It's official

Twelve years after we first drafted him, Randy Wolf is coming home to the Dodgers. We have signed him and plan to have him and Juan Pierre here tomorrow for a media conference that you guys will be able to watch (live, I think) on Later today, there will be a conference call audio link posted to the site that you can also listen to.

As much as it pains me to root for him, of course I will. However, given that Randy is a graduate of El Camino Real, which beat my high school baseball team, Chatsworth, at Dodger Stadium in back-to-back years in 1993 and 1994, it’s hard to believe he’s on our team now.

However, because he grew up in the area and played against us regularly, I’ve been following his career for the last decade and to be honest, I’m really excited he’s going to be with us. One national writer told me yesterday he has thought that Randy would be the best bargain of the winter and the fact that he took less guaranteed money to come home to LA says a lot about him. 

Our rotation is really starting to take shape and one thing any true baseball fan knows is that you can never have enough pitching. There are going to be a lot of talented arms in Vero Beach in February and as Ned has pointed out, one or some of those arms might even help us land a bat before we start heading to Dodgertown.



    Oh oh… Ned, let’s beat out the Cubs again, just like last year with Furcal. C’mon, bring Schmidt to LA!!!


    Got this from article by Keith Law on I have to say, euhlman, I believe your very correct about Colletti.


    Wolf a sensible deal for Dodgers

    Randy Wolf signed the first real bargain contract of the offseason, agreeing to a one-year deal with the Dodgers for a reported $8 million, plus a buyout (value unknown) on a 2008 option. The Dodgers needed to add one starter even if they plan on re-signing Greg Maddux. Their other starters include Brad Penny, who saw limited action late in the season due to injury; Chad Billingsley, who is still a top prospect but was wild enough in 2006 that the Dodgers can’t count on him to be more than a fifth starter just yet; Hong-Chih Kuo, who has a substantial upside but has just five big-league starts under his belt.

    Wolf showed good velocity and a plus curve in his first season back from Tommy John surgery, and while his command wasn’t good, that’s often the last thing to return after the “zipper” — and it helps that Wolf’s command was good before he went under the knife. He’s a flyball pitcher headed to what has typically been a good pitchers’ park (although it didn’t play as one this year). But the best part about this deal is its length: One year. Although a lot of commentary is focusing on the high dollar amounts of the free-agent contracts so far this winter, the real story is the length of those contracts; they involve projecting player performance farther out into the future than anyone can do reliably, and they dramatically increase the likelihood that age or injury or just plain bad results will turn any given contract into an albatross. Dodgers GM Ned Colletti has, in this deal, avoided that: If Wolf doesn’t come back strong, the Dodgers can let him walk after the season and chalk it up to a smart gamble that didn’t pay off. With the option, Los Angeles can even double down if its bet on Wolf proves correct. It’s one of the most sensible deals we’ve seen so far.


    Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!


    One of the best monetary signings the DODGERS have made in recent years. I have a feeling he will be a great asset for the team because he wants to be here.
    Welcome to the team RANDY



    The best dodger signing in recent years was Saito. 24 saves for 500k. That’s $20,833.33 a save. What a bargain!!


    Please, Please PLease dont trade, Russ, Loney, Billingsley, Laroche or Broxton. Build from within and sign Schmidt now!


    well i for one can’t wait for the conference call but i must say what kind of technology/phones do they use they seem streight out of the 60’s or something no??


    Let’s hope that Ned doesn’t trade Wolf and prospects for Manny Ramirez. Any such trade will block up the outfield for the numerous talented young players we have on the way up, and although we’d get 2 years of production from Manny, we’d lose 5 or 10 years of production from one of the young prodigies the Dodgers are waiting on to blossom.
    Any trade including Billingsley, Ethier, Loney, Martin, Kemp or Broxton is a mistake. I know that list is long, but all of those names deserve at least another year as a Dodger to prove themselves. Many of them already have proven their worth to the team, and should not be shipped off for a temporary power solution.


    I was pleased by this deal. Still waiting on Schmidt, disappointed that we might not get Maddux back because of Boras resorting to kindergarten “fine, then I’ll take my toys home with me” attitude. I’d be happy with Manny in Blue, as long as the hot stove people were temporarily smoking crack when they reported they wanted Loney in a trade. Can’t wait to see what happens in winter meetings. Go Blue!


    How about this then…

    500k for Saito translates into=

    $6,402.05 per inning pitched, or

    $4,672.90 per strike out, or

    $6,944.44 per appearance.

    Quite a bargain if I do say so myself.


