Back in First Place

Let’s all hope that yesterday was the last time the Dodgers aren’t atop the standings for the rest of the year. It could be for one day or it could be for the entire season, but it’s nice to see them where they belong.

Here’s today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS (not a bad season debut)

Martin, C (modest five-game hitting streak)

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B (hit his first big league homer 15 years ago today)

Gonzalez, LF (ranks among early NL leaders in five categories)

Clark, CF (Don’t worry, Pierre’s consecutive game streak is not a "start" streak)

Ethier, RF (be on the lookout for his email to Buster Olney tomorrow on

Betemit, 3B

Schmidt, P



    I’m not a female but I do know what they look like.

    I also know that there aren’t enough dodger games being shown in HD, why is this? If more were shown in HD there would be more female fans, make it happen.


    I’m stoked to see Martin back in the 2 hole. Against Peavy you need guys who can put the bat on the ball, but maybe get it out of the infield, make something happen.


    We’re here. Some of us just lurk. Others just don’t identify their gender. Or we refrain from saying things like “Andre Ethier is the cutest Dodger since Steve Sax” because then we know nobody will take us seriously.


    Josh, not related to the post, but I was just wondering when you were going to contact the winners of last year’s contests. I’m planning my summer vacation and want to make sure I can get the times to work. Thanks.


    Pierre being benched this early is probably the best news of the season. But, its probably not a benching. Pierre is 2-18 vs Peavy lifetime. Grady’s probably just giving him a day off.

    Tonight’s lineup is probably the best the Dodgers can put out there at this point of the year.

    This is the team I would have preferred seeing.

    Starting Lineup:

    CF- Bradley

    1b- Choi

    RF- Drew

    2b- Kent

    LF- Giles

    3b- Aybar

    SS- Perez

    C- Navarro



    So you are going to evaluate Hee Seop Choi off THREE GAMES????? In an exhibition??? And totally throw out what he’s done at the MLB level…? All the while throw support to Loney off of spring training, ignoring his marginal MINOR LEAGUE REGULAR seasons? THis is insane. I feel like I’m speaking to a bizarro universe. I think I will post less during the season and only chime in when Bradley rips the cover off the ball, or Nomar blows, or Lofton blows.

    Stop this “Choi is inconsistent garbage”. Its not true. His OPS was consistent every month of the season last year. And actually, his lowest OPS occurred in June, when he hit all those home runs. He’s actually remarkably consistent considering his horrible playing time patterns. All Tracy had to do was keep him in the #2 spot against RHP, let him rack up 500 AB’s and get him some spot time against LHP too. (which I advocated last spring that Choi was the perfect #2 hole hitter bc he was patient, and was a 3TO hitter, and was a fly ball hitter, meaning no Double Plays) But he didnt. (And again i was right, almost as right as Izturis’s *******) You cant argue about Choi’s success hitting in the #2 spot. Choi got plenty of good pitches to hit with Drew behind him, and subsequently hammered them bc he’s a power hitter. Nothing ‘inconsistent’ about that.

    Its ridiculous that you even compare Loney to Choi, considering Choi put up much better minor league numbers AND has actually put up numbers in the major leagues. Loney also had a really good spring two years ago. He was horrible during the season. He repeated AA ball and didnt do anything extraordinary last year. Comparing a major league player to a player that hasnt played above AA is nonsense. You know it.


    If Choi is such a quality player and should still be playing for us, then how come he can’t even land a major league roster spot? You claim this guy is so good and so productive yet not a single MLB team agrees with you.

    He couldn’t even make the D Rays out of Spring Training let alone a playoff team.


    GO DODGERS!! Gonzo is on a roll. Grady is going to capitalize on that until he cools off or needs a rest. That’s the only thing to do when a player gets hot. Ride it as long as you can. Great to have Raffy back. Let’s have a good one tonight. Pitching has been a pleasant surprise. GO DODGERS!!


    You people MUST STOP responding to JOEYP. He will not go away, IF you respond.
    He is senseless and will go

    away…Let him be….Please


    tagla27 – Just look for all the positive posts on this blog, the ones with passion for the Dodgers. Do like the rest of us. See who has posted it before starting to read. You will soon find there are some you just don’t bother to read. Too many good ones to respond to, or to Josh, rather than waste your time. GO DODGERS!!


    Vin was just about to talk about Schmidt’s fastball. Any more info on the teams thoughts? That last one was about 83…


    At least this isn’t on national TV. But it still is early. I just don’t understand how a guy can lose 7-10 mph off his fastball and the coaching staff not know about it.


    you heard it from vinny… Mariano Duncan IS our secret weapon against Peavy. Time to make some noise!


    While it may not be time to panic yet, a RHP with a FB that has topped out so far at 87 mph, with most well below that, is an alarming fact. I read in LA Times that JS doesn’t believe those readings. I won’t lose sleep over it, but Ned and Frank might. Can you say Darren D?

  15. Dodger

    For anyone who has not been contacted about tickets they won last year on the blog, please post here and I’ll make sure we take care of you. I’m pretty sure we’ve got everyone, but just in case. Thanks.


    euhlmen, good words.

    Am I the only one that thinks that Schmidt is hurt more than we think based on his last start leg situation?

    Go Blue and Go #42!!!


    Who knows about Schmidt, i think/hope he’s going to be fine, but if not I’m ok bc lets think about replacements– bills, kuo, greg miller.. Tough loss, but still a great, solid team. Cant wait to watch the game on ESPN tomorrow on Jetblue flying back to NY…


    Don’t want to keep the kids down and it would be really hard to keep schmidt outta the line up but Hendrickson is starting to really show why we have him…..Just a thought. On another thought Betemit is looking Really bad at the Plate and Abreu is down in Vegas posting .430+ numbers while playing 3rd base……Think its time for a callup to the hot corner and either move betemit for a Bucket of seeds a bag of balls and a player to be named later or assign him outright.Abreu was gonna knock the door down in ST and is looking 100% again.Tough outing tonight maybe the doc’s need to take a closer look we still have 2 good starters to move in and give schmidt some time if he needs it.I’d start hendrickson just because he is showing a definate ability and give Bills some more time as he just isn’t quite there yet so far this year.Eithier got a hit tonight and it looked good as did JP coming off the bench Martin could probably use a day or 2 off and let Liberthal get some work in.Betemit looks just aweful though and he needs to go away for awhile and Abreu needs to come up.

    Go Dodger Blue 2007!!!

    Win it for JR!


    Schmidt has to be hurt. He was throwing batting practice last night. Betemit and Either look lost at the plate. The Jason Schmidt that I knew ,the one who used to shut down the Dodgers was, throwing 93-97. The guy we saw last night was throwing high 70s to mid 80s,worse than that everything he threw was striaght,Somethings not right.


    fisher928 & fliegel: Those two
    posts, were very sensible and

    right on the money. I could NOT, have said it,any better ,myself. Very good analysis…


    Josh, I was at last night’s game, just wanted to give my views on the parking. I always arrive early, and getting in was just fine, although I miss picking my spot right by the exit. Leaving was better than before, I was on the freeway about 15 minutes after the game ended. Walking to and from the stadium was much better, pedestrain access is much improved. I was parked in general, near Stadium Way gate. It’s not perfect, but I feel it’s an improvement over previous years. One suggestion, how about discounting parking back to $10 for fans who arrive at least an hour before game time ? You would more than make it up in increased concessions, people will eat while they wait.

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