Back at the ballpark

Quite a good game last night, as you can imagine. Brad was dominant and it was fun to watch, especially in his old stomping grounds. I spent most of the game looking up facts and info to pass along to the broadcasters and reporters, much of which wound up on the air and in this morning’s papers. He’s been getting requests from a ton of local media outlets in Miami and Los Angeles, as well as national shows like Baseball Tonight (last night) and the new Cold Pizza on ESPN, which is now called "First Take." He’ll be on that one Thursday morning before our day game.

What’s really ridiculous to think is that Sandy Koufax fanned 14 or more 12 times in his career. Wish I could’ve seen him pitch…

The Jeff Kent chat starts in about 10 minutes…below are some game notes, followed by the lineup.

HE’S A BIG FAN – Brad Penny’s 14 strikeouts last night were the most by a Dodger since Chan Ho Park fanned 14 on Aug. 29, 2000 at Milwaukee. Penny became the ninth Los Angeles Dodger pitcher to fan 14 or more in a game, joining Sandy Koufax (12 times), Hideo Nomo (3), Fernando Valenzuela (3), Don Drysdale (3), Park (1), Ramon Martinez (1), Orel Hershiser (1), Bill Singer (1) and Johnny Podres (1). Penny, whose 293 strikeouts at Dolphin Stadium rank fifth all-time, lowered his ERA to 1.39, the second-best mark in the Majors. Mark Hendrickson (1.30) does not yet qualify.

NEARLY PERFECT – Brad Penny retired the first 11 batters he faced last night and did not walk a batter in 7.0 innings. The last time a Dodger pitcher struck out 14 and walked zero was on Sept. 9, 1965 when Sandy Koufax pitched a perfect game against the Cubs at Dodger Stadium.    Source: Elias Sports Bureau

A HISTORIC NIGHT – Jeff Kent connected for his 348th career homer and 510th career double last night as he continues to climb Major League Baseball’s all-time charts. Kent tied Rickey Henderson for 39th on the all-time doubles list and George Foster for 75th place on the all-time home run list. Kent’s next double will tie him with Mark Grace for 37th place all-time and he is two homers shy of Chili Davis for 74th place.

QUITE A CLUB – There are only 22 players in Major League history with 300 homers and 500 doubles and five of them are here tonight. Tony Perez and Andre Dawson, both of whom carry the title of Special Assistant to the President for the Marlins, are in the exclusive club. Jeff Kent, Luis Gonzalez and Dodger hitting coach Eddie Murray each have 300/500 as well. There are only 15 members of the 350/500 club, with Kent (348 HR) and Gonzalez (335 HR) close to joining.

SALON DE LA FAMA – Two of the three Spanish-language Hall of Fame broadcasters are here this series. Jaime Jarrín was the Ford C. Frick Award winner in 1998 and Rafael “Felo” Ramirez was honored in that manner by the Hall of Fame in 2001. The first-Spanish language broadcaster to be enshrined in Cooperstown was Buck Canel, the Frick Award winner in 1985. Jarrín and Pepe Yñiguez call the action for all 162 games on ESPN Deportes Radio 1330 AM.

GET WELL SOON – The Dodgers would like to wish a speedy recovery to Dr. Frank Jobe, who underwent back surgery last month. Jobe, who many believe should be in the Hall of Fame, has helped revive the careers of numerous Dodgers with his groundbreaking Tommy John surgery, including Yhency Brazoban and Hong-Chih Kuo, among countless others. Page 43 of the 2007 Information Guide is dedicated to the medical pioneer.

DODGER INSIDER – The Dodgers would like to welcome Advisor, Latin America Scouting and Player Development, Ralph Avila, who is here for the series against the Marlins. Avila was featured throughout FSN Prime Ticket’s “Dodgers Insider – Campo Las Palmas,” which airs again on FSN Prime Ticket tomorrow at 12 p.m. and Thursday at 10 p.m. (this is what those of you who came to the Fox Lot saw that night).

