The Other Say Hey Kid

He might not be Willie Mays, but we signed Joe Mays to a minor league contract with an invite to big league camp. As a former 17-game winner in the big leagues, he could be an interesting arm in the mix this spring.

As for the caravan, Day 1 was a tremendous success by all accounts. We’re hoping to see you all out there tomorrow!


Ned is still loading up the system !! If only half of these guys pan out he’s going to make some club a very attractive trade !!

Go Ned !!

Go Dodgers !!

joe mays huh?? lets see if he can get some people out in dodger uniform. how many more of these guys can he bring in??? looks like hes not handing anything to bills, and rightfully so. chad needs to be tougher up top.

Good point graffiti. I like that Ned doesn’t give spots away, but challenges the young players to fight for them and prove that they are better than these veterans. It can only make Bills and any of the others better. If it makes them worse, then they’re probably not MLB quality. All that aside – I think Bills has what it takes. He showed some serious mettle at times last year, and I think he will be a fantastic starter in another year (if not this year).

“looks like hes not handing anything to bills, and rightfully so. chad needs to be tougher up top.”

Chad Billingsley was a more dominant starter than Brad Penny last year. Billingsley doesn’t need to toughen up so much as to not let two or three baserunners on before deciding to get people out. Under pressure, Billingsley may be one of the toughest pitchers the Dodgers have.

thats right brad penny wasnt anything close to being dominant if you dont count the all star game and the first half when he was our best pitcher. that has nothing to do with bills though, sure he got out of some jams and one some key games for us. but on the other hand he also walked an enormous amount of batters that lead to many grady little mound talks quite early in the game.

ps. on the usc trojan front they just got joe mcknight the top player in the country. they now have the top 3 recruits signed, usc’s gonna be a force for years to come.

one=won by the way..hahah rough day.

This is getting really old Ned. How about we sign some not so has-beens/disabled veterans.

What a cynic. Competition is the most important thing in training camp, and , hate to say it but, Bills does need get mentally stronger. Mental strength is not turning it on when you have it, it’s having it from the get go.
This is another great pick up by Ned, a real win-win situation. This guy has had injury problems, but i think he knows how to pitch. No rookie should have their spot given to them, simple as that. (I dont think anyone really believes that Joe Mays is competeing for the fifth spot in the Dodgers Rotation… i mean, come on..)

Mays is an insurance policy, just in case everyone breaks down in ST, nothing more nothing less. Ned’s doing his job the right way !!! He’s taking care of the long term but protecting the short term !! Makes perfect baseball sense !! Mays comes in does his job, maybe he catches on or maybe he doesn’t. If his spring is good and we don’t have any positions available he’s trade bait or on someone’s radar as soon as he cut. If he shows enough promise he could be offered Las Vegas. Again it’s an insurance policy. And a cheap one at that !!!

Go Ned !!

Go Dodgers !!

I don’t care very much about the Mays invite, in and of itself–there aren’t five teams in MLB that don’t have twelve pitchers better than he is in their system, and the Dodgers certainly do. I only care insofar as there’s room for him, but not for Mark Alexander? Why? Alexander might conceivably be worth something. And he’s not getting any younger. Is he ever going to get a shot?

totally agree with the alexander comment, no one has said why hes not getting an invite. some of the invites prompt you to scratch your head a little.

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