Down the freeway

Took yesterday "off" to play in the KFWB Golf Tournament at TPC Valencia, which was a nice day on the course. The tournament benefited the families of fallen police officers and we had several coaches out there (Honeycutt, Duncan, Warthen), as well as Grady Little, Chad Billingsley, Al Downing and some random celebrities like SNL’s Kevin Nealon. Jose Canseco even made an appearance and I hadn’t seen him since he tried out on Field 6 in Vero Beach a few years ago.

Anyway, that’s why there wasn’t much to post yesterday. The Dodgers Dream Foundation golf tournament is also this Thursday, May 24, and spots are still available if you want to buy a spot or a foursome. Please call 323.224.1413.

Last night after the golf event, I attended the Society of Professional Journalists annual award banquet, which was actually held here at the stadium (couldn’t spend a whole day away, could I?). Jaime Jarrin was the keynote speaker and even though I’m fortunate enough to have heard a lot of the stories he told about his early days as a news broadcaster, it’s always cool to hear them directly from him again. Hard to believe he covered JFK’s funeral, plane hijackings, meetings between heads of states and numerous world championship boxing matches, including Ali and Frazier.

As for today, I’m not making the trip down to Anaheim but here’s the lineup. They might come late, if at all, tomorrow and Sunday, but I’ll do my best to post when possible.

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Saenz, DH

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

LaRoche, 3B

Penny, P



    LaRoche goes deep in his first AB…Gonzo still above martin 😦 but at least the killer tomato is in the 5 spot and not Gonzo.


    I could’ve sworn Wilson “.194” Betemit was going to play tonight. Nice change-up by Grady right there.


    Max-What job do you have that you have to leave so early in the morning? Are you in the Pacific Time Zone? I get up at 5:30 and I thought that was early.


    i say offense will be hard to come by tonight for us, santana is pitching for his rotation spot, and he pitches really well at home, we got our work cut out for us. im loving the killer tomato batting 5th though ahead of Lugo.


    Would somebody plaese explain to me — Why is the best hitter on the team (Martin) batting 7th in the lineup???

    Also, Why is the most unreliable hitter on the team (Pierre) still batting 2nd??

    Very confusing!!!


    I can’t believe the best hitter in our lineup is batting seventh. And since when does Seanz get carte blanche in the fifth spot over Martin? He’s not made many starts this year, so having him seventh makes more sense. Besides, Russell is seeing the ball so much better… I’m scratching my head again Grady…


    rwbjr… love him or hate him, one can hardly say that Pierre is the “most unreliable” hitter on the team. Sure, he had a rough go for a couple of weeks, but he’s collecting hits, getting on base and scoring runs. Also, he seems to have abandoned the wierd bunt attempts in the most unusual circumstances.


    knouffbrock, i work at Home Depot and i had the opening shift today. 5:30am – 2:30 pm.

    Juan Pierre is rather unreliable. Sure he leads the team in hits but of all the starters he is dead last in walks drawn with 7. He also leads the team in outs made. Which is saying something cuz Gonzo and Nomar are making alot of outs. Here’s another instance in which the number of hits a player has is a bad indicator of how well they are playing…Nomar is second on the team in hits and i think we can all agree he is not doing well this year.



    So, if Pierre isn’t the most ureliable, then who is??

    Maybe Gonzo?? And, if so, why bat him 5th or 6th in the order??

    What about Martin – why is he batting 7th???

    Help me understand this nonsense…


    oh and we can’t forget Juan’s .304 on base percentage! Which is the one stat that truly defines how well a lead off hit is performing and He is dead last in starters again.

  11. said:
    Love him or hate him, one can hardly say that Pierre is the “most unreliable” hitter on the team. Sure, he had a rough go for a couple of weeks, but he’s collecting hits, getting on base…

    Dude are you kidding me? Pierre has the worst OBA of all the players int he starting lineup. It’s worse than Betemint for pete’s sake!! I hope you can tell the difference between the value of getting on base and the not getting on base. Pierre should be riding the pine but if he’s in the lineup, it should be in the #8 spot.


