Rough weekend

Not much good to be said about the weekend, so I’ll just hope that this week is like last week with a bump in the road in the middle.

There was, however, an awesome story in this morning’s paper about Wes Parker and the work he’s been doing for the last many years with the Braille Institute. It’s refreshing to read positive stories about baseball personalities, which is something I wish there were more of. He’s really a very nice guy who is always in the offices with a positive outlook.

As I mentioned a while back, Wes is also up for the Rawlings All-Time Gold Glove team as one of six first basemen and with voting ending in less than a month, he can use your help. You can vote here.



    There’s only one difference between the Dodgers and the Angels: Vlad. During the FSN Live show, the Angels’ talking heads had Colletti and Stoneman at the desk for interviews. They were each asked about having a “big bat.” One of the heads says: “Past Vlad the Angels don’t really have one….” Uh, past Vlad? Vlad is one the premier hitters in baseball, a perennial MVP type. What a stupid question. The Dodgers are the only(respectable) team in baseball without a difference maker. Common Colletti, enough excuses, make it happen.


    You guys could have had Vlad back when he was a free agent. I believe that Dan Evans had reach an agreement with Vlad but McCourt called it off. Soon after that he fired Evans and brought in one of the worst GM’s in Paul De Podesta. Great job. Also I believe that Mike Socia was a dodger also who’s mentor was Tomy Lasorda and who wanted to manage the Dodgers but they never gave him that chance another great move. But I’m glad because they are both with the Angels a classier franchise with better fans. Thanks Dodgers.


    A quick comparison of Juan Pierre and Kenny Lofton thus far this year. Pierre=.277 BA, .305 OBP, 314 SLG, 15 SB, 5 CS. Lofton= .246 BA, .323 OBP, .377 SLG, 14 SB, 3 CS.

    Two similar players, but even at his old age and even while struggling, Lofton is better than Pierre in most any way. Career numbers tell the same story. .723 career OPS for Pierre, and .794 career OPS for Lofton. With 613 career SBs, lofton has a career 79.7% SB sucsess rate. Pierre with 340 career SBs has a 73.8% rate. And it wouldnt have taken a 5 year $45 million commitment to resign Lofton. Also… to add salt to the wound, Ichiro, Torii Hunter, and Andruw Jones will be available next winter. What the F’ were you thinking Coletti?


    Selig wouldn’t let the Vlad deal happen. It wasn’t McCourt, *****.

    Classier? How about badwagony-er. That’s more approporiate, you front running *****.


    eduardos… how do you figure DePo was one of the worst GMs? Look at the moves the man made. Kent, Steve Finley, Brad Penny, JD Drew helped us tremendously last year. He helped build our farm system as well. If it wasnt for a rediculous number of injuries in 2005, and his lack of communication skills, he’d be a great GM. You really can’t argue against most of his moves, even the conroversial LoDuca move… we still made the playoffs that year so it didnt exactly blow up the team. You guys seem to forget the great start we got off to in 2005 when everyone was healthy.


    Depo not a bad GM!!!! Jesus!! You’ve got to be kidding me!!! Depo had nothing to do with building our farm system. Get a clue.


    Dodgerdude17…Lets look at the moves DePo made. First lets look at that great signing of JD Drew. DePo got work by Scott Boras. How do you sign a player who never hustles, never plays hurt and is always on the DL the amount of money DePo gave him. Not only that but you give him an out clause after three years. Yep that was good. Then you trade away the teams captain in Paul Laduca an emotional leader a guy who plays baseball the right way, a guy who will go battle every day for your team, and also one of the best set up man that year in Guillermo Mota, for Brad Penny. Penny has we saw last year is a first half pitcher, who gets raddle real easily if things are not going his way. He is not a big game pitcher. I would not trust him to pitch for me in a big game. Steve Finley is a Giant, and Jeff Kent is old. I think it’s also about time we trade Russell Martin to the Marlins, I mean he seems to be the new leader of this club right, and we traded Piazza and LoDuca. So it seems fair and it seems like we owed it to Martin to trade him to the Marlins so he could then go sign with the Mets and have a chance to win a World Series.


