Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Nomar, 1B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Betemit, 3B

Kemp, RF

Abreu, 2B

Penny, P


Matt “The Bison” Kemp is BACK.

Let me start this off:

-Like to see Abreu giving Old man Kent a rest. Hopefully he breaks out of his slump.

-Enter standard Nomar/Pierre bash here.

-Would love to see Loney playing.

-Once again love the 5-6-7-8 part of our lineup best.


Where is Ethier? I love his music when he comes up!

Unfortunately for Ethier, his replacement has been called-up.

old guys on top, young guys on bottom. Would love to see Nomar move down. I also want to see Loney crack the lineup.

Hey charlie.grimes – You forgot the number 9 spot – Penny is going yard tonight!



Fan Since – You’re right. I totally blew it last night by saying 6-7-8 would out produce 2-3-4. I was one off…

Would love to see Penny go yard. More importantly I’m glad he’s in there tonight because I know if the Mets even try to plunk one of our guys for the Kuo retaliation he’ll wind up a 100mph special at one of their guys.

WHAT THE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will be interesting to see if there’s gonna be any chin music today, catch my drift.

Go Dodgers!

Pads up 5-0 Edwin Jackson got pulled throwing 1/3 of s inning and he left two runners on!!
Must win tonight to stay in first

Nomar is batting 3rd because he’s Nomar!

No Ethier?
No Loney?

This is retarded. let me rephrase that, Grady Little is retarded

Oh Ok nice answer. I know people are getting mad at complaints about the line up. I love my Dodgers and it kills me to see our BEST hitter, all around ball player is not hitting third we need to get Martin up in the first! and don’t tell me that catchers shouldn’t hit at the top, this guy is special!!! He won’t be the first catcher to bat in the middle. Please get Nomar’s 1 HR out of the middle!!!

Dude. I love the big blue too but you just gotta let Nomar be Nomar and keep hitting there. I love Martin down at 5 or 6. ****, Id rather have Martin at 2 then 3.

grittle doesn’t like to play righty-lefty matchups, apparently.

Could elaborate besides he’s Nomar. He’s got 1 HR in Mid June that’s ridiculous. I’ll take Martin two if you put Gonzo three just get Nomar out of the three hole. A line up is not permanent if Nomar gets hot will put him back till then he should hit lower.

sorry about grammar trying to type too quick!

1-1 Yanks and D backs

I know a guy who keeps asking me, “Who’d they beat?” “Who they beat?” I got him today, I answered him. “UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” P L A Y B A L L

Here we go again. To the naysayers, go back to yesterday’s posts and look for all those that said the line-up was awful. That Betemit was a designated out. You guys were so right.

lol go getum

hey, i threw my support behind betemit yesterday.

I didn’t bad mouth Betemit, but we should score more than three runs produced by the bottom three to call the line up a success.

You can bad mouth Betemit all you want, He’ll answer wit his bat.

I’m sorry, wasn’t directed at any one in particular. I just think it’s a success whenever we get a “W” and that has been just as often as any other team in the NL this year.

Nomar must have some great pictures of Grady at a weekend at Bernie’s.

That’s the only thing I can think of.

marv – we could trot out a lineup of AAA players and win games every once and a while. One game cannot justify a lineup.

I will continue to bash Nomar being in the 3 hole as long as he has 1 home run and a SLG % of .350.

Its not a bad lineup, thats no the point. The point is that it could be better.

Like I said last night. I bet we see more production of the bottom half than the top…

jungar – lol.

J. Loney should be playing for anemic Nomar…

A. Ethier should be playing instead of pathetic Pierre…. With Kemp in center…….

Grady Little should be pulling is head out of his asssss….

The bottom of the order are the people who have been producing….

Charlie- You will win some games with a AAA line-up but doubt you would break .500, much less .569 which is what our “line-up” has done this year. As for Nomar, no doubt he’s struggling, but his HR total is not all that significant. His job as a # hitter is to drive in runs, right? Despite his 1 HR, he’s driven in 34 runs, only 2 less than the great Derrek Lee and his 6 HR’s. I’m not comparing Nomar to Lee at all, just saying despite his bad start here, he’s somewhat getting the job done. Guy has proven he’s a gamer and deserves the chance to figure it out. So far, it hasn’t hurt as all that much.

you have to look at runs scored w/ nomar. he doesn’t get on base enough for the 4.5.6 hitters to drive him and when he does he’s on 1st not in scoring position. you can’t just look at RBI’s.

