Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Betemit, 3B

Kemp, RF

Lowe, P

Info on Pepe’s punchout is below.



    Loney will definitely start tomorrow (day game after a night game).

    Nice to see that RF now belongs to Kemp.


    It was great to comment during the game, it’s really fun. I’m looking forward to doing it again the next time I can watch the Dodgers on a regular TV set. I can’t do it on MLBTV MOSAIC…WE GOT TO BEAT THOSE HALOS…GO BLUE CREW.


    I get so upset when I see Pierre,Nomar,Kent batting 2,3,4 in the lineup….

    Abreu,Either,Loney sitting on the bench….

    Please Grady, Can’t we just once try batting our best hitters in the lineup & in an order that will best help produce runs…. Please!!

    Once again, The bottom of the lineup will have to come through to score runs & win the game…


    Yeah Grady, what are you thinking? His line-up obviously didn’t work the last 3 games. I wish you guys made out the line-up because we know that would mean a guaranteed win.


    Abreu and Ethier have two of the worst OBP numbers on the team. It’s not a big deal that they are sitting.


    I wonder just how bad Nomar has to be before his manager pulls him out of the 3rd spot in the lineup and plays Loney instead? Or for that Matter play Either instead of Pierre?


    no ethier? this is a stupid lineup. drop pierre and put andre in the lineup. I dont like it but Go dodgers.


    That’s Grady’s job to pull Nomar. Now he has no other excuse with a better younger player on the bench, who’s ready and able to take Nomars place.


    Let’s see Ethier instead of Pierre? So far this year- Ethier .261/.311/0 SB instead of Pierre .279/.310/20 SB. I guess that makes sense. Second half last year- Ethier .277/.337/2 instead of Pierre .311/.340/14. What is Grady thinking?


    If Grady can’t recognize who the better players are ,and who should start over who, maybe it’s time for him to go?


    Either, has power potential and he can also throw the ball, which I assume an outfielder should be able to do.


    sorry to interupt the usual what the hay is grittle thinking with the lineup, although it is fun, but is anyone else concerned about throwing schmidt out there tommorrow, a day game (and balls have tended to fly out of here during day games lately)?


    Last couple of series Pierre has been outhitting Ethier. Granted, Ethier is now getting irregular playing time, but I’m OK with this outfield. Kemp has been incredible so far this year.

    Since the beginning of the SD series, Pierre’s average is up 10 points and Ethier’s is down 15. Although many of us have made it totally clear how much we dislike Pierre in the lineup, he’s been productive of late, and deserves a shot to try to continue to be. I would guess that Ethier has become the late inning defensive replacement for Gonzo/Pierre. Not that Ethier is bad, but around the All-Star break last year he was hitting around .340; he’s at .261 now. Compare that with Kemp’s limited appearances, and this fight is between Ethier and Pierre, at least for a few weeks.


    Good point marvincig. Ethier hasn’t been the same stud he was in the first half last year. And Pierre is creeping closer to his career numbers, which if he makes, I’m OK with him. Not in love with him, but OK.


    There’s always concern when Schmidt is pitching, but only time will tell, and he has to pitch ,for us to see if he’s right or not.


    Now he has no other excuse with a better younger player on the bench, who’s ready and able to take Nomars place.

    so what his excuse today then?

    James loney in two days has 1 less extrabase hit then Nomar has had in his last 38 games. Thats **************-eight games with 3 doubles. The last time Nomar hit an opposite field shot off the wall this year has been never.

    Nevermind the defense.


    and yet nomar’s batting avg. with RISP stat rears its ugly head. I hope he gets it going. I really do. Because I don’t think Grittle has the guts to bench him.


    We just swept the Mets, yeah Grady should be fired for those last 3 lineup cards!

    Santana can’t win on the road at all. He got his one lucky one last week against St Louis!


    Seriously may as well put Juan Pierre in the three hole. He has a higher slugging percentage over the last 40 games than Nomar.

    Nomar’s OBP in June is .238 just above his .225 slugging.

    Give me a break already.


    I’m also concerned about starting Schmidt again. Given his once again low velocity, he should have had a bullpen session. If he could not reach at least 90 on the radar gun, he should not be given another start, but should go back on the DL until he’s ready. Otherwise it may be just giving the game away. We might as well start Bills and expect him to go maybe four innings at full speed in his first start, then follow-up with whoever our long reliever is for another three. If Schmidt cannot muster the necessary velocity, he won’t last any more than four anyway, and the game may already be lost if he throws like he did the last time.


