Wrapping it up

Just got back to Los Angeles after a busy week. I’m personally very happy with everything that’s been accomplished this week, from the Organization of the Year honors to the numerous signings, all of which make great sense to me. Of course, my opinion isn’t the important one, so if you want to hear Ned explain his thought process behind all of this, tune in tomorrow morning to AM 570 at 8:20, when he’s going to be talking to Fred Roggin, T.J. SImers and Tracy Simers. If you miss it, you can also go to their website a few hours later and hear the audio. And if you want to ask him questions yourself, be sure to take part in Tuesday’s web chat next week.

From reading the comments, it sounds like there are mixed feelings about Luis Gonzalez (which actually isn’t even officially done yet), so I’ll at least give a few of the key reasons behind why I like him.

– He had a very productive season last year with 52 doubles and is one year removed from an All-Star selection in 2005; with the speed that’ll be ahead of him in the lineup, doubles should drive in plenty of runs

– Over the past nine seasons, he has averaged 27 home runs and 94 RBI while slugging 23 or more homers in seven of those nine campaigns and logging 100 or more runs batted in on five occasions. I know 2001 somewhat skews the numbers, but the idea of him replacing J.D. Drew’s 20 homers is very doable

– His 20 home runs at Dodger Stadium rank second only to Barry Bonds among active players who have never played for the Dodgers

– He appeared in 153 games for the Diamondbacks last year, the ninth time in the past 10 seasons that he has played in 145 games or more; he committed just one error in 150 games in left field

– Once again, the "good guy" factor is something that really means something in baseball. I know it’s hard to see that unless you’re around it every day, but what he’ll contribute off the field will be on par if not better than what he does on the field

– A one-year deal does not block our prospects long-term; Most people believe Kemp still needs time in the minors and he’s only 21 years old. Everyone still thinks he’s got a bright future ahead of him and that’s why this wasn’t a long-term deal that blocks any of the kids. Loney may very well be ready (or he may not, we won’t know until we see it every day), but he should get about 40 games at first base and a bunch more spelling Gonzalez on some days and Ethier on others (plus possible DH games, etc). In my opinion, this is an ideal way to break a kid into the Majors (facing primarily right-handers, without all the pressure of an every day job at 22 years old)

– For those who believe this team is old, I’m not sure what to say; in the every day lineup, there should be only two guys over 35 (Kent and Gonzalez) and five guys under 30 (Pierre, Furcal, Ethier, Martin, Betemit). Penny and Billingsley are under 30, Wolf is 30 and Schmidt and Lowe are both in their mid 30s but are bonafide stars based on their track records.

I guess I’m not too sure what power hitter people wanted Ned to go get – we were in on just about every power-hitting free agent there was, but in cases like Soriano and Aramis Ramirez, we can’t make Los Angeles further East than it is. And it seems like most people didn’t think that trading for Manny made sense, given the price. As for the other guys rumored to be available (Andruw Jones, Vernon Wells, etc.), I’d be stunned if either of those guys gets moved for anything less than a gargantuan package of prospects and both are one-year rentals and will surely test the market, given the current landscape.

Anyway, the best part about the winter is that we all get to debate the moves and then we’ll see how they turn out once the year starts and ends. Plus, with eight starting pitchers and no major holes at this point, Ned can approach the next two months from a position of strength and hopefully that will stand land us some pretty good players before we head to Vero.

Until then, keep checking the blog regularly, as I’m thrilled to see such great debates and people checking in every day.


  1. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    I thought we were in good shape before the meeting and now we’re better. Three solid additions and I doubt very much Ned is done. It’s fantastic he’s protected the kids so far. Here’s hoping we still have Loney and Kuo when this is over.

  2. lukemccain@email2me.net

    So far I am happy with what Ned and staff have accomplished. Nothing spectacular, but a good small ball nucleus at the top with some good doubles and occasional HRs to follow.
    I am curious as to how the Dodger management views the comments, hopes, wishes and suggestions on this blog?

    I assume it is read or at least summarized and reported to the top brass.

  3. mybluecanyon@comcast.net


    I have enjoyed reading your blogs over the past several months. I like what Ned has done. He has signed people who work hard, have good attitudes, and get along well with teammates. I believe chemistry is essential. Who enjoys a work place with contention and dissention.

    Ned has managed to assemble a real nice starting rotation, I’m just not sure where all the guys will fit. I would still like to have another solid inning eating run stopping relief pitcher like Duaner Sanchez was.

    If the season were to start tomorrow we would be very competitive. We have a excellent blend of experience and youth. And I applaud Ned for keeping the young developing players such as Loney, Kemp, Ethier, LaRoache, Kuo, Bills, Repko, and of course Martin. These youngsters could become the nucleus of something real special.

    As far a obtaing a power hitter, I like trying to get Crawford or Thames, though I think Crawford might be pretty expensive to pry away. Thames might come cheaper.

    I realize there is some negative talk about Gonzo but I think there will be plenty of playing time for Loney at first with Nomar needing to be rested to insure health and productivity. And if Loney is swinging a hot bat he could spell Gonzo or Ethier in the outfield. He could get anywhere between 200-250 at bats. And of course that is assuming that Nomar doesn’t go on the disabled list for any length of time. Not bad for a 22 year old kid.

    Good job Ned and staff for putting an exciting team on the field. I appreciate your values in putting this team together.

  4. ladodgerbluefan5@yahoo.com

    Here are the stats on Nomar’s games played and at bats over the last three years…
    2004- 81 games played and 321 AB’s

    2005- 62 games played 230 AB’s

    2006- 122 games played 469 AB’s

    It’s very resonable to expect us to get no more than 120 games from Nomar. If he can hit like he did last year the production will help us greatly while also allowing us to break in loney. You gotta think of it this way.. if there are 40 or so games open at first base that loney spells nomar then he gets about 160 or so at-bats from playing first base alone and that’s not even including the starts he could possibly make in the outfield. If he proves he can hit consistently and outperform the incumbent then we will make a spot for him. The same thing happened with Andre and Russ last year (minus ethier’s hitting the wall in september of course). Ned is just adding depth to our roster and thats what Luis Gonzalez is… a low priced vet who can help us in the shorterm while protecting our prospects from being relied on to play everyday in the bigs at this point in their development. The Schmidt signing is a good one (relatively short term too) especially in this marketplace. We should keep Penny to add to a very reliable rotation since there are no resonable trade partners at this point in time. If Billingsley or Kuo make Penny expendable in July then so be it but I say give the big guy a chance to stay healthy. GO DODGERS!!!

    Oh and by the way why not just resign lofton to platoon with Rep instead of giving Pierre five years. We’ll forgive ned as thats just one blemish in an impressive resume so far

  5. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    I believe the Gonzo signing is completely pro Loney and pro kids. Ease these kids in slowly. He’s a great clubhouse influence and a great mentor. He will NOT hit 30 dingers, but that’s not why he was signed. Ned’s buying time for the kids — hence the short-term contracts.

    Go Ned!!

    Go Blue!!

  6. atomikkid@yahoo.com

    Just a few stats to think about –

    If you count only those stats that a player has any control over (rbi’s and runs scored determined by who is hitting in front/behind the player) this is how our guys (who are likely to get over 75 ab’s) we have now did last year compared with the Mets


    LA 5228/313/52/154/480/751/138/.283

    NY 5241/317/41/198/531/936/147/.262

    a little short on the HR’s, but our avg and SO to BB ratio (1.55 vs 1.76) is much better. i think we’ll do just fine without any extra additions. just food for thought.

  7. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    I like this and found this interesting. From espn.com ENSIDER.


    Thinking Blue?

    Dec 7 – The Dodgers have shown a strong interest in Vernon Wells, the Toronto Sun reports. By adding Jason Schmidt to the rotation, L.A. can now trade Brad Penny and prospects (Matt Kemp, Andy LaRoche, James Loney or Andre Ethier) to get a deal done.


