Brady Clark is coming to L.A.

Once again, trying to get news to you guys as fast as possible that we have acquired Brewers outfielder Brady Clark and cash considerations in exchange for Elmer Dessens. With Repko having gone down, we needed someone who could fill that role and play center field and Brady has been known as a solid outfielder who can play all three outfield positions. He also hits right-handed which, as you know, none of the other outfielders in camp can do.

Hopefully more later on that front…release is going out shortly.



    I just don’t get it. What is wrong with Bigby, Loney et al that we need to get Brady Clark? Now likely Bigby will be let go and Loney who expressed frustration and almost came out asking to be traded will probably be sent down. This is frustrating. We have a great farm system but not the GM or manager willing to use what the farm produces!!!


    just researched this gem we got. He had 415 at bats last year with 4 home runs and a .263 batting average and a .348 obp. Great speed too 3 stolen bases but 4 caught steeling. THis is better than Bigby or Loney???? Ned I know we needed to get rid of Dessens to clear space for Saenez but we did not need this in exchange.


    We needed a right handed outfielder, and Im glad we got rid of Dessens, but if this impinges on Loney’s spot….well, I think Ive said it all already.


    This is a very solid trade – I didn’t expect them to get much for Dessens, other than a free roster spot and instead they get a solid major league outfielder. Yeah, in response to comment 1 above, the reason to get Clark is he is RH-ed. They had way too much lefties already. This may affect Bigbie more than it affects Loney, but I guess we’ll see. I think it’s an okay move. Frees up a spot for Seanez or Tsao, too. I also don’t think the Dodgers are done dealing.


    Not bad. Clark was actually pretty productive in 2005- 0.303/0.372/0.426…. I dont think this hurts Loney, but it’s hosta lavista Mr. Bigbie I suspect.
    Key here is ability to play CF.


    good move. We needed a right handed bat for the outfield and he can play all 3 positions. This pretty much means Bigbie is a goner. I bet he gets moved with Hendrickson somewhere for a another bench player or maybe some bullpen help. Last i heard it was Hendrickson for BK Kim but Kim doens’t want to be in the bullpen so that deal probably won’t happen.


    Clark takes Repko’s spot, Seanez takes Dessens’ spot so there is still one spot available for either Bigbie or Loney, Loney most likely will start in Vegas and be the first one called up when someone goes down.

    Barring another trade involving Hendrickson, this most likely now becomes the Dodgers opening day 25 man roster and remember it’s only March 26th:

    Starting Pitchers: (5)






    Relief Pitchers: (6)







    Catchers: (2)



    Infielders: (7)





    Anderson (Utility IF and OF)

    Martinez (Utility IF and emergency OF)


    Outfielders: (5)







    Whether it hurts Bigbie or not, this is a good trade because at least the Dodgers get something for Dessens. He was probably going to be released. Loney was never going to be a a plausible replacement CF after Repko’s injury, and a 4th OF is necessary. Don’t know much about Brady Clark, but perhaps he’s less of a gamble than Bigbie would have been.


    Wow, thats all I can say. I would have rather taken the chance with Bigbie than this gem as stated in comment 2. Sometimes I do not get what Ned is thinking, we got nothing for nothing, and we will probably lose Bigbie.


    Clark is a very solid outfielder who can play center more cleanly than can Bigbie. He’s also a righty, as said above. That makes a big difference right there. I don’t get the confusion or derision of this trade, really. They cleared up a spot in the bullpen for Seanez or Tsao, both superior to Dessens.


    There has to be more trades coming, because this one only complicates matters in the OF. I’m guessing that Betemit, Hendrickson and Bigbie are being packaged for a big bat with Nomar moving to 3rd Loney stepping in at 1B and the big bat in the OF. One thing is for sure, we need a RH bat in the OF and Loney is no outfielder !!! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    fisher928 wrote, “At the point Raffy returns my guess would be that we either lose Valdez who is only 7 months older then Raffy BTW (Old Fogey)…”

    What is your point? Furcal has played 976 MLB games and has established himself. Valdez is older, has had his cup o’ coffee in the bigs and is playing out the string since he’s proven he’s just not MLB quality.