    Thats what I’m thinking. I’m trying to be sympathetic to the schmidt situation but we can’t afford to give games away in an extremely tight NL West. He won’t be effective sitting around 84-85 mph.


    Bear if they can sit there and watch Nomar not hit the ball out of the infield for 42 games (oops my bad, 3 times) then Schmidt is looking at 20 more starts, Velocity or not.


    Yes, Jungar – the same logic applies, and I’m not expecting Grady to make any changes on Schmidt or Nomar until another losing streak hits him between the eyes like a 2 by 4. Then a big MAYBE.


    Bear – Your probably right….
    But maybe, just maybe, if he does get hit in the head by a 2by4 he will come out of the COMA he is in…


    That comma that has produced a record that sees us 10 games over .500. you guys are ******* pathetic and stupid


    BTW —-

    Boston has Drew leading off and Lugo batting 9th again today…

    At least the Boston manager has enough sense to try changes to help his team…


    I don’t know, I think if Schmidt has a start as awful as his last, he will be DLed. I mean they have already admitted to being concerned after his last start. I’m confident they are willing to change around the rotation and yank people as necessary, as they did with bombko and hendy.


    Wow Ewk, those sound like fighten words…

    Let me ask you a question…

    Wouldn’t you rather be 20 games above 500….

    Well, guess what, that is where this team with it’s talent, both young & old, would be if the Dodgers had a Decent Manager…

    Bottom line — Dodger pitching & our young players have been able to win inspite of poor managment…


    coolness! i’m off to Dodger Stadium & Matt Kemp is starting.

    Lets get a W against the Angelitos!


    Jspelk —
    I think you are exactly right….

    I think Schmidt is probably on a very short leash…

    I wish they were as willing to do the same with some of our hitters…


    That is just pure speculation. Come on– you know thats a dumb thing to say. And of course id like to be 20 games over .500, but you have no idea what our record would be if you made the lineup everynight. What is fact, and we do know, is that Grady is our manager, the players like him and respond to him, and we are 10 games over .500. Its just pointless to call him stupid everynight over the lineup — like he doesnt know about Nomars pitiful numbers of late.. Of course he knows, but guess what, there is a method to his madness and that is clearly evident in our record. Let me ask you this– what does our record need to be for people to start trusting Grady??


    How can you say we have been winning in spite of poor management? There is just no way to know that. We are a team. We are winning. Its pretty unfair to make claims like that to the entire team.

    Im just re-reading what you wrote and its making me laugh. Im sure we would have 10 more wins with a “decent manager”— OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. that is just so dumb. how do you know that? how do you even figure that?


    well ewk we are winning with Juan Pierre, who is on pace to have a career worst season not only for him but for any dodger centerfielder, who is still at the top of the lineup. I beleive thats grady’s call. We are still winning enve with Nomar, who is on pace for the second worst season by any dodger first basebam, batting 3rd. Which is grady’s call. WE are also close to first after a month with Brett Tomko as our 5th starter. again grady’s call and we are still winning wiht our best player batting 6th. Gradys call again.


    We are the best team in the West. I am looking to the playoffs already. We need that power hitter to get us thru the NL and onto the World Series!


    Ewk —

    Here is what I do know:::

    Boston dumped his sorry you know what after 2 winning seasons… Why do you think that is…. Maybe they were looking for something better… Dah !!!

    Many, many of the sports writers across the nation have been writing articles about how the Dodgers have been UNDERACHIEVING…. I wonder why that is… I guess they all must be wrong… Ha Ha

    You say that “the players like him & respond to him”… How could you possibly know that… Are you in the clubhouse…

    Last I heard everybody loved & respected Murray… Where is he now… He is where Grady should be… Sitting on his sorry butt at home…

    You are obviously a staunch Dodger fan, just as I am…

    The difference is – I want the team to be GREAT… You, on the other hand, are obviously satisfied with just being MEDIOCRE…

    Mediocre teams don’t win World Series titles….

    With Grady we will never ever go that far…


    Not a terrible line up…despite what all the bloggers say, I like Nomar and what he has brought and still brings this club.


    we DO NOT need a power hitter. WE need to dump Pierre and Play Loney and Kemp more. The perfect lineup would be…









    rotation of…







    only 48 complains about the lineup, come on folks, theres still an hour till game time… lets go, lets go!


    You guys are the fans? Are you sure you’re not opposing teams fans posing as Dodger fans?

    Grady is juggling veterans and Youth both with every day players and the pitching staff and doing a great job.

