Pepe's Punchout

Have you already voted 25 times for Russ with every legit email address you have and now you’re wondering what else you can do to get the most deserving catcher to the All-Star Game next month?

Come on down tonight between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., where we will be hosting Pepe’s Punchout. Spanish-language broadcaster Pepe Yniguez, who might not be well known to all Dodger fans but is one of the nicest people you could ever meet (and a very talented broadcaster), is going to host a rally where fans can punch out as many ballots as possible before tonight’s game. FSN Prime Ticket’s Kevin Kennedy will also be making an appearance and Russell is going to try and pop in to thank all you guys for what you’ve done before he has to get ready for the game. You’ll also get to see the cable cars that are featured in FOX’s TV commercials for the All-Star Game.

AllstartrolleyIn Spring Training, we took last year’s All-Stars, Brad Penny and Nomar Garciaparra up to Port St. Lucie to film these spots with several of the Mets’ All-Stars and the results will be seen all over TV for the next month. Here’s one version of the commercial, which only shows Nomar briefly but others will be far more Dodgerized.

As for Russell, it’s really amazing how much this campaign has worked to help him overcome the early deficit and raise his national profile. He’s been featured all over the country in stories by the CBS Sportsline, Daily News, L.A. Times, Toronto Star, Toronto Star again, and the Associated Press, which will appear in papers everywhere (according to a quick Google search, there were at least 15 that ran it this morning). There are upcoming features in Sports Illustrated, and next week, he’s going to be on Extra as one of America’s Most Eligible Bachelors. He’s appeared on countless TV stations in Los Angeles (KCAL, FSN Prime Ticket, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) and Canada (TSN, RDS and more) and he’s been given his own myspace page, You Tube video and is the subject of countless blogs both in the States and in Canada.

Keep up the good work and hopefully you’ll all get a chance to make it out to the rally tonight or to the stadium over the weekend against the Angels, as in-stadium balloting ends Sunday.



    im definitely going to add russell martin to my top eight on myspace!! what an awesome thing for pepe to do….i wouldnt doubt if that alone fetches a few thousand.


    Attention **** Greenblatt I am unable to to reply I need your e-mail address, I can’t follow it on your e-mail. I new at this.


    Sole possession of first place is ours for the taking tonight! Padres have gone down to the Cubs 4-1!




    I guess the only downside in his stats I see are his high number of walks, but his K/BB ratio is good. But it seems like his pitch count gets pretty high, as he’s averaging about 5 innings per start.


    Russell Martin is a superhero. He’s carrying the team in a ’85 Pedro Guerrero-esque style. Just lock him in the catcher spot for the next 10-15 all star games.


    Dodgers are -120 tonight. I love this bet. Santana never wins on the road too!



    Sorry I won’t be able to make it tonight, I could never make in time. First of all that’s not a cable car in the picture. You can’t fool a guy from Brooklyn. I love the You Tube video, I saw it in your other blog, too. I think this one seems longer, “Blue Swede Shoes” is one of my favorite songs by Carl Perkins, I play a lot of rock & roll in my house. It’s my era you know. Now Russel Martin is one of my favorite players.(NOT BECAUSE OF THE MUSIC)…. LET’S GET OUT THERE AND WIN… the way,…I think we have a spy……look up eduardosoto….GO DODGERS

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