Welcome RHP Chris Withrow

He’s our first round pick and from the cheer that went up in the draft room, it’s safe to say it was exactly who we wanted. Here’s what Logan White had to say about him a couple minutes ago:

"With Chris, he’s tall and rangy. He’s a kid with a good body and he’s athletic. He’s got good mechanics and there’s not any real flaws in his delivery and mechanics. He’s got a real loose, easy arm. In my mind, it’s one of best arm actions I’ve seen in a long time.

"He’s ranges from 88-94 mph and pitches at 91-92. He’s got a plus curveball with the makings and the hard rotation on it that can make it very much a plus pitch. He’s a very smart kid, an intelligent kid who competes along the lines of the kind of players we’ve tried to target in the past. He’s a quality person with good character but the main thing that impresses you about him is his size, mechanics, and his secondary pitch."

And here’s Baseball America’s review:

Withrow first boosted his stock last summer at the Texas Scout Association showcase and he has continues to rise up draft boards this spring. He has a projectable 6-for-3, 195-pound body and plenty of present velocity. He was reaching 93-94 mph as the draft approached and conistently pitching at 88-92 mph. He has a clean delivery, no surprise for somone whose father, Mike, pitched at Texas and reached Double-A with the White Sox. Mike is also his pitching coach at Midland Christian High. Withrow doesn’t always finish his curveball, but it’s a promising pitch with bite and has improved this spring. He should get drafted high enough to pass up the opportunity to attend Baylor, but if he does go to college, he’ll be a two-way player. He has some hitting ability and the athleticism to play an outfield corner."

And of course there’s complete coverage at MLB.com.


  1. skeeba_alk3@yahoo.com

    This Kid looks like he’s got some good potential. I hope he develops well and we’ll see him in Dodger Blue in a couple of years.

    Go Dodgers!

  2. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    Sounds good! Lots of kudos and appreciation to the hard-working team involved in the draft for making sure the future of the organization looks bright. Here’s to hoping we’ll see Chris pitching for us in the Majors in the future and having great success. I’m happy to read that he already has a curve going and that he has a good head on his body. Smarts under the cap is important too!

  3. jungar@wsgcorp.com


    how much would that ****?

  4. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    You can’t trade a player you’ve drafted until a year later, if I’m correct.

  5. gadams12@hotmail.com

    White pleasantly surprises again at pick #20!

    I hope there is some secret about Adkins at pick 39.

    I’m not feeling that pick, but then again I don’t evaluate talent for a living.

  6. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    yeah adkins is a headscratcher gadams12, when you consider Logan’s affinity for high ceiling guys. he doesnt fit that philosophy.

  7. kahliforni@aol.com

    I know we’re all frustrated…but if Colorado can cut Finley loose, certainly the Dodgers can relegate Gonzo to the bench and bring up Kemp. The Dodgers will go nowhere with two weak arms in the outfield. And while we’re at it, how about Abreu in the two hole and Pierre hitting 8?

  8. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    Congradulations to RHP Chris Withrow. He can hit and play a corner outfield? Does he have some POP? The way I look at it tonight, It’s like a boxing match, KUO vs PEAVY. If I was a betting man, I’d place my BRAIN money on Peavy and my HEART money on Deez Bums to break out of dis slump.(which seems like 15yrs) Yes Bums, they may be a little sophisticated in LA, but they’re still the Bums to me. That word was used by a fan, who felt just about the way, we feel now, and we kept it in good times, as a sign of affection, but apparently, Walter F.( that’s what they call him in B’klyn, I’m sure it stands for FRANK or FRANCIS), didn’t see it that way. Baseball proves, day in and day out,that any team can win on any given day. Look back on Tuesday night, when Lady Luck took a shine on the Friars. COM’ON LETS GO YA BUMS. Just use PERSERVERANCE as per LA SORDA.

  9. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    Gonzo’s been hitting well enough to stay in the lineup. But unfortunately, of the two, Gonzo is more likely to sit down than Pierre because of that **** contract. …sigh…

  10. kahliforni@aol.com

    Gonzo has been hitting a bit…but the way this team is constructed right now I’d rather take my lumps with Kemp out there every day, learning the league. The Dodgers will live or die this season with pitching anyway. Everyone raves about Arizona’s young talent. It’s time for ours.

  11. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    To kahliforni Strange I was thinking about that, this afternoon. Abreu batting 2nd and my name sake batting 8th, but to tell you the truth, I was expecting some sort of a scrambled lineup today. I also don’t think, that Little would use a suggestion by a fan.

  12. jspelk2@uic.edu

    What’s funny is pitchers still seem to be sort of afraid of gonzo, and pitch around him somewhat. I’m not sure they would pitch around Kemp.

  13. kahliforni@aol.com

    You’re right, Kemp would see pitches. And he’d hit some. And he’d probably score before Abreu is tagged out at third, too! Look, Gonzo is a great veteran, but he’s had his day. He’d be great off the bench…and with a lot more pep than playing every day. Robin Ventura did just fine a few years ago in that role.

  14. jspelk2@uic.edu

    Agreed…. I just though it was kind of interesting that other teams still see him as a real threat.

  15. fansince53@yahoo.com

    Hey jungar – Good job avoiding the jinx word with Schilling (are you listening Charlie Steiner?). What a heart break for him to lose it on the final batter. The only thing worse than that is what happened to John Lackey last season when he gave up a lead-off double and then threw a PERFECT GAME after that. (Ouch).

    Congrats to Chris Withrow and to the Dodgers. Here’s to a long and successful career as a Dodger, kid!


  16. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    kahiforni… i wasn’t campaigning against Gonzo as much as i was campaigning against pierre. I’ve wanted to see Kemp up here since April.

  17. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    J.P. batting 8th, shouldn’t think of himself as an 8th place hitter. The problem is, like Nomar & err Kent, he doesn’t take a lot of pitchers, but maybe he will see(if he has enough patience) a different variation of pitches, with the pitcher batting next. It may slow his thinking down a little, he may be able to concentrate more on his stile of hitting and eventually go back to the top portion of the order.(that from a guy who could never figure out his own batting problems), but, just a suggestion.

  18. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    I think its safe to say that most of us are here blogging on this site because we too could not figure out our own batting problems… haha.

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