Today's lineup

Looking for nine straight by the Bay. Haven’t done that in a long time (since the 1970s).

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Nomar, 1B

Loney, 1B

Ethier, RF

Billingsley, P



    Old habits die hard, Nomar will obviously be at 3rd. Cain gets zero run support, lets hope for the same tonight! Lets get it done Bills! Also, Maddux goes for the Padres in the only stadium that gives him fits…Chase Field in Arizona, he’s 1-9 with an ERA over 5!




    i know this might sound like crazy talk but hopefully just once Loney might hit ahead of Nomar…i know crazy talk.

    WE gotta win these two games because sunday we’ve got the white flag starting.


    It really should be:

    Furcal, SS

    Pierre, CF

    Martin, C

    Gonzo, LF

    Kent, 2B

    Loney, 1B

    Nomar, 3B

    Ethier, RF

    Billingsley, P

    That would promote Gonzo, who is doing better than Kent, and Loney who is doing better than Nomar, but more importantly, would alternate Lefty/Righty all the way through the line-up, which makes it tough for the opposing manager to bring in a left-handed situational pitcher–he either has to waste him on one batter, or put him up against a righty.


    giants fans must be a great mood with the sabean extension. great time to kick em while they’re down. with the exception of bills we’d be better off flipping the lineup upside down.


    Nomar and Loney at first, is that legal? Where’s Kemp? Again there are to many old guys in the middle of the line up. If any thing kills the Dodgers this year it will be that, and managements refusal to play the best players consistently. As for Tomko the money he’s making has to be paid whether he pitches or not. I’d rather he didn’t.


    One thing you could expect from Tomko’s assigned start on Sunday – this should be his last chance. If he all of a sudden performs well, we’re in for the rest of the season of back and forth with him, like it or not. If he bombs, can there be any sensible reason to stick with him beyond the end of this month, even if we do have to pay off about $3 million to get rid of him.
    Just think of how getting the two pitchers with Giants’ experience is biting us in the *ss in 2007.


    IMPERSONATOR!!! Max_power_05… I just got an email from Max_power_05) It was in direct response to a post i made last night. I knew the author of the email was not Max from the blog because this author was suggesting that Juan Pierre was actually a good player. The impersonator spells maxx with two X’s. I never really liked that our IDs on the blog are our email addresses. Ever since I’ve started posting stuff on here I’ve been getting more and more junk/spam emails. Josh, anything you can do to change or help this problem?


    I would like to see Barry thrown and/or walked at every single at bat this weekend.. I wish it was still like that.. The problem is that players not feel a brotherhood towards EVERYONE in mlb,, f that.. It should be about your team, but thanks to free agency that will never again be the case.


    Dont know if you all saw this already, but Hu was promoted to AAA.. went 2/5 last night with a bomb… looks like we have another top rate prospect… what to do with all this young talent?? I firmly believe A-Rod is the answer but trading for him is obviously not the dilemma there. I think Oswalt would be very interesting trade opportunity… No doubt Dodger Stadium would only enhance his ability. I just think about the wealth of talent we have and think we need to make a big trade. I dont see any available bat that is worth trading for, but Oswalt certainly is.


    The stats have held up as the D’Backs have jumped on Maddux in the first inning 2-0 Snakes


    It’s uncanny Maddux is a totally different pitcher when he faces Arizona, 3-0 D’Backs Bottom 1


    hmmm, JP with the RBI base hit, then with the attempt to steal 3rd that induces the error and produces the run, 2-0! GO BLUE!!!

    imagine what a “real center fielder” would do in this case…maybe we would be up 100-0 already with such a player? 😉


    Pierre with the RBI base hit, Pierre with the stolen base forcing the throwing error leading to him scoring. Ethier’s at bat was a big key to that inning he did a great job.


    Man… this ump is squeezing Bills so much, I think I see loose change scattered around the mound.