I think Grady is slowly breaking up with his high school girlfriend (the veterans). He is starting to flirt with the hotter younger girls but still hedging his bets while letting the current lady down easy.

Jspelk- I’ll give you that. His OBP is a valid point. Well, I’m off to the Stadium to see if we can finish off the sweep. Maybe Nomar will hit one out for me.

I wonder if we’ll ever get to see the best 8 on the field? Loney ,Kemp ,and Either should be in there everyday, if for no other reason then to see what they can do. I sure hope Grittle figures this out, and soon.

Marvin were sick of Nomar in the three hole. No one is saying not to play him (although loney is a better all around player, right now),we know he is talented hitter when right but no point in dragging the team down to get him going. He can still get his steaks hitting down in the lineup. The other thing about Nomar aside from the runs scored is he dosen’t see alot of pitches which isnt allowing the rabbits to run more.

I wonder if we’ll ever get to see the best 8 on the field? Loney ,Kemp ,and Either should be in there everyday, if for no other reason then to see what they can do. I sure hope Grittle figures this out, and soon

I think they already figured it out which is why they are all up but have alot of ego’s and personalities to deal with.

I just think it’s tough on management to call in a Nomar and say hey man if your not hurt then your done and were going in a new direction cause you **** right now.

Everyone knows it, no one wants to say it.

if Nomar hits one out tonight i’ll shave my eyebrows off.


You can’t sit JP down. You can’t sit that type of money down. The only way he doesn’t play everyday, is if he is traded.

447 reasons why Kemp is back in there again tonight. Padres will win, D’Backs will lose tonight. Focusing on tonight’s game which if you look at the pitching matchup could be a duel. However, if you look beyond the numbers, you’ll see Brad Penny historically does terribly against the Mets. And we’ve thrown two lefties at the Mets this series which has never been a problem because we’re 4-0 in the last 4 regular season games against the Mets when we start a lefty. It’s when we start a righty we have problems, so I’m a little uneasy going into tonight’s game because Penny has been so great. It would be a real bummer to see him falter tonight. Nomar and Loney = Splitting Time, this is just the way it’s going to be. Good to see Kent get a night off. Hopefully, Abreu can rebound from his tough past few games. Now lets break out the brooms and sweep the Mets out of L.A!



Nomar vs. Sosa (2 for 12, .167). This would be the perfect game to sit him in favor of Loney.

Ouch, Jackson. One out and 5 runs, all earned, on 5 hits and 2 walks.

yeah our X boy got slammed today.Just think what we could have gotten for him a few years ago when he was more untouchable then any kid we have now.

Ethier is slumping; he is 3 for his last 22, or since the Dodgers left Pittsburgh.

Sosa is due for all fall; he cannot sustain this season’s performance.

“I just think it’s tough on management to call in a Nomar and say hey man if your not hurt then your done and were going in a new direction cause you **** right now.

Everyone knows it, no one wants to say it. ”

Loney’s call-up is a message though.

even if Loney doesnt play often, its good to have him around for a defensive replacement. I think Nomar botching those plays in SD woke some people up.

i think if we go another week with no production from Nomar he’ll get DLed. Also if the bottom (good) part of the lineup keeps coming through for us Grady will be forced to change up the lineup. If he doesn’t i think there would be a revolt against him. I still think he can’t manage a lineup at all.

Lost the run but nice play at 2nd for the Martin assist!

Good play to get the out a 2nd

Man is David Wright a stud third baseman. I wish he was on our team.

Time for the bi-monthly post in support of Little and Colletti, who are doing a good job.
It’s going to be interesting to see how the remainder of the season unfolds. It’s more than fair to say Gonzo is doing his share, but if Little goes with the vets, the Dodgers may get into the play offs but probably would not advance. If he went strictly with the kids, I doubt they would make the post season at all.

