Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Nomar, 1B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Betemit, 3B

Martinez, 2B

Tomko, P



    Hey look at it this way at least Martin is batter 5th even though he’d do more good batting second.


    That’s true. Not to beat a dead horse,but the thing that bothers me about Betemit is that he hasn’t hit at all since last year. He didn’t hit in winter ball or the spring ,and now this has carried over to the season. I’m not sure what his problem is ,but he better figure it out soon. Also when Eddie Murray was Clevelands hitting coach ,I think they were last in the league in hitting. As soon as Murray got fired the team started to hit. Just something to think about.


    Resting our 39 year old clean up hitter to put in another 39 year old clean up hitter? 120 million dosent buy you what it used to.


    Tomko Vs Smoltz what are the vegas odds on that one? (j/k) if Tomko keeps the ball down & changes speeds he should give the Dodgers a good chance to win.


    Anderson is supposed to have a good career BA against Smoltz – maybe he could have played 2B. Or then again, maybe it was a different Anderson against a different Smoltz!

    The team doesn’t look that great on paper, with the nr 7 to nr 2 slots being automatic outs ( 1 and 2 slightly less so of late than 7 and 8 ) – all I can say is, Tomko, you keep the ball DOWN, and 3-6 – everybody get a hit whenever you’re up to bat!

    That might let us squeak through 😉

    Here’s to hoping there’s some good things done today by the guys that seem to always get beat on. Nothing makes the critics go away like a good performance, y’know 😉


    Why is Kent sitting? Why are we sitting the best hitter on the team after a day off?

    Why is Betemit still in our lineup? How many chances is he going to get?


    well like always Grady mismanaged the days off and since Kent hardly had any days off he had to rest him a day after our day off.



    54ABs vs Smoltz. Maybe this is why? I don’t get it either. But those are Pierre like #s.


    Here’s one for you:

    Tonight is the 29th game of the season for the Dodgers.

    Wilson Betemit has been in 22 of the previous 28 games, having started in 19 of them.

    He has 53 at bats entering tonight’s game.

    In his 53 at bats, he has 7 hits for a .132 batting average.

    He has walked 14 times, which is the ONLY reason he has an any kind of an OBP at all (.310).

    His slugging percentage is .170, the lowest of any regular Dodger position player.

    And here’s the kicker; in his 53 at bats, he has struck out 15 times, which is 28% of the time.

    For the life of me, I do not understand why Grady continues to start him at 3B. With these numbers, he wouldn’t be starting in Triple-A on any other team. Oh well.

    Let’s win tonight boys!



    My post from earlier, once again.

    Well I’m sure glade most of you are paying attention, because putting Loney at 3B is just as bad as Nomar at 3B or JP in the #8 hole or playing all rookies. We have a team in first place and you guys act like it’s broken. We’re playing 600+ ball, 2 games in first place in the toughest division in baseball. Come on !!! get behind this team and cheer them on or get off the bus !!! This is a fun team to watch !!! Enjoy the game everyone !! We’re going to win some and lose some. At the end of the day it’s still all about “the Love of the Game” !!!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    max_power_05 – “Betemit’s OBP is the same as Juan Pierre’s :(”

    True, however Pierre has scored 21 times compared to Betemit’s 4. To Betemit’s credit, he does have 6 RBI’s to Pierre’s 5. There is no doubt that Betemit will get better (I can’t imagine him doing much worse), but it needs to be done at Las Vegas, not with the Big club.



    I’d like to hear one reason why Pierre should not bat 8th other than he is fast. Here are my reasons why he should not bat in the 2 hole. (now leadoff, even with my reasons, different story)

    Pierre’s line with runners on: (50 PAs)


    RISP (30 PAs)


    Bases Loaded (8 ABs)

    .000 .000 .000 .000

    This GUY is our link to Nomar and Kent and why we are in so many 1 run games right now. He does have value and I am not ripping on Pierre, I am ripping on Piere beeing in the 2 hole. Please for the sake of the team put Martin in the 2 hole. He has speed, can hit to all fields, is selfless and can drive the ball.


    thats the biggest head scratcher jungar. he needs to hit in the 8 hole..pierre in the number 2 spot is not only detrimental to our offense, it hurts our pitchers too because we would scor so many more runs with martin in the 2 spot. as long as everyone agrees that we are winning without our best team on the field we are ok. this team shows so much potential, but continuing to bat juan 2 and betemit at all is really dwarving us.