    Although… just to correct one thing, Josh, in your post:
    “He also hits right-handed which, as you know, none of the other outfielders in camp can do.”

    No love for Matt Kemp? Isn’t he still in camp?


    People, Bigbie has an opt-out that he can exercise before the end of March. His ST is an audition for all of MLB. He sees three left-handed bats in front of him, even before today’s trade that add a right-handed one. Don’t you think his agent has been working hard this spring trying to find club that needs a left-hand hitting OF on their bench or as part of a platoon? I’m sure there are several, and they are not going to trade to get what they can otherwise obtain for free.

    That said, how about a Bigbie/Clark platoon in LF and release LuGo ?


    Tony Abreu should take over for Furcal if he can’t make opening day. I think it would be the perfect situation for him to get his feet wet. Considering the fact that Abreu will be a starter for us as soon as next year (If Kent Retires).


    This is a good trade because one could barely expect to get more than several gross of BP baseballs for Dessens, at this point. Seanez seems to have something left in the tank and Tsao is in the wings. Ethier, Pierre, and LuGo are all LH and no OF has significant CF experience. Clark is no great shakes, but he doesn’t completely stink (unless last year is just the start of his complete downward trend) and has significant experience in all three OF positions. Plus the Brewers are throwing in some cash to cover part of the salary difference.


    Good point underdog8. Clearly Kemp is going to start the season in AAA and, unlikely Loney, he has room to improve there, but he DEFINITELY is an OF in camp that hits righty!


    If Nomar were moving to third we’d know by now and it’s been made clear it’s not going to happen. No big deal is going down and by ‘big’ i mean a big bat in the OF. Besides if we acquire a big bat that means Ethier loses his spot in the starting lineup. So if you all want a big bat in the lineup just remember that Ethier will be the one who loses his spot. Gonzalez is not going to be released and will be our left fielder this season, Pierre is the center fielder of the Dodgers for the next 5 years. The only position of change is right field so if you really really want a trade, remember who it affects.


    Barring any major break down by JP, Either or Gonzo, Matt Kemp is going to be in Las Vegas all year. Let’s not forget we still have Marlon Anderson who did a great job last year !!! Kemp in 08 !!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!


    If Matt Kemp lights up triple A this year i bet Gonzo gets benched by the break. Atleast a Gonzo/Kemp platoon by the end of the year. Gonzo is a good guy and a great clubhouse guy but on the field he is a platoonable guy.


    From the Daily News:

    Jason Repko will undergo surgery on Wednesday in Los Angeles to reattached two tendons in his left hamstring that he tore from the pelvis (there are three such tendons, he tore two of them). Trainer Stan Conte said the recovery time is a minimum of five months, which means, in Conte’s words, “Essentially, he will miss the season.” … The money coming to the Dodgers from the Brewers in today’s trade is $2.1 million, the exact amount of the difference between Brady Clark’s salary ($3.8M) and Elmer Dessens’ ($1.7M). Clark is entering the final season of a two-year, $7M deal. He’ll be a fourth outfielder and right-handed bat off the bench who can play all three OF spots.


    If Repko didn’t have bad luck he wouldn’t have any luck at all !!! I hope he works hard and breaks the trend in 08 !!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!


    I really like the 25 man roster put up above, except i would really consider swapping Loney for somebody– preferably Marlon. He did a nice job for us at the end last year, but he is another left handed bat that plays the OF and second base. We have ramon to play second base as well as Nomar is Kent needed an emergency day off. We need the backup at first base more, and Loney has shown he is good enough to back up in the OF as necessary. I really dont see much of a difference btwn. him and Anderson’s role this year, other than that Loney’s production would probably be double that of Marlon Anderson’s. Loney should be playing 1-2 games a week at first base, and a game a week in RF and Ethier can play left and we sit Gonzo. like someone said above– Gonzo is VERY platoonable, and he should. We have a lot of talent and need to use as much of it as possible– Loney shouldnt be left out.


    ewk216, I agree whole heartedly. Marlon Anderson is sure to disappoint this season—how could he not after last Sept.? Loney will easily outmatch Anderson’s production. Of course, Ned and friends wouldn’t dare to jettison one of their prized acquisitions, would they? :/


    At this stage I would definitely take Bigbie before Anderson. I think Anderson was a good selection for the team on a short range basis, but Bigbie could produce for us for the whole season and be of some significant trade value if necessary. Not sure if Anderson has fully recovered from his injury either. Loney should definitely stay with the team regardless of who else needs to be sacrificed or dealt to another team.


