Annual Media Game

The annual media game took place this afternoon following the Dodger game and it was far more low-scoring than last year’s affair. Rather than pit the electronic media against the print, this year the teams were split up randomly with Yvonne Carrasco and Signe Hilton of the PR Department serving as managers and they did a fantastic job. Signe now leads the all-time series, 1-0 and Yvonne has already started plotting next year’s strategy.

With just five errors compared to 15 in 2006, it’s obvious that these teams spent the past 11 months working on their defense. Not much can be said for the collective offense, with the exception of ABC’s John Hartung who actually went deep at Dodger Stadium, a seriously impressive feat. This was no cheap shot down the line, either, but actually a bomb to left-center that probably went 380 feet and that was with only five BP swings per guy before the game. The victim was Mariano Duncan, who was a great sport and pitched for the second consecutive year, this time to both teams.

Hartung went 3-for-3 with three RBI, earning MVP honors but there were far more notable performances. Don Hartack, the official scorer at half the Dodger home games, was the first man down as he pulled a hamstring running out a second-inning grounder to third base. But at least he didn’t call for a medic. The first one to actually utilize the nurse in Media Game history was Ben Maller, who turned a routine ground ball to second base into a fire drill – he stopped, dropped and rolled about four times, cutting his forearm and requiring (or requesting) a bandage. It was quite a sight.

David Singer of ESPN Radio’s "The Big Show" had two hits for the second consecutive year, but he made two errors on one play to saddle Duncan with an unearned run.

A Martinez of KFWB had the only other extra-base hits besides Hartung, as he doubled and tripled. He was even used as a bogus pinch-hitter by Yvonne in the bottom half of the sixth to try and get her team back in the game, but the rally fell short in the end.

Safe to say everyone had a good time and despite the minor nicks to Hartack and Maller and the certain soreness for the rest of these brave souls, I’m sure this will continue to be a favorite day of each year for the members of the local media. A special thanks goes out to everyone in the communications department who helped put this together, including Signe, Yvonne, Camille Johnston, Amy Summers, Christine Sabathia, Joe Jareck, Ben Olch and Chris Madden.

Here’s the box score or for a clearer copy, you can it




    They should have given you a couple ABs Josh.


    My bad, for whatever reason I hought Fields was a 1st baseman…oops. I still don’t think it’s unrealistic to think that we can move Kuo (probably with some additional parts) to the White Sox who apparently have no interest in resigning Buehrle as their contract talks have seized. Getting a young LH starter to replace the one that their losing in half a season seems to make sence to me.


    I’ll reiterate from previous post—Kenny Williams is looking to rebuild with good young players, particulary outfielders and pitchers, which makes Kemp a perfect candidate. But I really don’t think he would want Kuo. Whatever you think about Kuo, he’s just not they type of young pitcher Williams is interested in building around, given his inconsistency, injury history etc. Now obviously trading Bills/Brox is out of the question. Of course everyone would be outraged if Kemp was traded but I wouldn’t say its out of the question either. Of course I’d assume we would also trade for another outfielder if that happened because then we would only have 3 and 3 devoid of power. Kenny Williams is looking for the moon, he’s not looking for our leftovers. Once you realize this, you will realize that any Buerhle trade will be bad…for us.


    If thats the case, we should hold off on Buehrle and go after him in the offseason, if we still have a hole in the rotation. I’m just concerned about this year, who is our #5 gonna be? We definitely don’t need a front-liner like Buehrle but we do need somebody that is consistent if we want to pull away in the second half.


    flanders brought gonzo in to bridge the gap ot kemp. i dont think ned would trade our future LF for a buehrle rental. if he did he would be fighting steve phillips for worse GM ever. and charris, thus far kuo just hasnt proven anything, match that with his velocity being down a bit on top of being demoted, its hard to imagine him as a trade target. i think we just need to make some minor tweaks. if nomar doesnt pan out at third, give laroche another shot. hes much more polished at the plate than abreu.


    i was thinking maybe we might be able to snatch dave bush away from milwaukee for some pieces. im not sure if he is being shopped, but they have some excess with gallardo going to the pen,if he does.


    Bush wouldn’t be bad but I doubt the Brew Crew is looking to make any deals at all. I’ve heard that the Astros may start shopping Jennings and we all know the track record of success that sinker-ballers have had in Chavez


    yeah but we could have another schmidt on our hands with jennings. he just got off the DL with i believe shoulder problems.


    Here’s my impression of Adrian Garcia getting interviewed after the game…”Basically I went 0 for 3 con un RBI pretty much basically”


    WEll we can’t tade Billingsley thats for sure. If we did we’d have another hole in the rotation. If Billingsley was gone we’d have Bombko and Hendrickson in the rotation again and If that happen I bet that would even ruffle Alex’s feathers.

    Kemp should be untouchable. There really is no if ands or buts about that. Broxton untouchable. Loney completely untouchable. The only one I’d see getting delt is LaRoche. Willams doesn’t want a third baseman so we should just take out business else where.

    LaRoche for Blanton straight up i guess.






    This year the News Media should
    have a media game it should be
    Media vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
    at Dodger Stadium, if the Media lose
    they take the Dodgers players to Dinner
    that night?


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