Less than 72 hours to go…

I would’ve thought that posting the lineup for the first time in six months would spark all sorts of comments, but apparently it’s quiet out in cyberspace.

In any event, from what I’ve heard, the parking lot cleared faster last night than any time in recent memory, so hopefully some of you experienced that. I’m sure there will still be some growing pains, but I’m glad that many people are giving this a chance to work.

For those who came last night, they also got to see a rarity – a triple play. I’ve been working in baseball for 12 years now and that was the first time I ever saw one live. Despite the fact that it is Spring Training, it was still pretty cool. And, Steve Lyons called it on the radio…well, actually Rick Monday "called" it but Lyons predicted it, as he had literally just said that having runners double steal with no outs is a little risky because of the possibility of a triple play. Less than a second later, Rick Monday gave the play-by-play of the Angels’ third triple play of the spring. Crazy.

Speaking of the KFWB broadcast, the entire organization sends its condolences to Charley Steiner, who lost his mother, Gertrude, yesterday at the age of 95. He’ll be back with the team when we go to Milwaukee, but Rick will call tonight’s game solo and tomorrow he’ll call it with A Martinez from Anaheim. Charley asked me to let anyone know who asked that donations can be made in her name to the Dodgers Dream Foundation and while I don’t think he was actually referring to the fans, I figured I’d at least pass along his sentiments, as it was quite a nice gesture on his part.

This morning we met with the people from MLB.com for almost three hours and we have all sorts of great ideas for new things in 2007. Many of them will directly benefit you guys, the people who visit the site regularly, so be on the lookout for new features, multimedia, sweepstakes, etc. in the coming weeks and months. If you guys aren’t registered members of the site, you should definitely do that, as the benefits are actually pretty nice. I’m guessing most people visiting the blog are already registered users, but if not, it’s well worth it (and it costs nothing).

That’s about it for now. Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Nomar 1B (the twins, Grace and Ava, will be watching from the hospital with Mia)

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Saenz, DH

Betemit, 3B

Ethier, RF

Valdez, SS

Schmidt, P


  1. bluebleeder88@yahoo.com

    It’s friday today so it’s gonna be packed, I’ll watch it from the tube today.


  2. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Our thoughts and a prayer in my heart go out to Charley and the Steiner family…

    Go Dodgers!!

  3. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Our heart felt thoughts are with Charlie and his family for his loss. I may not be a fan but I do respect him. He deserves all our prayers in this time of loss. I can speak from experience, having lost both my parents in an 8 month period, it’s never easy letting go.

    God Bless !!

  4. kday01@charter.net

    GARY, good to hear from you again. I’m with you in regards to all the junk that seems to be plugging up this blogg. Hope when the season starts all will return to normal.

    I hope HAROLD starts blogging again, I miss him.


  5. alex41592@aol.com

    This is a public service announcement for all those out there without a high definition television! GET ONE NOW! OH MY GOD DODGER STADIUM IN HD IS BEAUTIFUL!!! As you were…

  6. drinkinmercury79@aol.com

    Wow, where did all these runs come from? I turn on the radio to see them up 1-0, and then the offense went on parade. I like this Santana guy, we should have him over more often.

    And heartfelt condolences to the Steiner family. My thoughts will be with Charlie and his family, as it’s never easy to lose a family member.

  7. ewk216@nyu.edu

    2nd night in a row Ethier missed an oppo HR by 4 feet…. He is going to be special.
    Yes, i think it is some cause to worry, but he looks plenty effective at the moment…

  8. alex41592@aol.com

    No, he’s made it very clear he’s holding back till it matters, he’s very capable of winning both ways with and without a 95 mph fastball.

  9. bluebleeder88@yahoo.com

    Did I just hear Vinnie correctly & him saying the only PROMBLEM with L.A. is that there is NO RAIN!?

  10. alex41592@aol.com

    I just read Vinny is making the trip to Milwaukee for opening day! That is so cool and it really wouldn’t feel like Opening Day without his voice calling the action.

  11. alex41592@aol.com

    It was 85 mph assuming the gun was correct, it looked like it tailed back toward the middle of the plate, but it didn’t look like a breaking pitch to me, but it still hasn’t come down yet.

  12. fisher928@yahoo.com

    lol I though I saw it moving but didn’t pay much attension till it was headed to its final resting place…

  13. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    “This team cannot score runs. It’s embarrassing.”

    Posted by: gnorm44@yahoo.com | March 30, 2007 01:11 AM


    Nice mantra “gnorm”. Hope you eat your words come October!

    Nice power tonight for a team that can’t hit for power. This should be fun!

    Go Dodgers!!

  14. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    Kemp got better as the spring went along. Hopefully he carries it into triple A and he’s back up taking over for Gonzo in june,.

  15. dodgersrdabomb@yahoo.com

    Having Gonzo in Left Field has been a nice experiment, but its about time he rested his old legs.

  16. nicksolyom@gmail.com

    My Parking Report: I know that problems will work out over time but I would like to let the issues I faced be known. Getting into the park and parking from the downtown gate was very easy except for two scary moments when cars were somehow driving the wrong way directly toward me. Leaving, however was another thing. I sat with many other people for 45 minutes getting out of the park, just like normal. It seemed to me that the rest of the ravine had emptied out leading me to believe that the congestion had to do with the squishy nature of the downtown gate. Next time (opening day) I am going to park in one of the other lots and I hope that I will get out faster. Thanks, I am glad that this problem is being tackled.

  17. ewk216@nyu.edu

    Everyone should read the article on Colletti on losangelesdodgers.com. I love the fact that this guy is our GM, and i think he is only going to continue this teems upward ascent. He is simply the right man for the job. read the article though– its good stuff.

  18. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    wow what a game that was. if kemp starts tearing up triple a we gotta get him in the lineup. correct me if im wrong, but that was scot shields, who is one of the better relievers in the game. it was a fastball right down the pipe, but he sure didnt miss it. ethier was ticked that thing didnt go out. wow the scary thing is that was pretty much our lineup minus furcal with saenz. pierre is gonna be a beast, 3 for 3 wreaking havoc on the basepaths. we could easily do that same thing to sheets.

  19. sepdet@cox.net

    The one problem with doing a Disneyland-style parking system is that Dodger Stadium needs to do all of it, including some means of getting fans from the far-out lots. It used to be that elderly or physically challenged fans could find ways to park close to where they needed to get to. I’ve heard several horror stories already about very elderly having to push spouses in wheelchairs a long, long way, or really long uphill hikes for people who had been coming for years and couldn’t go to their old lot. I and my arthritis are looking forward to Opening Day with some trepidation. I hope my fears are unfounded — I want to be able to *stand up* and cheer our guys!

  20. sad-panda77@hotmail.com

    The saddest thing is that Blue Tahoe (the guy pretending to be JoeyP and Jon Weisman) isn’t even a very good troll.

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