    First off, Great move getting Brady in here. Great On-base guy who won’t offer much more than what Repko brought in grit. But for Dessens? What’s not to like???

    And Loney deserves to be on the team this year but why anyone thinks we need a back-up 1B is my only question? We have Saenz remember? Loney has played his way onto this team but I don’t know how we’re going to find a place for him either. I think our best bet for him to play is either teaching him 3B or switching Nomar. Loney has a great glove, hands, footwork, arm, and instincts at 1B. I would think 3B shouldn’t be overly tough for him since we don’t seem to want to chance another Nomar injury.

    As for Wilson Valdez, he is most likely gone. We have Martinez, Marlon, and Betemit who can play SS,2B. We don’t need him. Bigbie I’m unsure what’s going to happen with. If Ethier doesnt come around soon I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ethier get demoted and Loney,Bigbie,Clark sharing RF.


    I don’t quite know how Grady is going to do it, but I believe that Loney will be on the opening day roster. He will obviously be used to spell Nomar at 1B, but I also see him replacing Ethier in right field on a regular basis in the late innings to keep his bat in the game while learning the position.

    Sadly, I believe that Jason Repko has played his final game as a Dodger (a la Jayson Werth).



    Well if it helps we can throw Repko on the 60 Day DL and open up that roster spot on the 40 man which could easily go to Tony Abreu.

    Dont we all wish Ned had kept Werth now? Then we’d have a better option than Brady Clark. I thought Elmer Dessens salary was paid for by the Royals since we are paying so much of Odalis’ contract to them?


    Can anybody explain to me what Penny has done in the last 9 months to deserve being considered a starter on this ballclub?


    lvproduction wrote, “Loney has a great glove, hands, footwork, arm, and instincts at 1B. I would think 3B shouldn’t be overly tough for him…”

    Um, except that Loney throws *left* handed.


    Billingsley has now struck out 11 in 12 1/3 innings. That’s good for a terrific 8.05 K/9 rate. He’s gonna be great as the fif…aw, nevermind.


    It’s a good trade. With Billingsley and Hendrickson both in the bullpen, we did not really need yet another long reliever. Even if Tomko bombs and Penny is hurt, we still have middle-to-long reliever options (Hamulak, Elbert) in Las Vegas. We needed a right handed bat and it just doesn’t make sense to call up Kemp to sit on the bench. Kemp has phenomenal talent, and will probably find his way to Los Angeles this year like he did in ’06. But he needs some time in AAA to work on hitting the breaking ball. Gonzo has a 1-year deal, and it seems clear to me that the idea is that Matt Kemp will be a starting Corner Infielder in 2008 (and one poster here is right–if he burns up the PCL, he’ll find a way into the line-up, possibly platooning with the affable but aging Gonzo, plus if any of the three get injured, he’ll get called up and start ahead of Brady Clark).

    This move hurts Bigbie’s chances. We absolutely needed a back-up Center-Fielder, and only Bigbie, Repko, and Kemp fit that bill. With Repko out and Kemp headed for the Clean-up spot in Vegas, Bigbie was a lock. Now, it’s still a question mark. But unlike Kemp, Loney just does not have anything to learn. Yes, we have back-ups at First Base (Saenz, Kent can play there, and so could Martinez, Anderson, and Gonzo, I suspect, if pressed), but none as good as Loney. If Nomar is going to play 130 games, even if he stays healthy (BTW–I am optimistic that he will), the best option for those other 32 games is Loney. So figuring out how to get him in the line-up the rest of the time is the big question mark. For Bigbie, I like him, but the long-term and upside is nowhere near as strong. I hope he stays with the franchise if he is sent down, but may not (BTW–the fact that Loney has options is the only reason that he will be sent to AAA, and he’ll be back and forth if he is).