    Nomar has not shown power lately, but has knocked in a ton of runs. Loney is the heir apparent, but you don’t want the entire Las Vegas team breaking into the majors at once.

    Kent is a legitimate power source that now can be rested a few days a week with the emergence of Abreu.

    Furcal doesn’t like to come out, but with that sore wheel he can use an occasional rest and Abreu is good for that too.

    Betemit has come around, is a power guy, and steadily raising his batting average. Hope Murray wasn’t his mentor.

    Gonzales has some pop left in his bat, but will be getting some rest now that we have Kemp and Either both demanding (by their play) time in the lineup.

    JP has a weak arm. Fine. Done. Agreed. He is listening to his manager and probably didn’t like what Murray had to say. He’s being more patient, getting base hits, raising his batting average, and maybe his relationship (I have no idea) with Eddie Murray was playing with his head and effecting his fielding. Give the guy a chance.

    Kemp has been wonderful since his return, but I think he proved last year he is not a CF. Unless JP is traded for a power guy don’t look for Kemp in Center.

    We have great pitchers (and that’s without Schmidt who could still be a BIG help this year), great relief. A super bence and if you want to ***** let’s try and figure out who our 3rd string catcher currently is.

    Grady and Ned are dueing great, and I for one am not convinced a trade for a power bat is needed.

    I like what we have from top to bottom.

    What a bunch of haters posing as fans.


    This blog used to be great- now theres just way too much negativity…. come on folks- Grady and Ned are making changes to improve the club, were in first place, the young guys are coming up, and you all can do nothing but gripe!


    and rw– i am thrilled to hear that you get your points from “many, many sportswriters” … i think that is just icing on the cake. I dont they watch every game like i do, so ill trust my own observations when its come to my own team..
    We all know why Boston dumped him– the public demanded some action after the ALCS and they went the scapegoat rout and fired Grady. You cant argue with his numbers as a manager; not here or Boston.

    I know the players like Grady and respond to him based on many quotes i have read from the players over the course of his tenure as the Dodgers manager.


    Goodness some of you need serious help

    Anyway, with a win tonight we’ll get back where we belong in first place. And we’ll have the best record in the National League. Which feels nice and all, but would look really nice at the end of the season. This lineup destroyed the Mets so I have absolutely no problem sending it out there. Who cares where the production comes from? So long as it is there that’s all that matters. If anything that means we’re a tough team from top to bottom and we can beat you in many different ways. Which is what makes the game so much fun. I must again ask some of you to be patient and stop complaining every day about the lineup because you’ll get caught up in that and forget how good this team is. Also, how much depth we have that we have the luxury give certain players time off and replace them with players who can match or exceed their numbers. And vice versa.




    Paulg –

    You call yourself a fan…

    Well Mr Fan – you say Grady is juggling youth & veterans and doing a good job….

    HE SHUOULD HAVE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE DAY 1…Kemp, Loney, Abreu should have been on the roster instead of signing B Clark (who is now gone) & Martinez (also, now gone)… None of them had anything to prove… Loney & Abreu both hit well over .400 in spring training… It should have been a no brainer…

    You say Nomar has knocked in a ton of runs…. HE ONLY HAS 4 XTRA BASE HITS ALL YEAR… Loney has done that in 4 games…. Dah !

    Also, who do you think is the better fielder… Dah !

    You say Kent is a power source… I say SO WHAT…


    If they wanted a real power source they sould have signed one… But, no, they signed Schmidt & Pierre…

    Hasn’t that worked out just great so far….

    You said that Pierre is coming around….


    You say that Grady & Ned have been doing a great job….. Are you making a joke ?? Am I to assume that most of us are wrong & that you are right — thus making us haters & you a true fan…

    How pathetic….

    I guess all the sports writers in the media are Dodger haters when they say negative things about our team…. I doubt it very much… They are SIMPLY BEING REALISTIC – unlike you Mr fan…


