Steve Bisheff Hangs 'Em Up

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Dodger fan and if you’re a Dodger fan – or a fan of LA sports at all – you’ve probably read Steve Bisheff countless times in your life. For more than four decades, Steve has covered sports here in Los Angeles and today, he penned his final column for the Orange County Register before retiring.

It seems kind of strange to wish him well and congratulate him on a blog, given that in his final article, he talks about the days of crafting articles on a type writer, but the entire Dodger organization would be remiss if we did not congratulate him publicly. In the few years that I’ve known him, Steve has always been extremely professional and thorough and I’ve really enjoyed reading his work. In the farewell spread of today’s OCR, there’s an extremely complimentary quote from Tommy Lasorda, whom Bish covered for many years.

There’s no doubt, the world of sports media is changing almost every day. We even had someone post clips from yesterday’s press conference on You Tube, which is kind of hard to fathom. But there’s a lot to be said for an old school guy who did his job the right way and in all my time at the Dodgers, I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about Steve.

So get your last read while you can and be sure to check out his favorite ten columns over the years, including this one on Vin Scully from last season.

Good luck, Steve. You’ll be missed in the press box and we all wish you and Marsha well in retirement.



    I just finished reading that Vin Scully column as well. I printed it and will hang it in the company board room, deep in the heart of Commie Red Anaheim Angels of wish we were Los Angeles, wannabee territory.
    good luck Bish, thanks for understanding. Ggod bless Vin Scully!


    great read..and good luck to steve.. and ned needs to stay with my kids, and go out and get schmidt, or zito… btw, still looking for a job






    Great story Steve. Started my long time career as a Dodger fan in 1952. From Nova Scotia turned the dial one evening and there was Vin calling a Dodger game. Listened to every game I could until the Dodgers headed west. Vin obviously had the same hold on Steve. Best wishes for a long healthy and happy retirement Steve and don’t forget to tune Vin in. I’m sure you won’t.


    Read last night on, and some of you may have as well, that the BSox and Dodgers have yet to speak about any Manny deal. Suggested that it was only speculation based on the Dodgers being the top candidate to make any deal because of the deep well of young talent.

    To be truthful, I’m not only hoping that Ned doesn’t trade the kids, I hoping that he might sign a Gonzo type player and continue to ease the kids in slowly.

    Go Ned!!

    Go Steve!!

    Go Blue!!


    I saw that too. I don’t think Ned will take on Manny’s contract for two years. Keep the money, get Schmidt, save the prospects, work on Wells next July for longer contract, etc. By then the prospects at lower levels will have revealed more about themselves too. I think Gonzo is an honest workman. Doubles are good with men on base or simply getting into scoring position. Dodgers scored a lot of runs last year – 14 fewer than the Mets, tied with the Red Sox and 10 more RBI than Sox. Had most hits and best BA in NL. High priced big bopper not essential. Good arms are as run production was good. HR’s not essential, significant home runs and hits are. Remember the 1965 Dodger WS victory. Only 78 homers that season. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!


    I said this a day or so ago, but I think any big bat that you bring to Dodger Stadium will drop HR/RBI production 10 to 20 percent — granted this is an educated guess. Instead of the one big bat give me 3 or 4 guys who could possibly hit 20+ dingers playing half their games at DS. Give me the guys who can easily move two bases at a time. I believe our kids give us this kind of production. I agree completely that the offense was not the problem last year.

    Go Blue!!!


    Hey Ray, I tried to send this via an email and it came back undeliverable, so I’m posting it here. I heard your in need of a job. Send me your resume and I’ll pass it around.

    Good luck and stay in touch !!


    I’m starting to lean more towards signing a Gonzo type of player to let the younger players develop and see what they can bring to the table as far as offense and defense. I can see an outfield of Ethier, Pierre, and Kemp work. Also, I believe Betemit can have a great year offensively if he plays all season at third. LaRoche can play another year at AAA. And Loney, well, ever since he had that 9 rbi game against the Rockies I have seen that he has so much potential. He even came through in the play-offs and didn’t seem afraid at all. He did more than Drew did in the play-offs. and Martin, Martin is the future for LA, let’s hope all that I mentioned are. To me, the most expendable prospect is LaRoche. I like Betemit at third and I think he can really come through if he plays a whole season. Another thing, we have a great bench (Anderson, Saenz, Loney, ??) What do you guys thinks?


    I hear much wisdom in your post.

    Just read this on


    As for the Red Sox, they scouted both the Dodgers’ and Padres’ farm systems extensively in August, when both clubs were interested in acquiring left-hander David Wells.

    At the time, a rival executive says, the Sox ranked outfielder Matt Kemp, third baseman Andy La Roche and first baseman James Loney as the three Dodgers’ position prospects they coveted most.

    Rival clubs also like several Dodgers’ pitching prospects, most notably left-hander Scott Elbert and right-handers Chad Billingsley and Jonathan Broxton.

    But rather than acquire Ramirez, the Dodgers might prefer to sign free-agent right-hander Jason Schmidt and then package right-hander Brad Penny in a trade for a hitter.


    It’s all speculation of course. But, what struck me as important is that we have and are talking about players that are highly valued probably throughout both leagues. If ever there was a time to be patient and not appear desparate, isn’t it now?

    Go Blue!!!


    I really like the idea of going after someone like Gonzo. Our lineup could be










    I love that 6,7,8 setup, it is a great rap around lineup.

    Oh, I think I need help. I had a dream last night that I was at opening day in 07 and Pierre and Furcal hit back back shots.


    Make that Back to Back shots. It is probably the hangover I have from being at the 4 homer game against San Diego. I still get chills thinking about how that game felt in the stadium


    I’m all for patience with the kids. I know our prospects are coveted by other teams. Toby Hall will be moved and I think he should have the chance to play fulltime somewhere else. He is not at the backup stage yet, only 31 and hits quite well. Liberthal wants to backup in LA. Also have Huckaby on board. I agree Benny, it seems that LaRoche is the odd man out, not that I want him to be. I fear Loney might be too with Nomar slated for 1B. I really like Loney – good play discipline, gap power which will only improve, soft hands, looks confident. My version of Mark Grace. I really don’t want Loney on the bench so that somehow he gets “utility” attached to him. Other information seems to indicate teams are after our young relievers.Martinez, Saenz, Anderson great utility. Henry this is the time to be patient. We have what others want. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!


    I imagine the price just went up for Maddux. Glavine just signed with the Mets, 1 year, $11 mil.

    This money thing has me reeling.


    I don’t believe Loney will be sitting on the bench TOO much. Kent, Nomar, and Gonzo, if he’s acquired, are going to need a lot of days off if they want to stay healthy. I think Loney can get enough playing time.

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