    Penny yes, but other…not so sure.

    Go Blue!!!

  8. fansince53@yahoo.com

    I, for one, like ALL of the acquisitions that Ned has made thus far. While we do not have a 35+ homerun power hitter, we do have five or six guys who are more than capable of hitting 20+ homeruns each. I believe that, in the long run, this will score a lot more runs for us than would having one 35+ homerun guy.

    We also now have five starters who are capable of 15+ wins each, along with a very solid bullpen that includes a potential Cy Young award winning closer in Takashi Saito.

    We not only have a team that is capable of getting us into the post season in 2007, but a team that is capable of doing so for many years to come.


  9. stringtest@gmail.com

    man, i love the hot stove league~. i like all the signings except the JP one (lukewarm on length of deal, but we needed an OF). great to have homer discounts on lieberthal and wolf.

    i wonder how bad mulder’s shoulder is. if you think he could be back a couple months into the season, the BLUE have more than enough pitching depth to withstand the subtraction of penny in a deal for wells. go with a 4-man rotation of schmidt/lowe/wolf/bills and extend to kuo when needed… and a couple months into the season if either bills/kuo aren’t working out or if we need them in the pen, then mulder could slot in if he recovers. rather see that than going to hendrickson/bomko. any news on brazoban rehab?

    a shame that gagne isn’t willing to come back after taking so many dodger dollars to be a cheerleader. but it’s a business. can’t fault him though to take care of his finances if this could be his last contract.

  10. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    “With Dotel out of the running, the Sox will almost certainly continue examining the possibility of right-hander Eric Gagne. Indications thus far are that Gagne is seeking a deal worth in excess of a guaranteed $5 million annually despite have pitched just 15-1/3 innings over the last two years.

    Clearly, relief pitching is nice work if you can get it, eh?”

    Aint that the truth…

    Say YES to the home-town discount!!

  11. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Great post Josh. I know we are getting younger overall and liked the statement Ned made about pitching and youth being the mainstays of a team. I agree that Wells and Jones are high risk now because they are free agents after 2007. Having said that, Wells would look good in Dodger Blue but the cost in youth is probably too great as Toronto will want to replace him on the depth chart and add pitching in addition to Penny.I still like a youngster like Baldelli. Josh is also correct, as is Gary and a number of other posters, we just cant’ overestimate the “good guy” factor. We all raved about it when Greg Maddux came on board last year and we love Nomar’s spirit. At the same time we feared the influence of some other players available this year. It is a team game, veterans helping kids, players wanting to be Dodgers, players with desire and spirit, etc. The game isn’t played on paper which can only reflect stats. I think Ned has done a good job of keeping the intangibles in mind. Take a look at the lineup – most, if not all of those guys play with enthusiasm. Yesterday, I posted stats that show Pierre’s are better than Maury Wills stats. Pierre might not have the flair of Maury, but he does play with enthusiasm and can make a significant contribution so I am not upset with his signing. I still hope guys like Oscar Robles, Delwyn Young get a chance to play in MLB somewhere. My final word on Bonds is that I think he should finish his career with the Giants. He is a Giant. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  12. fliegel@ptd.net

    Ned’s a good GM, He did what he could. He came out with a number 1 and some other interesting pieces . I was just wondering how come he had no interest in Mota, who was pretty good with the Mets last year? Also what about trying to get Jason Bay from Pittsburgh, they might trade him for some other young players as long as it’s not a ridiculous deal.

  13. drj884@yaho.com

    I agree- Ned did a fine job, and he did what most of us wanted. Got pitching and protected the young players (even if they are somewhat blocked for another year, which maybe a good thing, actually).

    My excitement for next years Dodger team is equaled only by my excitement about how old, tired, and HORRIBLE the Giants are shaping up to be.

    I LOVE IT. Is it April yet???!!!

    Great job Ned.

    Thanks for the perspective and the blog Josh.

  14. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    i agree ned did a great job for us…and agree that the juan pierre deal was a liitle long….i think he had to though to let other FA’s get the idea he was getting better . i dont know if juan pierre had a contract that sweet elsewhere. i think we will get something around his career averages. he was a monster in the 2003 series if i remember correctly.

  15. haefelm@sce.com

    I love the team Ned has put together and can’t wait until Spring Training. Not only will I recognize players from last year but if I’m not sure, we’ll even have names on the backs of the uni’s again! One more wish for Santa though…..Ned, can you please scrape up 1 more mil to keep Eric Gagne? I know he has been paid generously for the last 2 years but you know he is determined to come back. He has brought more excitement and pride to Dodger Stadium than any player in the last 10 years. Let’s keep him if we can.

  16. nkirby4@cox.net

    Mota has to serve a 50 game suspension for roiding. In case you forgot….he got roped in the AL, got traded to the Mets and…..walla, he can pitch?

  17. nkirby4@cox.net

    Middle relief does need to be bolstered a little bit. We’re stacked with failed starters. If Brox can improve we’ll have the old a Mota/Gagne combo going again.

  18. americanartpottery@hotmail.com

    Josh, You said “I guess I’m not sure which power hitter people wanted Ned to go get.” Alex Cabrera in Japan is as good a power hitter as you can get. He’s waiting for a phone call from the DODGERS. He has said he’ll hit 40 dingers the year he returns.

  19. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    One thought:

    Why not offer Gagne a contract of a base of $2 or $3 million but incentives up to $15 million? If he thinks he’ll be healthy, then he should absolutely take that one. What does it say for him trying to get the most guaranteed money?

    Eric, after 2 years of the DL, if you want to re-emerge in LA, all you have to do is copy Carlos Zambrano and fire Scott Boras.

  20. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Dang, Harold I really thought we had a chance to get Bonds !!!! lol lol lol !!! Ok plan “B” lets go to spring training as is and rip the NL West a big one !! Anyone up for a week in Vero Beach ??? I’ll be there, especially now that we’re moving to AZ in a couple of years. I’m taking my kid out of school for a few days and let her see some baseball history.

    Hey, Josh, any chance of getting a blogger special at Vero Beach ??

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  21. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    “He has said he’ll hit 40 dingers the year he returns.”

    If he can guarantee that, he’s a turdball for not hitting 50.

  22. garysmith@glsmith.com

    patriotacts425, I hear you on that one !! Make the incentives so attractive he’d be a fool not to take it and I think Gagne would take it too !!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  23. dualtone428@yahoo.com

    In the ’03 postseason, JP hit .301 with a .378 OBP, 4 SB, and 12 runs scored. I know it’s not exactly extensive postseason experience, but the limited amount is still good. That’s encouraging, WHEN we make it to the ’07 postseason, he’ll get to show us that he can still do that. Everybody keeps talking about his low OBP, but I was looking at his stats and here is how his AVG/OBP stack up:

    2001 – .327/.378 – Rockies

    2002 – .287/.332 – Rockies

    2003 – .305/.361 – Marlins

    2004 – .326/.374 – Marlins

    2005 – .276/.326 – Marlins

    2006 – .292/.330 – Cubs

    Looking at this, he has some high OBP years and low ones. I was thinking about the inconsistency there and this is my thought – when he has good hitters behind him, he’s more willing to take a walk. In ’01, the Rockies had Todd Helton, Larry Walker and Jeff Cirillo batting behind him. The ’03 Marlins had Mike Lowell, Ivan Rodriguez, Derrick Lee, Miguel Cabrera, and Luis Castillo. ’04, take out I-Rod and D-Lee, put in LoDuca and Jeff Conine. With the Cubs, he didn’t really have that except for Aramis. Jacque Jones always batted 4 or 5, Lee was out most of the season, and Matt Murton was usually the 6 or 7 guy. He had Todd Walker for half the season, but no one else on that club could even hit. With Nomar, Kent, Furcal, Martin, Gonzo, Ethier, in our order I think we can expect something more like ’03.

