Battle for First Place

It’s been a busy day playing catch up now that we’re back home and apparently it’s been a busy day for comments, as we’ve topped 400.

Here’s the lineup. Hope to post more later:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Nomar, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, RF

Kuo, P



    Why Nomar in front of Looney!
    Alot of respect for the guy i guess!

    Kemp gets another start!

    Make the best out of it Kemp!


    Lifetime vs. Chris Young:

    Furcal: 2 for 20

    Pierre: 1 for 13

    Martin: 2 for 8

    Kent: 2 for 18

    Gonzo: 3 for 9

    Nomar: 1 for 14

    Loney: Never faced

    Kemp: 1 for 2

    On the bench:

    Abreu: 1 for 3

    Anderson: 0 for 1

    Betemit: 0 for 3

    Ethier: 4 for 12 (2 HR’s) <<<<<<<<<<<

    Lieberthal: 0 for 2

    Saenz: Never faced


    Interesting stats Alex. Kemp over Ethier really jumps out at you based on those numbers.


    this is just further proof that grady does not check/does not care about head to head matchups at all. I mean I love Kemp but clearly Ethier should have started.


    I feel Young having a long night today against the Blue Crew! I feel a good night from Loney and Furcie!


    marvincig write: Interesting stats Alex. Kemp over Ethier really jumps out at you based on those numbers.

    Well, based on the numbers Alex41592 posted, Kemp is .500 against Young and Ethier is only .333 against him, so playing Kemp over Ethier in this game is not entirely idiotic. Just mostly so…

    Add another vote to those who say that it wouldn’t hurt to give Pierre a day off now and then. If JP were more integral to the team’s success then I’d understand trotting him out every day, but the team has other players that can capably cover his absence.


    2007 Ethier would hardly hit two homers in one game. He is nowhere near as good as last summer.


    Why Nomar in front of Looney!

    So he gets a pitch to ground out on. (Hey it beats swinging at ball 5 and 6 to strike out)

    Gosh this is sad .Come on Nomar, I really want you to do well. You have more kids than homeruns in 2007, let’s go.

    Yeah with Pierre maybe they truly don’t think anyone else can play CF?


    It is simple, Kemp is on Fire.
    He got 2 singles yesterday. He gets another appourtunity today! Nomar to break up the lefties, true good obervation.




    it is like having a 1,2,3 hitters on top of a lineup.

    That is if nomar can hit it pass the infield.

    Looking at this lineup, it actually looks really tuff.

    Tuff enough to be the best in the majors. They just got to out and play like they did yesterday.


    fisher. i could only knock out 5 shots last night lol i was weak. me and my friend were drinking $10 pitchers of sangrias too so i am hurting.

    no shots tonight. ok, a shot for every pitch JP takes tonight lol jk


    I can’t WAIT to heckle the **** out of Milton Bradley tonight in LF! Maybe I can get him to throw a bottle at me or flip me off. That would be GREAT! I hope that somebody lets Kuo know that Bradley is a ****** for an off-speed pitch. I wonder how long it will take for him to get into a fight with Michael Barrett (LOL!).




    Well, time to see if Nomar can break out of his almost year-long slump.

    Nomar, sometimes you gotta stop thinking about it and just go “See ball, hit ball.” Keep it simple and hopefully the hits will come back!

    Even good pitchers may sometimes have an off day. We may need at least one Padre pitcher to have one of those, so we can squeak out the win required to avoid being swept, which will be less than optimal šŸ˜‰


    lol he’s been working the count better as of late but still if the only reason he is out there everynight is because of the streak then I’d have to say Ethier would be the better call with Kemp getting a shot in CF.

    Alex went looking at tickets for the 22nd Mets finale and there isn’t much to choose from there.


    June #s avg obp slug ops

    Kemp .419 .457 .512 .968

    Ethier .297 .423 .469 .892

    Furcal .222 .282 .306 .588

    Pierre .265 .299 .304 .603

    Nomar .211 .228 .237 .465

    Gonzo .321 .418 .595 1.014

    Kent .250 .355 .388 .742

    Wilson.200 .349 .457 .806

    Abreu .278 .318 .430 .748

    Loney .476 .500 .881 1.381

    Martin.290 .330 .495 .825

    No comments neccessary.


    Elforman- 1 for 2 isn’t much of a statistical sample. But I hear what you’re saying.


    Johnny (Vacaville, CA): Then who represents the NL in the WS?