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

LaRoche, 3B

Hendrickson, P



    Great game by Penny and the guys last night. I hope they bring up Loney and Kemp soon. The young guys future is now. Have Nomar and Gonzo back up the younger guys. Pierre may have use , but not on this team. He reminds me of Tom Goodwin.


    looks like another dominating lineup. big game from martin is coming tonight! get em hendy!!!!


    I understand your concern about Nomar, but have you seen him favoring a leg or wincing after swinging or making a play? Just curious, since I haven’t seen anything other than underperforming to indicate he’s hurt. Maybe he’s depressed – his twins are at home and he’s probably not seeing them as much as he’d like.

    He got Wednesday and Thursday off last week…he should still be pretty fresh, I think.


    Yes a definate chance to score some runs tonite! I agree with puppyhead i have not seen anything but pour swings from Nomar but nothing to indicate hes hurt so we just need Eddie to get it inside Nomars head to take some pitches at the beginning of the game instead of on his 3 or 4 at bat! Maybe he has a flaw in his swing that none of us can see (he does have a pretty ugly swing, just my opinion) but hey Hendy i think is gonna have a great game and i think Furcal will have a 3-4 night maybe it will help him get through his funk! GO DODGERS!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!


    What concerns me about nomar is that lately a majority of his outs have been to the opposite field. Could be just a slump but I think a day or two off for Nomar might help. I just hope its not his oblique.


    It is good to see the lineup be more stable.

    Nomar thought – he’s 3 for his last 22, and those were all singles. That gives him a SLG and an AVG of .136. He has a walk too, for an OBP of .174.

    Let’s hope the guy can improve these numbers for the team’s sake, starting today! If he’s injured ( which I don’t believe he is, not from watching him play ) then shame on the training staff for not picking up on it – and on him for not admitting it! – since we do have Loney to call up if Nomar needs to hit the DL.

    Either way, Go Blue!


    Erhm – the stats are Nomar’s batting line for over the last seven days, if that’s not clear from the context.


    Just read that Marlon Anderson (and his left handed bat)is out for a couple of months…more bone chips were discovered in his elbow. Has Bigbie’s time arrived? Perhaps Loney? With three utility guys on the squad, my guess is that Valdez’s tenure in the majors is about to come to an end.


    14K’s for Chan Ho? I knew the Rangers had to have seen something before dropping $65 mil on him


    I wonder if Bigbie can play CF? I would like to see him brought up for at least a couple of weeks to see if he can maintain that .300 plus average. We could play him two days a week for Gonzo and maybe another day or two for Pierre. If nothing else, it could create some good trade value for us – would really hate to give him up for nothing at the end of the month.


    I’m thinking, didn’t Hall catch most of Hendrickson’s games last year? It could be that Martin makes a big difference in his performance so far this year.


    bear that was something that Hendy says and credits to his great performances so far that Martin really knows how to call a ball game. That just goes to show what kind of player we truly have on our club here! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!!


    hey is it me or is Hendy leaving the ball up and over the plate a little too much here in the early innings?


    2nd and 3rd, 2 outs and our two hole hitter can take pressure of our staff by getting a key hit. he is batting .000 in these situations. I am writing this before I know what happens but this is a perfect example of what I am talking about. We can struggle to win this game with good pitching or a legit two hole guy like Martin could be up right now to blow it open. So let’s see what happenens..but this is the exact situation that makes me look away from the TV instead of being stoked to watch it.


    It’s fun to see this Dodger offense back in full swing. We all know that Russel Martin is good after seeing him play last season, but who knew he was this good? It doesn’t seem possible to get him out or throw him out.

    Also, Hendrickson is absolutely the surprise of the season as far as I’m concerned. If there are two players that I want to see succeed the most right now, it’s Hendrickson and Betemit. I hope the former keeps it up and the latter works out his kinks.


    well that wasn’t much of a surprise. He’s been leaving balls up all night and got caught.


    Pathetic Pierre *****

    Furcal *****

    Kent’s fielding *****

    Grady Little ***** most of all


    Rick Monday said “this team needs to go back to spring training” Please teach them how to bunt while their there..


    Nice inning. I think I heard Mr. Buttermaker pop a cold one open in the Dodgers dugout.


    well Furcal isn’t playing as well as he can obviously and Pierre well this is the best we are gonna get out of Pierre.