The tough part is going to hit on the right combination of kids/vets to get the best lineup on the field each game.

Looks like the line up will not be a set one, and no one will be on the bench for long.

I’d bet Colletti is eventually going to get another stick, so that will also figure in a big way.

Like I said, I like the job Little is doing, and he is in the best position by far to examine the team and come up with a winning combination.


oh whatevs…mets have taken the lead first in the first 2 games and we’ve still won so hopefully *crosses fingers* we can do it again tonight 🙂

Can we get Mia to substitute for Nomar – I bet she has a stronger swing than he does.
In addition, Furcal has been getting a pass on any criticism, but his batting performance has been very weak the last couple of weeks. I think he should sit down for a couple of days.

ok we have a hot 4-7 tonight lets getsum!

oops my bad was wearing my work Dodger hat my bad that one never gets any run support.New Hat ok 3rd inn we start this party!

That was beautiful…

good inning

Have a seat Green….

that last strikeout was hot

nice inning

Penny 4K’s

no no-hitter

Nice turn there !

A typical game so far.

yeah penny!

Lots & lots of X Dodgers on the Mets …. I wonder if they would like to have Pierre, Nomar, Kent, Tomko, & Hendrickson….
Wouldn’t that be great…

Pierre looks like pure **** in the outfield tonite… Keeps misjudging everything that comes his way…

best part of the line up is coming up I bet we at least tie it. Too bad their batting 6-7-8

WHAT DID I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


but he has caught them all.That one over his head near the wall would have bounced with Lofton….he never caught up with those lastyear.Played too shallow or something. Woo Hooo AUSTA LA VISTA!!!


haha betemit ties the game again…sweet

WOW!! Kemp is the Man!!!!

BETEMIT! He’s breaking out, JUST over the glove of Beltran for the HR! And to the opposite field again, that’s some strength right there! AND LOOK AT KEMP’S SPEED! Great hustle!



yay raffy!


FURCAL!!! please Pierre don’t be a rally killer again please.

Furcal Furcal FurcalGO GO GO

jp……..but Wright did it too…..

i guess its best Nomar didn’t get to hit with Pierre on base.

Pierre using those legs, he tried a good RBI.

im ok with Pierre getting thrown out at second. Its not like Nomar would have drove him in anyways.

NO RALLY KILLER THERE…well technically yes he was, though it was a nice idea. But, he got the job done! 3-1! Also, that ball was smoked earlier by Pierre so I didn’t really have a problem with that at all.

we had our weakest hitter coming up too bad he has too lead off the inning


Yeah, but like a pitcher, it would have been best to get Nomar out of the way.

yeah…i think pierre did well..that’s what he’s paid to do

nice relay to abreu LOL.

wow…pierre read a ball really well….

Great read by Pierre on that one, regardless he’s got them all which is what matters anyway

i’m kind of surprised…but very happy

Very important not to let the other team bounce back the next half inning. We’re getting good at that.

What is Nomar going to do?

HAHA and Nomar singles to open the inning

That was a great play by Green too… That throw needs to be right on and it was.

This is a good time to break it open and give Saito a rest.

Are they covering Penny and Green’s conversation at the end of the 4th (i think). He struck out Green on a terrible high fastball, b-lined to home plate and had words with Green that got him all upset 😦 *tear.. but they are all over it on SNY so just wondering bc it looks like Penny accused Green of peaking back for pitch location…********* up…

3-1 knew he was gonna groove one Gonzo just missed….

Nomar steals a base on a failed hit and run— Paul who?

wow– surprised my language was allowed…
I was looking for that to be **** out, so apologies to all those who might be offended.

Does it look like Martin is taking big swings when he is at the plate? Earlier in the year he was making better contact, but now he looks like he is trying to elevate the ball.

OK THAT’S A BUNCH OF…ok yeah they’re right BAH!

That’s BS he was on top of the bag!!!!!!!

wow filters are off I’m guessing you gonna hear about that one ewk…..

Greenie Martin has been tacking hacks all year when he gets two strikes he shortens up

nomar was limping back to second base.

ok I don’t get why on a FC runner at second has to go back to point A when interferance or not he takes point B being 3rd base.

