answer is Yes, we signed him as a FA. 4 years 36 mil i believe. not bad


    yep..looks like now that Lowe produces consistently as a Dodger, he’ll get a nice contract once he hits free agency..hopefully we can keep him though


    ok… i was thinking about when we originally got Penny from Florida. We were trying to get Randy from Ariz at the time and Penny was not part of that. You could probably blame DePo for failing to get Derek Lee, but they were probably asking the world for Howard. he was always a BIG time power prospect. And i don’t think the Phills were ever serious about trading him unless they got the whole farm.


    honestly, i think lowe is gone after next year. Its too bad cause he’s perfect at DS. I just hope he doesn’t go to the Pads or Giants, they have similar pitcher friendly parks.


    Kemp absolutely killed that pitch Lowry left up, that ball is long gone in any ballpark other than Phone Booth Park.


    That’s why we’re so lucky to have the depth at that position, we have 4 outfielders who can play the game so well in many different ways.


    Pierre doesn’t play the game well in many different ways, but I’ll agree on the others.


    Well that was foolish by Martin after a 4 pitch walk, first pitch swinging, BAD ALL-STAR! BAD!


    Easy inning for Tomko, if Kent fields that ball in the 1st Tomko is pitching the game of his life…well at least through four innings.


    Great call? I hope that is sarcasm! ‘Cause you cannot give credit to a manager who holds his best young player out so often and sits his hottest players after a great game. Keep in mind, being in 1st is not a ‘cure all’. We are only 10 games over in a very mediocre League. Winning 5 out of every 9 games isn’t exactly succeeding. Maybe to most of you but it just says we are barely playing better the the other less then average teams. The Dodgers are in 1st IN SPITE of Little.


    alex, don’t tell people to bugger off because you disagree with them. If thats how I dealt with people, I would have told you to get lost a long time ago.


    And if you just popped on to spew Fire Little **** I’d say the same thing to you. Stay constructive and I won’t complain in the slightest. Max, you, among others etc… despite our constant disagreements I respect so we can have our arguments and we move forward. This shill guy, sorry no respect…yet.


    somethings causing Nomas NOT to snap his hips or throw his hands at the ball…injury? old age? He’s lost his swing completely.


    New game in the 6th and Tomko’s done. He kept us in it and he made two mistakes. A lot better than most of us were expecting and if I said we’d be tied 3-3 in the 6th more than a few of us would take it today. Kent’s error changed the game completely.


    Kemp is ridiculous today and I love Vinny so much he just explained the situation from the last inning perfectly


    I’m not sure if anyone else noticed it, but after one of his at bats friday night Nomar was NOTICEABLY grimacing and rubbing the right side of his abdomen.

    I have little doubt that he’s playing hurt. If so, I really think its in the team’s best interest that he sit. I can live with Betemit hitting the occasional bomb despite how bad he looks at other times.


    Good to see Furcal hitting again. Let’s hope the All-Star break did him some good.


    The way Dave Roberts read that ball, I would have thought we made an in-game trade of center fielders… haha i just couldn’t resist that one.


    Manny, I’ve been saying that at the start of the season that Nomar was playing hurt but I know he didn’t wanted to come out of the lineup and hurt the team.


    Would it be funny if Pierre got one? I can’t believe Tomko is in line for a possible win.


    alex… come on… furcal hit a triple… it’s not like grady called a for a triple. Kemp stealing did nothing to help Furcal hit that ball that far. Maybe he distracted the pitcher but there’s no way to knwo for certain. Also, I was calling for Kemp to steal the bag because he is a good base stealer, but dont give him credit for the triple. The squeeze play, give grady credit for that one! atta boy Pierre and Grady… did i just write that?




    lobbyhouse, I totally agree with you. The question is, however, is he hurting the team MORE by playing hurt? I think he might be.


    I wanted to see Pierre with another bunt double over the 3b’s head. That’s the only way I would have liked that play better.


    Ok, easily misunderstood, Furcal hit the triple but Grady called hit and run. That’s my point, with Kemp’s speed he probably scores anyway, but still a good call. Bad Kent first pitch swinging…


    You know what’s annoying… when you guys give us guff for being “negative” about Grady “all the time” but at the same time you guys do the complete opposite. Seems to you guys that everything Ned and Grady touch turns to gold.


    lol I think so. I know he doesn’t wants to come out but it is best for him to take a couple of days off or if he’s really is hurt be placed on the DL. I don’t like that he have 2 homerun so far.


    Nope, if Grady makes a mistake I jump on here, I was all over him for putting Loney in right field. So when it’s deserved I let them have it both ways. That’s all I ask from you all as well. Treat them the same, give them their proper respect when they make a great call, play etc… and if you so choose let them have it when they make a mistake.


    Speaking of a bunt double I really wants to see that video. I can’t believe no one have it up yet on youtube. I try to message that guy that had another bunt double when Pierre used to play for the Marlins but he’s seem idle.


    Loney in RF was a good move, to get him some experience there. Loney running into the wall full speed when the team was up, dumb move. That was all Loney’s fault. You can’t even blame it on the scoreboard since his knee hit the cement at the bottom of the wall that rings the entire outfield.