    Why don’t you ask to be excused, Nomar and sit on the bench – let Loney up here to play like one should in the major leagues. Your time is done in the majors, Nomar. Go and take care of the twins.


    NOMAR IS NOT DONE! He is either Hurt or tired. It doesn’t help having tweedle dumb as a manager who never rest him.


    Young players working hard & producing.. Old timers showing no intensity – no urgency – don’t seem to care if they win or lose..
    Manger the same way…


    Max — Tweedle Dumb is a great description – also liked your reference too Forest Gump the other day..


    gban – the “Mr. Buttermaker” line is killing me. Bravo!!!

    Looks like Tsao has recovered from that nightmare Sunday, nice inning. GO BLUE



    After tomorrow Bills should be a starting pitcher for us in place of Tomko. Tomko should be traded and get off of our club.


    Wow thats how good Billingsley can be. He’s got ace type stuff. He shouldn’t be wasted in the bullpen.


    Way to go, Martin, Ethier, LaRoche – 6 hits between you! Are there more guys like you where you came from? You bet – it’s time for Nomar and Gonzo to sit on the bench. Let’s bring up the youth corps.


    Nomar is looking sluggish Kent just doesnt have a clue and to top it off our leadoff hitters cant hit! We definately need to mix it up a bit at the top of the line-up. I fear when we have runners on and the top of the line up coming up! lol that is not the way a fan should feel!


    We have a $110 million payroll – 2nd or 3rd highest in the majors. Do we have Pujols? No, we have Nomar. Do we have Beltran? No, we have Pierre. Great investment sense, Colletti!


    We’ll be sinking fast with these washed up veterans. Better bring up the youth corps.


    i dont want to hear the ‘WE NEED CABRERA!!!’ talk. If most of our lineup wasn’t so atrocious, we wouldn’t need him. We’d just need someone decent at 3b.


    if we had another person in center field he would have been out at the plate. Pierre threw a balloon.


    With Willis pitching tomorrow I could see Nomar being benched, tough loss, Furcal’s error loomed large in that horrible inning. Kent’s error was foolish and careless but the run would have scored anyway. I love how when we lose some of you continue to blame Grady which boggles the mind. It’s not his fault Nomar is in a slump and Nomar should get a day off in one of the next two days. For those of you calling for Nomar to be benched, I beg of you to say the same a month from now, all players slump, you CANNOT react to short term slumps and hit the panic button. These things always work themselves out. We’re just horribly spoiled after the way Nomar played in May last year. We’ll just regroup and go after the D-Train tomorrow.


    just a reminder for all you boo birds;

    Adam LaRoche .171 BA

    Paul Konerko .200 BA

    Ryan Howard .198 BA

    Richie Sexson .153 BA

    Andruw Jones .220 BA

    Gary Sheffield .218 BA

    You guys would probably be calling for all of these players to be benched as well. It’s a long season. Teams/Batters/Pitchers get in slumps. Maybe it’s Physical, maybe mental, maybe something going on with their families. We need the Veterans for the critical spots/playoffs, the energy and vitality of the youths for the grind of the season, **** we need them all. If you guys were the owners/GM/managers, we would have a different lineup every other day when guys start slumping, and you probably would have a heart attack to boot. We are ALRIGHT. We have some moves to make, some guys in the minors ready to come up in case of injurys/trades/whatever, and money to make things happen. When we fall into 3rd place, 7 games back, I’ll start to really freak out. But as long as we’re in first or tied for first or a game or 2 back….how atrocious can our current lineup be?


    Don’t forget to trade or sit Pathetic Pierre when we bring up the young players..

    Bigbie, Loney, Kemp, & Abreu need to replace Pierre, Gonzo, Kent & Nomar..

    Look at how well other teams are doing with ther corp of young players – especially the Brewers.

    Of course we all know that this is just wishful thinking with Grady & Ned pulling the strings..

    I also think that Furcal could use a stint on the DL so he can completely heal his ankle.. The way it is now, Grady will probably run him into the ground..