    Web Gem Alert: Jeff Salazar made a RIDICULOUS!!! catch climbing the fence in right field taking away a solo HR from Brian Giles. Probably the best catch since Gary Matthews Jr. last year!


    this email was sent to me by

    Who are you? Man up dude.

    IMPERSONATOR!!! Max_power_05… I just got an email from Max_power_05) It was in direct response to a post i made last night. I knew the author of the email was not Max from the blog because this author was suggesting that Juan Pierre was actually a good player. The impersonator spells maxx with two X’s. I never really liked that our IDs on the blog are our email addresses. Ever since I’ve started posting stuff on here I’ve been getting more and more junk/spam emails. Josh, anything you can do to change or help this problem?

    Posted by: | July 13, 2007 04:45 PM

    Well don’t talk **** about Pierre no more and give him some positive feedback. I’m the real Max I got a lot of Max email. We got him for 5 yrs so live with it and Grady is dumb for not having him in that lead off spot because of Furcal ankle is not 100%. Furcal really needs to be move down regardless until his ankle is better.


    Yes! Just got off work here in Giants country, to come home to a mojito and a 2-0 Dodgers lead! Good stuff.

    As for A-Rod, I’m ready to start rolling my pennies if it will help. If all this hype about A-Rod eventually breaking the home run record is true, it’d be nice to see someone in Dodger Blue breaking the record for once, instead of giving up the record-breaker. (Plus, it’d really tick off my future mother-in-law, a die-hard east coast Yankees fan and A-Rod fan)


    JP nearly beat out that sacrifice bunt and Russell Martin comes through again. That was good.

    I think JP’s “steal” of third was a bonehead move and he got lucky. An on-target throw would have nailed him by plenty so his jump wasn’t good, there were two outs, and RUSSELL MARTIN was at the plate. Stealing third there is a good play ONLY if the jump is so big, the steal is certain.


    Speaking of Web Gem: James Loney

    No, sir a good steal is a successful one, but I get your point. We’ll never know because Molina’s throw bounced off Aurilia’s leg. Oh well, I can live with that. Still a great play because it worked, he gets thrown out like Martin a month ago he’s a goat. Tonight he’s a genius.

    And they just pinch hit Betemit on a lefty, HUH?


    As good as the LADs are, its amazing how their pitching staff loses its nerve when facing Bonds. I know they are good enough to pitch him but for some reason, they run the other way when he is at the plate. Even for LA games when their fans pay a premium to see Bonds hit or when they have the game sealed, LAD pitchers and coaches lose their nerve when facing Bonds. Play the game or get better personnel!


    With Loney playing as well as he is, does anyone really think Ned would get Texiera from the Rangers? Just read that the Dallas Morning News said the Angels and Dodgers are interested. I’d rather let this season play out and spend some cash on A-Rod.


    mgbrooks – If I’m managing I’ll either walk him or plunk him. I don’t want one of my pitchers to be a footnote as the next Al Dowling, especially being a Dodger. Put his sorry knees on base and make him run out some ground balls, it’s just good strategy.


    note to grady: loney need not be platooned against LHP. betemit, eh, that’s another story.


    leamans i couldnt agree more. Loney needs to calm down on D.. No doubt he will be a gold glover but you can see those rookie mistakes.. that is his 4th error i believe… He was so ready and excited to turn that DP that he pulled his head up– he is going to be soo good.

    And also leamans– no way they get teixera.. that would be so incredibly stupid.. If my memory serves me correct he is represented by Boras so i would just be shocked and saddened to see that happy..


    Note to old fogey — True enough on CHP. I agree with you there. Statistically its still interesting how many pitchers run the other way. Even early in the season when he was not the best hitter on the team, pitchers would pitch to better hitters and walk Bonds. And I must admit that towards the end of tonight’s game it was nice to see a pitcher face him straight up vs. throwing balls and pretending to be frustrated. The purest part of the game is a good pitcher going one on one against a good hitter to see who is the best. Thanks for your point.


    not trying to play conspiracy theorist…but did anyone else see nomar grab his side as he walked back after his last AB…im really starting to think he’s hurt. or i could just be seeing things.


