Here’s the lineup. Hoping for an update shortly on Schmidt and others.

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Garciaparra, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Anderson, DH

Abreu, 3B

Ethier, RF

Penny, P



    What a boring lineup. I swear, there’s no one there that I’m excited to see bat but Martin, Ethier and Abreu. We want Kemp! Say it with me!


    Pierre and Nomar need to be benched for the remainder of the season. Nomar’s wife could swing better than those CHUMPS.


    The good thing about having Pierre, Nomar and Kent bat in order is I can take a bathroom break and not miss much.


    Ughh! I just post a long post defending the management, and then this line-up shows up. I hate interleague play, but I at least expected that Kent, Nomar, and Gonzo would DH at least once (allowing their young replacement of the future more playing time), I figured Saenz would DH once or twice and I figured Martin would DH once or twice over the next 6 games (get him some extra rest since we don’t have a day off until the All-Star Break). I really did not expect to see Anderson in the line-up. I like him, and he did great for us last year, but not at all what I was expecting.












    There are still 12 days in my “Who’s the Biggest Dodger Hater” contest.

    It’s between D4P and joeyp.

    So far we’ve had 1165 votes. And here’s how the results are so far….

    joeyp – 1152

    D4P – 13















    why is it odd? marlon needs some big league practice so a DH assignment is a good place to start. plus he has pretty good power. other than that, the lineup is a pretty standard dodgers lineup


    Kemp in the DH would have been nice, i gotta be honest i really dislike Anderson in the DH role. But i understand he did some really good things for us last year so i’ll just keep my mouth shut & root for him today.


    This line-up is exactly why I’m not happy with management. Where are all our young players? Our best players? Pierre ,Nomore and Kent at 2,3 and 4 stinks. It’s true they might have a good game, it’s possible,but I’d rather see Loney and Kemp,that’s our future and right now I think they might be better than those other guys.


    mostly its odd because i’d rather have the arms of kemp and ethier in the outfield and the bat of gonzo than the arms of gonzo and ethier and the bat of anderson.


    Boring lineup is putting it nicely —
    Our 2,3,4 hitters are just not getting it done.. They haven’t done it in the recent past, they won’t do it now, & all indications are that they won’t get it done in the future…

    This STATUS QUO by Grady just really ***** !!!!

    We are at the bottom of almost every hitting & scoring category in the league…

    Shouldn’t that be reason enough for Change… Shouldn’t we be trying to help our pitchers by scoring more runs…. Evidently, Grady doesn’t think so…


    At least have the balls to be yourself. Posting as someone else who manages to give dodger fans places to gather and discuss their team is classless. It’s not his fault your not smart enough to understand. You should be banned from here.

    I am talking to you:

    (Posted by: )


    uhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…..At least DH Gonzo and put Kemp in left or something. These games would be a perfect chance to get Kemp in the lineup 10 games in a row.

    I realized Anderson is just getting of the DL but it already seems Grady would rather go with Anderson then Kemp. Maybe its one of those “Veteran” moves.


    don’t worry bluebleeder. Grady is the best manager we’ve had since Tommy you know better then Bill Russell, Glenn Hoffman, Davey Johnson and all them…(i didn’t add jim tracy because i think its hard to say a manager is better when he hasn’t accomplished as much as tracy has when he was with the dodgers)


    what a bummer, i wanted to see kemp face mcgowan. marlon anderson is a utility player, or at least thats what ned said when he got him. i guess we just have to face it, we are never gonna see ethier and kemp in the same lineup this year. i wish loney was good to go, hopefully we see him back soon.


    People defend Grady on his record and I understand that.But how could he have a bad record when he had players like Manny ,Ortiz , Pedro and Lowe etc. If you can’t win with those guys ,you just can’t win. Lets see what he does with what he has now. Dodger fans ,myself included are a little disappointed , we thought we’d have a dominate team this year and right now it doesn’t look that way at all.


    No, Marlon needs to start with PHing in low-leverage situations. He also should have rehabbed a little longer, but the RF wall took care of that plan.

