'Tis the Season

It’s holiday party time and I’m guessing a lot of you have work functions and the like this week. Well, so do we.

Last night, Tommy was Santa Claus on the Mattel Children’s Hospital Holiday Party and he did an incredible job. You’ll be able to read more about it in tomorrow’s L.A. Times when T.J. Simers dedicates his column to it, but the event was great and Tommy was really something else. Ned Colletti also came to show his support, as did Alyssa Milano who is a huge Dodger fan.

Today we’re hosting about 400 kids from the local community at the Stadium Club and Jason Schmidt, Luis Gonzalez and Mike Lieberthal will join Tommy and several former Dodgers as the hosts of the party.

Tomorrow is the annual Dodger employee holiday party after work, so as you can see, it’s that time of year.


  1. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    I wonder what number is grady little and james loney going to wear now that schmidt, and pierre have taken their numbers? looking forward to todays press confrence


  2. kday01@charter.net

    Frank: Glad to hear you are O.K.
    Harold: Is the 70+ in terms of years as a DODGER FAN or age? If it is age, I only have 4 years to go. If it is years as a FAN 15 to go. Hope I make both. Going out of town for a few days, so all of you keep up the postings and I will look foreward to reading them all on my return.

  3. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    51 – Thinking 70+ as a Dodger fan. Looks like Frank is going all out to reach that milestone. We should all work hard to join him. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  4. ddgrsba8@aol.com

    I’m new to this board. I’ve been a dodger fan since they moved from Brooklyn. I think Ned has done a great job in improving this team so far.

  5. fansince53@yahoo.com

    Have a safe trip 51.

    In my case, I have been a Dodger fan my entire life, even though I didn’t really realize it until the club moved to Los Angeles in 1958 (when I was four). Because of this, I have always considered myself a Dodger fan since the year of my birth – 1953. This is where my handle came from.

    Ironically, my handle has a second meaning, as well. Don Drysdale was one of my very first favorite Dodger players, so I have been a Dodger fan since I first became aware of him – or, a fan since (number) 53.

    Regardless, I hope that ALL of us 50+ guys get to enjoy being Dodgers fans well into our 80’s and beyond.

    And you are 100% correct Harold – Wally Moon was a left handed hitter, yet his famous “moon shots” were towering pop flies that he would hit over the huge chain-link fence in left field – a short 250 feet from home plate.

    These photos will bring a tear to you 50+ guys:



  6. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    i just got back from yosemite a few weeks ago and was vastly outnumbered by giants fans. although i did manage to find one other guy with a dodger hat and we talked over some beers at the bar. giants fans right now are just down you could see it in their faces.

  7. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    I think I meant “opposite” field yesterday. My spelling scares me sometimes. To bad Campy didn’t get a chance at the screen with those high flies of his.

  8. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    ddgrsba8 – sounds like you are soon to join the 50+ years as a Dodger fan. Welcome aboard. 53 – How’s this for coincidence? I began teaching at Centre Consolidated School in September 1963, moved to Hebbville Junior High School in September 1981 and began teaching at Mahone Bay Junior High School in September 1988. I guess I should have moved again before I retired. 51 have a great week. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  9. pat25rod@sbcglobal.net

    I’m new here, and I go back,way back. I think I was born, on the corner of Sullivan & Montgomery Pl. in
    B’klyn.I’ve been a dodger for 70 yrs, attended my 1st game

    @ 5 yrs. old.That’s before Carl played right field. ( It

    was Dixie Walker with Pete Rieser in center and Cookie

    lavagetto @ Third and Dolph

    camilli @ First. So I have some Huge memories, more to follow….

  10. mikeyg32@aol.com

    Whats the chances of you telling Alyssa for me and her to hang out. Tell her I have season tickets and would take her to every game. LOL…like that would work.

  11. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    pat25rod – Just gets better. You are the president of the 70+ club. Welcome aboard also. Tell us a Pete Reiser story. Heard he could hit and throw from both sides and had excellent speed. Also heard his daring OF play caused him numerous injuries running into the wall in pursuit of fly balls. Like Pee Wee his first name was Harold. Go Ned! Go Dodgers!!

  12. fansince53@yahoo.com

    Welcome aboard pat25rod! Glad to have you. I can’t wait to hear some of your B-Dodger stories.