    SportsNation Keith Law: The NL is kind of a jumble now. I was going to say “Mets,” who were clearly the best team on paper coming into the year, but I’m not sure about that any more. I do think the Dodgers have the next-best roster, but they don’t seem to play the right guys.



    Wow what a clubhouse in SD now:



    The roided up Giles brothers

    D Wells

    wow fireworks could be going off in there by the end of the season.


    I love griffon’s “batting coach” philosophy: “See ball – hit ball”. Maybe if Mueller decides not to stick with the job, we can all recommend you. Of course, half the guys on the team probably won’t pay any attention to that either.


    funny cause the guys they hid in the farm in favor of guys they spent 60 million on are doubling the OPS (no it freaking dosent count steals, ok.) of their counterparts.

    And dont forget Furcal. His line is miserable too. Worse than JPs..


    Maybe Duncan and Peavy will get into it again tomorrow night! That was awesome when that happend. What was that about anyways?


    ok i just checked out that keith law chat, and its bogus. First he says we’re going to trade half of the farm for a starter, not a bat (g-d help us all), then he says we’ll acquire a 3b by the deadline but says we don’t have room for a bat, and then goes on to say that we have a good roster and should just play the right guys…yeah. But he likes Bills and Loney, so its all good.


    I hate the Padres.

    I lived in San Diego for 6 years after growing up in the San Fernando Valley. San Diego was such an awful team the whole time I lived there; people were Padres fans just because the Chargers were even worse at that time. Their fans are totally the fair-weather type, except for a few diehards who are mostly idiot surfers. And my friend Steve.

    Steve calls me immediately after the Dodgers blew the 4-run lead in game 3 of the last series against SD and leaves a very rude message. Something about how the Padres are the best team in baseball, blah blah blah. This is, of course, right after my blood boils watching Broxton implode, and watching their stupid fans thinking their team is actually good offensively when they won on two errors and some added awful defense. Anyway, Steve and I exchanged some brutally mean text messages that night. I hated him for a few minutes, then we went back to being friends.

    Steve just e-mailed me. “Here we go again,” he says. And all I can do is pray to the gods of baseball that Chris Young will be as hittable as last time he pitched in Dodger Stadium, and that Peavy will be beatable, like he was in game 3 of that last series, and that Germano (who the f?) stops pitching well altogether. The Ds aren’t great against good pitching, but they can really make the most of pitchers’ mistakes.

    Here’s to the Dodgers – and to hoping Steve is as suicidal come Monday as I was after the last series.

    I hate the Padres.


    If James Loney is going to emerge as a star of the Dodgers, can we please learn how to spell his name…

    LONEY not Looney


    Nothing against Nomar and Pieere as they seems to be two of the harder workers on the team, but starting them tonight against Young doesn’t make much sense. I’d rather take my chances with Abreau at 3rd and Ethier in Rf and Kemp in CF. Nomar has not done much since June of 06


    What’s happening now is good. Im happy that da GONZ & PIERRE are carrying their load. Like everyone else I’m concern with Kemp. I don’t know if sending him down so he can play every day is right or wrong. Splitting time with ETHIER right now may be the best thing. I wouldn’t count NOMAR out just yet, he makes an interesting situation with ABREU & BETEMIT. I hope if COLLETTI is eyeballing BUEHRLE &/OR DYE that he’s not thinking of touching anyone on the 40 man roster. If he does make a move for any of the above OR ANYBODY ELSE. I hope he offers some unprotected youngster below AAA. I think the immediate future is more important then a far off one. I settled on the fact that we need a starting pitcher more than a power hitter. We have plenty of power which I expect to show up pretty soon. Aside from PENNY & LOWE our starters are mediocre at best. Our bull pen is strong beginning to end. IT HAS TAKEN US THIS IT’LL TAKE US FURTHER. I hope we get back to the post season the way we are and than COLLETTI will shell out for another starter &/or power hitter which ever is most needed at that time.


    pierre…have you even been watching games or looking at the box scores? Pierre is sure as **** isn’t carrying his load.


    Kemp needs to be playing everyday. Pierre is blocking that. I have zero confidence in colletti making a good deal for us. He’s going to have to unload Kemp or Loney to get a player that can help us. Although Kemp and Loney can help us even more by playing everyday instead of getting traded a way. I really really really wish Ned wasn’t our GM. He panics. Last time he panicked he sign Pierre.


    Pierre is in the lineup because of his contract. If Ned and Grady are satisfied with Pierre’s production so far then they should be fired.


    I disagree with a lot of you guys. Which is okay, that’s what makes us sports fans.

    I think our pitching is pretty darn good.

