Russell Martin

Glad to see everyone talking about Russell in the comments after Sunday’s game. He’s clearly becoming one of the best all-around players in the league, but you wouldn’t know it from the All-Star balloting results that came out today. He’s only ranked fourth among NL catchers, which is a joke I must say, with all due respect.

Image1 The guy is leading NL catchers in just about every category that exists except votes for the ASG. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s young, plays on the West Coast or that other teams do a better job of getting out the vote, but it’s hard to even fathom him ranking fourth on a list of NL catchers. So, while I’m sure you’re tired of the constant campaigning, I have to implore everyone to vote for Russell up to 25 times with each email address. Campaigns like this have worked the last two years in bringing visibility to Cesar Izturis and Nomar Garciaparra, both of whom were deserving All-Stars and got to the Midsummer Classic because of you all.

I know that it is ridiculous for us to have to solicit votes like this, but as long as the starters are determined in this manner, you’ll continue to see us trying to get out the vote.

Anyway, getting off the soapbox for a moment, yesterday was a nice off day and I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day and at least got a few moments to think about the significance of the holiday. Fittingly, the Dodgers headed to the nation’s capital for the next three games and will be visiting Walter Reed Memorial Hospital tomorrow and the Pentagon on Thursday.

I’m not on this trip, as I split them with our Assistant Director of PR, Joe Jareck. But he’s going to keep us in the loop with lineups and I’ll continue to blog from the West Coast.

Pierre, CF

Furcal, SS

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzalez, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Abreu, 3B

Penny, P



    Great post on russell…too bad our best player is batting 6th. Thats just pathetic. I said i wouldn’t watch any games where Gonzo is batting 5th. Looks like im not watching the game tonight.


    Max, I think you said you wouldn’t watch any more games until Martin batted 5th. He already has, so I think you’re in the clear. Feel free to enjoy the team even if you disagree with a lineup…


    yeah i did but i don’t want to watch gonzo pop out with runners on and then see MArtin hit a double to start off the next inning.


    c’mon guys, lets vote russell in. as for something a little less important to many, but extremely crucial to me is takashi saito’s entrance song. it $UCKS. BAD TO THE BONE? why?… that gets no one pumped up. two quick suggestions as i look at my ipod are, Cold War Kids: hang me out to dry, and Kasabian: Empire. these work.





    Not too crazy about the lineup tonight…

    In other news, i just saw a Fox sports power ranking– every team in the NL West is in the top 13 team– somehow the giants are ranked 13th in the league, so who knows how accurate these rankings are but it was nice to see some ppl acknowledge the very good competition in the NL West. Its going to be a dogfight to end i believe…


    yeah Bad To the Bone has to go…Kasabian is a great choice ray…i saw them at Coachella in 2005 and they were amazing.

    My personal choices would be “Glasgow Mega-Snake” by Mogwai or “Teardrop” by Massive Attack.

    “Teardrop” just sounds like the end of the world and well thats basically what Saito is to the other team. Once he comes in its over.


    Martin not making the top spot isn’t the only injustice in the Allstar Balloting. I have no idea what people’s reasons are for voting for the players they do, but seriously, some of these voters are smoking something good.


    Fan favorites should be the reserves while the starters should be determined by a vote amongst the players and managers…


    i saw them back then as well max, siick band. thats a good song, i just want whoever is incharge of picking his song to wake up and realize his current song is boring, and cheesy.



    Matt Holliday is hitting .341/.377/.587 and leading the Majors in hits is 15th on the OF list. That’s just down right criminal.


    Frankly, I’m surprised Martin is doing as well as he is in the voting. Fans vote for who they are familiar with and Russell barely has a year in the bigs. Under these conditions it’s a tribute to how well he’s doing and the reputation he is building to be that high. Of course he should be higher, but I only get 25 votes.
    I also think it is asking a lot of the kid to bat any higher in the order for a while. He does a tremendous job of handling the staff, and he may be more comfortable at 6th for the present.

    Get out the vote.


    Of course Russ Martin doesn’t get the respect he deserves. How can he, when his own manager bats him 6th in a lineup where he clearly is the best hitter on the team.


    Russ Martin doesn’t get the respect from his manager, much less the people across the nation… Grady is a complete IDIOT…


    .368 .435 .579 1.014 5 hole

    .312 .395 .473 .868 6 hole


    .258 .359 .394 .753 5 hole

    .381 .435 .619 1.054 6 hole


    Russell also leads the team in runs scored. That just proves how unproductive out 1-2-3 guys have been.


