1. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    I miss the Bakersfield Dodgers…So many great Dodgers played here(i live in bakersfield). My dad has a picture of me and Mike Piazza when i was one or two and he was playing here in bakerfield. SO great. BRING BACK THE B DODGERS!!!

  2. lukemccain@email2me.net

    For my fellow old school fans (and the younger generation as well), there is a great article about Sandy Koufax at


    I was ten years old when he made a public appearance at a bank in Granada Hills. The bank gave away black plastic bats with their name on it and Sandy autographed them with a white felt tip pen. I also got him to sign a baseball that I got at another appearance by Don Drysdale at the Dales supermarket in Panorama City. My mother knew I was thrilled to see my hero and with earshot of Big D asked, “Is he a football player?” Don just smiled.

    I idolized both pitchers but imitated Drysdale since I am right handed. I started throwing some wicked curve balls sidearm (maybe they were really sliders) and by age 13 my arm was shot. Nobody in those days told kids not to throw curves before their bodies matured. I have had shoulder problems ever since. 😦

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