    Some points I agree with others are just bling faith.Fact Both Ethier and Nomar have been very off of their games since last years allstar break.Nomar has been great at knocking in runs great then he should only bat with runners in scoring position from the bench while he gets his act together let Loney play until that time.Ethier over JP thats a really hard sell except for the defense he brings with him.He is lost once he gets on base and is a running liability on the basepaths.Leave Gonzo right where he is he is doing a great job hitting maybe move him to the 3 spot if Loney is not plug n play ready.Furcal is really my biggest worry and has become the designated out leading off.Kemp has shown that lastyear was simply that. He is alot better defencivly and is hitting everything now so until they find a new hole in his swing he needs to play everyday.Kent….only way Kent stays in the line up is if he starts hitting some avg. to go with his power but if memory serves me he really heated up 2nd half lastyear so Iook for him to be coming around again and soon.I am ALL for Bills getting a few starts or even moving permanently to the starting rotation he has been nothing short of Stellar as of late and most of the year.The times he got into trouble I think his warm up was cut short in the middle of rallies.Yes Paulg there have been a few haters in this thread today but most just stating their narrow views of a few players.One point I see about Grady and the way he manages That I don’t like is that he tends to Tempt fate at crucial times in tight games and with exception to running out the same nonproductive players waiting for them to produce he lacks consistancy in his decisions or at least consistantly inconsistant.Lets return the Favor and Retake 1st place our pride and Most of All Show LA that the Angels are just the southside wannabes.
    Go Blue!!!


    come on guys, give rwbj and max a break with their lineup choices. it’s obvious that they slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night and Grady slept at home.


    Boston needed an excuse/scapegoat for blowing the lead in Game 7 to the Yankees, Grady’s contract extension was coming and they didn’t extend him, so he took the unnecessary blame for something that wasn’t his fault. It’s actually a lot like firing Murray because they needed to do something to show they were not happy with the teams offensive performance this season thus far and you can’t fire the players, so Murray took the hit, which is a decision I personally agree with because of Murray’s personality which has been a problem for 25 plus years.


    Let me ask you a question rw:

    Lets say Loney, Kemp, Abreu all start the season on the big league club and fail miserably? Then what? this season is a marathon not a sprint and this is exactly how Grady is managing.


    I don’t want to get too involved in the Grady is good v. Grady is bad debate. I agree with ewk216’s general points that winning is the best measurement, and we’re doing that. I don’t oppose people complaining about the line-up–it’s not the card I would have filled out, but so be it.

    My question is for–where are these stories about the Dodgers underachieving? Honestly, my take is the Dodgers as a team are performing at about an as-expected or better level in the eyes of the national media. It’s seems to be only Dodger fans who expect us to have the best record in baseball (which we’re only 4 games shy of). That may be because Dodger fans know far more about Martin, Kemp, Loney, etc. than the national media does, so we expect more, but I just don’t see of claims that we are underperforming. Correct me if I am wrong.


    Pierre’s AB was pathetic. three pitches. That third pitch would have hit him in the chest.


    i really want lowe to get the win tonight…let’s hope the boys score some runs


    did Vin just say “pierre it hit a ball in the air is a waste of time?”

    i don’t know…maybe i’m hearing things, but if he did..that’s very funny


    and before that he said and juan pierre waiting on deck…with a note of disappointment in his voice….


    Vin Scully just said “for Furcal or Pierre to hit the ball in the air is pretty much a WASTE OF TIME”…

    According to many of you on this blog —

    He is obviously a Dodger HATER….


    Man another solid AB for Nomar haha. D Lowe has gotta be thinking that in order to have a chance to win he has to be perfect


    Awwww, I don’t want Kent and Nomar batting back to back anymore. Two outs on two, or maybe a max four, pitches when time they’re up is just not fun anymore. If indeed, it ever was.


    How many pitches to get Nomar, Kent, $ Gonzo out….
    3-4 pitches

    Than God they fired Murray…..


    You are like a child who doesn’t get his way but keeps on whining and whining and bugging and bugging hoping that he will. Your momma needs to give you a good slap in the mouth.

    “Vin Scully just said “for Furcal or Pierre to hit the ball in the air is pretty much a WASTE OF TIME”…

    According to many of you on this blog —

    He is obviously a Dodger HATER….”

    DUMB. We all KNOW it’s a waste of time for JP to hit a fly ball. But Vin doesn’t WHINE ABOUT IT TEN TIMES A DAY. s t f u.


    I guess if you can’t get a hit the next best thing is to hit the pitcher with a comebacker


    Puppy — No, your right, Vin didn’t say it on this blog…

    He said it on the airways for millions & millions of people to hear…..

    I said what I said just once but obviously your to igonorant to know how to count… If you weren’t so busy policing what everybody says you could take the time to read & listen more carefully…

    Mostly, You need to get your FAT HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASSSS !!!!!


    Yeah, Lowe was a bit shaky after allowing that hit, but he came back nicely. Let’s hope that carries into next inning.


    Wow —- all this love for Kemp…..
    Most fielders wouldn’t have been able to get to the ball to even touch it…


    He still can’t field. I’ve said that all along. I only know what I’ve seen from watching him.