    Penny and Lowe have been pitching great. Wolfe is not bad at all. He could be better, but everyone is not a #1 pitcher. He’s a #3 or #4 and he’s pitching like it. Either Kuo or Bills has to pick up the slack so we can have 4 consistent, reliable starters to go with.

    As far as hitting. I’m sure for starters we would all like to see (at least) Pierre and Furcal switch spots until Furcals ankle is good enough to steal bases on.

    Nomar is a proven major leaguer. Grady and Ned must be hoping he’s not all washed up and can still produce. His BA is not all bad, but he is in a horrorendous slump right now and cannot even make contact. Betemit also goes through phases where he cannot make contact. Abreu is consistant and a blessing for this team.

    If we’re not going to use Marlon Anderson, then he should go to the minors or be traded when Tsao comes off of the DL.

    Martin is great, but Lieberthal has to get some playing time and also give Martin some rest.

    Like everyone else I’d love to see Kemp in Center, but Grady and Ned don’t care about Juan’s cosecutive game streak they care about winning, so there must be something that is holding Kemp back. Either the curve ball or routes to take in the outfield.

    I have tons of confidence and optimism in this team. It’s a great year to be a Dodger. Blue is my favorite color.

    Go Dodgers, go BSU. The Blue Crews are great.


    Y are we underdogs tonight at home? Because Young has pitched well in the past against us? Kuo threw pretty darn well against SD last time out. Im riding the Blue Crew tonight at +102


    Marlon Anderson is released

    The Dodgers just announced that Marlon Anderson has been designated for assignment, which coincides with the activation of Chin-Hui Tsao. The latter is available for relief arm duty this evening (and not a minute too soon).

    BK’s at the park and he’ll have more specific details, but we wanted to give y’all the heads up ASAP. We both figure some team will pick up the Uber-Late ’06 Season Addition, so this is hopefully an “all’s well that ends well” thing. Anderson’s a seriously nice dude and BK and I have both enjoyed talking with him during his brief Dodger tenure. Best of luck to him.


    First, I’m posting before I read the first 50 comments, sorry. That being said, I want to mention that Andre Ethier is one of my favorite players.

    But if we are stuck with Pierre, is it fair or productive to have Andre on th bench?

    This guy needs to be in the line up on a regular basis. I almost hope we can trade him, and get someone of equal value that can fill a whole for us. Gange straight across????

    Slow down Dead Brain. Can Gonzo keep it up, Kemp has to slow down, and there always going to be injuries. But I agree, the Dodgers need to find a way to get both Kemp and Ethier in the same line up.


    That comment about Nomar having more keds this year than bombs was classic.
    Pad’s favored, yes did you see the first post? It’s almost like, why bother playing? But then again, results never seem to come out the way the #’s on paper would lead one to believe. Just ask Vinny.

    Still scratching my head about Ethier on bench, especially after viewing the stats Carsyn posted.


    That would be yours truly who provided the stats…anyway, so I somewhat understand batting Nomar ahead of Loney, because if Loney were batting ahead of Nomar they’d walk Loney to get to Nomar (because of his struggles), so this way Loney actually gives Nomar protection and it’s up to Nomar to capitailize on the protection. AND with Kemp behind Loney, Loney has protection. The only person this lineup truly affects is Gonzo, who will probably be pitched around.


    To cerebro: We should all be thankful they find a way to get KEMP in the line up. PIERRE is a puzzle. We must play close attention to every at bat.


    I understand the need to trim some fat and make room for Tsao but didn’t Anderson year it up in Vegas on his rehab as well and getting a few hits after we brought him back? The tubby Tomato hasn’t done much of anything lately and is now striking out on his fastball not that weakly grounding out was productive before that but he just isn’t hitting the ball at all anymore.


    No matter which way you spell it Ramon or Nomar neither are worth a spot on the 25 man roster at the moment.


    ok after checking the facts they are both stinking up the joint.Anderson only had 1 more hit in his last 10 games TT has 3hr’s so Anderson is odd man out.


    Great catch Kemp! Huge catch that if missed could have meant a run, risky but it paid off big time!


    welll…it is a very good thing they put on a hit and run…otherwise that could’ve been a dp


    yes!!! three out of three stolen bases!! love it!!we’re definitely getting into his head. did you see his facial expression?


    Tremendous at bat by Gonzo, once again this team is making the pitcher work, which will pay off later in the game. J.P creates the run and we’re up 1-0.


    The Dodgers have the most handsomest uniform and the best name in all of teams sports.