  24. interpol2424@yahoo.com

    hearing Ned right now makes me really confident he’ll do the right thing, i just hope he’s patient with Kemp that kid can be something really really special

  25. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    kemp had me a little worried with his body language. that said hes young, but i wonder the same thing about bills, he looked rattled a couple times than he looked like an ace a couple times.if he locates his fastball chad billingsley is going to be up with the league leaders in strikeouts.that drop ball pitch he has or whatever its called is filthy. didnt he fan like 13 guys in florida?

  26. kday01@charter.net

    Good morning (52). What do you think? We have a lot of pieces, but do you think that we have the coaches to put the proper pieces in the proper places? no matter what I will root for the BLUE come what may.

  27. John

    Two comments:
    First of all, congratulations to Ned Colletti and his staff on a job well done! You guys made fantastic moves and you did it without sacrificing any of the talented rookies we have. The Winter Meetings were a success and I can’t wait for the season to start!

    Second of all, I think the Dodgers made a fair and competitive offer to Eric Gagne, especially considering they already paid him a million to decline the option on his contract. If I were the Dodgers I would sweeten the deal a little bit, make one final offer to Scott Boras and call it a day. I think Eric Gagne would be the exclamation point each night for this great team that Colletti has assembled.

    But even if Welcome To The Jungle isn’t heard next year at Dodger Stadium, it’s going to be an exciting season anyway. It’s time to start saving your money for playoff tickets!

  28. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    JD Drew is a no heart bum thanks theo. on an unrelated topic. the rangers have interest in brad penny according to the fort worth star telegram. mark teixeira could be available but that makes no sense for us unless we can work some position magic. i like that move if we can figure him in somewhere. switch hitter with power. Think Blue.

  29. kevblewis@sbcglobal.net

    I think Ned made a very fair offer to Gagne. If Gagne is willing to take the “discount” to stay in LA like he said, then he has no excuses at this point. However, I read the situation as Gagne being unsure of his ability to go past this one year, so it makes sense to me that he would want more for the long time financial reasons.

  30. khgates@gmail.com

    Well, the story on Fox sports net about JD is interesting. It explains Ned’s reaction a little more. I thought it was curious that he would react so strongly. Ned is a former sports reporter/communications director and he knows how to communicate his side of the story. You can tell he thought the entire situation was fishy. But, Boras is involved, soo…

    It proves Ned right. If its about the money its always about the money.

    I think a new evil empire migh be taking shape in Boston.

    Go Ned!

  31. kevblewis@sbcglobal.net


    I have tried to access the interview from this morning on the website, but I can’t find it anywhere. Any help would be great


  32. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Ned’s done another great job this winter. Just one more thing.
    It’s easy enough to see why the Dodgers are dragging their feet with Gagne, but if there was A way to bring him back….

  33. garysmith@glsmith.com

    I say file the greivence no matter what. Nobody walks away from a $33 million sure thing in the HOPE of getting more. You can bet that the Devil himself “Boras” brokered that deal !!! If we’re lucky maybe we can get Boras banned from baseball !!! It’s all cause and effect, maybe his other clients will see more clearly that this guy is a cancer to the game !! and maybe Gagne will reconsider our offer !!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  34. dagliolo@aol.com

    I have been a Dodger fan for 50 years. I have seen what has made the Dodgers one of the most storied teams in the history of professional sports. It was the character of those men who made up the “Boys of Summer” that started it. The character that was built after excruciating losses, of caring for each other, the fans, and respect for the game. To know what it means to put on a Dodger uniform and represent all those that have come before you. I am beginning to see that character in the players being brought together in this Dodger team. And I am beginning to see that character in Ned Colletti. Eighteen years without a Championship is the longest in my lifetime. But I can sense one is coming at any time now.
    If the man upstairs thinks it’s time, 2007 will be our year.

  35. bigblue48@aol.com

    I believe attitude and chemistry were the primary reasons Ned traded Guzman away. Odalis Perez was rubbing off on him.

    JP would have signed with the Giants if we hadn’t offered the 5th year.

  36. garysmith@glsmith.com

    dagliolo, I think you have said it all and I couldn’t agree more. Players are people just like you and I and when they’re in a place they respect and enjoy the people they work with they work as a team for the good whole. This team as it is today can do wonders, good health and god permitting.

    50 years ?? You will undoubtedly be included in Harolds 50+ club !!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  37. garysmith@glsmith.com

    bigblue, I met Guzman in spring training and I got that same feeling as I did with Perez. He looked to have Raul Mondesi type potential with the same personality. I’m not sad to see him go, no matter what he does for someone else.

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  38. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    dagliolo – What year did you come aboard? I became a Dodger fan in 1952, kday01 has the distinction of being our longest serving fan starting in 1951 and fansince53 of course joined in 1953. Asq and Frank are also long serving ,I believe also around 50 years. Good to have another half century guy on board. Ray and Patriotacts are only kids compared to us while Gary, Kevin and others are in betweeners, all commited to becoming members of the 50 year club one day. I have my Boys of Summer book autographed by Duke Snider. He was in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, many years ago at a car promotion – was promoting Dodges at Dartmouth Chrysler-Dodge. Your post is smack dab on. That is what we all remember and what made the Dodgers special. That’s what we are striving to regain and I think Ned is on the right track. Tommy claims God is a Dodger fan. Some dispute that but I think it is no coincidence that the sky is blue. If I had one wish I could grant all of our younger fans it would be to give one week with the Dodger teams in the fifties and sixties. Many have enjoyed the seventies and on.

  39. dualtone428@yahoo.com

    Did you guys check out the top 50 prospects list?!?!?! BS! We have 4 on there: Scott Elbert is 11, Andy LaRoche is 25, James Loney is 33, and Clayton Kershaw is 42. Where’s Stults, Meloan, Muegge, Hoorelbecke, Miller? I imagine Kemp doesn’t really qualify as a prospect anymore, but still!

  40. fliegel@ptd.net

    Red Sox Tampering-definitely. Proving it-that’s another story. I think that’s why Ned is not sure whether to file or not. Also my first year as a Dodger fan was that great 63 season!

  41. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Meloan is under the radar, thankfully. Ray apprised us of him at mid season last summer. I expect his low innings pitched 1n 2006 (52) at A, A+ and AA keep him from consideration. A good fifth round pick. Blake Dewitt, even with his hitting woes this season, is listed 43 I understand. I don’t mind when our guys are not listed higher. It’s only someone’s subjective list. Having said that, I expect Stults, Muegge, Hoorelbecke, Miller really are not top 50 considering how many prospects there are. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  42. bigblue48@aol.com

    garysmith-How sad and wastful Mondesi was. I sure did like watching him play his first couple, 3 years. Then he self-destructed. Pedro was another one…:) He was such a great hitter and could carry a team for a month. Charlie Kerfeld told me he feared Pedro’s bat speed and how hard he could hit the ball. Charlie let the pitch go and then would get ready for a line drive through the box against Pedro. I didn’t ask him, if that had happened to him. Lasorda gave him away to the Cards for a damaged John [thrEEE-piece]Tudor. Herzog told Tommy, but Pedro had become such a problem, he did the deal anyway.

