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It’s time for the rest of the country to notice Russell Martin. If this guy isn’t the NL’s starting catcher in the All-Star Game, I’ll be stunned. He’s on national TV today and he’ll bat cleanup for the first time in his career (and will be wearing a mic, which is a great way to help raise his profile and show his personality). He leads all big league catchers with 32 RBI, 31 runs scored, 21 walks and eight stolen bases and leads all NL backstops in hits (51), average (.331), on-base percentage (.409). Don’t forget to do your part to get him there and vote for Russell.

Today’s lineup, followed by some notes.

Pierre, CF

Furcal, SS

Nomar, 1B

Martin, C

Gonzo, LF

Betemit, 3B

Ethier, RF

Abreu, 2B

Hendrickson, P

ISLANDER INFIELD – Three quarters of the Dodger infield today hails from the Dominican Republic, as Wilson Betemit, Rafael Furcal and Tony Abreu each call the Caribbean island home. Abreu, who notched his first two big league hits last night, is a product of Campo Las Palmas, the Dodgers’ Dominican Baseball Academy. Former Dodger shortstop and current first base coach Mariano Duncan was also born in the D.R. For more information about Campo Las Palmas, see pg. 464 of the 2007 Information Guide.

SLAMMING SAMMY – Takashi Saito has converted 39 of his first 41 career save chances, tying him with Eric Gagné for the best percentage (.951) in the Major Leagues in their first 41 opportunities since the save became an official statistic in 1969 (Source: STATS, LLC). Saito pitched a scoreless ninth last night to lower his ERA to 1.64, the fifth-best mark in the NL among pitchers with 20 or more innings pitched. Saito has converted his last 25 save opportunities dating back to 2006, the third-longest active streak in the Majors, behind Mike Gonzalez and Billy Wagner, who each have 29 straight saves.

CHIP OFF THE OL’ BLOCK – Cubs’ special assistant coach Ivan DeJesus played for the Dodgers from 1974-76 and his son is now one of the top prospects in the Dodger organization. Ivan DeJesus Jr. entered the season rated as the sixth-best prospect and the best defensive infielder in the organization, according to Baseball America. DeJesus is currently playing for Single-A Inland Empire of the California League and went 4-for-5 last night.

WHERE THERE’S A WILLS – On this date in 1971, Dodger great Maury Wills collected his 2,000th career hit with a single against the San Francisco Giants.  Wills currently serves as a base running and bunting instructor for the Dodgers. (For what it’s worth, I’m currently reading Maury’s autobiography and it’s an absolutely fascinating book. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in the life story of a truly fine human being who has learned some of life’s most valuable lessons the hard way).

GOING GONZO ON THE MICK – Luis Gonzalez collected his 2,415th career hit last night, tying him with Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle for 100th place on the all-time hit list. Gonzalez also has 553 career doubles and ranks 21st on the all-time list, seven behind Dodger Hitting Coach Eddie Murray.

SAY CHEESE – Tomorrow is the annual Photo Day at Dodger Stadium, presented by Universal Studios Hollywood. Fans have the chance to come out and take pictures of their favorite Dodgers on the field from 11:15 – 12 p.m. Parking lots open at 10:40 a.m. and the center field gates open at 11:10 a.m.



    Wild game last night. Nobody deserves to be an all-star more that Russ Martin. That being said, wouldn’t it be better for the Dodgers if Russ had the 3 days off? Lets win another one from the baby Bears today.


    OK, now someone explain how the kid with the most power (Betemit) and is struggling but is a good hitter from what we’ve seen in his PH appearances isn’t hitting in front of our best hitter (Martin) to possibly get him jump started? And why the heck is Pierre batting in front of Furcal????

    I would not have minded us moving Nomar to 5 and Betemit at the 3 hole since he takes more pitches than Nomar anyways. We have to find a way to get Wilson going. His power potential is intriguing and we have to have him do more than PH.