    Your problem is that you’re approaching this batting order business with statistics and logic; Grady has that twenty years plus experience in baseball and his gut feeling – what do you think will prevail?


    our*… this would be our most productive lineup…







    Gonzo <KEMP!!!!!!!



    Not that it really matters (nor will we ever know), but I am kind of curious where Russell Martin wants to bat in the order (although I can’t imagine that it would be in the 6 hole – but you never know). I’m thinking that he would prefer the number 3, 4, or 5 spot, but that’s just my guess.

    I may be old school, but I like “Bad to the Bone” for Takashi Saito. I also think “Dirty Deeds” or “TNT” by AC/DC would be a good fit, too.



    I can see if he went 0/7 batting in the 6th spot against the Cubs last 2 games when we did have are throw away lineup in back to back game. Grady should leave Martin in that 5th spot.


    I don’t know if you guys are watching the giants game on espn, but that Lincecum kid for the Giants has some sick stuff.

    Definitely not looking forward to facing him…


    Wow — Best game by Pierre as a Dodger so far — Gettin hit in the leg must have helped… Ha Ha


    Look at Pierre triple, double, run scored and an RBI so far. Can’t ask for more from your leadoff man, great job thus far. And then he gets pickedoff and ruins my post lol. Great job still, aside from that.


    I have mentioned how much I dislike Pierre, right??

    lol, I can’t freaking win. I pay the guy the first compliment since he was a rockie and this is what he does to me!


    Just as I was going to say something nice about Pierre …
    Wonder what the Dodger record is for being picked off in a season. He must be getting close.


    pierre is half way to a cycle… i wonder if he’ll get a cycle for the year. meaning hit one homer this year at all.


    Yes Jungar, I think we have all mentioned how much we LOVE Pierre….

    Love him or Hate him, Grady & Ned are going to make sure we are stuck with him for a long time…


    Now what are you all gonna do if he does cycle?I want to see forks and knives going full speed while eating that crow.


    I remember Vins reaction to Loney getting 9 rbi’s it wasn’t what I would expect from him.



    That’s more of a reason he will hit one. No one here thinks he can actually clear the wall (any wall) on a fly.


    Pierre won’t get an HR inside or out of the park…

    I am certain he will slide into third even with the ball still in the outfield…


    LOL! That’s funny Ron! “…done dirt cheap!” I don’t think we want to be reminding Sammy that we got such a great deal on his services!

    Penny looking real good tonight!

    Go Dodgers!!


    The day games while I am at work just seem to breeze right by. The afternoon games on Sat/Sunday or whatever seem to take forever. Why couldn’t it be opposite!


    that’s true. he could do the inside the park. he’s having a great game. but everyone should be having a great game, this pitcher just isn’t very good.


    I actually enjoyed the emotion Lyons just put out there about Martin. And then Martin delievered at the perfect moment. And we all need to kick some serious —, tell your friends, steal their e-mail addresses, whatever you gotta do, we have to do our best to get Russell where he belongs and most certainly to not let the decision come down to Tony La Russa.


    i don’t care who’s in the ASG as long as the NL can finally take one. It’s time. I know, they’re going to lose again…


    Email addys are easy Hotmail Yahoo msn make a few extra accounts and put up 25 per all the while voting for the worst AL line up.


    Penny is now only 11 points behind JP in BA. Way to help your cause Brad!!!


    Ok Juan Pierre is absolutely incredible tonight and how the heck did Penny not score on that???


    Juan Pierre: 4 for 4 3 Doubles and a triple and should have 3 RBI’s if Penny weren’t running the bases at those moments. Wow and anybody else who says otherwise is a wank.


    Too bad Furcal not having a good game so why would they IBB him? Oh yeah to set up for the DP.


    Today shows what this team is capable of — we need to have days like this more often…It is a heck of alot more fun to watch when we hit with men on base…
    Great day for Pierre…


    so what does that put him on track for (Gonzo) 20-25 HR’s Gotta admit that his bat is not really hurting the team against bad teams.


    as long as he doesn’t bring in Bombko…

    man i still can’t believe how amazing these old/new road uni’s are.


    10-0 in just over 2 1/2 hours is a very fast game.Nice 2 inns by Tomko not to mention a Great Job all around by Penny! And JP WOW!


    We really need to pluck the Friars… they’re almost as annoying as the Diminutives…


    Nice game for the Good Guys. I’m glad that Colletti never pulled the trigger on a trade for Brad and who knows, the whole JP thing may work itself out. Even with the concerns we have we are still a competative team and lead our division.
    One suggestion on Martin: I’m sure that all of the die-hards on this blog have maxed out our All-Star votes. Make sure that you get all of your friends to vote as well. I’m a teacher and asked all my classes to go and vote for Russ. Get the word out. At this rate we may have an all Dodger battery with Penny and Martin to start the game.