    eduardo,… I had that same thought about Martin… haha. I pray to God it won’t happen. But, you obviously don’t know how good JD Drew is. The OBP, his defense, his number are just really good overall. I think that’s where you and me disagree. I’m judging players by stats and you are jugding them by your opinions, and maybe the opinions of other old-school baseball guys… i dont really know. Like I said, the LoDuca trade did not cause the team to implode, and landed us Finley for that year who hit that division clinching grand slam against the giants, and Penny who is our best starting pitcher so far. It’s hard to argue against that assesment of Penny, again if you just look at the numbers or even just watching the games. Penny is not a big game pitcher you say??? He won two games in the World Series with the Marlins the year they beat the Yanks… point made. Also, last point about JD Drew… DePo knew how good he was and the only way he’d sign him was with that opt-out clause. Now… if you say you dont like JD as a baseball player, and you dont like DePo’s decision to add the opt-out clause, but you’re unhappy that he opted out? did i get that right? that doesnt make sense to me. Shouldnt u be happy DePo gave him the out clause?


    Responding to 51’s comment on yesterday’s post: the guy is frustrated like the rest of us. But he’s seen a lot worse than this, and he’ll finish a Dodger fan like the rest of us. Right, 51?


    nkirby4… how do u say DePo had nothing to do with the farm system??? he controled all the players in the dodgers organization. Also, the ultimate decision on which players to draft was his, though of course he got great help from Logan White and Co. He could have easily traded away anyone at the time. Russ Martin, Chad Bills, any of those guys… I didnt say he built it on his own, he helped build it.


    let’s talk about the 2007 Dodgers. We can go back and forth all day about the old GMs. Depo didn’t hold a gun to Neds head and say you have to have a 3 hole hitter who slugs .360 or a 2 hole hitter who gets on base .308 of the time or a 5 hole hitter who has 13 rbi for the year. Or an ace with an era that is over 5, who is hurt. Or a Tomko over Bills or a defensive OF that is terrible that might produce 20 homers between the three of them.


    Any dodger fan out there that wants to join a brewer fan for tonights game, I have an extra ticket. The person that was going to go had to go out of town, so if you are interested, let me know it is a pretty good infield box seat and it is free. But you have to sit by a breers fan.


    don’t want to add on to the depo argument, but the lowe contract which everyone complained about, is looking pretty good and reasonable right now….that’s one good thing. we would have been nowhere w/o lowe last year.


    dodgerdude17…Hey I think your Paul DePodesta going under a name dodgerdude17. But anyways you say you judge players by stats lets look and see what JD is hitting right now in Boston. .254 Batting average with 2 home runs and 12 rbi’s and that’s with David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez hitting behind him. Since when is a .283 Avg with 20 Home runs and 100 rbi’s great that’s what he hit last year. That to me is just average. Yes I’m glad his gone and feel bad for Red Sox’s fans. If you fallow baseball closely you would have seen how angry Red Sox’s fans were when they let Trot Nixon go and brought in JD. That’s because Red Sox fans are more knowlageble about the game of baseball. You need to stop thinking with your hart.


    eduardo soto go back to disneyland you clown. you are hilarious, you proclaim yourself an angel fan, then go on to say I think ” we ” should trade martin like you are a dodger fan…hahahahah lol.


    Eduardo, with all due respect, you’re obviously an Angel fan just trying to stir up old pots that no one really cares about right now. Congrats to the Angels on a well-played series, they deserved it more. But to come in here and denigrate the whole Dodgers franchise and its “less classy” fans is really obnoxious and doesn’t really do much to show us how much classier Angels fans are. Enjoy the well-earned victories but let us move on to trying to figure out our own team, thanks.

    Speaking of which, our LF has two extra base hits in the last month. Our CF has three. And Ethier’s not doing much either. There’s your culprit right there. When can we expect to see Kemp up?


    lowe is our flotation device when we can score 4 runs. pretty much unearned or not he gives up 3 runs a game. you cant get more consistant than derek lowe. thanks boston he was done too huh, just like the rocket, just like arroyo, although they are not looking to be having any problems as of this moment, sans blister man beckett. and eduardo once agian you dont pay attention to baseball because you are speaking with your heart hypocrite. trot nixon has been about the equivalent of eric gagne when it comes to injuries so they couldnt wait around forever. epstein sure didnt make the move out of nowhere. wake up and pay attention to baseball outside of anaheim.


    you must be an aold wrestling fan eduardo with your spelling of heart. must of been a hart foundation fan.


