Tonight's lineup

Just got back from The Best **** Sports show with Brad Penny. It airs tonight and was very cool, but somewhat jammed up my day so I’m behind.

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Gonzalez, LF

Nomar, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, RF

Lowe, P



    I read on today that the dodgers are interested in bringing Eric Gagne back. Please do something right for once Dodgers and bring Eric back to L.A.


    Looks like Ethier is being relegated to a secondary role to Kemp, which is O.K. as long as Kemp can keep hitting at this pace. Otherwise it’s hard to understand leaving the lefty out and Kemp in against Smoltz.
    This is bound to be a tough game – let’s win it anyway.

    Let’s get back in first before the All Star game!


    My co-worker was telling me that A-rod is in the picture for a possible trade.
    I guess New York Yankees want to rebuild there team with some young talent. And of course Dodgers have alot of that.

    Has anyone heard anykind of rumors about A-rod coming to the Dodgers?

    It’s obvious that New York needs a First baseman and pitching.


    The Dodgers are not showcasing Kemp. He is their only right handed outfielder, and has the highest upside in terms of power. He’s getting playing time lately because Ethier played most of the Arizona series.


    offer nomar a position within the administration next year. toss a couple young guys their way. maybe include kemp or ethier, possibly Bills (as much as I would hate to see him go). Leave Loney and Martin alone. Fast track Kershaw up to the Show and get A-Rod. If that were to happen, all would be right in my universe


    I doubt Kemp is being showcased for a trade, just like I doubt A-Rod is coming to L.A. Stranger things have happened, of course. But why trade away young, cheap, talented guys who can play on the team for years to come? Loney and Kemp both fit that roles and the Dodgers haven’t developed them just to send them off. I’m giving the organization some credit on this one, until they flabbergast me with a bad move, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Is Gagne really healthy, and what do we have to cough up for a half-year of Gagne? He went away once for a few dollars more, so maybe he’ll do it again. He would be nice to have as a setup man, of course. Though he’d want to close, bumping Saito down.

    The lineup is more or less the usual suspects. Come on guys, may the hits fall in. Lowe deserves a good showing and a W. Give him one.


    really, if i have to worry about all of the young guys being showcased everytime they get playing time, it makes it really hard to root for them. so im just going to assume they’re not. the only reason the dodgers should put anyone in the lineup is because they give them the best chance to win a game.


    How long are Colletti, and Little going to take to get rid of Tomko? He’s killing the team…



    eduardosoto0301___Can you come up with one reason the Dodgers would need Gagne?carcyn____If the Dodgers got A-Rod the one thing it would do is keep him away from the gnats. GO TEAM BEAT Smoltz.


    How can Tomko be killing the team when lack of run production makes all the pressure come to him in a 12th inn tie game? Not that I like him on the team or anything but run production is our worst enemy at the moment.


    I imagine Coletti’s patience for people is reflected in the dollar signs. The idea that Tomko was ever a starter over Bills proves that point. Oh right I know, they were developing him. Same with Loney and Kemp.

    June Numbers: OF (which 3 would u play)

    1. .286 .405 .443 .848

    2. .279 .310 .315 .626

    3. .383 .420 .468 .888

    4. .301 .398 .548 .947


    well Tomko’s era in May and June is over 6.80.

    He couldn’t even mop up a 9-1 game and we had to use the pen. And then of course Saturday. He is a waysted roster space, that’s how he hurts.


    As far as Gagne goes he walked away from a more then fair offer we have Saito we don’t need Gagne anymore…


    Is ethier done being the starting right fielder? I like kemp but i think that he still needs a lot of work. I think that we’re going to see the same thing that happened last year with him. Pitchers are going to stop throwing fastballs to him. Although he hit a homerun yesterday, he looked awful in his last two at bats. The kid just can’t hit anything offspeed.