    53…Its easy to explain why Pierre has scored more runs then Betemit. He’s played in more games and has Nomar, Kent, Gonzo and Martin hitting behind him while Betemit has the pitcher, Furcal and Pierre.

    as for Pierre batting 8th i think it would really help the offense. Something has to change. 12 runs in 5 games is awful. Martin would be the ideal 2 spot hitter. He hits to contact, power and has some speed.

    Also Martin has a good slugging percentage which means when he gets on base more often then not its 2nd. So say if Furcal walks Martin Doubles(1-0) then its Nomar who has a ridiculous average with runners in scoring position is up and then the game could very well be 2-0 with out an out being made.

    and please if people think this team doesn’t have flaws they need to rethink their mental status. The only real sure thing on this team right now is the bullpen.


    if there was any time to say betemit’s due it would be tonight. it just hurts to say someone is due.


    yeah graffiti…someone has to have a good game. Im putting my money on Ethier though.


    Nice points JUNGER…I’ve been advocating JP moving down in the order all year long. Be careful though, if you say it too often people on here will jump all over you. Lets just hope management gets the memo.

    FANSINCE53, “True, however Pierre has scored 21 times compared to Betemit’s 4.”

    Although some of that can be attributed to his speed, the primary explanation for that stat is that he bats 2nd in the order, with kent, nomar, gonzo, and russ ready to knock him in; whereas Betemit has the pitcher, Furcal and…well..Pierre to knock him in. The fact is his offensive production when he is at the plate is about the same as betemit’s (SEE identical OBP and RBI). Pierre’s “good” stats (i.e. stolen bases, runs scored & hits) are sooo misleading in terms of HIS offensive pruduction. It baffles me that people continually refer to them when making a point about his worth. I guess its because there really isn’t much else to use.

    Man I hope he moves down in the order.



    dodgerdude…i dont think id include stolen bases in his “good” stats. He gets throw out 35 percent of the time which is pathetic for a guy with that speed. He just can’t read pitchers.


    Those numbers look good beacuse of the high number of steals. in His carrer he is 339 for 458.


    I guess I was being a bit generous in calling that a “good” stat…I just didn’t want to be accused of downplaying his “strong” suits.


    yeah well honestly Pierre hasn’t had a good year since 2004. If he plays like he did in ’04 he would be a huge asset to the team. So far he’s on pace for a career worse year.

    Betemit a 3 pitch K with runners in scoring position again!


    Isn’t it interesting that the anouncers for the Braves know exactly what the problems are for the Dodgers.. Before the game they said that Furcal & Pierre are very weak at the top of the order – the main reason that we are not scoring more runs.. Also said that the outfield of Pierre & Gonzo (with exception to Either) are the weakest ARMS in baseball.. It is so sad that we have a manager, who sees our team everday, isn’t as smart as a couple of play by play announcers..
    I enjoy reading everyones remarks on this site because most of you seem to know exactly what is needed to help this team.. BUT most of you are missing the biggest factor/weakness of this team — It’s the MANAGER !!!! He is a Good Ole Boy who thinks that only Good Ole Boy players can produce.. He is deathly afraid to play younger players.. He had no choice with Martin & Either last year and look how that turned out – Now they are two of our best players..He also continues to let Betimet play almost everday, althouth he is playing the worst baseball of any 3rd baseman in baseball…

    I understand that we have a decent won/lost record – but where would we be without the great pitching that we have had thus far – we sure as heck wouldn’t be in 1st place..

    We have so many good players in our farm system that could improve this team, but unfortunatley with a manager and GM who are afraid or unwilling to make changes we will continue to be just what we are now – an average hitting, a below average fielding, and a great pitching team.. God help us if or when the pitching starts to go south..

    As I said before – the biggest change that needs to be made is the way that Grady manages.. If he doesn’t, we are in deep trouble..


    Someone tell me a reason why Betemit should ever set foot on the field in a Dodger jersey again.


