Long weekend

I hope everyone’s enjoying the long weekend. We certainly appreciate everyone’s opinions on the all-you-can-eat right field pavilion and for those who aren’t big on the concept, all I can do is ask you to be patient and see how it turns out. I can assure all of you, though, that this is definitely not a gimmick to try and depress the number of seats available "like the tarp in Oakland." If we didn’t think this would be successful, we wouldn’t be doing it just for kicks and to move people from one pavilion to the other.

A couple things to keep in mind. First, there are a huge number of nights when the right field pavilion is not normally opened, so on all those nights the people who prefer the RFP to the LFP still move to the LFP. But most importantly, I really think people should know that this is not the team’s attempt to see who can eat the most food or get their money’s worth out there. While this has garnered insane amounts of media coverage (not by design, actually), from the Today Show to CNN to local sports talk radio and the whole blogosphere, this truly isn’t an eating contest. The truth is, the majority of seats that are purchased in the RFP during the season go to large groups like Little Leagues, AYSO soccer, company outings, etc. For any group over 30, the cost of the AYCE seats are only $20 and I think we can all pretty much agree that at that price, the fan is getting a great deal that can’t be found almost anywhere else in the entertainment world (i.e. the movies, a hockey game, etc.)

Anyway, enough about the pavilions. I hope everyone has a great day off on Monday and spends a little time thinking about the significance of the holiday. As many of you know, we’ll be celebrating the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s debut all season long at Dodger Stadium, with the big celebration on April 15 at Dodger Stadium.

Whenever I think of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all that he did for our country, I think about something Don Newcombe told me last year. He said that he had dinner with the Kings at their house just a couple weeks before Dr. King was assasinated and at that time, he was told something by Dr. King that stood out in his mind. He said, "You know, Don, you, Jackie and Roy will never know just how much easier you made this for people like me by the things you did on the baseball diamond."

That’s pretty incredible, if you think about it. Baseball does mirror society and sometimes, we’re even ahead of our time.

Enjoy the day and keep checking back for updates on all your questions and any other interesting things going on before we head for Vero.


  1. sabre3@starband.net

    really makes me proud to have seen Jackie, Don and Roy play. not only were they great black role models, but were great role models for everyone for all times. they made Dodger Blue what it is today.

  2. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Great players and great people who made history in so many ways !!! I just hope that these kids who play today can learn and honor those that made the game what it is today. The players of today need to give back to the game and the community and give thanks for what the game has so graciously given to them.

    P.S. All this talk about Dodger Dogs is making me hungry !!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!!

  3. benny_the_jet_rodriguez@yahoo.com

    From dodgerjunkie.com:

    Mediocrity Pays, Especially If You’re Left-Handed

    The Dodgers avoided arbitration with Mark Hendrickson today, agreeing to a contract worth $2.925,000, which is a $1 million raise over last year. While I am probably among the minority and think Henrickson has some value, it is hard to justify a big raise for his performance last year as well as a career 4.98 ERA. Such is the life of a big leaguer…

    On the plus side, Hendrickson did pitch well in limited action out of the bullpen. He had a 0.84 ERA and 12Ks in 11 innings. ESPN speculates that he will be competing for a rotation spot. Barring several major injuries or a spot start here or there, Hendrickson has about the same shot of getting that 5th starter spot as I do.

    By the way, that leaves Joe Beimel as the only Dodger left eligible for arbitration. My guess is he takes whatever they offer. He’s got enough to worry about walking into the clubhouse next month without adding an arbitration hearing to the mix.

    And in other news…JD Screw still has no contract with the Red Sox.

  4. bluebleeder88@yahoo.com

    Well if anything the guy has a great work ethic & this Dodger Poster would never make fun of that (I’m looking @ you Brad penny)

  5. abuabraham2@gmail.com

    Im curious.

    Im sure the front office ran those 3 trials last year and found success – my friend and I were offered the all u can eat package – but decided it was defintely NOT worth it and never bought the package; No beer in the pavillions.

    The rule states the all you can eat part will close 2 hrs after the first pitch. The front office ran the 3 tests and im sure you have some stats on simulations on what the avg person is going to eat in the amount of time. Lets be real about this folks, even though this package seems to be catered towards families, the bottom line is the dollar and profits at the end of the day. They’re just trying to find a compromise with the fans at the same time – which I really like. But again, its about profits.