    It is games like today’s game that are so very tedious to watch. A winnable game, a lead … and in their minds half the team seems to go home long before the game is over. Wham! the opposition builds a lead, and sjjjjjp, all the fight just goes out of the Dodger lineup. Even one run for a tied game becomes just too tall of an order.

    Come one guys, at least give your loyal followers something to cheer about when they get home from work! After slogging down a bike path in 95 degree heat the last thing I need is to watch Kent give up a run all by himself 😛

    Broxton is still a kid, not infallible, and his inability to get out of that inning against the Mets in the postseason last year has made a dent in my confidence in him. He’s not to blame for this loss. Like all the young ones he played his heart out. The vets demanding playing time and refusing to rest need to go look at themselves on tape tonight and pick it up.


    Also, Broxton’s wild pitch and walk of Uggla led to Cabrera’s game winner. And you can’t assume anybody would have made that throw at the end. But, Pierre didn’t, but he didn’t throw the pitch that got hit to him.


    Griffon – very well stated about the veterans..

    Alex – the problem with Pierre is that he can NEVER make a throw when needed – just like he can never hit when needed..


    I think you guys need to create a “We lost because of Pierre” blog, and just like today when we’ve lost and it has absolutely nothing to do with Pierre, you guys should blame Pierre anyway, cause it’s hilarious…and then do the same thing for Grady, that way we don’t have to read the same old tired BS.


    yeah, sometimes i get confused and think i’m reading a Yankees blog or something…

    “oh no, all our guys aren’t hitting .350 with 40HR’s and 150rbi’s! panic panic! it’s the end of the world. quick make some changes!”

    if some of you were Cubs fans, you’d probably be dead by now.


    Well, my question is “Does Grady have to play Pierre every day just because Colletti gave him a five year contract?”


    dead because you had gone crazy with the medocrity and jumped off a bridge. just making sure nobody takes that the wrong way.


    Who got into the Kent online chat today ?? I did, and for the first time they actually used a couple of my questions !!


    Pierre is an abortion. Thanks Ned! How bout putting the best team on the field and calling up Bigbie….at least he doesn’t throw like my sister.


    Juan for Five sure lived up to his name tonight. Could there be a worse player batting second in this lineup?


    Hey, most of you guys said the same things today that you say every day! Congratulations! You’re ridiculous!


    Everyone still with us today? Nobody’s gone out and started breathing in their tail-pipe yet? No? Good…

    It’s a new day… brush it off and let’s do our best today.

    Go Dodgers!!


    Im with you ksspark its a new day were still in first and we have a lot more games to play. I think sometimes some people on here forget that its just a game and we are not out there on the field. Like ive said before i love this blog because you get to see all the different opinions so in fairness to all the trouble makers out there we have to take the negative with the positives on these blogs. The best thing we can do is continue to be fans and get behind our team… haha i think i sound like doctor phil lol

    So now its time for me to state my opinion! ha ha ha I sometimes wonder what kind of shape we’d be in if the decisions were made by us. “I tell you what!…” i think we would be in bad shape. Grady knows what hes doing and so does Ned thats why we are in first and have a winning record. Now we will have our times during the season where we’ll need to pick up our team and say “YOU CAN DO IT!!!” all i have to say is im glad im not a Dallas Mavs fan could you imagine what those fans are going through rite now!

    Looking forward to a great game tonite hopefully Tomko can eat up some innings against a team he has dominated in the past. GO DODGERS!!!


    If Peavy were on the Dodgers he’d be put in the bullpen because he’s a young pitcher, ditto John Maine. Also today’s game will be hard to win. Does anybody know that Tomko is Swedish for run donor? 🙂


    fliegel the only reason our young pitchers are in the bullpen is because well one is a Closer in training and the second has had some rough times starting in the big leagues (although he had is great starts) Tomko pitched very well in spring thats why he got the 5th spot and Hendy was unhittable when Schmidt went down thats why our young guys are in the pen not because Grady said they cant cut it!