    The Toronto and Tampa Bay games are all on FieldTurf, so the elder regulars (Gonzo, Kent, Nomar) need as many turns in the DH role as possible. Today, as jspelk2 suggested, DHing Gonzo and playing Kemp (in RF with Ethier in LF) sounds good to me. Kemp is not up here only to bat against LHP, so let him see this (young and not so “wily”, but still talented) RHP right away.


    yeah..but a large part of it is not his fault. nomar and kent are slumping (not his fault). nomar was absolutely beloved in 2006 so they signed him for two more years, at a discount. and he’s not doing as well as he did last year, again, not his fault. kent will come back around he always does. as for the lineup issues…i’m sure that grady is much more competent at making a lineup than everybody else on here seeing as he has a whole lot of experience and he gets paid to do it. if that were not the case, then we’d all be making lots of money


    “we are never gonna see ethier and kemp in the same lineup this year.” – graffitigenius, did you know that they have started together only ONCE, EVER, for L.A. That was in a meaningless game at the end of last season.


    Has anybody been reading all the articles written about the Schmidt & Pierre signings by Ned C. in the off season???

    They are really coming down hard on him… Some are indicating that he was either foolish & used poor judgment or that he just ignored the obvious without consideration as to how it could affect the Dodgers organization & the future…


    As I tried to point out in the previous thread:

    I can understand that we want to see how our youngsters and Nomar, Kent, Gonzo perform over the next month or so before making a decision on how to go the rest of the season. If we’re not up in the standings by All Star time, I would opt for turning the game pretty much over to our young talent – that would mean that Loney, Kemp, and Abreu play at least as much as Nomar, Kent, and Gonzo/Pierre. If we go to that extent, I would cut management some slack for the sake of our development toward next year. If they opt to continue with the veterans through the rest of the season, then I think their futures have to ride on that decision – if we don’t make the playoffs and perform reasonably well through the play-offs, we should have a new management team carrying forward next year.


    I can’t believe how much of a big deal people are making of this line-up. Though I agree, I would have preferred Gonzo in as DH and Kemp starting in the field. I hope to see that tomorrow when another righty goes. However, Anderson over Saenz at least makes sense – the righty Saenz has been terrible against RHP’s this year (.189) and hasn’t shown much as a DH for the D’s either. If Loney were healthy my guess is he’d been in there as DH or at first. I wish people could just temper their constant Grady-bashing here but I guess that’s too much to ask. However, it’s a long season so you might do well to at least spread out your anxiety about it, you know, pace yourselves. πŸ˜‰ Whatever the line-up, I hope they get things going on offense.


    “What exactly did Tracy accomplish as our manager?”

    He has the only Dodgers playoff victory since 1988. Thats more then anyone else has done since then.


    “The good thing about having Pierre, Nomar and Kent bat in order is I can take a bathroom break and not miss much.”



    Not so sure to throw Marlon right out there into the fire but i hope he has a great game he will be a nice breathe of fresh air if he can contribute to this struggling offense!


    It’s true it’s up to the players to perform , but who signed these players? The Pads management didn’t block Gonzalez with a fossil. They didn’t sign a guy that was never a great outfielder for 5 years. This team might have been better served by going with the young guys, and maybe backing them up with vets. The older guys best days are behind them , with kids there is always an upside.


    Since when is a playoff win an accomplishment, I think a series win would qualify but a single victory doesn’t mean a thing. I’m not sure and this is why I’m asking but did Tracy contribute to a 17 game turn around and a playoff appearance in his 1st season. To me thats an accomplishment, not one game when you can have an individual player single handedly carry you to a victory.


    well I asked tommy in today’s chat the question that we all have been asking and here is what he said:


    5:22 pm Hello Tommy: Most fans on the blog and many others think that the Dodgers should play their younger players more as the veterans (Garciaparra, Kent and Pierre) are not performing. what is your opinion on this?


    5:23 pm Well, I disagree with that remark, because I believe that Nomar, Kent, Juan Pierre, Furcal and Luis Gonzalez are doing a good job, just as Martin, Loney, Kemp, Billingsly, Broxton and Abreu are.


    5:24 pm If you put them in the blender, and mix it all up, that’s when championships come out.