    Great win tonight, GO BLUE!!!


    no actually leamans I have still reserved my vote to see who is Hottest and healthy for the AS vote I’ll get mine in But I want a NL win this year and don’t want to waste any NL votes.


    Ty I always think Blue but the older I get the more I try to think with my head and less with my heart.If we make the playoffs and I think we will and then manage to Make it to the WS, I’d really like to Have the Home advantage as there are very few AL Stadiums that we do well in.


    My name sake, finally got the ball on the ground, with 4 extra base hits(3 doubles), I thought it was Ichiro. Nomar’s 29th RBI made it 1-0, Pierre got us 1 & Martin’s team leading 34th RBI made it 3-0, Nomar again his 30th and it’s 4-0, Error 5-0, Super J.K.’s 30th, 6-0. da Gonz’s 6th HR a 3 run job and finally it’s Furcal 10-0. Finally the most important thing RBI. Don Sutton can’t fiqure out why Penny can’t complete games, I say who needs complete games, not when you got guy’s like Brazoban & Tomko hanging around. To put the cherry on the cake the paaaarrrrddds lost.


    Question for Josh: I’m a Dodger fan that lives in Florida and I was wondering if the draft is open to the public? I’ve seen the NFL and NBA draft with fans attending but wondered if MLB fans can show up. Maybe some of us could meet in O-Town and show our support.


    Now I’ve seen a lot of things but never this:

    Armando Benitez of the Giants balked twice with a 4-3 lead in the bottom of the 12th inning. The first was with Jose Reyes on first, moving him to second, he was bunted over to third and Benitez balked Reyes in to tie the game AND Benitez just gave up a walk off HR to Delgado! Just WOW! Mets win 5-4.


    My 2 favorite teams – the Dodgers and whoever is playing the Giants.


    Yet somehow Benitez managed to close out ALL three games against us when the giants swept us at home.

    ugh, this bills being skipped over for a spot in the rotation really annoys me. i mean, dj houlton? really? why not let bills start and thrown houlton in the pen. or have him piggy back.


    I did my part… Voted for Martin 25 times! gonna do it again too with my friend’s email address.


    I was just reading over the blogs when my daughter called me up. “Congradulation daaaady, on your team winning” That reminded me the the last time I looked up the Mets & the Giants were tied 3-3. The Mets are her team, I said, “What Happened in the Met’s game”. She said, “We helped you out again” I new right away what she meant because, she knows I hate the Giants, because of Bobby Thomson and I’m a Dodger die heart. She said “Benitez blew it”. I always made sure she wouldn’t be a Dodger fan, because they’re 3,000 miles away. But with today’s tecnology, Maybe it wouldn’t of been to bad.


    I was glad to hear D.J. Houlton is making it back. The crazyest thing is that I understand that Jose Valentin has got more votes then Kent. Russel Martin making the All-Star in not as important as Russel Martin making the Dodgers.


    Mike Bacsik is a left handed pitcher, now let’s see if you did your home work, boys & girls. Who the lead off hitter tomorrow?


    oooh definatly not the Guy who went 4/5 today with 9 tb’s….he probably bats 8th tomorrow….D^&%&^in J???That is Just Plain *&%&$^^&()& Stupid$#%$!$ BS &%% Garbage (^(^ pitcher Can we PLEASE Pull the Plug on this Guy???I’d Rather Pitch Tomko on Back to Back Starts then That guy…..Yes I am aware of his AAA 3.+ or there abouts 5-2 or something record and That He Really Truly ***** beyond belief in the Majors…..I remember him actually asking how to get an out in the ML when Dumposer picked him up and we had to keep him all year at ML level…..Just another reminder of the garbage that he brought to this team….D^*$^&&$J&$&$ Houlton that has got to be the sickest Joke ever…….Gimme a Freakin Break………..JP Goes 9 TB Penny is near perfect we score 10-0 and lets see what can we do to screw it all up? Yeah DJ’s the man to blow it up…Tracy has to be Loving this…

    But Then again that was all just Media comments and Grady really never does what he tell’s the media he is going to be doing.Houlton would be what 8th or so starter? Saw That Stinnet Quit to go Coach LL with his .200avg. and a Losing record. Maybe the 51’s can get something going with a Fresh Catcher now.Hmmm Kemp was out again tonight….




    I hope today marks a turnaround for Pierre.


    Wow, didn’t mean for the “man crush” comment to create such a stir. Just a saying guys…I’m glad some of you joined in the crushing.

