Tonight's lineup

For those clamoring for a day off for Andre, he gets it today, with Marlon Anderson getting a start. Andre and Russ went on Cold Pizza today, too, here in NY and in the green room, former NFLer Ray Buchanan asked if they were from the X Games. I guess they were wearing too much Ed Hardy clothing and both look pretty young.

Anyway, here’s the lineup. We’ll see if we can get some of those old Brooklyn Dodger fans back on our bandwagon (including my father-in-law, who will be at tonight’s game). And, in the craziest twist of fate, tonight happens to be Taiwanese night at Shea Stadium, so 3,000 of Hong-Chih’s countrymen and women will be here to root him on in his first big league start.

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Anderson, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Kuo, P


i have a feeling that kuo will have a siick game, and how come james loney isnt starting in left field? i’d rather have his bat in there..


about time Andre received a rest. Maybe with anderson starting it might stir things up a bit. hope we have a good game tonight and there are plenty of Brooklynites to cheer for our guys.

I also believe that Loney belongs in this lineup; however, I’d put him in place of Nomar. It seems like Nomar is just trying to get better while playing, and that does not seem to be working. I’d much rather have him sit out for a week or two, other than maybe a pinch hit appearance, and be in top notch shape for the last weeks of the season than make his galiant effort that has not been producing.
Having said that, I wouldn’t mind if he comes up with another 6 RBI performance.

I like it! Andre needs a rest and Marlon Anderson is a STUD! He’s 3 for 6 as a Dodger, with a double and a homerun (although I’m a little uncomfortable with his .914 FPCT in the outfield when he was with the Nationals).

I believe that Kuo will ROCK tonight!



Let’s see. What will be will be. I don’t see this game being a tight one – either we roll over them ( plz plz plz ) or they roll over us ( sigh ).

The Padres play the Giants, and it is hard to decide who I want to win. If the Giants win, it keeps the Padres off our backs but advance the Giants in the wildcard, where we may yet want elbow room if we can’t hang on to the division ( for shame, that would be ). I suppose a 2-1 result for either team, preferably the Giants, would be the lesser evil.

i like this line-up…grady seems to finally realize that switching the line-up around was causing the bats to stop hitting…this is pretty much the lineup that got us through August. He should stick with this the rest of the year…of course Andre included

Marlon Anderson is an infielder. Hasn’t Grittle learned that you shouldn’t be playing people out of position? How about giving Loney a start at first base and see what he can do. Other than 1 game Nomar’s been awful after the break.

I like the lineup, albeit without Anderson in it. This is a great everyday lineup with Ethier in it. Would like to see Loney rest Nomar, but I guess we can’t have everything.

i’d go with Loney as well, but Anderson’s been hitting the ball very well for us so i understand Grady’s thinking there, my boy Russell Martin is finally in there, Hall called a horrible horrible game yesterday.IMO

Even better… NO LUGO. Seriously, can we stop batting him second and Martin 8th? Play Loney while you are at it.

will Gump ever move Nobar back to the 5 spot? He has been trash at the 3 and he keeps the rabbits from running. Its a better line up, but still needs tweaking.

Go Dodgers!

What was that lineup that Grady threw out there three or four weeks ago for something like five days in a row? Does anyone remember that one and what our record was for that stretch? Just curious…

Actually it wasn’t all that long ago. August 18 thru 21, we had the same lineup and the team went 2 of 4 in that stretch, winning two from the Giants and losing the first game with the Padres.

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Pitcher’s Spot

Drew should bat third, Kent fourth, Ethier fifth and Nomar and Loney sixth. Nomar needs some days off

Drives me CRAZY the fact that Drew still bats cleanup!

it drives me even crazier that he’s a walking robot. no emotion nothing i really think the guy is a robot “don’t know arrigato mr. roboto??”

Drew’s done all right of late. I’m quick to forgive if a guy can get some hits and RBI’s every week.

If not, the knives come out quickly >:-D

there is a nice read on Dodger thoughts about NY reporters.

one more thing notice the NY propaganda about Beltran being the MVP? nah it’s Pujols period, he’s been getting robed of the award from Giant foe Barry Bonds.

Here’s to hoping after seeing a bigtime team play yesterday, the Dodgers are ready to step up their play big time and compete!