    Horrible column from Bill Shaikin in today’s LA Times today that somehow manages to say that Pierre’s signing is all good because the Dodgers are currently in first place. You could replace Pierre with any average player in the league making less than $1 million a year (or better yet, one of the Dodgers minor leaguers making minimum wage)and the Dodgers would be the same, if not better off. Shaikin has some good things to say now and again but he was obviously desperate for something to write about on a Dodgers off day.


    Can’t say I don’t disagree… the whole Pierre thing… it’s been discussed a millon ways from Sunday. While most of us agree that Pierre would be best in the 8th slot, we also know that it won’t happen without an act of cogress, or if, heaven forbid, Pierre took an injury, he’d be out all together. Oh, is that a dead horse I see beaten in the road? Yup… it’s dead alright.

    But to say Pierre’s the “most unreliable”? That one was on Betemit until recently (Max will love that… especially coming from me)… but for now I’d have to say that its Gonzo who’s the most unreliable… given the fact that he occupies one of power/RBI slots in the lineup. He’s just not getting it done.


    the sports stations are pretty pumped about the freeway series & i have to admit they got me pretty excited (not that i needed anymore encouragement)


    Is there any way we could shelf the Juan Pierre talk for just a little while at least? Its really taking away from my enjoyment of this blog…. I don’t come around as often anymore b/c it just gets so old hearing all the complaining about Pierre. If you’re not crazy about that signing fine, there’s no need to need to keep beating a dead horse. Seriously. I have noticed a lot of the original names in this forum dropping out, and that’s a bummer to me- but I can’t say that I blame them.


    I wouldn’t fret too much over Pierre, Martin, all that other stuff. The shame is that Penny isn’t able to hit. He’s probably a better hitter than two-thirds of the order.


    i think penny needs to exact revenge on vlad for showing him up at the all star game. the freeway series is always so tame.


    the best part about games on KCAL is that we don’t have to listen to Adrian Garcia stumble through another interview.


    jspelk, I’ve been thinking about Penny vs. Vlad, too. You know what pissed me off about Vlad’s HR? Penny’s pitch was up and away, not a fat pitch…Vlad took it the other way, and it was only a HR because of the ballpark. Any other ballpark that was just another long out.

    The guy that REALLY lost the All-Star game for the NL…our own favorite Trevor Hoffman.


    i live in SD and so im stuck watching the douchebags for the angels announce the game, i hate this two guys almost as much as the san diego and san fran announcers


    geez those lazy flyballs to left from gonzo are really getting old. hes got some years left??? oh great.


    If you’re doing the MLB.TV thing… just copy the link for the TV feed and open it in a new browser tab… then open the KFWB broadcast link and you can listen to Vinny and watch the game. The video feed is about three seconds ahead of Vinny… so you’ll see what he calls ahead of time… but it’s so much better than listening to these palookas on the Angels network.


    wow we are really witnessing something special here with martin..this guy is amazing. he is our best hitter no doubt.


    Kill the Ump!! The zone tracker on the Angels broadcast showed that pitch was a strike…


    SO DID KENT! This is where i like Grady he’ll stand up for his player. Grady needs to go ape on this ump.


    wow. i mean what are kent and nomar looking for, you want to go aftr that fastball, thats incredible.


    Man… the ump is squeezing Penny but giving these calls to Santana!! This bites…

    Nomar better watch himself or he’s gonna get thrown out of the game… he’s real animated right now… as it Kent… two guys who RARELY argue balls and strikes.


    I hope Santana keeps throwing this junk… he doesn’t realize the tight-rope act he’s on right now. We’re about to jump all over this guy… Santana’s ripe… now’s the time!!


    Ethier! THAT was a rookie throw… no way to have gotten Matthews on that play… and they gave the error to LaRoche. I’m sorry, but that error should have been on Ethier.

    I hate this… and I hate the Angels… of San Pedro… north of Chula Vista… of Anahiem!


    And the hits are finding their way through the infield… little nubbers…

    Too bad Brad Penny… he pitched a better game than this.

    Kill the Ump!!!


    if nomar was james loney he would have caught that…sorry but i had to throw it out there.