    Also – PS: Eduardo, just for future reference, fallow is spelled “follow,” knowlageble is spelled “knowledgable,” raddle is spelled “rattle,” Paul Laduca is spelled “LoDuca” (and you have to be kidding? You think we’re better off with him over Russell Martin?), socia is spelled “Scoscia.” Just for future reference. Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts for you.

    And yes, I’m sure all Dodger fans wish we’d been able to sign Guerrero. If the ownership move wasn’t happening at the same time, the Dodgers probably would have. Bad luck.


    Eduardo… A brand new dictionary is on its way to your house compliments of all the contributors of insidethedodgers.mlblogs. Quick note about JD… he has a .367 OBP and he hits behind, not in front of, Manny and Ortiz. Also, his 2 homers so far this year are two more homers than Pierre will have all year. ****, i’d bet my PS2 that Randy Wolf out homers Pierre this year. Also, the Red Sox won the world series 2 years ago and are now in 1st place by 10.5 games, so I’m pretty sure they usually know what they’re doing.


    Vladdy’s contract is up after the 08 season, with an option for 09. Can you imagine what he will be asking as a free agent? Yikes! Move over A-Rod!


    That scritchy sound you just heard was me wiping the slate clean and handing it to the Dodgers.

    Come on guys. You have my clean slate, my promise that I’ll watch what you do in this homestand before I resume any kind of negativity. I believe that this team is better than their current play. I want to see them do it, of course. Reading all the nice words in the paper is like eating candy cotton for breakfast – fluff and a momentarily satisfied feeling, but hungry come dinnertime. Then, when you turn on the game and nothing good happens, you go do bed unhappy.

    Therefore, I want the baseball fairy to throw some good-luck, sparkly fairy-dust in Betemit’s glove, to gently dust the bat of each Dodger going to the plate, and to really shake it out over the bat of each Dodger going to plate with runners on.

    Oh, and to up-end the whole bag over Tomko as he takes the mound on this blue, blue Monday.


    Any dodger fan out there that wants to join a brewer fan for tonights game, I have an extra ticket. The person that was going to go had to go out of town, so if you are interested, let me know it is a pretty good infield box seat and it is free. But you have to sit by a brewers fan.


    I find it interesting that we’ve only lost one series at home (swept by the Giants) and three (Atlanta, Anaheim, Milwaukee) all on the road. You have to look at the big picture and you can’t judge this team on a series to series basis, because you’re gonna have a great series and look better than you are and you’ll have a bad series and look worse than you are. If we can take all three series’ against Atlanta, Anaheim and Milwaukee here in L.A we would have done exactly what you’re suppose to do if you’re a good team and win at home…like Atlanta, Anaheim and Milwaukee did. So I don’t mind losing to a good team on the road because they’re suppose to beat us. It’s when they come to L.A and beat us…that’s when I’ll get upset. We are a good team and we should beat these teams at Dodger Stadium. This three game series against the Brewers should be a good one. So forget what Anaheim did to us and what we failed to do as well. It’s in the past…also it’s uncanny how different Nomar plays in L.A over anywhere else, he’s just incredible at the Ravine and when they go out on the road he loses a step or two.





    I would take you up on it, but I am going this Wednesday.

    I have gone back and forth on the LoDuca deal, especially since I loved Paul when he was here. However, based on what we got from Penny in the long term and what LoDuca has been doing compared to Martin, I am happy with the trade looking back on things. When LoDuca’s gambling issues came up last year, it made me wonder if some of that was taken into account when he was traded.


    I like the “clean slate” idea griffon…

    I just want the wins guys…

    And Gary’s not here much either these days… must’ve joined the anti-negativity movement as well. I guess I should join too… my efforts to stick up for the team appear to be futile…

    This will get better before they get worse… I hope!

    Go Dodgers!!!


    What’s your guys take on a trade for Rolen in addition to the Glaus stuff. I am not fan of old vets (see my previous 300 posts for reference) but wouldnt be oppossed to a a Rolen deal. Of course who is in the deal is what matters but if it was LaRoche and Kuo I think i’d say yes to that.