    hahaha the people who make the suicidal jokes are just pathetic. having been through that before its really nothing to joke about. for you to think something that stupid says something about how fanatical you are. let me tell you this atomikkid there are other ways to take out your frustration on people you disagree with, you too kssparkuhl. but to imply some of us people who want to see the best lineup everyday will someday just go off the edge over JP is absurd. i would like to see some cases of that, usually suicide happens to people who have severe mental problems, hardcore drug users. but us? some dodger fans who like to see our team win? i dont know how old you are but where were you in the 90’s buddy when we annually put **** ballclubs on the field? dont act like dodger fans have seen all this success lately, because since 88 we havent gotten out of the first round of the playoffs!! get a grip and if you want to disagree then do that but leave that suicide stuff at your bedroom door.


    maybe i could referance boston 86′ bill buckner, suicides, but i still think i would have a tough time finding some cases of that fanaticism. you must be a fan of the movie the fan!! totally ridiculous. GO DODGERS!!!! RUSSELL MARTIN ALL STAR ( should be # 2 hitter ) CATCHER!!! how does that sound!! McCann who?


    dahustlasbac, Bills is a starter and he should start. He has much more of an upside than Tomko or Hendy. Sometimes you just have to let a young player do his thing and take whatever he gives you, eventually the talent takes over and he’ll win. If that doesn’t happen ,at least he was given his shot and you can go on from there.


    yes but that is not how the dodgers do business. they don’t let young players just flounder until they find their way. The only reason why martin, ethier, and brox stuck last year is because they were excellent from day 1. Ethier was benched when he started to flounder. Kemp was demoted once he started struggling. Loney was adequate and demoted the second Nomar could hobble back on the field. Bills? some control problem last year and found himself in the bullpen despite an excellent spring. It can’t get much clearer. The dodgers don’t have patience for youth.


    fliegel i understand and agree with you that he is a starter not a reliever but at the time when spots were being given out he was being out performed so you cant fault management for trying to send there best out there to pitch! Hendy has not really showed he is ready to go back to the bullpen (besides last night) and tomko hasnt either (his record does not reflect what hes done so far this year for us *not very good defensive plays out there backing him up his last two starts*) so untill Hendy or Tomko show they need to be moved Bills will continue to help our pen with his filthy stuff.


    fliegel, Bills is a few more bad Tomko starts away from taking the #5 job. I think your Peavy assessment is way off base though, he has a ton more big league experience than Bills (who is slowly but surely getting his. Give me a break with the JP hating, we lost last night because of Kent’s blunder, Furcal’s error and Hendrickson’s BP fastball to Cabrera.


    If we look back at Bill’s overall record as a starter last year, even though I was as frustrated with him at times as anybody, I think we would be only too happy to accept that win/loss record from our 4th or 5th starter this year. Enough said.


    wow graffitti…ok, no more suicide jokes. was just saying something about the tone that this blog had been taking (good to see some positive comments). i’m sorry and didn’t mean to offend. oh and i am 30, so in the 90’s i was 13-23, so perhaps in the most formative years of my life i had to watch **** Dodgers teams, and you know what? I loved them.


    Kemp’s OPS at triple A since returning is .987 so thats encouraging. That’s good news..


    As long as the pitching stays good, this team will be a .500+ level team. When Kent, Nomar, or Gonzo get injured, which chances are will happen to all of them at least for brief stretches, we will see Kemp, Abreu, and Loney and they will have the chance to prove themselves again. If they do well, they will stay with the team and others will be moved. Just like what happened last year with the rookies who actually performed consistently.


    I get the feeling some of you don’t care for Pierre. Just a feeling, mind you.
    This can’t be your first pennant race? We’ve got a long way to go and we’re in good shape for the present. It’s already been pointed out that there are moves that will be made. Some of the kids will play for the big club, but dumping our entire core of veterans is just not realistic.

    I’d like to come out in support of little again. I think he’s OK.


    “As long as the pitching stays good, this team will be a .500+ level team”

    (not bad for 120 mill.)

    “When Kent, Nomar, or Gonzo get injured, which chances are will happen to all of them”

    (not bad for our 3-4-5 hitters on a 120 million dollar team.)