  13. dagliolo@aol.com

    Hello to pat25rod and ddgrsba8. I am new to this board also as I’ve only been on for a couple of days. pat I’m ready for any info you have on the Camilli and Reiser era. My father used to rave about those guys.

  14. frankjhalstead@hotmail.com

    seems like we have a few new members, welcome aboard, this I can assure you is a great blog with alot of input on what we think about, mostly the dodgers.
    If veron wells turns down 126 million he would be crazy, or maybe texas is already tampering with his agent on what they would give him next year. (just kidding)

    Kemp, Martin, Loney, and crew better start working out, we are going to need your power sooner than expected. protect the prospects, we already have a very good team for 07. again welcome aboard new blogers

  15. kday01@charter.net

    Welcome aboard pat25rod and ddgrsba8 and you also daglio.
    Leaving in the morning. talk to you all next week.

  16. pat25rod@sbcglobal.net

    OK, If I remember the starting
    team (1936) It was Ducky Medwick,lf:Pete Reiser, Cf:

    Dixie Walker, Rf: Cookie Lavagetto, 3b; Pee Wee, ss;

    Billy Herman 2b: Dolph Camilli

    1b: Mickey Owens ,c; Whitlow

    Wyatt, P; Kirby Higbe, Relief. Cagne wasn’t warmed up, yet..see ya…

  17. John

    I’m inviting everyone to my blog to post your three favorite Eric Gagne performances/moments. It’s Words From The Park at park.mlblogs.com

  18. bigblue48@aol.com

    pat25rod & ddgr-A warm Dodger Blue welcome to both of you.

    pat25rod-You seem to be our elder statesman. You lived off of Empire Blvd.? Correct? Where are you now? Still on Montgomery?

  19. pat25rod@sbcglobal.net

    No, You didn’t pick it up,
    Sullivan & Montgomery are the

    streets, that surround Ebbetts

    Field, along with Bedford Ave.

    I was born in Red Hook,B’klyn

    I’m what you call, a Nuyorican. Now, I live in San Marcos, Ca. Til later, Thanks

  20. abuabraham2@gmail.com

    Hey all..

    Ever since the post regarding Mr.Colletti’s interview on AM radio, I’ve been trying to find it. I went to the link – went to multimedia – went to podcasts, but i cant find it…STILL. Its been days. Can anyone help me out? Am I doing this wrong?

    Did anyone else find it / hear it after the fact? I never saw it posted.

    Josh – any help?

  21. Dodger

    For some reason, they did not post the Ned Colletti interview. When I talk to their producer again, I’ll see if they can put it up online. Thanks, Josh

  22. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Maybe Scott Rolen? 31 years old… plays 3rd base… power drop off the last few years. That dreaded “lackaroid” disease is probably the culprit… but he still hits the ball hard. I dunno…

    Betemit or LaRoche will be better in the long-run.

  23. sabre3@starband.net

    Enjoyed all of the stories from you 50+ yr fans when it dawned on me that even though i feel young i rememember listening to games with my father and his reaction to the move to LA. I can remember the joy of being the only Dodger fan in a school full of Yankee fans in 63,(won my first ever bet 25 whole cent). Thanks for reminding me of all the grat times. GO DODGERS

  24. garysmith@glsmith.com


    Have any of you been receiving emails from various people off the blog. And if so have you found them to have a virus ?? I received 2 emails over the last two days, One from Fansince53@yahoo.com with a “Bloodline” virus and one from NKirby that had a Trojan virus. Both with zip attachments and nothing in the body of the email. I’m not sure if these came directly from these two or if this spam collector got their email addresses off the blog.

    Either way my Norton Anti-virus program caught them OK and quarintined them. Be careful and keep your virus protection programs up to date and run your scans to be sure nothing has penetrated your operating system !!

    Josh, have you seen this happen before ??

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  25. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Wow, what great stories from the new guys !!! Welcome aboard everyone. Having been born in 1953 and growing up in nearby Alhambra I went to a lot of Don Drysdale games, he was my favorate. Probably because he was coming up in the shadows of Koufax. I remember the great holdout by Sandy and Don until they got $100K salaries !! Today that doesn’t even meet the MLB Min salary !! Times have changed !!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  26. fansince53@yahoo.com

    PS – Gary, I did send an e-mail to you about two months ago, but it was only to introduce myself to you and it had no attachments to it.