    This bases loaded drought is unbelievable and I want to point out Ethier, Betemit and Martinez didn’t get the job done. So not all of the blame goes to Betemit, plus Smoltz is just filthy.


    Smoltz is a good pitcher but Either made a terrible swing on a ball he could have driven in the gap and betemit well hes making it very hard for me to back him up at all(first at bat looking at 2 strikes down the pipe and swinging at the one at his ankles? There is something terribly wrong i dont see him starting anymore this season, then 2nd at bat nice battle untill he tries to take that long swing on a low and inside slider it just doesnt work! Sorry had to vent!) and then Martinez made a good swing just good play by left fielder! This is ridiculous that we cannot get runners in on bases loaded no outs no excuses just plain horrific!


    well Pierre sacrificing showed how much confidence Grady has in Pierre right now.


    Few questions.

    Can Ethier somehow learn to stop swinging at pitches down and in?

    Can Betermit please stop striking out (17 Ks)more than twice as many times as getting hits? (7)

    Can the bullpen keep compensating for lackluster performances by Lowe and Wolf?

    Can Grady Little please stop trying to bunt with Pierre?

    Can Jason Schmidt pitch 93+ mph fastball ever again?

    Can we please get some hits when bases are loaded?


    Why would little stop bunting with Pierre? Thats what we paid him for. Of course there is such a thing as a waste of money.


    Pierre is horrible. The guy is good at one thing, bunting. He can’t catch, he can’t throw, he can’t hit, and he gets caught stealing way to often. What a waste of money. Worst part, 5 years.


    Dear Grady/Ned,
    My birthday is at the end of the month. Can you please find a third baseman that can hit. It’s time to cut our loses and make a move before this ship starts to sink. We’ve had a great start to the season, let’s not lose momentum. Maybe even bring up Loney and move Nomar to third. I wouldn’t mind Brad Penny at third since his average is higher than Betemit. Please!!!


    Can Wilson be any worse! swings over the top of sliders and let’s fast balls down the pipe go by….incredible….What is going on????


    we should kidnap Betemit. Kinda like in the movie Celtic Pride except reverse.


    anyone care to defend betemit now? i haven’t watched the game but i see he left 7 men on base. good to see two scoresless (if not perfect) innings from bills though.


    Dear Mr. Coletti,

    Mother’s Day is Next Weekend and my poor old Ron Cey Loving widowed Mom is distraught by our current 3rd baseman could you get her a Hot Young STUD player for 3rd base?

    Dear Mr. Coletti,

    Mine and my Wifes 15th Anniversary is Week after next could you get us a 3rd baseman who can atleast hit for avg.?

    Dear Mr.Coletti,

    Are you Blind,deaf and totally disconnected with all feelings? We the Fans are in desperate pain watching Betemit choke at the plate please for everyones sake including Betemits Please have Mercy and Pull the Trigger! I don’t Treat sportcaught fish this badly….Please do the right thing and put everyone out of their misery…..



    Bills looked great. Despite two bad innings this year he has been lights out and his BB/K ratio is 2:1.


    Well i must say i have never not enjoyed watching a Dodger game, . . . . . . untill toda theres was only one good thing about today’s game and that was another series of scorless innings from our pen! All i can say is we need something to happen and it needs to happen now!


    Pierre, Betimet, Grady Little don’t belong in the Major Leagues — Enough said!!!


    I know its still early and this is the least of our problems but who do you Guys like more based solely on this seasons performance so far Martinez or Valdez?

    Valdez has tapered off on his hitting but when he gets on he seems to make things happen alot more.They both field ok and Martinez has yet to get his bat going in my opinion.Alot of you have stated (OVER and OVER and OVER yes its that bad sometimes)That we don’t need both and I agree we need room to move some people. Who do you like better?Who can we get more for?


    Hey what do you know. 99% of the posts today are complaining. Man that’s awesome.

    rwbjr0 – dumbest thing you’ve ever said probably. Grady has the best winning % of any active ML manager, if I remember reading that right…he doesn’t belong in the majors because he wins more than all the rest of the managers? Disagree with his style if you will but he gets the job done, every year that he’s been in the league.