Still can’t believe we let Reyes get a inside the park homer, he should have been stopped at 3rd, but Ethier bobbled the ball. So actually it should have been a triple with an error. Let’s hope Kuo can turn his 1st start at this level into a gem, backed by a couple thousand of his countrymen. Even if we don’t get a w, we need to be competetive. Just to help prove to themselves(and us) that we can compete with the good clubs, as well as the ones we should beat. We got alot of guys that are way past due, let’s hope it comes together tonight in front of a national audience. Go Dodgers!!

Filegel actually Anderson have some experience in the OF including 28 starts in LF and only made 1 errors, It not like Grady letting him play a position he never played before.

For Hall to call a horrible game, how do we know that? Penny performance since the all stars break was terrible. I blame this on Penny and not Hall.

Drew’s strikeout there just stuffed up a promising inning.

Unless Kent can …

swing the bat Drew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmmm Dreed we need this win tonight. I wonder why it wasn’t an error of course that booble by Ethier and Resyes stay at 3rd bases.

oops Reyes I mean.

Now up to Anderson, who looks like he will strike out next pitch. Argh 😦

where’s my boy Ethier? Grady were in a midle of a pennant race no one needs a day off if they do check their heart at the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geez why can’t Furcal and Lofton try to get a double steal. My god Nomar can you take a pitch of both runners goes.

Oh yeah thank goodness for a throwing error 🙂

thank you METS!

Sorry but Ethier need his day off. The way he playing yesterday was terrible. When was the last time Ethier had a day off?

Thx Wright

How can a guy let off two nice pitches right down the middle of the plate like Drew can? Amazing. What does he want? A freaking engraved invitation to swing the bat? Please JD. You have our permission to swing at strikes!!

Dude might get lucky and even get a hit. Thanks David Wright. You’re our best offensive player of the inning.

Thanks to a great throw by Martin, the first inning is escaped safely 🙂

Kuo is still a bit wild, but he may be just wild enough to be effective.

We will most certainly take those 2 gift runs, hopefully we can earn some. What’s up with Nomar switching the positon of his hands batting? He must be trying to make up for his tired swing, it’s not working. If Kuo can throw strikes, he might be really good for us, but that’s a big if. Let’s see if he can find the strike zone tonight before it’s too late. Strikeout looking for with men on base for the 2nd night in a row. Way to earn that money.

scratch that “for”, and I was referring to Drew, as if none of us din’t already know.

Kuo throws strikes, and wa-la, a 123 inning. 95+ from the left side, with a wicked slider. This guy looks like Billy Wagner, when he throws strikes.

Come on guys, don’t give up easy outs after making the pitcher work 36 pitches in the first!!!!! That will NOT help, to just gift him outs now. Two runs are not enough. Work the count, at least!

Even Rick Sutcliffe, the ESPN commentator tonight, just mentioned that Nomar’s swing looks tired.

come on lay off of drew.. there’s other people to pick on just besides him. we’re dodgers fans people.. we’re not supposed to be bashing our players. jd hasnt been playing horribly. come on now..

The one guy I do miss is Tim Wallach as the hitting coach. I’m not liking the Eddie Murry style and Tim was very well respected and had a great eye for what the guys needed. This team swings at way to many first pitches. They need to work the count better and wear out the opposing pitchers.

2-0 Dodgers after 3 innings !!!!

Go Dodgers !!




He’s settling into a rythm guys. This could be good.

Two outs on three pitches…

Come on guys! Has this team ever met a pitch it doesn’t like???

Josh, a lot of the old Brooklyn Dodger fans are still on board. Once a Dodger, always a Dodger, in the good times and not so good times. Kuo pitching well but the walks will catch up to us so we need some offense. Also raises Kuo’s pitch count. C’mon guys, just out score the other team.

The last home run we hit came on sunday from Anderson so it was just time for this one !

WOW Harold, you must have a direct line into the DOdger dugout !!! Furcal HR !!!
Way to go team !!! Way to go Harold !!!

Ops, Nomar just hit a HR !!!

A L L R I G H T !!!

And Drew almost hit one !!

Go Dodgers !!!

Way to go Rafael and Nomar. Let’s keep it going. Go Dodgers. Gives Kuo some breathing room. Great outing so far Patriotacts. One of your projected starters in the near future . Good call.

