Anyone else ready for games?

It seems like this time ever year, Spring Training feels more like an exercise in patience than anything else. It’s kind of like the poker games that seem to take place nightly in the Dodgertown lounge. But, we’ve still got four more days until the intrasquad game and five until we head to Orlando for the first game and I know just about everyone here is itching for some competition.

There were some interesting stories in today’s papers. Ken Gurnick’s story about Andre Ethier seems to tell a lot about why he struggled last season and Ken has another one about Andy La Roche that shows why he seems more comfortable this spring. In the Daily News, Tony Jackson touches on the same two subjects in one article.

I’ve also got to continue pointing out Tony’s blog because he seems to be posting three times a day, which puts Inside the Dodgers to shame. They’re all quick hits that can keep a Dodger fan entertained throughout the day.

In the L.A. Times, Steve Henson points out that Randy Wolf can hit and for anyone who grew up in the Valley and saw him tear it up in high school or college, it’s nice to know that he could see an occasional early-inning pinch-hit appearance in the bigs. Randy will also start the spring opener in Orlando on Thursday, Grady announced yesterday.

Over at the Orange County Register, new Dodger beat writer Al Balderas has a piece on Jonathan Broxton and Chad Billingsley that’s definitely worth a read.

And our other new beat reporter, Diamond Leung of the Riverside Press Enterprise, has an interesting story about Jason Repko in which he admits that if there are other teams that want him, he’d be open to being traded. I’m sure that’s a tough thing to say when you’ve been with one organization as long as he has, but just like anyone in the working world, the opportunity for more responsibility or in this case, playing time, is the issue. Still, given that Jason is one of the nicest guys on the team, I’m certain that he’ll continue to play his heart out here in Los Angeles as long as he’s here.

Our AP reporter, John Nadel, is in town for a week and his first article is on Joe Beimel, which hopefully puts that story to rest. But keep an eye on the newswire all week, as stories about the club will be posted there regularly while John is at Dodgertown.

And finally, don’t forget tonight’s DodgerTalk at 8 p.m. PT. If you’ve got Tivo or DVR, it’s the perfect chance to record the Oscars, listen to DodgerTalk on KFWB and then watch the Oscars almost commercial free for the rest of the night.



    Josh, have you heard anything about the trade winds blowing? I’m ready for the spring training games to start. Also I’m not a big fan of inter-league play. I’d rather see us play the Giants than the Angels. I hope they go back to playing only in your own league until the World Series.


    I’m ready. Ready for winter to be over as well. The competition the games will bring will start to sort out many of the questions we have about who should play where and when should they bat. An interesting thing about this blog is all the different opinions (even the hats) we have, when we all want the same thing.


    knouffbrock: Those hats with the “cutesy little do-dahs on the sides” are not the Dodgers team cap for the season. They are spring training/batting practice workout cap… and… New ERA is selling a ton of these caps. Point is, they’re popular and I happen to think they look awesome as well. But not to worry, New ERA is also making the traditional team cap in a polyester/wool blend as well, so the cap will look exactly the same but will be much cooler to wear and also keep clean.

    Now as for these caps being “as bad as those silver bills a couple of years ago”… I think you need a history lesson. The silver billed “alternate” cap made its debut in 1998. Not a bad track record having been around for nine years, considering how “bad” you think it is.

    Go Dodgers!!


    hey guys,its been a great week here from vero.. i met a lot of the guys, took a lot of pictures, it really is dodger heaven… btw, greg miller looks awsome, and from what i have seen, andy laroche is more than ready…

    btw, i have one spot left in my league… i had sent invitations out, but people have not responded, i want to fill out the league so we can have the draft.. if anyone is interested let me know… i’ll also post some of the pictures from vero on here…



    Are we still talking about the Joe Beimel thing? Hasn’t that horse been beaten to death by now? I mean, heck, it’s not like the Juan Pierre signing, which I could talk about all day…Kidding.


    I’m ready for some games.

    And I have it on good authority that sad-panda77 isn’t really a panda, just a guy in a panda suit.


    Yes, but it’s a very realistic panda suit. The guys at Jim Henson’s shop put it together for me.


    KFWB has done it again, postponing Dodger Talk for Academy Award updates. Mr. McCourt has got to leave KFWB after the season. One of MLB’s flagship franchises should have a sports station as its radio network.


    Not only was the broadcast delayed, but cut to 45 minutes. Josh, is there an e-mail address or mailing address to which I can loge my complaints to the front office? I do not wich to send my grievance to KFWB as it seems clear they are not that concerned with the Dodgers or their fans. Thanks.

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