    I really hope we rip Jared Weaver tomorrow.

    Who gets rest tomorrow? I bet Gonzo and Nomar get the afternoon off


    At least it didn’t hit him in the head and bounce into the stands, but it will happen someday, just like Conseco.


    Well Well

    Nomar – Dribbler to the pitcher with a man on…

    A popout to 1st base….

    A weak fly ball to right field with 2 men on base..

    Loney – A solid single to right after sitting on the bench all game…

    Who would you want playing 1st base everyday…


    Someone already said (Tony Jackson – Daily News) that Kent was going to get tomorrow off….

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Kent, Nomar, & Gonzo get some rest this weekend…


    Why are Kent, Nomar, & Pierre still in this game…

    We need good defense for the last couple innings to hold this lead…..


    The negative nellies are lose tonight.

    Be careful, if you pay attention you might see one **** of a ball game.

    But that wouldn’t matter would it? Better to whine and complain.

    I don’t have rose colored glasses, but I can appreciate a good game.


    What a Wonderful – Exciting – Fun game to watch….

    A Great win for the Dodgers…

    Great game by D Lowe…

    Our pitching is simply AWESOME ….


    Another save for Saito. Penny should start the All-Star game and Sammy should close it out (forget Hoffman).

    Back in 1st place!!!

    GO BLUE!!!


    I’d much rather have Saito than Hoffman. Remember how Hoffman lost the All-Star game last year? His changeup is amazing but his fastball is only average now, and teams can jump all over it from time to time.


    Looking to next year—

    I certainly hope we don’t lose Lowe to free agency during the off season….

    That would be a disaster..


    I love these kind of games. They get my heart rate going. Probably my favorite game is a 2-1 or a 3-2. Great pitching, good defense (although i think Andre makes that catch in RF, and Kemp definately shouldve), and a really nice clutch hit by Gonzo. Broxton is so weird— it seems like the 9th really affects him bc he just seems SOO automatic in the 8th. And sammy is sammy is the ******* man. He is really reallly ******* awesome and im just so glad he is on our team. I MEAN WHAT A FIND BY NED!! (am i right?? am i??) Great win against a good team. Lets get em tomorrow and take the series.


    The children on this blog treat each other like this when the team has the best record in the National League?? Man… I sure hope the Dodgers never fall into last place… because I’d hate to see how you treat each other then.

    No civility and certainly no respect for one another. I’m embarrassed for those of you who call yourselves Dodger fans and treat other people like servitude.

    Good win tonight (any win is a good win!!) and D-Lowe still can’t get a breather with some extra run support. He pitched a gem! Let’s hope Schmidt gets back on track tomorrow…

    Go Dodgers!!


    Lowe is really good and he is getting to the part of the year where he gets Great.With pitching the way it is right now he is gonna get a 5-6 year contract for 85-100M or more if he continues on his annual pace.


    Dodgers Live announcers making a case for Pierre hitting leadoff…

    Kevin Kennedy said that Pierre should be leading off so that he can steal when he gets on & Furcal can either bunt to advance him to third or hit him in….

    When Furcal is leading off – he does not steal because of his ankle… So, if Pierre bunts him to second it is a wasted out…. Or even worse, he could hit one of his weak dribblers for a double play…

    Makes a lot of sense — Grady, are you listening…


    Yes ewk definate Great job by the scouts and Ned to get Sammy.But in My Heart I prefer games like Weds. where we stomp the **** outta a first place team 9-1.


    I think we have a really good chance of winning the world series if by the end of the year we have at least 2 starters hitting in the .300s. I think its that simple for this team.. I love the Dodgers so much. Always have, always will and i like our team up and down.


    ESPN ***** over the dodgers so much. Just saw the highlights and they barely mentioned Lowe’s stellar performance. Just annoying. I feel like if were some other pitches on different teams would get a K-play by play or something..


    I like these low scoring games allot especially after they end and we win. I forgot about Furcals ankle I was wondering why he was so stationary in the first inning, but that was a marvelous hit in the 6th. How come his ankle didn’t bother him on that one?


    You can tell there are a lot of youngsters on this blog. This team has just won 4 straight games against 2 play off bound first place teams and they still complain about the lineup. Don’t worry your favorite player will get a chance to play.


    Sorry Puppy is wasn’t Hoffman fault it was LaRussa not putting Rolen in at 3rd bases for Miggy. Rolen could’ve made that played.