    Yeah. Betemit ***. Pierre could bat elsewhere in the order. We all know that because we read the same blog every day, and you all say the same thing every day.

    But, you know, please, come back to the blog and be as interesting as ever.


    it is hard for me to say this, but, even if we are in first place, we need help.
    we need Loney, LaRoche and Kemp to replace Martinez, Betemit and Anderson. WE need a little more speed, a little more power, and a lot more effort, tonights game was as Atlanta’s broacasters said over and over called out our weak spots. Our bullpen is great with help coming, our starters are weak, with some ajustments needed, but our lineup needs help. I think we can get it now, before we make changes that include the players mentioned above. cut our loses with older, nor performing vets, and focus on our future,now.don’t trade our future it is time to make the future happen now.


    Although it is a bit early, it appears that we may have dodged a major bullet tonight. As of this moment, the D-Backs and Giants are losing their respective games, and the Padres already lost. The Rockies won, but they are still 5 games back.

    I have refrained from jumping on the “Pierre bashing bandwagon” to this point, but his defense has been horrible. That being said, I have to put the blame for tonight’s loss on Tomko. Three of the four runs scored by the Braves tonight reached base on walks (Déjà vu of last season). I anticipate that Kuo or Billingsley will be replacing Tomko soon. (Very soon, I hope).

    Let’s get ’em tomorrow boys!



    Puppyhead…Grady winning percentage is all fine and dandy but a manager is judge on his ability to put the best possible team on the field and i think we can all agree Grady isn’t doing his job very well right now.

    I have a feeling Grady is gonna ride Tomko until he completely implodes.


    From Daily News:
    Grady hints at changes

    Tired of watching his team — and especially Wilson Betemit — leave runner after runner on the bases, Grady Little finally admitted after the game tonight that the club’s inability to score is becoming a burr in his saddle. Little offered this rather cryptic quote after the game: “We’re going to have to make some changes, either with the batting order or the personnel or something.” Later, when asked about Betemit specifically, Little said, “I think he has pretty much hit rock bottom right now.” If the Dodgers were ever going to try to sneak Betemit through waivers with the goal of sending him to the minors, they have as good a chance right now as they’re ever going to. And even if another team takes him, at this point, who cares? But the problem is, they don’t have a viable alternative. Andy LaRoche isn’t playing especially well in Triple-A right now. But one possibility is playing Wilson Valdez at 3B on an everyday basis, even though he has come back to earth a bit offensively of late. My guess is something could happen with Betemit as soon as tomorrow, so we’ll see.


    So much for my dodging the bullet theory. The Giants came back and beat the Phillies. Oh well.

    I would actually be fine with Valdez at 3B. Even though his bat has cooled off a bit (probably due to fewer at bats), he is an outstanding base runner and palys with heart. No matter what, he will definitely do a better job than Wilson Betemit.

    I agree with you alex, something is going to happen with Betemit within the next day or two and I believe that it will also include Hong-Chih Kuo.



    Since the team seems to have no intention on giving La Roche a shot i right now I think that moving the lineup around would help in the short term. Grady should try anything at this point.



















    I like your second line up max, except that Pierre is missing. I guessing that you would probably have him batting behind Ethier


    I kinna felt after betemit was pulled tonight that he might be getting a plane ticket in his locker. Also concerning Tomko I think he is probably back to the pen after Kuo is ready to come back be it bills or Kuo filling out the pitching order. Kuo Had 7 K’s in 2.1 inns but it took him 51 pitches he walked 1 gave up 2 hits hit a batter and anthother reached on a La Roche error.12 batters faced so while 7 K’s is great it wasn’t what you would want from your starter except he allowed 0 runs.


    ah yeah me forgetting Pierre was a freudian slip.

    This is whats difficult about Pierre. Right now he is not playing like a top of the order guy but thats what he is. He can’t hit eighth. He’d be a waste of money at 8th but he shouldn’t be our 2 hitter. But the team would benefit from him hitter anywhere but second so 8th is the only spot for him unless he’s benched which again would be a waste of money.

    Since Martin would be the perfect 2 hitter that leaves Pierre utterly useless too us. Even though he pretty much is useless right now in the 2 spot. This is just a really confusing way of me saying that Pierre was a waste of money.