    If James Loney was Nomar he would on the bench with the numbers he’s putting up right now.


    i meant it that if James Loney was on the big club and had the numbers nomar has right now. Loney would be on the bench or in triple a


    I wasn’t watching much of the game, haven’t read the blog tonight….

    I can still say, WHAT THE ****


    Dang it i hate it when i come on here and have to be so negative but tonite i just have to…

    Tonite was just pure pathetic!!!!!! Granted we were robbed a couple times and getting a lil (understatement) squeezed by the ump but just pure pathetic. We just looked so sad out there everything just left after they put up a couple runs in the 6th then a couple more and then what do you know a couple more. I hated to watch thatgame but i made myself watch the whole thing so i can get it all out of my system…. now its time for some positives! :)I really love Martin, i do wish like everyone else out there, that he should be batting 5th or even 2nd in the lineup. He is definatelty the NL All-Star Catcher HANDS DOWN!!!!

    VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! Well i said positives but i guess i cant come up with another so im done!

    Tomorrows a new day! GO DODGERS!!!


    Not much to say about an all-around bad game. I do want to take exception to a quote that I saw coming from Kent. In short, he was complaining about inter-league play and saying that one can’t get motivated in inter-league games. It was probably his frustration showing through, like mine does many times on this blog. However, I have to say: “Beg your pardon!”; you’re in the major leagues playing for millions of dollars, and no longer doing it very effectively at times. I can think of a couple of our prospects that could get real motivated to get up here, and I would rather like to see them than hear this kind of talk from a veteran who’s getting well past his prime. In fact, I can see his lack of motivation, if you want to call it that, in his fielding this season.


    I’ve always thought Kent’s performance will go a long way towards deciding this season’s outcome. He can’t really carry a team now, but who would you rather have up there when you really need a hit?
    So Messagebear’s last is some food for thought.


    Actually I’d like to see Betemit in the DH position for tonight and maybe tomorrow as well. Let’s see if he can continue his batting progress of late.


    You don’t want to hear this..but here it is. Yes, we have the pitching, plus we have Martin & Furcal. But for the life of me, i’m unable to understand, how the Bums are in 1st place ?? I’ve benn a Rabid Dodger fan, since 1936.Yes, When Dolph Camilli
    played before Hodges. Frenchy

    Bordagaray played before lew

    Riggs & Cookie Lavagetto and

    Dixie walker, before Carl Furillo. But aside, from my exceptions at the top, This Dodger team, is the most pathetic,Crappiest team I’ve

    ever seen. There are Many reasons, but, it’s no use, going over them. You all know

    what they are. But it is NOT

    Grady or Ned’s fault. This just, concerns, individuals

    make-ups..Nuff said….


    how is it not Ned and Grady’s fault? Ned signed the players and im sure Grady has alot of say in who those players were. It’s also Grady’s job to put the best team on the field with the players he has. Grady is the genius batting OUR BEST HITTER 7th.


    puppyhead01 – “The guy that REALLY lost the All-Star game for the NL…our own favorite Trevor Hoffman.”

    Not true. In my opinion, the guy who REALLY lost the All-Star Game for the NL was manager Phil Garner. Garner refused to let the National League’s top hitter after the 7th inning (Nomar Garciaparra and his .465 batting average) pinch hit for a guy hitting .278 with the tying run in scoring position.

    Several million fans voted Nomar into the All-Star game only to have Phil Garner refuse to allow him into the game. Nomar could have tied the game for the NL.

    True, Hoffman blew the save, but Phil Garner blew the game. With managing like that, the NL will NEVER host another World Series.



    does it really matter who lost the allstar game? i mean we didn’t even make it past the first round of playoffs so who cares. I’m sure TLR will do a better job this year.

    Anyways, if you look at the composition of this team, the majority of it is Ned acquired players, so love it or hate, he has something to do with it.