    In a perfect world i’d say no, just play all the kids and let them grow together but our current GM won’t do that.


    kssparkuhl…it just starts hurting when you try to convince yourself signing gonzo and pierre for 16 mil this year is gonna pay dividends. both those guys stats together still could not match soriano’s or ramirez’s, or wells or manny’s. and they take up two spots, and in most cases thus far have not got the job done. 16 million between those guys. jd drew sadly will still outproduce both of them.


    LuGo and Pierre have absolutely no upside. those guys stats are pretty much penciled in, and another quickie, did you guys hear what happened over the weekend between matt kemp and delwyn young? they got into a shoving match apparently and both sat out a game??? hmmmm…….frustration setting in in vegas ?


    i’d take glaus over rolen, but lets face it both of their contracts are pretty horrendous and we’d probably have to ADD to them given that they both have no trade clauses. Oh yeah, and laroche wouldn’t be the only of the blue chippers to go… it could be an ugly deal. i’d rather not…but that won’t stop ned.


    no thanks on those contracts, rolen is going down hill. glaus is still good for 30 homers , as well as about 2 or 3 dl stints. hes got nice pop and a nice glove. but the bone spurs in the foot are tough to deal with.


    Actually “knowledgable” is spelled knowledgeable, and “Scoscia” is spelled Scioscia. The internet is a wonderful thing especially when you can’t correct someone else’s misspellings.


    graffiti…James Loney and Matt Kemp could produce more in one year then Gonzo and Pierre could produce in two years.


    Neither of those trades are happening…some of you should seek therapy I cannot stress this enough. We swept the Reds, took 2 of 3 from the Cards, went down to Anaheim and got swept. What exactly is the cause for panic? Because we got swept for the first time on the road to a first place team? I still don’t understand the hate on Coletti, your comments are baseless and carry no weight whatsover and you come off very bitter for really no reason. He’s proven in no way that he’s going to trade any of our real talented prospects, nor has he hinted at doing so. And he certainly wouldn’t deal anyone for those two pieces of **** that are falling apart worse than the Mona Lisa.


    So tonight when you all watch the Brewers 2 hole hitter keep in mind he has more 2 less homeruns than our first 7 hitters all by himself. He has 14.

    Furcal, Pierre, Nomar, Kent, Gonzo, Martin, Ethier have 14.

    Thats not being negative, thats a fact. How you interpret the facts is your problem/non problem.


    What is going to happen with Bigbie?
    Each year we bring a handful of non-roster players to Spring Training in hopes of finding that hidden player who can help the club, and often we have found people who did. I think Bigbie produced beyond any reasonable expectations in Spring Training, then went to Vegas and has pretty much led in the batting category. Admittedly, this has not been a performance in the big leagues, but you would have to think that he has proven to be beyond his injuries of previous years. If he doesn’t make the club by June 1, he can opt for other deals. Now, if we had a productive left fielder, or even a productive outfield, I wouldn’t even raise this example. But, would it not have made some sense to bring him up for a week or two and see if he could perform better than Gonzo? Even if he did, and we still wanted to commit to Gonzo, we could have showcased some trading value instead of losing Bigbie for nothing. Would I expect Bigbie to have become a great Dodger? Not really, but we’ll never find out, will we. I just consider it part of the management inertia that I have issue with.

    Just a note for the people who contend that this has become too negative a forum. I’m a Dodger fan and will always be that. I root for Gonzo and all of our other veterans every time that they come up. I’m sure that they all earnestly try to do their best. It’s just that their best is no longer the golden standard of major league play, and I think it is time for us to project and grow for the future. Last year management seemed to be forced through a number of emergencies to bring in a number of our youth, and it worked out pretty well. I had hoped that management would see the light and would proceed this year to bring in and develop another group of our youngsters. I guess we don’t feel that kind of emergency at hand, so we keep playing the same guys, who seem to be weaker than they were a year ago, and I find that sad. I don’t wish anybody to have to go on the DL in order to give our younger guys a chance. So, my negativity is never expressed with the players, but I do find both Ned and Grady at fault for being the most unproductive veterans of all, and that’s where I stand.


    alex41592 art aficianado? i love art… dont gotta bring mona into this..hahahah that was funny though especially cause you cussed . yeah. lol!!!


