Non-roster invitees

As some of you have probably read in the papers the last couple days, we have signed Rudy Seanez to a minor league contract with an invite to Major League camp. Also today, we signed third baseman Fernando Tatis to a similar contract and you’ll get to watch both guys during Spring Training.

Many of you remember Rudy Seanez from his days with the Dodgers when he was a hard-throwing young reliever. He still throws pretty hard and could be a nice addition if he’s healthy and still effective.

If any of you don’t remember Fernando Tatis, you will remember him this way – he’s the guy that hit two grand slams off Chan Ho Park in the same inning. I vividly remember that day, actually, because I was still working in the marketing department here. Most of the time, I’d be in the offices during the games but on this particular night, I had to meet a client who was at the game on the Loge Level behind home plate. I didn’t want to interrupt the crowd during the inning, so I just took an open seat a few rows behind him and waited for three quick outs. Two grand slams later, I had witnessed history from some amazing seats. Do any of you guys remember this game or did you attend it, by any chance?

And to answer the question about the cost of these non-roster spots, it really depends on the caliber of the player. They’ll all have split contracts where they get a certain salary if they make the big league club and a much lower one if they don’t. In relative terms, it doesn’t cost much to invite them to camp. Plus, almost every year it seems that one of these "longshots" makes it on the big league club, if not more. Among the NRIs last year were Joe Beimel, Chad Billingsley, Matt Kemp, Ramon Martinez, Takashi Saito, Aaron Sele and Eric Stults. Others in the past have included Jose Lima, Kelly Wunsch and Scott Erickson, among others.

I can’t imagine there are a ton more that you’ll be hearing about, but usually a good group of 15 or so gives you a chance to see what some veterans still have left or how some prospects fare against big leaguers.



    Can you post a blog about how you go started in the Dodger organization and how it was working in the marketing department? I am a marketing major and think that would be really interesting! Thanks and I LOVE your blog.


    Oh god do you guys realize what you are getting out of Rudy Seanez?He was awful in Boston for half the season last year and the year before until they finally partd ways for your guy’s sake I hope he fares better in the NL with you guys then he did with boston “He still throws pretty hard and could be a nice addition if he’s healthy and still effective.” Effective is the keyword in that sentence.GOOD LUCK!


    Just out of curiosity is there a reason after the great season that he had last year that Alexander is not getting a non roster invite?


    Hello – I still haven’t heard anything regarding the Rewards Club — just hoping for an update on that.

    Also, with Feb 6-7 approaching soon is there any update on that?

    Thank you!


    That was quite a game, I was sitting in the loge also. My friend ran to get beers after the first one and by the time he got back Fernando was coming up again. When knew we had seen history, even though we weren’t very happy with Chan Ho.


    thanks Josh, and Gary.
    I know some nri”s make clubs every year, and we would have been hurting last year without Saito, beimel, martinez, so it does make sence to invite some. as Gary said, more injury insurance.

    also liked the article that says tatis is insurance at triple a while LaRoche,and Betemit battle it out for the big league job. Tasco at 25 might be a great sign if he can recover his health, but I

    think I would rater have Meloan, or Alexander coming in with runners on rather than Seanez.

    the good news is that next weekend is Feb. so close to Spring Training, and hearing about the prospects taking on the vet’s.

    I had heard that Alexander was not invited to spring training because he lost it at triple A, and had a bad winter season. At 25 I hope he does get a chance this spring. It must hurt him that he did so well at double A, and misses a chance for a chance at the big camp because of a few innings, and Meloan is only 22 and only pitched 11 innings at double A gets an invite. I think Meloan ‘s upside is better, but feel the pain for Alexander. Would also like to see Casey Hoorebeke get a chance at the big league side of spring training.


    I was at the 2 grand slam game with a big family group, we had actually gone to see Mark Mquire. It was a very cold spring game, it even rained a bit. Not suprisingly for this rout, we left in the 6Th inning!


    Welcome back Harold.

    I too think it’s a shame Alexander isn’t coming to ST. Must be more to that then what we see. One thought would be that Ned is bringing most of the trade bait to ST to showcase them. I can feel it my bones, more moves are a coming !!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!


    Hey slikkrikk – Not sure if you saw this or not, but this is what Josh posted on January 11th regarding the Dodger Fan Rewards Program:

    “In regards to the Dodger Fan Rewards program, we are still waiting on some detailed information from Sports Loyalty Systems, the third-party company that operated the program. We hope to have the information shortly, so thanks for your patience.”

    Only 75 days until the home opener!




    It is interesting that the article does not mention Penny as one of the pitchers that Schmidt is joining. That is too bad because I think Brad could make a real difference. If Brad wants to be the ace of the club, it is his for the taking. Drop 20 pounds, lose the attitude, and take some control. It is his for the taking, and I would be happy to see him do it, since it would mean a great year for him.


    “Two grand slams later, I had witnessed history from some amazing seats. Do any of you guys remember this game or did you attend it, by any chance?”

    It was a sunday ESPN game if I remember correctly, it wasn’t fun & I remember cursing at the T.V. a couple of times.


    Would somebody please explain to me Colletti’s fondness for Tampa Bay players??? Fernando Tatis?? It can’t hurt being a non-roster guy and all, but PLEASE! Why are we looking toward the worst franchise in baseball for talent?? Not to mention the wasted opportunity to play Ramon Martinez last season, only to end up watching Julio Lug-nuts **** all over himself (and the wasted talent traded away for nothing).


    that was a questionable move at best. there is no justifying that move anyway you look at it. what did we get?? a guy with an attitude that did nothing for a few months and a draft pick. thats brian sabeanish to me. it reeks of the pierzinsky for bonser liriano and joe nathan deal. oh well just another pointless trade.


    I agree that the Lugo deal was a poor one. However, the Pierzynski trade was utterly rotten for the Giants. They cannot be compared, as the Giants lost three young guys who have done very well for Minnesota. It remains to be seen what happens with Guzman and Pedroza.

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