Going for eight in a row…

Here’s the lineup that will try to make it eight straight. Lots of guys will get some rest today (Martin, Kent, Nomar), since there’s a day game tomorrow in Milwaukee and the team won’t arrive there until after midnight.

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Lugo, 2B

Drew, RF

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Loney, 1B

Hall, C

Sele, P


lets go get 8, but how about giving ethier a day off?.. he hasn’t got one in a while.. and i’m looking for a big day from loney today…


Lugo batting 3rd just mind bogles my mind, besides that i like the line up.

Loney is my pick to click today.

Geez, Weisman, I hope your tongue is planted firmly in cheek, otherwise, maybe you need to start a padres blog so you can worship DePodesta there.

that’s not the real Jon Weisman by the way.

Still a pretty good lineup. Sweep ’em.
Wrong about Wells starting for the Pads last night. So… The Reds can pound him today instead.

The standings at the end of this trip are going to be very interesting, with the Pads coming in to start the homestand. At the end of the SD series it’s going to be all important to be in first place. I don’t remember the exact year, but every time ESPN shows the Dodgers and giants, they also show Joe Morgan hitting a dinger to eliminate LA on the last day of the season. That one is just about as bad as that Bobby Thompson ****. Anyway, the mistake was letting the Braves get out of town in first place and having to rely on someone else to beat them at the very end of the season. I think this road trip leading up to and including the series with the Padres is the same deal.


i’ll be there for atleast one of the SD games, i need to experience that series in the flesh.

i think that that home run was in the ’82 season, and yes it’s just as bad as the bobby thompson home run.. but piazza’s and finley’s home runs make up for them..


Interpol, I had that figured out.

Loney & Betemit will have good days today.

The next time Kemp gets in the lineup he needs to shorten up his stroke and concentrate on just connecting with the ball. Last night was reminiscent of his first game up in the majors when he also just was striking out. He’s just showing himself as not being ready for major league pitching. I love the guy and want to see him in there in CF next year, but he needs to put the ball in play. I hope Murray can work that out with him.


he’s got quickness on his side, what he does with it is up to him.

ps i hope he let’s the ball get threw the zone better than he has shown.

Kemp needs patience at the plate. Did anyone else think Lugo may be a little bit overrated? Not by much, but putting him to bat 3rd is not my cup of tea. For some reason, I feel like we always do bad against Byun Kim, although he has an aweful ERA.

If there is one fault I persistently find with Grady, it is that he leaves the pitcher in about two batters too long when it has become obvious that the guy has lost his stuff. Sound familiar, like with Martinez?

Not the results I’d hoped for today so far. No one seems to be able to stop the bleeding.
Interpol- I’m a little envious of the games you’ll see with SD. Hope you’ll take some better luck to the stadium than we’ve seen to this point today. Enjoy the Dodger dogs.

Lugo is not a #3 hitter…
Lugo is not a #3 hitter…

Lugo is not a #3 hitter…

Lugo is not a #3 hitter…

Lugo is not a #3 hitter…

Lugo is not a #3 hitter…

Lugo is not a #3 hitter…

Lugo is not a #3 hitter…

Lugo is not a #3 hitter…

Lugo is not a #3 hitter…

Lugo is not a hitter
Lugo is not a hitter

Lugo is not a hitter

Let’s not make any more trades with the Devil Rays. Their player statistics just don’t stand up in the real major leagues.

Hey Ksspark,,
Come to agree with me on LUGO yet? And dont give me any hogwash about adjusting to new leagues or **** like that.. I think I deserve my props for calling LUGo like a saw it A LONG TIME AGO…..

He bites!!!!!!!!!!!!

a few things concern me about today’s game –
– yes, lugo is not a three hole hitter. not sure what he is and why little feels compelled to play him almost daily.

– the dodgers are terrible in come from behind situations. (watch the mets and you’ll really be concerned). who out DIDN”T thing the game was over at 6 -2 much less 9-2.

– bases loaded and one out and eithier grounds into a DP. that was the ball game right there. I know he is young, but you have to plate at least two runs that inning to stay in the ballgame, and he should have been thinking fly ball, at least.

– what the heck is up with grady using kuo two nites in a row when a) they are trying to use him as starter this month and b) he hasn’t pitched in relief in weeks and c) was terrible when he do do???

– and finally, is there a west divison pitcher you despise more than BK…yikes, i can’t stand that guy.

Yeah jesuis,, there is a western div. pitcher I dont like more that B.K.. JAKE PEAVY.. Do you see how pumped he gets against the Dodgers, not to mention he shuts them down and cranks homers off them…


Why do feel so compelled to have me agree with you about Julio Lugo? I do not agree with you. Get over it. We agree to disagree. Okay?

Listen, Vin Scully’s exact words today, “…a very gifted player that has helped the Dodgers tremendously.” Now I may not know as much about baseball as Vinny does, but one thing I’m sure we’d all agree with is this: Vin Scully knows baseball. No, Lugo isn’t the second coming of Derek Jeter, but he is a ballplayer that HAS contributed in a positive way. My biggest concern for Lugo is that Grady continues to bat him in the #3 slot, which is not ideal for a line-drive, get on base style hitter.

So get over yourself and quit trying to convince me of your views. You’ve already convinced yourself, and for you, that’s all that really matters, right?


i feel you bro!


Lugo batting 3rd, is mind bogole!

Dude calm down!

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