    Yeah, I saw him do that too

    Man, I remember when the Mets blooped us to death in Game 3 last October. The bloops are starting to fall our way. Kent, Saenz and Nomar all little bloops. Crazy maddening game IN BOTH WAYS!




    Way to give Saito another night off!…

    but please save some runs for the rest of the weekend 🙂

    Looks like my neighborhood gets treated to the musical stylings of Randy Newman once again!


    Kemp’s plate discipline is really poor right now, he’ll come around in time. Ethier is starting to come alive.


    I had a wonderful Friday the 13th. I saw a great show performed by some gray headed guys named Johnny Maestro & the Brooklyn Bridge and Bobby Rydell who’s just as good a comedian as he is a singer. They looked their age as they went over many oldies. The Shangri-Las also performed great only thing was they didn’t look a day over 35. Then I came home just in time to see the Dodgers take BP on the Gnats. The NL West is sure tighten up again. LET’S KEEP THAT WINNING STREAK AT AT&T PARK ALIVE TOMORROW. GO DODGERS!!!!


    Great game tonight, I really love our new look offense.


    I want to echo the sentiments of the earlier posts as I receive a ridiculous amount of spam every time I post here. I don’t know who it is but I think you should look into getting log-in handles that don’t provide our addresses. If I get 1 more e-mail saying I won the UK lottery or that I inherited money from Africa, I’m gonna lose it.


    Some Vital Statistics of our Bullpen before the break_____Saves: Saito 23, Broxton 1 & Beimel 1_________Blown Saves: Saito 2, Broxton 2, Billingley 1, Tsao 1._____________HOLDS: Broxton 19, Beimel 6, Seanez 3, Tsao 3, Billingsley 3, Saito 1, & Houlton 1.


    also josh, in the online store you can only order customized replica away jerseys and not customized authentic away jerseys. Is there a reason behind that? or has it just not been updated. I really want to get a Billingsley away jersey but i dont think i’ll make it to the stadium this year.


    Start of 2nd half, here’s my take. Despite,Kent/Nomar’s bloop hits, those two did NOT benefit from 4 days off. They
    will be the pathetic self ALL

    thru the year.Although most of

    the rest hit well (Happy), I

    have been a JP basher, but we

    ALL have to NOTE, that JP’s small ball style, is paying off. He IS making things happen.A hit here, a sacrafice there,a stolen base

    Whatever..JP is has become a sort of spark, of late. Let’s

    ALL give him some props. He is contributing, in his small little way and it’s paying dividends. Evert team needs, this type of player. Look at the big picture. JP is going to play a HUGE role, Mark my words. He cares…….


    One more take. We all (myself inc.)Have been hoping for a M.Cabrera pick-up. Please note
    I have attended several Dodger

    clinics. I’m Latin, so I mosey

    along the fence, until a see

    one of our Latin players, inc

    Manny Mota. In casual conver-

    sations, i bring up Cabrera.

    Neg. side. He is slow, does NOT mingle well with teamates

    Has the proberbial, I don’t care attitude, is overweight,

    does NOT hustle. Ex: He was on 2nd, with two out. there was a shot to RC field, JP caught up with it, did a 360

    and threw to kent. Cabrera stopped at 3rd ??? Other game,

    he was on 2nd, one out. Next batter grounded to Nomar @ 1st base. Cabrera did not advance. Let’s keep this side

    of Cabrera, in our wishes. Mind you, I’m a Cabreaa fan also….Food for thought….


    Agreed Pat. I will defiantely give him some props. I just like the way the guy carries himself too. I think in two years we are all going to love him.. He will never be the best but his skill set is unique and dynamic and can really cause problems. And, like you said, he cares which is something that cannot be said about the majority of pro athletes these days…

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