    No disrespect intended at all ‘pat25rod’. This is just my much younger opinion. Ok , now I know I haven’t been watching the team since 1936, considering I’ve only been alive for one Dodger World Championship and I was three when it happened. But for the years I’ve been alive this 2007 is by far NOT the worst team or how you put it “pathetic, crappiest team”. I’d take this team the way they are now over 2005’s team, pre May-2006 and certainly over anything 1999-2003. Pretty much because of one man, Russell Martin, words cannot describe what he does for this team. I could go into him batting seventh last night, I won’t though, we all know Martin should never have his name below the 5th spot. Now, last night’s loss, I was out most of the night and got spoiled by a good friend of mine about the blowout, while I was DVR’ing it (anything like that happen to any of you…hate that so much) but, I watched most of the game anyway. Change the ump, our balls land, their balls don’t get through etc… We got our butts handed to us but because of those excuses it’s easier to place it aside and move on from it. Although, some of those calls were down right little league at times. Pretty much when a 9 year old can’t throw strikes so the ump feels bad for him and gives him a strike we all know would never be one under normal circumstances. That’s what it felt like during Nomar and Kent’s at bats. We face Jered Weaver tonight and that should be interesting…

    Go Dodgers!


    hahaah dont blame the players for basically doing what they have been doing for years. juan pierre is gonna be juan pierre, luis gonzalez is gonna be luis gonzalez. if you just realize that the players we are relying on are over the hill has been stars, you can be realistic when you say this is a **** team we are fielding. its up to nomar kent and gonzo to carry this team the way ned built it…not too smart. raffy and pierre can get on base all they want, but if those guys our middle of the order boppers cant get em in then we are in trouble. no pitcher fears facing our 3,4,5 hitters. dont blame the players for putting up what they were projected to put up, ned and grady also need to be held accountable.


    I agree with your assessment, graffiti. It is great that we’re in first place, mostly due to the effectiveness of our pitching staff and our relief corps in particular, but it is hard to see those 3, 4, and 5 hitters carrying us any further in the playoffs than has been our experience the last couple of times we were there. It’s a good thing that we have Martin and that Raffy is now coming around. There are no prospects except for LaRoche on our team this year who are gaining major league experience as we’re moving along in the season, and I’m afraid that this over-reliance of venerable but fading veterans will cost us in the end. Using those veterans, of course, is the philosophy that Ned and Grady follow, and nobody is going to dissuade them as long as we’re still riding in first place.


    you know, betemit/3rd base has been used as a scapegoat for this offense, and im sick of it. 1 HR from Nomar isn’t a problem? ok. Below average power in every out field position isn’t a problem? ok. 3rd is just the only spot where someone can be displaced without their feelings being hurt or politics being involved. Truth is, even a trade for a solid 3b isn’t going to fix the offense.


    Newsflash: This team has problems

    Newsflash: So does every other team in the Majors

    Newsflash: We’re one of 6 teams in first place

    Newsflash: There’s no such thing as a quick fix

    Newsflash: This team can still win 90+ games and can compete with the Mets/Braves/Brewers

    Newsflash: This blog needs to stop jumping off the Santa Monica pier everytime we lose. There’s going to be games our pitching stinks, games where our offense doesn’t score, games where we make mistakes, umps blow the call. There are also games where our pitching is stellar , offense scores ten runs, games where we play flawless defense and umps give us a wide strike zone. Take the good with the bad, we’re in first place because we’re a good team. Not by luck, not by anything else but the fact that this team is very good. Flaws, of course, obvious flaws, sure. But we’re a good team that can be improved just like all the others. We’re in first place but things could be a whole lot worse, have you seen the New York Yankees? Sheesh!


    alex your favorite thing to do is generalize everything. thats just not reality, because the days we score that many runs, baseball experts from all parts will consider that flukish. stop denying the fact that we are an offensively challenged team. you even make that point in your post, our pitching is outstanding, i mean outstanding with our high priced ace out on the disabled list. we will continue to struggle to score runs the rest of the season if some changes that we all know need to be made dont get made. the sky is the limit with this team, yet we continue to settle with mediocre plan b, as ned would say players. wake up alex.


    This team looks LOST and CONFUSED… Just like their MANAGER…

    Worst DEFENSE in the league…

    Worst HITTING team in the league with men on base…

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