    5:24 pm It indicates that we have the veterans and the youngsters together, and it comes out well.

    comments welcome….


    A bunch of people are arguing that our offense isn’t good enough to win the division, I would recommend looking at our 2 closest competitor’s offensive numbers. What makes you think that their offenses are any better than ours?


    “Since when is a playoff win an accomplishment” since we haven’t won anything besides that in almost 20 years.


    Their offenses are no better than ours, but I think that their numbers derive from playing a lot more younger players than we do. It stands to reason, but certainly no guarantee, that those numbers will improve for them as their youngsters mature and get experience during the season. While I hope that our veterans return to the form that we have been expecting from them, chances are that with their aging they may not improve beyond what we’re seeing, and without the chance to play regularly our youngsters may not benefit to the degree necessary to bring us to the top of the standings.


    you know as many times as Russ has hit 6th it is still hard to see him there everyday.


    also, there are few memebers of the dbacks/pods that are being paid ridiculous amounts of money, thus justifying their presence in the lineup day after day regardless of performance.


    Kemp has done nothing but play well this year and with nine hitters in the lineup Grady small plays Marlon Anderson who has not started a game in months…

    I used to be indifferent about Little, but I really am starting to believe that he is as stupid as he sounds!


    Fliegel…It’s true the Pads didn’t block Gonzalez with a veteran player. They got him in a trade from Texas along with Chris Young.



    1. .352

    2. .310

    3. .322

    4. .340

    5. .371

    6. .356

    7. .300

    8. .286

    9. .317

    You can’t win games with this kind of production.


    actually the pods have been able to swindle most of the their offense out of other orgs: gonzalez, bard, kouzmanoff, sledge, giles, (and the other giles off the scrap heap). The person of worth they gave up was Jason Bay (and I’m oh so glad they did)


    i disagree momoracci. you can win games with that kind of production. that’s why we were in first place for a large part of the season…not saying it’s the best. but it is possible with our pitching.


    Yeah, the pitching is generally great. But the offense NEEDS to start getting on base more. This is a major problem.


    I know they got Gonzalez from Texas , but my point was they got a young player and just let him play. If he proves he can’t do the job then you can replace him with a vet, not the other way around.


    Wow Momoracci…

    Looking at those OBPs of our lineup is pretty scarey…

    Makes you wonder how we ever win games…

    Thank God we have great pitching (with a few exceptions)


    Why does everyone here hate Grady Little so much? Do you realize that if we were in any other division we would be in 1st place by at least 3 games. The 3 best teams in the NL are in the NL West. Grady is doing a great job with this group of players. The only real disappointment has been Kent. We’re having a really good year so far, and its gonna be like this all year because this division is so strong. Its all about pitching in this division, and I do believe we have the best offense in this division. We have a good mix of youth and veterans with playoff experience. My prediction is that the D’backs will cool off and its going to be the Padres and Dodgers both in the playoffs like last year. They will play each other in the NLCS and the Dodgers will win. So everyone should stop talking bad about Grady and just realize that we’re in the best division in baseball.


    The thing about Lasorda and I respect him greatly for what he’s done for us in the past , is that he won’t say anything bad about the people who employ him, which I understand , but that does not make it right, or true.


    The Padres have better pitching and better defense.

    At least so far. It’s not their offense that scares me. But if they are able to add a bat and were not (or our bats dont pick up) then wild card here we come


    tommy sure makes grady little look bad,im sure he’s a great guy but ****, is he really managing the team properly?


    Im not saying that I wouldnt love seeing the Dodgers win the West, but does it really matter? It’s obvious the Padres and Dodgers are the best teams in the NL, and they will play each other for a chance to get to the World Series. Whoever wins the division will probably play the Brewers, and whoever wins the Wild Card will play the Mets. I dont think the Dodgers are afraid of the Mets anymore. We did just sweep them.


    you guys realize the Pads have won something like 3 games on 2 hits!! i really feel our luck will change but Kent & Nomar have to start hitting ALREADY!!!


    Nomar’s bat is heating up a bit. He was at .270 on Friday. He is now at .280. We really need Kent to produce better, or else i think Grady might put Gonzo or Martin in the clean up spot.


    yeah bluebleeder, and i believe they were all starts by the mystical chris young. weird.