    Honestly, the Russ Martin All-Star campaign needs to have shirts printed with Russ’ Mug (similar to the one on this post) saying, “Man crush’s are ok – Vote Russ Martin.” I’d wear it!

    But seriously… “man crush” just takes the place of “idol” or “hero” Man crush’s are nothing to be ashamed of. Frankly, I hope I develop one for JP. If he keeps this up I definitely will!

    Think Blue


    I dunno must be an eastcoast thing or something….The Kid is Good I like his personality and his abilities but the whole man crush thing just really doesn’t fit in my limited narrow minded vocabulary…..I’ll Lead cheers and act like a stark raving lunatic but I can’t do the man crush thing and I’m pretty sure my wife who Loves the Kid more then anyone else on the team wouldn’t dig me having a ‘man crush’ either **** she can barely put up with me Loving the team.In Shawn Green’s Best years with the team I’d Tell her He’s my Hero everytime he turned on a ball and sent it into orbit.She was fine with that and so was I then in his demise it was to the point where I hated to see him come to bat because he was just gonna flyout yet again or hit another dp ball.The problem with crushes are the downhill slide after that person becomes human again.That’s NY’s problem with A-Rod.

    Breakout the Voting booths Martin is over 140K in the hole against that washed up .329avg Mets catcher….


    They fix the glitch from last year because I voted over 1000+ times for Nomar from the same email account.


    lee one problem even though SD is closer to us in the standing, you would still root for SD against the Giants regardless of the standing. What if Padres playing the Giants a 3 games series and we only need 1 win to clinch or a SD lost would you root for SF for one SD lost?


    A great win yesterday boys. Great work by Brad Penny, Juan Pierre, and Luis Gonzalez. Let’s keep it rolling! I’ll be happy with 7 of 10 on this road trip. Anything beyond that would be GREAT!




    Ya know, you can’t predict the season by last night’s game, nor can you say That Saturday or Sunday’s games told the true story. I hope Friday’s win was no indication, but it was an exciting game. It seemed like over the Memoral Day Weekend, the Dodgers were excitingly inconsistent but over all we saw what they were capable of doing. I have to say another thing, even if it sounds contridictory, because I keep preaching about the need for power hitting outfielders, but I think, Pierre is here to stay. I got to admit he is a bundle of excitement, even when he’s jogging on and off the field, even when he’s walking, for that matter. It is hard to discribe his animal like movements. He looks like he knows what he’s doing, but yet he looks suprised. I noticed all this before he came here. He’s fast and you can’t take your eyes off him, He reminds me of myself except for the most important part, I couldn’t hit for distance either, but even though my legs were moving rapidly I took a long time to get where I was going. Not this J.P., he moves. That said, the power has to come from SOME WHERE ELSE.


    Great job by Penny and Pierre last night in DC. Penny continues his outright dominance. Juan had a ******* career game. I’d love for him to continue to hit like that, but that’s highly unlikely.

    Dodgers need a sweep. They got three tough series up next: SD, TOR and NYM.


    I was just reading about Guillermo Mota, our old pal and Gagne setup man. who will be back with the Mets after his suspension. Ya know, I want to write about this steroit stuff, just once and only once, because like everybody else, I want to express my opinon about it. Since I’ve mentioned an Ex-Dodger to start off with, this is a the purfect place for it. The last and only time. I know a lot of people will disagree with me. But here’s the way I feel about it. The only way to tell it, is talk about myself. All my life I loved baseball. I wanted to become a Major Leaguer, ever since I was a little boy and I knew there was a Brooklyn Dodgers and a Jackie Robinson. The sad part is, I knew what it took and by the time I got to High School, I knew I didn’t have it. And so did a lotta people. Anyway, if there was someway else I could do it, I know the way I felt, that if I found it, I would do it. I could hit, with very little power, but I could, but I couldn’t run and no where on earth, could I find what to do about all this. IF someone, no matter who, would come to me with a secret formular, that could make me run or be a better infielder, or hit that ball over the fence, I know eventually I would have did anything, I don’t know what would have happened to me, I don’t know if my dream would have come true, I don’t know if it could have hurt me physically. By the time I heard about steroids, I was just turning 60 and I’m pretty sure it was a little to late. I see it’s 83 degrees in Washington D.C. at the moment.


    After watching the end of the Mets and giants (Was that weird,or what?) I came away thinking we were going to have to have a bit more to deal with the Mets. Some of you have been saying this all along. Since we already have several key players whose tanks are getting a little low, I think this means Cabrera. If Nick pulls the trigger, and I think he will, to me this means he’ll have to send several players to Florida for Cabrera, who has got much of his career ahead of him.


    well, all you yadier molina haters got your wish. he’s out 4-6 weeks with some kind of wrist injury, so now there’s no way he’ll be selected by TLR for the allstar game.