But you Martin wouldve been safe anyways, so bad call by the blue. He should recognize that.

That’s my BETEMIT


Thats what im talking about. You sure about that one max>??? wishful thinking perhaps…?

welcome back to the starting line up BETEMIT!!!!!!!!!!!


Poor R. Martin —- he looks all worn out…
Lots of Ks & weak groundouts lately… Also, some passed balls and bad throws….

Sure can use the rest tomorrow….

Hope Grady Gump doesn’t wear him down… But, knowing Gump, that is exactly what he will do….

Ok, THIS Betemit can play third base for us any game of the week. And Nomar looked just fine running home for our 4th run of the game.

it looked like he was…

has anyone noticed on the hits tonight for betemit that all the pitches were running away from him. He has that long swing and pitches that run away from him are pretty much perfect. He’s be a great lefty on lefty batter. He needs to stop hitting right handed.

Betemit really hit that ball well. That was the one thing i remember really liking about the trade last year– he had a rreally great average with RISP with the Braves, but seemed to lose it with the Dodgers. YESSSS MATT KEMP!!!!




yesssss kemp!

Bottom of the lineup…

welcome to the starting line up KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!

KEMP is a wonderful player great athlete his best days are ahead of him.

So commercial break — did Vinny say anything about Green and Penny’s verbal exchange??

Kemp should play every day.

With Gonzo and Martin having the only Goose eggs in the 4&5 spot.Almost top to Bottom

Martin should have a hit & gonzo just missed a bomba


Bottom of the line up again!!!!!! Hello?

The Rout is on…….Breakout the Brooms!!!!

What were Penny and Green talking about after that strikeout earlier in the game?

I am liking the way we have been playing so far this series…

Vinny still doesn’t know what it was about, but the SNY crew may be right on stealing the catchers position. BOOM! ABREU TRIPLE! Is it safe to break out the brooms yet?

oooh almost…. Great Inn.

Penny was giving him a real hard time about something. It looked like he motiioned to the Dodgers bench and the Mets announcers surmised that he probably thought Green was peaking back to check pitch location- specificially on that outside fastball that he hit for a double in the first inning…

A good way to end too, with the pitcher making the last out.

Vin Mentioned sign stealing once.

How was that only a double? Regardless that ball was smoked as well and I don’t care how the job is done or where it’s done so long as it is.


seriously. The Bottom of the lineup is just filthy.

Not yet alex. If that Penny hit dropped than yes, but not yet. Im glad you have gotten that horrible night out of your head already…

One way for penny to fix that fastball in the ribs!!!

Cool thanks! Vin is epic!

Does anybody thing MARTIN is pressing, over trying?


that was nasty..

Maybe a little bit, but he’s human and has struggles like any other player. I know it’s shocking considering how amazing he’s been this year, but it happens.

Finally Have a seat Wright….

Good to get Wright out, eh?

Poor R. Martin —- he looks all worn out…
Lots of Ks & weak groundouts lately… Also, some passed balls and bad throws….

Sure can use the rest tomorrow….

Hope Grady Gump doesn’t wear him down… But, knowing Gump, that is exactly what he will do….

I guess Penny will start back to back all star games

didn’t you post that earlier?

the headline for the dodgers notes cracks me up…”Righty throwing less between starts to help recovery”

talking about schmidt.

Leede stinks

Now would be a good time to get Penny out….
Please don’t let another X Dodger get them back in the game…..

Goodbye Ledee!!!


I Really Like Abreu at 2nd.

With the game going in our favor, I am going to provide a Kershaw update. He pitched 7 innings tonight, giving up 4 hits, walking 2 and striking out 8. His last 5 games are quite impressive:
30 innings, 12 hits, 12 walks and 37 K’s and just 1 ER. He is 7-2 this year. We could see him sometime next year playing with the big club.

Bills needs some work 2 innings to close it out would be nice.

The Mets may not be giving up, they’re tough, but Darling & Cohen are talking about the Yankees already.

Sweet thanx on the Kershaw heads up.

Furcal is getting hot again….