    I think our defense is our biggest thorn. Like was said before the Padres have a horrible offense, even compared to ours, yet they have a far superior defense to ours. **** lets face it everyone has a far superior defense to us.

    Its not just the errors but its the lack of range on the right side of the infield and the complete lack or arms in left and center.

    I mean if one of our pitchers walks a guy and the next batter hits a base hit into center that guy on first can cruise into 3rd. Our lack of defense taxes our pitching and has cost us more games then our offense.


    Rick —

    I assume you mean to say we would be leading in any other division in the Nationl League…..

    Actually we would be only 1/2 game ahead of the Mets in the East & only 1/2 game ahead of the Brewers in the Central… And look how those two teams have been struggling lately…

    Also, think about where we would be if we played in the American League…..

    We would be floundering around at the bottom of any of the divisions… We would be just like Baltimore… And we would probably be looking for a new manager just as they are now….


    thats great news MOMO! hahaha i have this friend named Jeremiah and we call him Jeremomo The ****. Or sometimes Magic Momo. So whenever you post i always laugh.

    anyways its about time Billingsley was in the rotation. This move should have happened in spring training but our best manager since Tommy decided to go with Bombko.


    I am really looking forward to the all star game. We should send Martin Saito and Penny.(dont forget to keep voting for Martin) I am disappointed that Lowe will not be there. Do you guys realize that if in his 3 complete games in which he lost, if he would have gotten wins, his record should be 10-3 with an ERA of 3. He would be the starter for the all star game, but thats just bad luck. Maybe someone might get injured, because someone always does, and then they might call Lowe to be an all star.


    Yes I was talking about the NL. And i dont really care about the American League because we all saw last year’s world series. Once your in the world series, it doesnt matter about records becuase anything can happen. If you hate Grady so much what would you do differently? You cant tell me Kemp is the answer. He will be a great player someday, but he really needs to develop a better eye. You cant bench Pierre because if it wasnt for his 20 steals we wouldnt be 9 games over .500. You cant blame Grady for Schmidt being a bust, you really cant blame anyone for that. By the way, why has no one given any credit to Grady for deciding to use Kuo as a starter? He’s doing pretty good if you ask me.


    “You cant bench Pierre because if it wasnt for his 20 steals we wouldnt be 9 games over .500.”



    Do you wanna bench a player making 10 million a year? He get 200 hits every year and hes gonna do the same this year with about 50 steals also.


    Dodgers will win tonight 9-5. I feel a high scoring game. We will get off to a fast start on the road.


    rick…Yes. In fact Juan Pierre would be the first person I’d bench. Once again people only look at his hits. Again 200 hits is very possible when you get 10000000 AB’s a season due to the fact he never walks. Also take into account his very very high caught stealing rate and that hes a perennial league leader in outs made and you’ve got yourself a bench player.


    Hey max was that a direct stab at me?:
    “anyways its about time Billingsley was in the rotation. This move should have happened in spring training but our best manager since Tommy decided to go with Bombko.”

    You can’t honestly say that Bills outpitched bombko in the spring?! You have to go with those who are progressing and progressing well and thats exactly what Grady did, he went with Bombko because he was out-pitching Bills at the time, then he let a couple bad breaks and bad outings and couldnt recover. I agree that Bills should be in the line-up but Bombko deserved that 5th spot in the spring.

    Now it worries me to see Bills start and have Bombko and Hendy backing them as Long relievers…. i just got shills on my neck…. i really hope bills does great and if he doesnt then i hope Bombko returns to his form as a solid reliever like last year.

    “You cant bench Pierre because if it wasnt for his 20 steals we wouldnt be 9 games over .500.”


    Posted by: | June 19, 2007 03:47 PM

    I thought that was pretty funny to only because he is not the only reason why we have the record we have. The biggest reason by far is our pitching but we all know that so lets not even talk about it. But what i agree with is:

    He get 200 hits every year and hes gonna do the same this year with about 50 steals also.