    Just read this on


    The Dodgers are interested in Ramirez, but the current asking price may be too high. According to The Los Angeles Times, the Red Sox want three players in return from the Dodgers, including outfielder Matt Kemp, L.A.’s top outfield prospect.


    You might figure one of the other two is Penny. Any guesses on who would be the third the Sox are hoping to get? Can’t be Loney. Right? You’d be correct drinkinmercury79…definitely crack.

    Go Blue!!!


    lohmeyet – The Sox definitely want Broxton. They need a closer so Papelbon can start.
    Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!


    From the LA Times

    At least temporarily, General Manager Ned Colletti is soured on negotiating with super agent Scott Boras because one Boras client, outfielder J.D. Drew, opted out of the last three years of his Dodgers contract, leaving a gaping hole in the batting order. Boras also represents Zito, who is seeking a seven-year deal for more than $100 million. Colletti wants no part of those numbers and no part of Boras — until, of course, a Boras client is someone the Dodgers really want. Then, most likely, all will be forgiven.

    I hope Ned just stays away from Boras clients.Also from the Times.

    Colletti remains reluctant to part with more than one of the Dodgers’ top prospects, and the asking price for any of the three slugging outfielders is for multiple prospects. Third baseman Andy LaRoche or first baseman James Loney are the most likely prospects to be dealt because they play positions the Dodgers already have filled. The three outfielders – Wells, Jones, Ramirez.

    How do GM’s sleep at night or any other time? It’s almost like you are darned if you do or darned if you don’t.


    Soriano guaranteed a suite when the Cubs are on the road. I could puke when I read that stuff. The fifth richest contract in baseball history and he needs a suite. Now that’s what I call a team oriented player. Will be 38 in the final year of his deal. Good luck Cubbies.


    euhlman, If I’ve said this before forgive me, but there are three things every man thinks he can do better than another, “Love a woman, manage a baseball team, and build a fire.” I have no clue as to what Colletti, as a GM, goes through daily. I’m with you, Manny seams a wrong fit.

    Admittedly I’ve been a feather in the wind over the issue of trading some or keeping the youth. But, most of us can’t name which ones are expendable. This says to me few to none are. Are we wanting two good years NOW? Or, 5 great years beginning 2 years from now? If signing Manny is “NOW”, I’m going down kicking and screaming for 2 years from now.

    Go Blue!!!



    I know that James Loney’s success has been short-lived thus far, but the last I remember of Loney is Joe Buck and Tim McCarver both in agreeance during the Dodgers’ playoff series stating, “…he’s ready”. Dude’s been tearing the cover off of the ball AND he’s young and comes at a bargain rate for several years. He’s also going to put more muscle on his frame and will likely hit more homers because of this. Why are we becoming so insistent on buying the farm when we already have young horses ready to perform? DO NOT SIGN MAN-RAM!! Too much money and too selfish… not a Dodger.


    josh.. clear this up please…


    The completion of the deal will not take place until at least the weekend, by which time the Dec. 1 deadline for teams to offer their own free agents salary arbitration will have passed. But a source with knowledge of Drew’s contract said last night that the Dodgers are prohibited from offering Drew arbitration.

    As a technicality, Drew and the Sox must wait until after the Dec. 1 deadline, but the protective language negotiated by Drew’s agent, Scott Boras, with the Dodgers two years ago insures that Boston will not have to forfeit draft picks as compensation to Los Angeles for signing Drew.


    is this true? If so, complete BS.


    Please do not bring Ramirez to the Dodgers. Even though his remaining contract could be swallowed, it would set up too much of a salary disparity with all of our remaining players, and that is not a good thing, especially with a player who’s got personality issues. It could hardly work into a satisfactory situation. If we’re going to trade a couple of good prospects, and maybe Penny to boot, let’s get someone younger and on his way up the major league ladder rather than Ramirez.


    Schmidt- YES
    Manny- NO

    Lets win this thing with pitching!

    There will be enough offense as the team stands now, if we have the best pitching staff.


    Schmidt- YES
    Big Bat- YES

    If that means prospects gotta go, prospects gotta go. No on Broxton, Bills, Loney, Ethier.