    I really think Valdez had reach his peak. He was hot for a while then Grady stopped using him but he’s out best option on the big club right now. I really think Abreu or La Roche deserve a shot.


    The problems right now directly reflect Ned and Grady. I honestly think they thought they would have no problems this year. They are clearly not prepared to make a decision. Also having La Roche start in the outfield showed they had confidence in Betemit and not in Ethier.


    Attention PuppyHead::
    Grady Little was in minor league baseball for 33 years – Makes you wonder why nobody wanted him in the Majors in all that time..

    Prior to that he was a minor league catcher for 6 years – His batting avg. was a whooping .201 with a total of 2 HRs.. In other words, he played like he manages – NOT VERY GOOd!!

    Finally Boston called him up & he took them to the post season in 2002 & 2003 BUT he was so disliked for his many, many stupid decisions that they ran him out of town. He was very lucky that he had inherited good players that could overcome most of his bad decisions -just like what is happening now..

    He sat on his fat *** at his farm in North Carolina during 2004 & 2005 because nobody wanted him.. I wonder why.. Then, guess what, Ned C. in his infinite wisdom decided to give him another chance.. Probably because he came so Cheap. He is the lowest paid manager in the majors – what does that tell you?? Anyway, I am very certain that we will all be begging for his dismissal somtime in the near future, just as the fans & media did in Boston..


    Miller might walk some guys but they haven’t been scoring. Plus he has been completely lights out his last 3 or 4 starts. Houlton has been great too.

    Posted by: | May 4, 2007 12:08 AM

    Ya catch the Box score tonight Max? Houlton got rocked and walks are not pretty to watch 4 runs 4 walks 6 hits 1 K in 3 inns. The 51’s got beat worse then we did tonight….If we don’t get the Good Kids outta there soon they are gonna lose itLoney is hitting .255 Abreu is down to .351 Kemp had the only extra base hit.Hope Ned digs deep and hard to move afew spots for Kuo,Braz,Abreu,and Kemp.


    ouch i just saw the final score 7-1. Hrmm maybe the real Houlton is showing up now. His ERA was too good to be true a week ago.


    Grady having a high winning % is great but you have to remember he’s only been a manager for three seasons—small sample size. He was handed two VERY talented teams in 2002&2003. DLowe & Pedro were a force on the mound in 2002 and 2003 was one of the best hitting teams Boston has ever had. I don’t blame him for the 2003 bullpen though–they were horrible.



    Thats Last years chant….

    WE all know it we all think it but until the real problems are resolved like having productive players to manage its not gonna happen.Steinbrenner can’t even bring himself to fire Torre. Why? Because what are the options?Who are you gonna have manage a team in first place and come in cold Turkey to keep the team in First place????

    Now is not the time… we ride with Forrest because thats all you get. If Kevin Kennedy made himself availible for the job then I’d jump on his bandwagon and Tommy well he is Tommy and he doesn’t manage anymore.


    a month into the season now. we’ve evaluated some of our personnel (betemit and JP not helping themselves). it’s time to make some minor tweaks. though i don’t think grady is willing to put nomar at third, i’m all for it. we’d have great glove work around the diamond.

    i foresee (hope for??) the following:

    1. addition of brazoban to the big club – move to 12 pitchers temporarily

    2. demotion/DFA betemit to AAA to get ABs and hopefully rebuild his confidence. if he gets claimed, another wasted trade, but i’m getting used to it. at least hendy appears to be panning out. (having said that, perhaps we all overreact. all of us who are/were athletes know that slumps happen and one good game is all it takes to turn things around). it has been a painful month. time to go.

    3. give valdez a shot to play 3b daily for a couple of weeks. this being an audition for him to stay on the active roster and not be released (if his bat stays hot and he can pull a chone figgins for the BLUE). if he fails, he goes and the hotter of laroche/abreu comes in for their tryout. if he succeeds, marlon or ramon are gone and he mans third.

    4. during the next week or so when Kemp is eligible to return, seanez or one of our 3 backup infielders will have deemed themselves extraneous. likely seanez if brazoban stays healthy.