    Posted by: | June 19, 2007 03:50 PM

    i know Pierre will get those hits and those steals and he will help us win games during the home stretch and in the playoffs so im not too worried about him at the moment, we have bigger problems to worry about, like our lack luster 345 hitters! I really hope Nomar has found that ugly duckling swing of his and i hope he does a lot of good for us in the future, on that note i hope Grady continues to switch him in and out with Loney to keep Nomars bat fresh.


    GO BRAD!

    GO MARLON! (i hope he has a good game and shows he can still swing the lumber!)


    200 hits in 162 games is very good, it doesnt matter if you get 650 AB’s a year. He is also a career .301 hitter.


    I never said that his 20 steals was the only reason we are 9 games over .500. It did help though


    GO DODGERS!!!!
    Penny, Kuo, Bills I like it!

    Only if there is someway we can get Martin and his 10+ steals up at the top!!


    I think Willie Randolph needs to be fired! The Mets have a larger payroll than we do and still have a worse record. What an awful job that guy is doing.


    dahustlasbac…i didnt mean for it to be a stab at you or anyone so don’t take it as one. Its just one of my smart butt comments i love to throw around…

    ST stats.

    Tomko: 0-2 4.29 11K 7 BB 21IP

    Billingsley: 1-1 1.17 12K 5 BB 15.1 IP

    Bombko also gave up 3 bombs hrmmm sounds familiar.

    Grady just made a horrible decision. He fell for that new delivery of Bombkos.

    Of course look where we are now soo i wouldn’t call it a good move by grady.


    No i didnt take it that way Max so no worries but if you look at were we are at now i think it was not a horrible decision but not the greatest either but its over and bills is in now and Bombko is holding a reliever position.

    WAY 2 GO KENT!!!!!!!!!!! Now thats Dodger baseball!!!!!!


    It is just amazing to me that the fans who post here especially the negative ones can dispute tonight’s line-up without one even mentioning Mcgowan’s splits.I don’t want to defend the line-up but at least look at the obvious before you post please. It’s reasonable to use lefthander hitters against him.I’d like to think that Loney would be starting if he were available with Nomar DHing but I’m sure that’s why Anderson is in and besides Aderson has been playing every day at Las Vegas (reply to mpdclarke didn’t you realize that) My compliments to underdog8 for a fine post. I’d bat Pierre nineth to have him before Furcal and then I guess Abreu second but most of all I’d like to see what Grady would have done with Loney. Please don’t continue to ignore the obvious.


    Lasorda: Well, I disagree with that remark, because I believe that Nomar [Garciaparra], [Jeff] Kent, [Juan] Pierre, Rafael Furcal and Luis Gonzalez are doing a good job, just as Russell Martin, James Loney, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsly, Jonathan Broxton and Tony Abreu are. If you put them in the blender, and mix it all up, that’s when championships come out. It indicates that we have the veterans and the youngsters together, and it comes out well.


    Hahaha maybe that has to do with our richest hitting coach in history!!!!! Im starting to think the Murray firing was a good thing?! What do you guys think?


    Good inning and we got three. But, more importantly we worked McGowan’s arm and this will affect him throughout. Not too shabby.


    38 pitches for the oposing pitcher is awesome i just hope they dont abandone that the next couple innings!


    Murray had a very aggressive approach. He was from the school of “the first good pitch you see swing”.


    Ya’know everytime I see Lowe Pitch I notice that his fielding range is horrible on comebackers and for a sinkerball pitcher I think he needs to work on his recovery after he throws the ball.He would be soo much better if he caught a few like that last play by Penny.


    Wow, love that hustle! Two SB’s. A walk turned into a triple and Nomar drives him in! Great Baseball!!!


    Schmidt to have shoulder surgery! Not sure how long he will be out, but Im assuming its season ending.


    Now you cant say this would not help us win in the future. This is why he is at the top of the line-up. We dont need him to do this every game but it sure does help to have him on the club!!!!!

    Wow Nomar is hot right now! It came at the right time to just as Loney goes down!



    Pierre, Nomar, Kent, Gonzo going 7 for 7 with 1 walk and 2 steals….

    Amazing !!!!!


    Who ARE these guys? πŸ˜‰ Hope all of you who can enjoy this sort of thing can.. .enjoy this sort of thing.