    Can’t say enough good things about Russell Martin this season. He is a huge part of the success this season. Go Martin!

    Pierre had a great game. I don’t think we can expect that type of game from him but once in a blue moon. He seems better or more comfortable fielding than when the season began. I think he’s done some adjusting at least in the field. The hitting I dunno. Maybe he did well because of the big park. His 3 year splits seems to indicate he hits well at most of the parks with huge outfields (with the huge exception of petco) and struggles at parks with average or small outfields with the exception of Minute Maid). It makes sense I guess. What ***** most is he’s never hit well at DS and now he’s gonna have to find a way to do so now that he has to hit here 1/2 the time.

    I think he can do it. Go Pierre!


    nice post gadams12 i never looked at Pierre abilities to hit in bigger ball parks. Like ive said before i think by the end of the season we will be saying where would we be without Pierre out in center. Yes his bat has been more than shaky (thats an understatement) and the defense kinda head scratching but for the most part he has been getting his hits in and stealing those bases. All we need him to do is get on base a couple of times during the game and do the little things like make sure you catch the ball, and i believe he has been doing that as of late. Go PIERRE!!!!

    As for LoDuca leading the voting at the C position, that is outrageous!!!!!!!!! The guy is a bum yes his batting average is decent but thats only because he has played less games than the other NL catchers and has less AB he barely qualifies for the 3.1 average plate appearances to be even in the league leaders stats. he only has 2 Hr (Martin still with onyl 3) and 2 Sb also only 18 runs scored compared to Martin’s ******** 31 (most by any catcher in the bigs!!!! The only one who should be in front of Martin in the voting is B Molina and thats even a stretch but hey the guy is hitting the ball well but he is no were near the talent level of Martin. So that is ridiculous that the voting has gone the way it has. Atleast Martin has a big chance now to be selected by Tony if he doesnt win it out right, to me that would be an insult to Martin but hey at least he would be there! I have dedicated a couple of hours of my day everyday to voting for Martin with e-mails that i have created on Yahoo! ex., and so on. (just an idea for my fellow fans to help get Martin his first All-Star start! you can do the same like on msn or other free e-mail places) I have already voted like 750 times since last nites posting of the voting numbers! Sorry to bring this up again but hey i think i may have a Man Crush! I know it may seem a little drastic to create so many e-mails to vote for him but hey the guy deserves it! GO MARTIN!!!

    VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!!

    VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!!

    VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!!

    VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!!

    VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!!

    VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!!

    VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!!

    VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!!



    20 batters faced for Schmidt.

    Seven strikeouts,

    eight flyouts,

    two groundouts

    two hits,

    a walk and a caught stealing.



    Hopefully he feels well tommorrow. That will be the key. If Schmidt comes back we are so much deeper and then maybe in a better posistion to make a trade when the time is right.

    My crow tasted great yesterday. I have been hard on Nomar, Gonzo and JP. Let’s go blue, let’s win today and take the series.


    NP thanks for the other stuff though. He pitched pretty solid but it is at a single A rehabe game. I really hope his velocity was up in the 90’s finally and his pitch count up into the high 80’s or low 90’s, that would be awesome!


    I’m curious to know what Schmidt’s veocity was today as well. That would be a good indicator if he is healthy again or not. That said, I have to believe that he didn’t crank it up all the way today either. We shall see.

    Hey Zo – Why not cut and past the photo of Martin that I took on Dodger Photo Day? It is exactly what he looks like now, with his fuzzy chin and all. (Sorry, but I’m still sticking with admire and respect. No Man Crush from me). Sorry to hear about your knee. Get well soon!


  75. northstateblues

    That quote seems to be all too true, philosophically. Somewhat like Aristotle’s definition of the Will in his Nicomachean Ethics. I’ve often found that, when I eschew fear of pain for a purpose beyond my own enjoyment, but perhaps for the good of others, I feel more satisfied than I do when I do something I want in lieu of the consequences it may have on others.

    Of course, I falter, as all humans come short of perfection (in my case, FAR short), but there is the recognizance that nothing good comes without hard work and a physical toll, and one won’t find inner peace if they become too attached to material things

    Not quite sure what the Cicero quote has to do with Nikes ( or the Dodgers ’07 or ’11 editions, for that matter), but this was a pleasant surprise for someone up too late on a Thursday night (or Friday morning). Haven’t had much of a philosophical workout since my college days.

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