Tonight's game

It feels a little strange, posting the lineup from the clubhouse again. Pretty exciting, though.

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Barnes, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Saenz, DH (yes, during the Freeway Series we’re having DHs)

Betemit, 3B

Ethier, RF

Martinez, SS

Wolf, P

Hope to see you guys out here tonight.



    Barnes = Larry Barnes? The same guy who filled in for a few games back in 2003? He’s still hanging around?

    Reminds me of “Major League”

    Board Member 1: I’ve never heard of half of these guys and the ones I do know are way past their prime.

    Charlie Donovan: Most of these guys never had a prime.

    Board Member 2: This guy here is dead.

    Rachel Phelps: Cross him off then.


    Thanks for posting the lineup. I’m excited to see three of this years big acquisitions in their first game at Dodger Stadium, wearing the Dodger uniform. Cant wait to get to the stadium tonight, but I dread paying 15 bucks for parking. Blah.


    This situation with Loney reminds me of Paul Konerko a while back. Konerko was blocked by a fan favorite veteran (Karros) and so we traded him for Jeff Shaw, a mediocre closer. Now he is a World Series MVP. I hope that we don’t repeat this with Loney.


    Yes, please, please, PLEASE do not take these up-and-comers for granted. Hopefully they’ll get their chance at the Ravine this season.

    That being said, I know it’s still spring training, but let’s give these Disneyland refugees what for tonight. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!


    Loney and Kemp need to be in the lineup. Garciaparra to third, Loney at first, Kemp in left. Let the youngsters go just like Lopes, Garvey, Cey et al.


    Just came back from the game. Got back home in record time, not sure if it’s due to 29000 in attendance or because of the new parking restructuring. Beimel was almost dismal today. 85mph fastball. A fight got broken up with mace on the reserve section, and some rowdy angels fans scattered throughout. Still not a big fan of Betermit right now…


    another absolutely pathetic performance from the offense. Could they be 2003 anemic? Agreed on the youngsters, if there is no injection of youth into this lineup by June or so, we will die and die softly. Another great performance from the honorable Chad Billingsley, long man in the bull pen. Sigh.


    how was the new parking structuring? I’ll be at the game tomorrow, and I wanted a heads up on how it is.


    So much for the new parking shenanigans… I have never waited so long to get into the stadium via the “downtown gate”…… and this was just an exhibition game with an alledged 29,000 in attendance. Can’t wait to see the atrocity opening day will be. And to the one guy who got home in record time….of course you did, no one was left in the ballpark by the 8th….


    Its SPRING TRAINING!! you are embarrassing. The cardinal rule in spring training, and anyone who knows anything will tell you this, is that it doesnt mean ANYTHING, and you simply cannot make projections about the regular season based on SPRING TRAINING!!! Jeez, i really thought this was established well before i wwas born. Gnorm, in baseball, Spring training has zero bearing on how a team does in the regular season. Also, i think the Dodgers are 5 games over .500 for the spring or something like that, so i guess i just really dont see the cause for the hysterics.


    Guy’s relax,Sure there’s frustration,but our guys started subbing, very early, while the Angels kept, their “A” Team, thru most of the game….I hear you anyway. We do need the BIG BOOPER…Stay Cool though..


    Hey Ray – Yes, LaRoche made the trip and replaced Betemit at 3B.

    Man it was great to be back at the Ravine. My son got two BP balls and just missed getting that monster BP blast by Guerrero that nearly cleared the roof of the LFP. And, as expected, the Dodger Dogs were great!

    This was my first look at a lot of these guys. Bigbie has a great swing and I was really impressed with Lieberthal. Andre Ethier looked great at the plate. He is going to have a stellar year. Pierre muffed a play in center that allowed a run to score and he was thrown out stealing second. I was a bit disappointed about the TWO guys that stole third off of Randy Wolfe/Russell Martin, but Martin did toss a guy out stealing second (on a pitch out, however). I, too, was a bit surprised that Loney was not invited. He should have started at 1B for the absent Nomar. (I heard that Nomar is expected to start tonight).

    This was the first time that I have seen a triple play live, and that was pretty cool.

    All five of our starters had better stay sharp if the want to keep their jobs because Billinglsey was outstanding! Unfortunately, Beimel was not.

    Please remember guys, this is still Spring TRAINING. Let’s go easy on the boys.



    Days until Ned Colletti is fired: 180

    Larry Barnes at 1st.

    James Loney in Vero Beach.

    LuGo in Left.

    Good times.