    Russ will get plenty of 2 day off times during the season, sometimes 3 days off. As the season wears on we’ll have to incorporate Lieberthal more so I wouln’t worry too much now. I’m sure he’ll let us know when he starts feeling a little wore down.


    Right now Martin, Kent and Raffy are our best players. Kent should be in the line-up today. It’s not like we have a lot of power without him. Also wasn’t he just off on Thursday?


    I wish Kemp were up and Ramon Martinez were gone. Pierre would be on the bench and we’d have Miguel Cabrera too but hey, what are ya gonna do?


    Wow! Russell Martin with a mic. I would have liked Martin hitting 3rd but without Kent in the lineup hitting him cleanup still makes sense. Martin leads the team in rbi’s despite having batted mostly 6th in the order up to this point.

    I’m pretty darned excited to see this game.


    i have no clue why kent is sitting instead of nomar? you would think it would be the other way around right? logic out the window on that one they both just had thursday off. grady is confusing? this has to be a tony abreu or wilson betemit showcase game right? it doesnt make sense outside of that.


    Abreu is not being showcased. Second base is his natural position, so this improves the defense while giving Kent rest. Nothing more to it.


    Beat me to it momoracci…exactly, you might as well take advantage of Abreu being here to use him at second base to spell Kent, he’ll be in there tomorrow. It’s a day after night game so it’s the best chance you’ll ever get to use Abreu at second and believe me if the situation is right Kent will be right in there pinch hitting. Off to the Ravine!

    Go Dodgers!


    Martin is the type of guy that you can build a franchise around. Even still, in this free agent era, I hesitate to buy his jersey. I’m sure if I do they’ll pull a LaDuca on me.

    By the way…

    RussMart is second to Victor Martinez in RBI, but first in the NL


    kent has bad #s against big z… could be another reason. with hendy on the mound and our BP pretty taxed from last night…should be interesting.


    lvproduction ??And why the heck is Pierre batting in front of Furcal???? How many times, are you going to continue, to repeat the same
    ****. Get a life, Hombre, It’s senseless. Put it away

    already & move on. There’s 24

    more players to discuss. It’s

    OLD man…..


    randy, The Dodgers would be crazy to let Russell Martin slip away. They should sign him to a 10 year contract extension right now. If they got rid of him I’d imagine Dodger Stadium would be burnt to the ground and Ned Colletti would be in danger of getting eaten by the giant crowd.


    pat…im gonna say it until it gets pointed out enough. 🙂 I do believe I discussed Ramon Martinez also!


    EEK 10 yrs? I would give him a 6-7 year contract at max. I don’t know how long into his 30’s he’ll be productive with the beating his body takes catching.


    Also pat…may I say that we are all Dodger fans and I don’t see your point in telling me to get a life? Why do you bash other posters for stating their viewpoints? I don’t find you a particularly endearing poster for bashing someone based on an opinion. I don’t think it’s necessary at all.


    I don’t know if anybody reads this, but you’ll proberbly think it’s coming from some nut job and I can’t say I disagee with you. It’s silly but, I feel lousy after last night’s 9-8 victory. I should feel great, especially with the Pods win laughing at us from the scoreboard. I use to love these games until I started watching them with a microfine glass. I keep wondering,”What happened in the 7th inning?” I couldn’t wait for the 6th inning to end, I figured it was Lowe’s last because he looked bushed. I was looking forward to the 7th and our wonderful bull pen to take over with a 5-0 lead. I know that Brazoban & Broxton have that (CLOSER MENTALITY), and will be O.K., but I’m getting spoiled with these games over past few years and I expect them all to unfold in the same way. Well It proves time and again they’re only human. Another thing, I wonder how the 3-headed monster–which will be slit in 3 parts today–would last if we were’nt a game up on the Franciscan Friers. Oh well it’s almost game time, off hand, What is our record in day games? It seems like we lost a lot.