  43. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    fliegel – what a season the ’63 season was. Sweeping the Yankees, what a dream season!!!!!!!! Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  44. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    i’ll gladly take credit for john meloan harold, i think that meloan will come up sometime next year, and be a big help.. so will greg miller, but i am still keeping hope that my second favorite prospect can be a starter.. the list that i am waiting to see is the baseball america one, i think that scott elbert, andy laroche, james loney, clay kershaw, blake dewitt, john meloan, and bryan morris will make the list. imagine the rotation were gonna have by 2010, bills, elbert, kershaw, morris, and kuo!,thats nasty stuff right there…


  45. bigblue48@aol.com

    euhlman-What a WS 63 was!!!!!
    I remember taking a transistor radio to school with me and trying to listen to the game any time we could….:) Koufax dominating the Yankees and me rubbing it in to the Yankee and Giant fans. Record SO in a WS by Koufo[remeber he was nicknamed that?]. Frank Sinatra rumored to have bet $10k on the Dodgers to sweep.

  46. kevblewis@sbcglobal.net

    Hey all,

    I know I asked it once, but I will ask again.

    Are we all gonna get together at a pub sometime this season?

    It would be fun

  47. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    meloan will be a set-up man, he also can close.. at arizona st he was a big time closer… but hes got nasty stuff.. and i would go to a pub, but the problem is that i am only 19.. where do you live kevblewis?

  48. abuabraham2@gmail.com

    I went to the link to hear Ned’s interview… but I cant find it. Has it been taken down already, or has it not been posted yet? If anyone knows, do let me know.

  49. heavenforu2@aol.com

    Oh please, Tommy, make sure the Dodgers don’t lose Eric Gagne. You know if we don’t resign him, he’ll go elsewhere and we again, like many times before, will be sorry. He has the power and is a standout player. He is the best reliever that the Dodgers have had in many, many years. Seito will not prove out in the long run, but Gagne will. I have been a follower of the Dodger since 1959.

  50. lbirken@aol.com

    I have been a Dodger fan since before they came to LA, probably because everyone else was a Yankees fan. I remember listening to the Don Larson perfect game on the radio, and saw Koufax strike out 18 Giants in the Collesium. You got to admire the passion shown on this blog. Go Dodgers!

  51. kevblewis@sbcglobal.net


    I am in Pasadena.


    I don’t think it has been posted yet. I have been looking all afternoond. But the interview with Gonzales was interesting.

  52. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    heavenforu2 – How is it all you guys came in on WS winning years? Was that what brought you in? Our buddy 51 came in on Bobby Thompson’s homerun year. I would really like to see Gagne signed and someone’s suggestion of very high incentives, better than other teams, is a good one. No one could complain as would be earned. Read the Dodger payroll is $111M so probably spending has ceased for free agents, unless inexpensive relievers. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  53. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    lbirken – I remember the Larson perfect game too. Dale Mitchell made the last out, striking out on a controversial high pitch call if I recall correctly. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  54. kevblewis@sbcglobal.net

    The only perfect game I have seen live was the Expos against the Dodgers. Was in Martinez?

    I think Chris Gwynn was on the roster then

  55. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    kevblewis – El Presidente – Dennis Martinez threw that perfect game. Chris Gywnn was there. However the starting lineup was interesting. Brett Butler,Juan Samuel, Eddie Murray,Darryl Strawberry,Kal Daniels,Lenny Harris, Mike Scioscia, Alfredo Griffin, Mike Morgan. You will note only one Dodger (Mike Scioscia)in it. That’s why I really look forward to having Ray’s kids mature and become Dodgers. Takes time but is more than worth the wait. We have been waiting 18 years with players from other teams. We should be able to wait a year or two more. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  56. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    Gary, while I’ve been to Vero a few times before, my kids have not. I’m wanting to take them down this year for obvious reasons. Depending on school schedules, we are planning on being there this year. -Henry

  57. rick@prepzonewest.com

    What will happen to Toby Hall?
    Any word where he’ll be?

    Back-up is tough when you still have some fire-power left in your bat! He will benifit any team

  58. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    Good question Rick. I believe that, while Ned has made some good moves and wise decisions, he may be far from done this winter. We have so much cherished surplus (not speaking of the youth which is, but I’m hoping is untouchable) by other teams. We have maybe three so-so starting pitchers that aren’t going to make it into our rotation, but could be great trade bait. We have Hall, as you spoke of, who will most certainly be traded. After all he could start with some other teams. And, quite honestly LaRoche may deserve that same opportunity as well. Yes, he’s one of the kids, but seems almost unfair that he may not be in the majors next year.

    Go Ned!!

    Go Blue!!

  59. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    i love the moves Ned made. Keep the roster how it is! This may not be a world series year but 2008 will be exciting! of course this year will be too.

  60. fliegel@ptd.net

    63 was just magic. What a rotation we had Koufax, Drysdale, Osteen and Singer. Perronoski coming out of the pen. Was Phil Regan (the Vulture)on that team? I can still remember the starting lineup. Boy were the Yanks ever surprised! I wish we could do that every year.

  61. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    ’63 Dodgers? I was born in ’63. My brother is ten years older than I am and he still jabs at me that, because I never saw the ’63 Dodgers, I’ve never really seen a truely great Dodger team. Euhlman, I’ll defer to you, is this true? I argued the ’88 Dodgers — he laughed. He said that wasn’t greatness, that was destiny. He’s right.

    Go Blue!!

  62. ebbetsfld@gmail.com

    OK you over 50’s. I grew up a block from Ebbets Field at Washington Avenue and Sullivan Place. Saw my first Dodger game there in ’48 and cheered Jackie, Pee Wee, Campy, Duke, Gil, Carl (Oisk), Carl (Skoonj)and the rest. Billy Loes used to come to the candy store (Moe’s) in the basement of my building after games. To this day I live and die with Dem Bums, and my wife and I take a vacation every year to watch them play somewhere (Philly and Pittsburgh last spring, San Diego and LA next.) I also go to Vero for the Fantasy Camp – a must for all you bloggers before the move to Glendale, and my son and daughter have both attended with me. My son loved Vero so much that he had his bachelor party there a few years ago even though we now live in Toledo, and most of his friends were from Chicago. That whole group came away with the knowledge that Vero is “Baseball Heaven” although most were Cub , Yankee (ugh) or White Sox fans.
    Thanks, Josh, for the best blog I view. And, thanks, Ned, for restoring class and talent to the team and at the same time preserving our future. I can’t wait for spring!!!

  63. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    I just read this on espn.com ENSIDER. It was posted yesterday.


    Game over in L.A.?

    Dec 7 – Closer Eric Gagne spurned an offer to stay with the Dodgers and will shop around for a better deal, the Los Angeles Times reports. Gagne’s agent, Scott Boras, turned down a guaranteed one-year, $4-million offer with incentives that could have increased the value to $10 million.

    Although the Dodgers don’t appear willing to increase the offer, Boras plans to speak to GM Ned Colletti again before Gagne signs with another team. The market for Gagne has increased to more than $5 million guaranteed, with the same kind of incentives L.A. is offering.

    The Red Sox still need a closer and have inquired about Gagne, the Boston Herald reports.


    I’m telling everyone this now, that based on the up roar (understatement), that the Drew signing brought in Boston, it will pail in relation to a Gagne signing that is more than the Dodgers offered. He will leave a team that loves him through torn everything to go to a team that would boo every single non-strike. I love the guy to the corner and back, but can his esteem stand that for one second. From what I’ve read, I’m saying not. Boras, who’s best interest to you have at (cold) heart here?

    Go Blue!!