    HEres some “food for thought”. If there are 3,000 fans in the section and they all want food (why else would they be in that section), how much are you going to get in 2 hrs? When i PAY FOR MY FOOD I have to wait in long lines… what do you think is going to happen when its all you can eat? Lines up the wazzoo is what. You’re not going to get your money’s worth. You’re actually better off paying cash elsewhere in the stadium. It’ll be less lines and about the same price.

    in terms of making money, its brilliant. I dont really see too many negatives – i just think its a gimick at the end of day. Maybe even uneccesary. If the “waiting in line” situation gets figured out in the pavillion (i doubt they’ll get it fixed for the rest of the stadium) then this whole package will be worth it. I’ll even try it to be honest. But my money is on the fact that the front office is BANKING on the long lines.

    Josh, I had a question: In this all you can eat section – will they now be serving beer there? or is it still going to be alcohol free?

    Im not trying to be too negative about this – cause I honestly do believe the McCourts and the Front office really mean what they say when they’re trying to be genuine to the fans. But this one…i dunno about.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the hollidays and this past long weekend.


    ps- my friends and I bought the mini plans last year…same seats this year for the package is over $100 more. We’re not buying them. We’re just going to buy indvidual games (less games) instead. I hate rising ticket prices and mark my words they’ll raise them again next off-season. Next thing you know we’ll be paying Anaheim prices. And I agree with that article that was written in the Times about how this is going to have a negative impact on the next generation of fans. Thats what made this sport an american pastime, the affordabilty… raise the prices and you lose the next generation (not the whole generation, but a good chunk of those kids that live near and around Chavez Ravine). And arent the Dodgers concerned about their community? Or are they trying to do what Anaheim and the Lakers do – raise ticket prices to a point where only the affluent and corporations purchase the tickets – and the genuine fans cant get in?

    pps- im upper middle class and im saying this.

  6. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Abu I think you’re right on the point regarding the food. I also think your right about the ticket pricing to. The less fortunate will suffer from these increases. I was a season ticket holder in 2006, but not in 2007. Partly because I live in Orange County and have a school age kid. But also because the drive is a killer !! I wouldn’t get home from week night games until well after midnight ( I have to see the very last pitch !!! ) But also because I run my own business ( I too am upper middle class) but I took too much time off last year to go to the games on a regular basis. With that said I think the ticket prices will continue to go up, not because they can, but because they have too !! If we continue to run a team with $120+ million player salaries it has to come from some where. If the team can raise prices, keep the seats full at 3+ million and field a large market team, plus insure us that all the games will be on TV then it makes perfect business sense. At the very least the less fortunate will not be left completely out in the cold. I remind everyone that this is a family run business !! This is not the Tribune running the Cubs !! It’s one family that seems very committed to keeping a winner in town and all the support systems in place. They are clearly doing something that the O’Malley family couldn’t, which was run a family owned large market baseball franchise faced with rising costs. The Dodgers were losing money according to MLB and that was when they were in the $80 million salary range. With today’s salaries going up and the cost of living at alltime record highs, it only makes sense.

    I’ll accept the higher prices, go to fewer games, watch the balance on TV and be as passionate a fan as ever. I want the team to succeed and if that means I have to adjust I will. Now what I will do is go to more minor league games and watch the kids of tomorrow come up in the system. Honestly, it’s a lot more fun. “For the Love of the Game”

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!!

  7. kevblewis@sbcglobal.net


    I like the idea of the price reduction for the groups of 30 or more. I wonder if there is a way to have both types of tickets there. The all you can eat and the regular fan who just wants to pay 10 bucks?

  8. lapddom@msn.com

    Rising ticket prices and new promotions are all part of business moving forward and I don’t mind paying higher prices for a better product, but that is the key. Are the Dodgers going to move towards putting a truely competitive team on the field, or will they continue to find ways of putting a mediocre team on the field at a lower cost. I say that knowing, yes, they did go out and get one of the best lead off hitters in the game, but not getting the power hitter they needed. I think Soriano could definitely have been acquired and taken over in left field. It was very frustrating once again to see proven young sluggers go to other teams when the Dodgers have the ability and money to get those same players.