    Sorry and touche, pc – in my haste to correct I goofed myself. But of course my point was not to chide everyone who misspells here, since we all do it, but to chide someone for coming here so obnoxiously that they deserved a slap across the cheek. Short of that, just a bit of snarkiness was all I could muster. But I’m sure you knew that. Thanks for the correction of my correction.

    Meanwhile, with all the talk of trade possibilities and so on, it still seems like the Dodgers have some in-house options that they’re not fully utilizing to try to spark the offense. We’ve mentioned those names a zillion times here, but the fact is Little and Colletti have to be less stubborn about sticking with every vet every day in the same line-up. Some tweaking and rearranging, and a little injection of youth, may be all that’s needed, before pushing the panic button.


    Personally, I’m appalled that the Dodgers couldn’t muster a single win against the Halos, and it seems that every time there’s a different excuse. Errors, bad pitching or the constant rolling blackouts at the plate. They narrowly avoided getting shut out by scratching a meaningless run in the 9th on Sunday.

    So, what’s the story here? For the most part, the pitching staff is among the most elite in the NL, if not the entirety of all of baseball… the lineup seems decent on paper but often isn’t on the diamond. And the D? Eh. Everyone seems to be saying that hey, first place, what are you complaining about, but it is frustrating to see that when you could be winning games handily, you wind up squeaking in or worse, getting beat because no one could come up with a hit at the right time.

    I agree with messagebear, that there should be some serious look to the minors for some youth, some excitement, some solid play from some guys who might energize the team. There should be a 5 game lead, and right now it’s just 1 over SD. Time to not just Think Blue, but Think Young.


    yeah max, i dont doubt that at all. matt kemp and james loney are studs, bottomline nothing left to prove. roadblocked by overpaid veterans. sigh….


    anyone any news on the matt kemp delwyn young thing over the weekend? it showed up for matt kemp in the fantasy update.? i didnt get to see how they spun it, because it wasnt showing up.


    alex—what makes you think that ned won’t trade away the blue chips? have they not been mentioned in millions of trade rumors last year and this year already? just b/c he hasn’t done it yet doesn’t mean he won’t.

    i agree we absolutely need to look in house first, but i don’t think thats the way management sees it. if they though that kemp, loney and others deserved starting roles, then they would have had them this year.


    Alex would you care to explain “And he certainly wouldn’t deal anyone for those two pieces of **** that are falling apart worse than the Mona Lisahow”?

    The day Troy Glaus puts on a Dodger uniform he becomes the best hitter on this team and it is not even close. Not saying I’d make the deal but lumping Glaus/Rolen together makes no sense at all. When healthy he hits and he’s played a heck of a lot of games over the last 2 1/4 years.


    underdog – He definitely deserved a slap across the cheek. Glad you didn’t take offense to me being a smart*** about your corrections of his spelling.


    This season is just past 1/4 finished. Don’t expect management to bench the players it signed in the offseason without giving them a significant chance (significant sample size for you statheads) to prove themselves. This reprimand comes with the reminder that many of the people calling for LuGo’s, Pierre’s, and Nomar’s jobs have been doing so since about 3 weeks into the season.

    That said, if LuGo can’t produce by mid-June, I’d expect him to be benched, just like Cruz Jr. last year. I personally think he has a flaw in his swing – his BB/K ratio is excellent, which says to me that he’s seeing the ball well. Power hitters don’t just automatically become bad hitters when they get older – they just hit fewer HRs and more doubles, usually. The fact that Gonzo isn’t hitting at all tells me that he’s got some sort of a kink in his swing that needs to be ironed out.

    Why is it ridiculous that management wants to give a $5-million-contract guy a chance? I still think Gonzo’s signing was a good one, albeit a gamble, considering the insane offseason prices. Especially since he’s gone after this season. But everyone who is proclaiming the stubbornness of management – just because a move hasn’t been made yet doesn’t mean the big suits haven’t noticed what’s going on. Managers and GMs have to have a lot more patience than we fans do; they can’t trade or bench every under-performing player whenever their fans are unhappy, because 50% of the time under-performing players follow said performances with over-performance, hence, they reach their career averages.

    Blah blah blah I’m rambling. Just remember, there are 4 more months of baseball, and just because management didn’t bring up every prospect you wanted to see in the first TWO MONTHS of the season doesn’t mean that they are ignorant, or even poor managers.