  18. Dodger

    We just had a lineup change. Furcal has a stiff right knee and should be back in the lineup tomorrow, but for today, Abreu moves up to the second spot in the order and Martinez will hit eighth and play shortstop…so there goes my note about the Dominican Republic.


    That would be better if we still had Lowe on the mound. But hey, I’m a big fan of defense so what could go wrong?


    martinez? this is getting funny….what is up with laroche not getting any PT. betemit an play 2nd and ss right??


    Betemit hasn’t played either of those positions in a while and was said to have outgrown SS a while back. I’m not saying he “can’t” play those positions anymore but I am more comfortable with Martinez or Abreu playing there rather than Betemit. I think his range was iffy at those spots.


    as iffy as jeff kent lvproduction? Im almost positive betemit has more range than kent at 2nd…martinez thats another story but i just wanna see laroche get some AB’s….


    I’m pretty much up for any reason to get LaRoche in the line-up rather than Ramon Martinez but what can I do? I just saw the Betemit excuse as a good one for Grittle to use lol.


    yeah hes pulling a tomko…….kuo’s starting the 2nd against the pirates…yeah!!! yes we do need schmidt badly, im expecting a big boost when we get him back…they are saying two weeks.


    Billinsgley needs to come in at the start of the 5th inning. DON’t BRING HIM IN NOW! he needs more time to get warmed up.


    Hendrickson is starting to show his true colors. He needs to get another few sessions with his “sports coach.”


    Our team could only be strengthened if we traded both Tomko and Hendrickson. It might be nice to get one of the Cub’s outfielders as well. I would opt for Murton, and then we wouldn’t need Clarke. I think we need an outfielder, because Ethier is becoming a disappointment. He either needs the competition of having Kemp up here to rotate with him, or he needs to just get a dose of reality back in Vegas.


    Who said that Betemit can’t play 2nd or shortstop anymore.. Well, guess what, he doesn’t look real comfortable at 3rd either..


    Just be thankful we don’t have Drew in right field…

    He is currently hitting .230 with only 2HRs… I would much rather have Either.. He has a better upside by far…


    i wonder which came first…the braves moving betemit to third because he was getting big, or betemit getting big after being moved to third…


    Well, I won’t be blabberin’ to much about today’s game because I can’t see it. I forgot all Saturday games before 7’oclock are blacked out, but that won’t stop me from doing anything else around the website. I want to see if they give updates on the game. I see da Gonz, caught up to da Mick, I wonder how many he hit IN SINK. I say that,because,you know 5 hrs and only 16 ribbys, he’s leaving a lot on.


    It doesn’t help today that we’re without Raffy and Kent. They’ve both been hot and too much to make up for.


    I agree — I think Kent should be playing & Abreu should be playing short..
    Of course that would be a big stretch for Grady’s limited imagination…


    grace is wrong. bills pitched better than hendy and tomko in spring training. get your facts straight.

    everybody’s booting it lately…that’s got to improve.


    If Bills looked better in spring training than Tomko & Hendy, why did Grady not use Bills as a starter instead of one of them???
    Just curious….

    He certainly looks better right now…


    Wow Losing 4-0 after six, this is the kind of game we usually lose. I much rather watch the game than get reports like this. Zambrano’s proberbly following his scouting reports to the T and hasn’t made any mistakes. I hope everything is O.K with Raffy, he’s been doing great.


    So it was another case where Grady would rather use his overpaid oldtimers rather than a younger player with much more potential to be good… So, quite possibly, the games that Tomko & Hendy have lost could have been won by a better, younger player… Seems about right… Of course the money being paid to Tomko & Hendy also has a lot to do with the decision making…


    Bills should have been a starter all along, and he would be right alongside with Wolf, Lowe and Penny. He had a reasonably good year as a rookie starter in ’06; it’s unbelievable that Grady would not let him develop from there this season. I know he’ll have a poor game here and there, but we already know what happens to Tomko and Hendrickson after the first couple of months of the season. This has been one of the worst mistakes.


    bills is looking nice….95 heat with that curve and slider…..the next jeremy bonderman come on down!!