    I feel in love with that uniform when I was 9 years old and I’ve been more loyal to it then to any woman.


    Wow those first 2 pitches were right down broadway around 88-90 and Nomar couldn’t get around on them.


    yeah…not sure if that’s a testament to the batters not batting well or to young’s pitching…either that was not much fun


    Are Hugh and the playmates in the crowd? I mean certainly they had to be distracted! ha


    Nomar, because he’s in a slump, or something far worse. Kemp because he still has difficulty with the breaking ball.


    I don’t know if Mueller has changed the team’s approach, but doesn’t it look like our team is much more patient lately?

    Wow, SB for Furcal gotta love it.


    Oh yeah, I think all Dodger fans are beginning to realize that the Pads are our current biggest rival


    yeah chris young is still picthing well……our two lead off hitters are definitely pulling their weight and more tonight. they are money.


    PIERRE 2 PADRES 1____The best thing about that inning was seeing FURCAL steal. He don’t have to worry about his ankle if he slides on his hannds(HE must have been watching PIERRE)


    alex, how did I know that you’d be the one to find that, I almost asked you but figured you were already looking it up.


    OUCH, We need to find another starter, I don’t think Kuo is quite consistent enought to be up here yet.


    Kou needs to go to Vegas-his pitch count his way too high-he does not throw strikes consistently and his curve his getting hit all over the field


    Kuo’s stuff is nasty, I don’t think anyone can argue that, I just don’t think he’s quite polished enough yet.


    I don’t know if you guys remember my gripe a while back, but **** it seems like everytime Seanez comes in with runners on, he lets them cash in. When he relieves he needs to start innings, he just doesn’t get it done when he inherits


    I’m glad I got Scully tonight.Those Padre announcers would of been driving me crazy. But the Dodgers still have better uniforms __HOME or ROAD


    da GONZ down NOMAR up ? COM’ON We’ve come back against this team before. We can do it. THIS GAME AIN’T OVER YET. DON’T GO HOME YET L.A.


    FUGGEDABOUDIT! __PIERRE is here to stay KEMP better hope for da GONZ to slump. PIERRE gives them no reason to let him go.


    Um, what happened to Kuo’s velocity? Didn’t he used to get upper 90s on his fastball, instead of low 90s and high 80s?


    don’t we have anyone in las vegas or jacksonville that can pitch better than these guys This on the aniversary of Fernado’s no hitter and at home against the padres terrible


    As a starter i always felt that he threw softer than as a reliever. He can be very effective 89-93 if he has any control. I think he is good as varying the speed on his fastball too, just no control tonight.

    I hate the Padres.****** Brian Giles for stealing.

    On a lighter note Delwyn Young has been tearing it up at AAA— just FYI…

    How do we teach Kemp plate discipline?, because id trade Him and Meloan and LaRoche right now for Miggy… and that makes me sad…

    However, the game is not yet over…


    Lurch comes thru he is starting to get his groove back.He was Awefully Good before we got him and late in the year and then again Early this season. Maybe Lurch shows up big again in Aug/Sept.?


    Barring injury or a complete collapse Pierre is our CF. KEMP right now has to play at his very best.


    MIA & THE TWINS(who were born on my birthday) MIA must treat NOMAR good when he gets home. She should treat him a little better maybe he’ll hits some homers.


    Anyone else think that they are starting to stretch Hendy some to take another shot at starting?


    Royce Ring pitched for the Mets if I remember correctly. For a short time. Keep your fingers crossed.


    Sorry I got Hoffman on my fantasy team I don’t want to see him in this game maybe Linebrink give up a bomb.


    The really annoying thing now is that we should have 2 more runs. Russ striking out with Pierre at 3rd with one out, and Kemp same situation with Nomar on third 2 innings ago…


    Since I don’t care about my ERA/Whip in that league and my pathetic record because of all those injuries I had but I guess Hoffman could get blow up.


    7-5 You know who is coming in for them next inning if we can keep them down._____________COM’ON TSAO


    hey this must be the first time that a lot of you are happy that pierre will be coming up. how funny. i dunno, but i’ve always rooted for pierre so i’m happy….2 outs and a bottom of the ninth to go.


    You have people complaining by Pierre not getting on base but when he does are #3 and #4 not knocking him in.


    This is the time of year for him to heat up. Its warm and humid tonight so he must be feeling comfortable.


    yes!…tsao looked good…time to beat hoffmann to a pulp..or at least get two or three runs off of him


    OK New Song for Hoffman D.A.D. ‘Rim of ****’

    They Throw the Best **** Parties at the Rim of ****!