    Also, as someone points out, you can’t play the infield as a left-hander. There’s just no way to make the throw.

    But, Nomar can play third. I know we have not seen him do it in a game, but remember, this guy was one of the premier Shortstops in the game for like 8 years. He’s a gifted athlete and smart ballplayer–his failing in recent years has only been keeping healthy. If Grady wants to stick him at third, Nomar can pick it up an infield session or two. Remember, Izturis did it last year with 0 days notice, and while there are few infielders with as good a glove as Izzy, Nomar played more 3B for the Cubs in 2005 then he did shortstop, so he knows what he is doing. There is no need to work him out at the position in the Spring and put an added risk of injury so that he goes down like Repko before the season even starts (or like Nomar did last Spring). If Loney comes to LA and Betemit is not producing, I fully expect to see Nomar getting some time at 3B. It then becomes a contest between Loney and Betemit–which is a can’t lose proposition for us.


    Matt Kemp just hit a clutch 2 run home run on a breaking ball off Chan Ho Park to tie the game at 5 in the top of the eighth!


    I watched the game today, it was aired in NY, and although the box score might to represent it, Penny actually pitched a really solid game. When his mechanics are solid he really is an extremely gifted pitcher. His fastballs were all 92-95, his curve was going for a strike, and his split got a few strikeouts which was nice.

    Hope this doesnt sound too much like an excuse, but the umpire was really terrible. Penny’s line was definately hurt by a few very suspect calls. He really looked good guys, like first half Penny of last season. He just looks a lot more fit, and that has always been a big problem for him.


    Also, im not convinced Bigbie could really be a sufficient backup CF. This being said, as long we get anything for him, i like the Clark deal. We just shouldn’t let Bigbie walk– look for news tomorrow…


    What more does James Loney have to do? The knock on Coletti is that he relies on veterans too much. Is this the time to let a couple of younger guys sink or swim?


    Are we still calling him James at this point? Doesn’t Ned see “trade bait” written across his forehead? Or should we just call him Paul Konerko the second?


    I just don’t see where the heck the Dodgers intend on putting Loney for the next TWO YEARS. There never should have been a new Nomar contract. Even a one year contract would have made more sense but he never would have signedit. It would have been so much easier with Loney claiming the position in 08…they totally backed themselves into a corner. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him traded. But I would be really disappointed just like everyone else.


    Maybe Nomar gets traded for the big bat, later in the season, opening up the spot for Loney, don’t know if he has a trade claus in his contract


    I said before that Grittle favors the old guys, and if Loney is sent down and Bills is in the pen ,when he should be the 5th starter it will prove it to me. Against the Mets Gonzo looked every bit of his 40 years of age , and he shouldn’t even be on the team. If they plan on using these older players and letting a guy who reminds me of Tony Gwynn rot in triple A, I don’t hold out much hope for this season.


    That is completely ridiculous-the team is going to be great this year and the younger players will get plenty of ABs, just like last year. Its a long season, and its going to be a good one!!


    Sending Loney, Kemp, and LaRoche down to Vegas is just stupid. Billingsley in the bullpen while Tomko starts is stupid. Shoving Brady Clark (who???) down our throats is stupid. What is with Coletti’s aversion to youth? He needs to go. I’m sick of the way this team is run.


    You’re stupid if you think Kemp and La Roche should be in the majors. Kemp hits 2 homeruns in 4 games and people act like his swing got shorter and he learned the strike zone. You want La Roche in the majors?? if there has ever been a prospect in need of handling with the kid gloves it is him. He has had 2 spring trainings to prove himself and he hasnt. Why don’t you try telling me this –why SHOULD kemp and la roche be in the majors? Telling me its stupid doesnt really say much other than you’re not really informed and have nothing else to say


    I have no confidence that Kent and Nomar will lead us to the World Series – neither of them should have been extended to where they’re blocking good upcoming talent. Signing Gonzo, much as he can contribute to the clubhouse, will not get us to the WS either. Loney should be playing 1st base NOW and a couple of our AAA guys should have the opportunity to come up and play major league ball as regulars before the season ends. That is the way that you position a team to go to the World Series in a year or two. This management just wants to cover their butts by expedient measures with a couple of veterans that are past contributing at a playoff level.