    Glad to hear that your anti-virus stopped it.


  27. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Guys, I know it’s not from you on purpose !! I just hope your systems aren’t effected !!

    Now remember, practice “Safe Computer” use protection at all times !!! LOL LOL

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  28. fansince53@yahoo.com

    Did a complete virus scan – No funk detected here. Must have been a deranged Giant or Yankee fan playing a sick game.


  29. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Hey 53, my guess is that the blog site server is the infected system, which makes sense seeing that I got several emails using several of the bloggers addresses. As long as we all are protected this will pass.

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  30. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Dear Fellow Bloggers !!

    Tis the season to be grateful for all that we have !!! 2006 has been such a memorable year here on the Dodger Blog and you all have been a pure joy to know. We’ve all made some very good friends here, regardless if we ever agree on anything. Every day I look forward to seeing you all online. From the 50+ club of Harold, 53, ASQ, Frank, **** and all the new guys of late, to the young guns of Kevin, Ray, NKirby and Pats !!. Frank and ASQ our thoughts are with you and your families this season and we wish you a speedy recovery. I look forward to 2007 with great anticipation and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  31. frankjhalstead@hotmail.com

    Season’s Greetings to all.
    It has been a great year as Gary states, and watching this blog keep growing is just so fun to watch. I know I sneak in and see if any of you have updates, or given us even more to think about. A great time to thank Josh, the

    Dodgers and all of you for making it such a wonderful year,Merry Christmas, Happy new year, and can’t wait for spring training to start.

  32. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Wow, How could I have forgotten the most important person of all. To Josh and the entire Dodger Organization, Thank you for allowing us to be part of the Dodger family. We can’t wait for the season to start. Best Wishes to you all this Holiday Season !!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  33. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Gary… I love you man! I just turned 44 this week and I’m still one of the “young guns” according to you! Thanks for that… now I don’t feel so darned… uh… OLD!! With apologies to the real old farts of the blog of course.

    I’d just like to second Gary’s comments about how much fun this blog has been. Lot’s of good memories as well here… Thank you Josh for keeping this a great place to visit.

    Frank… I never doubted for a second. Your posts are as strong as you are friend!

    And then there’s the news of Jeff Bagwell retiring today. I’m gonna miss that S.O.B… what a great player. It won’t be long now until Craig Biggio follows suit. Man… Biggio, Bagwell, Caminiti… what a murderers row that was.

  34. nkirby4@cox.net

    Good times fellas, good times. Best part of this is the effect other blogs have on my opinion. Must say that my attitude about things changes as a result of the more educated posts.

    Can’t believe someone just said Ken Caminiti….don’t get me started on that guy. Strawberry’s long lost buddy. Those two would have been great friends.

  35. ebbetsfld@gmail.com

    Ditto on holiday greetings including Hanukkah, Kwanza, and anything else being celebrated. The Dodgers epitomize diversity, and that’s just one more reason they’re my team. It only started with Jackie!!!

    I haven’t received any of those bogus emails, so the virus must be selective.

    Here’s a Dodger memory for you…As many of you know, I grew up a block from Ebbets Field. My baby sitter dated Eddie Miksus, and would take me with her to meet him after games when the Cubs were in town. One day while we were waiting for Miksus, Campy walked by, and my sitter asked him to sign a ball for her, which he did. Then he spoke to me (age 6) for 5 minutes about baseball and being a “good citizen”. I’ve never forgotten that chat and have tried to follow his example ever since.

  36. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    nkirby4… Don’t get ’em in a bunch, okay? I was simply pointing out the mans’ talent… I spoke nothing of his character. We all know he was troubled. Leave it be…

  37. benny_the_jet_rodriguez@yahoo.com

    Does anybody agree with this? I’d really like to see Little give Martin a chance to bat second, like Lo Duca does for the Mets. How about this?










    Ethier batting 8th? Not bad. If he doesn’t pan out, Anderson can step in.. Also, Loney will be in the line up more than we think. If Kent or Nomar get hurt, which is more than likely, Loney can step in also. I really hope Loney doesn’t get traded or doesn’t get playing time.. C’mon he was the AAA batting champ and showed his potential in the Bigs.. what more does Coletti want him to do to get a spot??