  64. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Henry, My daughter and I are there buddy, Vero or bust !!

    ebbetsfld, I want to do the fantasty camp so bad I can taste it. Especially now with the team going to AZ. I have to do it in Vero or it just wouldn’t be right. Maybe this year !!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  65. dagliolo@aol.com

    bigblue and euhlman thanks for the kind words and welcoming me as a 50 year Dodger fan. I enjoy the knowledge of youse guys and others when I read these posts. To answer your question, I don’t know the exact year I became a Dodger fan, because it depends on when you think a young child living in New York City can understand what is going on around him, like when yankee fans in the family torture your father because he is a fan of the Bums who always lose. 4 years old? 5? That would have put it in either 1953 or ’54. I know one thing: My father took me to Ebbets Field on July 19, 1957, which was the only time I ever was there, and I was already a Dodger fan. But that date is special. For most of my adult life I only knew that I went to Ebbets Field that 1 time, and it was Gil Hodges night. I only knew it was somewhere between 1954 and 1957, their last year in Brooklyn. A few years ago, I went to Cooperstown to find something out about that night. In the HOF library, I found that it occurred on 7/19/57. Hodges was honored between games of a Twi-night doubleheader (remember those?) against the Cubs. I got the box scores of both games. Here are the highlights: Koufax starts game 1 and strikes out 11 (a brief glimpse of things to come 6 years later); Hodges gets his 1,000th career RBI; Roseboro hits his first major league HR; Snider hits a HR in each game; Dodgers win two.
    I was 8 years old that night. To this day I believe my father took me to see them that night because the winds were blowing that they may be leaving Brooklyn. They played their last game in Brooklyn 2 months later. I can tell you exactly why they left, but that’s for another post. But when they left, my father and I still followed them as intently as ever. Hodges, Snider, Campanella, Pee Wee, they were my heroes, and still are in many respects.

    July 19, 1957: That was a good day.

  66. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    i wish i was around in the 50’s and 60’s. I wasnt even around for ’88…well i was but i was 1. My mom was carrying me when Gibson hit the home run. She started screaming and dropped me onto the floor. I cut my head open and i still have the scar.

  67. bigblue48@aol.com

    ebbetsfld and dagliolo-My becoming a Dodgers fan is much the way dag decribes. It just evolved; following the olders kids on the block. Just as I once posted how Sandy was out washing his car [as reported by the big guys, when Sandy lived on 47th Street]. I lived on 51st. I wasn’t allowed to cross streets yet…lol He moved and went to Lafayette and I went to New Utrecht [’67]. Did you go to Erasmus? We rooted for one team and hated the other two.

    I went to one game at Ebbets Field against the Pirates. I got the free tickets by cutting out box cartons off of Bordens Milk Cartons. My guess was 1957. I was 8, born 1/49.

    Ebb-I believe it was Nostrand Ave., my dad had to go there to a machine shop on a corner. Across the street was the outside of Ebbets Field, the outfield I believe. Didn’t Furillo have a deli nearby too? Everyone bowled at Gil Hodges Lanes.

  68. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    ebbetsfld – you are the king. Oh man. We defer to you. dagliolo – what a great story. I used to listen to the games out of Brooklyn that came in clearly in Nova Scotia. I do remember the night Duke homered in both ends of the double header. Duke is my all time hero and I have an extensive collection of his cards. My other vivid recollection of a twinight double header was the time Don Newcombe started both games of it. Dodgers won both games but I had only read about it as it came before my time (1950) The closest I got to Ebbets Field is I have a Campy and Duke card with a piece of a seat from Ebbets Field in it. Also game worn uniform and game used bat cards of some of the ’50’s Dodgers. bigblue – you guys have me drooling this morning. Great memories for you guys. As Mary Hopkins would sing, “Those Were The Days, My Friend.” Think we might be getting back to them with the kids on the way. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  69. fliegel@ptd.net

    Anybody have old Dodger autographs? I have an autographed post card from Koufax, with his picture on the front and it’s postmarked from 66. People tell me to put it on eBay, but I’ll never sell it.

  70. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    lohmeyet – tough question. We could debate that all day. For me the greatest Dodger team was the 1955 Dodgers. They had to beat a great team and look at the HOF’s from that team. However, I think the greatest for each of us would be the one that meant the most to us. All WS winners were special in some way. ’88 is a favorite too as it was the last and who will ever forget Orel and Kirk? ’59 Larry Sherry, ’63 swept the Yanks, ’65 the year we hit all of 78 homers yet won the WS – pitching, pitching, pitching, ’81- the fab four. I’m sure that’s not much help lohmeyet but greatest is in the eye of the beholder, not in the box score or stat page. The greatest part of all those WS wins is that the team was always made up of Dodgers with pieces added, and those added players played like Dodgers. That’s where we’re going now. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  71. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    fliegel – I have Duke’s autograph – two of them – one in “The Boys Of Summer” and one on a program when he was a commentator for the Expos. Actually three- an autographed ball our son got for me from Upper Deck. I also have a Tommy autographed ball I got at Vero Beach – it reads: To Harold, you and the Dodgers are both great. Boy don’t ever part with Sandy’s autograph. I have an autographed picture 8×11 of Don Newcombe that a friend got for me when he visited LA.I met Don when we visited LA in 1985 nut was so amazed I talked with him a bit and forgot to ask for an autograph. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  72. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Should read “but” although I was a nut not to have him show us around. It was early in the day and very few people around. Here we go guys – our youngset son was a Mike Marshall fan. We did get Mike’s autograph in vero Beach , also Fernando’s, Sax and others. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  73. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    fliegel – Now you have me searching. When we were in LA in ’85 there was an oldtimers game too. We got a Willie Davis autograph by his picture in a publication called”The Dodgers All-Time Greats A Pictorial History” Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  74. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    I’d have to say that my favorite Dodger team to date, although they didn’t win it all, was the ’74 Dodgers. I guess the coming together of that infield sealed the deal for me. As far as a favorite winner, personally, the ’81 Dodgers for me. Reason? I guess it was a small taste of what the ’55 Dodgers felt to finally win. After the Dodgers lost to the Yankees in ’77 and ’78 and to beat them in ’81 — pretty impressionable. My father took me to a charity baseball roast they were having in my hometown. They were going to roast old-time umpire Augie Donateli (spelling), but he unfortunately passed away. The last minute replacement was Frank Pulli. The ump that missed the call — Jackson intentionally sticking his hip out to block the throw from Russell — in the ’78 Series. During the roast in jokingly admitted he missed the call, NEVER SAW IT, he said. My father couldn’t finish his dinner. After the roast we could talk with most everyone. My father went to Pulli and said, “I can understand missing a call, you’re human. But, a gentleman would have never joked about it at a public event.” Then, and I’ll never forget this as long as I live, Pullie looked down and said, “I’m sorry sir.” Upside of the night, I got to talk with Warren Spahn for about 20 minutes.

    It’s a hopeful stretch maybe, but the ’07 Dodgers could shape up to be somewhat like the ’74 Dodgers. I’m hoping anyways.

    Go Blue!!

  75. messagebear@yahoo.com

    I am very pleased with the team composition so far this winter and with what Ned has accomplished. Schmidt was the prize in my estimation, and his contract won’t kill us. I think that JP gives us a very durable established OF’er, and I’m glad to have Gonzalez with us for one year. I don’t really think that we will miss Drew that much, even if there are no further team additions. The rest of the makeup is now up to Spring training results. It’ll be up to Ethier, Repko and Anderson to show who belongs in the outfield and on the bench in 2007. Werth, if he shows sufficient recovery, will probably have to prove himself again at AAA, and I think that Kemp will play most of the year there as well. I do hope that Loney can stay with the big club to play whenever Nomar cannot and to pinch hit. I expect that Betemit will show his full potential for 3rd base and should take up some of the power slack from Drew.
    As for Gagne, I would not increase our offer beyond what has been made to him. I don’t believe he is likely to pitch very much during 2007. I have been a supporter of a Penny trade for the last several months, but only if it gives us somebody of value for the longer duration. Otherwise, let’s see what he can show in spring training. I think he should lose at least 40 lbs., and he might recapture his effectiveness and gain some stamina.

    So, let the season begin – can’t wait for spring training. Also wishing a very Merry/Happy Holiday Season to all on the Dodger Staff and to all of you out there on this blogger forum.

