Congrats, Stu, Steve

Glad to see the comments get over 200, but I’m sure that has more to do with the fact that there was no post yesterday. That was with good reason, as I was lucky enough to go out to the Dodgers Dream Foundation Golf Tournament at Trump National, where several players, coaches, broadcaster and former Dodgers hit the links for a good cause. It’s always nice to get out of the office for the day, but it’s even better at Trump National, where every hole is right on the ocean. It seemed like everyone had a great day and our community affairs department, particularly David Brennan, deserve a huge congrats on a job well done.

Nahan_vero As for the headline of this post, it’s a reference to Stu Nahan (at left in this photo), who is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. Stu has been a mainstay in Los Angeles for decades and as recently as a couple years ago, was a regular part of the KFWB pregame show. He’s an incredibly nice gentleman and always keeps things light and humorous, even through his recent bout with cancer. I’m honored to consider him a friend and the entire Dodger organization wants to wish him congrats on his latest honor.

Also, in case you missed it, here’s a link to one of Steve Henson’s final articles for the L.A. Times. Steve is moving on to Yahoo Sports and will certainly be missed on the beat. He did an extremely fair job in covering the team over the past three seasons and I’m guessing you all, as his readers, enjoyed his work. No word yet who will be replacing him in the short-term or long term, but we look forward to seeing his articles on In this article, Steve wrote all about the Carne Asada Sundays with Nomar, which was actually Nomar’s idea! The event is June 10 and tickets to the event can be purchased on the Reserved Level at tonight’s game or Sunday’s game or by calling 323.224.1435. Spots are extremely limited so if you’re interested, I’d get on it now.

And for what it’s worth, here’s an update on the parking situation from yesterday’s L.A. Times.



    Congrats Stu. I can’t shake the image of you standing there with Jeff Spocoli just before he booked Van Halen to play his birthday bash. Also calling the Rocky/Appollo fight was cool.

    I know Stu. I worked for his mom at a coffee shop. He would come in every morning and we would talk dodgers and LA Kings. He really is a class act, good guy, funny guy and an someone you would want to head to the yard with.


    Having spent my entire life in the Southern California, I grew up watching Stu Nahan’s nightly sports reports. He was always very professional and always told it like it was. I am really surprised that he hasn’t received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame until now. He should have received one MANY years ago. I still see him occasionally at the Ravine, though not quite as often as I used to. Congratulations to Stu Nahan and his entire family on this well deserved honor.

    Now, about them Dodgers – JUST WIN BABY!



    Grady needs to use some common sense and pair Furcal & Abreu at the top of the lineup tonight.


    Hahaha Momo that was pretty funny considering you stated that totally off topic on this post!! But its a lefty and he has already stated that Furcal will bat leadoff with a lefty and Pierre hitting right behind him. But hey all we can do now is wait and see if Pierre can come up with some hits or even maybe take a couple pitches so Furcal can grab a few bases. Who knows maybe my boy Grady will try the whole having a leadoff batter hitting 8th thing.

    Congrats to Stu its always great to see a great guy and a Dodger get a star on the Walk of Fame! The article about the parking is pretty much how i felt about the whole situation and i must tip my hat to Mr. McCourt because the parking situation is definately better than in previous years. And yes next is the horrid concession stand lines, maybe they should have some training for the people who work at those things. The only reason i think the lines are like that is because they have, im going to try and be nice here and no offense intended, old ladies and gentlemen working at these stands who can’t do more than one thing at a time, if they got some younger people who could do that, that would help as well and also some of the younger people are just as slow so i think they need to have a training on maybe how to multi-task a tad bit more and you will see a slight improvement. I had to attend a seminar about multi-tasking for a previous job and it helped a lot so maybe thats something to think about!


    I feel more like an observer than anything else….we want power….we want power…Ned Colletti…power..there is nothing like a power surge,like a couple of round trippers,CLOUTS,also known as HRS to give a team the boost that they need to leave these cars,shuffling for position, in the NL West race. Everybody seems to want Nomar to slay the 3 headed monster at 3rd base and leave Loney at 1st to spell Gil Hodges. But Loney,Kemp,Pete Reiser..Oh I mean Repko, Reiser’s re-encarnation, should know that Ethier isn’t Carl Furillo Yet. My name sake, in Center,should really fear the Repko. If only J.P. didn’t wear his glove on the wrong hand, he would be able to join the party at Billy Cox’s. Everthing else is moving along nicely..Super J.K. and if da Gonz would stop hitting out of sink(Skully),Furcal, the intaganizer,my friend,a Met Fan, like most of the people around me,use to say Furcal in such a nasty way, when he was with the Braves which I wouldn’t discribe here. We’re blessed again behind the plate,as the speediest catcher I’ve ever seen,Russell Martin is doing a great job replacing LaDuca/Piazza/Yeager in Campy’s old spot. No problem in the pitching department, We’re 5th in the majors, at this moment, but they are #1 to me and we should be well pleased with them, who will carry us to who knows where.


    Mark Teixera, one of the best players around today, It would be great for the Dodgers. I don’t see that happening, especially with the above trade. Why would the Rangers give up Tex? I think we’d have to wait for him to become a free agent.


    David Brennan is very hard worker for the Dodgers publicity dept, as well as being a very personable guy. I enjoyed meeting him last year at the Bowling Extravaganza.

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