  38. fansince53@yahoo.com

    Wow! GREAT story ebbetsfld! “Be a good citizen” – Now there’s a phrase that you seldom hear anymore. I remember hearing it frequently as a youngster. It means so very much, yet good citizens are pretty hard to find these days – especially on the interstate. And to have Campy say it to you as a youngster – Wow!

    Sorry nkirby4, but I have to respectfully disagree with you on Ken Caminiti. As kssparkuhl pointed out, Caminiti was an outstanding baseball player and an extremely intimidating hitter. But perhaps his greatest contribution to the sport was having the courage to admit that he used steroids and that their use was wide-spread in the game. His courage to admit his substance abuse problem (something that your buddy Daryl Strawberry still has never done publicly) led to the congressional hearings that brought this problem to the front page and brought about the banning of steroids from the game.

    I have little sympathy for drug addicts, but Ken Caminiti was great ball player who paid the ultimate price for his addiction. (Does the Dodger name Steve Howe ring a bell?). I, for one, choose to remember Ken Caminiti as one of the most fearless third baseman and feared hitters to play the game. I encourage you to check this out, if you are so inclined:


    And, yes, kssparkuhl (you young whipper-snapper) I, too, will always cherish the memories of Bagwell, Biggio, and Caminiti. That fearsome trio made a lot of pitchers sweat bullets.

    I also want to thank Josh and the entire Dodger front office staff for all of their hard work and dedication, especially with this blog.

    And to all of my fellow bloggers – Although I have yet to meet any of you in person, I sincerely feel that we are all family and I thank all of you for your insights and opinions.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!*


    *Sorry for my lack of political correctness, but I don’t do that very well.

  39. garysmith@glsmith.com

    53 you make a good case for Caminiti and I guess I would have to agree. Many a player have been troubled in the real world. Howe was on drugs when he died, Strawberry was a waste of pure talent !! I see on TV this new program Friday Nights has a kid trying to compete taking roids !! Hopefully the kids can learn from others mistakes !!

    Kevin, given that I’m 53, I’ll still think of you as one of the young guns !!!

    You all take care during the Holiday’s !!! Looks like my wife is going to get her way again and so we’ll be road warriors this Christmas season driving out of state.

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  40. fliegel@ptd.net

    I also got an e-mail I thought was suspicious from messagebear with an attachment , but I wrote messagebear back asking him if he sent me anything. When I got no reply I just deleted it. BE Careful.

  41. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Bobby Cox was quoted as saying the trouble with Furcal hitting a homerun was he would then try to hit three. My fear is batting Raffy third would encourage him to try for more dingers and detract from his overall performance. No doubt about it, the guy has some pop, but I like him batting second.
    I don’t think Ned is done, but if the roster stays as it is, this issue can be sorted out in the spring.

  42. messagebear@yahoo.com

    Sorry, I haven’t sent any personal e-mails to anybody on this blog. Someone must be using this blog list to disseminate some bad stuff. Want to wish Merry Christmas to all and to the Dodger Staff.

  43. nkirby4@cox.net

    Let’s argue about who was the better drug enduced baseball player…..In the blue corner– THE STRAW!!!! and in the red corner— Cami!!!!!.

    Career Stats-

    the Straw- .259 BA 335 HR 221 SB (including numerous multiple game suspensions)

    Cami- .272 BA 239 HR 8 SB

    I rest my case.

  44. fliegel@ptd.net

    Furcal is not a third place hitter,he’s a lead off hitter. The problem is we don’t have a third place hitter, I don’t think we have a cleanup hitter either. Also it’s not your fault messagebear,somebodies just deranged.

  45. boardr28@aol.com

    No true three hitter? Nomar held down the spot all year– barring injury there is no reason to mess with that– hitting 340 in the first half. Nomar- third, and Kent-fourth are still our best options… I agree Furcal is not an ideal third hitter at all–Personally, i like Ethier in the five, Gonzo six, switch up Betmeit and Martin between 7 and 8. Ethier has the potential to be the number three hitter of the future.

  46. fliegel@ptd.net

    Potential is one thing ,but hitting third this year, I doubt. Nomar hit 220 after the break and what makes you think he’ll stay healthy all year? Kent also is getting older and unless he can turn back the clock we’re in trouble. Gonzo has to find the fountain of youth to be any good. They can probably win a weak division , but in the playoffs it’s 3 and out like last year. Delgado , Beltran and Wright will make sure of that.