    Just read that BoSox have an offer on the table for $70 mil over five years to Drew. Also, the deal will not be finalized before the winter meetings. Thanks Boras.


    lohmeyet – I’m pretty good at buidling a fire. One out of three is not bad, especially baseball. The article is still posted on Just check the MLB page. Here is part of the story. Soriano’s deal gives him a complete no-trade provision and guarantees a suite on Cubs road trips, according to contract information obtained by The Associated Press. In addition, Soriano is guaranteed six premium tickets for each home game during spring training, regular season and the postseason — and for the All-Star Game if he is selected


    graffitigenius – can’t have it both ways. Get Manny but put conditions on which prospects. Either you want him at all costs or you don’t. I don’t. We need a younger guy as messagebear suggests. I think we need a long time not a short term fix. Can’t believe Drew’s contract. Gotta admit it – that Boras is one smart cookie. He plays the GM’s like cheap guitars. Good luck Red Sox with a five year contract. Wonder if JD has another opt out clause? Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!


    El Camino beats Chatsworth, Chatsworth beats El Camino, it all evens out in the end. I’m glad to see a Valley guy playing for the Dodgers though.

    ECR class of 2002.


    true euhlman……but its looking close to being a done deal…I think Mc Court already told Ned to get Manny and they are just figuring out whos going by bye. Manny Ramirez Fan Club .


    graffitigenius – you are kidding. Right?? I thought Mr McCourt had awakened to the world of team chemistry after Mr.DePodesta rebuilt a piecemeal team with pieces that didn’t fit. WHAAAAAAmirez doesn’t fit any puzzle. He is interested only in Manny. I expect, if he is signed, the usual rhetoric will come out about wanting to come to a winner and being described as someone who knows how to win. Going out and split wood – very therapeutic. Counting on you Ned. Don’t let us down by taking on another high priced, becoming injury prone, self centered, 35 year old player. Go Ned!! Go Dodgers!!


    Did you read somewhere that the Manny deal was close? If so, can you provide a link or something? Thanks, bro..


    • The Dodgers, who are starved for power hitters, loaded with prospects and could probably offer the best possible package of youngsters, from third baseman Andy LaRoche to pitcher Chad Billingsley to outfielder Matt Kemp. Before the August 31 trade deadline, the Red Sox tried to pry first baseman James Loney from L.A. in return for pitcher David Wells, but the Dodgers refused. The Red Sox may resume their pursuit of Loney and perhaps relief pitcher Jonathan Broxton.


    Actually hoping that the Ramirez deal comes unhinged because the Red Sox demand too much. As I said before, I don’t really want Ramirez with us and would like to have Ned pursue other options through trade.


    Sorry, never happen. The Jays know that they have leverage, so they’ll want at least one prospect in return. Probably an outfielder. Plus, they’re really not desperate to trade him, they just have the attitude that it would be better to do it now and get something for him than to just lose him to free agency next year.


    Would you trade Wells for Penny? No gonna happen. Maybe Loney and Penny for Wells. But I wouldn’t like to see him go. I wouldn’t like to see any of the prospects go, but some are gonna be playing elsewhere before spring training.


    buster olney said from his source the chances of them dealing him are a 9 and the leading candidate is the dodgers. We need a bat badly if we want to even think about competing with the mets realistically.


    LA DOES need a bat in the line up. I will be happy WITH Ramirez, as long as Ned doesn’t sacrifice the farm. And I’ll be happy WITHOUT Ramirez, as long as we can find the power elsewhere, whether it’s inside the organization or from outside. Also, I think Betemit has potential to hit for power if he plays a full season at third.


    If we trade prospects for anyone, it should be wells, is is much younger, and only if he would sign a longterm deal before the trade.
    for Manny, whom I don’t want, but the reports keep coming out. how about Penny, Hendrickson, who was better in in a.l. than in l.a, plus he is a lefty, and s.s hu, boston needs middle infielders. also hear that manny would want to quarantee the last two years, at 20 million ea, plus maybe more, to waive his no trade clause.

    why on earth would we be a favorite to re-sign lugo, where would he play.

    with all the big shots in the d.r will it be “all quiet on the western front” until the winter meetings? remarkable


    As long as we’re speculating, why not try for Cabrera with the Marlins. Signing him to an extended contract shouldn’t cost any more that Ramirez. I’d give up Penny and a prospect for Cabrera.


    I like what Ned is doing and I believe in Ray’s kids. It’s too easy to get around one big hitter. San Fran is a great example of how much of a limitation that is with Bonds. Having 5 20hr hitters, 2 jack rabbitts and a sound defence is far better then having 1 big bat !!! As long as we improve our pitching to a point where we have SP’s that can go 7+ innings and keep the competition down to 4 or less runs and a bullpen that is lights out, we should be dominant.

