Back to L.A.

I guess it’s only fitting that Eric Neel of and ESPN The Magazine sent me the link to this while we’re on the bus to the airport, on our way out of Florida for ’07. We’ve seen a lot of incredible articles and features on Dodgertown this spring, but if you didn’t make it down here, this feature will make you come next year. Much like the other pieces that were done, this one does make it seem somewhat like this is our last year at Dodgertown, but that’s the only flaw I see. Otherwise, Eric and his colleagues did an incredible job here to sum up what it’s like to be at Dodgertown.

Be sure your audio is turned on. This should lead the site later in the day.

We’ll certainly look forward to coming back here again next year.



    as hard headed as some of us are , at least were now gonna be able to DRIVE over there instead of FLY OVER THERE.



    “When whipporwills call, and evening is nigh,
    I hurry to my blue heaven

    Turn to the right, there’s a little white light

    that’ll lead you to my blue heaven”

    Thanks for the link, Josh. If I wasn’t a broke student, I’d definitely hop a plane to Florida next spring. I’ll probably make it to Glendale, but I’ll always regret I never made it down to Dodgertown.

    and thanks to alex for all his posts keeping us up-to-date with Spring Training games. Sure, the games don’t matter, but I’m sure many on here are like me, starving from the moment the baseball season ends, looking forward to winter meetings and the hot stove league and spring training to kick the season off. Thanks to alex for enabling my addiction.






    So tell me Josh.

    What’s it like working for such a crappy organization?

    God I hate the Dodgers.

    Did you see Jayson Werth was going to be the starting left fielder for Philadelphia.


    Thanks Josh for the wonderful link. It’s going to be hard watching Dodgertown fade into the sunset, but for the most part, the new place will be good for the organization.

    And Josh… please, can you make IT go away? I speak of the troll that is ruining this blog. At least he could show some class. This is my last post until opening day. I’m protesting until then.


    A western, New Yorker here.
    Hopefully I’l make it to Vero next yr.

    For any that haven’t been there -it is BY FAR the best place in the world to catch the Dodgers. I can’t imagine in today’s world that the new complex will be so close -so open.My family will always remember how my wife (who along with my younger daughter were huge Eric Karros fans) was walking back to our seats from picking up a Dodger Dog…. thinking she was walking behind “a guy in a Karros jersey”… of course it WAS Eric.

    Baseball heaven.


    O.K.!! JoeyP! your even making me a non believer!! (& I there you to read Dodger Thoughts & not love it!)


    Just a Thoughtful and possibly a temporary fix to keep from doing Nomar and Loney Both an injustice.How about granting Nomar a short Bonding leave of absence to the DL and let Loney Stay with the team and let the chips fall from there?Its the start of the season and a New Father should be with his wife and First children atleast for a week or two? It might allow for things to work themselves out a bit more and Show Loney That the Team Really Does want him and Need him. Just hate to see all the guys cut and sent down after showing how bad they want it and our oft fraile Vets blocking what could be breakout and return to form years for a few bright stars of this spring. I don’t know of any presidence of this in baseball but in the real world bonding leave exisists and is used by new fathers.Just a Thought….

    Go Blue 2007!



    That’s our nickname for Luis Gonzalez. Created by us Dodger haters at Dodgerthoughts. What do you guys think? Catchy. Isn’t it?


    I’m up here in Canada so I don’t get to see my boys in blue very often. I had the chance to go to Vero twice when I was less than 10 years old. I can remember it like yesterday. One way or another, I’ll be bringing my 4-year old down there next March for a final goodbye to the old girl.

  10. darryl

    Classy, Modern and Futuristic are three Dodger hallmarks.

    In the late 40’s Dodgertown, was the finest, state-of-the-art training camp in baseball, but sadly, this is no longer true.

    As always the Dodgers remain classy, modern and futuristic, just wait to you all see Glendale.

    Thanks for the memories they are to be cherished but the time to make some new ones. Go West Dodgers. Go West!


    What’s it like working for such a crappy organization?
    Joey P, you should know. You work/root for one. You’re a

    Total A–. I mean TOTAL….


    Okay… so I can’t help myself! Protest over…

    I’m in no way defending Eric, but he did spend almost two weeks out of camp earlier this spring with a stomach virus and that really is what has held him back. To this point he’s only pitched in three games thus far and the Rangers are just being cautious in giving him some more tune-up innings before bringing him back in two weeks. Both the Rangers and Gagne say he’s healthy… so we’ll see.

    This tune does have a familiar ring to it though, doesn’t it?

    Go Dodgers!!

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