    It’s insane. Waiting for our “best” players get hurt in order to see our young players get a shot.To be clear I don’t care if our young players ever get a shot, i just want to win, but to not give them a shot to give Gonzo a shot is stupid. It just shouldnt be this way..not for a team that has a big payroll, a team that draws more fans than just about any team in baseball and a team that has been widely regarded as having a top 5 farm system for a few years now.

    When do dodger fans start to demand better? The owners of this team have demanded that instead of paying 6 bucks for parking we pay 15, they have demanded that instead of 6 dollar bleacher seats they are now 12 bucks and spending 30 on a ticket will get you reserved level where it used to be field level. Hey thats fine, i have nothing against the McCourts and making money. Frank has spent money on the club, its not his fault that Ned is stupid and spent his dough on over the hill veterans…But that dosent mean we can’t start demanding better result. Its been 20 years for Petes sake.


    I’m OK with Little too. Every manager loses games sometimes, and I think he manages the team pretty well.


    I remember last year when these blogs ripped Furcal and Nomar and whoever else wasn’t a Dodgers prospect.
    they all wanted Izturis to play SS. I supported the trade of Guzman for his bad attitude and that was pretty much agreed upon on here. I was chastised for defending keeping Penny. Now, look at him!!!! I no longer post, but I still enjoy reading the blogs everyday. I expect JP to come around be a major contributor.


    The Guzman trade was pointless. I remember the Cubs fans laughing at Ned giving Juan for Five 45 million dollars. I enjoy watching the best players a team can field. I expect JP to continue to play just as he is now, and has been for the last three years.


    The Guzman trade landed us a 1st round pick (no. 20) in next month’s draft.

    Guzman looks like a total bust anyway.


    Ned hasn’t done a bad job so far, but I do question having Nomar ,Gonzo and Pierre. If we had the Nomar and Gonzo of 8 or 9 years ago it would be great especially with the Kent of that time also. These players best years are gone, that’s not saying they can’t have a good game week or even year, but again , where is the upside? Right now our younger players for the most part are out performing them. Once again ,it’s a young mans game. Have the veterans back up the kids. To me that makes more sense. Also the Peavy comment was made tongue in cheek. And Pierre just stinks.


    I don’t like Juan Pierre either. His throwing arm is horrible, he has bad fielding instincts, he is impatient at the plate and for all the talk of his stolen bases, he has pretty bad base running isntincts as well. However, we are stuck with him. Max Power is right, this is what Pierre is going to be. He is not slumping, and while people call for him to be traded, there is no one in the league that would trade for him. We are stuck with him for 5 years and unfortunately he will probably be at the top of the order making outs for the whole 5 years.
    Also Larry Bigbie is not the answer. His spring training and AAA numbers are inflated since he hits against mediocre pitching. As a 29 year old with major league experience he should be able to rake minor league pitching. His career batting line goes 269AVG/331OBP/395SLG. Thats hardly the numbers of a potential savior of this ballclub. While he could be a suitable left-handed bat with decent power off the bench, he should not be counted on to be a starter like some people think.

    Also, Gonzo will hit around .270 all year so unless he gets hurt we are probably stuck with him since management won’t feel like they need to replace him. The frustrating thing is that Kemp could duplicate Gonzo’s numbers and provide better D all the while gaining Big League experience and getting better while Gonzo will only deteriorate. Same thing with Bills, he would easily put up better numbers than Tomko and he can only get better in the future, so why not use him now.

    I would like management to make a decision to release either Martinez or Valdez since neither really serve a purpose to this team while LaRoche is playing third and Betemit is utility. They are holding a roster spot from either a 12th pitcher or Matt Kemp or James Loney.

    Sorry so long just felt the need to express my opinions since I am usually just a reader of the blog but today wanted to post


    ok all of you guys that are so stuck on walks obp’s slugging pct. salvation is on the way. Ricky Henderson wants to make a come back according to Fox Sports. he is the career leader in runs scored (2,295) and stolen bases (1,406) and is second behind Barry Bonds in walks with 2,190. He also has 3,055 career hits, 297 home runs, won the 1990 AL MVP award and made 10 All-Star games. He won an AL Gold Glove in 1981 as an outfielder with Oakland.
    such a deal Josh have Ned call him quick before someone else signs him. or maybe we should be a little more patient and let Ned and Grady do there jobs. fan since the 50’s and have seen it all but never seen fans turn on players as quick as some of this bunch. you’d think we were all from New York. GO BLUE


    Something must be going on, since it’s almost an hour before gametime and still no lineup.