Run Raffy Run!!!!


on the Clayton heads up

My friend use to call FURCAL in such a funny way, that way he said his name.

LOL!!! are they really walking Nomar?!?!?! buhahahaha

PIERRE can move it though.

The really nice thing about this sweep — We beat three very good pitchers…

Keep it up…

Next, A sweep of the Angels….

IBB to Nomar to get to Gonzo?LOL this might be fun!

lol that was weak…..but nonetheless productive.

Thanks, every run counts.

The poor Mets are in a real funk….

lucky and disgusting at the same time..

Yes The OC Angels need a big Reality check.

Heres to hoping Russ hits a gapper…

Don’t Jinx it rwbjro.

This game is not over yet, so no congrats yet. just enjoy the lead.

aw shucks.,..

Martin has played more games than any other catcher in the Majors….

What does that tell you about good ole Grady Gump????

Its really funny listening to the Mets announcers trying to rationalize the poor play..

I think it’s more Martin wanting to play, than Grady forcing him to.

I’m a worrier, I know after what happened a week ago, I’m holding my breath. I also know the Mets too.

Nice going Joe.

Well and that anytime Martin is not in the line up everyone here crys and in all reality have we won a game this year that he did not catch?

Sit down Green

You mind if I count the outs 2

Nomar & Kent are not in this game… (Loney is in for Nomar)…. So, it will be impossible to lose this game now……..

I don’t miss Green Strikingout for 17Mil a year …..I like him more now..

Ok, the players on the field should be are regular line-up!


i am really liking this version of wilson betemit

B E T E M I T good looking play. 3down & 3 to go

JB for the 9th or Seanez?

I always said he’s the closes to BELTRE. Even thru his slums.


Bottom Line….

He is just like any other catcher in baseball….


He obviously can’t play at a high level without being rested… No catcher can…

Keep it going guys.

wow shaking off alot of signs….


J LO!!!!!!!!!!!!

you think he wants to play every day!!?

You got old guys sitting in bars & clubs all over New York, smoking there cigars and drinking the beers & booz cursing O’Malley, yeah still, Whenever the Dodgers are beating the METS

LONEY!!!! OMG i was just saying “wouldn’t it be awesome if loney hits it out?”

James Loney now has as many home runs as Nomar.

He’s so good.

WOW Gotta Love the Jacksonville Kids!


he just caught nomar in HR’s…LOL

My Loney has a first name
It’s J-A-M-E-S

My Loney has a second name

It’s L-O-N-E-Y

I love to watch him every day

And if you ask me why I’ll say

‘Cause James Loney has a way

With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

Now JP needs to Catch Nomar too.



lol I’ll Take that.

nice job pierre!

loney needs to play ever day. Please Grady put nomar out of his misery and let him DL for 15 days.

The Young Kids have really brought Life back to this team ….. Simply Awesome !!!!

Bring on The Tubby Tomato!!!!!

I think (at least I hope) that if the young kids keep swingin the bats the way they are, Grady will slowly continue to decrease nomar and kents PT. These kids (loney, kemp, abreu,and even betemit) are really starting to show what they can do.

big game james! tied for HRS with nomar! take a seat mr. lowrider.

ok Lets Sweep this pile of ex Dodgers outta Town!


Tomko?………….Have Seanez ready…..

ok that was good!

well, he got wright out 🙂

i’m still kinda stressed out that he’s pitching though…haha

oh no…tomkos in. Im nervous. hahaha

he seems to be doing the job though

I look up the word “mancrush” one definition states: When a heterosexual man admires or idolizes another man. there are other definitions, that contradict, this one, but I think it’s safe to say, that those of us,who are of the above must use the lower case “m”

go tomko!

Nice job by Tomko.