    It must be great to watch the game and make comments about it at the same time. Too bad I’ll be at Shea, to see the games in person, when my Bums come to town. I won’t be online until I get back from the game. Well, I gtta go back and check the score.


    I honestly don’t think it is so much that Zambrano looks good as much as it is our batters looking bad…
    Remember, we are the worst team in the league when batting with runners on base…


    are you watching this grady? are you watching your ‘middle reliever’ outclass your starter??? ok, then do something about it.


    Great play by Abreu — He looks good at 2nd..– Probably the Dodger future at that position…


    but then again we are missing 2 hot guys and a bunch of bench players. We are near the botton of that category.


    Josh, plese stop referring to FOX broadcasts as national broadcasts, as that is only true for playoff games. ESPN is national, but FOX baseball is regional – I got Phillies and Braves.


    Urgh who that announce that keep on mention the 6 times All Stars. I know one of them is Grace. Urgh Abreu


    I saw we were still losing in the bottom of the eight, but I did draw some good from it. I ment to mention Betemit, I know nobody will believe this now, but I did want to say that of the 3, Betemit looked the best and I still think he’ll make it. He’s the closes thing to Beltre. Now I’m sorry I forgot to mention that. Now after he hit the HR. I think that’s a very important HR.


    Matt Vasgerian is the worst announcer.. He makes Steve Lyons seem like Vin Scully by comparison


    Whats up with LaRoche in left field … What sense does that make… I’m not a B Clark fan, but I’m sure he is a better outfielder…
    LaRoche won’t get a chance to hit unless we tie the score…


    Both announcers on Fox sound like they are PRO Chicago…
    I know Grace use to play for them, but he should be more professional…


    Wow, the worst manager in baseball history was at it again today.. Lifted a guy hitting 667 against a pitcher in favor of a 107 career pinch hitter. Another case of Grady giving his team THE WORST CHANCE TO WIN A GAME.


    delweine, ****. Pinch hitting for GOnzo was a good move. Gonzo is a joke regardless of his career numbers against one guy.


    Well it wasn’t a total lost for me, I just found out in the bottom of the eighth with Kent batting, that I could here the auto feedback. At least I know how I can follow Saturday afternoon games and the Sunday night games. I was listening to Charlie Steiner’s broadcast from Kent to the end. I have to comment from what I heard, that Tomko did so well, in relief, I don’t think he’ll ever come back to the rotation. 48,243 was a typical Dodger crowd, I wonder if any of last night’s were around to see us win that game////Just a joke///from an old Brooklyn Dodger Fan. A lot of us old timers like to let you know about the flatbush faitful that never left the Park until THE BALL GAME WAS OVER. All I want to say now is LET’S GO BREWERS. Tonight.


    “delweine, ****. Pinch hitting for GOnzo was a good move. Gonzo is a joke regardless of his career numbers against one guy.”

    Ok fanbboy, you have demostrated very stellar intelligence in this matter;

    Baseball is totally about percentages, NOT whether you like or dislike a player. 677 average against a pitcher means the batter sees the pitcher very well.

    It is obvious you canot grasp this so go out and get season tickets to arena Football, and find guys you think are “Jokes” and root against them.

    I think for both you and Grady, it might be more up your alley 🙂


    hahahah lol, i still want kent coming in against a lefty no matter what delweine, especially considering he hit a bomb against lilly last night, and lilly was spoting a 2.69 era going into that game. kent is one of our hottest hitters right now you must REALLY hate grady because ill be the first to call grady out here for a questionable move, that move was never in question. those gonzo numbers against ohman are such a small sample size, thos AB’s could have come in a 3 game series.


    You got to pay the % regardless if it don’t work out. Grady was really dumb taken Beimel out vs Murton hitting .257 against left handed and I don’t think Pinella would counter especially when Beimel was trying to pick someone off at 1st base twice before Grady came with the hook. Gonzo 4/6 with a 3 runs homerun against Ohman. This move was horrible because we had to used Laroche in the OF and should’ve save Kent for the 9th. That’s was Kent 2nd career PH opportunity.