    Glaus 2005 VORP 37.5 good for 5th best in NL
    Glaus 2006 VORP 29.2 good for 2nd best in the AL

    Moving from the inferior league to the good league saw his numbers go down a little but that hardly looks like a guy headed down the Gonzo path of uselessness.


    Everytime I start to think the Dodgers might be for real, they stumble. Now it seems that they’re the same Dodgers of the last couple of seasons. Good enough to compete for a playoff spot, but not quite to the point of being a World Series contender. They seem to beat the teams they should beat, but struggle against most AL teams, and also against the elite NL teams. Hopefully, I’m wrong and this team is “special”. Still a long way to go to prove me wrong.

    I would like to see what Laroche can do over an extended period of time, before the Dodgers consider giving up some top prospects for someone like Glaus. I would also like to see Kemp given a chance again. He could fill in at all OF positions, and possibly bring some of the power that is needed.


    jspelk –
    Just because blue-chip prospects are mentioned in trade rumors doesn’t mean Coletti is looking to trade them…I believe that for the most part, those prospects were brought up in discussions by other teams, and they certainly weren’t being shopped by Coletti. If they WERE being shopped, he probably would have been able to bring in a power bat quite easily.


    pcj505, agreed on Kemp and LaRoche. Especially Kemp. He needs to be brought up soon…hopefully a trade is in the making and Clark or Gonzo will be gone to make room for him.

    However, I think the one thing that this organization has compared to many other contenders is pitching and depth. Those two things will hold the team together for the whole season long, and yield the possibility of a great trade or two in July.


    The only thing ridiculous is that we signed the over the hill Gonzo in the 1st place to be our starting LF instead of a 4th outfielder. The Dodgers and Angels both have ex-excellent players manning LF, the Angels have an excuse because they had already inked GA to an extension before he started sliding down his slippery slope but we don’t have an excuse other then our GM not doing his homework.


    true..but it still makes me weary. the only thing good to come out of trade like that is that someone would FINALLY kick gonzo out of the 5-hole.


    Here’s a dumb half-of-a-quote regarding Gonzo:

    “we don’t have an excuse other then [sic] our GM not doing his homework.”

    Really? Ned doesn’t pay attention to baseball, huh? Man. I wonder what he does all day? Not his homework, apparently. I’m sure he doesn’t even know the career averages of ANYONE he’s ever signed! No doubt he’s too busy working at his job as a MLB GM to pay attention to baseball and its players.


    I think the signings of both Pierre and Gonzo were almost acts of desperation. There wasn’t much available on the market and obviously Ned wasn’t convinced that Kemp and/or Ethier were ready to contribute at this level yet. I’m not totally dissatified with Pierre or Gonzo being a part of the team, but I think Kemp should be called up to take some playing time away from both of them, especially Gonzo.

    Don’t we have too many utility infielders on the team right now anyway? Maybe the Dodgers could trade one of them to make room for Kemp.


    Here’s an article about Andruw Jones…many people around here have expressed interest in signing him in the upcoming offseason, but this article says a lot about his attitude and perhaps why Ned wouldn’t want to…

    I still say A-ROD all the way in ’08, no matter what the cost. In a decade he will own the all-time HR record, and I can virtually guarantee there’s no way LaRoche will ever be better than him. Wouldn’t it be great if he was in the HOF in a Dodgers uni?


    Good article, Max. I think the writer hits the nail on the head. But you have to concede that he makes good points in defense of Coletti, also – such as the fact that Ned tried his best to get a power bat for the OF in the offseason. It’s not like Ned isn’t trying…but GMs don’t get every player they want, and sometimes get stuck with players they didn’t want in the first place. That’s baseball.