  76. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    That’s an interesting Ebbets Field story. I saw Roseboro throw out Willy Mays (how much would he get on today’s market?)

    Trying to steal third in ’58. I had always thought Roseboro was a rookie that year. Thanx for those facts.

  77. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    lohmeyet- now I’m jealous. talking to Warren Spahn for 20 minutes. He had just an amazing career. Everyone’s gotta love him. “Spahn and Sain and a day of rain’ and he goes again. A horse, like Newk. Good for your Dad and for Mr. Pulli for a sincere apology. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  78. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Well, gotta go shake the snow off it and bring the Christmas tree in. Have a great day guys. You started mine off wonderfully with your Dodger reminiscing. Can’t wait for spring training also. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  79. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    max_power – that is a truly remarkable scar – a badge of honor at age 1. I have a Dodger friend here who insisted he have 1988 as the last four digits in his phone number because of that WS win. He got them and still has them. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!! Go Christmas tree!!

  80. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    hey harold, my dad gave me my middle name (steven) after steve garvey his favorite ball player…

  81. kevblewis@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Kday,

    Lucky Baldwins would be great.

    Or I do like the Philippes idea. Do they have tvs to watch the game, or is this a stop on the way to the game?

  82. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Ray – that’s a pretty cool badge of honor too. All these Dodger connections,etc. just blow my mind. Christmas tree standing stately in the livingroom. Trying to convince my wife, Elaine, to trim it all in blue. She figured that out and suggested politely I go check the blog if I wanted some Dodger Blue. She is so cool that way. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  83. puppyhead01@hotmail.com

    My story is not as great as you old timers – I would do anything to have been able to see Koufax pitch like my dad did so many times. My dad has been a fan since the ’50s, but I was born in ’81 (a championship year; somehow makes me feel good). I grew up in the San Fernando valley, about a half hour from the stadium, and went to many games at Dodger stadium. Anyway, my only cool story is by proxy; my mother is a labor and delivery nurse, and (I think in ’89?) delivered Orel Hershiser’s wife their (second?) child. The details of the story are blurry, but I do have a framed, autographed picture of Orel pitching that I got from the whole event. It stayed on my wall for about 10 years. My mother recounted that he and his wife were incredibly cool, kind people.
    That’s all I got. I’ll keep reading your stories as they are much more interesting 🙂

  84. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    puppyhead – That’s a good one. Proxy is most acceptable and I know a whole of guys who would love an Orel autograph. Two of my Duke autographs were gotten for me by others and my Dad got the Willie Mayes homerun ball in Montreal. Plus you have lots of time for more. Thanks to all for sharing their moments. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  85. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    puppyhead -I have one last story since my wife won’t let me decorate the tree in Dodger Blue. About four years ago we travelled to a flea market in Halifax, about an hour’s drive from here. I came across a booth where the guy had some baseball cards among his wares. I picked out five Dodger cards that were so well kept I thought they were reprints. I paid $1.00 for each of four and #2.00 for the fifth. A few weeks later our son happened to see them and expressed amazement. He pointed out that they were not labelled as reprints or archived. They were original 1955 cards in almost perfect condition. They are – Johnny Podres, Sandy Amoros, Karl Spooner, Jim Gilliam and ……. Jackie Robinson. Five cards from 1955. Of course I then wished I had looked more carefully at the other cards to see who might have been among them. However, if I had truly known I would have had to tell the chap the value of the cards. On a subsequent trip in, he was not there. Maybe I was meant to have them since I am sure there was no one else at that flea market who values them as much as I do. There might have been dealers who would have resold them. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  86. fliegel@ptd.net

    puppyhead01, That’s a great story about Orel, he was one of the greatest modern day pitchers. Also euhlman, Willie and Tommy Davis were two of my all time favorite Dodgers. Tommy was a 2 time batting champ and Willie at the time was one of, if not the fastest man in the game.

  87. bigblue48@aol.com

    These stories are GREAT.

    Puppyhead-I bet if you approached the Hersheisers with your story, they might remember some of it, since it invovles one of their children’s births!

    I’ve only been to Dodgers Stadium maybe 10-12 times. I saw most of my Dodgers games against the Mets at the Polo Grounds and then Shea. Everyear we would got to the Mets ticket office in Grand Central Station and buy tickets for the Dodgers double header and whatever games caught our eye. I believe we went to a Koufax Night, because banners were allowed back then. We tried to paint a white sheet in tribute to Sandy, but it was so crappy looking we went empty handed,,,lol We probably stopped going, because we graduated from HS and split up or the DH was discontinued.

    I have the hardware for a seat from the original Yankee Stadium. We had to send in 10 empty packets from Winston cigarettes. My friend restored his and I cut the old wood off, so I could carry the hardware onto an airplane and bring them out here in NV.[moved to OR last summer]

    Keep these old stories coming.

  88. ognir_rrats@yahoo.com

    Did anyone else read that the Red Sox aren’t going to give into Gagne’s price?

    I hope Gagne isn’t too interested in playing in Cleveland…

    Stay home, Gagne!!!

  89. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    bigblue – that is an important piece of baseball history. Hang onto it. Will you sit in to watch Dodger games? I have a Duke Snider Donruss Classic 2001 card with a piece of a Yankee Stadium seat in it. Card SS-23. I thought that was unusual but it is also a World Series Home Run in 1952 card. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  90. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    ognir_rrats Had not read that. I can see that Eric no doubt feels his career is going to be a relatively short one so has to make what he can. However, I hope also he’s not interested in Cleveland and things work our in LA. Go Ned!1 Go Dodgers!!

  91. ognir_rrats@yahoo.com

    I just wonder: since Gagne declined the Dodger’s offer, if the Dodgers would even consider making any offer now…

  92. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    I think their first offer would still be on the table but Eric wants to close. Not sure he can do that with the Dodgers with Saito on board.
    Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  93. bigblue48@aol.com

    euhlman- I left the hardware in NV. A month ago I was walking by a sports memorabillia shop[ here in Eugen] and he had a pair of old seats [light green] from an old stadium. I asked the storekeeper about my hardware. They originally came with a little stick on plaque that has since been lost. He told me that a collector would know they are authentic and I should take care of them. My intentions were to sandblast all the old crusted paint off like my buddy did and put in new slats. You are so right that they are an important piece of baseball history, especially with a new Yankees Stadium coming in. Suppose, I’ll keep them as-is.

    Too bad you didn’t grab that whole box of baseball cards from that guy. I’d guess that it was a shoebox containing someone’s collection. I retreived my baseball card collection in their shoeboxes and borught them out here and sold them to my friend who collects cards. Mine weren’t in very good shape. since most of them had been “flipped” and put into spokes of my bike. He told me many of the old cards coming out of NYC had worn edges, because of “flipping.” The most notable card was the George”Sparky” Anderson rookie card. My nephews probably took the Yankees and Dodgers cards that were coveted.

  94. drinkinmercury79@aol.com

    wow, you all have had some awesome Dodger experiences, I’ve enjoyed reading them all. in 87, my family won the Blue Crew contest that ended up with me, my sister and brother (who was about 8 months old at the time) getting Dodgers merchendise, a chance to go on the field and be introduced on Diamondvision and a chance to meet Orel Hershiser, Dave Anderson and other Dodgers for autographs.

    When we met Hershiser, he went to hold my brother, and told my mom, “Wow, it feels like your little guy might’ve sprung a leak” (I was about 6, so I don’t remember the exact words). My mom, who had just changed him before coming into the stadium, was quite embarrased, and started to apologize, when Orel said “Relax, I was just kidding, heheheheh” and him and my parents burst out laughing. Still have the picture from that day, great memory. whenever Hershiser’s calling the game on ESPN, I tell my brother, “see, that’s the guy you messed on”

  95. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    drinkinmercury79 – Boy that’s a good one. Just amazing the experiences we’ve all had, regardless of where we live.
    Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  96. kevblewis@sbcglobal.net

    Has anyone seen the Ned Coletti interview on the radio website yet? I keep looking there, but I don’t see it.