Love those Chestbump ^5’s from the Kids Really think that they are reinvigorating the whole team.

random thought: for some reason, i want to punch adrian garcia in the face

on a happier note, way to sweep the mets!!!

well obviously adrian garcia is horrible obviously. did i say obviously enough?

haha obviously you did say obviously enough…obviously

ok i’ll stop picking on him now. i’m sure he’s a very nice man, but he’s a horrible interviewer

So I have a mancrush on my LOS ANGELES DODGERS, who are at the moment hated by my fellow Mets fans. I think when you hate another team it means you admire them. I know they are sportsmen and they now respect us a lot more. Good luck to them, until they get back here. GREAT GAME DODGERS YOU’RE SIMPLY MARVELOUS.

zobedia…my thoughts exactly…obviously

i have a man crush on Kemp and Loney. They should play every day.

ooooh Watson breakingout his condo broom….

oh and you cant for get chad bills.

So The Whole GreenPennygate looks like this in retrospect. Martin Caught em doing it Went out told Penny and They switchedup on signs thus Green swinging on a pitch at his eyes with Martin set Low.Penny just had to tell Green your gonna get one in the ear tryin to pull that BS and Green Played innocent.

That took everything Martin Has to hold back that smile and say I dunno….

hehe that was funny. i love martin…definitely a huge zo-crush on that man

Grady…I dunno….

Grady says: “Maybe they were talking about going to dinner or something, I don’t know.” ****

i think LaRoche is the odd man out. If anyone gets traded its him.

Gotta love the whole we don’t know approach towards the media that this team takes.

haha grady is so cute and funny…i want him to be my grandpa

yeah thats the one thing i like about Grady but his management is kinda iffy to me.

Have a story for all.After Lastnights Back to Back to Back game tonight I was supposed to go Surf Fishing with my partner(CWS fan but not a real game watcher)Perfect Tide for Sharks tonight and we Have Bait but I blew him off to Watch the game for the sweep and the historical nature of lastnights game just didn’t want to see a tape nor miss the fun here.With A good Tide Tomorrow I just told him I’d Rather Fish That tide on the off day.I got The stinkeye from him and he wished a horrible loss to The Dodgers and my fun.He called me from the Beach several times tonight saying that he was catching Batrays and getting worked but that is what we normally do at that spot and those are not the Targeted more elusive Leopard Sharks to 40 lbs.or even more elusive Soupfin sharks to over a 100lbs. Tomorrow we will fish an entirly differant area and probably score some target species and have a great time but even if he Scored tonight This was a Game that I feel if I missed would have been a bad call for me as I am more dedicated to this team now then I used to be to Fishing and am glad to have the rest of you to share the fun with.If we score Tomorrow night i’ll let ya all know But tonight was great fun and I thank you all for your thoughts and insight.

Go BLUE!!!

Well I guess I’m just not ML ready yet because i can’t do the I dunno thing.But I have class enough to state that I like this forum and am not gonna tucktail and go elsewhere to another site eventhough I had a Private personal invite I feel comfortable here this site is official and all are welcome here.All views are allowed and everyone gets to say their peace.Josh Does a Great job of giving us what inside scoop he can and we are free to debate it.The little bluehaven is nice for those who can’t take the negativity and I wish you all well but everyone has their own views of life Baseball and the price of tea in China and I feel that this site best exemplifies everyones desire for the Dodgers to succeed.For those of you lost to what I am writing about its a splinter cell of people who feel that some are too negative here or that they post wayyy too often…like me so I don’t know why I get an invite but thank you all the same i’m Happy here and will continue to support the entire team with an eye to the good and a wishful word to the struggling and a slam to those in such need but never on a tiresome rant daily.

Go Blue!!!

If there is anything good for the morale its the fact that we swept a really great team. Oh yes they’re in a slump right now and maybe it was a good time to play them, but they’ll come out of it. They got the personel and these are three games we don’t have to worry about any more. The thing that I’m most proud of is we did in front of New York, right in front of their faces. As an old Dodger fan, day in and day out I face these fans who love to talk about their team but when I try to put in a word or two about my team, I’m completely ignored. Tomorrow will be the best day to walk around in one of my Dodger Tee shirts. Oh, I’m a Brooklynite, one who followed the Dodgers everyday after they left, until this very day. Let’s enjoy the off day, then come right back on Friday and get back on that field and remember, what happened the last 3 days, and let your egos fly. LETS GO DODGERS

Wear it Proud and Loud emw tell them about our team now we have to face the OC southside gang and they don’t do well on the road and after there lil sweep on us we are gonna cut em Down to size this homestand is all about retaking our territory.