    5. kuo goes to AAA and starts for a loooong time to build up pitch count again.

    as for JP, i don’t know what to do about him. he has looked just plain terrible – from defense (routes, glove, arm) to ABs (grounding out to 2b everytime i tune in on TV). either he gets dropped in the order to 7th/8th for martin to bat 2nd, or he gets swapped with raffy and leads off instead.

    sorry for the long rant. just my thoughts.


    and ultimately, i think this is what i’d like to see this year:










    How bout this one










    With Gonzo platooning with JP also avail off the bench and moving to the spot when he starts that way when JP starts the pitcher walks and we can pinch hit Gonzo/Clark for JP with risp or JP can Bunt the pitcher off the bases.


    hrmmm i don’t know if i’d bat Abreu second right off the bat. Martin is the ideal 2nd guy for us.

    If i was grady my lineup for tomorrow would be…










    Just a thought –

    Wilson is clearly not working out. But I’m not sure LaRoche is ready to produce everyday for us in the bigs, and giving Valdez and others a chance is not what we need in the long term. We are not rebuilding, we are trying to get to the WS. So lets look both short & long term. Texas on the other hand, has some troubles in their pitching staff. So lets swap:

    Hank Blalock 3b – .272 25HR 96RBI 59BB 127 SO – his avg stats over 4 years

    for LaRoche, Elbert & Houlton. Yes we’re giving up some young arms, but we need a player at 3b. Blalock is proven and is still young, and they get a young 3b and some future starting pitching. Lineup with him in it:










    i think planning to win the WS in 2007 is foolish…i can’t see us getting there this year. i think we’d be much better off being patient with some of the kids. Winning in 2007 is not worth a barren farm system, imho.

    plus, blalock, considering he plays in bandbox texas, might not translate well in dodger stadium. i don’t think that would be a good trade at all.


    How bout Betemit,JP,Tomko and Seanz for a bag of balls,Player to be named Blalock and a Dallas cheerleader?


    I think we currently have four guys that are expendable: Valdez, Martinez, Anderson, and Seanez. Seanez should be going down to Las Vegas when Brazoban is ready to be activated. We should decide which one of the other three to keep with the Dodgers – my own preference being Martinez – the other two should either be traded for prospects or waived and sent to AAA. We should bring up Kemp and Abreu to fill those two slots. Abreu should be given a real opportunity to solve our 3rd base problem. As to Betemit, somebody should check him out thoroughly to see if there is a physical problem, especially with his eyes. It wouldn’t be the first time that a player didn’t tell the team that something is wrong with him, or he may not even be aware of an underlying cause. Then I would have him work with batting coach Murray. Now, that may already be going on, and I would have to question whether Murray is really an adequate coach in this regard. The current Dodger failures to produce with the bat should make that a serious question, and perhaps Murray should be the one to go.
    The batting order needs to be adjusted. Either Pierre needs to go down with Martin taking the 2nd slot, or Furcal needs to get out of the lead-off slot until he gets his stroke back with Pierre getting the lead-off for a while.









    There is no need to have Betemit or Pierre on this team. Since JP isn’t going anywhere send Wilson down and let him get claimed. Not really a wasted trade because Aybar has been suspended from the Braves and is rumored to be in rehab for drugs/booze.

    Some of you are underrating what a valuable asset Martinez has been. He isn’t flashy and you don’t want him starting everyday but they guy is a great utility man. LaRoche isn’t ready but there aren’t a ton of options out there. If Nomar could stay healthy it would be great to stick him at 3rd and bring up Loney.


    Want to improve the team? Easy , get rid of Pierre, Betemit , Gonzo ,and Little. Call up Kemp, Abreu and Loney. Move Kent to 3rd. Hire Girardi. Maybe they should just switch the triple A team with the major League one. :-)This is disgraceful and should have been addressed before now. Oh yea, we’re in first place, but not for long if these problems aren’t addressed.


    Here’s why Nomar at 3rd won’t happen, besides chances on an injury.

    During spring training Grady had ample time to give Nomar a chance at third to see if his arm and body could hold up. But Grady and everyone else had a huge hard on for Betemit’s 18 home runs they figured he’d be a sure thing.