    Nevermind, Tony Jackson just posted the lineup at his blog…

    Nomar, Gonzo and Ethier ALL sitting tonight against Willis. Saenz, Valdez and Clark taking their places. Martin batting 3rd.


    Grady again sitting 3 regulars on the same day. Last time it was against a scrub pitcher now its against a guy who won 22 games a couple of years ago.


    oh and we probably have our worst starting pitcher going tonight. I thought Grady said he wouldn’t be afraid to skip the 5th starter to get better match ups.


    Grady’s throwing his entire right handed bench at Dontrelle. Hey isn’t Nomar right handed?


    This is where we need Kemp on the team, instead we have Valdez in left, which should never happen. Nomar’s day off makes sense, it’s a lefty (Willis) so Saenz starts. Plus, there is a noon eastern game tomorrow (9 a.m West Coast), so today’s a good time for rest. Also, Willis DOMINATES Left handed batters this season (.097 avg.) as opposed to righties (.340) so this lineup makes a lot of sense. Look at the facts before opening your mouths and then support your opinions with facts…just a thought.

    Go Dodgers!


    That lineup has to be a joke , right? Why would Grittle sit Either? He’s one of the few guys that hit. Isn’t it important to try and win every game?


    hrmm if nomar is out tomorrow too you gotta think there is more too it then rest. Although if i was Grady Nomar would have had a day off 5 days ago and yesterday. Nomar can’t play everyday like he used to. He should be getting 1 to 2 days off a week.


    Agreed Max, the whole point and the reason Loney should have been up from the beginning was to spell Nomar every 5th game and to come in after the 7th inning when we’re leading. Now they may end up doing that later in the season, because it’s May and Nomar would need the rest toward July-September. Kemp and Loney should be on the team, Valdez’s time is running out, but I don’t know the other roster spot available to get both on the team.


    nkirby4 wrote, “Could there be a worse player batting second in this lineup?”

    Wilson Valdez? Unfortunately, he is hitting 7th and in LF tonight! At the very least hit him 8th and wrap him around (kinda) to the leadoff rabbits.


    WAY too much negativity on this blog for me. Now I know why my friends euhlman and kday01 haven’t been posting here much lately. You guys need to lighten up and stand behind our team instead of ripping them apart everyday. (Thank God we’re in first place; I can only imagine what this blog would be like if we weren’t).

    How about showing some support (and faith) in our FIRST PLACE Dodgers for a change. (Disclaimer: Obviously excluding those of you who have maintained your support and faith all the while – you know who you are).

    Hey Gary, I saw your great question on the Jeff Kent chat. Thanks for thinking of us “over-50 guys”!

    GO DODGERS! (And yes, I REALLY mean that!).


    I don’t agree with platooning Ethier based on the righty/lefty pitching. Having Valdez on the team is probably redundant at this time, and I expect he’ll be the first one to go when we make our next call-up. If we were going to rest Nomar, we probably should have done that yesterday rather than against the lefty tonight. Personally I think that Nomar should be rested a couple of days a week, unless he simply catches a hot streak. Loney should be up to spell Nomar for those occasions and as a left-handed pinch hitter. We should at least find out whether Loney can handle the major league assignment with an average at least as good as Nomar presently carries.


    Sorry I posted before seeing what you both wrote. Thanks though and I appreciate it. Go Blue.


    If only our two lead-off batters would exercise some patience like the guys further down in our line-up.


    hey 53
    you tell ’em pal us old guys have seen a lot worse and still bleed Blue. really thought all of the boo birds would have taken my Ricky Henderson bait, he fits what ya’ll keep asking for


    I know we have to pay Pierre for another 4 plus years, but do we have to play him?

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