Playoff tickets are on sale now

I was just out in Lot 10 where more than 1,000 people are on hand to purchase tickets for potential postseason games. After yesterday’s win, there’s a lot of excitement in the air, even if we are 1/2 a game out of the hunt right now. With six games left, so much is still possible, it’s hard to even keep track of all the scenarios.

You can buy tickets over the phone at 866.DODGERS or online at



    Though my fork is still firmly in the Dodgers, there’s nothing like a fan for wistful thinking and wishing on a star, therefore playoff tix have been secured šŸ˜‰

    The Dodgers haven’t lost any of the games that I went to this year ( I even saw Hendrickson’s solitary win in Dodger Blue! ) so here’s to hoping the Bums can sneak into the postseason, then we may have two games guaranteed šŸ˜‰


    Not looking good tonight!

    It’s as if the rest of the league would rather let the Pads and Phils win then see the Mighty Blue in the postseason.


    “Do the Dodgers offer refunds to PO ticket purchasers if things continue like they are??”

    It’s either that or you could use them as really expensive coasters, or even bookmarks.


    Okay Ray… you’ve lost me. What’s with the Jeff Hamilton comment and why would I want to believe in him?


    LOL, Jeff Hamilton was the Dodger closer when I fisrt started following them!!! A long line of crappy closers until we got Gagne there!!!


    i’m talking about jeff hamilton the third baseman/pitcher for one night..




    I can’t believe I am following the Card/SD and Philly/Houston game. Tough going as in our Dodger games.
    Maybe I should get out my absolute favorite card Ray, my 1954 Duke Snider card.


    Things could be worse, the Chi Sox just 2 innings away from being outed!! Can’t wait to see Ozzie bark about this one!!!

    Not even making the PO’s after that run last year???


    were tied in the wild card!, i’d rather be tied for the division, but i’ll hapilly take the wild card..




    **** Padres win, looks like the WC is our best bet and thus we will play the Mets w/out any home field advantage. šŸ˜¦


    Tear up your freakin’ Jeff Hamilton card before the Dodgers lose the division… dare I say “dork”? Nah… Ray we like you. Just don’t do that Jeff Hamilton thing again… so we can WIN the division, okay? Wild-card isn’t where it’s at. I want the division for the Dodgers.


    It doesn’t matter what the other two clubs are doing, we need to focus on winning every single game because that may be what it takes to get in. Realistically, we NEED to win 4, maybe 5 depending if the other 2 clubs stay hot this last week. I get the feeling one of these clubs will stumble, the question is which. Something like this is will create loads of momentum for someone heading into the post season, will it be us?


    Phillies finish with Wash. and Fla., and Pads got us by 2 games as it stands. Like I said, we more or less need to win out. Mad Dog and Penny have let us down as we’ve slid out of 1st, Lowe has been money, but he’s stood alone. The big 3 will get 2 starts apiece this week, a chance for redemption and I like the fact they have all been in the biggest of games and came out on top. C’mon Dodgers, “do it, do it”.


    I see the cards getting hot now the pressure is on and they can’t let astholes take them out. I think they will take the next 2 from the pads and that opens the door for us to sweep into the NL West tied if the team can do the Rox n gnats 6 to go Breakout that cooperstown bound bat and turn off the humidor.



    We just have to concentrate on the Rockies and the Giants, ’cause if we don’t, it won’t matter what the Pads and Phils do! Penny and Mad Dog will be just fine, they’re gamers when the chips are down. Kuo/Billingsley and middle relief are the keys!

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