    The only reason Grady PH for Gonzo because Kent was the hottest hitter so it wasn’t a bad move but still would’ve saved him for the 9th.


    Hindsight is always 20/20 and if Grady left Gonzo in and he made an out everyone would be crying just as much for leaving him in….


    the dodgers had other opportunities to score besides that one inning and they did nothing, or not enough. so no matter who came in to pinch hit, this wasn’t the inning they blew it.


    Hendrickson was Jekyll and Hyde today. He looked great against some hitters and awful against others. Both home run pitches were right down the middle.

    Billingsley was outstanding today. He needs to replace Hendrickson in the rotation.

    I’m still pissed about Kent being out of the line-up today, regardless of the night game/day game thing. He had Thursday off and he’ll have Monday off. He ain’t THAT old. It’s as if Grady waved the white flag before the game even started. I was also pissed about Furcal being out of the line-up until I found out why. I didn’t see today’s line-up before the game, as I had already left for the Ravine before it was posted. I realized that Furcal was out of the line-up when I saw Martinez stretching on the grass before the game

    I’ll say it again; there is something wrong with Nomar, either physically or mentally. His at bats are weak and he cannot pull the ball for squat. I see a stint on the DL for him in the next few weeks.

    It’s going to be a tough call for Grady as to who gets sent back down next week; LaRoche or Abreu. Abreu looked great at 2B today and will definitely be Kent’s ultimate replacement, but LaRoche has an outstanding eye at the plate and draws a lot of walks because of it. That is a true gift, indeed. He can also play the OF, which we ALL know is a good thing. I believe that this road trip will determine who our everyday third baseman will be; at least until the trade deadline.

    Tough loss today. You really have to give Zambrano all of the credit. He waxed us today.

    We’ll get ’em tomorrow behind the Wolfman!



    On Baseball Tonight on ESPN a statement was made that Rodger Clemens Is just the guy to turn the Yankees around. I wonder how he’ll do that. Will he just walk in and say,”Come on boys, its time to win”. Talk about 3-headed monsters look at our NL WEST. It’s always the same, the Dodgers, the Pods, the Snakes, in any order, in maybe in couple of days, the Jints & Colly flowers will join us. All there is to do is take one day at a time. It’s funny how hard it is to even beat a team like the Cubs, when it’s so difficult to score runs. It’s easy to say we got to win tomorrow, all you got to do is say it. I hope nothing is wrong with Furcal, I think Betemit has a couple of homers left in him. What’s that head that keeps popping up out of 1st base. Oh that’s only Loney. It’s 2:33 AM here, Good night all.


    Today was a misfire from the gitgo kent not in Furcal scratched martin not wearing the mic and it wasn’t nationally televised…Thank god…Martin is great but to put sooo much pressure on him and always more to carry the team is not fair to do to a catcher.#5 hole suits him well and anything more is just gonna wear him down to the nub faster.A Healthy Happy Martin is very productive but if we smoke him where are we gonna be???We Need Kent Martin and Furcal to be productive all year long or we are in big trouble.We Need the rest of the reg lineup as well as the bench to step it up if we are going to continue to Stay ahead in the NL West.Summer is upon us and I really would hate to see that post AS break performance again.I love the way Martin Plays and Would want nothing less then for him to be the starting AS catcher this year However…When was the last time a Dodger went to the AS game and came back as good as before they went?Lastyear Post AS we were Horrible and Nomar and Penny were the worst of it.I’d rather the whole team get a break and come back to Win then sac. a few players so we can too our horns.

    Last note…I know Valdez wasn’t anyones fav player and he was definatly not getting it done at the plate anymore but Martinez is just plain useless this year so far I really would have preferred Valdez **** today and that was the case that I was trying to make when he was DFA.Was he picked up or what still haven’t seen him on the 51’s roster.New day Same ole cubs Lets take this series Wolf Has Been a Very Steady force in our lineup let back him witha few Runs!