    Manny Ramirez – No

    Schmidt – Yes

    Zito – No

    Don’t give up Loney, Ethier or Martin at any cost. For the right pitching prospect I would give up Kemp if need be.

    I’m still hoping Ned can get past his problems with Boras and sign Gagne and Maddux. Both would come in on short, yet a little expensive, contracts that we can live with if they don’t work out !! The chemistry would be right and motivation would be there. Makes for a sound business decision.

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    From OC Register:
    The Dodgers and Mariners are the leading candidates to sign Giants free-agent starter Jason Schmidt.

    Dodgers GM Ned Colletti has an “in” with Schmidt from his years as assistant GM in San Francisco.

    If the Dodgers fail to land Schmidt, they are interested in Blue Jays free-agent left-hander Ted Lilly, also being pursued by the Yankees and Cubs.


    I agree with you, Gary. Here’s an idea – we DON’T get a power bat this year because the cost is so prohibitive. We build up the pitching, save the farm, and go for a power bat in ’08 when the cost may not be so high. With the current team the Dodgers will field on opening day, I don’t think run production is going to be a serious issue. They may not be first in the league, but I’ll bet they hit more home runs this year as Ethier and Martin improve, and hopefully as Kent and Nomar stay healthy. Pitching, on the other hand, is something no team can have too much of, especially to use as trade leverage around the All-Star break. Maybe we can lure a big bat at that point, once we have had a closer look at a lot of these farm kids and have decided which pitchers are expendable.


    Manny is 35 and already has knee problems as well as head problems. What makes anyone think things will get better? At his age we will see nothing but his decline as a hitter and he never has been a good defensive option. Acquiring Manny would be a huge mistake.
    Pitching and defense wins championships!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m with Gary, give me a well rounded lineup that plays great defense and has good chemistry over the one big superstar bat any day.

    Vernon Wells and Andruw Jones are free agents after next year if we still need a big bopper. Patience will be rewarded and I believe we can be very competitive if we started playing tomorrow.

    Give the kids a chance to show what they can do and build a team to be proud of.



    Pitching- YES!

    Dodger Farm System- YES!

    Attitude problems, defensive liabilities, over paying, Scott Boras, trading the farm-NO!


    projected lineup









    satisfied with that as a lineup????that lineup right there is laughable for a team from los angeles with the money we have.ask the tigers how far their pitching got them.we need to be able to score too and counting on that many unproven guys is pitiful.


    I can live with that lineup.
    Fix the pitching staff and we’ll be fine. We can trade for the missing piece(s) in July when we have a better idea what we need to get over the top. And we don’t trade away the future in some panic move.


    Does anyone remember these names?







    Wilton Guerrero

    Edwin Jackson

    Joe Thurston

    Rookies. All were expected to be great players. And where are they now? exactly. Rookies look great, but out of 10 great prospects, how many will be better than average players? 4? less? I love our kids, they all look great, but some of them are going to fail, and if our GM, who knows probably just a bit more about these players than we do, desides that a couple of them don’t look like they are going to pan out, and trades them for a known good player, well, i’m willing to trust in him. I love watching the home grown players mature and show their greatness, but i like watching a World Series victory more. I’ll take Manny or Zito or any of them if it gets us there. Remember, a prospect is just that, a prospect. If we gambled money on which prospects became superstars, we’d all be broke.


    If you gamble on a 35 year old head case with a bad knee for the next 2 to 4 years then your a fool. The odds are not in your favor.

    Someone like V. Wells, OK, it’s a much better gamble.

    Manny is not!!!!!!!!


    Funny, I seem to recall this Gibson guy….hmmmm.

    No, personally I wouldn’t mind Manny, but would actually prefer a number of other players before him. What I’m saying is if we can get a guy who can get us .300/35-40/120 using 2 of our prospects, I’d do it.


    Gibson brought the football mentality that put us over the top, Manny would bring the me mentality that won’t get it done. I don’t mind trading prospects for proven players but I would like to go with a better bet than Manny.


    Since 2000 Manny has avg’d:


    are there what, a handful of guys better than that in all of baseball? and how many teams would be willing to part with them at any price? V.Wells is younger, could be a truly great player, but 3 years ago he had like 67 rbi’s or something. We need to replace Drew’s rbi’s for the next 2 to 4 years, while our rookies get some playing time in the big’s. Manny is a nut job, selfish pre-madonna. But he is without question one of the best bats in the past 10 years (and he’s been playing with Big Papi the past few years and still has those monster numbers). He may be a plague, and you may dislike him, but come on, lets give the man his credit, he knows how to swing the bat.