  47. boardr28@aol.com

    Nomar did hit poorly after the break, but only because of nagging injuries. Ill tell you why he will stay healthier this year– because last year was the first in three where he played any substantial number of games. Coming off 70 games seasons, of course he is going to break down when it gets to 130-140. Coming off the 130 game season, his body will be better prepared to do it again this year. Also, Nomar will be the number three hitter for lack of a better option. Kent is getting older, but we all know he is capable of hitting 25 plus homers if he is healthy, and he will always be able to pull doubles down the left field line. I am surprised you are so negative about Gonzo– he was completely solid last year both in games played and production– he definately still has one good year left. No one on the Dodgers last year had more than 35 doubles. i will gladly take Gonzos 52. If the mets dont get Zito (i think he’s going to go for the money in Texas) they will be a mediocre ballclub.

  48. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    nkirby4… Hey, you’re right. I’d forgotten about Hernandez, Carter and Strawberry… they were pretty intimidating too!

    But what “case” are you resting anyway? I guess I don’t get it… because you really seem to be taking this personally… what with your multiple exclaimation points and all. Both Strawberry and Caminiti were very gifted players and both probably never fully lived up to their potential and expectations that were heaped upon them… probably more so for Darryl. Both had high profile suspension(s). Both are/were very troubled souls. Only one however has paid the ultimate price for his actions… death.

    While both players were very gifted and ultimately disappointed many fans (and we certainly could tally an enormous laundry list of players here, but you seem to be focusing on these specific players and their career stats… why, I don’t know), Caminiti’s legacy cannot go without notice. He had the guts to admit to steriod use long before it was considered to be such a bad thing in the public eye. Caminiti simply admitted to what many had believed to have been happening for several years in baseball. He was villified for “coming out” with details of his steroid use, and all the while baseball did nothing to help him or the many other players who were using these drugs. As a matter of fact, one can point to the use of steroids and their correlation to his medical conditions that ultimately contributed to his death: cardiac hypertrophy and coronary arterial sclerosis. This isn’t merely a coincidence on many levels.

    Firstly, baseball completely washed out the 1994 season and for the first time in modern baseball, a World Series was cancelled because of monetary issues. This didn’t fit well with the fans of course, but gee… how could baseball find its way back into the hearts of its fans yet again? Could it be a coincidence that the “long-ball” became so commonplace shortly thereafter? Could it be that baseball simply turned their backs to the players that were obviously “using” steroids? The fans seemed to love the fact that baseballs were being shot out of ballparks all across the country in record numbers. There were cries of the baseball being “juiced” when in fact it was the players juicing all along. And baseball did nothing but turn and look the other way because fans were spending their money once again and turnstyles were swinging as fast and hard as Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were. It was suddenly a win-win situation… or was it?

    Of course we all know the answer to that question. And now we have to watch as Barry Bonds sets anew the most hallowed record in the sport. Is it Barry’s fault that he’s the recipient of this record? Absolutely not. Baseball made its bed and now they’re going to have to sleep in it for a long time to come. If one points a finger at Barry then one has to point the finger at all the other players who were “juicing” it up as well… including players like McGwire, Sosa, Caminiti… etc.

    Secondly, and the most ironic, is that Caminiti damaged himself in more ways than one… this is true. But his steroid use can be strongly argued as the reason for why his heart ultimately gave out in the first place. Yes cocaine was in his system, but the enlarging of ones heart can be directly attributed to the use of the same steroids that baseball turned their backs on. It didn’t become important to baseball until Caminiti told the nation what everyone had been thinking for some time… oh yeah, and it didn’t become important to baseball until people started dying. Not just in MLB, but in many cases throught the country, people were dying because of anabolic steroid abuse. Suddenly baseball cared. If not for Ken Caminiti having the guts to come forward and testify, we’d all probably still be wondering if the baseball was really “juiced” or not.

    Did baseball ultimately kill Ken Caminiti? I’d say in a way they did… while looking the other ways stuffing money in their pockets. Steroid use is okay just as long as nobody finds out. Who cares about statistics anyway… “chicks dig the long ball”, right?

    Oh yeah… and your point was what again?