    Hahaha i have to point this out, i just have to!!!

    Where are all you guys that said this line-up was horrible and it wouldnt produce? MAX you are very quite?!


    am I? or have you just not noticed ive posted about 5 times in the last 20 minutes.

    its one night that will never happen again. LEts just enjoy it cuz this might be the biggest offensive out put we get all season.


    Does anybody know the two songs that are played when a Dodger player hits a home run at Dodger Stadium? I can’t think of the name and who they are by.


    hahaha i guess it just felt like a long while but it was more of a smart alic remark than a statement.

    And way to be a downer about the game though. Who is to say that these guys are getting hot?! Or that they are seeing the ball well or that they are taking the pitches they need to take? why does it always have to be they are outplaying themselves?


    the other is kern kraft or something like that by Zombie Nation. And they play Around the World by Daft Punk sometimes.


    Sandstorm by DaRude!… i knew it, just couldn’t get it in my head. Any Takers on the other song?


    Thanks Everybody. I’m setting up my Stadium Soundtrack for my MLB y2k 7 baseball game.

    thanks again for the answers!

    Go Dodgers!


    Max, you’re reminding me of that bit from the remake of “Angels in the Outfield”

    “Would you guys mind smiling, the team did just win?”

    “It was a mistake – this team can’t win.”

    I’ve seen Pierre have a few ABs recently where he’s fouled some off to extend his PAs. I like it.


    max is a real ******…why do you have to always be so negative? you complain and complain about offense and when you finally get what you want, you still manage to find a way to complain. why don’t you do everybody a favor and buzz off


    i’m reposting because it edited me out:

    max is a real d-bag…why do you have to always be so negative? you complain and complain about offense and when you finally get what you want, you still manage to find a way to complain. why don’t you do everybody a favor and buzz off


    hehe angels in the outfield was my favorite movie when i was in elementary school…i think i still kinda like it…haha i have no shame


    I Like all Baseball movies Sandlot,Angels all the Kiddie Baseball movies are great Field of Dreams and Bull Durham are my Fav’s though.



    Go easy Big Fella !!!

    If it weren’t for the CONTRAST of opinions , The Ying vs Yang if you will..

    This blog wouldn’t be nearly so much fun & enjoyable to read…

    Everybody loves the Dodgers, but some of us have a different way of showing our PASSION for our team…


    Pretty sure that while the game is on and the Dodgers are on a Major offensive assault its Rah Rah time.


    hey fansince53 and all of you other old guys,a walk a stolen base a fly ball or a base hit producing a run, does it remind you of Wills, Davis and all of the players from ’63? that group would have driven all of you new guys crazy, there were a lot of 1 run games.


    Timjyoo —

    I do like the fact that you are SO VERY PASSIONATE about how you feel for our team…

    In the mean time, Our team is having one of those wonderful nights that we all love to watch…


    tim its one game against horrible pitching. If they do this against a good team it would be something to go ape *** about. Even horrible teams have nights like this.


    “Vile thing, you make my butt sting! I detest you! You’re all garbage, all of ya! Back up the truck, back it up!”

    Gotta love it!


    PIERRE is going at this game like a one-man-show, and everybody is following his lead. He may have read this blog and really got MAD. Maybe he passed the word to the rest of the veterans and they all got MAD. Whatever it takes!!! This is one of the most enjoyable games this season. Keep it up. We love you, PIERRE!!!


    Oh that’s easy, Betemit to third, Abreu to second (Kent out), Loney to first (if he can’t play put Saenz in, Nomar out), Kemp in for Gonzo. Good afternoon, good evening and good night.


    in the 4th inn?I’d wait a bit for that big a move.Gotta leave room for error not to mention give that bruise a chance to heal up a bit.


    oh this is just fantastic. One game but I dont want to hear anything negative out of anyone, starting with myself.


    in the AL can you have the pitcher bat in the DH spot?If so then a Double switch you could put pitcher DH and move DH to field.


    Yes SABRE it brings back many many old memories, but they are good old DODGER memories.


    TO all of the negative bloggers: O ye of little faith.


    HAHA, I used to hate Ken Griffey Jr. so much when I was a kid because he cost the Twins the game in Little Big League.