    So far today on my “Props” scorecard:

    2 “Atta boy” to Grady

    2 “bad call” to Grady

    1 “atta boy” to Pierre

    I think I gave a few to Kemp and others as well but I’m sure those two guys are all you guys care about.


    Ok, I’m going to please the masses and end this discussion. Lets just watch this game…


    “I can’t think of one Terrible move he [DePo] made. Coletti, on the other hand, has a few on his plate.”

    I wouldn’t say with a capital T, but what about Roberts for Henri Stanley?

    With Colletti though, sure, Sanchez-Seo, Guzman Pedroza for Lugo weren’t very good, Navarro-Hendrickson was bad but Navarro isn’t doing well at all now, and Hendrickson is decent out of the pen. Tiffany-Jackson for Baez-Carter has a chance to break even if Jackson falters more or of Betemit gets to prove himself, or if Tiffany is bad or never makes the majors.

    Most of what DePo did well was his signings – Penny’s extention, Lowe’s signing, getting Kent, getting Drew. He had two good trades: Penny and Bradley. Colletti had a few good moves himself, though. Again, signings in Furcal, Gonzo, and Nomar the first time were good. He got unlucky with Schmidt just as Depo got unlucky with Valentin. Colletti’s good trades were Izturis for Maddux, Aybar and Baez for Betemit, and Bradley and Perez for Ethier.

    DePo didn’t have the depth that Colletti had, as the stopgap players were often bad instead of just mediocre. He also didn’t spend as much money, though, and I wonder what would have happened if he was on a longer leash, or if Gagne stayed healthy.


    Alex8675309 or whatever it is: you need to know that I and probably not a lot of the others here care to earn your respect. So please don’t flatter yourself by thinking we care. As the others have pointed out, we all have our right to voice our opinion just as you do whether you agree or not. So let’s make sure the discussions are exactly that: discussions. If you disagree, illustrate your argument and move on. Your respect is not of any worth in this or any blog. And furthermore, enough with the play by play and the ‘good call’. Thanks Dodgerdude for that note!


    This is a reply to a post by dodgerdude17 which was posted at 2:11. It is about Ryan Howard.I could give you a long story but I don’t even know if you’ll see this;everybody else may not care. If you want more details let me know.
    After the 2004 season the Phillies thought they had a major problem with Placido Polanco. Their opinion of Ryan Howard was what it had been for some time; namely he had power but wouldn’t hit for average and was not capable of fielding any position at the ML level. They offered us a package of Polanco and Howard for what I don’t remember but in light of future developments was almost as little as O’Malley paid for Chavez Ravine.


    No link but I live in Philadelphia.If you really want details (not proof just every thing I remember) e-mail me and I’ll figure out what I want to do to give you the story.If you read as much as you can find on Polanco from then until ihe Phils traded him to Detroit you”ll get the story. But if you want my recollections contact me.


    Not that shabby a try dodgerdude

    Sweeping the Giants again in Frisco and even more special…Tomko won the game and aside from Kent’s error leading to a 2 out RBI hit Tomko was solid. Our bullpen did its job again, Kemp was tremendous and this felt really good. Phillies and Mets up next at home, lets keep it going. Nomar really should be benched on the road, he just can’t shake it.



    Agree with Nomar being benched, but I’m thinking that putting him on DL would be more appropriate. I’m sure there is something wrong with him, but the worst part of it is that he’s not owning up to it, and that hurts the team. You would think he would care.


    Nomar didn’t care enough lastyear to step aside for loney who was RedHot while he was a Playing injury why would anyone think that he would Man up to not being able to do the 100% job that is expected of him now?Nomar is a great Person but he is not great about stepping aside for what is best for the team. Its Grady’s job to Get the Job done and Holy **** we are the BEST IN THE NL….so I’m not whining….right now but come playoffs I want to see a little shift of more Defense to back our starters with the vets coming off the bench in Key situations to create the Offence.Great Job By Tomko today to keep us in the game and get the win.


    So far today on my “Props” scorecard:

    2 “Atta boy” to Grady

    2 “bad call” to Grady

    1 “atta boy” to Pierre

    I think I gave a few to Kemp and others as well but I’m sure those two guys are all you guys care about.

    Posted by: | July 15, 2007 03:13 PM

    Dude we care about the whole team thats your problem….You care to bash selected people who do perform but not to your expectations all the while turning a blind eye to other people underachiving…I’ll Blast Players Coaches managers and announcers when they phone in a job but you continue to bash only on your selected hate list…. You are not a fan at all just a Zit on this Blog…


    Holy jesus… are you serious? I give props to our players and manager and you still give me guff… Fisher man, your wack.


    You gotta admit though, my zit joke was funny…

    yea… but Juan Pierre is like a big zit on your GFs forehead: it’s right in front of you, you can’t ignore it, and you know she’ll look a lot better when it’s gone.

    Posted by: | July 15, 2007 12:53 AM


    Nope Dude you are the stupidiest thing on this blog you are not funny nor witty just plain pathetic…Hope you drink too much and drown in your own Vomit….Because your are obviously too stupid to turn over and take a breath…..

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