In case you missed it…

This morning on AM 570, Jaime Jarrin shared his thoughts about Hall of Fame Day with Fred Roggin, T.J. Simers and Traci Simers. The interview can be heard here and it should remind us all how lucky we are to not only have Vin around, but Jaime, too. Since my job makes sure I’m around him every day, I feel like get to witness what an incredible person he is, but it’s easier for those who don’t get to hear his broadcasts or see him daily to forget how special it is to have two Hall of Famers doing the same game broadcast every night.

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday), Tommy Lasorda will be on with Roggin and Simers Squared.



    No doubt Jaime is one of the best even for those of us non-spanish speaking people we appreciate the fact that he is a respected and appreciated announcer and that he works for the team we all love.

    Now all we need is for Charlie Steiner to grow his beard back and learn the Dodger players’ names which is tough considering all the player changes since he took the job. But yeah, the beard has to come back, he looks way too chubby without it. It just brings attention to his chin and teeth without it.



    hahahah that is one of the better posts ive read. Jaime Jarrin is definitely a legend in latino broadcasting, and i am greatful for having two of the best announcers in the game cover our team. i totally agree with your Charley Steiner point. i think he tried to look younger but it wasnt really working.



    Hi Josh:

    Thank you for a great job on the blog.

    Can you give us any update as to what happened with the Think Blue Rewards program and if those of us who had saved up a decent amount of points are going to receive anything or not.

    Thank you in advance for your response.


    What? No blog entry on the right field seats hog fest? Josh, this is one of the dumbest ideas in Dodgers history. Very Tipper Gore-like. We are now the laughingstock of sports talk radio. Can’t wait for the TV shots of the 350-pounders pounding down Dodger Dog after Dodger Dog. Not too mention the every other inning shot of the paramedics running to save the heart attack victims while Nomar smacks a double down the line.

    Please reconsider this “policy.”

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