    Even if we finish in last place this year, I still doubt he’d be fired. Although, considering we have one of the best farm systems (going somewhat unused) and a 100 million dollar plus payroll, a last place finish should have the GM thrown out on his behind. I wonder how he feels about everyone predicted the Dbacks to win the division?


    I have now read 3 sportswriters predicting the Dodgers to not only win the NL West, but the entire NL outright (2 at Yahoo and 1 at CBS Sportsline). Unfortunately they all picked the Dodgers to lose in the World Series against their respective AL picks. Not bad for a team that is taking so much heat here on this blog.


    im back guys. with all this dodgerthoughts nonsense, i had to visit. it was very entertaining. i couldnt help but laugh at the fanaticism going on over there. if you looked up fanatical in the dictionary it would say dodgerthoughts. the predictions and criticisms are so off base. not trying to feed the pigs, just my opinion. on a side note, ned coletti should be arrested for treason if chad billingsley is not our fifth starter. geez im gone for a few days and loneys sent down???? that is blasphemous, everyone knows hes ready. we dont need him to develop his power in vegas, develop it in LA while he sprays doubles all over the place. those eventually will turn to homers. that game in colorado put him on the map, and his performance in the playoffs should have solidified his spot.

  17. “We do need the BIG BOOPER…Stay Cool though.”

    Big Booper??

    I sure hope those lime green wearing parking lot attendants practice with real cars for the next week before Opening Day. Seeing how tough it was to handle cars from 20,000 fans (if there were that many…I know paid was over 27k but there was nowhere close to that many people), it’s going to be absolute chaos on April 9.



    From where I was sitting, it was Ethier that botched the ball, not Pierre. And, I think Pierre’s CS was a muffed up delayed steal that was meant to be a hit and run…Barnes swung at an awful curve, which made me think he was supposed to make contact.


    i don’t know.. I saw the Dbacks predicted in a lot of places too.. maybe more on espn…not that I take anything they say too seriously. Some are predicting that the reason why we will will be a big trade deadline acquistion(because we have so many blue chips prospects), Im praying that is not true, unless the acquisiton is someone young who can be signed to a long term contract.


    I don’t think that there has been an official announcement on Loney yet. He was in Florida because of the bi-coastal split-squad game (a result of the silly schedule that has us opening in Milwaukee, rather than against a western oppononet), pushing up the Freeway Series. So he’ll be with the team tonight . . . and I hope Opening Day. Bills will be starting by June.

    Josh, I live in Redondo Beach, right next to Manhattan Beach. Tell Gonzo to either take the 405 N to the 105 E, or pick up the 105 by going north along PCH or Highland, and then right at Imperial Hwy. Take that to the 110 North and off at Hill Street/Dodger Stadium. If he and Nomar carpool, they can take the carpool lane and the carpool transition from the 105 to the 110, and probably shave 10-15 minutes off the drive (espescially for day games, when they have to commute closer to the morning rush hour).

    And no jokes from Kemp/Loney fans about Nomar and Gonzo carpooling.


    jspelk, the writers that I’m talking about never mentioned a big trade, what they did mention was that our team has more balance both offensively and defensively than most. Even though our offense is taking a bashing on this site for a lack of power, I still think that top to bottom we have 8 tough outs. It seems everybody has short-term memories, we had no power on our squad last year yet were 4th in runs scored and 1st in BA. With our pitching staff and balanced line-up I think were going to go far.


    Gammons, Evans, Law, pretty much all the ESPN guys picking the Dodgers to win the west most the pennant also…. kind of makes me nervous, actually. Az is definitely the vogue “sleeper” pick, I don’t buy it. Not yet.


    Yeah Livnlegend1..What rock did you crawl from under ????
    you NEVER heard of Big BOPPER

    or is this a Grammer class..

    Cheez…..Get a life….


    The only Big Bopper I know went down in a plane crash with Buddy Holly. Call me crazy but I don’t think the Big Bopper would be of much use to the Dodgers.


    Hey kevblewis – Now that you mention it, it WAS Ethier who muffed that play. I’m not too concerned about it, though. I think that all three of our OF starters will do well after working together for a while.

    I still believe that Loney (and Bigbie) will be on our opening day roster.

    Well, time to gether up my stuff and head on down to the Ravine.




    I am definitely not worried about it. What worries me are the fans who booed him over an error in an exhibition game. Actually, I get worried when we boo our team over any error. God forbid they should make a mistake, followed by us still supporting them.



    right you are, we ask a player to gamble to make that spectacular play that makes the highlight reel but forget that if he is 1/2 second slow or 1 inch short it becomes an error. how can we fault him for the effort? GO BLUE

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