Going to the Wall

In this morning’s Los Angeles Times, Steve Henson writes an incredible piece about the Dodgers’ history in China and throughout Asia, with great quotes from Frank McCourt, Dodgers’ Director of Asian Operations Acey Kohrogi and Peter O’Malley, among others.  The article touches on a number of things the team has done over the years and ties it into the Yankees’ first trip to China.

27841932Steve also wrote a sidebar about who baseball’s Yao Ming will be, which is another interesting read.

As some of you know, the team has had roots all over the world since the 1950s, including Asia, Central and South America, the Dominican Republic, Australia, Russia, Ireland and countless other places on the globe. But I really think that because it’s not something that the casual fan sees, it’s also something that most people don’t realize. It’s stories like this that bring these efforts to the forefront and it’s these efforts that help the Dodgers land such talents as Fernando Valenzuela, Hideo Nomo, Chan Ho Park, Hong-Chih Kuo and Chin-lung Hu, among others.

And of course, this is not to ignore the efforts of the Dodgers and MLB in trying to find these talents at home, too. In yesterday’s Times, Helene Elliott wrote a piece that was also fantastic about the Urban Youth Academy in Compton. We stopped there for the caravan on Wednesdsay, so players like Nomar, Juan Pierre, James Loney and others got to interact with the youngsters on site. It’s at this academy and through the RBI program (Reviving Baseball in Innercities) where we signed or found players like Lyndon Poole and Trayvon Robinson, who we hope will one day be playing at Dodger Stadium. 

It’s really refreshing to see some great stories like this in the mainstream media, especially when you consider how the media has changed over the years to highlight the negative things that occur, not just in sports but in the world.


This is the kind of stuff that makes Baseball, Basketball and Soccer alike, it’s an international language !! It brings people together on a common interest. The NFL will never equal this kind of following internationally. And the Dodgers have been a leader for our sport !! I think it’s another reason why leaving Vero Beach is such a BAD idea !!! We’re pulling back instead of reaching out. The east coast fans are going to lose interest and there goes a little more exposure and tradition !!!

Go Dodgers !!

When I read something like this, is makes me so very angry that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) saw fit to remove baseball from the Olympic Games because they saw it as an “American” sport and not as an international sport.

Fortunately, the overwhelming success of the World Baseball Classic proved that baseball is, in every sense of the word, an international sport. I only hope that the IOC will someday realize this and return baseball to the Olympics.


I couldn’t agree more 53 !! And who says the IOC isn’t political. Int’l baseball ended up being a political whipping post !!

Go Dodgers !!

I can’t believe that Beimel went all the way to arbitration. What was this guy thinking ??? He never stood a chance of winning !! In the first place he’s extremely lucky he didn’t get fired !! But instead the Dodgers’ offer was more then double what he made last year !! This guy should have said THANK YOU VERY MUCH and promised not to mess up again !!! If we didn’t need a left handed middle reliever so much I’d say get rid of the guy !!! Maybe he’ll be trade bait for that big bat we want so bad !!

Go Dodgers !!!

Sillyof Beimel. Arbitration is not quite the mia culpa that guy should have been delivering after the debacle before the playoffs last year.
That said he was very very key for us down the stretch… hopefully all is well. If he’s not a clubhouse distraction and follows up on his breakout year he will be a key part of the teams success.

Don’t forget there’s a DodgerTalk tonight at 8 p.m. PT on KFWB.

drj884&yaho.com is Mia Culpa portuguese? cause it sounds alot like spanish (Mi Culpa)


Sorry, somehow I thought this was a baseball blog.

I’ll have to brush up on my Latin clichés….

Go blue.

how much longer is the radio contract with KFWB? The dodgers need a station that is at least a little committed to the team!!!!!

good point, besides the lack of a good fit on KFWB,

Dodger talk has been unlistable in recent years. There is so little content and tons of commercials. I think a lot of local Dodgers fans grew up listining to Dodger talk with a transistor under your pillow following the games.

I cant imagine any kid being able to withstand the broken rhythm and endless gaps between actual “talk”.

I think that Dodger talk is an integral part of the Dodger experience especially if your a kid growing up a baseball fan. The Dodgers should invest in growing the fans when it comes to “Dodger talk” it is after all a Southern Californis tradition that desrves some basic guidelines, providing a better listening experience.

Agreed we need a radio station that is committed to the Dodgers

Exactly what I am talking about. I used to fall asleep with it under my pillow when it was on KABC and it actually got me into talk radio too. The current situation is a joke. There are 4 minutes out of each ten that are actually dodger talk. During the last 1/2 hour that I heard there were no calls and the host just kept repeating himself and talking about his support staff. PLEASE DODGERS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. I know that radio is not as important to the Dodgers as TV but just as MLB is abandoning us fans with the Extra Innings to Direct TV issue, the Dodgers have abandoned radio to a news station that can’t or won’t break format to properly air the show.

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