    Does anybody know who’s filling in for Kuo in the rotation? Hendrickson would be my guess but then our bullpen is weakened as Hendy seems to be our long-relief option. Our most glaring present need is the rotation so I doubt that A-Rod trade talks are even occuring.


    I think they are praying for no Long roles needed til after the break.DJ went an inn. Lastnight and knows How to get lit up at mlb level but I would Guess he is the long guy to try and keep us in the game.


    Yeah you guys are right Saito is our closer. I mean his what like 38 years old. I see about 10 more good years from him as the closer.


    Ya know if its not broken Don’t fix it and that part of this team this year is not Broken.


    Not to Mention we already have the AS Closer don’t see Gagne with that honor this year.


    I know it’s just a rumor but Kemp being traded FLAT OUT MADE MY STOMACH SICK!! i’m sure upper management wont trade young cheap talent. DON’T DO IT NED!!!



    Here is what I’ve seen, which is gresat news as far as I’m concerned:

    Dylan Hernandez and Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times reported this morning on discussions between the Dodgers and White Sox about Buehrle. The Sox want outfielder Matt Kemp in a trade. They may even be asking for more, perhaps Chad Billingsley or Jonathan Broxton. We know that Kenny Williams’ starting point was each team’s two best prospects. If the clubs ultimately settle on Kemp for Buehrle straight up – something the Dodgers hope to avoid – Williams will have done well. He needs an outfielder he can build around. The L.A. Daily News, however, says no deal is close and the Dodgers haven’t even talked to the White Sox since before extension negotiations died.


    Ned might not always make good great signings but so far his track record on trades has been great on bright propects staying and hasn’t traded a good Rookie yet.I mean Navarro Guzman and has anyone found Willy yet?Tiffany was one I was looking forward to seeing but Loney Kemp Abreu Bills and Brox are all safe I’m sure La Roche Probably has ST assured unless an awesome deal comes up.Too Many FA availible after the season to do anything really stupid.


    There isn’t a player in baseball aside from Puljos I would trade Bills or Kemp for and if that means missing the playoffs this year then so be it.


    Agreed fisher, I think we may make a smaller moves in terms of pitching but I think our management likes our current options in terms of position guys. I don’t forsee any blockbuster type trades for us.


    Agreed to all that… I dont want to see a big move aimed at saving this season… but I’d be ok with a big move aimed at improving us longterm… i.e. Teixeira or Miggy Cabrera or some other young hitter. I’d be fine standing pat, or just adding a nice pitcher at a limited cost.


    Yeah Thats What I see in Ned is trying to get a Gem without really paying with Bluechips.Thats what he did lastyear too although Hendy is the only one that has showed any kind of production and that is very limited in early and late season play. But did purge alot of other non productive or low ceiling players in the process.So far….


    Lineup looks good tonight. I expect no run support again for Lowe.

    Andruw Jones probably will come out of his slump.

    Gagne is not coming back. Our bullpen is solid enough except for the middle relief.

    I expect Houlton to pitch by the 3rd innning Wednesday.


    Miggy would cost alot move then any of us would be willing to give up and We Have Loney@ 1st base Don’t want anyone else there for the Next 10 years!


    Smoltz is gonna get lit up Tonight!Jones will let JP flyballs drop and Nomar gets another Knock.


    if our Gm was smart he wouldn’t be going after Buerhle anyways since the bidding war is so fierce. You’ll end up paying through the nose that way, not to mention having to give into Williams’ ridiculous price. An under the radar starter would be a far better choice. I DO think we need a 5th stater even if Bills and Wolf are solid but we don’t need another ace.


    Yeah I kept Smoltz off my fantasy lineup tonight because I want him to get rocked!


    Some interesting stats on Smoltz before I leave for the game:

    Smoltz lifetime at Dodger Stadium:

    8 Wins 9 Losses 3.47 ERA Batting Average Against: .255

    This season, lefties are batting .266 against Smoltz, while righties are batting a not too shabby .253.