    Max, are you seriously taking into account the hundreds of ‘rumors’ that ESPN/Fox Sports ‘report’ that 98% of the time never happen. And maybe you should question why you think he WILL trade our top prospects as opposed to me saying he WON’T because he’s at least proven he won’t trade them. So why are you so adament that he will trade them? Just because Sabean made the call to trade Liriano, Nathan and Bonser to Minnesota for freaking A.J Pierzynski doesn’t mean Coletti would do that. Also, Troy Glaus is a career .250 hitter who strikes out way too much and only makes up with good power. He’s batting .307 at the moment, he only has down to go from here. Plus he’s been on the DL already this season and no doubt he’ll be back there again.


    graffiti, what I’ve heard re: the Kemp-Young fight is to make nothing of it. They are friends who got into it because of whatever – stressing, in bad mood, tempers flared, both wish they were up in the bigs instead of (fill in the blanks) – but whatever reason they patched things up quickly and are fine. From what I’ve heard. I think each may have been suspended for one game by the team but couldn’t confirm that.


    It’s cool alex. I figured that.

    This is what im afraid of when i think about the situation we are in. Ned has done some great things so far for us and last year’s turn around was mostly due to him. But this off season kinda showed that he will overreact. He came in with an obvious plan that we needed a power bat. But then big bats came off of market he overreacted and signed Pierre. Pierre’s signing was a knee-jerk signing. So this is what worries me about right now. Im worried that Ned will overreact and make an awful trade around the deadline time without using all of the in house options…Kemp, Loney etc.

    One thing that is for sure that needs to happen. Gonzo needs to go.


    I think we’re premature with discussions of either Glaus or Rolen for our third base situation. I think that LaRoche should now be given a reasonable time and chance to perform. We can’t say that he has failed at this point. I don’t think that it helps to pull him in and out of the lineup – we should keep him playing for a couple of weeks and make an assessment then. If he cannot produce, and if Betemit cannot prove that he deserves another chance by being an effective pinch hitter and utility man in the meantime, then bring up Abreu next and give him the opportunity for several weeks. If nothing comes of our young prospects in that capacity, then let’s take a look at who is available on a trade basis. I’m leery of taking on yet another major contract with somebody whose best days may be behind him.


    He doesn’t need to go, he just needs to be relegated to a backup role which is all he’s good for now. Arizona realized it and Ned should also have realized it. We made a mistake but since it is a one year deal it is something that can be overcome. The same can’t be said for the Pierre signing. Ned has done enough good things that I don’t really have a problem with Gonzo since I think he will quickly find his way to the bench. Pierre on the other hand could be handicapping this team all year and years into the future.



    If you are talking with regards to FAN SINCE 1951, YES you are right.




    CF Pierre

    SS Furcal

    1B Nomar

    2B Kent

    C Martin

    LF Gonzo

    RF Ethier

    3B LaRoche

    LH Wolf

    This is from Tony Jackson.


    Is that lineup for real? That could really be an improvement and definitely worth seeing if that improves the run production.


    ok, yes i admit most of those rumors are fodder. it still makes me nervous though! and the fact that ned was so active at the trade deadline last year makes me think he will be just as active this year, that’s all.


    Sweet if thats the correct line-up i think we will have ample run support for Tomko tonite! Like i said i think Tomko is going to surprise a few tonite! GO DODGERS!!!


    I also like batting Pierre lead-off. Maybe he just can’t adjust to No. 2 – just doesn’t have the necessary patience and did not help Raffy’s running game at all.


    i think grady moved Pierre to the 1 spot to ensure that at least for on AB he wouldn’t make an out with someone on base.


    Love this lineup! Switching Pierre and Furcal and Martin finally batting fifth! Even if it doesn’t click tonight, this is the lineup you stick with for a while! Just by making these two changes you increase Pierre and Martin’s value to this team while also increasing Furcal’s because now if Furcal hits a double Pierre can score on it etc… etc… I love these changes!



    Lots & lots of good points being made today — expecially liked MessageBear with respect to Bigbie & the Ned & Grady attitude remarks.. Also MaxPower with that link to the Pierre article.. Very interesting & informative..

    It’s great to see that Grady has finally decided that it’s time for some changes.. It’s about time… Hopefully he will continue to do so in the future if & when they are needed..

    Time will tell…


    Yeah, I love this lineup. Only way it could be better is to switch Martin and Nomar, so that there’s more patience immediately behind the rabbits.

    But there’s no way I’m complaining. A shakeup needed to happen and this could be just the thing to do it.


    Whoa Max… loved your link to the article, but dude… this is a family blog. Watch your inuendos my friend… definitely not cool. But yes… Martin batting fifth is definite cause for celebration!

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