    Hello First Place! It’s good to see you again…Lowe was fantastic once again and a huge clutch 2 RBI single by Gonzo off a very tough Ervin Santana. I just want to point this out for tomorrow’s FOX game…It’s only being seen in 7% of the country and aside from Southern California only Anchorage, Alaska and Yuma, Arizona will see the game. Such a shame as I would like a little bit more exposure for this series between two very good teams. But alas it is not to be seen…Fox needs to shape up a bit.




    Rwbjr, Lowe is locked up thru 2008 so need to worry yet this offseason although he is represented by Boras so definitely no chance for an extension before then. Just thought I’d let you know


    I see Anderson and Tsao are getting healthy. The 25 man roster is going to get crowded
    soon. You’d think a trade is on the horizon, assuming there is anyone available we could use.


    A terrific clutch win last night thanks to Lowe, Gonzo, Brox, and Saito in particular. Now let’s build on that 1st place lead.

    Couple of points I’d like to make:

    Martin seems to be pressing and needs some rest soon. He’s no longer hitting to all fields. He used to drive the outside pitches to right, but now he wants to pull everything. Some readjustment needed there.

    If Schmidt can’t get his velocity back to 90 mph plus, he’s not going to win many for us. Today will be a major test. If he’s not ready, I don’t want to see us give away too many games starting him again before we DL him and do whatever is necessary to remedy that situation. In the meantime, let’s get Bills ready to start.

    I would like to start seeing a lineup of Gonzo, Ethier, Kemp or Ethier, Pierre, and Kemp in the OF with Betemit, Furcal, Abreu, and Loney in the IF. Even if we do that once a week, I wouldn’t argue with Little a bit over how he arranges that batting order.

    The point here being that we need to break up the Nomar, Kent combination while they are both underperforming. If they get hot, play them; otherwise, let’s have our younger guys have a chance to play together and adjust to each other on the field.


    I agree with all your points messagebear.

    My apologies for my lack of civility last night, rwbjr0 – and anyone else who I bothered. It had been a rough day and I get tired of reading the same anti-JP and anti-Grady rhetoric that can tend to dominate this blog; that said, I shouldn’t have posted what I did and I apologize.

    11 games over .500 now, and a lot of good performances still to come from the young guys as the dog days approach. I’m pretty excited to see how this team looks in late August and September.


    ESPN always glosses over the late night West Coast games, because their good coverage teams are sleeping. But has a picture of D Lowe on its front page right now; they’re giving a little respect.


    I agree with bear and puppy’s previous posts. The Little/JP points were made long ago.
    Especially agree about Martin. A lot is being asked of this young man and he should be rested more. Give him a moment to think things over, especially his approach to batting right now. Young guys will try to pull the ball, so here is a chance for Mueller to step up.


    I remember one time, pitcher PREACHER ROE was greeted by the Dodgers, at the dugout, after they laid out some sort of a carpet in front of the dugout, for him to walk over on his way back. It happened after he hit a HOMERUN. I wonder if it would be appropriate for some sort of a celebration for NOMAR


    Hooray…CIVILITY returns. Very wise comments posted this morning. Let’s keep it up along with this winning streak. We’re a National League team, so let’s not trade for a power hitter who provides no defense (Dunn. The kids are proving their worth, and we’re winning, so there’s no need to change just for change’s sake. Change to stregnthen weakness is always a good thing, but let’s be sure to identify the weakness and make sure we don’t have the solution in house before we start breaking up a winning combination like we did when we said goodbye to Piazza and then LoDuca. That being said, I’m glad we have Martin now, but the intervening period has been painful to say the least.
    Go Blue


    To ewk216 10:30PM PT & PUPPY HEAD 7:45AM PT./////Even in their hay day, 1959-thru the 1980s, The Dodgers, while in LA always seem to never get their rightful,deserving coverage on National Sports TV Programs. It always burned me up.


    To add to my last comment, Its a good thing they won 9 Pennants & 5 World Championships during that time……AMEN.


    I ‘m so greatful to what has happened to me over the last few years, especially over the last month or so. Here is the Dodger writeup in today’s Daily News (NEW YORK)……….DODGERS 2—ANGEL 1///////Dereck Lowe (7-6)allowed one run over seven innings and had a carrer high 11 strikeouts, leading the host Dodgers. This besides the box scrore.(THIS IS ALL I WOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT MY TEAM). I don’t know how I continued to be a Dodger Fan all these years, but you know something I’m glad I did, even if it cost a little more. It’s well worth it. Boy this modern tecnology…..GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

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