    Also, Smoltz on the road batters are hitting .278 and he’s given up 20 earned runs as opposed to Smoltz at home where batters are hitting .241 with only 13 earned runs.

    I’m off…



    fisher… Loney is still very much an unknown quantity… Andre Eithier started blistering hot for a half last year and look where he’s at now.


    1) we Dumped trash for him.

    2) If what he has done so far both in Vegas and in LA hasn’t earned your respect for the rest of the season then I guess nothing will.

    3) we have already fought this battle and its a boring discussion…..

    4) Its not groundhog day…..


    I have a feeling that Ethier would be just fine if he played everyday…he’s a solid contributer, he has a sweet swing, he usually has good at bats. I’m still baffled as to how the Kemp/Ethier “nonplatoon” platoon is working.


    I think that was Loney’s problem lastyear in his dropoff in that he played a stretch then Nomar hobbled back to the line up and Loney sat….

    This year Management made a slot for him and as the Song Goes The future is sooo Bright I gotta wear Shade’s!


    I Do have to admit that DJ did do better after he settled in 05’and he hasn’t been horrible in Vegas so he might step up….


    send lurch back to mockingbird lane. seriously, they’d be better off letting houlton start.


    I guess you don’t remember DJ asking I forget who but the Question was How do you get MLB hitters out?He was sooo lost in 05’…


    no prob…i’m used to people saying my name a million different ways.

    gonzo, nomar, and loney coming up…let’s get some runs!


    Back on sports in demand’s extra innings. Have to work with MLBTV to see if they can solve my problems._____Lowe is throwing a lot of pitches(thanks to the Braves batters).


    yes fisher…i go by zobie

    man, that was a sad inning…it started out so well and then it just died


    Been calling you Zoe for so long now didn’t know there was a Zoe/Zobie nerve. Nice Play Kemp!


    Man that is one thing I hate about Lowe… he is never in a form to make a play on a groundball up the middle….Groundball pitch can only be his own best friend by making that play….


    NL pitchers especially need to be able to hit the ball as well as all pitchers need to be able to catch the ball….


    Kent gets Santana???No wonder he doesn’t Homer Gotta Play Bad Motor Scooter for him!


    Thats gotta be a slap in the face to Lo Duca your not a fan favorite nor a players favorite…..


    nice double by raffy and i seriously have the biggest zo-crush on martin’s talent…not that i haven’t said that enough…haha


    Kent just no longer puts any fear in anyone as a cleanup hitter. Compared to a year ago, he is now plain bad. What’re we going to do with him for another year?


    Unfortunately it has taken Lowe too many pitches to get this far. Have to give credit to the Braves hitters’ patience and many fouled balls to wear him down early. I wish we could teach that approach to most of our guys. I fear that Lowe will get another loss for his efforts, because Smoltz will come on just a little stronger.


    And that is why Beimel should could in instead of Seanez with inherited runners


    Earlier I said that LOWE wasn’t too low, I should have said that he wasn’t low enough.


    holy wow. Matt Kemp is a stud. Don’t trade him Ned. If you do I doubt you’ll survive.


    K_E_M_P I said he looked awesome but looking awesome and BEING awesome is something else.


    And Thats what I love about Beimel is that he fields and holds as well as picksoff runners!


    Did Vinny just call Matt Kemp, Matt “****”? or something along those lines? It’s what it sounded like. And I better not get in trouble for this… if Vinny says it on tv I should be able to say it on the blog.


    well it blocked it… but some of you might of heard it, i won’t try to repost it again


    Did Vinny just call Matt Kemp, Matt “****”? or something along those lines? It’s what it sounded like. And I better not get in trouble for this… if Vinny says it on tv I should be able to say it on the blog.

    Posted by: | July 2, 2007 09:26 PM



    haha i can’t help it that i bake when i’m nervous…and yes martin will make history. maybe that’s why i like him so much…history was one of my majors in college. history is hot


    I Think you should seek futures… Take you History mix it with your major bake a cake and catch a Martin!