    Well at least after 2 1/2 games we found out NOMAR is o.k. to play 3rd. NOW HERE WE GO against HOFFMAN.


    Dang I hate unearned run. I guess Loney throwing error was big since it did allowed the 1 unearned run.


    CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR. DON’T GIVE UP WE’LL GET THEM TOMORROW_____ DODGERS 45-35 after 80. LAST YEAR: 41-39. Kuo was wild and hittable da GONZ was proberbly do for a lousy night. PIERRE sparkled KEMP went to school.


    tough loss, but nice effort…..JP running wild on the bases was just awesome…nomar with a nice 3 for 4 game

    let’s go get em tommorow!


    It was nice to finally see the Dodgers use their speed. I havent seen much of that since the beggining of the season. Steal can do alot in a game, as far positioning players into scoring position and so on. Why dont they run more often? With Furcal, Pierre, and Martin running can cause havoc. Look what it did to Young in the first inning. If they run more they win more. The Dodgers dont have the power that other clubs have but they can defenitely beat you with base hits. All the top 3 have to do is get on base and hope that Little removes the leach and watch the fireworks.


    You’ve gotta to rememeber Furcal ankle is still not 100%. I guess Furcal having a pitcher that gave him his last SB and lead the league in SB allowed with 41 last year it was time for him to do do something. Furcal ankle is the problem we don’t steal any and that was his 8th of the season and still on pace to get like 17.


    IMO the real reason we lost that game is the fact that Seanez keeps coming in with inherited runners on base, if we go with Hendrickson or Beimel in that spot, we probably win the game tonight


    All the Dodger stills tonight were head first on the hands slides. Although it’s not recommended I think FURCAL if he is worried about his ankle should think about doing it that way.


    base stealers almost always slide head first. Since most of the plays are always bang bang plays it gives them a better view of the tag and gives them a better chance to avoid it. Why do you think Pierre holds batting gloves in his hands when he’s on the bases. They force him to keep his hands in a fist so he doesn’t jam or break his fingers.


    I dont know Charris– i chalk this one up to Russ’s and Kemps failure to drive in that run on third with one out. You have to score those runs.


    Why not give Houlton a shot? He didn’t do this badly when he was with the big club in ’05.

    Very sorry to see Anderson go, but with these mini-starts I guess we’ll need all the bull pen we can get.


    I am totally fed up with Kuo. He is not major league material and should not see another start up here, anymore than Tomko. He would be on my trade list for a pitcher who can at least throw strikes. Back to Vegas for at least the rest of this season. Holton has had some major league experience and deserves the chance to show what he can do. GOOD BYE, KUO!


    Did anyone else notice, Kemp
    was,laying off the fastball & swinging @ the curves and changeups. That didn’t make any sense AT ALL. This is where Meuller should step in

    and remind him, that they are going to slow pitch him to death…..Plus my man Martin

    is being too anxious…..


    It’s pretty obvious that Kuo needs more time in Vegas. Counting his major league starts, I don’t even think Kuo has a combined 25 major and minor league starts. He needs to gain experience at AAA. That being said, what are the options? Bring hendy back to a starter? For whatever reason, he is much more effective as the long reliever. Bring Tomko back?No way-I’m not even sure he should take up a roster spot. I don’t think Houlton is the answer. If he were a ML pitcher, he would already be on the team. The Dodgers could attempt to trade for a starter such as Buerhle, but the asking price may be too high. What about Justin Orenduff at AA? I know he had shoulder issues last year which limited his playing time, but he has a 3.77 era at J’ville and has been pitching well lately. He’s also 24, drafted out of college and has been a fulltime starter, not a converted reliever. 2 years ago he was considered one of the top prospects-maybe it’s time to give him a shot. I’m sure he could do beter than allowing 17 earned runs in 10 innings over 3 starts.


    Kuo wasn’t ready in spring and isn’t ready now. EVERYONE was on the Kuo boat during spring and it made me laugh but whatever.

    I think we should concentrate on a pitching. Trade anyone but Loney, Kemp, LaRoche, Martin, Bills and Broxton. Trade Betemit and Abreu along with a B pitching prospect and get a solid 3 or 4 pitching. Of course i don’t trust Ned with Pitching at all.

    If the A’s become sellers at the deadline I’d make a push for Joe Blanton.


    The A’s have tried to get Lastings Milledge for Blanton. Thats a little much but I think Ethier and Abreu could do it. As much as I’d hate to see Either go we need another pitcher.


    maybe even throw in Meloan. Blanton is young and cheap everything NED hates so it probably won’t happen.


