Unsung heroes

Though most people don’t realize it, the MVPs yesterday in addition to Randy Wolf were the Dodger Grounds Crew, which somehow managed to get the stadium in very good playing condition despite rain all day. The game was played and the team pulled off another win and everyone went home happy.

Today’s lineup is the same as yesterday with Penny in place of Wolf. He’s looking to become the first Dodger starting pitcher to begin the year 4-0 since Kaz Ishii went 6-0 in 2002.


  1. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    That’s quite true. In Richmond, VA, the AAA Braves team had a lot of problems with drainage a couple years ago, and they had to finish the season playing some home games over in Norfolk (where the Mets AAA team plays). That prompted a lot of debate about moving the R-Braves and the like, but they’re still in Richmond for now.

    I hope Randy Wolf is better than Kaz Ishii.

  2. bluebleeder88@yahoo.com

    just for fun i’m gonna try & guess what player has a good game today, & i’m thinking Russell Martin will be the guy.

    ps I hope Saenz starts tomorrows game cause he owens the pirates.

  3. paulg57@hotmail.com

    Tomorrow Saenz starts. Maybe at first and give Nomar two days off in a row.

    WB at third is just about ready to start racking the ball. He can whack the heater and I think he’s learning how to sit on the curve.

    I love the way Kent and Gonzo are getting lots of rest. This will pay off in the dog days of summer.

    This is a heck of a team guys. Top to bottom very strong. And plenty of troops in the minors knocking at the doors.

    Heck we’ve got guys getting ready to come off of the DL that we don’t even have room for or know who they would replace.

    It’s good to be King!!!

  4. fliegel@ptd.net

    The ground crews really are not given enough credit. They keep the field in top shape. no matter what the conditions. My hat’s off to them. Lets go Dodgers lets keep on rolling and beat up on the Bucs.

  5. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Who Dat ??????????? Who Dat?????????!!!!!!!!Wilson Who? Oh Valdez he doesn’t count……ROFLMAO

    GO Blue 2007!!!

  6. leamans@mail.lincoln.leon.k12.fl.us

    Not bad, tie it up in the bottom of the ninth without even getting a hit. Gotta love this team!!! Broxton hitting 98MPH and keeping us in this game with some studs coming to bat in the 10th.

    GO BLUE!!!

  7. fisher928@yahoo.com

    I think you have this one pegged bluebleeder! Bases Loaded Martin at the Plate Vin on the mike 1 out….

  8. leamans@mail.lincoln.leon.k12.fl.us

    Make sure you fill out your All-Star ballot for Martin!!! I love this game.
    GO BLUE!!!

  9. bluebleeder88@yahoo.com

    leanmans “Make sure you fill out your All-Star ballot for Martin!!! I love this game.
    GO BLUE!!!”

    true that.

  10. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Don… I never said Valdez doesn’t count… he absolutely does count. I just said he’s not an everyday third baseman. His ninth inning shenanigans are the reason Russ Martin got his dream moment… and what a moment that was! And has that ball even landed yet? Whoa… what a shot!

    Go Dodgers!!

    Go Russ Martin for All-Star 2007!!

  11. fisher928@yahoo.com

    That was a Shot Heard all over Redondo Beach I think my neibors all hate me again…

    I never said Valdez was or could be the everyday 3rd baseman but I do think that he should be playing 3-4 days a week while he is doing well.

    The only stat that shows he was in the game is that he scored an unearned run and had an 0fer AB…Either still looks lost on the basepaths he is hitting the ball better now and his defense is Very good but he looks lost when he is on base.All said and done I still look at what Valdez brings to the game and feel he needs to play more and at 3rd because that is the hole in our game for NOW. He is not the solution nor the future he is the now stop gap player.Month or 2 and Betemit might light it up and then we might have needs elsewhere but while this guy is playing and contributing I think it would be wise to use him where we need him until such time room is made for him or his value is enough that we can get help in areas where we need help and with this team there are not many places we need help.

    Walkoff GRAND SLAM!!!

    You are Da Man Russ!!!

    GO BLUE 2007!!!

  12. puppyhead01@hotmail.com

    Just got my Martin T-shirt in the mail yesterday – this makes me even more certain that it was a good idea to get such a young guy’s number on my Dodger shirt. He is rock-solid in all aspects of his game, and clutch to boot…when he is arbitration eligible, I hope the Dodgers sign him to a 7-year deal and lock him up to be a franchise player.

    My dad is visiting here in Denver from LA, and we stayed up to watch the 10th inning on mlb.tv…we were well rewarded. The evening couldn’t have ended more spectacularly.