    What do you think of the PIERRE(TYPE) double. MARTIN’S RUNNING is outstanding.


    I wish like heck that we could have put these runs on the board when Lowe was in the game.


    I’m in North Florida and all anyone talks about is the freakin’ Braves. Tomorrow will be a great day!!!

    GO BLUE!!!


    Beimel has to be our go to guy and seanez our 7th inn strtch or any 1 inn guy with a good lead.


    Gameday updates the stats with each at bat and after the last out it showed his average drop from .200 to .199. Maybe they are wrong.


    His first ab tonight was @ .199 he had a hit so his avg from .199 should have gone up 1-4


    I’ll man up for it but he has too much rope he can’t possibly kill this….and stay in…


    Thanks Fisher, we may have to shun you for bringing up “He Who Shall Not Be Summoned from the Pen”.


    Another no decision for Lowe, a win for Beimel, Tomko’s ERA gets higher, we save Broxton and Saito for another day and we stay a game behind SD. Let’s catch the Pads tomorrow!!!

    GO BLUE!!!


    That was SOOO Cool in the Kemp interview he was wiping tears from his eyes on the recap! That is someone who truly cares about not only what he does but about the Whole TEAM! That is a great player and if given the chance will be a longtime producer!


    the white sox offered Buehrle a no trade clause. Hopefully he takes it an kills those awful rumors.


    Love what Kemp said in the interview, fisher I’m glad we agree about Seanez.

    Great win guys!

    First place is just around the corner!


    These kids are great. We may be back to the glory days of the Dodgers farm system being the best in the league.


    They haven’t talked to the pale hose in weeks, pretty much since they said kemp for buehrle or no deal.


    Beimel has that come in anytime and get outs mentality where so many relivers don’t Seanez seems to be 1 inn start to finish same as JB and Saito.


    I wonder if someone put that bunt double on youtube. Why couldn’t Pierre do that on kcal 9 when they’re on the road?


    haha that pierre bunt double was awesome. i still can’t get over it. i hope someone puts it on youtube


    What I loved about that interveiw was the real Honest devoted to the team emotion…That can not be practiced nor taught that is the intangible differance that some players bring to the game that has no numbers…


    uhh…. those weren’t tears, haha. But seriously ned, don’t trade the kids or we will hunt you down.


    Yeah Guys wipe their eyes for no reason…didn’t say he was Bawling but a tear of joy isn’t unreasonable and I got those in my 20’s as well as my 40’s…


    i think it was more like sweat, haha. Kemp just really, really needs to learn to hit offspead, and then he’ll be unstoppable.


    No Max If Either one is not played on a regular basis barring injury or rest I will make it my Personal Mission in life to remove NC and/or GL from LA on a Barbedwire Fence….


    we just need to find some schmo thats better than lurch to be the fifth starter…now thats not so hard, is it?


    If you watched a replay of yourself hitting the game winning Knock after your firstbaseman swung at a bad pitch in the dirt ???on purpose??? LL play and made it to first on the passed ball then Knocked a Homer behind him for the 2 run lead? Ya might be a lil emotional…




    well Maybe that is Kudos to Gradt for pulling Lowe and Bad Management on the Braves side for not having a bullpen…


    We Can Sweep this series in a Bulpen matchup.We Have the Offence this Atl team is weak in the Bullpen and we can hit them. Starters have to keep the team in the game and the rest need to come thru!


    1) I was at the game (trying to get people to sing the Loney song), and saw Kemp’s blast. I really don’t know how to describe that–I was sitting in the Left Field Pavillion the game where Mark McGwire hit two home runs, one out of the stadium, and Kemp’s blast was bigger than that. The whole game just stopped as everyone was pondering what he had just done (and, to get Beimel to hit, but everyone was in shock–I thought we were going to get a curtain call).