  49. stringtest@gmail.com

    don’t forget ‘nails’ — lenny dykstra. without him leading off, not sure carter/hernandez/straw would have been as great.

    isntead of the pressure of martin hitting 2nd, why wouldn’t we consider gonzo there? doesn’t K like crazy, you don’t expect him to hit for a lot of power, just lots of doubles to knock in the leadoff batter, and keep him out of double plays with the slower sluggers to follow.

  50. fliegel@ptd.net

    board28, I hope you’re right about Nomar ,Kent,and Gonzo,but I see three guys at the end of their careers surrounded by kids who still have a lot to prove. The Dodgers don’t have any position players other than Furcal , who are in their prime. That to me translates to not a very good team. I still hope I’m wrong, and I could be , if the Kids play well and if the old guys stay productive, but that ‘s a lot of ifs.

  51. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Breaking news says Drew is getting a second opinion from his physical. I wouldn’t wish anyone Ill will but wouldn’t it be ironic if Drew were to have his $70 mil contract pulled off the table becasue he’s damaged goods !!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  52. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    I watched Rios play a lot the last three years. He had a super start in 2006 and then got a staph infection which really set him back. I thought he was a real keeper. Young, 26 or so, average power, steals bases, excellent fielder and great arm. I like him as I do Rocco Baldelli. It seems to me if Penny is expendable Rios would be a good fit. Rios not a Vernon Wells but solid and if Vernon is a 10, Rios is an 7.5 and climbing. Scouting Report: “Rios’ quick swing produces line drives to the opposite field and his great speed turns doubles into triples. He’ll grow into his power and is a strong defensive outfielder. The power is still slow in growing. Needs to improve his consistency late in the season. Career Potential – Anywhere from above-average to an all-star.”

    Also read the Cubs would offer Jacque Jones and a prospect or two for Penny. Not as keen on that just because Rios is five years younger. I know the acquisition of Rios would mean Ethier or Kemp would become expendable but Rios is young. Drew apparently might have shoulder damage similar to what Scott Rolen had. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  53. fansince53@yahoo.com

    I, too, do not wish ill will on J.D. Drew, but it would be poetic justice to the baseball antichrist Scott Boras if the BoSox withdraw their offer and J.D. is left out in the cold.

    Gee, I wonder if Boras will pick up J.D.’s medical bills? Serves you right J.D. (and Borat)! There – I feel better now.


  54. dagliolo@aol.com

    On Drew, all I wish for is this: They lower his contract and he will make LESS THAN the $33 million he would have made with us.
    Anything worse than that for Drew and Borass is gravy.

  55. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    I don’t wish ill will on anyone… funny. That’s like saying I don’t wish ill will on Al Davis, but until the man dies the Raiders will always be “Committed to Excrement”. Oh how I’ve suffered these past several years…

    On that note, I don’t wish ill will on JD Drew… oh heck yes I do!! I hope he’s earned his last dollar as a player in baseball… all on the advice of Scott “Borat: Cultrual Learnings of Baseball for Make Benefit of Glorius Wallet of Myself”. But something tells me that we won’t get our wish, because the “language” that is involved will end up covering the Red Sox ASSets on their end. It sure is nice to day dream though.

    I wonder how many players would second guess Boras if he were to single-handedly end the career of JD Drew based on these recent events? Again… it’s nice to daydream.

    “Give me back my game!!”

  56. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Kevin, If I didn’t know better I’d say you had an opinion on this !!! I have to agree, for the good of baseball I do hope that Drew / Boras get their just and well earned slap in the face / Wallet !! I mean at some point in time, all of this money hungry stuff is going to come to an end and I would like Boras to feel it the most !!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  57. garysmith@glsmith.com

    I just received another email from NKirby. Now I know our Nkirby isn’t really sending this, but this email has a subject title “price-18-Dec-2006” and it has a ZIP file attached to it. THIS IS A VIRUS !!! DO NOT OPEN IT !!! If you have a Spam Filter and it is not catching it you need to manually tag it as SPAM. My Norton Anti Virus program does protect against this one but you still need to be careful. Practice “Safe Computing” and run anti virus protection and keep it updated at all times !!