    As far as the all you can eat seats, it’s a good marketing idea that will eventually will die out once the fans figure out you can only eat so much food and wait in line so much in two hours. I’m sure marketing also won’t have the walking food vendors in right field. I would guess the AYCE probably applies to certain foods. It wouldn’t make any sense to apply the AYCE policy to ice creams, snacks and the like. And as far as alcohol, that would be a huge mistake. I hope some thought was put into who would buy those tickets if beer sales were available in the AYCE section.

    Kevblewis, both types of tickets cannot be sold because people will buy one all you can eat ticket and have the other 10 members of their group pay the regular ticket amount and use the AYCE ticket to get food for the group.

  9. dualtone428@yahoo.com

    Anyone looking for a good laugh should check out the Rangers’ mailbag for this week. Specifically the last five or six questions. Pretty funny. On another note, has anyone heard any interesting trade rumors? January is so boring. I almost feel like starting a few of my own. Penny/Hendrickson for Pujols, straight up. There, I’ve done it. I’m starting a rumor. Somebody complain about it and call it ridiculous, then somebody applaud my idea and call it sheer genius. The hot stove is more like a lukewarm cigarette lighter right now.

  10. kevblewis@sbcglobal.net


    Good call on the sharing food for the larger group. I should have put some more thought into it before I asked the question. I agree that it will probably die down and might be canceled by mid-season.

  11. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    just read this on espn.com in a article about all time worst post season chokes.
    1. The ’88 Athletics and Mets

    Oakland had the game’s best closer in Dennis Eckersley and the Bash Brothers and a solid rotation, and the Mets had Dwight Gooden and a ridiculously stacked lineup. And yet the Dodgers won the World Series, with a lineup that was completely battered by injury; Kirk Gibson’s pinch-hit home run came on his only at-bat of the World Series, right fielder Mike Marshall was hurt and catcher Mike Scioscia was hurt. L.A. did have Orel Hershiser, who basically hoisted the Dodgers onto his back and carried them, something rarely seen with a starting pitcher.

    There are probably moments now in which some of the Athletics and Mets think about those Dodgers and shake their heads, remembering that a team that relied on Mickey Hatcher, Rick Dempsey, Jeff Hamilton and John Shelby walked away with the title.

    everytime i think about 1988, my outlook for 2007 gets better.

  12. dualtone428@yahoo.com

    Cubs are looking to trade Jacque Jones, they need a center fielder. Hendrickson & Repko/Ethier for Jacque Jones. These are my honest thoughts, I’m not just trying to start rumors this time. It could work, addressing our need for power and theirs for starting pitching depth and a CF with speed and the potential to win a gold glove.

  13. messagebear@yahoo.com

    Dualtone: I would certainly go for that deal, if that is all it took from our side. I think that Ethier has to prove himself all over again, given his dramatic fall-off at the end of last season. Repko with all of his hustle has not shown that he can hit at the major league level.

  14. garysmith@glsmith.com

    I for one want to trust in our young guys Repko and Either. Either was in the running for the batting championship most all of last year, AS A ROOKIE !!!! Repko got injuried trying to save a game for us !! We owe it to these kids to allow them to be all that they can be for the DODGERS !!! Granted Jones may look like a good fit but it’s another outsider trying to fit in. These kids have earned the right to be given a shot. Ned, stay with what we have today and let’s see how spring training works out !!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  15. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    i would jump on that trade in a heartbeat. i love the idea of a former USC trojan coming to the dodgers. ive followed jones career and I think he could make an impact on a good team. but i dont think jim hendry is that stupid. they coulld choose ethier or repko, hendrickson, heck even throw in tomko and dessens, and let some of our minor league studs fill bullpen roles. fat chance on that happening though.

  16. alex41592@aol.com

    From the Denver Post via Rotoworld

    The Dodgers are close to signing free-agent right-hander Chin-Hui Tsao.

    The Rockies may regret non-tendering Tsao last month rather than committing another $500,000 or so to keep him. Nine teams have pursued the 25-year-old.

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