    The Dodgers need to get an RBI guy. After Nomar goes down with injuries and you know he will, who is there to drive in runs? Just Kent and he’s getting old. You can’t depend on the rooks. If you can get a proven run producer, you have to get him , otherwise this season will be painful, no matter how good the pitching. Doesn’t anybody remember 04


    atomikkid – I can make a longer list of Dodger farm hands that became very successful at the MLB level and at the time the Dodgers were playing in the World Series. I can make a long list of high priced free agents who have been failures for the Dodgers while we didn’t even get to the post season. Yes, we don’t know how many kids will become good at the MLB level. I prefer not to find out with them on other teams. Although we don’t know what rookies will become, we do know what the experienced big buck guys bring with them. In Nomar’s case, he gives all he can even when he’s hurting. In other cases they bring selfish attitudes – Kevin Brown, Milton Bradley, etc. and fragile bodies – Drew. Manny’s attitude won’t change if he is already asking for a two year extension at $20M/yr. He simply isn’t worth it, especially if we lose prospects. He will be 35 next season, has knee ptoblems and we don’t have a hat big enough to fit him. I remember Gibson too, fit into a team of Dodgers – Sax, Marshall, Scioscia, Stubbs, Orel, Fernando, Holton, etc. We also remember free agent Mike Davis was a bust with the Dodgers in 1988. Manny’s not the guy for us.


    Rumor has it that Manny was going to SD for… get this: Adrian Gonzalez, Scott Linebrink, AND JAKE PEAVY!!!


    I SAY GO FOR IT KEVIN TOWERS… I think DEPODESTA is working that deal behind the scenes in San Diego!!

    I don’t know about you guys, but SD is getting up there on my hate list. Right now, they are right under the hated ones, SF. I would love to see them give away their team for Manny. If he’s not in our line up, he can help us that way!!


    i know this much dont touch loney and billingsley..ethier is gonna be a good one too.
    We do need a top of the rotation “ACE” starter though badly. As far as bullpen Brett Tomko just does not get the job done do not rely on him in crucial situations.


    i can’t guarantee it’s perfect, but it’s close. this is a list of every rookie that played their first season in a dodger uniform from ’86-’03 (04-06 to recent to know players worth)
    the many (in chrono. order)

    jeff hamilton,larry see,craig shipley,tim crews,shawn hillegas, jack savage, tracey woodson, mike devereaux, chris gwynn, mike ramsey, william brennan, mike munoz, darrin fletcher, jose vizcaino, mike huff, darren holmes, jim neidlnger, jim poole, terry wells, carlos hernandez, dave hansen, luis lopez, jose offerman, brian traxler, tom goodwin, pedro astacio, rafael bournigal, billy ashley, henry rodriguez, omar daal, raul mondesi, chan ho park, ismael valdez, garey ingram, greg hansell, antonio osuna, jose parra, felix rodriguex, todd williams, juan castro, mike busch, roger dedeno, darim garcia, todd hollandsworth, darren dreifort, wilton guerrero, rick gorecki, mike judd, dennys reyes, henry blanco, adam riggs, jeff kubenka, frank lankford, gary rath, eric weaver, angel pena, adrian beltre, alex cora, mike metcalfe, jamie arnold, onan masaoka, luke prokopec, hiram bocachia, adam melhuse, jose nunez, victor alvarez, david ross, joe thurston, luke allen, chin-feng chen, wilken ruan, steve coyler, edwin jackson, bubba crosby, koyie hill

    the few good

    tim belcher, ramon martinez, john wetland, eric karros, pedro martinez, mike piazza, paul konerko, eric gagne, paul lo duca.

    that’s about 75 mediocre players (and they were better than all the one’s who didn’t get called up) and 9 good. that’s what, figure counting all the guys that never got called up, probably looking at a 5% success rate of finding a superstar. of our 10 best prospects, maybe 1 will be a fantastic player. so, should we keep them all, no way. sorry everyone, but most of them will fizzle out, better to trade some of them now then hold on to them (memories of Jose Offerman….uhhhh)


    No one is saying not to trade some of the prospects. They’re saying don’t trade them for Manny. Bottom line is he is 35, a head case, with a bad knee. He has seen his best years and the decline may be rapid. It just is not worth it!


    So far both free-agent additions have been great. But I think I agree with the consensus here – I’d love to have Manny hitting home runs here, but if we are a “small ball” team…then I’d rather see Schmitt or Zito holding opponents to 1 oe 2 runs every night.

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