Dodgers hit the ball very hard last inning. Even the outs were stung, except for Betemit. Gotta keep sending the kid out there though. Wilson can’t find his stroke if he’s sitting on the bench all the time. I like Betemit’s stick more than I care for Lugo’s.

It would make me feel only slightly better if Lugo would take a practice swing every once in a while. Anyone else notice that he doesn’t take any practice swings when he’s in the batters’ box?

Nomar and Raffie go yard, Drew got robbed by Beltran. Hopefully Kemp was watching how you are supposed to play a deep fly ball. Kuo continues to dominate, I don’t think the Mets have a hit yet. Isn’t it amazing how Furcal has turned around since May, he play’s everyday and turns in a web gem nightly. Although Izturis had the softest hands we’ve seen in awhile, Furcal has much more range into the hole and up the middle. And his arm….second to none, to go with the best wheels on the team. Our 1st legit leadoff hitter since, one of my fav’s, Mr. Brett Butler.

Somebody tell Brad Penny “that’s how you’re supposed to locate a 97 MPH fastball!!” Kuo is lively tonight and another double play and it’s out of the inning!

So far, so good. Gotta like what the team’s shown so far today.

Kuo in trouble, 2 guys on, no outs. Strikeout, and double play. I hate to get excited but is any one else witnessing this, the anti-Hendrickson!!!!! I think it’s odd Kuo only pitches out of the stretch, but we’ve seen it before. By next year I expect we will see him in a windup as well, it puts less strain on your arm anyways. We are into the Mets pen, lets do damage, it could pay dividends later this weekend.

Way to go defense. Gotta love Kuo’s work so far. 44 strikes in 73 pitches. Might get one more inning. Go Dodgers.

Yeah Dreed… I’m witnessing this. But please help me here… who’s Hendrickson?

i told you guys a long time ago, put kuo in the rotation, go check and see.. hes has stifled the mets today.. i got laughed at many times when i said to put kuo in the rotation, i know its just one start, but wow!..


It’s been quite a while since I hoped Lo Duca strikes out. Go Kuo. I’m loving this. How you doing tonight Ray?

i’m loving it euhman, when one of my kids does something terrific i feel great.. especially since i’ve been calling for this for a long time, how bout yourself?

Harold’s liking the fact he gets to go to bed early tonight. He’ll sleep much better with a Dodgers’ victory! Looks like you might be sleeping well tonight Harold!

On a high right now although I know one shouldn’t celebrate until the game is over. Yes, you have been calling for Kuo as a starter and Patriotacts had projected him as a starter in the future. 90 pitches so his arm must be sound. I especially like that his walks went down as the game went along and pitching out of the two on none out jam. Good call Ray.

Oh yes,Kevin. Only 10:04 P.M. here now. A nice win is just like a sleeping pill.


The team plays like a champ, and a good result.

A team that plays like this, bears down like this, is a team that’s a pleasure to root for.

Well done, every single on of you. One proud fan over here!

KUO is a gift from god!!!!!!!

No diehardblue. Ray has to get credit for this one. Time to stop teasing us Dodgers. This was just a pleasure. Let’s do it again tomorrow. A lot of guys contributed tonight. Gotta love the SP and RP tonight.
Only 10:44 P.M. here and a game in the bag. Go Dodgers.

One of the rare games that I as an out-of-area guy actually get to watch, and it was great.

Nice to see Nomar hitting, nicer to see Andre get a rest, but this is the first game I’ve got to see since one of the games in SD, so I was hoping to see him play.

thanks euhlman, its nice to be recognized, lol.. but grady deserves some of the credit as well, i mean he did manage the team.


No direct line Gary but if hoping, talking out loud to them, etc. helps, I had some input in the big inning. Go Dodgers. Maddux tomorrow. A good time to show that savvy. Hope Grady doesn’t tinker with tomorrow’s lineup too much. Expect Ethier will be back in. Go Dodgers.