    I was almost that guy in the 4+1 game turned it off Backed up the truck Rolled out the tarp then checkedback on gameday and turned it back on to see the the last 2 shots off Hoffman + the Nomar shot.


    Way to go Russ —– He’s back…

    Could it possibly get any better than this…

    Granted, it is only one game, But it shows our potential when were hitting on all cylinders…


    I was really starting to worry about Martin getting burntout with his dropoffs lately looks like he got some rest and is good to go again!


    OK, I’ll eat my words. Marlon “Merlin” Anderson is 2-4 with 2 RBIs, so not bad. I still hope we use the rest of this illegal-league junk to rotate our veterans (and our All-Star Catcher) through the DH slot, and get some younger guys some playing time. But a win is good (even if it’s in an illegal-league game).


    A double handful of veteran singles sometimes do bring you runs! Glad that Martin hit for some extra bases.

    And I want this Pierre to show up for work every day. Send the other Pierre back to Evil Twin universe.


    Anyone do the Dodger sleepover lastyear my wife was intrested in it and it looked like it was alot of fun!Any feedback?


    Man I know Seanez was a topic of discussion in a bad way earlier this year but he has been Very good in most situations this year.


    Dodgers will win tonight 9-5. I feel a high scoring game. We will get off to a fast start on the road.

    Posted by: | June 19, 2007 03:52 PM

    Good call on the offence but with Big bad Penny shining before the AS Break you gave too much credit to the J’s.

    I love a Rout!!!!Hopefully we get the hangers and the seeing eye and the whole opps struggling factors going for us! The best would be that we sweep and TB sweeps and we plunk them back on their backsides and sweep them! We gotta get outta this AL funk and the time to do it is Now!

    Go Dodgers!!!


    Really… I simply lost it last night. I hope I’ve not worn out my welcome here. I do realize that differing opinions happen… I was not however going to fall to a baited question. But in retrospect, I guess I did fall in one way or another… so again… please forgive me for my outburst last evening.

    It was a great home-coming for Russell! What a talent and he picked a great time to snap out of his slump. The 2-3-4 guys really showed something today… let’s hope they can keep it up for the trip. We really have an opportunity to gain some ground again this trip.

    Go Dodgers!!

    Go Grady!!


    dahustlasbac; This the the guy
    who called it, hrs. before the game. Stop ragging on Grady, He knows the line up better then we do,He may make mistakes, but with ALL the lack of offense, he has the team @ the top. Let’s give him some slack. Listen to dahustlasbac…Patience…..


    whats amatta Kevin you getting bored in secret handshakeland? Nothing personal but you can’t just rant on people like that if you remove yourself from the community.I’ll never defend the people who rant about the same stuff over n over n over and one time in bandcamp over n over again but you can’t take the high road and snub the rest just to come back and make like you are better.We all Love the Team and we all root for them and to shake a stick then come back like that is not cool.We are here and we are tied for second and this is our team and our Blog.So Blog on and have respect for those you will and ignore those whom you don’t…..

    It’s all about Dodger Blue!!!


    guys i hate to rain on the parade, but looking at all the peripherals, this game was a major fluke. did i enjoy wtching it? yes every second.
    do i expect games like this every night? of course not, ive seen enough games played by this team to not expect outbursts like this. hopefully we can scratch some across for my man kuo tomorrow, because halladay is gonna be a tough customer. lets hope grady sticks to his word and “probably”plays loney tommorow.


    too bad we were in toronto tonight. fishers post is just a little early to qualify for one of his patented late night rants. keep it up fish i almost comprehended that one LOL…and ksspark this is just a silly game we all really love, some of us just express it differant. i will never employ blind faith principles when it comes to rooting for the dodgers though, ive seen to many losing seasons….thank rupert murdoch i guess.


    well duh…. we all know that but it didn’t rain today….Other then Dodger Hits….and Runs…. we need our Glorytime ….