    is cigarcow from dodgerthoughts? I wonder…
    Coletti has no aversion to youth, but this is not the first fool to bring it up. If he had an aversion to youth he would have traded them for A-Rod, Manny, Vernon Wells. Bringing in solid veterans for 1-2 years is just smart management when you are building a team AROUND youth the way Coletti is. You simply cannot let a lot of rookies play right away- if the team started to fail there would be no leadership to say stay the course. All of our great prospects are very young and have very long careers ahead of them. There time will be whenever it comes. It is not right now.


    What it comes down to is how the GM and manager evaluate talent. The lineup that we have right now, theres no WAY we will go deep into the playoffs, we might not even make the playoffs. What our GM doesn’t seem to realize is that Kemp is already a better player than Brady Clark or whatever his name is, and LuGO for that matter. LaRoche is the long term solution at 3b, Betemit projects as a bench player and this will become clear this year. Bills has outpitched and will continue to outpitch Tomko, and probably some others on our starting staff too. Loney is major league ready. These are things that either are not being admitted or not even being realized, but the decisions they are making are bad for the team now and bad for the future. It sends a horrible message to send someone like Loney down just to keep Bigbie. It shows they have absolutely no dedication to letting young players grow at the MLB level. And saying you need vets to bridge the gap in a large market is ridiculous because this team has been doing it for years and they have NOTHING to show for it. Finally we have legit young guys. And who do we have instead? People like LuGo, Anderson, Clark, etc. playing. If you like the way the team is run, keep drinking the koolaid, courtesy of Brian Sabean.


    “You simply cannot let a lot of rookies play right away- if the team started to fail there would be no leadership to say stay the course. All of our great prospects are very young and have very long careers ahead of them. There time will be whenever it comes. It is not right now.”

    If we put the team that Coletti wants to put on the field right now then we don’t have a chance anyway. So what’s the big deal if we play the rookies who WOULD BE better than the people blocking their positions? If Loney, Laroche and Kemp do not have starting jobs by the end of this year, I think McCourt needs to start thinking about his choice of GM again. I do not want the Dodgers to go down the path of the Giants.

    Sabean – “Let’s get veterans, they know how to win”

    2006 Season – 76-85

    Sabean – “Well, that season was a bust, what should we do this year? I know, let’s get veterans, they know how to win.”


    Curious- what are people more interested in:

    1. Watching prospect play


    2. Watching the Dodgers play


    3. Winning

    Im just amazed at all the people in this blog who are better judges of who should make up the roster than Grady and Ned. Its absurd. Those 2 guys completely turned the team around and got us into the playoffs last year and everyone is wetting their pants now about prospects being stuck in AAA and writing off the season. What is going on here?????


    My final spring training update is coming up! Dodgers/Cardinals, Tomko vs. Carpenter.


    Pierre (CF), Abreu (SS), Kemp (RF), Kent (2B), Saen (1B), LaRoche (3B), Loney (LF), Stinnett (C), Tomko (P)

    Cardinals: (Opening Day Lineup for STL)

    Eckstein (SS), Duncan (LF), Pujols (1B), Rolen (3B), Edmonds (CF), Wilson (RF), Molina (C), Kennedy


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Top 1: Chris Carpenter Pitching:
    Juan Pierre pops to second

    Tony Abreu grounds to pitcher

    Matt Kemp walks

    Jeff Kent flies to center

    0 Runs 0 Hits 1 LOB End of 1/2 inning No Score


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Bottom 1: Brett Tomko Pitching:
    David Eckstein grounds to Abreu

    Chris Duncan flies to Loney in left

    Albert Pujols hits a home run to deep left, 1-0 STL

    Scott Rolen strikes out swinging

    1 Run 1 Hit 0 LOB End of 1 1-0 Pujols


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Top 2: Chris Carpenter Pitching:
    Olmedo Saenz strikes out looking