Kuo was filthy tonight, using a fastball that topped out at 98, and a couple off speed pitches that made guys look foolish. With Bills coming back next weekend, we could be 5 deep, but most importantly, we won’t see Sele, Dessens, or Jimmy Hendrickson starting the rest of the way. This weekend should be very interesting, they shut us out, then we shut them out. I expect Greg to bounce back tommorrow, and very curious to see how Eric will do against a Met lineup that has struggled against lefties all year. With a well deserved rest tonight, hopefully Andre returns with that thump in his bat. Let’s make it 2 in a row, playing the Mets tough will do loads for the team’s mojo(and the fans I might add). By the way, chech out this guy Ryan Howard. The guy is flat out MVP this year, too bad he’s stuck in (gag)Philly.

If Grittle ever starts the big eunuch over Kuo he should have his head checked. I konow it’s only 1 start ,but he showed what he’s capable of. Hendrickson has also shown his capabilties, which aren’t much. I didn’t know Anderson played the outfield. Thanks for the heads up. Tommorrow’s another game , lets win 2 in a row!

Now THAT’S what I’M talking about! That was my exact line-up pick (less Anderson) and voila! What an outstanding job by Kuo, although he did have me a little worried in the first inning.

How about that Russell Martin? He throws out the league’s leading base stealer at third! It was his 29th throw out (Navarro had ZERO).

Grady PLEASE keep this line-up (with Andre) for the rest of the season – PLEASE! Have Loney, Repko, and Kemp at the ready to spell Nomar, Lofton, and Drew respectively if we have a good lead late in the game.

Thank You to whoever it was who brought back the REAL Dodgers. As promised – No questions asked!

I have a feeling that Maddux will be bringing his A-Game with him tomorrow.


PS: Hey Grady – DO NOT ALLOW HENDRICKSON TO COME TO THE BALL PARK EVER AGAIN! Send him (and Loogie-o) back to Tampa Bay! (Might as well toss in Carrara, too).

Harold, Ray, Kevin and Patriotacts. Have you ever seen a more up and down team then this one ??? One day they look like **** and today they all looked like chearleaders !!! YOU GOT TO LOVE WHAT YOU SAW TODAY !!
Tomorrow it’s Mad Dog Maddux and the smell of sweet victory !!

Go Dodgers !!

Maddux is smart, so i’m hoping for a good start from him.

Not trying to throw a damper on this good night, but the ESPN announcers were talking late in the game about Lugo and his agent’s derogatory comments about his playing time?? This isn’t good. Does anyone know about what was actually reported?

BigLuna… I’ve officially taken myself out of the Lugo support group if this is the case. We don’t need that kind of distraction. He should be thankful… as should Hall… that they’re both on a contending team.

Remember Joel Guzman, the guy traded for Julio Lugo? It seems his time away from the LA farm system hasn’t been good for him:

“Joel Guzman finished 0-for-4 on Monday and hit just .193 in 25 games for Triple-A Durham.

To go along with the average, he had a 23/4 K/BB ratio in 88 at-bats. Guzman hit .297/.353/.464 for Las Vegas before joining the Rays in the Julio Lugo deal, and even that had to be considered a mild disappointment. His performance since then is expected to result in his being denied a September callup.”

Regarding Lugo: who cares what he says? He didn’t get it done, didn’t do what he should have which was to be a September boost. Now he sits. Sorry Lugo.

Regarding the Dodgers: Tonight’s win makes me feel happy because the team, for the first time in a while, played like a winner. If they repeat this performance and turn in focused, ruthless outings, ( with a stable lineup ) they may yet do well down the September stretch. If they don’t, it will be wait till next year.

“Regarding Lugo: who cares what he says?”

I care. I don’t want him or his agent ruining team chemistry. If he’s not happy sitting… then tough. We know what happens to guys who cry on this team. The end up in Kansas City!

You’re right Kevin. We have had our share of distractions and don’t need any now. I would like to see Lugo play but he has to hit a little bit. In any event, an afternoon game for me today. Have to go to the airport in Halifax (1.5 hr away) so game will be well underway when I get home. Foggy here this morning but sun shining on our house after the win last night. OK, guys cut out the tease now. Fansince53 and Ray got us back on track last night. Let’s go straight ahead now. No more ups and downs. Looking for some Maddux moxy today. Go Greg. Go Dodgers.

Josh, as your father-in-law and someone who lived in Brooklyn in 1957, I have finally forgiven the Dodgers and I am on the bandwagon thanks to you. It was a great game!

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