1. To bad a couple of runs from last night could not have been saved for Lowe’s next start.
2. Hope this year’s All Star Game does not go to Penny’s head.

3. I thought you were supposed to steal signs. We did at every chance. Why else does the 3rd base coach go through such elaborate signs.

Grady doesn’t bother me nearly as much as Colletti.

I had this wonderful dream last night that the Dodgers just swept the Mets in a three game series for the first time in 11 years at Dodger Stadium…

…then I woke up… and realized it was true!!

What an awesome win last night! Go Dodgers!! Go Kids!! Loney, Ethier, Kemp, Martin, Abreu, Betemit… all in the same lineup please?

Colletti scares me. He panics and makes ill advised moves. Luckily with Kemp, Loney, and Betemit showing some power, Ned won’t be so desperate to trade for a power hitter. LaRoche is probably trade bait but we need to keep Billz and Kuo. If Schmidt doesn’t come back we can put Billz in the rotation when Braz and Tsao get healthy. The off day came at a good time. Rest up for the Angels series. We got a score to settle with those guys.

YES definately a great series to watch! I hope this day off helps our bats stay fresh for this weekends series with those OC boys! I really hope Derek tears them apart on Friday, especially because i will have my OC cousin with me and they will be routing for their boys! I like the line-up we have had but Pierre hasnt been too hot lately so i would like to see what it would look like if Kemp started in CF and Ethier in RF then when its needed move Ethier to LF Kemp to RF and then bring in Pierre to finish in CF.

I must say i love what Grady is doing out there with our boys! I know that most think Grady moves are kind of iffy and i must admit sometimes i think the same but what we dont realize i think is that he is a known players manager. Moves that we think should have been made aren’t made because he has faith in his players and he lives on that, now that can come back and bite you in the *** but hey it shows the player you have confidence in them and if it doesnt work out then hey the player might just realize “hey, i was wrong and i know that now i will never put you in that position again, Thank You for having confidence in me!” hahahaha kind of cheezy but hey it could happen!

Im looking forward to this series. Cant Wait! Counting down the hours is going to make me crazy but i cant help it!




I think the reason that Martin is slumping a little bit is because ever since he hit what was it 3 HRs in 3 games , he’s trying to hit everything out of the yard. I’m sure he’ll make the adjustments and get back to spraying the ball all over the field again soon. Maybe the off day will also help.

“Edwin Jackson (0-8, 8.20) may have finally pitched his way out of Tampa Bay’s rotation. His line against the Padres: 1/3 IP, 5 H, 5 ER, 2 BB, 1 SO, 2 HR, 42 pitches (23 strikes). Opponents are batting .316 against him.”

And that line was against the Pads…who have a terrible offense. I think Coletti was smart to dump Jackson. Anyone disagree? 😉

Marty needs this rest.

hahahaha yeah that would be a heartbreaker if we kept him and he was doing that for us here in LA!!!! He was talked up so much im glad hes not pitching for us!

Lookin’ like unloading Edwin was a good call. How is Guzman doing? Haven’t heard anything about him. I think he is in AAA. We didn’t get much for Jackson or Guzman but it is looking like we didn’t give up much.

Stealing signs is fine if its by a runner on a second or a coach– it just means that the signs arent complicated enough and that is your fault by all means. BUT, peeking back to steal location or the runner on second giving away the catchers location is absolutely not ok. Not illegal, but very against the “unwritten rules”. It doesnt take a skill, and there is nothing the other team can do about it making it very unfair. Peeking is for little girls.

Alls fair in love and war.

I knew that it was going to be a GREAT night at the Ravine when, just moments after arriving for BP, Chin-hui Tsao tossed a ball up to me, which I promptly stuffed into my pocket. This was my first ball from Chin-hui Tsao and, as such, it was destined for my collection of baseballs from current Dodgers.

All during BP, I noticed a kid who was maybe 5 years old, trying so very hard to get a BP ball from either the Dodgers or Mets.

