Fall Classic

Good to see the series tied 1-1. I hope it goes seven, to be honest. There’s not much I find more exciting than a do-or-die game to decide the champion for the year.

As for another "fall classic," if you’re up for a good baseball read, check out Jerry Crasnick’s book License to Deal, an incredibly real look at the life of a baseball agent and the business side of the baseball. I’m about two-thirds done and it’s a very enjoyable book. I’m particularly intrigued in reading about Matt Sosnick, who as you might remember, was the "other" agent involved in the Luke Hochevar debacle with Scott Boras last year.

Crasnick, a longtime baseball writer whom I respect quite a bit, also wrote one of the best features on Russell Martin this season. The article ran in September on ESPN.com and also in Baseball America.


hey josh, i saw the book, and it looked real interesting.. i think i’ll go out and get it… any word on roy smith, and terry collin’s replacements?




Funny you mention the excitement of a Game 7. My bf said exactly the same thing last night.

Have you ever hear of “The Iowa Baseball Confederacy”? I just finished reading it and it’s pretty cool for baseball ficiton!

Also, thanks for posting the link to the Russell Martin article!

Just in case, my posting from earlier !!

It’s the off season and I think some of you guys are losing it !! Glaus, no way !! and all those others you ripped off dualtone, NO WAY !!! BELIEVE IN THE KIDS !!! fill a couple of holes like Nomar to 3B (absolutely the best guy for the job)(this way if Kent goes down or Loney falls apart Nomar is the proven player), Loney for 1B and maybe a deserving sole for CF. Otherwise, BELIEVE IN THE KIDS !!! Spend the money in the bullpen. Take a gamble and sign Gagne to 2 years worth of incentives and then find a solid innings eater for the starting rotation and another for long relief !!

Go Ned !!

Go Dodgers !!!

Gary, I agree with you. Let’s see what we have. After all the summer overhaul, we need a spring training to let everything shake out. Most of the players we picked up had good streaks (even Hendrickson in relief). Lets see what happens with everyone starting fresh. I hope they can work out something with Eric Gagne and Nomar Garciaparra on a reasonable contract. Almost everytime we give someone a long term and expensive contract, they fall flat on their face with the Dodgers. I think several of Ray’s kids will prove ready. I know Andre Ethier faded late in the season however I feel he now knows what it is all about and will be a valuable season long contributor. My gut feeling is that Matt Kemp will not be more than a good player. Hope it is just gas from tonight’s meal.

Greg Maddux should be resigned for no other reason than the steadying influence he has on the rest of the staff.

I can’t wait for spring training. Everyone have a good winter.

gary, dave your both right. like i have been saying lets give “my kids” a shot.. i would rather see andy laroche at 3rd than wilson betemit.. i would rather see loney at first than nomar.. i would rather see greg miller than bret tomko..



protect the future. I agree,
we need to let the kids play,

and my biggest fear is a big trade that cost us someone like laroche,scott elbert, or matt kemp. keeping normar and maddux, and rebuilding the bullpen around gagne, broxton, saito, and brazoban is the better way to go, at least through spring training to see what we have.

our history lately on trades is rather poor, free agents are costley, but after reading this blog all year, would we all be happy with a young team? I would rather watch a team building for the future than what we saw at times this year.

also baseball america listed the 600 minor league free agents, we stand to lose 22 players, with rhp’s joel hanrahan, and healt totten, and lhp kelly wunch, derek thompson, matt merricks, and ryan ketcher among them. granted that the lhp have injury history, but sad to see them go, if they sign elswhere.

protect the future, a few smart moves, and on to the playoffs in 07.

I asked this question a while back, but no one gave me an answer. Why does Dodger stadium not allow signs or banners?

“I asked this question a while back, but no one gave me an answer. Why does Dodger stadium not allow signs or banners?”

From what I understand, it has something to do with a way out-dated LAFD fire code. It was in place due to all the cigarette smokers that used to be in the stands. The reasoning I guess is that a banner would catch on fire. The code is really archaic and should be recinded.

hey josh, can you tell me something about jon watson the new Director of Player Development?


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