    Grady is obviously the reason why there hasn’t been any change. He wasn’t prepared for theses problems and he is so dumb and laid back he thought he could wait a little longer and then things blow over.

    You all read the article a few days ago where grady said he was happy with the team. What kind of ***** would think that specially right now. 5 runs in the last 16 or 18 innings and 12 runs in the last 8 games is it? maybe 6. Nothing has changed this week that has been going on last week, the week before or even a month ago.


    Although I disagree with the extent to which many people are panicking, I agree that something has to change. Notably, 3b. But the things that WILL change, without drastic measures, will be hitters breaking their slumps – Furcal and Gonzo will not be this unproductive for long. And if Gonzo is, there’s a guy by the name of Kemp who would love to spell him.

    As I have said before, this team relies on consecutive base hits to score runs – usually singles, 30% of the time doubles, triples, HR. As such, having slumping 1, 5, and 8 hitters is what is causing the offensive malaise – you have the slumpers spread evenly throughout. Betemit needs to go. Hopefully his replacement can bat even .250, which would be twice as much as we’re getting from him. Furcal will wake up this month, he’s a historically awful player in April (from conversations I’ve had with my good friend, a Braves fan, he observed this every year). If those TWO things happen, this team starts scoring 4-5 runs each game again. And I really don’t think that’s as drastic as many of the other theories wandering around on this blog. Like firing Little because players aren’t playing well.

    And for those of you ragging on the pitching (which isn’t too many people) – 3rd best team ERA in baseball. Not bad. Esp. with Kuo and Stults waiting in the wings, Brazoban set to return, and Schimdt rehabbing his shoulder.

    The pitching is only going to get better, and the hitting can’t get much worse. As soon as Furcal steps up and Betemit gets sent down, this team is going to be hot. Their offense won’t look like either of the New York teams, but they will score a lot of runs. And the pitching will continue to carry them when the batters hit these periodic slumps. No need to panic.


    The only bad thing about the pitching right now is Tomko. Lowe hasn’t helped much this year either but he’ll turn it around.

    I really think Grady has dropped the ball so far. Sure there are players that have been playing horribly but he had other options and he decided to stick with the bad players.

    Grady and Ned have the worst philosophy for this team and i blame that all on McCourt. He obviously knew they preferred verteran players yet we have one of the richest farm systems in the league.


    I bet Brady clark gets a start tonight in center and Martinez at 3rd. Betemit will be gone in a matter of days im guessing/hoping.


    Besides needing an immediate fix to several of the team’s problems, I agree with Max concerning both Little and Colletti. I’m sure that nothing will change with either Little or Colletti at least for a couple of years. The main problem with that issue is that the Dodgers opted not to give those management assignments to people who were ingrained in the Dodger program and knew our farm system personnel. Instead we brought in outsiders who have largely relied on veterans who are slowly, and in some cases rapidly, declining in their poficiency. They are not going to take us to the ultimate goal of a World Series, but they are blocking developing talent from getting experience and maturity at the major league level, so that we could step up to the World Series in another year or two.


    I think the “bad players” need to be given a shot to break their slumps. Grady gave Betemit a shot, and I doubt you’ll see him starting any more. But anyone who’s been around baseball knows that you can’t judge a player’s season on 2-3 weeks. It’s the worst when a player STARTS in a slump, because then you don’t know if they’re awful or if they will come around. It’s a difficult decision to make for a manager, but I think Grady will make better 3b decisions from now on. He worked with what he was given, and now he’s going to make Ned find him another option.



    Santa Clause…I’ve been a very good boy…PLEASE, PLEASE let A-Rod opt out of his contract and become a Dodger for the rest of his career. I know I’m on the nice list this year…I’m not even asking you to cure cancer this time…I just want A-Rod.


    Betemit has been in a slump since last september, all of winter ball and all of spring training. They just feel in love with those 18 home runs and over looked everything else.


    Imagine how good we’d be right now if Logan White was our GM. I ❤ Logan White.


    They aren’t in love with his HR but his upside, like any young player. But he’s flamed out. It happens but it’s one of the hardest things to judge in baseball, imo.