  97. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    Ray, I coach my oldest son’s baseball team. I wear the number 42 because it’s the number of my father’s hero, J.R. My son wears the number 6, for Garvey, because he knows Garvey is my hero. God love my son all to there and back — he just turned 15 today.


  98. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    drinkinmercury79, thank you for that story. Don’t we love hearing our heros are good guys. That was a beaut. Thank you again.

    Go Bulldog!!

    Go Blue!!

  99. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    lohmeyet… as much as I grew up with Steve Garvey being my baseball hero as well, I find myself hard pressed to agree with you. Steve Garvey, although being a very good baseball player in his time, was not good enough to be in the hall of fame. It is THE Hall of Fame… not the Hall of the Very Good. Steve Garvey played very well but was never considered to be one of the all-time greats. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s still very much the truth.

  100. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Gagne to the Giants is another Boras ploy to infuriate the Dodgers. Gagne will end up signing with the Dodgers… mark my words.

  101. s.infantino@comcast.net

    If Gagne goes to the Giants it would almost be like Bonds coming to the Dodgers. But if this rumor is true, it really speaks to the confidence he has in his arm right now. As I understand it, the Dodger offer was for around 14 mil, but mostly incentives. The Giant offer is for 5 mil guaranteed plus 7 more in incentives. Maybe he’s not prepared to earn his money proving he’s healthy. Or maybe they’re willing to guarantee a closer role. Or maybe its payback by the Giants for stealing Schmidt. Or maybe its Boras twisting the knife.

  102. s.infantino@comcast.net

    Been loving the memories people have been sharing. They keep the excitement for the game high through the winter. My memories are all about the L. A. teams since I grew up in Southern Calif. I was born in ’54 so I remember those ’63 and ’65 seasons. I remember that most W.S. games were day games then and I remember our teachers letting us watch the games in our classes You could hear Vinnie and Jerry coming from all the classrooms Not much schooling got done those days… well not in the classroom anyway. On the field was another story. My favorite memories though, are of watching Dodger games with my Dad(my hero)and brothers, sprawled all over the sofa and chairs, or stretched out on the floor. I can still hear us yelling as one at the top of our lungs at bad calls and cheering our boys on for nine or more innings. I’m sure the neighbors all over our street could hear us but it didn’t matter, they were all Dodger fans , and we could hear them too! And it became a family joke over the years, that my Mom always, and I mean always, picked those times to pull out the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. She never was much of a sports fan. But we loved her anyway.

  103. bigblue48@aol.com

    s.infantino-Isn’t that a great memory to have!!!! 🙂

    After the Dodgers left Brooklyn, for the next couple of years we got some games on Ch. 13 NYC. I’m not sure which games they were, but they may have been the Dodgers-Giants games. It later became our PBS station.

  104. bigblue48@aol.com

    I don’t think we’re out of the Gagne running. With Boston out, I’m not sure if Gagne will sign with the Rangers or Giants. They aren’t considered high post-season contenders and there must be some loyalty to the Dodgers from Gagne. The money from the 3 remaining teams is close. Unless Borat is pressuring Gagne to sign elsewhere to be vindictive, Dodgers should be first choice.

  105. lostmysoul321@gmail.com

    Will everyone just PLEASE give up on Gagne already. I love what the guy did for our team as much as anyone, but hes GONE…just get over it. We have a great closer now who IS healthy. Gagne is a gimp now. LET IT GO. GO BLUE!!!

  106. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    kssparkuhl, as I state quite often, I think with my heart too much. I would honestly agree with you. I believe he’s one of those players that makes HoF’rs great.

    Go Blue!!

  107. bluebleeder88@yahoo.com

    “Gagne to the Giants is another Boras ploy to infuriate the Dodgers. Gagne will end up signing with the Dodgers… mark my words.”

    common sense says it’s a no brainer if you ask me.

  108. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    I’m not ready to send my Gagne bobblehead to the attic. Although I’ve got confidence in the staff as it is, I still like Gagne in Blue.

  109. pearljam233@aol.com

    The problem we face with Gagne lies with NED COLLETTI.

    Think about it, Ned wasnt here for Gagne’s glory days, so he has NO loyalty whatsoever to Gagne. Gagne may have some loyalty to us, but Ned has shown him NO respect since he got here. Anyone remember some of the negative quotes from Ned the last 2 yrs when Eric got hurt? I sure do. I just pray Saito isnt a one year fluke, like he may just be. Come on, the guy didnt even make the team out od ST last yr, and was given the job in pure desperation because Broxtons fat **** cant learn to PITCH, probably never will. Not with Honeycutt as pitching coach.

    Gagne going to SF would break our hearts. Lets hope that bizzaro world scenario never happens

  110. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    pearljam233 – I didn’t realize Johnathan weighed 288 lb until I looked it up. That is cause for concern but I am not close enough to the situation to know what you mean when you say he can’t learn to pitch. His stats seem to be pretty goodin 2006. – BB 33 K 97 W 4 L 1 SV 3 WHIP 1.23 OBA .216 ERA 2.59 The Red Sox were surely hot after Broxton.I too hope Gagne is able to stay with the Dodgers this year. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  111. haefelm@sce.com

    Can anyone take one more push for Gagne? Is anyone that matters reading this? I really hope that Boras is the one behind the turning down of our offer. After all Eric has said about wanting to stay a Dodger I can’t believe he would turn down that offer. And Lord knows we sure want him to stay. I can’t tell you how many hours my husband and I have spent standing in line to get his autograph at several different places including Vero Beach. By the way, if there are others that are going to be there in March, please e-mail me. My husband and I have gone the last 2 years and love it! One last time….Eric don’t go, you’re Dodger Blue through and through….I have your autograph on my license plate (DJRBLU) so you have to stay….

  112. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    haefelm – I wish Eric would read a lot of our posts. Most of us really want him to stay. He certainly has exemplified Dodger Blue and of course being Canadian for me is another bonus with being a Dodger. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  113. boardr28@aol.com

    I would just like to say shame on Eric Gagne as well as the obvious, Scott Boras. If it is true that Gagne/Boras turned down a 4 million guaranteed contract,with incentives up to 10 mil than Gagne doesnt deserve to wear white and blue. How much have we already payed him for nothing? He isnt even worth 4million in my opinion,and the fact that he can turn his back on an organization that he owes is ludicrous– i thought he was a man of better character. Scott Boras– you are truly evil. You have no concept of what it means to do the right thing,and if you do you certainly do not care about doing it which is worse to begin with. By the way, your kid is a ****** shortstop. you may be a great agent, but you certainly have no concept of ethics and morality–Memo to Gagne and every other player represented by Boras:HE DOESNT CARE ABOUT YOUR WELL BEING, BUT RATHER ONLY ABOUT DOLLARS AND CENTS– TRY WATCHING JERRY MCGUIRE AND GETTING SOME INSPIRATION TO DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ONCE AS OPPOSED TO THE MOST LUCRATIVE.

  114. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    While I share everyone’s frustration on thg Gagne/Boras issue, I’m a bit with ksspark on this one. This thing is NOT over yet. I would be surprised to see him leave.

    s.infantino, great story. Thanks for sharing it.

    Go Blue!!

  115. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    Just read this on foxsports.com.


    The Rangers are still interested in reliever and former Cy Young Award winner Eric Gagne. Reports out of Boston said the Red Sox were probably out of the bidding and that Gagne was choosing between San Francisco, Cleveland and Texas for a base salary of around $6 million and additional money if he reaches certain incentives. Daniels did not comment on Gagne.