As you can imagine, this young man was shrouded by kids much older (and bigger) than he, who would snatch up any ball that came even remotely close to him. What really struck me about this kid is that he was very polite and never complained when one of these bigger kids would reach around him to get a ball that he probably would have caught, had they not done so.

As BP was ending, it was clear to see that this young man was losing hope that he was going to get a ball, in spite of his father’s constant encouragement not to give up, and, to his credit, the young man did not.

At the conclusion of BP and still without a baseball, his dad said to him “Its ok son, at least you tried hard and you didn’t give up. Maybe you’ll get one next time”.

As they began to walk away, the boy with his head down in disappointment and his father’s hand on his son’s shoulder, I asked the gentleman if his son had ever gotten a baseball at a Dodger game, to which he said that he had not. I then asked him what his son’s name was, to which he said “Jack”.

I reached into my pocket and removed the Chin-hui Tsao ball and asked said “Hey Jack, If I throw this ball to you, do you think you can catch it?” The young man’s eyes opened as wide as saucers as he blurted out “Yes!” with great confidence. He raised up his baseball glove upside down and I told him that he needed to turn his glove around to make the catch. He quickly did so and caught the ball like an All Star.

Jack promptly removed the ball from his glove while touting a smile from here to tomorrow and said, “Wow! Thanks!” I told him that I got the ball from Chin-hui Tsao of the Dodgers, so that he would know who it had come from.

Jack’s father thanked me profusely, telling me that I had just made his son’s day. I told Jack’s father that the look on his son’s face had just made mine.

Man, I LOVE this game!



Good man, 53. Very cool.

Now, if the kid had been complaining about Pierre and Nomar in the lineup, would you have done the same thing?

Kidding. 😉 Don’t hate me guys. I was just thinking about how the Jacksonville 5 (4 + Abreu) have so far been pretty much all we thought they would be, and all have tremendous upside to boot. Maybe one of them is expendable in trade; but I’m now convinced we have to hang on to as many of these kids as possible. We’ll see how they all fare against a great team like the Angels, maybe I’ll change my tune, but this is reminiscent of what the Dodgers’ once-great farm system is capable of. Congrats to Malone, DePo, and Coletti for not trading these kids.

i have said it once and i will say it again colletti and mueller SCARE me! two ex giants with bay area ties? no thanks…..if he didnt sign juan pierre he wouldnt have so many people questioning him, and rooting against him. thats his problem, he should have NEVER signed that man. on a brighter note james loney became the 9th lefty in history to homer off billy wagner. if that didnt signal he was ready to play everyday, than I dont know what will. what a showcase by our young guys last night, that was fun to watch. what a manchild matt kemp is also, boy is that guys future bright. looks like we got the next 30 30 stud right before our very eyes. we all know pierre isnt sitting, so i guess andre is gonna be riding some pine.

Billy Herman was not a little girl. The last time I looked, I wasn’t either.

That was so awesome last night. It was so nice to see the dodgers hit the ball hard again.

colletti’s string of ex giant signings is troublesome….tomko, mueller have basically been complete busts. kent’s extension was curious. tomko was given chance after chance out of spring training when everybody knew he was gonna get bombed after about 4 starts. the way hes handled chad billingsley is quite curious as well.

Well if you peek back to see where the catcher is setting up you are… and what does BIlly Herman have to do with it?

Don’t forget Schmidt.

“I was a little mad at the time,” said Penny. “[Green] was giving pitch location to the hitter from second base in the first inning. When you do that, and you have a reputation for doing that, people are watching you and you take a chance of getting yourself or your team where you shouldn’t be.”

Naturally, Shawn Green defended himself:

“I was working on my shin guard, and there he was,” said Green. “He said I was giving location of pitches from second base, which wasn’t true. A little bit of paranoia on their side. If you think someone is stealing signs, you change the signs. It’s that simple.”

jungar, yeah the way everyones been so tight lipped about schmidt makes me wonder also. we gave that guy good money to be a front end guy……it also makes you think the giants knew something we didnt.

messagebear got his wish!!

53,Your a “CLASS ACT”.You not only made that kids day but probably created a lifetime Dodgers Fan like many of us.I’ve seen those faces as my own son fights for a Dodgers ball in the enemy camp at ATT.

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