    Andy LaRoche lines to left

    James Loney reaches on an infield single to second

    Kelly Stinnett is hit by the pitch, Loney to second

    Brett Tomko grounds to the pitcher

    0 Runs 1 Hit 2 LOB End of 1 1/2 1-0 Pujols


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Bottom 2: Brett Tomko Pitching:
    Jim Edmonds fouls out to Loney in left

    Preston Wilson pops foul to Kent

    Yadier Molina singles to right

    Adam Kennedy grounds to Saenz

    0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 2 1-0 Pujols


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Top 3: Chris Carpenter Pitching:
    Pierre grounds to second

    Abreu singles to left

    Kemp strikes out looking

    Kent forces Abreu at second

    0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 2 1/2 1-0 Pujols


    wow Bombko gave up a home run? thats a shock. Even more shocking is that James Loney is on base AGAIN.


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Bottom 3: Brett Tomko Pitching:
    Chris Carpenter strikes out swinging

    Eckstein flies to Pierre

    Duncan lines to Pierre

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 3 1-0 Pujols


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Top 4: Chris Carpenter Pitching:
    Saenz grounds to short

    LaRoche strikes out swinging

    Loney strikes out looking

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 3 1/2 1-0 Pujols


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Bottom 4: Brett Tomko Pitching:
    Some guy named Pujols lines back to Tomko

    Rolen is hit by the pitch

    Edmonds flies to Pierre

    Wilson forces Rolen at second

    0 Runs 0 Hits 1 LOB End of 4 1-0 Pujols


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Top 5: Chris Carpenter Pitching:
    Stinnett grounds to first

    Tomko strikes out swinging

    Pierre grounds to first

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 4 1/2 1-0 Pujols


    I appreciate the poster who said that Grady and Ned turned the team around, and it’s hard for non-professionals to make the calls on these young guys, when they are close calls.

    But let’s be honest–there are some calls that even a trained chimpanzee can make. For instance, suppose a slick fielding, 22-year old first basemen leads all of minor league baseball with a .380 batting average, while hitting .284 during the time he got called up to the big leagues, huits .348 after his second call-up in July (including going 3 for 4 in the NLDS), and then leads the club by hitting .455 in spring training (or higher, since he’s 1 for 2 today). Anyone can tell you that guy should be in the major leagues.

    I was urging patience yesterday, because as good of a spring as Bigbie has had, I just could not see him making the club over Loney (who will relieve Nomar once a week at first at a minimum). But after reading the LA Times article this morning, I think they are really going to blow the one exceedingly easy call of the spring. I can see putting Billingsley in the bullpen to help him work on efficiency and strengethening his arm (even if he is obviously a better pitcher already than Tomko). I understand Kemp and La Roche playing in Las Vegas for another year. But Loney’s not just a guy that should be on the roster–he’s a kid that they need to be trying to find a way to put into the line-up everyday (and here I repeat the mantra of many others–Nomar can play ome 3B too).


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Bottom 5: Brett Tomko Pitching:
    Molina walks

    Kennedy strikes out swinging

    Carpenter singles to right on a hit and run play, Molina to third

    Eckstein forces Carpenter at second, Molina scores, 2-0 STL

    Duncan flies to center

    1 Run 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 5 2-0 STL


    Loney will play. Id be shocked if he gets < 350 MLB ABs. Hopefully alot more than that.

    Ned and Grady stay awake at night trying to think of ways to win baseball games. They are not going to let a better player wast time in AAA all year. It just wont happen. Now April 1st, who knows… Long year.


    >>>Curious- what are people more interested in:

    1. Watching prospect play


    2. Watching the Dodgers play


    3. Winning

    Im interested in winning most of all, but I think the point I was making ( can’t speak for anyone else) is that we WONT win with LuGo, Pierre, Betemit, etc. playing almost every day. I mean, hitting LuGo fifth is a joke. If they were actually honest about his abilities at this point in his career he should be hitting 8th. You can make an argument against Kemp, LaRoche, etc, but not Loney. Loney is clearly one of the best hitters on the team NOW. What is wrong with wanting the best players to be on the field?