    A rumor, but worth noting.

  116. jagartjim@aol.com

    Gagne in a giants uniform? That would make Boras the Devil himself, and Gange his disciple.
    A quick story about a perfect Dodger day. i think it was sometime around 1990 to 92 . I was invited to a game by a high school friend an established ticket scalper. Never unable to pass on a free Dodger game I went. Not knowing our seats were down in the dugout right behind home plate. Imagine my excitement! It was so close to the action, a dream come true.

    I must of had five or six really truely open grilled Dodger dogs that day, unlike the stinkers they serve these days. Afterall, It was the CBS game of the week televised nationally on a Saturday morning, game time 10 AM. Weather was of course perfect. Dodgers won in 16 innings (not everyone gets to enjoy the traditional 14th inning stretch)! I believe Ramon Martinez (Pedros older bro)made his debut that day and hit a home run to boot.

    The best part was that during that game Don Drysdale came down to watch the game from the seat right next to me late in the game, after he had wrapped his play by play in the booth.

    He signed my Dodger program which featured a small picture of him on the cover. It is framed and hangs on my wall to this day.

    That was a perfect day!

    I cant wait for Spring!

    Go Dodgers and Ned, go get Gagne, save his soul!

  117. boardr28@aol.com

    I too would love Gagne to come back, but not for 6 million guarantee, because the only guarantee he can provide is that he probably wont be healthy. I dont care if his motivation for asking for tons of money stems from fear of his health (he knew steroids were bad), the dodgers gave him so much money over the past three years for nothing- let him live off that if he gets injured again. It is really simple- he owes the dodgers. Lets not coddle the multi-millionaire athlete. It comes down to decency and consideration for his (too) loyal fans and organization that has stuck with him through his failed attempt as a starter and a three season stretch where he pitched 6 games. If he is unwilling to accept 4 with the possibility of 10 from the Dodgers, than that should be a clear cut indication that he is not healthy, bc i dont think he would say he’d take the home teamdiscount and then reneg over a measly 2 million. Eric, 4 mil with the possibility of 10 is a pretty sweet deal from a dodgers club that has given you so much– maybe i can give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you know you are going to break down, therefore you dont want to cost your beloved dodgers anything– in the mean time, fire Boras, and if my assumption is correct, stay out of san francisco.

  118. boardr28@aol.com

    Go Ned, go Blue! Sorry about all the Gagne griping– its just frustrating… it’s not like we even really need him…. GO DODGERS

  119. 4bucs@comcast.net

    hi,i’m a dodger fan since 1950 saw the thompson home run,saw lasorda pitch …briefly and remember this wild kid named koufax.when the dodgers swept the yankees they used koufax,then podres in NY. Drysdale in game 3 and came back with sandy in game 4,boy did I give it to all my yankee friends.Till this day I still say jackie robinson was the most exciting player I ever saw.

    love what colletti has done so far be nice if we can get gagne back that could be the player who pushes us to the series.Imagine him with sieto,broxton kuo,and braxabon,thats some serious heat and some nasty pitches.If Gagne screws us like Drew did Iwish bad luck to both of them as their nothing but dirty traitors.

    GO ned and tommy we now have italian power ….go dodgers!!!

  120. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    pearljam233, I respectfully disagree. All Ned has to do is read a stat sheet from those years. That’s all he should be considering at this point. I really don’t want a GM thinking with his heart. After the Drew deal and now Boras pulling the strings again on the Gagne deal, how can we blame Ned for holding Boras (and anyone he represents) at arms length. It’s maybe not heading towards the story book ending I’d/we’d like to see, but it does seem wise.

    Go Ned!!

    Go Blue!!

  121. 4bucs@comcast.net

    I would play around with the lineup switching the hot hitters to the top of the order so they had more at bats.I’d put PIERRE lead off,furcal 2nd,nomar 3rd,kent 4th,gonzo 5th,martin 6th,eithier 7th an d betimit 8th and move them around as to who ever was hot.love having gonzo hes a real positive guy to have around ,i’d always find ways to use repko after 6 or 7 innings hes got so much speed and is an assett on defense.having anderson and sanez coming off the bench is great and now now also loney and lieberthal with mazrtinez gives us a strong bench.we’re good to go right now if we make a trade for a power hitter and resign gagne of course we’d be that much better,but if gagne can walk away that easy after stealing millions of dollars for nothing then the **** with him and drwe and their greedy agent boras.

  122. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    4bucs – Welcome aboard. Seems we keep getting a new 50 year guy on board quite often. Must have been wonderful to see Jackie play. Did any of our Dodger fans see Jackie’s first game? Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!

  123. jhall1218@yahoo.com

    I agree, if Gagne takes a couple of million more guaranteed to play somewhere else, I wish him nothing but failure. We have made a very nice offer and after the last 2 years, he owes the Dodgers and their fans something.

  124. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    I was equally angry as some of you. Euhlman, thanks for reeling me back in.

    I’m not sure we owe Eric so much anger. Are we really saying that he “stole” the money for the last 2 years? That this was somehow his plan all along. Giving us, the fans, what he did for the glorious two years is why he was out for the last two. Right? Juice aside, you can’t throw that kind of “Bugs Bunny” stuff and not pay a price. And, are we in anyway suggesting that he should take a “measly” 2 MILLION DOLLARS off his families dinner table. After all this is probably his last contract. Finally, are we going to fault a man for trying to better himself? Really? He has an obligation to his family, his team, and his fans — in that order. He has been a great Dodger and to my understanding, a great member of the LA community. It will be very unfortunate if we cannot sign him, but if he leaves, with heavy heart I wish him well.

    Go Blue!!

  125. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    4bucs, it must have been wonderful. My father saw him play and would describe it to me in detail. Would aften comment on that it was the way he carried himself. Were you at the game when Thompson hit the HR? I’m hoping so, my father was at the game. He had a hard time talking about that game his entire life. As a weird twist of fate, but not at as nearly a historical game, I was at the ’85 playoff game against the Cards in St. Louis when Ozzie hit the walk-off HR off of Niedenfuer.

    Go Blue!!

  126. boardr28@aol.com

    I see your point lohmeyet and appreciate it. It is not that he stole anything- all this shows is his lack of loyalty to a team that has paid him almost 25 mil for 3 good seasons and and 4 bad ones. He is not a thief, simply greedy and disloyal– if he signs elsewhere of course. 2 million dollars is measly in the scope of 25, and if he is so confident he is healthy, at 30, he could easily sign one, maybe two more contracts after this 1-2 year deal. Must not be healthy is my take… And we dont need to tie up more money in someone with health issues, who is willing to drive the price up on US. I, quite frankly, was shocked when i read Gagne turned down 4 guaranteed. The fact that the contract was 10 with incentives pretty much makes pearljam completely inaccurate, and makes Mr. Colletti the most loyal (especially considering it was before his time) GM in the game.
    Great point 4bucs- i absolutely agree, but i think if we could make Furcal a solid 3 hitter it would be a huge asset, maybe, MAYBE Andre could make that spot his–but that is the spot for the hot hand…

  127. boardr28@aol.com

    Also, i wouldnt worry about Saito– the guy was a stud in Japan for years, and as evidence by the nightmarish WBC, they can play ball over there…

  128. lohmeyet@fleishman.com

    Thanks boardr28. I love the Dodger passion in us all. Again, I too was surprised that he turned down the offer, but again say he might still sign. I completely agree with you that Ned is being more than fair and will add that he is also senstive to how the fans feel about Gagne coming back.

    Go Blue!!

  129. americanartpottery@hotmail.com

    “I guess I’m not too sure what power hitter people wanted Ned to go get…”

    Ans: Alex Cabrera of the Seibu Lions in Japan.

    Please pass the message to Ned.

    Thanks, Rooblin

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