    2) I don’t think Tsao caught that ball. At first, I thought the ball might have cleared the back wall, but from the way I saw it, Tsao put his arm up and pointed at the ball, as it flew over the wall with the Toyata sign (though it stayed within the stadium, not flying over the back wall). Can we get confirmation here? Can Josh ask Tsao if he has the ball? I really thought it went over the bullpen.

    3) I can’t believe that Kemp would be involved in a trade. The White Sox may want him (who wouldn’t), but that doesn’t mean they would get him–and apparently, the Sox want two players. Bob Harvey and A Martinez on Dodger Talk both said Kemp is untouchable. Trading Kemp is beyond insane. Anyone remember Pedro Martinez??? My brother said that Kemp reminds him of a young Dave Parker, and I said no way. When he asked who I thought Kemp was like, I said Willie Mays, and my brother said that Mays was not as strong–and then realized that he had actually compared Willie Mays unfavorably compared to Matt Kemp. That’s right–he was thinking that Matt Kemp mihgt have more talent than Willie Mays. Admittedly, Kemp is still young, but he may just not have a ceiling. I have to believe the guys on Dodger Talk–Kemp, Loney, Broxton, and Billingsley are untouchable (of course, they did not bother to mention Martin, who is beyond even questioning).

    Interesting note–the game started with the veterans, but I think it ended with next year’s starting line-up.


    Delwyn Young is on fire- Tonight: 3/5; one triple, one double. Now hitting .332. He has played literally every game this year- .377 OBP, .577 OBP, .954 OPS. 62 RBI, and even better 32 2b…


    I thought Kemp was Dave Winfield? ๐Ÿ™‚ Parker, Winfield, I’ll take either one. Chisox will have to keep on dreaming.


    I just heard on the radio 710AM. Possible trade Mark Buehler and Matt Kemp in the mix.
    Hope this is not true.

    Matt Kemp is exciting to watch. It would be a big mistake to trade him. He is going to blow up anywhere else he goes. Just like Paul Kenerko.


    This should definitely not be a deal, if we give up Kemp for a part year Buehrle with no guarantee of re-signing. If the White Sox sign him for four years around $57 million, which is what I’ve heard being discussed, and then trade him for Kemp and others, that would make more sense, but even then I would have misgivings about trading Kemp in the package. I think we have more pitching prospects in our pipeline in two or three years than we have power hitting outfielders.


    I’m glad we brought all of our kids up around the same time (last year and this year), in comparison to the 90’s when we seemingly showcased a rookie per year. It appears that the group has great chemistry and really loves playing together. Kemp’s post game interview last night was awesome, he pretty much said that he wants to stay a Dodger for his entire career. I think it also takes pressure off the individual when a group (Loney, Kemp, Abreu) gets pulled up around the same time. Instead of “I have to show them I belong here” its more like “let’s show these people what WE can do.”

    We could be seeing early stages of a Dodger dynasty.


    Yes, I get the same sense of camaraderie from the Loney, Kemp, Abreu group at least, and it seems to instill a new energy and spirit in our game. I also don’t want to overlook Abreu’s contribution. Some say that he is not ready for the majors, but he’s hitting around .290 with sporadic appearances and good fielding skills. About 10% of his hits have been for extra bases. I would like to think that is deserving of staying with the club, even if it is in place of Martinez.


    How many of you, are able to answer, this question, Honestly…If you were Ned,
    would you sign Gonzo, for ’08.

    ????? Think about it ?????


    I would wait until the end of the season to make that decision on Gonzo. If I extended an offer to him for ’08, it would be with the understanding that he likely would not get the starter role.


    Gonzo is having great year there is no denying that. But he still remains a liability in the OF. Pierre is here to stay, at least for a while, Kemp is showing that we need to make room for him, and Ethier deserves a full time shot, which he hasn’t yet received but he is a better asset overall(both defensively and offensively)to our club than Gonzo is going forward. If Gonzo continues at this pace, he’ll find a job with an organization next year if he wants but I don’t think it’ll be with the Dodgers. My guess would be DHing somewhere in the AL.