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Top 6: Chris Carpenter Pitching:
    Abreu singles up the middle

    Kemp forces Abreu at second

    Kent doubles down the left field line, Kemp to third

    Saenz walks, bases loaded

    LaRoche 5-3 Double Play

    0 Runs 2 Hits 2 LOB End of 5 1/2 2-0 STL


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Bottom 6: Chin-hui Tsao Pitching
    Pujols singles

    Rolen singles to right, Pujols is out at third on a throw from Kemp

    Edmonds hits into a Double Play 4-6-3

    0 Runs 2 Hits 0 LOB End of 6 2-0 STL


    leekfink – great points & I can’t help but think is it REALLY “A GOOD PROBLEM TO HAVE?”


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Top 7: Chris Carpenter Pitching:
    Loney grounds to first

    Stinnett lines to left

    Larry Bigbie grounds to second

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 6 1/2 2-0 STL


    Everyone makes good points – we have kids that need seasoning, and kids that are ready, and veterans blocking all of them. Let’s just remember that the opening day roster is not the one that will play the entire season. Keeping someone like Tomko in the rotation is simply a ploy to increase his trade value. Another team is not going to want a player that has been relegated to the bullpen or AAA by our team. There are so many teams with pitching needs this year, if Tomko has a start anywhere near last year’s, he’s valuable. I believe the same is true of Bigbie – if Loney is sent to AAA to make room for him, it will be only a few weeks until Bigbie is traded and Loney moved back up. Again, Bigbie is worth nothing to the Dodgers if he is released, and is valuable trade bait if he plays on the ML roster for a few weeks and shows what he can do.

    And once again, I’ll repeat what I said a few weeks ago – Ned does NOT have a desire to create a team of veterans. How about Martin, Ethier, Bills, Broxton last year? Four rookies who made massive contributions from May on. Now that they have all WON their spots on the team, they’re here to stay. Loney is the only one who has WON a spot but hasn’t been given it. 4/5 is not bad. Let’s be patient, see how injuries and trades unfold, and be excited when Loney and Kemp get their opportunities to play every day.


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Bottom 7: Joe Beimel Pitching:
    Wilson strikes out swinging

    Molina grounds to Abreu

    Kennedy flies to Loney in left

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 7 2-0 STL


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Top 8: Josh Hancock Pitching:
    Luis Maza pops foul to right

    Abreu lines to center

    Kemp singles

    Adam Godwin was at bat when Kemp was thrown out stealing

    0 Runs 1 Hit 0 LOB End of 7 1/2 2-0 STL


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Bottom 8: Jonathan Broxton Pitching:
    John Rodriguez walks

    So Taguchi grounds to third, Rodriguez to second

    Duncan strikes out swinging

    Pujols walks

    Aaron Miles singles, Rodriguez scores, Pujols to third

    Jolbert Cabrera pops to LaRoche

    1 Run 1 Hit 2 LOB End of 8 3-0 STL


    Spring Training Update: Dodgers at Cardinals: Top 9: Randy Flores Pitching:
    Godwin flies to left

    Larry Barnes bloops a single to left

    LaRoche 4-3 Double Play

    0 Runs 1 Hit 0 LOB

    R H E


    0 6 0


    3 6 0

    WP: Chris Carpenter

    LP: Brett Tomko

    SV: Randy Flores

    Time of Game: 2:08


    Every Dodger game from here until the last pitch thrown this season is televised! I had a great time doing these updates for everyone on the blog. I hope everyone enjoyed them and hope that even though the games are meaningless meant something in someway. Thanks to the Dodgers for this blog and all the inside access you all provide. Thank you to everyone out there for all the support and Go Dodgers!


    Alex, thank you so much for all the work you have done this spring training. It has been so nice to see how the team has been doing through ST and your updates have given us a lot of insight so we can make a case for each of our favorite players. Having said that NED – PUT LONEY ON THE ROSTER.

    Go Blue!!!


    Just read that Ned is shopping Loney for a big bat that can also play either 3B or LF/RF.

    Makes total sense. Do it as soon as possible, Ned! SELL HIGH!!!

    …just not for an expiring contract.


    rgonza13, where did you read that Colletti is shopping Loney? Can you provide a link?


    Ned should be shopping Nomar not Loney if ti’s true. What’s wrong with playing the young guys , and if they fail backing them up with washed up vets like Gonzo?

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