The first day at Dodgertown

We’re settled in at Dodgertown today and though it’s very cold, everything else feels like spring has begun. The staff here always does incredible work to make sure that when we arrive, it feels like home away from home, so our sincere thanks go out to Craig Callan and his staff.

Every pitcher and catcher is now in camp, as Greg Miller was the last to make it due to mechanical issues with the plane he was on. Rich Donnelly also reported a little late due to flight issues, but everyone is accounted for and they all took their physicals today (not the coaches, of course).

Takashi Saito has been battling a little problem in his right calf, so he’ll take it easy the first week or so, but he expects no problems at all.

Jason Schmidt arrived a few days ago and has been settling into Dodger blue. It’s nice to see him in those colors rather than the orange and black.

As always, you can get some great Dodger information from and Ken Gurnick, who files in depth stories every day that are posted in real time. The LA Times has followed suit, so be sure to check out Steve Henson’s coverage during the day.

On the Daily News site, Tony Jackson has joined the blogging world and from what I understand, will be doing it regularly, so check that out, too.

Plus, for those who don’t want to read their Dodger news but watch it, Time Warner Cable’s Dodgers On Demand is the only station that will be here all spring, bringing you Dodger updates regularly, starting on Feb. 21. This is an awesome new addition and a must-see for true fans. I’ll have more info on it later.

That’s about it for now. I’m trying to add some photos but have had some issues posting them, but will try to fix that shortly.



    I’ve been gone for a few days, but now that I’m back I wanted to respond directly to Kevin’s response to my Steiner posting a few days ago.

    Kevin (Kssparkuhl, ) I won’t give up my drive to get Steiner out of LA. He a very knowledgeable announcer with national experience, yet he chooses to ridicule, make fun of and simply sensationalize the game. Yes I’m spoiled by Vin and no there will never be another Vin Scully. But in LA there should be an heir apparent to Vin Scully !! Someone that at least attempts to carry the flag as well as Vin did for so many years. It’s a Dodger tradition that goes to the very core of who we are. We’re not rude and insensitive New Yorkers that drive our players away. We support our team to the very end and we expect our announcers to show that same commitment. Steiner is a HACK and as far as I’m concerned isn’t worthy of being in LA !!! I respect your opinion but I’ll never stop my quest to rid LA of this bum !!!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    I just saw the picture of Jason Schmidt wearing Dodger Blue on the Dodgers page. I watched the news conference when he signed, but something about seeing him with his glove on playing catch… it gave me chills. What is it now? 2 weeks til ST games start? A month after that the season starts? GO DODGERS!!! GO DODGERS!!!GO DODGERS!!!GO DODGERS!!!GO DODGERS!!!GO DODGERS!!!GO DODGERS!!!GO DODGERS!!!GO DODGERS!!!GO DODGERS!!!GO DODGERS!!!GO DODGERS!!!GO DODGERS!!!GO DODGERS!!!


    Yay, Spring Training has sprung! It’s going to be bittersweet, since this is one of the last years at Dodgertown, but I can’t wait to see this team jump off the paper and onto the field.

    It was really nice as a lifelong Dodgers fan now living in Giants country to see Jason Schmidt in blue, not just because we stole the Giants ace, but because in my experience, Jason Schmidt is a class act, and I always knew we were in for a rough one when he started against us.

    Also, as a west coaster, I have to say I’m sad the Dodgers are moving to Glendale (which will never be Dodgertown, maybe Blue Sox land, but I’ll give it a chance). No matter how much sense the move makes, it hurts to see the team moving away from their traditional spring home. I’m sure there are many fans in the stands that have been rooting since they called Ebbett’s Field home, and this is the last east coast link for our Brooklyn-born team. That being said, I shall savor these last summers of Dodgertown, if only on television and the net over 2,000 miles away.



    Josh, what is the mood of the Dodgertown staff, players and those around Dodgertown about the Dodgers leaving Vero Beach?


    hey ray i had to reactivate my email, so i didnt get your invite. can you send it again please? appreciate it.

    ps. i was on the other dodger blog today and someone was saying the move ned needed to make this offseason was getting scott rolen? then posted another comment pertaining to that being a big need of ours???? you got to be kidding me. andy laroche anyone? just thought that was really funny.


    dualtone428 said “I just saw the picture of Jason Schmidt wearing Dodger Blue on the Dodgers page. I watched the news conference when he signed, but something about seeing him with his glove on playing catch… it gave me chills.”

    I feel you brother!!


    I can’t wait to get started! Just wondering if the thought ever occurred to the Dodgers to place some live webcams around the spring training site. It would be awesome to just watch what is going on at various locations in camp.


    Too bad Tomko showed up. 🙂 It’s great to start hearing about baseball again, it seems like it’s been gone forever.


    I live here in las vegas.Watched the 51’s all last year.I really liked the way Langill played the game.Wondering where he is??dodgers have him?

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