    May you all have a safe and fun Holiday Season !! Oh Heck, have a great Christmas !!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  58. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    Gary, I just read that and it’s not surprising, is it? I don’t wish any ill will, but I’m not exactly saddened either. kasspark, I agree, maybe hope, that this will send a eye openning signal about Boras to the rest of the baseball world.

    Originally I was all for a Penny trade, he never seemed to be a “comfortable” Dodger. But, now I’m starting to really like the notion of a “healthy” Penny pitching third in the rotation. This would cause a mis-match in most situations.

    Go Blue!!

  59. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Nkirby, it’s not you. Someone is grabing our email addresses off of this blog and sending them to the others in the hope of one of us will open it. Don’t be fooled !! I get several emails from other bloggers off this blog and have no problems. The thing that gives this away is the attached Zip File. Never , Never, NEVER EVER open up a zip file unless you know exactly what is in it and you know exactly who is sending it and they confirm that they are sending it. Then and only then should you scan the file first with an Anti Virus program like Norton Anti Virus or MacAfee !! Better to be safe then sorry !!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  60. pat25rod@sbcglobal.net

    To ALL ye’ BUM fans. Awhile back, someone posted a remark
    re; Joe Buck. Well, I’ll take Joe, any day. considering, that, I live in San Marcos, Yep, Padre terratory. I’m unable to pick up any Dodger

    games, here. I’m About 25 miles No. of San Diego. That means that after having, Connie Desmond; Red Barber;

    and Blessed with Vinny. I have to put up with Matt Versagian, of the padres. The

    Padre Org. blocks any Dodger telecasts, from my area. So I’m forced to put up with DRATT ( I meant ,Matt).If you close your eyes and listen to him, you’d think that he was

    broadcasting, the 1927 Yankees

    everyone on the Padres is a SUPER Star. So i climb walls.

    The ONLY way, I’m able to hear My BUMS, is thru MLB.COM

    I can watch every pitch on my

    computer ( 20/45 sec. delay)

    Yes, I’ll take Joe Buck anyday..From your B’klyn BUM

  61. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    pat25rod… Welcome! Sorry you have to put up with such horrible broadcasting down your way.

    I don’t know who it was here that put down Joe Buck, but they’re dead wrong… because he has to be one of the classiest announcers out there right now. Not only that, but he comes from good stock with his father, Jack Buck being a hall of famer in his own right.

    As for getting Dodger games, you might want to look into MLB’s Exra Innings package from DirecTV. I get to listen and watch Vin Scully on most occasions. We all know how sorely he’ll be missed once he mentions the “R” word.

  62. pat25rod@sbcglobal.net

    Thanks ksspark, but remember
    that the padre network Blocks

    ALL programming coming into their area. Total Blackouts.

    Directv will not guarantee it’s telecasts reaching me.

    There HAS TO be another way

    for me ???? Hopefully…..

    As of now, I’m on Dish Network

    and they , also, will not guarantee reception in my area

    so, I’m stuck, up the creek, as they say ??????…….

  63. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    i agree with you guys on the pads announcers. did any of you guys last year see when they had i believe it was rick sutcliffe( the espn baseball guy ) on air, and he was **** drunk. it was hilarious matt didnt know what to say to him it was great. am i the only one that misses ross porter…i grew up with that voice just as much as vin’s. bring ross back!!

  64. pat25rod@sbcglobal.net

    I’ve often wondered, WHY, they
    let Ross go ???? Does anyone

    know the REAL reason ???Thx

    The Jury, still seems to be out, on Steiner……

  65. boardr28@aol.com

    They let Ross go because he was awful– very good riddance. Steiner is witty, knows the game, and most importantly is articulate. Personally, id fire Monday as well because he is just monotone.

  66. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Ross was let go because after his brain surgery his speech was slurred, much like you would imagine a drunk would sound. Yet he was as sharp as a tack and never embarrassed the team. With a new owner coming from the East Coast, McCourt values the legendary Vin Scully, and who wouldn’t, but he’s from Boston and thinks an announcer should be controversial. Typical east coast mentality. Steiner fills those shoes well. Problem is, we’re not the east coast and controversy is not a welcome attribute for this town. Steiner praises the ground the Yankees walk on, yet he makes fun of the players and team he works for and doesn’t respect the fans that are forced to listen to him. He would rather spend more time breaking down a player and their shortcomings then report the game. Bottom line, he’s more interested in hearing himself talk then being of any value to his listeners !!!