    GO BLUE 2007!!!


    Sorry Graf I was more on point tonight That game lastnight Had me spun…The game today was a zzzzz.That whole Internet Cheering section thing was alot of fun!Especially since they did come back and Win But I had a great vibe about it.I really loved that a few people actually participated and They all deserve a Big Dodger Blue ^5!Did anyone who was at the game or watching it feel that Lowe had another inn in him?I mentioned that he looked done but didn’t list all the reasons for it and DelWHINE told me I don’t know a thing about baseball because I only said he looked done….Well JESUS CHRIST!!! You don’t know nuthin bout nuthin…or thats how that story read…I know plenty about Pitchers who look like they are done coming in for another inning and then REally screwing themselves and the team…Lowe was not throwing strikes or anything close to that and when he did they were getting Hit. Lowe has a waterfall pouring down his face.We have a Bullpen that with a 4 run lead 5-1 should have Kept it within a 3 run lead.These are the cubs and They have Big bats and something was not right in our bullpen hence the Bar remarks.Beimel got caught Redbirds got caught 2 times this year 1 fatally and the Yanks had an incident.From age 20-30 I never got caught on I don’t know how many hundreds of possible times.Got caught 1 time just after turning 30 and it was for a tag infraction stopped in a parkinglot.It was enough of a wakeup that if I’m drinking its at home or a cab is planned on.Now if you are a pro baseball player you have some clout and a few officers will turn a blind eye for the Hometeam and I’m sure alot of players are smarter and do the cab or have someone drive them.But They all have High stress jobs and do need to blow off steam and I’m not saying that its not Warrented however it can and does effect the game they play the next day and that was the point of that rant.Take it or leave it its all still a part of life and for some a cause of Death.


    I too am unhappy that Martinez is still with us as a utility player. Would have preferred Valdez, who I understand did not get picked up on waivers. Martinez is the one with a contract, and management probably doesn’t want to cut him for that reason. With his stats this year, and being a free agent next year, he probably has no trade value for us.

    Now that we have two of our prospects vying for the third base job, I’ve looked at our minor league picture, and I’m getting concerned about what seems to be a lack of real OF prospects for the next couple of years. Aside from Bigbie, who will probably be gone by the end of the week, we don’t have anybody who’s hitting markedly over .300 and not with power. I would have liked to see Kemp back up here, but he’s not exactly burning up the AAA, and three HR is not much to brag about. It seems like we have decent prospects for the infield and pitching, but I don’t see much of that in the OF. We have to assume that Gonzo will be gone next year, and Ethier is not really showing us what he did last year, especially in the power department, so this concern seems pretty real to me. Maybe we need to shop around for somebody else’s 1st or 2nd round picks the past couple of years to see if we can’t stock up some power hitting talent in our farm system.


    For all who think that Colletti has done such a superlative job, I wonder what the Arizona and San Diego payrolls are this year. I only ask that because they have achieved about the same result in the standings as we have. I would measure that as “payroll productivity”.


    Kemp just had a 4 for 5 game last night. He’s banging out doubles and steals and should be up here.


    I would definitely like to have Kemp up here, but only if they’re willing to give him some playing time. He should spell Gonzo two to three games a week, rest Ethier another game a week, and sub for Pierre in certain late inning situations.


    Good point about Andre Ethier, messagebear. He has really gone flat in the power department. I had him pegged to be our home run leader this year, but he has been sitting on three for nearly a month now. He is also striking out more frequently, reminiscent of last September. I think he would step it up a bit if he had someone spelling him once a week (as you also noted). He also has no concerns about losing his job to anyone, as there is no one behind him at Las Vegas (less Kemp, of course).

    Something definitely needs to click with our team or we will find ourselves three or four games back by the end of the pending (long) road trip.

    Come on Wolfman – Send us on the road with a victory today!


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