    We should trade LaRoche while he can still get something for him… he isnt going to pan out. Mark my words.


    thats the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. Thats even dumber then when someone said “Abreu and been consistent and a blessing to the team”


    Why? He’s only had success in the minors!!!– everytime he gets an opportunity against major league pitchers he doesnt do tooo well. He was a 39th round draft pick from Community College… Let him show me something, anything. Fact of the matter is, Abreu has a much better chance of having a solid major league career than LaRoche. All LaRoche has proven is that he is a good minor league hitter. For 2 years… He has 13 RBI is 120 AB this year.. he isnt that good.

    Buehrle is back on the market after his contract extension talks fell through— we should make a strong push…


    Blanton looks like a good suggestion, and Ethier should have a special appeal to the A’s. I would rather part with someone other than Abreu, however, in addition to land Blanton. Buehlre would probably require way too much from us both in prospects and in salary in order to get him locked up for any number of years. Remember, we wasted $47 million on the last big pitching contract.


    Blanton would be a very solid pickup– lets try to get him and keep Ethier though. Kuo, Betemit, Meloan is necessary…?


    I dont know about the asking price thing messagebear… if they dont trade him now he walks and they get nothing for him, while their season is completely lost… That would be a nightmare situation for that organization. I have to think if they get a Kuo and Betemit or Meloan or something they would be thrilled…


    If we can get Buehrle for Kuo plus Betemit OR Meloan, I’d certainly go for it. When Buehrle was talking extension with the W Sox, I thought they were discussing 4-5 years at something close to $20 mil. per, and that didn’t work into a deal. Don’t know if we have what it takes to sign him up longer term, and I’m assuming that we would be a bit gun-shy after the Schmidt episode. Blanton, however, would make a great deal of sense from that dollar standpoint.


    It was more like 4 years– 56 mil. And the hang up with the white sox was that they wouldnt give him a no trade clause… Blanton would certainly be ideal…


    im interested to know why people think kuo is such a hot commodity. he certainly hasnt proven very much in the majors, although he has potential. betemit i can understand, but not kuo. the chisox are going to be asking for a lot better things than kuo, abreu (who i don’t think would fetch very much either) and meat. cmon, they want bills, they want kemp, they want loney. as far as meloan i would keep him because we’ll probably need him down the stretch and i doubt we’d get someone better by trade. the chisox don’t want our leftovers. get real. and i don’t want them rebuilding their team at our expense.


    and its not to say that i don’t think highly out of all the guys we have, but we tend to overrate our own people just a bit.


    LaRoche is HURT. That’s why he’s having a down year.

    And he was a 39th round pick because scouts figured he was going to Rice University and would be a very tough sign. He was such a hot commodity in 2003 that it took a $1 million bonus to get him.

    He’s had a great minor league career (when healthy) but he also projects to be a great big leaguer with outstanding plate discipline.


    Ok, he has been hurt recently, but not at the beginning of the year. He was such a hot commodity that he lasted 39 rounds…. ok?? Must have appeared to have been a REALLY tough sign…


    LaRoche had Labrum surgery last year. Its rather common that the second year back from the surgery is the first full year or full strength in the shoulder. LaRoche’s shoulder isn’t at full strength and its been sore and bothering him ALL SEASON. Even if he was given more then 38AB’s he would out produce Nomar and Betemit easily.

    Beane might go for Betemit and Meloan. Betemit has some upside still. I think he needs to move on. Murray really screwed him up here. Betemit will get on base and hit for power eventually. Beane loves that. I like Blanton. He’s solid. Besides the A’s probably have another stud waiting in the wings to take over down there anyways.






    pretty **** solid.


    I think Ethier goes this year. Its sad but I think Ned will go with an outfield of FA signing/Pierre/Kemp next year.


    Yeah and Matt Kemp was 6th round (181st overall) does that mean the other 180 players ahead of him are better? Russell Martin, the best catcher in the National League was drafted in the 17th round (511th overall). It is so rare for a player these days to be drafted, come up through the system and perform well for the same team they were drafted by. We have Bills, Broxton, Kemp, Loney, Martin not to mention Abreu (non-drafted FA) and Ethier (traded by the A’s). Drafts most the time are a crapshoot where most of the time you **** out. There is only room for 750 players in the majors, 30 teams times 25 players. Most draft picks don’t pan out, we’ve been extremely blessed to have as many as we have succeed.

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