    Get rid of Steiner and Monday will be a whole lot better!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  67. fansince53@yahoo.com

    I’m hoping that the Dodger front office realizes that they already have the next Dodger broadcaster on their payroll – Luis Gonzalez. Gonzo did an outstanding job during the NLDS and would do a great job as a Dodger broadcaster. The Dodgers would be remiss if they do not keep Gonzo on as a broadcaster when he decides to finally hang ’em up. If they do not, somebody else most certainly will hire him as a broadcaster – and you can take that one to the bank.

    I was never a big Ross Porter fan. He would get so wrapped up in a play that he would start stammering and would never be able to say what was happening. On more than one occasion, I found myself yelling at the radio “What the **** is happening?” That being said, I think that Ross did a better job than Charlie Steiner will ever do. Steiner spends way too much time trying to be funny, which he seldom is. I would much rather listen to “Psycho” (Steve Lyons) than Charlie Steiner OR Rick Monday. And if it is controversy that Frank McCourt wants, Lyons sure fits that bill to a “T”.

    We are blessed to have our beloved Vin Scully. I dread the day when he decides to retire. It will be like listening to Lakers games without Chick Hearn.

    God Bless You Vin. We love you!


  68. nkirby4@cox.net

    The best part about Vin is that he announces the game as though the only people listening are those on the radio. I always remember going to the games with my Grandmother and she would bring her little radio to listen to Vin broadcast the game. Try listen to the TV broadcast of any other announcer….. if you aren’t watching the picture you’ll have no idea what the **** is happening. Especially Buck. And no one will ever compare to Vin. All of us will have to come to terms with saying goodbye to him one day. NO ONE WILL EVER COMPARE. period.

    In all honesty though, he is losing it. How many times did you hear him say…. “so Kent and Drew make out. And the side is done.” Ummm okay…..

  69. boardr28@aol.com

    Steve Lyons really sure be nicknamed “psycho”. I am still going to defend my man
    Chuck Steiner. I listened to atleast a hundred, and Charley never missed anything. I love Vin, but we can all agree that is most certainly his downfall– he would call Furcal Iztruis frequently– i think possibly even once after Izzy was traded. But Steiner is on top of the game, and a little controversy isn’t a bad thing from an announcer- it gives him edge. Also, i feel like the “controversy”, which is really just honesty, makes him seem like more of a fan, which i appreciate as a listener.

  70. fisher928@yahoo.com

    I am still going to defend my man
    Chuck Steiner. I listened to atleast a hundred, and Charley never missed anything. I love Vin, but we can all agree that is most certainly his downfall– he would call Furcal Iztruis frequently– i think possibly even once after Izzy was traded. But Steiner is on top of the game,

    Posted by: boardr28@aol.com

    ok so This is the Post I’ve been waiting to respond to…

    Ya Know Vin Catches that error and cops to it. Steiner just keeps going oblivious to what he says no matter how badly he miscalls it…Steiner is not controversial… he is an idiot… I’m sure if Lewis Black were a Dodger Fan he could come up with atleast another Hour of HBO comedy just on how big an idiot he is.Vin is Da Man He calls a game and he corrects himself when he makes a mistake. Steiner just keeps going and going and going and if the lights didn’t go out he wouldn’t know the game was over and that he had just called a mets game in LA without either team being from the east coast.

    I’ll Donate a Bucket of David’s Sunflower Seeds To any team willing to take steiner or just to the clubhouse if they dump him flat….Vin and Rick Bring on Karros he Knows His Stuff!

    Go Dodgers 07′

  71. pat25rod@sbcglobal.net

    With ALL due respect, to “fansince53”. I do agree,that Luis Gonzales, did a great job, in the NL Platoffs, BUT, that stint was as a color man, NOT announcer
    There’s a HUGE difference btw

    a Color man and announcer. 2

    different animals. He will need to gather some exp. doing

    Play By Play…Thx.

  72. fansince53@yahoo.com

    Point well taken pat25rod. Gonzo would need experience as a P-B-P guy, but I still believe that he would be great at it because he is intelligent and very articulate. He knows all aspects of the game very well.

    I also agree with fisher928 that Eric Karros would be a good Play-by-play guy (with experience), as well – and, Dodger fans love him!


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