    Well Graff there is a book called Webster’s Dictionary that describes words I use if it is difficult for you to Comprehend my Posts. I use it sometimes but not very often althought I mispell some words I’m sure most get my gist. If my prognosis is off then thats just racked up to I’m not the manager as he gets paid alot more as well as the GM and coaching staff.I call it as I see it and if you disagree then please offer up something other then random thoughts of my posts.Because I’m starting to get really tired of you just taking shots at me and the team….


    its all in fun, im sorry if i come across wrong, it was nothing to do with spelling fish i just couldnt put the words together. its all good, i know you like to put a few back, but geezbad day? you used to have fun with it? and my rain on the parde post was just aimed at the people who come on here when we have one good game and bait people by saying that we dont post when we are doing good. specifically marvincig. i apologize if you felt i was talking bad about you and your team, but thats not the case. ill make my point, but i wont bash others. we all know this would be a better blog if we didnt have juan pierre on our team, but in the end were all dodger fans. ( i hope. )


    wow and then you just have to put the whole JP bait on it I’ma Fish I’ll Bite…..he missed a hard flyball today that would have been Highlight reel but it dropped….was agreat effort cost a run in the longrun but JP is starting to show his worth and I for one like to see it as Furcal is not showing his lastyear numbers yet.


    Ok Graff I get it now No I had a great day just all the garbage and whiney lil kids around here kinna makes me a lil more on the D …Ya’know.Everyone wants to prove there point and everyone has an opinion about something and those who choose to hate the Same Players ALWAYS! I mean why bother? Does it do it for them to get others ranting about them?I mean Why Bother With Them At All?Idiots are Idiots and I guess I Take offence for being pointed out because I only pointout posts that I think are counterproductive unless otherwise stated as points of intrest other ways of looking at it or just plain great insight.Now That I ‘Knocked back a few’ and you have your rant are you happy now?

    Steve Lyons is an idiot and Max would probably be a better commentator then he is just for the fact that he has never played pro ball. Lyons is just wrong it seems on every comment he makes…and has played PRO Ball.I dunno they both make dumb remarks that they can’t back up…


    oh the little whiney kids will do that, ive done my fair share of babysitting…i love psyco lyons, he was always critical of Jp when he had bad days instead of overlooking/sugarcoating it.


    yeah but for 1 example tonight 2nd inn. after the pitch tried taking martins head off and 3-0 to anderson Lyons is saying how the pitcher can’t find the strikezone its lost to him he grooves one down the center for a strike….then gets the groundout FC to first after going 3-2.There is time to talk and there is time to watch but he over commentates too much for my liking as a Dodger commentator.Diarrea of the mouth doesn’t make for great broadcasting.


    sabre3: “…a walk a stolen base a fly ball or a base hit producing a run, does it remind you of Wills, Davis and all of the players from ’63?”

    A GREAT analogy! The term that we used back then was “automatic” because what you described would usually get us an automatic run in the first inning nearly every game; and sometimes two, if Frank Howard hit a homerun from the clean-up spot. That was good old fashioned Walter Alston style baseball (and something that Mike Scioscia does exceptionally well nowadays).

    I have to comment on the first 15 or 20 posts in this thread, where nearly every one of them bashed today’s line-up, or Grady, or Ned, or Pierre batting second, or Marlon Anderson DH’ing; and then everyone who got bashed had an exceptional day (even that old, over-the-hill guy Luis Gonzalez, who just so happens to have the best average on the team right now).

    And then, even after this GREAT win tonight, those who did most of the bashing feel compelled to say something like: “It’s just one game guys, it won’t happen again,” rather than saying something like: “Gee, I guess I was wrong tonight.” Being humble is actually pretty easy to do and usually leads to greater credibility among your peers.

    Those who are so willing to condemn when they think that it is justified, should be equally willing to praise when it is warranted; and tonight it is VERY warranted.

    Congratulations to Juan Pierre, Nomar Garciaparra, Jeff Kent, Russell Martin, and Marlon Anderson for a GREAT game tonight; and an extra special congratulation to the two guys who really got it done tonight – Luis Gonzalez and Brad Penny. And finally, thank you Grady Little for putting together an excellent line-up tonight.

    Come on Kuo and Billingsley – Let’s get out those curling brooms (it’s a Canadian thing) and make it a sweep! (No offense, Harold).




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