    I think the “bad players” need to be given a shot to break their slumps. Grady gave Betemit a shot, and I doubt you’ll see him starting any more. But anyone who’s been around baseball knows that you can’t judge a player’s season on 2-3 weeks. It’s the worst when a player STARTS in a slump, because then you don’t know if they’re awful or if they will come around. It’s a difficult decision to make for a manager, but I think Grady will make better 3b decision from now on. He worked with what he was given, and now he’s going to make Ned find him another option.


    hmmm not sure how I posted that a second time. Ignore that.

    It’s not 18 hr alone but all the qualities Betemit showed before September that make them like his upside. As a Brave he was pretty solid, as a Dodger he came over and impressed for a brief time. His time is up, I think we all feel that, but I understand how a GM wants to see if someone they traded for will actually produce, especially since he has shown glimpses of being far better than he is now.


    ouch what a painful baseball game to watch. is it just me or do you think bobby cox played willie harris and batted him 8th to rub in the fact that we got ripped off for a number 8 hitter that is good at bunting. juan pierre batting second is a joke to anyone that knows baseball, i dont know how else to explain it, but get jp out of the 2 hole. cut your losses ned, loosen up your tie ( and ego ), and give us a decent lineup. this 120 million dollar payroll is hard to swallow especially with schmidt’s bum shoulder. juan pierre=willie harris.



    You are exactly right in what you have to say about Ned & Grady..

    And, as you said, they are the cause of most of our current problems..

    It sure is a hard pill to swallow when you think that this might go on for a couple more years..

    One can only hope that our young players get a chance sooner than later..


    O please,, , Ned and Grady turned our team from a 70 win team to an 85 win team. And in terms of Logan White, he might be our GM but you know him and Colletti talk every day, and if Logan didnt like/trust Colletti than im sure he would have left, which he hasnt, so if you love Logan so much maybe you should follow his lead a little better. Also, the Braves have 5 hitters batting .300, we have 2 and have one less win than they do. Worth thinknig about while everyone is crying.


    juan pierre=willie harris. comparable 8 hitters, but willie comes at a fraction cheaper. ( i **** at math but a big fraction. )


    also please no valdez at third. call up laroche and let him get right up here before Mr. Jump out of the way of every curveball plays third.


    haha yeah i have. I’ve been playing since T-Ball. I played travel team ball and then a year in high school. I got a scholarship to go play at Long Beach but blew out my elbow and had surgery. Still haven’t recovered. That was almost 3 years ago.


    I just realized it’s been one year since Martin was called up and since Nomar wore his poncho on Cinco De Mayo. I’m not sure who coined this last year, but it has to be brought back for at least one day…




    And the Betemit situation needs to be dealt with now…also Tomko pitched horribly yesterday and Pierre’s misplay would never have happened if he didn’t walk 3 straight yesterday and I believe he had 6 walks overall. Nonetheless the misplay did happen, but it was no worse than Ethier’s a few days ago. Take the good with the bad, right now the offense is bad. That will change, but Betemit is just mentally, physically, perhaps emotionally lost. In fact I would perform an MRI like they did on Schmidt to see if he’s hurt, cause this slump doesn’t make any sense and reminds me a lot of Ethier last year when he looked lost at the plate and it ended up being an injury. Just a thought, tonight’s game is gonna be a tough one to break out of the slump, but we’ll see.


    outside of kemp and brazoban, the next callup should be abreu. he was on fire in the spring, is still on fire, and really ought to get some time in the bigs in order to audition for jeff kent’s job next year… with all of our supposed options at third (laroche,betemit,optedoutArod) next year, we only have abreu for second, no?


    it is Cinco De Mayo i completely forgot! VIVA LOS DODGERS!! Nomar walk off bomb tonight.


    wait i just realized its an away game. Nomar go ahead bomb in the top of the ninth tonight!!


    I totally agree with you on giving Abreu that chance; however, your mention of his replacing Kent next season is totally misguided, given our current management. They will no doubt exercise Kent’s option for next season after he hits 10 home runs this season in recognition of his venerable vetaran status – the same for Nomar, who may hit as many as 12 home runs this year. I believe that Loney could hit that many given the chance to play an entire season with the Dodgers.

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