    We, as fans, need to do something to bolster Derek Lowe, he’s been phenomenal all year and he’s just not getting the breaks. It seems to really be weighing on him. How can we let him know that we see what he’s doing, and we appreciate it? Any ideas?


    The Dodgers would be a better team for now and years to come with Matt Kemp then they would be with Mark Buehrle. PERIOD. If Kemp gets traded Ned needs to be canned. No mattter what.


    I think that Lowe is doing a superb job, but let’s look at it from another perspective. He has been the designated #1 pitcher on this staff starting with the opening game assignments. It stands to reason that most often he will be matched up against the opponents’ #1 or #2 pitchers. Those opponents can be expected to pitch a very good game against us every time, and that has typically proven to be the case this season. Therefore, if you’re going to give up two or three runs in such games, you can probably expect to lose those games about half of the time, and that is what Lowe’s record shows. The #1 pitcher usually commands the highest pay, and that was Lowe’s case until it was completely screwed over with the $47 million contract for the now unusable Schmidt. Under those circumstances I can understand that Lowe will want to see what his value is on the open market after 2008.


    there’s no question Tsao caught that ball.. i saw the replay and he clearly catches the ball and then gives it to the bullpen coach who was right next to him.. regardless kemp still CRUSHED that ball.. it was so great to see.. he better be considered untouchable.. buehrle for kemp is ludicrous.. it doesn’t even deserve our energy in debating


    i understand that he hasn’t been perfect, but the guys been pitching incredibly well and the breaks just keep going against him. whether it’s turning in a gem with a no decision and the hitting comes on late, which has happened three or four times, or just not getting the run support, the guy needs to catch a break at some point doesn’t he? i mean, it’s the all-star break already and it just won’t fall his way. i just feel like he needs to know from the fans that we can see the difference between what he’s doing and what randy wolf is doing. not that we can’t appreciate wolf in the three spot, but he’s getting the breaks, lowe isn’t. and with his reaction yesterday i think it’s finally getting to him.


    what about giving the chisox betemit and a pitching prospect for buerhle, which would pave the way for us giving up billingsley and some prospects for miguel cabrera. i love billingsley as much as the next guy, but if the marlins bite on that, i say we have to make that move.


    Based on what we have scene from guys who are still 3-4 years away from entering their primes, why on earth would anyone want to trade an of them.

    Bills ,Kershaw, Martin, Laroche, Kemp, Loney and others will be the foundation of our team for years to come.


    Go DLowe!!! Just kidding, kinda.

    jungar, thats right. you have to remember none of these guys (not even martin) are in their prime yet. They are only going to get better, there’s a world of talent there.


    What can you say about last night? Matt Kemp’s home run was incredible, he took Smoltz’s inside fastball and it left the atmosphere. A lot of us thought he hit it out of the stadium, we didn’t know Tsao caught it, until Dodgervision finally showed us. Martin was incredible last night and for the first time I think we could actually start thinking about a potential MVP for Martin. He’s a special person who will only allow himself to get better. I’m not commenting on the Kemp/Buehrle rumors, because it’s rubbish. One thing is it’s so obvious over the years, it’s not true. 98% of the rumors we hear in the next 4 weeks are not true. Most eventual trades, are trades never even speculated about. So if you hear about it ahead of time, it’s not going to happen. Also, if you were the White Sox or any other team wouldn’t you ask for Kemp too? Who wouldn’t want the guy? It’s all apart of negotiation, you start with your dream scenario and work from there. Kemp, Loney, etc… are here to stay. Like jspelk said, once Kemp figures out the breaking pitches, he will be unstoppable. Till then we only see flashes of how special he can be. But, it was a very bright flash last night. Defensively (which saved 2 runs) and offensively (which scored 2 runs).

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