  13. fisher928@yahoo.com

    This is just plain sick espn even promoted this team to #2 in the power rankings behind of course a beloved NY …Mets team? who isn’t in 1st place but #2 from them says alot…because they are sooo east coast bias.Only reason our BP is 3rd ranked is Seanez and Bills having a couple bad outings.Look at our BP era’s in tonights Box ….Lights out We used to have 1 pitcher that good now we have 4 and combined don’t make near what he got.WE Have all the tools this year it’s gonna be the beginning of the new west coast dynasty with Martin being the MVP!

    Go Blue 2007!!!

  14. dahustlasbac@yahoo.com

    o man can i just say VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! i have been saying it all week. hahaha what a ball player… it will be a said day for baseball if this kid is not the starting catcher for the NL in the all-star game this season, i dont care how early it is in the season. Hes got evrything going for him right now his bat is smoking, his glove is way above average, his cannon of an arm puts fear in baserunners, his speed has him in the top 25 in MLB in steals (he is a catcher rite? lol), and to boot this kid can call a game like no other. do i have to say it again?! VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! GO DODGERS!!!

  15. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Does anyone here remember the condition of our bullpen at this point of the season LAST YEAR??? I still have nightmares about last years’ bullpen out of spring training. What a job Ned’s done in making this bullpen one of the best in baseball… and talk about depth… it’s scary in a good way now! : )

  16. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Martin is The catcher for the allstar Game But I’m not posting my votes til I get a better feel for who will help the NL win this AS game. I am tired of seeing the al win year after year and with the dodgers in contension for the WS this year I’d Like to have home field advantage. Be smart in who you vote for and don’t tax our team soo much as to tax our players for a much needed rest this time.While voting you vote for a team of players and we don’t want to waste votes on injuried players at the time of the break. A little patience and research can do alot in the final voting surge.I wrote in my votes for Martin last year because navarro was the catch of record at this time last year.If You Really want to stuff the boxes for the NL stuff the crappy AL players and Stuff the great NL players.Our players who get a break over the AS fiasco get days to rest.Just remember Nomar and Penny Post AS last year.Not to mention that we lost over a week and a half.

  17. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Who is this Jason addcox
    guy? why does this post in the recap look like the Dogers lost once you get past the first paragraph?

    LOS ANGELES — Catcher Russell Martin hit a grand slam off Pittsburgh’s Shawn Chacon in the bottom of the 10th inning as the Dodgers rallied for a 7-3 victory on Saturday night.

    The Dodgers pushed across a run in the bottom of the ninth to tie it, with Wilson Valdez scoring on a passed ball.

    Jonathan Broxton (1-0) earned the win by pitching a scoreless 10th inning.

    Brad Penny was seeking to become the first Dodgers pitcher to win his first four starts of the season since Kazuhisa Ishii did it in 2002, but the Pirates spoiled his night.

    Pittsburgh capitalized off a Dodgers error in the first inning and took advantage of three walks in the third inning to beat the Dodgers, 3-2, in front of a crowd of 48,995 at Dodger Stadium on Saturday night.

    Penny pitched into the seventh inning, but his command in the early going cost him the win as he loaded the bases in the third inning, allowing the go-ahead runs to cross the plate.

    Dodgers manager Grady Little was tossed in that same inning after arguing balls and strikes with home-plate umpire Joe West.

    The Pirates scored first after Chris Duffy took third base on a throwing error by Martin, and later scored on groundout by Jack Wilson.

    The Dodgers scored runs in the first and sixth innings and threatened to score throughout the game but were unable to get a hit when it mattered most.

    Pirates starting pitcher Ian Snell went seven innings, allowing two runs on five hits

    This is just plain bad journalism no focus just random sentences with no structure you get an F on tonights report Jason go join the rest of the ex jasons……

  18. elkim27@yahoo.com

    fisher928, you gotta wait a few hours before they update the recaps on all mlb.com team websites. Others like ESPN and Yahoo use AP writers and finalize their recap fairly quickly within an hour or two, while recap for dodgers.com usually takes more than 2-3 hours. Check again in an hour or tomorrow morning and you’ll see that it’s a preliminary draft, not a final one.

  19. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    You called it indeed, Bluebleeder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Who is today’s choice? Keep up the good work!!!

  20. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    only catcher in martins way for the all star game is mccann. but martin is far more versatile with his speed. espn is hilarious they wasted so much ink hyping chris ianetta, any article about martin just looks like a puff piece. i love espn’s horrible analysis on young catchers.

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